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Indian Association of Alberta delegates in Ottawa, 1947
Johnny Callihoo, 2nd from right

Johnny Callihoo fonds

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M-9077-1 Personal and family. - 1937-1951. - Consists of records related to residential school education of daughter Lydia; reserve land use and transactions; fishing permit; membership cards for Indian Association of Alberta and Farmers’ Union of Alberta; “commute” (giving up of Indian status) of daughter Marguerite; letters to Bill and Lina (Callihoo’s brother and sister-in-law) from Corinne in France during Second World War; and letters from niece Violet Callioux and granddaughter Dorothy Callioux.
M-9077-2 Michel band. - 1931-1951. - Consists of resolutions, correspondence, and financial statements.
M-9077-3 Correspondence. - 1937-1939. - Consists of letters, primarily about First Nations issues.  The writers include: Felix Callioux, David Peter, Augustine Steinhauer, John Tootoosis, Peter Gladu, John Gladu, Joseph Dreaver, Cornelius Bignell, Joe House, Mrs. Joseph White, Alex Callihoo, F.R. Conroy, John Pepin, W.E. Gullion, Joe Poff, and Reverend F. Gameche. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-4 Correspondence. - 1940-1951. - Consists of letters, primarily about First Nations issues.  The writers include: Joe House, Chief Moses, Henry Kootenay, W.H. Steinhauer, John McDonald, Sam Minde, William Okenaw, George Hunter, Peter Burnstick, William Willier, Joe Willier, Dave Bird, Charlie Blackman, Ursula N. Macdonnell, James Lapataoi, Reuben Bull, Pierre Alexander, Joe Potts, Willie Yellow Dirt, Mary Rose Small Face, Pat Lalonde, Joe Tallman, John Cardinal, Harry Callihoo, Frank Cardinal, Bob Crow Eagle, Charles H. Deedoward, James Hathaway, Henry Prince, Jaimes Crain, John Calliou, Mark Yellow Bird, Roy Switlick, Peter Jones and Gisela Commanda. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-5 Correspondence. - [ca. 1937-1951]. - Consists of incomplete and undated correspondence with Sam Minde, Joe Burnstick and Joe Potts.  One document is in Cree syllabics.
M-9077-6 League of Indians. - 1937. - Consists of  a signed document stating that Johnny Callihoo was elected “Leading Spokesman and Organizer of the League of Indians of Alberta”. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-7 Indian Association of Alberta (IAA) organization. - 1944. - Consists of lists of locals and numbers of members. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-8 Indian Association of Alberta minutes and resolutions (miscellaneous). - 1945-1953
M-9077-9 Indian Association of Alberta correspondence. - 1944-1945. - Consists of letters written by John Laurie as IAA secretary. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-10 John Laurie correspondence. - [ca. 1944]-1959. - Consists of correspondence between John Laurie and Johnny Callihoo, primarily regarding Indian Association of Alberta business. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-11 Indian Association of Alberta circulars, financial statements, and delegate forms. - 1945-1951
M-9077-12 Indian Association of Alberta miscellany. - [ca. 1940s]. - Consists of notebooks, handwritten notes, excerpts from government legislation, and blank stationery.
M-9077-13 History of the Indian Association of Alberta. - 1959. - Consists of notes by Hugh Dempsey from an interview with Albert Lightning about the origins of the IAA.
M-9077-14 Malcolm F. Norris and the League of Nations of North American Indians. - 1933, 1940-1946, 1949. - Norris was chair of the Alberta Provisional Council of the League. - Consists of letters primarily about League activities. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-15 Joe Dion correspondence. - 1945-1949. - Joe Dion was the president of the Metis Association of Alberta. - Consists of letters primarily about Metis and First Nations activities. Scanned Document View now.
M-9077-16 Friends of the Indians Society. - 1944-1954. - Consists of letters from president Reta Rowan, and circulars and reports about the Society’s activities.
M-9077-17 Protective Association for Indians and their Treaties. - 1945. - Consists of a brief to the Department of Indian Affairs, written by this Saskatchewan group.
M-9077-18 Union of Saskatchewan Indians. - 1946. - Consists of constitution, minutes, and supporting documents from Premier Tommy Douglas.
M-9077-19 North American Indian Brotherhood circulars. - 1944-1947
M-9077-20 Dr. Barnabas S’Hiuhushu and the Indian Association of America. - 1940-1941. - Consists of correspondence and circulars sent to Johnny Callihoo.
M-9077-21 Other organizations. - 1946-1960. - Consists of miscellanous records related to the Calumet Indian Club (Calgary), Okanagan Society for the Revival of Indian Arts and Crafts, Catholic Indian League of Canada, Home and School Sub-Committee on Indian Affairs, and Native Brotherhood of British Columbia.
M-9077-22 Political miscellany. - 1945-1946. - Consists of CCF broadside, Labour-Progressive Party broadside, and Saskatchewan Peace Council petition.

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