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Plan for Ready-Made Farm, 1913
Plan for Ready-Made Farm, 1913

Canadian Pacific Railway, Land Settlement and Development fonds

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Series 1 P.L. Naismith and S.G. Porter - General correspondence. -- 1912-1957
Series 2 Allan B. Cameron - General correspondence. -- 1916-1917
Series 3 Advisory Committee papers. -- 1916-1958
Series 4 Scanned Document Executive Branch files, Department of Natural Resources. -- 1911-1952
Series 5 Scanned Document Colonization files. -- 1886-1940
Series 6 Department of Natural Resources files. -- 1904-1948
Series 7 Canadian Pacific Railway coal files. -- 1904-1914
Series 8 Scanned Document British Columbia Land Department files. -- 1898-1926
Series 9 Legal files. -- 1912-1917
Series 10 Survey notebooks and field notes. -- 1891-1913
Series 11 Canadian Pacific Railway ledgers. -- 1902-1939
Series 12 Gas development in southeastern Alberta. -- 1906-1913
Series 13 Scanned Document Other records. -- 1844-1959
Series 14 Canadian Pacific Railway Structure Drawings. -- 1889-1970
Series 15 Canadian Pacific Railway Equipment Drawings. -- 1887-1966
Series 16 Photographs and slides. -- [ca. 1881]-1933
Series 17 Film. -- [ca. 1920s]
Series 18 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1899-1960s]



Series 1

P.L. Naismith and S.G. Porter - General correspondence. -- 1912-1957. -- 5.24 m of textual records. -- The series consists of the correspondence of Naismith and Porter, managers of the Department of Natural Resources of the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1912 to 1927, and 1927 to 1942, respectively. Letters deal mainly with inter-departmental matters, irrigation, land agreements, related railways, land and irrigation companies, and also Advisory Committee matters. They are copies of out-going letters from the manager's office; arrangement is in alphabetical order, and reverse chronological order under each letter of the alphabet.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1912.
M-2269-1A to C. -- April-September 1912. -- Re: coal matters, weed control, sales of blocks; also Lethbridge, Strathmore, Cranbrook, Bankhead and Macklin, Saskatchewan townsites. Correspondents include: J. M. Cameron, Superintendent, Medicine Hat.
M-2269-2 D. -- April-September 1912. -- Re: Lethbridge and Cranbrook townsites, coal matters, a survey for water supply in Saskatchewan, Western Section Land reclassification; also Brooks-Tilley townsite, and Bishop William Cyprian Pinkham 's application for a church site in Ogden. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis and A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-3E to L. -- April-September 1912. -- Re: coal matters, townsites of Cluny and Lethbridge; also correspondence with A.S. Estey, Medical Health Officer, Calgary.
M-2269-4M to N. -- April-September 1912. -- Re: coal matters, including Bankhead area; townsites of Lethbridge and Macklin, Saskatchewan. Correspondents include: A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-5 O to P. -- April-September 1912. -- Mainly contracts for construction of timber and concrete, coal matters, Lethbridge, Brooks and Tilley townsites, and weed control. Correspondents include Osler, Hammond and Nanton.
M-2269-6R to Z. -- April-September 1912. -- Re: coal matters; also land reclassification, Lethbridge and Cranbrook townsites; District of Macleod and Coaldale Colony tenders.
M-2269-7A to C. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: land agreements, coal matters, hospital and school sites, contracts for construction; also Dutch colony in Strathmore, fire claims, Lethbridge townsite. Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron, Superintendent, Medicine Hat.
M-2269-8 D to E. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: coal matters (including insurance), land agreements, taxation of Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company and reserved land for A.R.I., demonstration farms, colonist affairs, and townsites. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis and A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-9 F to J. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: coal matters in Hosmer, British Columbia, and Bankhead district; also ready-made farm scheme.
M-2269-10K to M. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: coal matters, land agreements, Rescue Care for province, forestry, and staff matters. Includes letters to Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-11N to P. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: construction matters, including Colony of Coaldale, land agreements and payments, and coal matters. Correspondents include: William Pearce, F.H. Peters.
M-2269-12Q to S. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: land matters and pipelines at Lethbridge; also agricultural and minerals matters, and press representatives ' visit to the West.
M-2269-13T to Z. -- September 1912-March 1913. -- Re: land and mineral matters; includes City of Lethbridge boundary expansion, and colonists for the West.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1913.
M-2269-14A to B. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: land matters at Lethbridge, Bassano and Calgary; includes timber affairs at Cranbrook.
M-2269-15 C. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: schools, nuisance lots, lots in Mt. Royal, sales agents, weed control, colonists, loan policies, and Brooks reservoir. Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-16 D to E. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: settlement, demonstration farms, loan policies, coal matters, North Western Coal and Navigation Company; also Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, and Bassano lands. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis, A.W. Dawson, E.S. Doughty, William Pearce.
M-2269-17F to H. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: coal matters; also Swift Packing Plant at Lethbridge, Duke of Sutherland.
M-2269-18 I to Mc. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: reclassification, library at Lethbridge, ready-made farms at Sedgewick and Lougheed.
M-2269-19 N to R. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: coal, water agreement matters, timber, settler; also Panama Pacific Exposition, Southern Alberta Land Company.
M-2269-20 S to Z. -- March-July 1913. -- Re: coal and mineral matters, Lethbridge lands and industry, mixed demonstration farms; also Blackfoot Indian Reserve affairs.
M-2269-21A to C. -- July-October 1913. -- Re: land agreements, loan policies, settlers, and agents. Correspondents include: J. M. Cameron.
M-2269-22 D. -- July-October 1913. -- Re: payments, settlers, lumber permits; also Royal Commission on Irrigation. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis and A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-23 F to J. -- July-October 1913. -- Re: mortgage payments, schools, crops, coal matters, Catholic Colonization Company, the Lethbridge Library.
M-2269-24 K to M. -- July-October 1913. -- Re: routine matters; includes letter to Father Albert Lacombe, Beiseker and Davidson Company.
M-2269-25Mc to P. -- July-October 1913. -- Main re: coal and settlers ' matters; also oil and gas at Dingman (Turner Valley). Includes Diamond Coal Company, North Western Coal and Navigation Company.
M-2269-26 Q to R. -- Re: agricultural matters, also mixed and ready-made farms. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford.
M-2269-27 S to Z. -- Re: routine matters; includes a letter on oil speculation in Calgary.
M-2269-28 A to B. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: coal matters and Lethbridge.
M-2269-29 C. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: contract holders, ready-made farms, school property, loans and payments, Cluny, Alberta; also form for special land sales (i.e. nuisance, schools). Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-30 De to E. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: sales, townsites, payments. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis, E.S. Doughty (Assistant Superintendent, Land Branch), J. Duff, A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-31F to H. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: coal matters, and property in Calgary.
M-2269-32I-M. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: accounting matters. Correspondents include: J. Leslie (Assistant Comptroller, Montreal), Father Albert Lacombe, and J.E. Lethbridge.
M-2269-33Mc to P. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: routine matters, coal, Wetaskiwin, Calgary Petroleum Products. Correspondents include: F.H. Peters and V.P Ogden.
M-2269-34 Q to R. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: agricultural and cattle matters. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford, and F.W. Russell (land agent, Winnipeg).
M-2269-35 S to Z. -- October-December 1913. -- Re: voucher payments, and letters to Norway. Correspondents include: H.W. Sweeney, Mr. Smith, R. Stockett, and R.L. Stewart, Consolidated Mining and Smelting, Big Bow Valley Farm Company, Chinook Coal Company, Swiss guide at Golden.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1914.
M-2269-36A to B. -- Jan-April 1914. -- Re: routine matters. Correspondents include William Pearce.
M-2269-37 C. -- Jan-April 1914. -- Re: sales, contracts, and loan policies; Beiseker and Davidson Company. Correspondents include J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-38D to E. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: farms, loans, purchases; also British Ready-Made Farmers Association. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-39 F to J. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: routine land and coal matters, electric lighting at Banff.
M-2269-40 K to Mc. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: accounting matters. Correspondents include: J. Leslie, J.E. Lethbridge, C.R. Mitchell, M.P.P
M-2269-41 N to P. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: routine staff and general matters; includes letters to I. Ogden (including letter re: Interstate Land Company).
M-2269-42Q to S. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: agricultural and accounting matters, Dutch settlers. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford, H.W. Sweeney, R.S. Stockton.
M-2269-43T to Z. -- January-April 1914. -- Re: timber, routine matters.
M-2269-44 A to C. -- April-July 1914. -- Re: routine matters, Canada North-west Land Company. Correspondents include J.M. Cameron, Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-45 D to E. -- April-July 1914. -- Re: coal matters, including closing of mine at Hosmer, British Columbia, industrial sites for Lethbridge, and oil discoveries. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis, E.S. Doughty.
M-2269-46F to J. -- April-July 1914. -- Re: settlement of 400,000 acres in the Eastern Block, Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-47K to Mc. -- Letters to Norway. Correspondents include J.E. Lethbridge.
M-2269-48 N to P. -- April-July 1914. -- Correspondents include: F.H. Peters, I.G. Ogden, Southern Alberta Land Company, and Osler, Hammond and Nanton.
M-2269-49Q to S. -- April-July 1914. -- Re: agricultural matters, coal affairs, colonists ' meeting at Sedgewick, William Pearce, dismantling of smelter at Trail; also letters to Norway.
M-2269-50T to Z. -- April-July 1914. -- Re: mineral matters and townsite transfers. Includes Chinook Coal Company.
M-2269-51 A to C. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: coal matters and homesteaders ' affairs, Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-52D to E. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: Re: contributions to Canadian Patriotic Fund, staff reductions, German colony affairs, World War I.
M-2269-53F to J. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: coal matters, Purchasing Department affairs, Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, and the Municipality of Lethbridge.
M-2269-54K to Mc. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: reduction in all departments due to war, Utah colonists, Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-55N to P. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: coal and reduction matters. Correspondents include: I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-56Q to S. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: land matters, farms and payments, oil and mineral rights, coal property, staff reductions, employees in the military, disposal of coal rights, and the closing of the mine at Homer.
M-2269-57T to Z. -- July-September 1914. -- Re: land contracts and payments, coal matters, North-West Mounted Police, Cranbrook and Calgary.
M-2269-58A to C. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: land matters, (including sales contracts); also award for best plantation on the Canadian Pacific Railway Irrigation line.
M-2269-59D. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: coal and timber matters (including sale of coal in western Saskatchewan), Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company and International Waterway Treaty, irrigation system at Taber, Banff Park lighting, loan policy.
M-2269-60E to H. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: Canadian Pacific Railway mill at Bull River (British Columbia).
M-2269-61I to M. -- September-December 1914. -- re: gas, oil and mineral affairs.
M-2269-62Mc to N. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: Randolph Film Company.
M-2269-63O to P. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: coals matters, sales, loans, staff enlistment (including payment of men enlisted), King George V transfer of loans. Correspondents include: F.H. Peters and I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-64Q to S. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: agriculture, settlers, debts, loans, farms, Duke of Sutherland; also report re: dismissals, coal, etc. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford, R. S. Stockton, Sir T. Shaughnessey, Randolph Film Company.
M-2269-65T to Z. -- September-December 1914. -- Re: internal operational matters.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1915 (note: no correspondence for January-March).
M-2269-66A to C. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: routine matters, Father Albert Lacombe.
M-2269-67D to G. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: crop for rent agreements, general crop and agricultural conditions, floods, oil wells, wartime matters, United Farmers Association anti-irrigation statement. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-68H to L. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: coal matters, Bull River (British Columbia), medical affairs, overdue land payments, and 'Back to the land ' letters.
M-2269-69M to N. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: prices, sales, rights, farming at Rosetown, Saskatchewan, and inter-departmental issues. Includes Chinook Coal Company, German Canadian Farming Company.
M-2269-70O to P. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: irrigation matters (including Taber district). Correspondents include: F.H. Peters.
M-2269-71Q to S. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: agriculture, (including loan payments), farm problems, coal matters, Taber Irrigation District Corporation. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford.
M-2269-72T to Z. -- April-September 1915. -- Re: coal matters, petroleum leases and oil rights, hail insurance, subdivision of Bridgeland and Calgary.
M-2269-73A to C. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: townsites, contracts, coal matters. Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-74d to G. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: town lots, colonist agents, German Canadian Farming Company, coal matters. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis and A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-75H to L. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: coal and timber matters. Correspondents include: E. Home, Father Albert Lacombe, J.E. Lethbridge.
M-2269-76M to N. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: contracts, payments, transfers, sales, German Canadian Farming Company; also general coal matters.
M-2269-77O to S. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: irrigation, transfers, coal rights, agricultural matters. Correspondents include: I.G. Ogden and F.W. Russell.
M-2269-78T to Z. -- September-December 1915. -- Re: coal situation due to loss of enlisted men, Calgary School Board, North West Coal and Navigation Company, Dr. J.G. Rutherford 's appointment to Economic Commission.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to September 1916.
M-2269-79A to C. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: water agreements, settlers. Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-80D to E. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: school lands, and transfer of land from Alberta Irrigation Company. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis and A.W. Dawson.
M-2269-81F to K. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: water agreements, and coal matters.
M-2269-82L to M. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: leases, contracts, purchases, water agreements, coal matters, loss of men due to war.
M-2269-83N to P. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: water contracts, transfers, reclassification, oil and mineral rights, coal matters, bridge washout at Bassano. Correspondents include: F.H. Peters and A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-84Q to Z. -- January-June 1916. -- Re: veterans ' farms and colonies, agricultural and mineral matters, mine rescue, playground for veterans at Ogden, German Canadian Farming Company.
M-2269-85A to C. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: coal matters, reports to North-West Mounted Police, 5th Street extension in Lethbridge, Russian settlement, contracts and transfers, purchases, and crossing border in a car.
M-2269-86D to E. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: reclassification, insurance of mines. Correspondents include: J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-87F to H. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: Bull River (British Columbia), flooding of farm land and irrigation canal, and East Calgary.
M-2269-88I-Mc. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: coal matters, including miners ' strike.
M-2269-89N to R. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: coal price increases, agricultural matters, land reclassification. Correspondents include: Dr. J.G. Rutherford and I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-90S to Z. -- July-September 1916. -- Re: iron at Kitchener, coal matters, water agreements, veterans ' colonies.

