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George Gibson Coote, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. late teens]

George Gibson Coote fonds

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Series 1Personal papers- Personal and general correspondence and papers. - 1907-1955
Series 2 Personal papers- Farming and general business. - 1909-1956
Series 3Personal papers- Nanton, Alberta- business. - 1907-1949
Series 4Political papers- Elections. - 1922- 1957
Series 5Political papers- Political parties. - 1922-1953
Series 6Political papers- House of Commons business- 1920-1941
Series 7Political papers- United Farmers' of Alberta. - 1920-1939
Series 8Banking and currency- Correspondence. - 1924-1935
Series 9Banking and currency- Bank of Canada. - 1933-1955
Series 10Banking and currency- General banking.- 1922-1939
Series 11Monetary problems and reform. - 1920-1946
Series 12Agriculture- General. - 1921- 1949
Series 13Agriculture- Wheat and grain situation. - 1921-1956
Series 14General business. - 1921- 1950
Series 15 Pamphlets and newspaper clippings. - 1863, 1914-1915 and 1921-1942
Series 16Canadian Chamber of Agriculture papers. - 1935-1941
Series 17 Scanned Document Photographs. - 1910-1936 and n.d.


Series 1

Personal papers- Personal and general correspondence and papers. - 1907-1955

M-260-1Biographical information. - n.d. and 1907. - File includes autobiographical account of life, clippings, and job agreement with Shaw and Cooper of Nanton.
M-260-2Family correspondence- letters to wife and family while in Ottawa. - 1926-1933
M-260-3Personal and general correspondence. - n.d.
M-260-4Personal and general correspondence. - 1909-1915. - File includes homestead receipt, installation of telephone, and notes regarding High River Choral Society.
M-260-5Personal and general correspondence. - 1924-1929. - File includes congratulations regarding election results; letter of support from Calgary Albertan, 1926 election; letter regarding election help from J. E. Brownlee; resolution regarding alcohol study from Alberta W. C. T. U; and request for articles by Macleans magazine.
M-260-6Personal and general correspondence. - 1930-1931. - File includes requests for job; financial situation of Alberta farmers; comments regarding central bank; gold standard; tariffs; letter from Russia glorifying system; note regarding dress in House of Commons; and requests for magazine articles.
M-260-7Personal and general correspondence. - 1932-1933. - File includes comments on economic situation; invitations to speak at functions; letters of thanks; statement of revenue for Alberta; speaking engagement at various Canadian clubs; and political situation in Crows Nest Pass.
M-260-8Personal and general correspondence. - 1934. - File includes insurance policy; replies to questions on 1933 Relief Act; letters on interest rates; gold standard; and control of central banks.
M-260-9Personal and general correspondence. - 1935. - File includes comments regarding Social Credit movement; Major Douglas's plan; government scholarships for universities; economic situation and 1933 Federal Election; and requests for Coote to accept Social Credit nomination.
M-260-10Personal and general correspondence. - 1936-1939. - File includes congratulations on appointment as director of Bank of Canada; comments on Alberta's Social Credit government; farm credit; and interest rates.
M-260-11Personal and general correspondence. - 1940-1955. - File includes news regarding war effort; Board of Grain Commissioners; Liberal Party membership card; letter regarding cultivators by C. S. Noble; and circular letter of W. S. G. A. to W. L. Mackenzie King
M-260-12Club membership, and passport - 1907-1945. - File also includes papers regarding Independent Order of Oddfellows, Nation.
M-260-13Programmes, invitations and cards. - 1926-1955. - File includes Christmas card from W. L. Mackenzie King; invitation to meet Prince of Wales and Stanley Baldwin; Total Abstinence Club membership; R. B. Bennett, dedication of Waterton-Glacier Park; and Governor-general dinner invitations.
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Series 2

Personal papers- Farming and general business. - 1909-1956

M-260-14Personal banking. - 1912-1938. - File includes correspondence, deposit lists, and chequing account.
M-1754 Alberta Government Prosperity Certificate. - 1936. - Consists of George Coote's Prosperity Certificate, issued to him by the Social Credit Government of Alberta, plus a copy of "An Act respecting Prosperity Certificates". The certificates were intended to be exchanged for goods and services, but were disallowed by the Supreme Court of Canada as being outside provincial jurisdiction. The certificates were later referred to as "funny money".

