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Peter Lougheed, Conservative Premier of Alberta, [ca. 1980]
Peter Lougheed, Conservative Premier of Alberta, [ca. 1980]

Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta fonds

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Table of Contents

  National party business
Series 1 General papers. -- 1946-1970
Series 2 Federal election campaigns. -- 1949-1970, 1985
Series 3 Federal constituencies. -- 1949-1960
Series 4 Affiliates - Youth and women's associations. -- 1955-1970
Series 5 Publications and newspaper clippings. -- 1952-1971
  Alberta party business
Series 6 General papers. -- 1950-1971, 1982
Series 7 Provincial election campaigns. -- 1955-1985
Series 8 Provincial election. -- 1971
Series 9 Calgary women's association. -- 1933-1958
Series 10 Press releases and publications. -- 1949-1970


  National party business
Series 1 General papers. -- 1946-1970
M-1744-1History of Progressive Conservative party of Canada. -- [ca. 1965]. -- Brief history and origins of the party from 1854 to 1964, written by Heath Macquarrie, M.P.; also lists of achievements of party since 1867.
M-1744-2 National headquarters correspondence and memos. -- 1953-1970. -- Campaign directives sent to provincial secretary of party; memos re executive and annual meetings; nominations for federal elections; requests for pamphlets explaining platform; lists of area directors; and national director's report to the executive committee.
M-1744-3 National headquarters memos re M.P.'s and addresses. -- 1957-1968. -- Re pay increases for army. -- 1958; Leon Balcer's departure from Conservative party; remarks and speeches by Dalton Camp. -- 1965. -- Comments re 1965 budget by Walter Dinsdale; analysis of automotive trade agreement for Conservative caucus. -- 1965. -- Press comments re Bank act, Canadian development corporation, and proposals re publications. -- 1965. -- Comments on royal commissions by Edward Magnerick. -- 1966. -- And comments on Stanfield's Quebec policy. -- 1968. -- From Ottawa Journal.
M-1744-4Progressive Conservative policy handbook. -- 1965, 1966 and 1968. -- Includes 15 policy papers on quality of Canadian life, government and the people, and Canadian growth.
M-1744-5Constitution of Conservative Party. -- 1959-1961. -- Includes amendments.
M-1744-6National party executive officers. -- 1946-1969. -- Includes names and addresses of national as well as provincial representatives.
M-1744-7National annual meeting. -- 1954. -- Minutes of Progressive Conservative association; and speech by George Drew.
M-1744-8 National annual meeting. -- 1956. -- Minutes of Progressive Conservative association, agenda, address by George Drew, minutes of Women's Progressive Conservative Association; and resolutions adopted; report of committee on resolutions and policy.
M-1744-9 Leadership convention, Ottawa. -- 1956. -- Includes folder of information from the committee for Jean Diefenbaker, correspondence re "Diefenbaker for leader" campaign, letter of support for Diefenbaker from George Hees; letter of solicitation from Donald Fleming for support for leadership.
M-1744-10Delegates to convention, Ottawa. -- 1956. Lists of delegates from various constituencies in Alberta.
M-1744-11National annual meeting. -- 1959. -- Consists of correspondence re attendance by Alberta delegates; notice of proposed amendments to constitution; report of constitution amendment committee and memos re program.
M-1744-12National annual meeting. -- 1963. -- Mainly memos re meetings; and list of delegates.
M-1744-13 National annual meeting. -- 1964. -- Information bulletins, schedules, delegates from Alberta, memo for women's association meeting during annual meeting, etc.
M-1744-14Press comments. -- 1964. -- Re Canadian constitution amendments and Dominion-provincial relations. Includes memos sent out to Progressive Conservative members of parliament.
M-1744-15National annual convention. -- 1967. -- Complete kit for delegates to centennial, including various papers given on policy and leadership candidates, Duff Roblin, George Hees, Robert Stanfield, etc. pamphlets, speeches, etc. Includes booklet of statements by leadership candidates on key issues.
M-1744-106 National convention. -- 1967. -- Memo to delegates.
M-1744-16Federal workshop. -- n.d. [ca. 1964]. -- Kit for party workers on how to wage an effective and successful political campaign.
M-1744-107 Christmas cards. -- 1958-70. -- John and Olive Diefenbaker and Robert Stanfield.
Series 2 Federal election campaigns. -- 1949-1970, 1985
M-1744-17Federal campaigns. -- 1949-1957. -- List of federal candidates for Alberta constituencies.