P.L. Naismith correspondence November 1916 to December 1917.
M-2269-91A to C. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: coal matters, raffling of land for war effort, Norway Farm Company, Advisory Committee. Correspondents include: J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-92D to G. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: coal matters.
M-2269-93H to L. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: land sales, coal prices, timber matters, and school districts.
M-2269-94M to N. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: coal and mine matters (including miners ' strike settlement and return to work), Namaka Lake waters, oil lands in Alberta. Correspondents include: A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-95O to S. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: transfers, payments, school land, and coal arrangement with Father Albert Lacombe. Correspondents include I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-96T to Z. -- November 1916-February 1917. -- Re: coal matters.
M-2269-97A to B. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: coal matters.
M-2269-98C. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: coal and timber matters, including the East Kootenay Lumber Company.
M-2269-99D to G. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: irrigation in the Taber district.
M-2269-100H to J. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: payments and debts, coal bill refund to Lacombe Home, Bienfait mines, school boards, compensation account for mine workers, water control agreements.
M-2269-101K to M. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: weed problems, land for school districts, coal distribution in the East and United States, coal strike settlements.
M-2269-102N to P. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: coal land operations settlement, land transfers, payments, contracts, United States settlers to Alberta. Correspondents include: A.M. Nanton, George Lane, I.G. Ogden, F.H. Peters.
M-2269-103Q to S. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: inter-office matters.
M-2269-104T to Z. -- March-June 1917. -- Re: schools, Midway townsite, British Columbia.
M-2269-105A to B. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: Advisory Committee, redemption of townsites, Military Service Act, license for water, Bankhead Mines president. Correspondents include: E.W. Beatty.
M-2269-106C to E. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: purchases and contracts of drafter United States men, Gem Colony irrigation, coal matters.
M-2269-107F to L. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: coal matters, donations to hospitals and schools, redemption of town lots. Correspondents include: E. Home and Grant Hall (General Manager, Winnipeg).
M-2269-108M to N. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: land transfer to Catholic Church, sales, prisoner of war land, returned soldiers ' affairs, Bull River (British Columbia) fire, victory bonds, coal matters. Correspondents include: A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-109O to P. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: coal, and mineral rights. Correspondents include: I.G. Ogden, H.C. Oswald.
M-2269-110Q to S. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: purchasing department issues.
M-2269-111T to Z. -- July-December 1917. -- Re: Taber Irrigation District, German Canadian Farming Company. Correspondents include: E.G. White (Montreal) and O.C. Walker (Winnipeg).

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1918.
M-2269-112A to C. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: land contracts, farm and coal matters.
M-2269-113D to F. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: purchasing matters; includes irrigation report.
M-2269-114G to K. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: inter-office matters, oil affairs.
M-2269-115L to N. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: seed for farmers, land sales, coal matters (including prices), new coal fields, Southern Alberta Land Company, market gardens. Correspondents include: A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-116O to P. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: coal matters, leases, victory loans, inter-office matters.
M-2269-117Q-S. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: coal matters, including contracts, and veterans ' colonies.
M-2269-118T to Z. -- January-April 1918. -- Re: land purchases, irrigation, problems with muskrats.
M-2269-119a to B. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: potash development, land contracts, subdivision of Trail, British Columbia, memos for Advisory committee. Correspondents include William Beatty.
M-2269-120C to D. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: water issues, irrigation, water users ' associations.
M-2269-121E to H. --May-October 1918. -- Re: equipments, land contracts, Canada North-west Land Company, potash matters, coal matters (including not producing due to loss of men), water rights. Correspondents include: Grant Hall and E. Home.
M-2269-122I to M. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: Knight Sugar Company in Raymond, school land matters, prisoners of war, coal and timber insurance.
M-2269-123Mc-N. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: water and coal matters, tie reserves, Dr. J.G. Rutherford 's appointment, mineral and potash matters, Hudson 's Bay Company site in Calgary, German Canadian Farming Company.
M-2269-124O to P. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: land and water matters, subdivision of Trail, coal rights, potash matters. Correspondents include: F.H. Peters and I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-125Q to S. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: hospital sites, land sales, coal and agricultural matters.
M-2269-126T to Z. -- May-October 1918. -- Re: coal matters, potash matters; letter to Luigi Zuanelli (Rome) concerning his former lands.
Note Note: correspondence for 1919 is missing.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to October 1920.
M-2269-127A to B. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: cancelled contracts, Bassano Dam, German Canadian Farming Company.
M-2269-128C. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: timber matters, subdivision of Empress (Alberta), Harrison Lake (British Columbia), fire at Fir Tree Lumber Company, Kettle Valley (British Columbia), tent city at Banff, irrigation, southern Alberta branch line matters. Correspondents include J.M. Cameron.
M-2269-129D to G. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: irrigation, student summer work, war memorials, Duke of Sutherland, Canada North-west Land Company.
M-2269-130H to J. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: office matters, Bull River and Yahk (British Columbia) activities, lumber matters.
M-2269-131K to M. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: banks curtailing lending, Imperial Oil strike in the Arctic.
M-2269-132N. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: coal matters (including strike) timber matters, prospect of mill at Harrison Lake (British Columbia). Correspondents include A.M. Nanton.
M-2269-133O to P. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: coal matters, mineral leases, irrigation, Duke of Sutherland. Correspondents include: I.G. Ogden, H.C. Oswald and F.H. Peters.
M-2269-134Q to Z. -- May-October 1920. -- Re: coal, land, agricultural and staff matters.

P.L. Naismith correspondence November 1920 to August 1921.
M-2269-135A to C. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: contracts, coal and timber matters, settlers, cemetery property in Calgary.
M-2269-136D to G. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: land purchases and contracts, water use, ready-made farms, soldier settlement, coal matters.
M-2269-137H to J. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: Midway townsite and Bull River (British Columbia), and library at Lethbridge.
M-2269-138K to N. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: ready-made farms, oil rights and leases, Harrison Lake (British Columbia), timber and coal matters, Duke of Sutherland.
M-2269-139O to R. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: irrigation, coal mining leases, land sales, Duke of Sutherland.
M-2269-140S to Z. -- November 1920-February 1921. -- Re: water and coal matters, land contracts, iron claims, Luigi Zuanelli 's property.
M-2269-141A to B. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: Doukhobor settlement, coal matters.
M-2269-142C. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: land and coal matters, mineral rights, American payments for land.
M-2269-143D to E. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: irrigation, colonization, land sales.
M-2269-144F to J. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: Bull River (British Columbia), Young Men 's Christian Association.
M-2269-145K to M. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: land sales and payments, coal matters.
M-2269-146N. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: coal matters, crop situation, island at Calgary for camping, decrease in land sales, taxation of educational land.
M-2269-147O to P. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: coal and timber matters, price recommendations.
M-2269-148Q to Z. -- March-August 1921. -- Re: coal matters, colonists from Montana, Western Canada Irrigation Association.