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M-260-15Income tax and mortgages. - 1918-1934. - File includes assessments, school taxes, employment agreement, and tax returns.
M-260-16Farming operations- account book. - 1909- 1917
M-260-17Farming operations. - 1912-1925. - File includes grain shipments, payments, brand records, prices of wheat, insurance, mortgages, and rental of farm to George Palmer.
M-260-18Farming operations. - 1926-1930. - File includes grade of wheat shipped, tree planting, and insurance.
M-260-19Farming operations. - 1931-1937. - File includes grain shipments, farm mortgage, wheat deliveries, and prices.
M-260-20 Investments and shares. - 1914-1956. - File includes oil co. and coal co. shares; reports; and brochures.
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Series 3

Personal papers- Nanton, Albert- business. - 1907-1949

M-260-21Local improvement district #8- minute book. - 1907- 1912
M-260-22Local improvement district #8- tax receipts. - 1911- 1912
M-260-23Nanton club- bylaws of organization. - n.d.
M-260-24Nanton Methodist Church- purchase of church lots and church business. - 1908-1910
M-260-25Nanton Co-op Society- brochure and balance sheet. - 1948-1949
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Series 4

Political papers- Elections. - 1922-1957

M-260-26Election returns. - 1922-1930
M-260-27Election campaigns. - 1925, 1926, 1930 and 1933. - File includes notes on elections; circular letters to constituency; U. F. A. article on issues of 1926 election; election expenses; lists of D. R. O.' s Macleod; and address to Bow River Federal Convention by E. J. Garland (1930).
M-260-28Election. - 1935. - File includes correspondence regarding 1935 political situation; invitations to address meetings; and letter regarding support of Social Credit and Mr. Aberhart in hopes that conditions would improve.
M-260-29Radio Broadcasts-Election. - 1935. - File includes steps to be taken to deal with existing conditions; and programme for next parliament.
M-260-30Summary of events in parliament. - 1935. - File also includes articles regarding bills passed by government in 1935, and Coote on patents.
M-260-31Letters of sympathy regarding 1935 defeat from M. J. Coldwell, and Agnes MacPhail. - 1935. - File also includes comments on Social Credit sweep, and election results.
M-260-32Polling Division counts- election. - 1935
M-260-33Agnes MacPhail. - 1932-1957. - File consists of correspondence, speeches, circular letters and biographical notes.
M-260-34Richard B. Bennett. - 1928-1935. - File consists of correspondence regarding economic situation, and price of wheat.
M-260-35Notes and rough drafts of speeches. - 1925-1935. - File includes notes by Coote regarding monetary and farm problems; and gold and economic policies.
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Series 5

Political papers- Political parties. - 1922-1953

M-260-36Progressive group. - 1922-1935. - File includes index and notes on speeches of group in House of Commons (1922-1935); copies of letter to Robert Forke from W. L. Mackenzie regarding outline of government proposals (1926); letter to Robert Forke from Arthur Meighen regarding stand on Conservative issues; motion agreed by group to support new administration in completing business; and memo from Premier Brownlee to H. E. Spencer (1931).
M-260-37Co-operative Commonwealth Federatio. - 1933-1935. - File includes report on affiliation of U. F. O. with C. C. F., article on "The Way of C. C. F."; and letter to J. S. Woodsworth.
M-260-38Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. - 1922-1935. - File includes list and index of bills, amendments, motions by Progressives, Labour, Independent and C. C. F members.
M-260-39Proportional representation. - 1919-1934. - File includes pamphlets and circulars on this reform issue in Great Britain.
M-260-40Political pamphlets. - 1926-[c.1937] and 1953. - File includes 22 years in Parliament, (1953),W. C. Weir; Manifesto of C. C. F. (1933); Manifesto of Australia Social Credit; Economic Freedom League (1929); To Electors of Athabasca, Alberta- P. J. Rowe, [c. 1937]; Issues in Coming Election- G. G. Coote (1926).
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Series 6

