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Article about the founding of the club, 1924
Article about the founding of the club, 1924

Rotary Club of Camrose fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Constitution, bylaws and minutes. -- 1924-1982
Series 2 Executive records. -- 1955-1975
Series 3 Correspondence. -- 1951-1982
Series 4Programs, conferences and projects. -- 1924-1981
Series 5Membership records. -- 1965-1982
Series 6Financial records. -- 1967-1982
Series 7Affiliates - Rotary International. -- 1947-1971
Series 8Newsletters and publications. -- 1964-1982


Series 1 Constitution, bylaws and minutes. -- 1924-1982
M-6820-29 Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Camrose. -- 1968-1969
M-1701-1 Minutes. -- 1926-1948. -- Consists of minutes of directors' meetings and luncheon meetings; financial statement (1942-1943); Rotary history of 116th district (1947-1948; and a copy of The Camrose Bug (February 26, 1926).
M-6820-30 Minutes. -- 1975-1982
PA-2085-1 Newspaper article about the founding of the Rotary Club of Camrose. -- 1924. -- 1 photograph
Series 2 Executive records. -- 1955-1975. -- The series consists of records such as calendar of events, attendance records, membership information, minutes of meetings, financial records, reports, and correspondence.
M-1701-2 Executive records. -- 1955-1956
M-1701-3 Executive records. -- 1962-1963
M-1701-4 Executive records. -- 1963-1964
M-1701-5 Executive records. -- 1964-1965
M-1701-6 Executive records. -- 1965-1966
M-1701-7 Executive records. -- 1966-1967
M-1701-8 Executive records. -- 1967-1968
M-1701-9 Executive records. -- 1968-1969
M-1701-10 Executive records. -- 1969-1970
M-1701-11 Executive records. -- 1970-1971
M-6820-33 Executive records. -- 1971-1972
M-6820-34 Executive records. -- 1973-1974
M-6820-35 Executive records. -- 1974-1975
Series 3 Correspondence. -- 1951-1982
M-6820-36 Correspondence - General. -- 1951-1980. -- Consists of letters from the Town of Camrose, Camrose and District Museum Society, Hockey Clinic Ltd., Palmer College of Chiropractic, Royal Canadian Legion, A.R. Shelley and Associates, Boeing Manufacturing, Carlyle Company, Music and Artists Agency, Camrose Regional Recreation and Parks Board, Camrose Lutheran College, and Kawneed Company.
M-6820-37 Correspondence - Other Rotary Locals. -- 1967-1982. -- Consists of correspondence with these local: Stettler, Bogota, Barrhead, Edmonton, Studio City, Leduc, Medicine hat, Lethbridge, Banff, Prince George, Calgary, Great Falls and Midland.
M-6820-38 Correspondence - Requests. -- 1967-1981. -- Consists of requests for funding and support from the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Alberta Cultue, North American Fitness Institute, City of Camrose, Bethany Hospital, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Camrose Recreation Association, Community Clinic, Waterton-Glacier Peace Park, St. Patrick School, Minor Hockey, Center Com Vocational Training Association, Camrose Lutheran College, Camrose Chamber of Commerce, Camrose Swim Club and CUSO.
M-6820-39 Correspondence - Thank you letters from various groups and individuals. -- 1967-1981
M-6820-40 Correspondence wtih Rotary International. -- 1967-1981
M-6820-42 Correspondence with Glenbow Archives (Sheilagh Jameson). -- 1977. -- Re donating these archival papers.
Series 4 Programs, conferences and projects. -- 1924-1981
M-1701-12 Program ideas. -- 1948-1950. -- Consists of ideas for discussions, meetings, etc.; lists of Rotary book and publications; correspondence re speakers for meetings; and newsletters from Rotary Internatinal with program suggestions.
M-1701-13 Executive handbook. -- 1956-1975. -- Consists of handbook issued by Rotary International with suggestions for club presidents and chairmen of service committees. Chart in front of booklet lists directors and chairman of Camrose Club for 1956-1957.
M-1701-16 Camrose Booster, Special Rotary Edition. -- 1974. -- Consists of articles and information published on the 50th anniversary of the Camrose club. Inculdes a copy of The Camrose Bug, April 4, 1924, and anniversary publications of other Rotary clubs.