P.L. Naismith correspondence September 1921 to September 1922.
M-2269-149A to B. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: agricultural and coal matters, also committee for the investigation of conditions of southern Alberta.
M-2269-150C. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: agricultural and coal matters, including purchases and taxes, timber matters, comparison of oil and coal.
M-2269-151D to E. -- September 19210March 1922. -- Re: water issues, farms, Chestermere Lake, oil at Kevin (Alberta).
M-2269-152F to H. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: bird sanctuary, former Zuanelli property, soldiers ' colony, reduction of staff, Yahk (British Columbia) matters. Correspondents include E. Home.
M-2269-153I to M. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: coal matters (including possible bankruptcy for coal companies), Western Canada Irrigation Association.
M-2269-154N. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: reports of operations of various branches, colonization scheme, coal matters (including conciliation board).
M-2269-155O to P. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: coal matters, colonization at Cluny, serious coal situation.
M-2269-156Q to z. -- September 1921-March 1922. -- Re: government cattle supply, coal and land matters.
NoteGap in correspondence, March 1922.
M-2269-157A to B. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: irrigation, coal matters, general slacking in many departments, planting of trees by William Pearce.
M-2269-158c to D. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: coal matters (including miners ' contracts, strikes and closure of mines), Yahk (British Columbia) fire, Jewish and Belgian settlers.
M-2269-159E to H. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: mills in Yahk (British Columbia). Also reference to wireless system.
M-2269-160I to M. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: fire at Yahk (British Columbia), oil rights for Imperial Oil.
M-2269-161N. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: conciliation board re: coal, settlers from Royal Irish Constabulary, oil leases.
M-2269-162O to R. -- April-September 1922. -- Re: investigation of concrete deterioration in the west, Young Men 's Christian Association.
M-2269-163S to Z. -- April-September 1922. -- Correspondents include Honorable Charles Stewart, Minister of the Interior.

P.L. Naismith correspondence October 1922 to December 1923.
M-2269-164A to B. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: inter-departmental matters.
M-2269-165C. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: new contracts for settlers, gas fields, Imperial Oil.
M-2269-166D to E. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: land contracts. Includes Doukhobors.
M-2269-167F to G. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: settlers at North Battleford (Saskatchewan), farm labourers ' campaign.
M-2269-168H to J. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: Yahk (British Columbia), landing stations for airplanes, electric light in Banff.
M-2269-169K to M. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: land contracts, oil rights and companies.
M-2269-170N to P. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: coal matters, Royalite Oil, McLean Oil, Young Men 's Christian Association.
M-2269-171Q to S. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: coal matters.
M-2269-172T to Z. -- October 1922-June 1923. -- Re: coal matters, land dispute re: Zuanelli 's former property, power line at Bankhead.
M-2269-173A to C. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: coal matters (including memo re: 34 year land contract), townsite of Cranbrook, lot in Elbow Park (Calgary).
M-2269-174D to E. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: oil at Wainwright, colonization.
M-2269-175F to H. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: Saskatchewan settlers (including Mennonites), mills at Yahk (British Columbia), free Christmas trees for distribution to schools and churches.
M-2269-176J to M. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: bird sanctuary, land transfers.
M-2269-177N. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: coal matters, monthly statements, taxes, Colonization Association matters.
M-2269-178O to P. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: contracts, sale to Archbishop of Vancouver, tax matters.
M-2269-179Q to Z. -- June-December 1923. - re: visit of Madame Melba, Wolseley Nursery (Saskatchewan), Bankhead, Alberta.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to July 1924.
M-2269-180A to C. -- January-July 1924. -- Re: routine land matters.
M-2269-181D to E. -- January-July 1924. -- Re: settlement matters.
M-2269-182F to H. -- January-July 1924. -- Re: German settlers, mills at Yahk (British Columbia).
M-2269-183I to M. -- January-July1924. -- Re: routine land matters.
M-2269-184N to P. -- January-July 1924. -- Re: settlers, conditions.
M-2269-185Q to R. -- January-July 1924. -- Re: Canada Colonization Association, Cranbrook, and Wolseley (Saskatchewan) nursery.

P.L. Naismith correspondence July 1924 to March 1925.
M-2269-186A to C. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: land and coal matters.
M-2269-187D to E. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: settlement, improved farms, sales.
M-2269-188F to H. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: settlement, colonization, mills at Yahk (British Columbia).
M-2269-189I to M. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: farm labour.
M-2269-190N to P. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: colonization, sugar beet matters, coal matters.
M-2269-191Q to Z. -- July 1924-March 1925. -- Re: settlements.

P.L. Naismith and S.G. Porter correspondence March 1925 to August 1925.
M-2269-192A to C. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: taxation bill, oil testing at Medicine Hat, float in Calgary pageant.
M-2269-193D to G. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: British journalists ' trip and routine land matters.
M-2269-194H to J. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: British journalists, mills at Yahk (British Columbia), water arrears.
M-2269-195K to M. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: timber and water matters, Vanguard (Saskatchewan) hospital.
M-2269-196N. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: water rights.
M-2269-197Q to S. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: coal matters, church sites.
M-2269-198T to Z. -- March-August 1925. -- Re: arrears of water users, sugar beet matters.

P.L. Naismith and S.G. Porter correspondence September to December 1926.
M-2269-199A to B. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: land contracts, sugar beet matters, 40th anniversary of the 'last spike '.
M-2269-200C to D. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: timber for Hudson 's Bay Company building in Winnipeg, taxes, settlement, and irrigation. Correspondents include: D.C. Coleman and J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-201E to G. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: settlement in Saskatchewan, and land sales.
M-2269-202H to K. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: Yahk mills matters, land sales, ditching machine agreement, staff overtime.
M-2269-203M to N. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: coal prices, land price reductions, muskrat farming, land contracts.
M-2269-204O to P. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: Imperial Oil lease, Turner Valley, land contracts, Canadian Colonization Association, Mennonite Colonization Board, also Columbia Valley Irrigation fruit lands.
M-2269-205Q to S. -- September 1925-January 1926. -- Re: land contracts and settlement; includes Scottish Immigration Society matters.
M-2269-206T to Z. -- Sept 1925-January 1926. -- Re: Imperial Oil contract, sugar factories ' water agreements.
M-2269-207A to B. -- February-June 1926. --Re: government land grant, Imperial Oil rights, land contracts.
M-2269-208C. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: land development by A.E. Cross, lands at Bonnington Falls (British Columbia), petroleum leases, land matters. Correspondents include D.C. Coleman.
M-2269-209D to E. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: land classification, water matters, Russian colony at Homeglen (Alberta), appointment of special colonization agents. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-210F to H. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: settlement matters in Saskatchewan, water rentals, Yahk (British Columbia) mills, Scottish immigration aid societies.
M-2269-211I to M. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: irrigation at Raymond, oil and mineral matters, land contracts, Duke of Sutherland.
M-2269-212N to P. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: land contracts, Cranbrook townsite, oil and mining matters, Manitoba and Saskatchewan townsites.
M-2269-213Q to Z. -- February-June 1926. -- Re: land and colonization matters.
M-2269-214A to C. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: George Allen and his friends (Pat Burns and William Pearce), staff reports, Father Macdonnell colony, timber matters. Correspondents include D.C. Coleman.
M-2269-215D to E. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: Coaldale colony, oil and land matters. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-216f to G. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: settlers ' matters, Bishop William Cyprian Pinkham, land contracts, including report on land classification.
M-2269-217H to J. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: Yahk (British Columbia) matters.
M-2269-218K to M. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: land matters, oil leases.
M-2269-219N to P. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: land contracts, Raymond irrigation contracts, leases.
M-2269-220Q to S. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: crop payments. Includes Clandonald Colony.
M-2269-221T to Z. -- July-December 1926. -- Re: land, oil, and sugar beet matters.

P.L. Naismith and S.G. Porter correspondence to December 1927.
M-2269-222A to B. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: English settlers, land exchange and grant, contract with Galt, timber in Windermere (British Columbia).
M-2269-223C. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: Canal Flats (British Columbia) reclamation, and oil leases.
M-2269-224D to E. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: squatters at Banff, water, land prices.
M-2269-225F to G. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: water and land contracts.
M-2269-226H to J. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: land contracts, Yahk (British Columbia) mills, timber, German settlers; also Canadian Colonization Association matters.
M-2269-227K to M . -- January-June 1927. -- Re: land contracts, coal matters, timber lands.
M-2269-228N to P. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: water problems and contracts, Canada Colonization Association matters, crop payments.
M-2269-229Q to Z. -- January-June 1927. -- Re: Department of Colonization and Development merger with Department of Natural Resources; also land and water contracts.
M-2269-230A to C. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: promotion of S.G. Porter to manager of the Department of Natural Resources, appointment of P.L. Naismith to Advisory Board, land contracts, coal matters.
M-2269-231D to E. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: land matters.
M-2269-232F to G. -- July-December 197. -- Re: settlement of brush lands.
M-2269-233H to J. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: land settlement and contracts; also Yahk (British Columbia) mills.
M-2269-234K to M. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: land and routine departmental matters.
M-2269-235N to P. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: land contracts; also mineral, oil and timber matters.
M-2269-236Q to Z. -- July-December 1927. -- Re: retirement of P.L. Naismith, land and irrigation matters. Include short biographical outline of S.G. Porter.

P.L. Naismith correspondence to December 1921.
M-2269-2371920-1921. -- Re: outlets for selling Canadian cattle, analysis of coal, dividing of St. Mary 's and Milk Rivers for irrigation, statement of land sales.
M-2269-2381920-1921. -- Re: donation of pictures to Haultain School, division of Alberta for tax purposes. Includes graph of the distribution of production of coal in Alberta in 1920.
M-2269-2391920-1921. -- Re: utilization of Bow River flood waters, hydro-electric situation, soil fertility.
M-2269-2401920-1921. -- Re: Town of Shaunavon (Saskatchewan) map, Canadian Industrial Congress, McGill University mining students ' trip.
M-2269-2411920-1921. -- Re: case of A.F.A. Coyne (England) concerning fraud in a Canadian oil company; also British journalists ' visit, map of St. Julien colony in Brooks, settlers from Montana.

P.L. Naismith correspondence 1922-1924.
M-2269-242A to C. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: crop and agricultural reports, Dutch journalists, immigrants, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District; also reports on settlers ' colonies.
M-2269-243D to E. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: colonization (including Doukhobors), Black families to Alberta. Includes letters from French immigrant, and dissatisfied Englishman.
M-2269-244F to L. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: parties receiving seed grain, course on irrigation, and veterans ' colonies.
M-2269-245M to N. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: irrigation matters, Navy League, extensions for payment on farms.
M-2269-246O to P. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: irrigation in Magrath, wheat, road improvements, settlements; also coal and water power graphs for 1924.
M-2269-247Q to S. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: surface rights and farm lands, British American Oil Company; also contains graph of hay production, and the inventories of the Royal Trust Company and Canada West Coal Company.
M-2269-248T to Z. -- January 1922-November 1924. -- Re: Winnipeg carnival, community hall at Gleichen.