Political papers- House of Commons business. - 1920-1941

M-260-41House of Commons seating plan. - [c. 1920s]
M-260-42House of Commons sessional notes. - 1923-1934. - File includes suggested resolutions; budget and currency questions; bank act; answers to questions by Coote; and rough notes.
M-260-43House of Commons speeches by Coote. - 1925-1935. - File includes Customs Tariff on Automobile and Motor Trucks (Mar. 16, 1925); The Budget (April 27, 1925); Indian Leases (June 26, 1925); Proposed Tariff Reductions on Automobiles and Motor Trucks (Mar. 29, 1926); Cattle Industry (May 31, 1926); The Budget (Feb. 21, 1927); The Budget (Mar. 6, 1928); Tariff on Motor Trucks (Mar. 3 1930); Banking, Currency and Credit (Feb. 29, 1932); Inflation of Currency (Nov. 24, 1932); The Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (Feb. 1, 1933); Bill to Amend Canadian Farm Loan Act and Farmers Creditors Arrangement Act (Feb. 25, Mar. 1, 4, 5, 1935); and The Budget (Mar. 26, 1935).
M-260-44House of Commons- Hansard reports of debates and speeches. - 1925-1941
M-260-45Lists of Voters- Rocky Mountain House, Macleod, Claresholm, Nanton, Okotoks, and Pincher Creek. - n.d.
M-260-46Lists of Voters- Macleod polling division list. - n.d.
M-260-47Lists of voter additions- results of advance poll of Macleod electoral district. - n.d.
M-260-48Notices for Elections, Macleod. - 1921-1935. - File includes notice of Grant of Poll (1925); notice of Grant of Poll (1926); notice to Electors (1921); registration of Electors (1934); and annual revision.
M-260-49Correspondence- regarding Macleod electoral boundaries, and maps of Macleod district. - 1935
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Series 7

Political papers- United Farmers of Alberta. - 1920-1939

M-260-50Correspondence. - 1920-1925. - File includes constitution and bylaws of Macleod U. F. A. P. League; minutes of Macleod riding political convention; circular letters; stand on issues; and directors bulletins.
M-260-51Resolutions. - 1925-1928. - File includes resolutions passed by various U. F. A. conventions on economic, farm situations, and stands on government policies. Also includes principals of U. F. A. on position in parliament.
M-260-52Correspondence. - 1926-1928. - File includes Saskatchewan circular on organization; presidential address; letters regarding 1926 election; circular letters; conference; and memos to U. F. A. federal members.
M-260-53Correspondence. - 1929-1933. - File includes requests to address at U. F. A. meetings; comments on situation; congratulations by U. F. A. on 1930 election; comments on 1930 election; letters regarding Act to establish central bank; definition of co-operative commonwealth by U. F. A. convention (1932); and memo of statements by J. E. Brownlee regarding arrangements with Federal Government in respect to Alberta (1932).
M-260-54Correspondence. - 1934. - File includes letters regarding new bills introduced; local (Alberta) U. F. A. activity; resolutions forwarded; invitations to speak at U. F. A. meetings; Farmers Creditors Arrangement Act; resolutions on National Marketing Agency; wheat quota proposed; central bank; and index to 1934 convention resolution dealing with Federal matters.
M-260-55Broadcasts, memberships and addresses- U. F. A.- 1935-1939. - File includes broadcasts by Norman F. Priestly regarding C. H. Douglas and Social Credit; membership cards; address by John E. Brownlee regarding debt problems of Alberta farmers.
M-260-56U. F. A. leaflets. - 1921-1930. - File includes U. F. A President's address (1923); U. F. A. President's address (1926); Directors bulletin; and Federal Affairs in Review (1922-1930)( summary of legislation work of U. F. A. members).
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Series 8

Banking and currency- Correspondence. - 1924-1935

M-260-57Correspondence. - 1924-1930. - File includes information regarding US systems; and request for magazine story on Canadian banks.
M-260-58Correspondence. - 1931. - File includes comments on credit system and importance of central bank, and problems regarding loans to farmers.
M-260-59Correspondence. - 1932-1933. - File includes Canadian debt; adjustment of monetary policy; comments on R. B. Bennett's stand; credit system; list of dividends paid by chartered banks; total loans in Canada; and advice on speeches.
M-260-60Correspondence. - 1934. - File includes legal aspects of nationalization of credit; proposals for central bank; memo from Economic Reform Association; suggestions and comments from bankers and economists; and banking and currency committee information and questions.
M-260-61Correspondence. - 1935. - File includes farm income and mortgages; Canadian ex-ports; complaints regarding Royal Bank of Canada; and comments on stable prices.
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Series 9

