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Gwen Hornibrook (later Mrs. H.r. Chritchley), 1913
Gwen Hornibrook (later Mrs. H.R. Chritchley)

Chritchley family fonds

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Series 1 Anna Chritchley's papers. -- 1879-1981
Series 2 Other Chritchley / Hornibrook family papers. -- 1903-1990
Series 3 Family photographs. -- 1883-1961


Series 1 Anna Chritchley. -- 1879-1981. -- 37.5 cm of textual records. -- Anna Ellithorpe, 1884-1981, married Ernest Thomas Chrtichley in 1907. -- The series consists primarily of records related to her love of cooking, including menus, cooking lessons, cookbooks and loose recipes. Includes some personal and club records as well as Second World War ration books and a record of parcels sent to her son serving overseas.
M-214-1 Diary. -- 1941-1946. -- Consists primarily of a record of parcels sent to her son Harry who was serving overseas during the Second World War.
M-214-2 Correspondence. -- 1938 and n.d -- Consists of letters from Elizabeth Forman Stinson and aunt Antoinette Ashcroft.
M-214-3 Second World War ration books. -- [ca. 1939-1945]
M-214-4 Miscellaneous. -- n.d. -- Includes knitting instructions for sweaters; and an article by Elizabeth Forman entitled "A Personal League of Nations".
M-214-5 Scrapbook of menus. -- 1934-1941. -- Consists of menus for luncheons and dinners held by Anna Chritchley.
M-214-6 Handwritten recipes. -- n.d.
M-214-7 Recipes and household hints. -- 1958-1965
M-214-8 Scrapbook of handwritten recipes, menus and newspaper clippings. -- n.d.
M-214-9 Handwritten recipes (and binder of copies). -- 1945-1955 and n.d.
M-214-10 Binder of handwritten recipes. -- 1956-1965
M-214-11 Cookbooks and cooking lessons. -- [ca. 1928] and n.d. -- Includes The Bluebird Cookbook and booklet of favourite recipes published by the Domestic Science Department of the American Woman's Club, Calgary. Also includes information about cooking lessons held by the Club.

Published cookbooks and recipes. -- 1911-1916, 1936-1937. -- Consists of the following:

Cookbook by Christ Church Women's Auxiliary, Calgary
Recipe booklet from the Home Service Department of the Canadian Western Natural Gas, Light, Heat and Power Company
The Angelus Course in Domestic Science, The Angelus University, Los Angeles
Recipe booklets from the Department of Agriculture, Canada
Cakes of Quality by Mrs. Grace Osborn, Michigan

M-214-13 A Basic Course for Better Cooking, by Canadian Western Natural Gas Company, Calgary. -- n.d.
M-214-14 Recipe newspaper clippings folder. -- [ca. 1940s]
M-214-15 Recipe newspaper clippings. -- 1934, 1942-1943 and [ca. 1960s]

Anna Chritchley's personal and club records. -- 1879-1981. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- Consists of the following:

Rose Ellithorpe's autograph book and correspondence [Anna's mother]
Anna Ellithorpe and Ernest T. Chritchley's birth and marriage certificates
American Woman's Club rosters
Order of the Eastern Star miscellaneous records
PEO Sisterhood miscellaneous records
Miscellaneous cards and newspaper clippings

Series 2 Other Chritchley / Hornibrook family papers. -- 1903-1990. -- 62.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of miscellaneous records related to Ernest Thomas Chritchley, Harry F. Chritchley, T.A. Hornibrook and Gwendolyn (Hornibrook) Chritchley. The series also consists of historical material collected by Harry F. Chritchley as an employee of the Glenbow and Riveredge Foundations.
M-211 Ernest T. Chritchley - Diary of trip from England to Winnipeg. -- 1903. -- 21 pages. -- Includes articles on his retirement and career in Calgary.
M-3813 Ernest T. Chritchley - Crown Lumber Company. -- 1954. -- 10 pages. -- E.T. Chritchley joined the Crown Lumber Company in 1905 and retired in 1950. -- Consists of his notes about the history of the compnay from 1905 to 1953. Includes a newspaoer clipping about James W. Davidson, President of Crown Lumber.
M-5807 Ernest T. Chritchley - Reitrement. -- 1950-1956. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of correspondence, etc. re his retirement as manager of Crown Lumber Company.