M-1744-18Federal candidates biographies. -- 1956-1957. -- Includes A. B. Haarstad, Davie Fulton, Donald Fleming, Ellen Fairclough, C. C. Merritt, George Drew, D. R. Gundlock, J. H. Horner, Lawrence E. Kindt, E. W. Brunsden, Harris G. C. Rogers, G. W. Baldwin, F. J. Bigg, A. R. Smith, James S. Speakman, T. J. Nugent, F. J. W. Fane, Hugh M. Horner, D. S. Harkness, Eldon Woolliams, Alex Shore, C. J. Bowie-Reed, H. R. Milner, C. O. Nickle.
M-1744-19Federal election. -- 1958. -- General correspondence re activities in Alberta constituencies, nominations, minutes of election campaign committee, visit of P. M. John Diefenbaker.
M-1744-20Federal election. -- 1962. -- Campaign memos #1-33 sent out by National Office to candidates, campaign managers, committees, and provincial offices.
M-1744-21Federal election. -- 1962. -- General memos re T.V. coverage and confidential memos re service vote, and list of candidates across Canada.
M-1744-22Election address. -- 1962. -- Speeches by George Hees and Donald Fleming.
M-1744-23Election speeches by Jon Diefenbaker. -- 1962. -- Speeches at cities and towns all across the country; also T.V. appearance and itinerary of tour.
M-1744-24Press Comments, election. -- 1962. -- Extracts re campaign.
M-1744-25Federal election. -- 1963. -- Campaign memos and news digests of press comments, etc. from across Canada.
M-1744-26Federal election. -- 1963. -- General memos to candidates, list of nominating conventions, press comments and list of candidates.
M-1744-27Federal election. -- 1963. -- Addresses by cabinet ministers, Alvin Hamilton and Gordon Churchill.
M-1744-28Federal election results. -- Detailed list by constituency and analysis of the election.
M-1744-29Press comments, election. -- 1963. -- Extracts re campaign and general news items on election.
M-1744-102 Federal election. -- 1972. -- Includes brochures, campaign buttons, stickers, etc. for Alberta candidates including Liberal party opponents.
M-1744-30General correspondence, Members of Parliament. -- 1957-1958. -- Letters from provincial leader of party asking for help; proposed senior citizens policy by Hugh Horner; includes letter and reply from John Diefenbaker re visit to Bow River riding and visit to Alberta.
M-1744-31Speeches, Members of Parliament, and Executive officers. -- 1963-1965. -- Includes list of speaking engagements; speeches by Leon Balcer, Wallace McCutcheon, W. B. Nesbitt, Georges J. Valade, Dalton Camp, Walter Dinsdale, Carl Nickle, Howard Green, W. R. Irwin, George Drew, Donald Fleming.
M-1744-32John Diefenbaker speeches. -- 1957-1965. -- Given at conventions, House of Commons, guest lectures, extracts during election campaigns, T.V. programs.
M-1744-33John Diefenbaker speeches. -- 1957-1965. -- given at conventions, House of Commons, guest lectures, extracts during election campaigns, T.V. programs.
M-1744-34Cliff Downey, M.P., Battle River. -- 1969. -- Copies of speeches from House of Commons debates.
M-1744-35 Alvin Hamilton, M.P., Qu'Appelle. -- 1955-1965. -- Correspondence re Saskatchewan organization of party and speeches made across Canada.
M-1744-36Douglas Harkness, M.P., Calgary North. -- 1955-1960. -- Correspondence re party organization in Alberta, pipeline debate, nominations and address while Minister of Agriculture.
M-1744-37George Hees, M.P., Toronto-Broadview. -- 1954-1956. -- Correspondence re executive meetings as president of Conservative association of Canada and report of organizational trip across Canada; also general reports.
M-1744-38 Jack Horner, M.P., Acadia. -- 1965. -- Publication "A message to electors in Acadia", outlining his stands on issues.
M-1744-39Lawrence Kindt, M.P. Macleod. -- 1957. -- Report of campaign manager, agenda, campaign broadside, and correspondence re election, etc.
M-1741Progressive Conservative Party. -- 1957-1958. -- Consists of campaign literature for Lawrence Kindt. 11 items.
M-1744-40Donald F. Mazankowski, P.P., Vegreville. -- 1968-1969. -- Biography, brochure, election poster and copies of speeches in House of Commons.
M-1744-41Henry Moore, M.P., Wetaskiwin. -- 1964-1968. -- Posters, extracts from House of Commons speeches, and comments by Moore in local papers.
M-1744-42Stanley Schumacher, M.P., Palliser. -- 1970. -- Extracts from House of Commons debates, circular letters seeking support, remarks to Palliser conservative organization, and questionnaire.
M-1744-43Robert Stanfield, M.P., Leader of Opposition. -- 1968-1969. -- Speeches, addresses to Ontario, Alberta and Canadian conservative party associations and House of Commons debates.
M-1744-44 Robert Thompson, M.P., Red Deer. -- 1964-1969. -- Extracts from House of Commons debates, addresses, and transcripts from "Candid Comments". Includes speeches while Mr. Thompson was National leader of Social Credit party.
M-1744-45Eldon Woolliams, M.P., Calgary North. -- 1969. -- Extracts from speeches in debates at House of Commons.
M-1744-46Paul Yewchuk, M.P., Athabaska. -- 1968. -- Circulars, biography, and extracts of comments on political situation.