Banking and currency- Bank of Canada. - 1933-1955

M-260-62Correspondence. - 1936. - File includes letters of recommendation to directorship of Bank of Canada; and congratulations and comments upon appointment.
M-260-63Correspondence. - 1937. - File includes Bank of Canada notices of meetings and comments on business.
M-260-64Correspondence. - 1938-1941. - File includes comments on "Act to Amend the Bank of Canada Act", and yearly meetings; war loans; appointment to directorship; war measures act; business situation in Canada.
M-260-65Correspondence. - 1942-1943. - File includes schedule of meetings; economic situation; appointment to Bank; and view of Canadian banking during the war.
M-260-66Correspondence. - 1944-1946. - File includes changes in Bank Act; operating costs; income regarding Bank of Canada; economic status of farmers in Canada; report of National War Finance Committee; province of Alberta; and appointment.
M-260-67Correspondence. - 1947-1955. - File includes Bank of Canada resolutions; meetings of Bank of Canada; Industrial Development Bank; and appointment.
M-260-68Submission to Royal Commission on Banking and Finance by G. G. Coote. - 1933
M-260-69Address- regarding Bank of Canada by Coote, G. F. Towers, and Edgar N. Rhodes. - 1936-1938
M-260-70Bank of Canada. - 1934-1940. - File includes assets and liabilities, 1935- 1939; bylaws; report of first general meeting; and nomination list of directors.
M-260-71Motions- regarding establishment of a central bank of Canada. - 1933-1934
M-260-72Bank of Canada- shares, and voting instructions. - 1934-1937
M-260-73Bank of Canada- address by Graham Towers on first twenty years of operation. - 1954
M-260-74Bank of Canada. - 1954 and n.d. - File includes photograph of silver casket presented to G. F. Towers (1954); and newspaper article regarding G. F. Towers (n.d.).
M-260-75Bank of Canada- newspaper and magazine articles on formation and appointment. - 1934-1936
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Series 10

Banking and currency- General banking. - 1922-1939

M-260-76Commissioner report- on banking and credit with respect to the industry of agriculture in Alberta. - 1922
M-260-77Banking and Commerce Committee. - 1928. - File includes notes regarding bank mergers, interest rates, and credit.
M-260-78Addresses on Banking and Currency- by Jackson Dodds, General Manager, Bank of Montreal. - 1933
M-260-79Amalgamation of bank of Hamilton and Bank of Commerce- includes copies of correspondence regarding proposed merger. - 1934
M-260-80Midland Bank, England. - 1924-2933. - File includes monthly reviews regarding budget, money, and trade.
M-260-81Pamphlets regarding banking. - 1924-1939. - File includes House of Commons, Banking and Commerce Committee, Bill 18 (Mar. 13,15,22, 1934); Bank of Canada - Why Not? (1932); The Bankers in Dock, n.d.; The Canada Gazette regarding Bank of Canada, (1934-1937); Canadian Banks and Local business (1926); The Facts About Canada's Banks, by Vernon Knowles, (1937); Banking and Commerce Committee (1924); Monetary and Credit Factors in the Present World Economic Depression; Credit Control in Canada; Commercial Intelligence Journal (1935); Bank of Commerce, Bond Debt (1934); The Flow of capital- Canada (1923); Should We Forcibly De-Value our Dominion and Provincial Debts? (1939); Stephen Leacock's Plan on the Depression (1933); Report on Empire Monetary and Financial Policy (1931); and The Monetary Experience of Canada During the Depression by S.R. Noble (1937).
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Series 11

Monetary problems and reform. - 1920-1946

M-260-82Monetary policy and reform. - [c. 1930-1933]. - File includes notes, memorandums on economic situation, suggestions regarding monetary reforms, and correspondence regarding gold standard and control.
M-260-83Monetary policy and economic situation. - 1921-1937. - File includes lists of company mergers; bank failures; currency rates between Canada and Britain; lists of balance of international payments, also imports and exports; copy of unemployment and relief Act of 1931; Canadian debt; and gold standard problem.
M-260-84Monetary policy. - 1925-1935. - File includes addresses regarding analysis of present social system in relation to economic control; comparisons of banks; price spreads commission; memo on farm, situation; and essays on money, and rough notes.
M-260-85Act to amend Dominion Notes Act. - 1932
M-260-86Financial and industrial situation. - [c. 1925-1935]. - File includes Address "Sinews and War" by G. F. Towers; memo regarding industrial activity and interest rate reduction; and press statement regarding Canadian participation in International bank for reconstitution, 1945.
M-260-87Addresses regarding monetary policy. - n.d. and 1938. - File includes Canadian monetary policy- submission of Manitoba before Royal Commission, 1938; A Canadian money policy- by G. G. Coote, n.d.; Farmers and those who farm them, n.d.; and US economic system, 1938.
M-260-88Notes regarding currency. - [c. 1930-1939]. - File includes rough notes regarding money system, monetary reform policy, prices, credit, and interest. Some notes used as guides during speeches and addresses.
M-260-89Gold standard. - 1931-1932. - File includes miscellaneous correspondence on gold basis and economic problem, and correspondence with Professor Bernard K. Sandwell on gold problems.
M-260-90Gold standard. - [c. 1929-1935]. - File includes addresses and notes in problem, devaluation prospects and affect on farmers.
M-260-91Gold standard and price levels- address by G. G. Coote. - 1931
M-260-92Pamphlets regarding gold standard. - 1929-1934. - File includes Canada and the Gold Standard (n.d.); Agreements Regarding Silver (1934); Gold and the Price Level (1930); The Gold Standard (1929); World Depression in Relation to Gold and Central Bank Policies (1931); and miscellaneous pages from pamphlets.
M-260-93Pamphlets regarding monetary system. - 1920-1939 and n.d. - File includes How Monetary Instability Burdens the Law (1933); The Depression- Its Monetary Problems (1933); Thinking the Bell- Stable Money Association (1928); Poor Man Rich Man (1939); Shadow on Substance? (1936); "Bread" - (One Act Play, 1927); Deachman before the Tariff Commission (1920); Humanity on the March (1934); Old Age Revolving Pensions (n.d.); New Monetary Policy (1932); and The Monetary System and Means to Consumption (1933).
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Series 12

