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Hunting party at the EP Ranch
L-R: Alec Ballachey, 'G' Trotter, Prince of Wales, Professor W.L. Carlyle,
Sir Walter Peacock, 'Fruity' Metcalfe, Tommy Lascelles.

W.L. Carlyle fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Correspondence. - 1920-1944
Series 2Ranch property. - 1929-1931
Series 3Livestock. - 1918-1938
Series 4Published material. - 1924-1936, 1947



Correspondence. - 1920-1944. - 6 cm of textual records. - The series consists of correspondence between Carlyle and HRH Edward, Prince of Wales (later Duke of Windsor); with HRH's secretaries and advisors; regarding acquisition of livestock; and regarding the sale of the ranch. Includes thank you letters, mainly addressed to Mrs. Carlyle, from people who had visited the EP Ranch. - The first part of the correspondence has been artificially arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the correspondent.

M 9025/1Edward. - 1927-1944. - Consists of correspondence regarding HRH's visits to, and the sale of, the EP Ranch.
M 9025/2Ellsworth, Lincoln. - 1937-1941. - Consists of correspondence regarding possible purchase of the EP Ranch.
M 9025/3Fry, Colonel J.J. - 1936-1937. - Consists of correspondence primarily regarding the purchase of Hampshire sheep.
M 9025/4Gamon, Cyril. - 1936. - Gamon was the Private Secretary to the Lord Mayor of London. - Consists of correspondence about a visit of the Lord Mayor to the EP Ranch.
M 9025/5Halsey, Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey. - 1931-1936. - Halsey was HRH's Chief of Staff. - Consists of correspondence regarding Edward's wishes and ranch business.
M 9025/6Lascelles, Alan "Tommy". - 1927, 1931-1932. - Lascelles was a member HRH's staff at St. James Palace, and responsible for dealing with the press. - Consists of correspondence about visits of various people to the EP Ranch.
M 9025/7Minto, Mary. - 1920-1923. - The Countess of Minto lived in Scotland. - Consists of correspondence about Carlyle's visit to Scotland, Percherons, foundation stock for the EP Ranch, and about the character of her son Lord Minto.
M 9025/8Newton, Alick. - 1940-1943. - Newton was a local advisor to HRH about the operations of the EP Ranch, especially after the ranch management committee became defunct. - Consists of correspondence regarding HRH's 1941 visit to the ranch; oil and mineral rights; the location of certain western gear stored for HRH; and a summary of Carlyle's work over the years, including his wife's unpaid work as hostess at the EP Ranch.
M 9025/9Peacock, Edward. - 1936-1937. - Peacock was a representative of the Duchy of Cornwall, HRH's estate. - Consists of correspondence regarding the dispersal of the EP Ranch livestock in preparation for the sale of the ranch.
M 9025/10Tanner, N.E. - 1936-1940. - Tanner was the Alberta Minister of Lands and Mines. - Consists of correspondence about the mineral rights on the EP Ranch, which were held by the Alberta Government rather than by HRH.
M 9025/11Thomas, Godfrey. - 1923, 1931-1932, 1936-1938. - Thomas was private secretary to HRH at St. James Palace. - Consists of correspondence primarily regarding visits of Canadians to England, and visitors from England to the EP Ranch.
M 9025/12Trotter, Brigadier-General Gerald F. - 1923-1924, 1929. - Trotter was a constant companion of HRH, and a member of the royal party. - Consists of correspondence about visits to the EP Ranch and gifts from HRH.
M 9025/13Thank you letters. - 1927-1936. - Consists of letters, primarily addressed to Mrs Carlyle, thanking the Carlyles for their hospitality during visits to the EP Ranch.
M 9025/14Thank you letters. - [ca. 1927-1936]. - Consists of undated letters and calling cards of various people who visited the EP Ranch. Includes Mrs. Carlyle's calling card.
M 9025/15Sale of EP Ranch. - 1937. - Consists of miscellaneous correspondence from parties interested in purchasing the EP Ranch, including Edward Beatty (CPR) and J.S. McLean (Canada Packers).
M 9025/16Miscellaneous correspondence. - 1920-1939. - Consists of Carlyle's correspondence with, and invitations from, various people, including Walter Peacock, "Toppie" of the Topical Press Agency, and Senator Patrick Burns. Includes an invitation to a dinner in honour of the American president.
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Series 2

Ranch property. - 1929-1931. - 1 cm of textual records. - The series consists of documents related to land title, property values, and household effects.

M 9025/17Land title. - 1929-1931. - Consists of correspondence with the federal Department of the Interior, and later the Southern Alberta Land Registration District, about the missing certificates of title to the EP Ranch property (1-17-3-W5).
M 9025/18Inventory of Household Effects. - December 31, 1931. - Consists of a detailed list of the furniture, linens, china, cookware, and appliances in the ranch house at the EP Ranch.
M 9025/19Insurance list. - nd. - Consists of a list of values of the house, household furnishings, barns, bunkhouse, other buildings, farm machinery, and livestock on the ranch.
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Series 3

Livestock. - 1918-1938. - 2.5 cm of textual records. - The series consists of a diary of a livestock-buying trip, livestock sales catalogues, a complaint about a livestock sale, and recipes for horse tonics.

M 9025/20Carlyle's diary: "Records of Trip from Calgary to England with the Shipment of Percheron Mares and Stallions". - September 13-December 1, 1918
M 9025/21Livestock sales. - 1924, 1931, 1938. - Consists of an announcement and catalogue for the first annual sale of livestock from the EP Ranch (1924); catalogue of the 1931 sale; and catalogue of the 1938 dispersal sale.
M 9025/22R.S. Thomas complaint. - 1933. - Consists of documents regarding a complaint of R.S. Thomas of Claresholm about two heifers he purchased from the EP Ranch.
M 9025/23Horse ailment treatments. - nd. - Consists of recipes written on EP Ranch letterhead, for a horse tonic, eye lotion, and medicine for shipping fever and scours in foals.
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Series 4

Published material. - 1924-1936, 1947. - 2.5 cm of textual records. - The series consists of a souvenir booklet, journal articles, newspaper clippings, and promotional photographs related to HRH and the EP Ranch.

M 9025/24HRH Prince of Wales : EP Ranch. - [ca. 1926]. - Consists of a souvenir booklet, annotated on the inside cover: "Archie Campbell - Owner".
M 9025/25Canada : Impressions of a Tour. - 1927. - Consists of a collection of reprinted articles by James L. Palmer, including "The Prince's Ranch".
M 9025/26"Sunset on the Prince of Wales Canadian Ranch". - October 6, 1928. - Consists of the front cover of the LiteraryDigest, featuring this painting by Leonard M. Davis.
M 9025/27"The EP Ranch". - March 1947. - Consists of an article written by Mrs. H.D. McCorquodale of High River, and published in the Canadian Cattlemen.
M 9025/28Newspaper clippings. - 1924-1936. - Consists of newspaper clippings about King Edward VIII ("the bachelor king", the EP Ranch, Hoot Gibson, and a shorthorn sent to New Zealand from the EP Ranch.
M 9025/29Miscellaneous photographs. - [ca. 1920s]. - 5 photographs. - Consists of photographs, some taken by Topical Press Agency for promotional purposes, of the lounge in the EP Ranch house, Carlyle in a field of oats by the barn, the Duke of Devonshire's party admiring livestock, and a Chinese cook with a bugle. Includes an unidentified photograph of a woman and boy who may have been visitors at the ranch.

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