P.L. Naismith correspondence 1925-1927.
M-2269-249A to C. -- 1925-1927. -- Re: American Agriculture editors ' trip.
M-2269-250D to E. -- 1925-1927. -- Re: general land matters; also graph of Bow and Elbow Rivers discharge.
M-2269-251F to L. -- 1925-1927. -- Re: soldier settlers, Calgary Horticultural Show; also article on coal for Ontario.
M-2269-252M to P. -- 1925-1927. -- Re: water and irrigation matters.
M-2269-253Q to Z. -- 1925-1927. -- Re: settlements, and wild land tax.

S.G. Porter correspondence from 1928-1929.
M-2269-254A to B. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: Advisory Committee, land transfers and contracts, death of I.G. Ogden.
M-2269-255C. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: coal matters, including commemoration of opening of first coal mine, Lethbridge.
M-2269-256D to G. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: settlers from the United States, loans for land, and settlement, Includes Clandonald Colony. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis.
M-2269-257H to K. -- January-June1928. -- Re: agriculture, ready-made farms, Yahk (British Columbia) mills, church and cemetery at Coaldale.
M-2269-258L to M. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: settlement; also lease of land to law firm of Ford, Miller & Harvie.
M-2269-259N to P. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: commissions on land sales, petroleum rights, land contracts; also brief summary of operations.
M-2269-260Q to Z. -- January-June 1928. -- Re: contracts, immigrants, brush lands, timber.
M-2269-261A to B. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: park lands exchange, 100 Family Scheme, land settlement and contracts, Clandonald Colony. Also Advisory Committee reports, including summary of operations.
M-2269-262C to D. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: land contracts and exchanges, Engineering Institute and provincial engineers ' associations, British settlement, Danish immigrants for Wainright area, Clandonald Colony.
M-2269-263E to J. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: British, German and Ukrainian settlers.
M-2269-264K to M. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: departmental affairs, and reservation of land.
M-2269-265N to P. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: land settlement, brush lands, reservations, payments, and mineral rights.
M-2269-266 Q to Z. -- July 1928-January 1929. -- Re: Provincial Association of Professional Engineers, injured employees, settlement, meeting with Premier (Brownlee), Jimmy Simpson.
M-2269-267a to B. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: land contracts and exchanges, Hollandale settlers, Turner Valley development, market trends; also summary of operations.
M-2269-268c to E. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: Russian settlement, Clandonald Colony, promotion of settlement via lectures overseas, Engineering Institute matters, and reduction of staff.
M-2269-269F to J. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: land matters and military camps.
M-2269-270 K to M. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: reservation of land for petroleum.
M-2269-271N to P. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: railway routes from Houston to Vancouver.
M-2269-272Q to Z. -- February-June 1929. -- Re: Engineering Institute affairs.
M-2269-273A to B. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: land exchange with provinces, contracts, oil reservations; also monthly summary of operation of Department of Natural Resources.
M-2269-274C. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: land exchange, Canadian Pacific Railway Holstein herd, Canadian Pacific Railway shield trade mark, mining and petroleum matters.
M-2269-275D to G. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: highway near Bassano, Engineering Institue committee matters, Edmonton Colonization Society, Polish settlers, Canadian Pacific Railway films, Mission Bridge Island in Calgary, exchange of lands.
M-2269-276H to L. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: yard accident, irrigation matters, Seventh Day Adventists colonization.
M-2269-277M to N. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: inter-departmental irrigation and land matters, oil development, Clandonald Colony.
M-2269-278O to P. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: land payments, crop failures, mineral and petroleum leases.
M-2269-279Q to S. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: land payments, oil matters.
M-2269-280T to Z. -- July-December 1929. -- Re: land for Polish settlers, land contracts, meeting with Premier (Brownlee).