Ernest T. Chritchley - Miscellaneous papers. -- 1917-1963. -- 3 cm of textual records and 3 oversize items. -- Includes the following:

Correspondence and tax records
Biographical sketch of E.T. Chritchley
Letter and newspaper clipping about Leonard Brockington
Kiwanis Club of Calgary 40th anniversary program
Kiwanis Club Legion of Honour certificate
Masons certificates

M-213 Hornibrook / Chritchley family. -- 1913 and 1974. -- 14 items. -- Consists of invoices for the building of the T.A. Hornibrook home at 1935 - 10 1/2 Street SW, Calgary, including architiect's fees and building contractor's costs (1913); and letter re E.T. Chritchley and pioneers of the Olds area (1974).
M-2879 Harry F. Chritchley's convocation and fraternity programs, University of Alberta. -- 1930. -- 2 items
M-6030 Harry F. Chritchley's invitation to convocation and dinner at the University of Calgary. -- 1981. -- 4 items
M-215 Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. -- 1968-1971. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of articles of association, annual reports, invitations, etc. Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-1532 Alberta Pacific Consolidated Oils Ltd. -- 1936-1949. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Consists of financial statements of this petroleum company. Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-2390 Advertisements for settlers. -- 1908. -- 7 pages. -- Consists of advertisements to attract settlers to farms in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba; and newspaper articles about western agriculture from the Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer. Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-2585 Alberta Provincial Exhibition postcards and advertisements. -- 1909 and n.d. -- 3 items. -- The advertisement is on tin. Collected by Harry F. Chritichley.
M-2904 Boy Scouts of Canada, 2nd Calgary troop. -- 1978. -- 1 item. -- Consists of 65th Anniversary annual cub banquet program. Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-3812 Brief histories of Eau Claire Lumber Company, Crown Lumber Company, Security Lumber Company, and Western Lumber Company. -- 1965. -- 16 pages. -- Compiled by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-4645 A study of Calgary streetcar routes and symbols by Harry F. Chritchley. -- 1965. -- 8 pages
M-3179 Winston Spencer Churchill Society - Program and menu of annual banquet in Calgary. -- 1967. -- 1 item. -- Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-6395 Memorandum about Eric Harvie (by E.D. Arnold). -- n.d. -- 1 page. -- Copied from Harry F. Chritchley when he worked for the Devonian Foundation.
M-6858 George R. Pearkes. -- 1984. -- 0.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of Harry F. Critchley's correspondence and newspaper clipping abou the death of Canadian war hero Pearkes.
M-8135 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1990. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of invitations, announcements, programs and tickets to events to commemorate the military in Calgary, including the 80th anniversary of the Calgary Highlanders, attended by Queen Elizabeth II. Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-212 Miscellaneous papers. -- [ca. 1921-1963]. -- 15 pages. -- Consists of a program for the play "Snooks vs Foozle" put on by the 2nd Calgary Troop of the Boy Scouts; and an agreement for the formation of the Flock Oil and Gas Syndicate (1951). Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-2966 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1940, 1977. -- 2 items. -- Consists of Gwendolyn Chritchley's national Registration Certificate from the Second World War, used to purchase alcohol ration and stamped on the back by the Alberta Liquor Control Board (1940); and program for the opening of Colonel J. Fred Scott School (1977).
