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Letter of thanks, 1934
Letter of thanks, 1934

Calgary Public Museum fonds

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M-2111-9 Correspondence. - 1913, 1936. - Regarding staff resignation, museum specimens, fossils, wood buffalo, accounts, membership in Calgary Natural History Society, and Red Deer River exploration. Correspondents include Thomas S. Burns, Earl D. Campbell, William E. Cutler, G.F. Dippie, Benjamin Lawton, and Ernest Thomas Seton.
M-2111-10 Correspondence. - 1911-1921. - Regarding taxidermy, museum specimens, game permit, accounts, room for society, lectures, civic grants, Calgary Board of Trade grant, Calgary Industrial Exhibition, Calgary Natural History Society, and Red Deer River exploration. Correspondents include Alexander Calhoun, Cyril Child, William E. Cutler, G.F. Dippie, and J.A. Munro.
M-2111-11 Correspondence.- 1910-1920. - Regarding supplies, lectures, museum specimens, Calgary Natural History Society, and financial aid. Correspondents include Professor John A. Allan, A.J. Aylesworth, Barnum Brown, G.F. Dippie, and P. Burns and Company.
M-2111-12 Correspondence. - 1911-1921. - Regarding museum specimens, civic grants, society membership, financial problems, accounts, donations, insurance, supplies, rental of space, Calgary Natural History Society, and Red Deer River exploration. Corresondents include Alberta Natural History Society, Profesor John A. Allan, Brooks Trading Company, Barnum Brown, Alexander Calhoun, W.G. Carpenter, Walter Carter, Ernest W. Coffin, William E. Cutler, G.F. Dippie, John A. Grant, and Benjamin Lawton
M-2111-13 Correspondence. - 1910-1926. - Regarding museum specimens, Red Deer River exploration, damage to collections, civic grants, supplies, permits, taxidermy, lectures, insurance, society membership, provincial grants, officers, wildlife legislation, storage of specimens, displays and conferences. Corresondents include Barnum Brown, Calgary Horticultural Society, Calgary Natural History Society, Canadian Independent Naturalists Association, G.F. Dippie, G.R. Dolan, Elbow Park School, John A. Grant, P.C. Bernard Hervey, Hudson's Bay Company, Newton Langford, Benjamin Lawton, Professor Francis J. Lewis, Duncan Marshall, Dr. Herbert H. Moshier, Mary T.S. Schaffer, and George E. Wood.
M-2111-14 Correspondence and notes. - 1912-1915 and n.d. - Regarding museum collections and accounts. Correspondents include Calgary Natural History Society, William E. Cutler, G.F. Dippie, and George E. Wood.
M-2111-14a Correspondences. - 1912-1915 and n.d. - Regarding collections of Indian artifacts loaned by Mrs. Eileen Burn and Mrs. D.R. Chrichton.
M-2111-15 Correspondence. - 1917. - Regarding the death of G. Allen in the First World War.
Correspondence from the Curator to the President. - 1929-1936. - Regarding museum artifacts collected and donated.
M-2111-17 Correspondence. - 1929-1935. - Regarding arms permit, museum artifacts, thefts from museum, taxidermy, accounts, exhibitions of Clare Leighton, school tours, and slide presentations. Correspondents include Roy L. Fowler and Clare Leighton.
M-2111-18 Accession records. - 1928-1929. - Of museum artifacts; includes list of school classes visiting the museum in 1928.
M-2111-19 Visitors' book. - 1928
M-2111-238 Visitors' book. - 1928-1933
M-2084 List of specimens in museum. - n.d.
M-3068 Letter of acknowledgement to "The Misses Macdonald" for the donation of various artifacts. - 1934

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