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1930.
M-2269-281A to B. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: land matters, film; also Department of Natural Resources monthly summaries.
M-2269-282C to E. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: oil matters, land contracts and payments. Correspondents include D.C. Coleman.
M-2269-283F to J. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: Polish settlers, brush lands, Tilley East, Gem Colony.
M-2269-284K to M. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: land matters in Saskatchewan, coal matters.
M-2269-285N to P. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: crop payments.
M-2269-286Q to S. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: show herd, irrigation matters.
M-2269-287T to Z. -- January-June 1930. -- Re: land contracts and payments, Tempest Line, Engineering Institute matters.
M-2269-288A to B. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: Advisory Committee memos, Pacific International report, road allowance hearing at Brooks; also Department of Natural Resources monthly summaries of operations.
M-2269-289C to E. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: irrigation, coal, oil and gas matters, economic depression.
M-2269-290 F to J. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: land settlement, contracts, Tilley East, show herd, criticism of Canadian Pacific Railway by E.J. Garland, M.P.
M-2269-291K to M. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: land contracts, petroleum rights, Hungarian settlers, economic depression.
M-2269-292N to P. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: reservations, settlements, contracts, Canal Flats, Czechoslovakian immigrants.
M-2269-293Q to Z. -- July-December 1930. -- Re: land and coal matters.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1931.
M-2269-294A to B. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: milk production, staff and salary reductions due to economic depression, William Pearce, International Joint Commission; also Advisory Committee memos , and monthly operations summaries.
M-2269-295 C. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: Saskatchewan land exchange, Depression problems; also contract holders versus Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-296D to G. -- January-June 1931. --Re: canal and bridge construction, Engineering Institute matters.
M-2269-297H to L. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: land exchange in Tilley East area, coal matters.
M-2269-298M to N. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: settlement, oil and gas matters.
M-2269-299O to R. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: land payments.
M-2269-300S to Z. -- January-June 1931. -- Re: land matters, Engineering Institute affairs.
M-2269-301A to C. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: irrigation matters, woolen mill at Calgary, coal matters; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly operations summaries from the Department of Natural Resources.
M-2269-302d to G. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: irrigation, brush lands, A.W. Dawson 's illness.
M-2269-303H to K. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: routine land matters.
M-2269-304L to M. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: staff reductions, land payments, coal prices, settlement, inter-departmental matters, Engineering Institute affairs.
M-2269-305N to P. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: coal matters, contract holders ' problems.
M-2269-306Q to Z. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: payments by crops, settlement, irrigation matters, woolen mill at Calgary.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1932.
M-2269-307A to B. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: contracts and payments, relief, Lake Minnewanka power.
M-2269-308C. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: staff reductions, milk from Strathmore Farm, land payments, coal matters.
M-2269-309D to G. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: land matters, brush land, and settlement.
M-2269-310H to J. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: land payments and contracts, and Fodder Relief Act.
M-2269-311K to M. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: mine matters, settlement, general departmental affairs.
M-2269-312N to R. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: relief and contracts for settlers, overall economic situation.
M-2269-313S to Z. -- January-June 1932. -- Re: land and timber matters, Magrath Irrigation District.
M-2269-314A to B. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: coal matters, crop share agreements, retirement of J.E. Lethbridge, valueless lands. Includes Advisory Committee memos, and monthly summaries.
M-2269-315C to D. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: stream measurement work, transfer of lands to municipalities, mine merger, unemployed relief committee, land contracts, Elk River (British Columbia) fire.
M-2269-316E to H. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: land contracts, transfer of lands, timber matters.
M-2269-317I to L. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: land transfers, municipality transfers, settlement under relief conditions, timber lands transferred to British Columbia government, coal merger; also report of various departments on progress since 1916.
M-2269-318M to P. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: settlement, transfer, water rentals, Chestermere Lake, Clandonald Colony.
M-2269-319Q to Z. -- July-December 1932. -- Re: land transfers, and timber contracts.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1933.
M-2269-320A to C. -- January-July 1933. -- Re: land contracts, relief, coal matters; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-321D to G. -- January-July 1933. -- Re: relief, contracts, municipality transfers, taxes, coal matters.
M-2269-322H to L. -- January-July 1933. -- Re: relief, land contracts, municipality transfers, coal matters.
M-2269-323M to N. -- January-July 1933. -- Re: land matters, general economic situation.
M-2269-324O to Z. -- January-July 1933. -- Re: land transfers to municipalities and City of Calgary, contracts.
M-2269-325A to C. -- August 1933-January 1934. -- Re: land matters, staff reductions, coal situation, supplies to Coal Creek Colony (British Columbia); also Advisory Committee memos, including Eastern section (Alberta) matters.
M-2269-326D to G. -- August 1933-January 1934. -- Re: Raymond Irrigation District, relief for Coal Creek Colony (W.J. Geran).
M-2269-327H to L. -- August 1933-January 1934. -- Re: land contracts, timber transfers, canning factory at Taber, coal matters.
M-2269-328M to N. -- August 1933-Janaury 1934. -- Re: deportation of families, Coal Creek Colony relief.
M-2269-329O to Z. -- August 1933-January 1934. -- Re: settlers ' payments, transfers, contracts.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1934-1935.
M-2269-330A to B. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: land leases and transfers, diversion of South Saskatchewan River; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries and 1933 annual summary.
M-2269-331C to E. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: coal mergers, contract adjustments, transfers.
M-2269-332F to J. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: U.S. land purchasers, waters rights and agreements, wild land tax.
M-2269-333K to M. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: structures in irrigation blocks, land settlements, transfers.
M-2269-334N to S. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: land contracts, water agreements, coal matters.
M-2269-335T to Z. -- February-July 1934. -- Re: oil and gas rights, closing of land office in Saskatoon, land contract payments, coal mergers.
M-2269-336A to B. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: coal matters, including Lethbridge Collieries Limited; also Advisory Committee memos, including monthly summaries.
M-2269-337C. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: coal matters, transfer of irrigation system to Irrigation District, contract holders, park for Calgary; letter to Prime Minister from dissatisfied contract holder.
M-2269-338D to G. -- August 1934-March 1935. --Re: Raymond Irrigation District concession, land contracts,
M-2269-339H to K. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: land payments and contracts, timber matters.
M-2269-340L to M. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: land tracts, taxes, Saskatchewan land sales, coral and irrigation matters.
M-2269-341N. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: Lethbridge Collieries (closing of mine), drought, Eastern Irrigation District proposals, Burn 's coal area proposal, land contracts
M-2269-342O to T. -- August 1934-March 1935. -- Re: end of coal business for Canadian Pacific Railway, Duke of Sutherland lands, land sales and contracts, timber agreements, irrigation district matters.
M-2269-343U to Z. -- August 1934-March 31, 1935. -- Re: land and coal matters.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1935.
M-2269-344A to B. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: Coal Creek Colony settlers, Magrath Irrigation District, Irrigation District takeover of system, contract holders; also Advisory Committee memos.
M-2269-345C to E. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: coal matters, contracts, payments.
M-2269-346F to J. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: land contracts, irrigation districts, staff matters.
M-2269-347K to L. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: coal matters (including mine closure), first train across the United States border, land contracts, Chestermere Lake.
M-2269-348M to N. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: land contracts, Coal Creek Colony, coal matters, staff pensions.
M-2269-349O to S. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: Magrath Irrigation District, other irrigation matters.
M-2269-350T to Z. -- April-December 1935. -- Re: coal matters, Lethbridge Collieries, irrigation districts.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1936-1937.
M-2269-351A to C. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: Magrath Irrigation District; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-352D to G. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: land contracts, sale of sugar factory reservoir.
M-2269-353H to L. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: oil matters, water issues, coal matters, including Coalhurst situation
M-2269-354M to N. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: Coal Creek Colony, irrigation districts, coal matters, land for Jasper Highway, land contracts. Correspondents include W.M. Neal.
M-2269-355O to S. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: Coalhurst, coal and land matters.
M-2269-356To Z. -- January-August 1936. -- Re: land matters, mine explosion at Lethbridge Collieries.
M-2269-357A to B. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: E.P. Ranch sale, timber matters, petroleum leases; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-358C to E. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: staff pensions, departmental matters.
M-2269-359F to J. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: Tilley Farm, British Columbia timber matters, Reduction and Settlement of Debts Act, Two Hundred Families Act, taxes on land.
M-2269-360K to M. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: departmental matters, coal matters, Tilley Farm, Reduction of Debts Act.
M-2269-361N to P. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: timber matters, Irrigation Block farmers ' organization vs. Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-362Q to Z. -- September 1936-February 1937. -- Re: tie and timber leases, water supply, transfer of irrigation system.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1937-1938.
M-2269-363A to B. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: Magrath Irrigation District; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-364C. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: water agreements.
M-2269-365D to G. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: oil and gas leases, irrigation.
M-2269-366H to J. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: timber, petroleum matters, irrigation (including Magrath Irrigation District).
M-2269-367K to M. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: coal matters, leases, water, Coal Creek Colony, Alberta economic recovery and government.
M-2269-368N to P. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: timber, drought, coal matters (including Lethbridge Collieries).
M-2269-369Q to S. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: timber matters, Magrath Irrigation District, water rentals.
M-2269-370T to Z. -- March-October 1937. -- Re: Lethbridge Collieries, Elk River (British Columbia) coal.
M-2269-371A to B. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: land contract holders, water conservation on the Kootenay River, E.P. Ranch, petroleum matters; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-372C. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: Magrath Irrigation District, land contracts.
M-2269-373D to G. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: coal matters (including agreements with miners), taxes on mineral acreages.
M-2269-374H to J. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: coal matters (including new wage agreements), timber matters, settlement.
M-2269-375K to M. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: transfer of irrigation districts, British settlements, drought.
M-2269-376N to P. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: wild land tax, mineral acreages, petroleum leases, timber and coal matters.
M-2269-377Q to Z. -- November 1937-May 1938. -- Re: coal matters (including Lethbridge Collieries), timber, Canal Flats, B.C.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1938-1939.
M-2269-378A to B. -- May-November 1938. -- Re: irrigation, oil reservations and developments, Mennonite settlers; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-379C. -- May-November 1938. -- Re: retirement of Robert Livingstone (Lethbridge Collieries general manager), land at Banff, Lethbridge area issues. Correspondents include F.J. Curtis, E.D. Cotterell, F.G. Cross (Superintendent, Irrigation Branch, Lethbridge).
M-2269-380D to G. -- May-November 1938. -- Re: coal matters (including wage negotiations), application to Lethbridge Collieries for school enlargements, drought, land sales.
M-2269-381H to L. -- May-November 1938. -- Re: timber matters, settlers in drought areas.
M-2269-382M. -- May-November 1938. -- Re: oil matters, loan from Lethbridge Collieries for school, land and mineral tax, settlers, Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, Young Men 's Christian Association.
M-2269-383N to P. -- May-December 1938. -- Re: coal matters (including wage dispute), Banff Tourist Camp, contracts, insect problems in timber and crops, mineral lands tax, Pearce Scheme, refund of Alberta debt by New York sources.
M-2269-384Q to Z. -- May-December 1938. -- Re: Courtney (British Columbia) settlers, oil leases, Turner Valley.
M-2269-385A to B. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: oil matters, Department of Natural Resources 1938 annual report, irrigation, oil, gas and coal matters.
M-2269-386C. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: Lethbridge Collieries, coal matters.
M-2269-387D to J. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: timber, coal matters; also paper on irrigation. Correspondents include Eric L. Harvie.
M-2269-388K to M. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: gas and petroleum leases, irrigation, coal matters.
M-2269-389N to R. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: Eastern Irrigation District dispute, search for oil, coal matters.
M-2269-390S to Z. -- December 1938-June 1939. -- Re: gas and oil leases, land contracts, irrigation (including Eastern Irrigation District), Canadian Pacific Railway oil rights, coal matters.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1939.
M-2269-391A to B. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: oil matters, irrigation, land at Lake Lousie, land contracts, mineral taxes; also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-392C to E. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: coal matters (including Lethbridge Collieries), assistance to government due to war.
M-2269-393F to J. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: timber, contracts, irrigation, oil and gas matters.
M-2269-394K to M. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: accounting matters, water conservation in Western Canada, land sales, mineral taxes.
M-2269-395N to P. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: mineral reservations, irrigation, payments, tie productions in British Columbia, coal matters (including strike at Galt mine).
M-2269-396Q to Z. -- June-December 1939. -- Re: Regal Mine examination, tie and timber matters, petroleum issues, Strathmore Farm and Union Milk Company.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1940-1941.
M-2269-397A to B. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: oil matters (including Turner Valley), E.P. Ranch, Magrath irrigation District, and land with mineral rights in Alberta.
M-2269-398C to D. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: coal matters (including arrangement during the war).
M-2269-399E to J. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: timber matters (including Kamloops mill), reservation for oil, irrigation (including St. Mary River).
M-2269-400K to M. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: accounting matters, land taxes, Calgary airport enlargement due to war, oil leases, Young Men 's Christian Association. Magrath Irrigation District and Eastern Irrigation Districts.
M-2269-401N to P. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: land transfer to Calgary for airport, farm land applications, coal matters, oil leases.
M-2269-402Q to Z. -- January-August 1940. -- Re: water, coal and gas leases.
M-2269-403A to B. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: Lethbridge Southeast Irrigation project, other irrigation matters; also study of legislation for oil and gas development in Alberta, Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-404C. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: war time issues, routine coal matters.
M-2269-405D to J. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: oil matters, irrigation, timber, Canal Flats, B.C. Correspondents include Eric L. Harvie.
M-2269-406K to M. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: land sales, oil development, irrigation, sale of Lake Louise land, reservation of land.
M-2269-407N to P. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: land contracts and sales, oil and gas rights, timber.
M-2269-408Q to S. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: land and water matters.
M-2269-409T to Z. -- September 1940-May 1941. -- Re: exchange of Calgary lands, Lethbridge Collieries, Brooks Demonstration Farm, oil matters.

S.G. Porter correspondence, 1941-1942.
M-2269-410A to B. -- June 1941--February 1942. -- Re: oil developments (including conservation of oil and gas for war); also Advisory Committee memos, monthly summaries.
M-2269-411C. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re Lethbridge Collieries business in Manitoba, general coal matters.
M-2269-412D to G. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re: Victory Loan drive, oil matters, western water problems.
M-2269-413H to L. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re: timber matters, Black and Sudeten settlers, oil matters, land sales and collections. Correspondents include Eric L. Harvie.
M-2269-414M to N. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re : Tilley East area, Big Bend Highway, irrigation, oil matters, contracts, Banff land for tourist facilities, Lethbridge Collieries.
M-2269-415Q to S. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re: oil development, water rights.
M-2269-416T to Z. -- June 1941-February 1942. -- Re: Magrath Irrigation District, oil matters, Strathmore Farm, Lethbridge Collieries.

S.G. Porter personal correspondence, 1911-1957.
M-2269-417Personal. -- 1911-1957. -- Includes correspondence from P.L. Naismith, general resume of Porter 's career, Christmas greetings to enlisted men overseas from the Irrigation Branch; also re: organization of Advisory Committee, reorganization of Department of Natural Resources after P.L. Naismith 's resignation, choice of successor, appointment to Presidency of Engineering Institute of Canada, retirement and death of S.G. Porter. Includes Mrs. S.G. Porter 's correspondence.
M-2269-418Personal. -- 1911-1957. -- Re: Engineering Institute of Canada matters, service and community club matters, oil and gas leases, Advisory Committee.
M-2269-419General. -- 1911-1913. -- Re: Amity Canal, United States.

Series 2

Allan B. Cameron - General correspondence. -- 1916-1917. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists mainly of the office copies of all outgoing letters for 1917 from A.B. Cameron, General Superintendent of the Land Branch of the Department of Natural Resources from 1912 to 1922. The letters deal almost exclusively with routine Land Branch affairs, such as land sales and leases, preparation of ready-made farms and the settlement of colonies. The letters are arranged in reverse chronological order, alphabetically according to the first letter of the name of the correspondent.

M-2269-420A to G. -- August-October 1917. Correspondents include A.S. Dawson, Mr. Dowsett, Pat Burns, W.J. Gerow.
M-2269-421H to L. -- August-October 1917.
M-2269-422M to P. -- August-October 1917.
M-2269-423Q to Z. -- August-October 1917. Includes Catholic Colonization Company.
M-2269-424A to G. -- October-December 1917.
M-2269-425H to M. -- October -December 1917.
M-2269-426N to R. -- October-December 1917.
M-2269-427S to Z. -- October-December 1917.
M-2269-4281917. -- Payroll papers.
M-2269-4291915-1917. -- Payroll papers.