Agriculture- General. - 1921-1949

M-260-94Correspondence regarding agricultural conditions. - 1921-1942
M-260-95Farm situation in USA and Australia- includes notes and statistics for comparison. - 1931-1937
M-260-96Co-operatives- includes resolutions on wheat co-ops, statistics, broadcasts on co-ops, and addresses. - 1931-1940
M-260-97Canadian Federation of Agriculture. - 1941- 1949. - File includes press release, circular letters, reports, constitution, financial statements, and briefs.
M-260-98Agriculture. - 1926-1931. - File includes notes; statistics; cattle exports; correspondence on low prices; and paper on large scale farming in the USA.
M-260-99Agriculture. - 1932-1938. - File includes export markets; statistics on farm products and declining prices; internal trade; farm production; livestock marketing; debt in Alberta; and address regarding planning for agriculture.
M-260-100Agriculture. - 1939-1942. - File includes treatment of farmers and prices; outline of Alberta Department of Agriculture policies; and war time wage policy.
M-260-101Agriculture. - 1943-1944. - File includes war time measures; submission to federal government regarding debt adjustment; post war planning; broadcasts regarding economic planning; farm efforts during the war; presentations to reconstitution committees; social security for agriculture; and veteran's land settlement act.
M-260-102Agriculture and currency. - 1932-1934. - File includes problems of effect of low prices; gold standard; need for monetary reform; and farm credit.
M-260-103Agriculture- price stability. - 1933-1935.- File includes memos on need of constant prices, prices and indexes, statistics on commodities, and farm income.
M-260-104National Organization for Agriculture. - 1939. - File consists of address by Agnus MacPhail.
M-260-105Livestock situation. - 1922-1943. - File includes tariff problems, cattle quotas, and grazing regulations.
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Series 13

Agriculture- Wheat and grain. - 1921-1956

M-260-106Canadian wheat situation- correspondence. - 1927-1937. - File includes statements on exports, production, and estimates of Alberta crops and exchange rates.
M-260-107Canadian wheat situation- addresses and reports. - 1932-1940. - File includes wheat prices; report on provincial marketing; strains of wheat; Canada's wheat problem; farmers lobby; and economic conditions in western Canada, and poem on situation.
M-260-108Wheat situation in Australia. - 1925
M-260-109Wheat situation pamphlets. - 1933-1938. - File includes Trends in World Wheat Acreage, 1933; Alberta Seed Growers, 1938; World Wheat Situation, 1935; and Map of Alberta wheat acreage, 1936.
M-260-110Alberta Wheat Pool- correspondence- includes problems of wheat delivery, elevators, and marketing. - 1926-1932
M-260-111Alberta Wheat Pool- correspondence. - 1940- 1952
M-260-112Alberta Wheat Pool- financial statement and annual reviews. - 1926-1949
M-260-113Alberta Wheat Pool- general circular letters. - 1937- 1940
M-260-114Alberta Wheat Pool- news sheet, "The Budget". - 1933-1935 and 1941-1948
M-260-115Alberta Wheat Pool pamphlets. - 1927-1956. - File includes Lists of members, 1927-1956; Record of Progress, 1947; Brief on farm prices, 1948; Protein survey map, 1931.
M-260-116Alberta Wheat Pool- reports and resolutions. - 1950- 1952
M-260-117Price Waterhouse report of terminal elevator companies at Fort William and Port Arthur- includes investigation undertaken by Orders-in- Council. - 1918
M-260-118Grain Commission- includes comments on grain grading; terminal elevators; and Grain Standards Board. - 1925-1929
M-260-119Grain Act- includes amendment and meeting of Grain Board Commissioners. - 1928-1930
M-260-120Grain freightage from west. - 1921-1940. - File includes U. F. A. bulletin on R. B. Bennett's views; statistics on shipments of grain; and comparisons of rates.
M-260-121Grain marketing- includes allowance of grain under quota system; and marketing coarse grains through Wheat Board. - 1947-1948
M-260-122Rural Credits Bill- includes correspondence on problems of farm mortgage. - 1926
M-260-123Farmer's Creditors Arrangement Act- includes notes, correspondence and statistics. - 1934-1937
M-260-124Farm debt. - 1937. - File includes correspondence regarding farm taxes; statistics; rough notes; and cases of farm foreclosures.
M-260-125Farm Loan Board- includes various cases and applications for loans. - 1935
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Series 14

