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Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cameron, Last Mountain, Saskatchewan, 1912
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Cameron, Last Mountain, Saskatchewan, 1912

Cameron family fonds

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M-177-1 Contents of the letters. -- n.d. -- Consists of a summary of the contents of the papers, compiled by Roy Gilbertson, the antiquarian book dealer who sold the letters to Glenbow. He uses excerpts from the letters to trace the activities of family members.

Correspondence - Scotland. -- 1829-1845. -- Consists of letters to Mr. James Cameron of Aberdeen, Scotland (Dundee after 1832). Includes letters from his son, Alexander, a school teacher at Stornoway, in the Hebrides, and later in London (1829-1842); letters from Alexander Jack , one describing a cholera epidemic (1832), and one to his daughter Anne (1834); letter of recommendation from James Cameron's parish, Dundee (1841); letters from Alexander McPherson, Torgormack, Scotland (1843-1845); and letter of recommendation for John Cameron from Edinburgh Normal School (1848).


James Cameron papers. -- 1878-1893. -- James Cameron was the oldest child of John and Isabella Cameron, and the brother of Isabel, Willie, Alne, Julian and and Walter. -- Consists of ten discharge certificates from merchant ships (1878-1880); Royal Naval Reserve record book (1881-1886); letter to J.J. Cameron, Arbrouth, Scotland, relating James Cameron's death in an accident at sea (1892); and auctioneer's statement re sale of Mrs. Cameron's household effects (1893).

M-177-4 Correspondence - Willie Cameron. -- 1898-1899. -- Consists of letters from Willie Cameron to his mother from Rat Portage, Ontario, where he worked at Cedar Island Mine (1898); and from Anaconda, Montana, where he worked on an irrigation ditch (1899).
M-177-5 Correspondence - South African War (Boer War). -- 1898-1899. -- Consists of letters to the family from Walter Cameron, who seems to have deserted after a relatively inactive war career; and from Alne Cameron, who was at the relief of Mafeking, then took a ship to Australia.
M-177-6 Correspondence - Various. -- 1902-1904. -- Consists of postcards to the family from Walter Cameron, Engineer of the S.S. Hopsang out of Hong Kong; from Julian Cameron at Glasgow (1902); and from Willie Cameron at Brighton (1904). Also includes a letter to Mrs. Cameron from a timber merchant, and an employment agreement between Willie and the Neophone Company, producing gramophones (1904).
M-177-7 Correspondence - Various. -- 1905. -- Consists of a postcard from Willie Cameron in Strasbourg (January), Germany; from Alne Cameron in Cupar, Saskatchewan (August); from Julian Cameron, who joined Alne Cameron to homestead in Saskatchewan; from Mrs. Cameron to Willie in England; and from Walter Cameron, still working the ships out of Hong Kong.
M-177-8 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead. -- 1906. -- Consists of letters from Julian Cameron to Mrs. Cameron describing life on his Saskatchewan homestead at Earl Grey / Last Mountain; letter to Isabel Cameron from Jean Linton; postcard from Willie Cameron, Niagara Falls, and and envelope from New York. Scanned Document View now.
M-177-9 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead. -- 1907. -- Consists of letters from Alne Cameron and Julian Cameron describing homesteading at Last Mountain, including the hard winter, late spring, and crop-killing frost. Also describes Alne training as a veterinarian during the winter. Scanned Document View now.
M-177-10 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead. -- 1908. -- Consists of letters from Julian Cameron describing continuing financial difficulties due to 1907 disaster, low wheat prices, early freeze up, crop failure, shoddy election practises, and Alne's move to Winnipeg. Scanned Document View now.
M-177-11 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead. -- 1909. -- Consists of letters from Julian Cameron describing homesteading, including another late spring, but a good crop; and a letter from Willie Cameron working at Leitch Brothers Flour Mill, Oak Lake, Manitoba. Scanned Document View now.
M-177-12 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead. -- 1910. -- Consists of letters from Julian Cameron, who married Agnes Sanderson in early March, and had frost-damaged crop, although with high yields; letters from Alne Cameron who was in hospital for hernia operation in February, joined the 79th Cameron Highlanders in May, and travelled to Europe in July; and letters from Willie Cameron who left Leitch Brothers Flour Mill and started a business in Winnipeg.

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M-177-13 Correspondence - Saskatchewan homestead and various. -- 1911-1912. -- Consists of letters from all four brothers: Alne Cameron is moving around on his veterinary duties; Julian Cameron is still farming at Last Mountain, Saskatchewan; Willie Cameron is in Edson, Alberta; and Walter is first in Hong Kong, then later in Canada, planning to homestead in the Peace River country. Scanned Document View now.
M-177-14 Correspondence - First World War. -- 1916-1917. -- Consists of letters from Captain Alne Cameron and Willie Cameron, on active service, to their sister Bella. Scanned Document View transcripts.
M-177-14a Booklet on the Gordon Highlanders, signed by G. Grant Cameron (1916).
M-177-15 Correspondence - Various. -- 1919-1927. -- Consists of a letter from Willie Cameron at the Brett Hospital in Banff; a letter from Alne and a postcard from his wife Lillias, now living in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Walter returned to Hong Kong in 1919, then returned to England in 1924. Includes a letter from a friend of Walter's in Hong Kong, and Elizabeth J. Cameron's passport.
M-177-16 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1876-1932. -- Consists of letters from friends of Mrs. Cameron and her daughters, and correspondence of a business nature. Includes letters from Mrs. Cameron's brother, John Linton.
M-177-17 Photographs; invoices. -- 1900-1901 and n.d. - Consists of unidentified and undated photographs, some of which may be family members; and Willie Cameron's bills from the Philippines.
NA-2783-1 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Cameron, homesteaders, Last Mountain, Saskatchewan. -- 1912. -- 1 photograph View now.

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