Series 3

Advisory Committee papers. -- 1916-1958. -- 1 m of textual records. -- The Advisory Committee appears to have been the main governing body for policy decisions after its formation in February 1916. Its purpose was to administer the Canadian Pacific Railway's Department of Natural Resources, which involved all questions related to immigration, colonization, irrigation development and staff organization. The Committee 's first members were J.S. Dennis, E.W. Beatty, A.M. Nanton, Grant Hall, P.L. Naismith and Dr. J.G. Rutherford. The papers are divided into three sub-divisions as follows:

A. Minutes of meetings, 1916-1958

B. Department of Natural Resources staff activities, 1920-1958

C. General files, 1916-1939

D. Miscellaneous papers and reports, 1923-1937

Series 3-A

Minutes of meetings. -- 1916-1958. -- The business attended to usually included special price recommendations applications for coal and petroleum leases, staff forms, appropriations, reservations and general land matters related to the Department of Natural Resources.
M-2269-430Department of Natural Resources creation. -- 1913. -- Memorandum on the formation of the Department of Natural Resources, February 1, 1912. Includes purpose and staff of each branch.
M-2269-431Minutes, meetings 1-10. -- 1916-1917. -- Re: organization, special land price recommendations, returned veteran 's colonies, staff forms, colonization campaigns abroad, Calgary Petroleum Products, oil discovery in Edmonton, Bienfait mines, Taber Irrigation District.
M-2269-432Minutes, meetings 11-20. -- 1917-1918. -- Re: town lot sales, St. Mary 's waterway, United States publicity reports, non-union mines, potash matters, Bull River (British Columbia) fire, R. Randolph Bruce (British Columbia land owner) contract dispute, Yahk (British Columbia) timber, sale of mixed farms.
M-2269-433Minutes, meetings 21-32. -- 1918-1919. -- Re: signing of Trail townsite plans, seed grain to settlers, Hussar, retirement of J.G. Rutherford, Peace River oil district, coal price increases, reinstatement of staff on military service, soldier settlement, Red Deer settlers, soldiers ' memorial, Duke of Sutherland 's farm contracts, Calgary Petroleum Products.
M-2269-434Minutes, meetings 33-41. -- 1919-1921. -- Re: employment of William Pearce, Ukrainian settlement, water rights (Lethbridge district), tent city at Banff, Vancouver Fruit Land Company, seed grain for settlers, Easter Section lands, British Columbia tie reserves, Revelstoke Land Company.
M-2269-435Minutes, meetings 42-53. -- 1921-1923. -- Re: colonization of Calgary and Edmonton blocks, United States immigration, Russian immigration, western stock ranches, Western Canada Irrigation Association, Western Canada Colonization Association, Tilley farms settlements, cash settlements for land purchases, William Pearce, Lake Louise tramway, Calgary Petroleum Products.
M-2269-436Minutes, meetings 54-67. -- 1923-1925. -- Re: land contract policy changes, Mennonites, colonists from England and Scotland (the Hebrides), Calgary Bird Sanctuary, exhibition dairy herd, abolition of Forestry Branch, contract holders association, brush lands, antelope reserve, Salvation Army, Honorable H. Guthrie colonization scheme, farms for British colonists, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, sugar beets, Crowfoot Farming Company.
M-2269-437Minutes, meetings 68-75. -- 1925-1926. -- Re: Bienfait Mine purchase, Raymond and Magrath Irrigation Districts, contract changes, Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Ltd., George Lane, William Pearce, Mennonites (Battleford block), Alberta Mineral Tax Act, airfield at Canmore, petroleum regulations, Dunkards (North Battleford block).
M-2269-438Minutes, meetings 76-82. -- 1926-1928. -- Re: sale of Clandonald townsite, 3000 Family Settlement Scheme, special terms for Mennonites, Marquis of Anglesbury, Sedgewick agricultural grounds, transfer of Tie and Timber Branch, Hungarian and Ukrainian colony reservations in Alberta, Dunkards in Saskatchewan, livestock to Mennonites, colonization boards.
M-2269-439Minutes, meetings 84-94. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: airfield at Calgary, lumber matters, Canada Historical Association, quarantine reserve lands, Russians for Eastern Section, British and Ukrainian immigrants, Eastern Section settlements, Danish colony, 100 Cottage Scheme, Northern Development League, Water Act of British Columbia, settlers from Hollandale (Minnesota), 1000 Family Scheme, Colonists Service Association, Mennonites in Coaldale, Canadian Pacific Railway/Hudson 's Bay Company Overseas Settlement Committee (British government) colonization scheme, Polish government and Canadian Pacific Railway agreement.
M-2269-440Minutes, meetings 95-106. -- 1930-1932. -- re: loans to settlers, Western Section land contracts, Scandinavian colony in New Brunswick, Morrison Colony in British Columbia, sugar beets, tax relief, assistance to colonists, Peace River agreement with Canadian National Railway, Seed Grain Advance Act, Lake Louise tramway, sale to Jesuits, drought conditions in southern Saskatchewan, Idaho settlers, relief to contract holders, Magrath Irrigation District, colonization agreement.
M-2269-441Minutes, meetings 107-120. -- 1932-1934. -- Re: movement of settlers from Irrigation Block, mine merger in Lethbridge, 200 Family Scheme, United States settlers, Back to the Land movement, government relief scheme, Raymond and Magrath Irrigation Districts, Clandonald Colony, Canadian Pacific Railway /Hudson 's Bay Company Overseas Colonization scheme, Mennonite Colonization Board, Coal Creek Colony, child Emigration Society, Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, Crowfoot Farming Company.
M-2269-442Minutes, meetings 121-133. -- 1934-1936. -- Re: irrigation districts, coal mergers (Lethbridge), Clandonald Colony, Lethbridge Collieries, Crowfoot Farming Company, Stony Indian Reserve lands, Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, Relief Land Settlement Scheme, immigration report, Hutterite Colony, Western Section Movement (Farmers), Alberta debt legislation, colonization activities report.
M-2269-443Minutes, meetings 171-176. -- 1943-1944. -- re: Banff National Park lands, water agreement.
M-2269-444Minutes, meetings 177-185. -- 1944-1946. -- Re: conflicting applications of Imperial and Shell Oil, Raymond and Magrath Irrigation Districts, Banff Park timber sales, Mennonite Colonization Board, Cascade River lands (Banff), concessions for 1946-1947 crop year, Alberta and Saskatchewan Mineral Tax Act.
M-2269-445Minutes, meetings 186-193. -- 1946-1948. --Re: Saskatchewan and Alberta mineral taxes, salt development in Alberta, potash matters, concessions for 1948-1949, Canadian Pacific Irrigation Colonization Company, displaced Europeans, Galt Mines Ltd., Lethbridge Collieries, Canal Flats, B.C.
M-2269-446Minutes, meetings 194-202./ -- 1948-1951. -- Re: iron ore applications, potash matters, oil and gas applications, concessions for 1950-1951, British Columbia matters.
M-2269-447Minutes, meetings 203-207. -- 1951-1953. -- Re: fire and strike at Lethbridge Collieries, concessions for 1951-1952, reconstitution of Committee, potash agreement in Saskatchewan, mineral rights.
M-2269-448Minutes, meetings 208-255 (incomplete). -- 1953. -- Re: concessions for 1952-1953, Michael Bory 's case, mineral tax litigation, Lake Louise land sales, proposed changes to the Alberta Mineral Taxation Acts, reservation fees, mineral rights in transfers of land in national parks to government, abandonment of gas wells.
M-2269-449Minutes, meetings 226-242. -- 1954-1955. -- Re: concessions for 1954-1955 and 1955-1956, bonus clause in new oil lease, British Columbia matters, timber matters, taxes.
M-2269-450Minutes, meetings 245-252. -- 1955-1956. -- Re: mineral rights under road diversions, concessions for 1956-1957.

Series 3-B

Department of Natural Resources staff activities, 1920-1958.
M-2269-451Staff recommendations and payroll matters. -- 1920-1921.
M-2269-452Staff activities, salaries, and illness. -- 1948-1958.
M-2269-453Staff matters. -- 1950-1952.

Series 3-C

General files, 1916-1939. -- These originate with members and include extracts from minutes, reports, etc. (Where files had been given a number by the originating body, these are shown in brackets at the ends of file descriptions).
M-2269-454Meetings 1-48. -- 1916-1922. -- Re: calling of meetings (including first meeting), minutes received and dispatched from Advisory Committee secretary, Leslie Munroe, meetings 1-48 (2,3).
M-2269-455Meetings 1-14. -- 1916-1917. -- Digest of minutes(4).
M-2269-456Meetings 1-49. -- 1916-1922. -- Extracts (5).
M-2269-457 Department of Natural Resources regulations. -- 1916-1917. -- Re: governing the activities of the Department of Natural Resources, sale of land (8a).
M-2269-458Land matters. -- 1916-1921. -- 1916-1921. -- Re: meetings 1-13, Returned Veteran Colonies (including act to provide homesteads and loans for returned soldiers), recommendations for the release of reservations (9, 10, 11)
M-2269-459Immigration and colonization matters. -- 1916-1921. -- Re: recommendations for renewed efforts to re-organize and extend immigration and colonization after the war, problem of rural populations, coordination of railway systems and increase and distribution of the producing population (12).
M-2269-460Financial. -- 1920. -- Re: appropriations, and Department of Natural Resources statement showing interest in arrears, December 31, 1920 (13).
M-2269-461Monthly expenditures. -- July 1916-May 1919 (16).
M-2269-4621916-1920. -- Re: land and townsite business, April 1916-October 1920 (17).
M-2269-463Department of Natural Resources payroll expenditures. -- April 1916-May 1919 (18a, b).
M-2269-464Department of Colonization and Development payroll expenditures. -- November 1916-May 1919 (19a).
M-2269-4651916-1919. -- Re: land sales, April 1916-May 1919; also comparative figures (20).
M-2269-4661916-1919. -- Re: water agreements and land, re-classification statements from June 1916-February 1921 (21).
M-2269-4671916-1922. -- Re: Land Branch matters (22a).
M-2269-4681920-1921. -- Re: townsites, property for public library at Lethbridge, Land Branch matters (22b).
M-2269-4691916-1922. -- Re: Coal Mining Branch, including regulations for disposal of coal mining rights, applications for lease of coal mining rights, Land Title Act form, Kananaskis coal, map of coal mining properties in western Alberta and eastern British Columbia (23a).
M-2269-4701916-1921. -- Re: Coal Mining Branch and oil matters, including Imperial Oil and Whitehall Oil, map showing Canadian Pacific Railway land survey and lines, Calgary petroleum products, "Regulations for the disposal of petroleum rights, the property of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia" (23b).
M-2269-4711916-1922. -- Re: Forestry , Engineering, and Accounting Branches, including Yahk timber limit, Harrison Lake, Bull River (British Columbia) matters, Taber Irrigation District, Department of Colonization and Development accounting issue (24, 25, 27).
M-2269-472 1917-1921. -- Re: Publicity Branch, and matters connected with United States Agencies, including commissions, monthly reports on inquiries, clients, land sold, new settlers (30).
M-2269-4731917-1922. -- Re: Industrial Branch and Executive Branch, including reorganization of Winnipeg office, Department of Colonization and Development expenditures for 1920, petitions; also Bow Slope farmers and railway accommodation, 'Farm and Ranch Review ' matters, farm journals of western Canada, 1917-1922 (31, 32).
M-2269-4741916-1923. -- Re: A.M. Nanton correspondence (including Canadian Pacific Railway attachments with Messrs. Tupper, McTavish and Company), 'Calgary Albertan ' article of August 1923 concerning the taxation of Canadian Pacific railway lands. Also miscellaneous statements, revenue statements, Department of Natural Resources Land Branch statement of operations, organization chart. (33, 35)
M-2269-4751916-1919. -- Re: Department of Colonization and Development, including organization and activities of the Branch; also Arthur D. Little Company matters (chemistry/engineering consultants hired to study resources, including potash, Athabasca Tar Sands) (36, 38).
M-2269-4761920-1939. -- Department of Immigration and Colonization matters, including European settlers, Maritime provinces settlement, 200 Family Scheme, Coal Creek Colony agreements, Canadian Colonization Association, unsold land, synopsis of 1922 reports from the Department of Colonization and Development; also Tie and Timber Branch matters. (39, 41).