National party posters. -- Consists of:

Bob Stanfield is Coming to Town

The Man with the Winning Way [Stanfield]

Sock It to Them Stanfield

Stanfield [line drawing]

John Diefenbaker [head and shoulders posters]

M-7147Progressive Conservative Party. -- 1985. -- Consists of brochure for Paul Ganon, MP for Calgary North. 1 item.
Series 3 Federal constituencies. -- 1949-1960
M-1744-47Acadia. -- 1956-1960. -- Lists of population statistics, correspondence re party organization and candidates.
M-1744-48Athabasca. -- 1949-1960. -- Correspondence re candidate Joe Bedard. -- 1949; and letters re nominations.
M-1744-49Battle River-Camrose. -- 1953-1960. -- Correspondence re nominations, candidates and organization.
M-1744-50Bow river. -- 1956-1959. -- Circulars re meetings of organization and correspondence; also candidate, Eldon Woolliams, election addresses; and memos to campaign workers.
M-1744-51Calgary North. -- 1950-1958. -- Campaign pamphlets for Doug Harkness; lists of officers and executives; resolutions of Calgary North Conservative association.
M-1744-52Calgary South. -- 1956 and 1960. -- List of executive of Calgary South Conservative Association.
M-1744-53Edmonton East. -- 1949-1957. -- General correspondence re elections and candidates; and list of executives of the association.
M-1744-54Edmonton Strathcona. -- 1953-1961. -- Correspondence; members, executive of association.
M-1744-55Edmonton East. -- 1955-1958. -- Correspondence and list of executive officers.
M-1744-56Jasper-Edson. -- 1949-1960. -- List of key Conservatives in riding, general correspondence re candidates and elections.
M-1744-57Lethbridge. -- 1955-1958. -- Report by W. J. C. Kirby re candidate situation in Lethbridge, correspondence re nominations and request to Charlotte Whitton to stand as candidate.
M-1744-58Medicine Hat. -- 1954-1960. -- General correspondence re candidates, election; policy of Alberta conservative party on natural gas.
M-1744-59Macleod. -- 1949-1960. -- Correspondence, campaign suggestions, organization, minutes of re-organization meeting of Macleod federal constituency, biography of Lawrence Kindt and list of workers.
M-1744-60Peace River. -- 1954-1959. -- List of executive officers, correspondence re campaigns of G. W. Baldwin and constitution of Progressive Conservative Association of Peace River.
M-1744-61 Red Deer. -- 1955-1958. -- List of officers, general correspondence.
M-1744-62Vegreville. -- 1956-1962. -- Correspondence re elections and candidates of lists of officers.
M-1744-63Wetaskiwin. -- 1955-1959. -- Wetaskiwin organizational meeting for association, officers elected.
Series 4 Affiliates - Youth and women's associations. -- 1955-1970
M-1744-64Young Progressive Conservatives of Canada. -- 1955-1970. -- Lists of national executive, agenda of student federation and address; manual of organization and maintenance of new clubs of Alberta Young Conservatives and general correspondence.
M-1744-65 Women's associations. -- 1956-1966. -- Reports from provincial presidents and national director during annual meeting, memos, minutes of executive meeting.
Series 5 Publications and newspaper clippings. -- 1952-1971
M-1744-66General Conservative articles. -- [ca. 1968]. -- Quick facts for candidates; the Liberal record, the Trudeau era, the Benson economy, and policy on wheat and livestock.