RAT-13 Talk re Bronco Busters singing group (popular in the 1920s), broadcast on CFCN radio. -- 1973. -- 1 audio reel. -- Collected by Harry F. Chritchley.
M-5835 Gwendolyn Chritchley's scrapbook. -- 1939. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of a scrapbook which she kept during a trip to England and France.
M-538 Hornibrook family. -- 1918-1943. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of newspaper clippngs, certificates, etc. about the family. Includes First World War registration certificate; newspaper clippings re T.A. Hornibrook's career as City Alderman; and newspaper clippings about other Hornibrook family members.
Series 3 Family photographs. -- 1883-1961. -- 343 photographs. -- The series consists of photos of the Chritchley, Hornibrook and Ellithorpe families and their activities.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-846 Black Diamond Lumber Yard. -- 1929. -- 5 photographs
PA-847 Scenery: Edmonton, Calgary, Camrose, Waterton Lakes and Radium Hot Springs. -- 1923-1927. -- 6 photographs
PA-961 Views of Crown Lumber, scenery, trains, etc. -- 1915-1933 and n.d. -- 27 photographs. -- Includes views of theE.T. Chritchley family house at 714 Rideau Road, Calgary.
PA-999 Ernest T. Chritchley - Portrait and view as speaker for Victory Loan campaign. -- n.d. and 1944. -- 2 photographs.
PA-1001 Views of natural history specimens (wildlife). -- n.d. -- 44 photographs
PA-1077 Elbow River flood. -- June 1929. -- 5 photographs
PA-1289 Various views. -- 1883-1961. -- 166 photographs. -- Consists of views of Ellithorpe and Chritchley families (1883-1950s); Prince of Wales at EP Ranch (1923-1924); snowstorm in Calgary (1961); boy scout camps at Pirmez Creek, high school cadets (1920s-1930s); and Calgary Highlanders during Second World War (1940-1942).
PA-1302 Skating on Elbow River, E.T. Chritchley house, etc. -- 1916-1925. -- 4 photographs
PA-1561 Calgary snowstorm (1933) and Wop May's airplane (1928). -- 7 photographs
PA-1611 Hornibrook family photos. -- 1911. -- 2 photographs
PA-1697 Photograph of painting by R. Lindemere, possible of Red Pheasant. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
PA-2208 Hornibrook family portraits, and Banff views. -- 1904-1917. -- 9 photographs
PB-274 Schools and miltary views. -- 1917-1927. -- 4 photographs. -- Consists of Alexandra School football team (1928), 24th Avenue cottage schoo (1917)l, University of Alberta freshman class (1926-1927), 17th Cavalry Field Ambulance at Sarcee Army Camp (1927)
PB-346 187th Battalion, central Alberta. -- 1920. -- 1 photograph
PB-415 Stampede grounds and Rotary Club district conventions. -- 1930s-1949. -- 3 photographs
PE-139 Second refresher war course students, Royal Military College. -- 1940. -- 1 panorama
NA-1290 Various views. -- [ca. 190s-1930s]. -- 7 photographs. - Consists of views of Black Diamond lumber truck and caterpillar tractor; Crown Lumber barn; young man diving into the Elbow River; Banff car accident; car stuck in mud; and portrait of Anna Rose Chritchley. Copied from original prints in PA-846 and PA-1289.
NA-1610 Presentation to Harry F. Chritchley after capture of armed bandit, Calgary. -- March 8, 1933. -- 1 photograph
NA-1635 Views of Calgary, Hornibrook family and Edmonton post office fire. -- 1907-1917. -- 7 photographs.
NA-1651 Bow Valley ranch house owned by Pat Burns, Midnapore area. -- 1906. -- 1 photograph
NA-1693 Group at Bow Valley ranch, old cour house, and portraits of T.A. Hornibrook and Hazel Hornibrook. -- [ca. 1904-1910]. -- 5 photographs
NA-2809 Views of Dr. H.A. Gibson and Dr. Ernest Doyle; and car in Cochrane. -- [ca. 1910-1911]. -- 2 photographs
S-85 Harry F. Chritchley and brother officers, Calgary Highlanders in Calgary, Toronto and England. -- 1940-1942. -- 7 slides

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