Series 3-D

Miscellaneous papers and reports. -- 1923-1937. -- These cover appropriations, tax matters, development reports, reports from various branches and revenue statements.
M-2269-477Reports. -- 1923-1927. -- Re: appropriation for Department of Immigration and Colonization (formerly Colonization and Development), estimate of expenditures for the Irrigation Investigation Branch, appropriations for the Eastern Section Irrigation Block, Lethbridge Irrigation system and Western Section Irrigation Block; also fire protection on the British Columbia Tie Reserve, and Department of Natural Resources appropriation.
M-2269-478Appropriations. -- 1926-1926.
M-2269-479Appropriations. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-480Appropriations. -- 1930.
M-2269-481Monthly reports. -- 1930-1932. -- Summaries of operations from February 1930-April 1932 (incomplete).
M-2269-482Miscellaneous papers. -- 1924-1929. -- Re: townsites and town lots in tax sale proceedings, 1924, 1926, 1927 1929, in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
M-2269-483Reports. -- 1925. -- Department of Colonization and Development monthly and annual reports, Publicity Branch, European Organizations reports.
M-2269-484Reports. -- 1925. -- United States Organization, Canada Colonization Association, Exhibits Branch reports.
M-2269-485Reports. -- 1926. -- Canada Colonization Association, Western Canada and United States office reports.
M-2269-486Reports. -- 1926. --European Organization, Publicity Branch and Exhibit Branch reports.
M-2269-487Reports. -- 1926. -- Exhibits Branch, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, St Paul, Spokane, Portland offices reports.
M-2269-488Reports. -- 1927. -- Development Branch activities, Western Lines report.
M-2269-489Reports. -- 1927. -- European Organization, Publicity Branch, western Canada and United States office reports.
M-2269-490Reports. -- 1925-1926. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-491Reports. -- 1926. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-492Reports. -- 1926. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-493Reports. -- 1926. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-494Reports. -- 1925-1926. -- United States Agency Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-495Reports. -- 1926. -- Publicity Branch monthly reports.
M-2269-496Reports. -- 1926. -- Publicity Branch monthly reports, summaries of various branch reports, condensed reports of operations and activities of the Department of Colonization and Development.
M-2269-497Reports. -- 1927. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-498Reports. -- 1927. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-499 Reports. -- 1927. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-500Reports. -- 1927. -- United States Agency Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-501Reports. -- 1927. -- Publicity Branch monthly reports.
M-2269-502Reports. -- 1928. -- European Organization monthly reports.
M-2269-503Reports. -- 1928. -- United States Agency Organization reports (January and December), western offices, Townsite and Montreal office of the Colonization and Development Branch monthly reports, Publicity Branch monthly reports.
M-2269-504Reports. -- 1928-1929. -- Development Branch, Colonization Branch, Publicity Branch reports.
M-2269-505Reports. -- 1929. -- Department of Colonization and Development reports, financial statements.

Series 4

Executive Branch files, Department of Natural Resources. -- 1911-1952. -- 4.75 m of textual records. -- The Executive Branch was an administrative branch of the Department of Natural Resources, thus the information in these files relate to policy making, decisions and proposals. P.L. Naismith was the head of the Executive Branch.

The series consists of various subjects, which have been divided into various sections, following the original order as much as possible. Note: where files had been given a number by the originating body, these are shown in brackets at the ends of file descriptions. The sections are:

A. Scanned Document General Executive Branch files, 1921-1945

B. S.G. Porter correspondence, 1921-1935

C. Vacant lands, 1923-1929

D. International Waterways Treaty Joint Commission correspondence, 1927-1939

E. Hornby [settlement ] Plan, 1934-1937

F. Galt Coal Mine No. 8, Lethbridge. -- 1917-1936

G. Government relief to Canadian Pacific Railway land contract holders, 1935-1947

H. Citizen's Rehabilitation Committee for Central and Southern Alberta, 1945

I. Transfer of the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Project to the Alberta government, 1926-1946

J. Imperial Oil matters, 1917-1931

K. J.S. Dennis correspondence, 1904-1909

L. Railway lines and lands, 1905-1937

M. P.L. Naismith correspondence, 1917-1919

N. Reports of various departments, projects and committees

O. Annual reports of various branches of the Department of Natural Resources, 1911-1952

P. Rules, regulations and agreements, 1906-1909

Q. Solicitor's Office, 1911-1950

Series 4-A

General Executive Branch files. -- 1921-1945. -- Re: various land settlement activities and branch lines.
M-2269-506Mennonite Colony. -- 1921-1943. -- Correspondence of land agent, W.J. Gerow concerning settlement of families, some maps showing Mennonite lands; also correspondence about Polish Dunkards.
M-2269-507North Battleford district settlers. -- 1922-1924. -- Includes settlers abandoning lands, complaints, adjustment of contracts.
M-2269-508Sugar beets. -- 1924-1933. -- Re: sugar beet companies and contracts, agreement between Canadian sugar factories and Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, maps, sugar beet development in irrigation districts, progress reports (20056).
M-2269-509Sugar beet correspondence. -- 1933-1945.
M-2269-511 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Contract Holders Association. -- 1923-1924. -- Consists of a file kept by the Canadian Pacific Railway about a major protest by farmers settled on CPR land in southeastern Alberta [commonly known as the farmers' revolt]. The protest related to the inability of farmers to make a living and pay the company for their land, due to the economic depression, adverse climatic conditions, several years of poor crops, and the inflexibility of the CPR in reacting to their problems. The farmers established the CPR Contract Holders' Immigration Association to negotiate with the company, and threatened to emigrate to Bolivia if their demands were not met. Includes part of petition from Hussar, Wintering Hills and Wayne. The revolt was largely instigated by W.D. Trego (20068).

Link to scanned document. View farmers' revolt documents, part 1.

M-2269-510 Canadian Pacific Railway Land Contract Holders Association. -- 1923-1924. -- Continuation of Farmers' Revolt.

View farmers' revolt documents, part 2.
Link to scanned documents. View farmers' revolt documents, part 3.

M-2269-5123000 British Families Scheme. -- 1926-1929. -- Including land descriptions, prices, agreement between Canadian Pacific Railway, Hudson 's Bay Company and British government, assistance to settlers, Scottish Immigration Aid Society, colonization matters.
M-2269-513Timber. -- 1923-1927. -- Re: cruising Pouchon timber limits (upper south fork, Oldman River), Lamb Creek (Including map) and Kootenay Lake (British Columbia) timber matters, Senator King 's timber holdings (20084).
M-2269-514Sugar beet industry, Eastern Section. -- 1925-1933. -- Re: investigation of industry, including statistics, literature, soil, map (20096).
M-2269-515Mennonite settlement, Coaldale Colony. -- 1926-1937. -- Re: beet crop payments, land purchases, map of irrigated lands, agreement between Canadian Pacific Railway and purchases.
M-2269-516Branch Line. -- 1920-1927. -- Re: Lomond-Blackie, Battle River, Bow Slope branch line proposals; also petition and maps.
M-2269-517Branch Line correspondence. -- 1917-1925. -- Re: Red Deer and Gem spur lines, Woolford (Alberta), and MacLeod-Pincher Creek branch lines; also maps, reports, settlers ' petition.
M-2269-518Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1915-1927. -- Re: proposals and recommendations for Acme-Red Deer line, coal mine matters including operations, strikes, coal rates, Vancouver coal, Ford Coal Mines; also Coldstream Ranch (Vernon, British Columbia) financial report (2145-67).