Leaflets, pamphlets, etc. -- 1952. -- Consists of:

Pocket Politics. -- 1952

"The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada". -- 1854-1964. -- by H. Macquarrie

"Our Second Century" - George Drew. -- [ca. 1954]

"Progressive Conservatives Believe". -- n.d

"Can the Conservatives Come Back", by W. R. Graham. -- [ca. 1950s]

"Four Men and Their Party", by J. McCook. -- 1956

"Take Part in Politics" - Student Federation. -- [ca. 1960]

"John Diefenbaker, National leader". -- 1956

"Agricultural Policy". -- [ca. 1960]

"1-18 - Conservative Speakers Handbook". -- 1963

"They Tore Up a Part of My National Pride", by I. Norman Smith

"Diefenbaker's Labour Policy". -- [ca. 1958]

"Statements by Diefenbaker and Cabinet". -- 1959

Menu and program, 10th Annual meeting. -- 1956

General Meeting. -- 1959

"Social Justice", by John Diefenbaker. -- 1959

"What Has Politics Got To Do With Me?". -- n.d.

Stanfield statements. -- [ca. 1968]

"Housing, Story of a Crisis". -- 1969

"High Cost of Unemployment". -- 1971

"Who is to Stop the Liberals". -- [ca. 1971]

"Will Your Voice be Heard?". -- [ca. 1969]

Government White Paper. -- 1969

Dalton Camp - campaign for M.P. -- 1964

Stanfield stickers

Posters by Youth federation. -- 1971

Canadian committee for Stanfield. -- 1967

P.C. Party of Manitoba - suggestions for candidates. -- 1958

P.C. Party of Nova Scotia - suggestions for candidates. -- 1959

House of Commons Debates. -- March 8, 1971


Progressive Conservative publications. -- 1955-1970. -- Consists of:

Progress Report, vol. 1 no. 1. -- 1955- Vol. 2, no. 2. -- 1957

The Conservative Canadian, vol. 1, no. 3. -- 1960-vol. 2, no. 3. -- 1961

The Conservative Clarion, vol. 2, no. 4, 1. -- 1956-vol. 2, no. 12. -- 1957

The Conservator, vol. 1 no. 1. -- 1957

The Campus Conservative, vol. 1, no. 1. -- 1961

P.C. Communique, vol. 1, no. 1. -- 1968 to vol. 2, no. 4. -- 1970

The Enterprise, vol. 1. -- Nov. 1970

M-1744-69Newspaper clippings. -- 1957-1970. -- Newspaper coverage of leadership convention, elections, candidates, etc.
M-1744-104 Nathan Nurgitz campaign. -- 1966. -- Campaign literature for Progressive Conservative candidate in Manitoba.
  Alberta party business
Series 6 General papers. -- 1950-1971, 1982
M-1744-70 Correspondence. -- 1950-1961. -- General correspondence re provincial organization, elections, conventions, women's association, minutes of meetings, reports of provincial organizer, campaigns, resolutions, requests for help to federal members of parliament.
M-1744-71Memos and circulars. -- 1954-1971. -- Memos from executive committees, recommendations for future conventions, circular letters, speeches by Ernest Watkins on provincial organization, etc., press release re leader Peter Lougheed, and article on local or municipal government by Roy Farran.
M-1744-72Southern Alberta zone council. -- 1955. -- Correspondence and memos on re-organization, notices of meetings, minutes of council, and membership list.
M-1744-73Progressive conservative association of Alberta. -- 1958-1966. -- Constitution and resolutions on agriculture, and lists from resolutions committee.
M-1744-74Policies and reports. -- 1955 and n.d. -- Re agriculture, justice, mines and minerals, lands and forests, highways, public health; also statements of votes for Vermilion, Lacombe, Lac La Biche, Clover Bar, Edson, Leduc, Athabasca.
M-1744-75Provincial organizer, Doug Morgan. -- 1959-1961. -- Correspondence and reports re provincial and federal elections, memos to regional directors, reports on northern organizational tour, etc.
M-1744-76MacNab Frances, P.R. officer. -- 1958. -- Correspondence and reports from officer during federal election campaign of 1958.
M -1744-77Kirby, W. J. C., provincial leader. -- 1955-1959. -- Circular letter for leadership campaign, speeches re provincial election issues.
M-1744-105 Alberta Progressive Conservative supports list. -- 1956-65.
M-1744-78Northern Alberta. -- 1958. -- Correspondence re organization in northern part of province; election of delegates, etc.
M-1744-79 Candidate's conference. -- 1959. -- Agenda, minutes, correspondence for campaign in provincial election and biographies of candidates.
M-1744-80Banff workshop. -- 1967. -- Agenda re policy, campaign, and organization.
M-1744-81Annual convention. -- 1967. -- Press kit including publicity releases, memos, biographies of candidates.
M-1744-82Annual meeting, Calgary. -- 1968. -- Agenda, lists of policy workshops, and committee members.
M-1744-108 Invitations. -- 1962 and 1972. -- Opening of Roger's pass section of highway. -- 1962; Opening of Legislative Assembly. -- 1972.
M-6518Progressive Conservative Party. -- 1982. -- Consists of speeches, circulars, etc., regarding party activities, primarily speeches of Premier Peter Lougheed. 3 cm. of textual records.
Series 7 Provincial election campaigns. -- 1955-1985. -- See Series 8 below for the 1971 election at which the Conservatives were elected.
M-1744-83Provincial election. -- 1955. -- Lists of candidates, biographies, and election results.
M-1743 Progressive Conservative Party. -- 1959. -- Consists of campaign literature for Eric Duggan and James D. Macdonald. 5 items.
M-1744-103 Provincial election. -- 1959. -- Circular letters and campaign strategy.
M-1744-84Provincial election. -- 1967. -- Suggestions for 1967 resulting from 1963 analysis, candidate memos and memo from Peter Lougheed.
M-7191Progressive Conservative Party. -- 1985. -- Consists of campaign literature for Don Getty. 2 items.
M-1744-109 Ribbons, stickers, etc. -- 1958-70. -- Various conventions, candidates and elections.
Series 8 Provincial election. -- 1971
M-1744-92 Party platform. -- 1971. -- New directions for Alberta in the 70s - a program for a Progressive Conservative government in Alberta.
M-1744-93 Proposals. -- 1971. -- Submissions for proposals for change in Alberta's policies and practices in education, housing, taxation, welfare, environment, agriculture.
M-1744-94Biographies of candidates. -- 1971. -- Brief press releases.
M-1744-95Candidates and constituencies. -- 1971. -- Lists including names of campaign managers and headquarters.
M-1744-96Speeches, Peter Lougheed. -- 1967-1971. -- Speeches delivered in the Legislative Assembly and to the Party conventions.
M-1744-97Lougheed campaign song. -- 1971.
M-1744-98 Election pamphlets and brochures. -- 1971. -- Outlining position with emphasis on "Lougheed team".
M-1744-99Campaign buttons and stickers. -- 1971.
M-1744-100Constituency maps. -- 1971. -- Showing outlines of various constituencies in province.
M-1744-101Campaign brochures, Alberta. -- 1971. -- Various Lougheed team brochures and stickers.

Provincial election posters. -- Consists of:

A Strong New Voice

Now posters [for candidates Swales, Millar, Getty, Ghitter, Russell, Kushner, Werry, Lougheed, Leitch, Peacock, Dickie, Lee, Wearmouth]

Fred Peacock

Peter Lougheed

Back Roy Farran

Now (sticker)

Series 9 Calgary women's association. -- 1933-1958
M-1744-86 Calgary women's association. -- 1933-1938. -- Minute book of meetings.
M-1744-85 Calgary women's association. -- 1938-1958. -- Correspondence, memos, minutes, etc.
Series 10 Press releases and publications. -- 1949-1970
M-1744-87 "Alberta Reports". -- 1960. -- Memos and proposals to the Prime Minister from Progressive Conservative association of Alberta on current problems.
M-1744-88Provincial press releases. -- 1949-1958. -- Brief for Allister Grosart re Alberta newspaper; copies of releases mailed to the press.
M-1744-89 "News and Views", Calgary South. -- 1963. -- Newsletter sent to members commenting on current topics.
M-1744-90 Publications. -- 1965-1970. -- Brochures, registration cards, speakers' handbook for Manitoba conservatives. -- [ca. 1960s]; election brochures; "Suggested guideposts for the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party" by Peter Lougheed. -- 1966; The Alberta Conservative. -- 1969-70.
M-1744-91Newspaper clippings. -- 1958-1966. -- Excerpts on political, social and economic situation in Alberta; and election issues.

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