M-1701-17 Conference material. -- 1924-1975. -- Consists of programs and menus for club meetings, district conferences and assemblies; conference statistics; expense reports; booklet for wives of Rotarians; conference addresses, reports and handbooks; lists of officers; and miscellaneous newspaper clippings and tourist literature.
M-1701-18 Rotary District 536 annual conference and assembly at Camrose. -- 1973. -- Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, decals, etc.
M-6820-44 Project records. -- 1967-1981. -- Re scholarships, appliance repair guide, "adventures in citizenship", air cadet squadron, vocational service, "our trip '78", cash draw, international service and car raffle.
M-6820-45 Operation Eyesight Universal. -- 1980. -- Consists of material sent to the Club.
M-6820-46 Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. -- 1975-1980. -- Consists of minutes of assemblies 1975 and 1979 and 1980 newsletter.
M-6820-47 Convention material. -- 1968-1981. -- Consists of information for attending Rotarian conferences.
Series 5 Membership records. -- 1965-1982
M-1701-14 Club rosters. -- 1965-1971. -- Consists of rosters with lists of members, officials and past presidents. Includes copies of Rotary Bug which list officers, committees and club projects.
M-6820-31 Camrose Rotary Club rosters of members. -- 1965-1982
M-1701-15 Visitor attendance reports. -- 1969-1971. -- Consists of cards issued by other Rotary clubs verifying that Camrose members attended their meetings.
M-6820-32 Membership records. -- 1963-1981. -- Consists of attendance records, forms for terminated memberships, and lists of club members and officers.
M-6820-41 Correspondence with membership. -- 1975-1981. -- Re resignations, leaves of absence, holidays, etc.
PA-2085-(2&3) Photos of Club members John Chamberlain and Mr. Galbraith. -- n.d. -- 2 photogoraphs
Series 6 Financial records. -- 1967-1982
M-6820-43 Financial records. -- 1967-1982. -- Includes financial statements, invoices, budgets, receipts and monthly bank statements.
Series 7 Affiliates - Rotary International. -- 1947-1971
M-1701-19 Rotary International - Vocational service and community service bulletins. -- 1947-1956
M-1701-20 Rotary International - Club service bulletins. -- 1948-1955
M-1701-21 Rotary International - International service bulletins. -- 1949-1955
M-1701-22 Rotary International - Newsletters. -- 1955-1958
M-1701-23 Rotary International - Annual conventions. -- 1958-1970
M-1701-24 Rotary International - Directories. -- 1958-1964
M-1701-25 Rotary International - Directories. -- 1964-1969
M-1701-26 Rotary International - Procedures manuals for clubs and club secretaries. -- 1960-1971
M-1701-27 Rotary International - Constitution, resolutions and catalogues of publications. -- 1960-1971
M-1701-28 Rotary supplies catalogues. -- 1968-1970
PA-2085-(4&5) Photos of Paul P. Harris (founder of Rotary) and Harry A Stewart (general secreatary of Rotary International). -- n.d.. -- 2 photographs
Series 8 Newsletters and publications. -- 1964-1982
M-6820-48 Camrose Rotary Buzz newsletters. -- 1964-1982
M-6820-49 Governor's monthly newsletters. -- 1975-1981
M-6820-50 Rotary publications. -- 1967-1979. -- Consists of The Camrose Booster, various bulletins of Rotary International, The Beacon (bulletin from Sidney, BC Rotary Club), various pamphlets by Rotary International and the Red Deer Rotary Club.

Miscellaneous. -- 1967-1982. -- Consists of the following:

Resolutions, 1982
Minutes (miscellaneous), 1967-1975
District newsletter, 1981
Forms re election, 1975-1980
Legislation report form, 1980
Information re The Rotarian
Catalogue - Supplies for Rotary Clubs
Map of Camrose with sections of the river bank
Information re club secretary's school
Pages of a guest register
Information re Habitat, UN conference
Beamer news bulletin
Packing slip
Pamphlet, Coordinated Home Care Program
Phonograph record re Rotary International
Pamphlet, Student Financial Aid
Ad for calendars and order forms
Notices and programs
"You know you're getting old when..."
Miscellaneous re William Carter
Essay, 3-H program

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