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Anglican missionaries and Blood Indians

Calgary Indian Missions fonds

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M-1356-1Supply Orders, Records of Cattle Brands, and Subscription Cards. -- 1900-1921.
M-1356-2Incoming Correspondence. -- 1892-1909.
M-1356-3Incoming Correspondence. -- 1911-1919. -- Includes correspondence relating to the influenza epidemic, the health and hygiene of the Sarcee Indians, and Rev. John William Tims.
M-1356-4Outgoing Correspondence. -- 1896-1899.
M-1356-5Annual Reports. -- 1910-1919. -- Consists of annual reports of Anglican-run boarding (residential) schools on the Blackfoot (Siksika), Blood, and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserves. The reports, primarily written by J.W. Tims and H.W.G. Stocken, comment on buildings, attendance, student progress, and moral and religious instruction.

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M-1356-6Medical Reports. -- 1914-1921. -- Consists of medical reports of Anglican-run boarding (residential) schools on the Blackfoot (Siksika), Blood, and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) reserves. The reports deal with recruiting medical staff; prevalent diseases among the children, especially tuberculosis and erysipolas; and sanitary conditions at the schools. Pages 70 to 72 are an account of health issues at residential schools throughout southern Alberta, written by former Indian Agent George Gooderham.

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M-1356-7Old Sun pupils. -- 1908-1909. -- Consists of a report about students who attended Old Sun Industrial School on the Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve in southern Alberta beginning in 1894. Many of the students died or were discharged due to ill health, while others left because they had completed school or married.

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M-1356-7aQuarterly Reports, admission documents and lists of pupils in the Blood, Blackfoot, Peigan and Sarcee [Tsuut'ina] schools. -- 1904-1919.
M-1356-8Letter Book, Blackfoot Mission. -- 1892-1896.
M-1356-9Letter Book, Sarcee Mission. -- 1899-1906.
M-1356-10Financial Reports. -- 1909-1919.
M-1356-11Financial Correspondence. -- 1914-1920.
M-1356-12Financial Matters. -- 1895-1905.
M-1356-13Financial Matters. -- 1905-1921.
M-1356-14Lists and Accounts. -- 1899-1906.
M-1356-15Monthly Financial Statements, Sarcee School. -- 1912-1919.
M-1356-16Accounts. -- 1920.
M-1356-17Accounts. -- 1921.
M-1356-Vol. 1Duplicate Letter Book, Calgary Indian Missions. -- 1903.
M-1356-Vol. 2Account Book, Calgary Indian Missions. -- 1896-1919.
M-1356-Vol. 3Cash Book, Calgary Indian Missions. -- 1913-1919.
M-1356-Vol. 4Cash Book, Sarcee School. -- 1906-1909.
M-1356-Vol. 5Account Ledger, Blackfoot Mission. -- 1896-1919.

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