General business. - 1921-1950

M-260-126Alberta- provincial politics. - 1923-1936. - File includes pamphlet on Alberta's financial situation (1923); bill for credit (1936); report on cheaper power (1925); and statement of public debt (1933).
M-260-127Automobile industry. - 1928-1935. - File includes information regarding tariffs, values of cars, manufacture in Canada, and questions.
M-260-128Automobile industry. - 1923-1933. - File includes pamphlets regarding facts and figures, and briefs.
M-260-129Beauharnois inquiry- includes clippings, and history of corporation. - 1929
M-260-130Canada Land and Paper Corporation- notes and questions asked the Minister of Finance. - 1928-1933
M-260-131Coal industry in Alberta. - 1929-1931. - File includes correspondence with West Canadian Collieries Ltd. regarding dumping American coal; customs tariff; coal freight rates; Russian Coal importation; and economic problems of miners in Blairmore and area.
M-260-132Dominion-Provincial Conference- submission of Manitoba. - 1938
M-260-133Education, Alberta. -1929. - File includes examples of departmental examinations, and statements regarding number of students writing exams.
M-260-134Foreign Affairs. - 1927-1931. - File includes letter from W. C. T. U. urging League of Nations to oppose alcohol; and correspondence regarding Anglo-Soviet relations.
M-260-135Freight rates- includes statistics, costs, and Crow's Nest rates. - 1925-1936
M-260-136Immigration- includes letters regarding cases and complaints. - 1928-1935
M-260-137Indian Affairs. - 1925-1932. - File includes letters and petitions regarding A. J. McLean lease on Peigan reserve; newspaper articles and speeches on leases; letters to R. B. Bennett; estimates of expenses (1931-1932); and regulations for oil and gas rights on reserves (1927).
M-260-138Insurance Bill. - 1935. - File includes comments and notes, and drafts of bill to amend act.
M-260-139Insurance (life). - 1932-1935. - File includes lists of companies; rough notes; specimen policies; speeches on problem; and cash values of policies lapsed an surrendered.
M-260-140Insurance. - 1934-1935. - File includes correspondence from insurance agents regarding protection of industry in Canada and need for amendment in the act; and suggestions for amendments.
M-260-141Interest Act. - 1934-1935. - File includes notes on act to amend interest act; farm cash incomes and mortgages; letters to R. B. Bennett on problem; letters regarding economic conditions and effect of interest rates on farmers.
M-260-142International payments. - 1932-1935. - File includes information regarding issue of government bonds and foreign holders both Dominion and Provincial issues.
M-260-143Irrigation. - 1926-1932. - File includes correspondence regarding irrigation projects in Alberta, 1926; and diversion of water from HighWood river to Mosquito creek.
M-260-144Municipal finance. - 1932-1938. - File includes tax, problems in towns, and memo on economic problems of Calgary.
M-260-145Native Sons of Canada. - 1926-1933. - File includes history of organization, and minutes of meetings.
M-260-146Oil and Gas Industry. - 1926-1934. - File includes bulletins on Alberta's oil activity; prices of gasoline; comments on gas wastage at Turner Valley and list of wells drilled; and report of Alberta oil and gas development, 1934.
M-260-147Benton Oils ltd.- 1929-1931. - File includes prospectus, history of company, and correspondence regarding financial difficulty.
M-260-148MacIntyre Drilling co.- 1945-1949. - File includes expense lists, and balance sheets.
M-260-149Oil industry- pamphlets and clippings. - n.d. - File includes articles on Alberta oil history; and Canada- Regulations for Disposal of Petroleum and gas rights.
M-260-150Patents. - 1935. - File includes excerpt from Oakville Record on Coote's position on patents.
M-260-151Pensions- includes cases regarding veterans pensions, and old age pensions. -1931-1935
M-260-152Public works. - 1931-1934. - File includes correspondence regarding Claresholm water works, and High River post office and power installations in Canada.
M-260-153Radio broadcasts. - 1938. - File includes series on western Canada- pioneer years, homesteaders, war years, farm prosper by 1924-1929; general farm situation; and broadcast on monetary policy.
M-260-154Railways. - 1933-1935. - File includes correspondence regarding traffic handled by Canadian railways, railway employees, level crossings, and bonus.
M-260-155Retail merchants mail order houses. - 1927. - File includes extracts from address regarding proposed tax.
M-260-156School leases. - 1921-1939. - File includes leases and purchases of school lands from Alberta government- G. G. Coote and J. A. McIntyre.
M-260-157Taxation. - 1927-1935. - File includes questions regarding unions tax groups; excise taxes; sales tax; and clippings.
M-260-158Tariff. - 1923-1935. - File includes memos, addresses, correspondence regarding tariff on autos; nickle and enamel ware; corn and cane syrups; woollens; fruit and vegetables; gas; binder twine; and farm implements.
M-260-159Transportation. - 1949-1950. - File includes submission by Manitoba federation of agriculture and co-operation to royal commission on transportation; submission of Saskatchewan co-op producers; Manitoba pool elevators; and Alberta wheat pool.
M-260-160Watered Stocks- includes mergers of companies and banks. - 1921-1932
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Series 15

