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Nellie McClung's house, Calgary, 1979
Nellie McClung's house, Calgary, 1979

Alberta Historic Site Service, Calgary Buildings Inventory

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Consists of information sheets about Calgary buildings constructed before 1940, which record the legal description, date of construction, condition, architectural details, and history of the buildings surveyed. The forms, which are arranged by street address, include a photograph taken at the time of the survey.
M-7360-1 1st Avenue NW to 12th Avenue NW
M-7360-2 13th Avenue NW to 21st Avenue NW; Bowness Road NW to Memorial Drive NW
M-7360-3 1st Street NW to 10th Street NW; 12th Street NW; 16th Street NW; 36th Street NW, 83th Street NW; 85th Street NW
M-7360-4 1st Avenue NE to 16th Avenue NE; Centre A Street NE to Townsend Street NE
M-7360-5 1st Street NE to 13A Street NE
M-7360-6 1st Avenue SW to 7th Avenue SW
M-7360-7 8th Avenue SW to 11th Avenue SW
M-7360-8 12th Avenue SW to 13th Avenue SW
M-7360-9 14th Avenue SW to 16th Avenue SW
M-7360-10 17th Avenue SW to 22nd Avenue SW
M-7360-11 23rd Avenue SW to 33rd Avenue SW
M-7360-12 34th Avenue SW to 146th Avenue SW
M-7360-13 Alfege Street SW to Lansdowne Avenue SW
M-7360-14 Macleod Trail SW to Royal Avenue SW
M-7360-15 Salem Avenue SW to Woodfern Court SW
M-7360-16 1st Street SW to 4A Street SW
M-7360-17 5th Street SW to 7A Street SW
M-7360-18 8th Street SW to 15A Street SW
M-7360-19 16th Street SW to 25A Street SW
M-7360-20 26th Street SW to 45th Street SW
M-7360-21 1st Avenue SE to 7th Avenue SE
M-7360-22 8th Avenue SE
M-7360-23 9th Avenue SE
M-7360-24 10th Avenue SE to 13th Avenue SE
M-7360-25 14th Avenue SE to 18th Avenue SE
M-7360-26 19th Avenue SE to 48th Avenue SE
M-7360-27 50th Avenue SE to 194th Avenue SE
M-7360-28 1st Street SE to 8th Street SE
M-7360-29 9th Street SE to 16A Street SE
M-7360-30 17th Street SE to 21st Street SE

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