Pamphlets and newspaper clippings. - 1863, 1914-1915, and 1921-1942

M-260-161aGeneral pamphlets and leaflets. - 1925-1942. - File includes Memo from Board of U. F. A. (1931); President's Address to National Dairy Council (1932); Unused Democracy (n.d.); Co-operative Programme for Social Reconstruction (1931); Canadian Political Science Association (1931); A Bargain (League of Nations Society) ( n.d.); Protection for the Farmers (1925); Cogent Facts (1927); Manitoba's Rate Contract (1925); Prize list, Calgary Stock Show (1927); Election leaflet for H. Sears [c. 1940]; The Forgotten Dairyman (1932); Circular letter regarding civil identification card ( n.d.); Ontario Agriculture Statistics (1935); Economic Annalist (1935); Agriculture and Industry (1936); Editorials (1942); National Dairy Council (1932); Manifesto on Agricultural Conditions and National Policies (1931); and Alberta Co-operative Wheat Producers- (members lists, 1928).
M-260-161b United Farmers of Alberta campaign pamphlets. - 1921. - Consists of campaign literature published by the United Farmers of Alberta, and used by George Coote in the Federal election of 1921. Includes "Alberta Plan of Cooperation Between Groups Spreading", "Cooperation Between Organized Democratic Groups", and "Party System Failure as Business Proposition". Coote sat as a UFA Member of Parliament from 1921 to 1935.

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M-260-162Newspaper clippings regarding elections. - 1930-1935. - File includes election returns; ads for G. G. Coote; and lists and districts.
M-260-163Newspaper clippings regarding U. F. A. and Progressives. - 1925-1935. - File includes editorials regarding policies, and comments on "ginger group" in parliament.
M-260-164Newspaper clippings regarding Liberal and Conservative parties. - 1930-1937. - File includes articles on R. B. Bennett and W. L Mackenzie King.
M-260-165Newspaper clippings regarding Social Credit party. - 1935-1937. - File includes outline of policies, Aberhart's plans, and criticism by C. H. Douglas.
M-260-166Newspaper clippings regarding C. C. F. parties- includes proposed reform and programmes. - 1932-1935
M-260-167Newspaper clippings regarding agriculture. - 1924-1941. - File includes western farm situation; proposed agricultural reforms; wheat prices and monetary reform; and farm debt.
M-260-168Newspaper clippings regarding monetary reforms and the gold standard. - 1922-1935. - File includes address by G. G. Coote on problem of money and credit; and Canada's currency problems.
M-260-169Newspaper clippings regarding banking. - 1924- 1935. - File includes proposals for central bank; interest rates; and price levels of farm products.
M-260-170Newspaper clippings regarding economic situation. - [c.1929-1935]. - File includes unemployment; and proposed solutions to depressions. -
M-260-171Newspaper clippings regarding proposed acts in parliament. - 1925-1935. - File includes motions on protection, pension act, regulated interest rates; and patents.
M-260-172Newspaper clippings on Railways. - 1922-1935. - File includes employee problems, and grain rates.
M-260-173Newspaper clippings- miscellaneous. - 1925- 1935
M-260-174Miscellaneous. - 1863, 1914-1915. - File includes "An Albertan's Map of Canada"; regimental songs of Canadian expeditionary force (1914-1915); application for gold; and a photocopy of letter from John Bright to Dr. Stephenson regarding slave grown and economic situation of US Civil War (1863).
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Series 16

Canadian Chamber of Agriculture. - 1935-1941. - These papers are a separate group; as G. G. Coote was Secretary-treasurer of the organization from 1938.

M-260-175Constitution and bylaws. - 1935. - File includes programme of National Agricultural Conference to consider formation of Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-176Director's correspondence. - 1935-1938. - File includes information as to organization, financial statements, union of farm groups across Canada, and agricultural policies.
M-260-177General correspondence. - April-October, 1936. - File is in relation to the organization of Chamber; letters with various farm organizations across Canada; proposed programme of Chamber; stands on various government agricultural policies; and marketing of farm products.
M-260-178General correspondence. - November-December, 1935. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-179General correspondence. - January-April, 1936. - File is in relation to the Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-180General correspondence. - May-August, 1936. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-181General correspondence. - September-October, 1936. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-182General correspondence. - November-December, 1936. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-183General correspondence. - January-February, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-184General correspondence. - March-April, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-185General correspondence. - May-June, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-186General correspondence. - July-August, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-187General correspondence. - September-October, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-188General correspondence. - November, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-189General correspondence. - December, 1937. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-190General correspondence. - January, 1938. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-191General correspondence. - February-December, 1938. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-192General correspondence. - January-December, 1939. - File is in relation to the Canadian Agricultural situation; letters from farm organizations across the country; and programme and conferences held regarding Chamber of Agriculture.
M-260-193Correspondence- H. B. Cowan, Secretary-treasurer of Chamber of Agriculture and V. B. Leonard, Secretary of Maritime Chamber of Agriculture, regarding situation in Maritime provinces. - 1937
M-260-194Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and J. T. Hall, Secretary of Manitoba Co-operative Council. - 1935-1937
M-260-195Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and W. E. Haskins, B. C. Fruit Board. - 1935-1937
M-260-196Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and H. H. Hannam, Secretary, United Farmers of Ontario. - 1936-1938
M-260-197Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and C. A. Hayden, B. C. Chamber of Agriculture. - 1937-1938
M-260-198Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and Major E. E. Hutton, Vice-president, B. C. Chamber of Agriculture. - 1935-1937
M-260-199Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and J. G. Gardiner, Minister of Agriculture. - 1935-1938
M-260-200Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and H. F. Gordon, Administrator of Farmers Creditors Arrangement Act. - 1937-1938
M-260-201Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and J. A. Gillies, Secretary of P. E. I . Co-operative Livestock Marketing Board. - 1936-1937
M-260-202Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and S. W. Dafoe regarding Agricultural situation in B. C. and organization matters. - 1935
M-260-203Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and C. Fyfe, Secretary of National Farmers' Union, England. - 1935-1937
M-260-204Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and Australian agricultural societies. - 1935-1937
M-260-205Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and New Zealand agricultural societies. - 1936-1937
M-260-206Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and South African agricultural society. - 1936-1937
M-260-207Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and P. E. Roblin, President of Saskatchewan Co-operative Livestock Producers Ltd. - 1936
M-260-208Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and F. Eliason, Secretary, Saskatchewan Co-operative Conference. - 1936-1937
M-260-209Correspondence- H. B. Cowan and E. W. Bunsden, Secretary of Alberta Co-operative Council. - 1937-1938
M-260-210Canadian Chamber of Agriculture- Press release and speeches. - 1935-1941. - File includes speeches "Monetary Policy in Relation to Agricultural Income" ( n.d.); "Canadian Monetary Policy" (1938); "Canadian Agriculture From a Western Viewpoint" (1939); "report of B. C. Chamber of Agriculture (1940); Canadian Federation of Agriculture, financial statements (1941); and Pamphlets: A Three Way Programme of Organization for Agriculture (1938) and The Position of the Farmer in a War Economy (1941).

Series 17

Photographs. - 1910-1936

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-231 Portrait of E.J. Garland. - 1 photograph
PA-249 Portraits of G.G. Coote, Henry Wise Wood, and views of Nanton, High River, etc. - 20 photographs
PA-253 Views of the Alberta Institute of Cooperation, possibly at Olds. - 1929. - 12 photographs
NA-1170-(1-5) Crowds on Jasper Avenue; mainstreet in Nanton; High River airport; and prosperity certificate. - 1910-1936. - 5 photographs
NB-12-(1-2) Provincial School of Agriculture, Vermilion. - n.d. - 2 photographs
ND-12-1 Delegates to the Institute of Cooperation. - [1929?]. - 1 photograph

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