Series 4-B

S.G. Porter correspondence. -- 1921-1935
M-2269-519General. -- 1925-1927. --Re: freight rates, Golden Park, legal disputes with Hudson's Bay Company, Caledonian claim, Mine Owners Tax Act, land leases, irrigated lands, water use, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, lands sales, collection statistics, expense accounts.
M-2269-520General. -- 1928. -- Re: Scottish farmers visiting from Australia, lands available for sale, commission payments, Norwegian-Danish press visit to Banff, J.M. Cameron transfer, Scottish Immigrant Aid Society becoming a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, departmental maters, Mennonites, snow removal, sugar beet summary, irrigations, settlers' matters, Eastern Irrigation Districts, colonization, Manitoba irrigation.
M-2269-521General. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: land matters, English and Scottish immigration, colonization, show herd, irrigation inquiries, land of Mrs. Helen B. Porterfield, A.E. Cross.
M-2269-522General. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: Scottish immigrants, scheme for irrigating land south of Jaffray (British Columbia), Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, sheep advance to settlers, agricultural matters including show herd and estimate of crop yields for 1929, Walrond Ranche Company, Workmen's Compensation Act, employees' quarrel.
M-2269-523General. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: Associated Trade Council of Alberta, employee compensation, hemp growing, land leases, W.H. Fairfield honorary degree from University of Alberta, irrigation, wheat sales agreements, Hungarian settlers in Alberta, Eastern Section, coal markets, home farm, electricity for Brooks, death of William Pearce, townsite matters, timber statistics, Alberta Railway and Irrigation lands, Rockglen Westerly Branch Line, severance claims, agreement between Departments of Colonization and Development of the Canadian Pacific Railways and C.R.R..
M-2269-524General. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: coal matters, Taber, lands south of Calgary, brush land contracts, crop revenue, timber cutting permits, oil and gas regulations in Alberta, legal dispute over lands, employment problems due to Depression, Alberta Surveys Acts, annual meeting of inspectors, British mycologist's visit, Estevan (Saskatchewan) history, history of British colonies in western Canada, Clandonald Colony, Coal Creek Colony, Canadian Pacific Railway and Hudson's Bay Company scheme, British Re-union Association.
M-2269-525General. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: land, including settlement of irrigation block, irrigation systems reports, 1930 advices showing monthly arrears of contracts, Fodder Relief Act, Water Power Resources of Canada report, hydro-electric progress in 1931, Clandonald Colony finances, departmental matters.
M-2269-526General. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: land reclassification, colonization, irrigation, Mennonite settlers, Clandonald Colony, Western section power developments, water resources, coal matters.
M-2269-527General. -- 1933-1934. -- Re: Scottish Immigrant Aid Society, oil matters, land purchases, leases and taxation, water supply, crop payments, Clandonald Colony, Vermillion Tract, Hudson's Bay Company-Canadian Pacific Railway-British government agreement, Swift Current land transfer, timber, Coaldale Colony, business opportunities in western Canada, Bassano Dam, cattle poisoning, employment problems.
M-2269-528General. -- June 1934-March 1935. -- Re: concession for contract holders, taxation statistics, mortgage debts, farm land sales, bush land sales for 1933, cancellations of leases, school district taxes, British National Union Party visit, agreement between Brooks Livestock Feeders' Limited and farmers, P.F. Clemens case (eviction from C.P.R. land).
M-2269-529 Alberta Irrigation Commission. -- 1929-1937. -- Alberta Irrigation Commission papers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, William Pearce.
M-2269-530William S. Pearce papers. -- 1916-1920. -- Includes correspondence, reports, and statistics on available lands near railways, population and railway mileage, areas served by railways, cultivated and uncultivated land, settlement of vacant lands on railway, general survey of lands near existing railways or near proposed railways with regards to future settlement and business (29269)

Series 4-C

Vacant lands. -- 1923-1929. -- Correspondence about lands exchanged with the various provincial governments by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-531Saskatchewan vacant lands. -- 1923-1929. -- Township plots and maps (showing some prices), including Battle River, Maple Creek, and Battleford blocks.
M-2269-532Saskatchewan vacant lands. -- 1927. -- Township plts, showing price per quarter-section.
M-2269-533Alberta vacant lands. -- 1929. -- Maps and township plots of south eastern Alberta and Peace River/Grande Prairie areas, and settlement statistics.

Series 4-D

International Waterways Treaty Joint Commission correspondence. -- 1927-1939. -- Re: the Milk and St. Mary's Rivers.
M-2269-534International Joint Commission (United States and Canada), International Waterways Treaty, St. Mary's and Milk Rivers. -- 1928. -- Includes correspondence, reports, historical sketches, maps (20329).

Series 4-E

Hornby [settlement] Plan. -- 1934-1937. -- Settlement scheme proposed by Brigadier General M.L. Hornby to establish family farm settlements of selected British families and address railway deficits.
M-2269-535Correspondence. -- 1934-1937. -- Re: a scheme devised by General M.L. Hornby (Lethbridge) to bring in British families and settle them in farm settlements.

Series 4-F

Galt Coal Mine No. 8, Lethbridge. -- 1917-1936
M-2269-536Correspondence. -- 1934-1936. -- Re: beginning of No. 8 Mine, closing of No. 6, miners' reaction, problems including insurance, dispute with miners over boys' wages. Correspondents include R. Livingstone (20383).
M-2269-537Alberta Coal Commission, Sir Montague Barlow's report. -- 1935. -- Includes correspondence, recommendations, and report (20408).
M-2269-538United Mine Workers of America, District 18. -- 1917. -- Includes correspondence, reports on labour relations, terms, regulations, wages, strike conditions; also an agreement between the United Mine Workers of America and the Western Coal Operators Association. District 18 comprises southeastern coalfields of British Columbia and the southwestern coalfields of Alberta.) (20418).

Series 4-G

Government relief to Canadian Pacific Railway land contract holders. -- 1935-1947.
M-2269-539Correspondence. -- 1935-1936. -- Includes correspondence, reports, statistics, Advisory Committee minutes and memos concerning adjustments to land contracts including concessions, recommendations, resolutions; also Debt Adjustment Act (20424).
M-2269-540Correspondence. -- 1936-1940.
M-2269-541Correspondence. -- 1938-1947.

Series 4-H

Citizen's Rehabilitation Committee for Central and Southern Alberta. -- 1945. -- Re: rehabilitation of Canadian Pacific Railway employees returning from the Armed Forces.
M-2269-542Convention. -- 1945. -- Includes papers and reports of the convention of Citizen's Rehabilitation Committee for Central and Southern Alberta, Calgary, sponsored by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (20503).

Series 4-I

Transfer of Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company project to the Alberta government. -- 1926-1946
M-2269-543Miscellaneous. -- 1926-1946. -- Includes correspondence, reports, papers, agreements, maps, statistics (20570).
M-2269-544Miscellaneous. -- 1926-1946.
M-2269-545Miscellaneous. -- 1926-1946.

Series 4-J

Imperial Oil matters. -- 1917-1931
M-2269-546Oil leases and information. -- 1925-1931. -- Includes papers and reports on land titles, leases, plots, maps. Correspondents include A.M. McQueen (Vice-President, Imperial Oil), T. Draper (Manager, Royalite Oil Company), H.F. Osler (of Osler, Hammond & Nanton), R.B. Bennett, Isaac Saunders (Stockmen Oils).
M-2269-547Oil leases. -- 1917-1925.

Series 4-K

J.S. Dennis correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Assistant to the 2nd Vice-President for various departments.
M-2269-548Correspondence. -- 1904-1909.-- Re: Watson's Stone Quarry at DeWinton, meeting of board of railway commission in western Canada, telegraphic service for the Calgary Herald, extension of the Great Northern Railway, Lethbridge-Pincher Creek railway proposal, inquiries about gypsum deposit, fire guardians in East and West Kootenay and along main line in British Columbia, proposed changes of Crow's Nest, and Lethbridge and Macleod Lines, profiles of railway lines (for Territorial Department of Public Works), petroleum in Edmonton, fuel supplies for coal mines on Crow's Nest Pass Railway (326-354).
M-2269-549 Correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Re: grain and vegetable samples, grain feeding of stock on western ranges in southern Alberta, Alberta Fall Stock Show, transportation for a Alberta Press Association member, subscription to Laggan school district, Macleod-Cardston and Montana railway line, exploration of Peace River by J.A. MacDonnell, crop statistics, manufacture of pressed brick at Calgary, Crowsnest Line right-of-way.

Series 4-L

Railway lines and lands. -- 1905-1937
M-2269-550Alberta Railway and Irrigation correspondence. -- 1914-1915. -- Re: proposed extension project.
M-2269-551Canadian Northern Railway Lines. -- 1915-1937. -- Re: extension proposal and construction, general right-of-way.
M-2269-552Land purchase application. -- 1905-1912. -- M.P. Phillips to purchase land in lot 4589.
M-2269-553Reports by William Pearce. -- 1915. -- Re: districts where Canadian Pacific Railway had land for sale.
M-2269-554Crow's Nest Southern Railway Company correspondence. -- 1920-1921. -- Re: right-of-way.

Series 4-M

P.L. Naismith correspondence. -- 1917-1919. -- Re: immigration and general matters.
M-2269-555Correspondence. -- 1917-1919. -- Re: immigration land, irrigation and general Executive Branch matters.
M-2269-556Correspondence. -- 1917-1918. -- Re: general matters.
M-2269-557Correspondence. -- 1917-1918. -- Re: general matters.
M-2269-558Correspondence. -- 1918-1944. -- Re: abandoned loan form reports and descriptions; also analysis of Western Section staff, including position, age, years of service.

Series 4-N

Reports and miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1933-1950
M-2269-559Papers. -- 1933-1934. -- Re: Department of Natural Resources organization activities in 1934, memo and report concerning irrigation block.
M-2269-560Financial statements and J. Todd correspondence. -- 1923-1936. -- Accounting Branch special statements, and correspondence re: James T. Todd's land near Bassano (Todd requested a refund, saying his parcel of land was overpriced when purchased by him).
M-2269-561Papers. -- 1939-1947. -- Re: President and Directors' special train of August 1947, general business, salary schedule.
M-2269-562Correspondence. -- 1939-1947. -- Re: Canadian Pacific Railway's support of Patrick M. Sauder's appointment as Director of Water (Government of Alberta), Company policy on easements, leases, mineral and surface rights (and a committee to study this policy File G.12-C); Mrs. Ruth Newman's request for an allowance (upon the death of her husband, Albert Newman). Correspondents include: S.G. Porter, H.L. Pratt, G.A. Walker, Leslie Munroe.
M-2269-563Papers. -- 1932-1940. -- Re: staff reduction and expenditures.
M-2269-564Papers. -- 1932-1941. -- Re: complaints of D. Askanasay (from British Columbia) on behalf of Thun-Hohenstein, Calgary bus terminal proposal, Lloyd Committee investigation of and report on the Department of Natural Resources (efficiency audit); also staff transfers and payroll matters. Correspondents include D. Askanasay (Lynn Creek), S.G. Porter, J. Macalister, G. Beatty, E.E. Lloyd.
M-2269-565Miscellaneous. -- 1924-1946. -- Re: report on Departmental routine, reports on European immigration of displaced persons, retirement of Sir E. Beatty and appointment of D.C. Coleman; also dispute with B. Huffman. Correspondents include D.C. Coleman, O. Kirkwold, J. Lethbridge.
M-2269-566Forestry Service Association. -- 1956-1959. -- Canadian Forestry Association reports, conferences, announcement, reviews, lecture tours, minutes of directors' meetings.
M-2269-567Steering Committee Report. -- 1938. -- Re: survey of natural resources.
M-2269-568J.S. Dennis burial. -- 1938
M-2269-569Correspondence. -- 1935-1946. -- Re: dispute with Ben Cool of Carseland, allegations against an agent. Correspondents include A. Griffin, G. Walker (Company solicitor), James McCaig.
M-2269-570E.W. Beatty and Grant Hall correspondence. -- Re: Sir Edward Beatty's retirement, agriculture and livestock reports, crop share plan, expenditure statement, sales and contract cancellations, McAdoo Award, irrigable lands, Ford Mine.
M-2269-571Imperial and Antelope Creek system. -- 1921-1934. -- Includes papers, maps, and correspondence re: irrigation.
M-2269-572Correspondence and agreements. -- 1933-1943. -- Re: bridges and canals in irrigation districts, agreements between Canadian Pacific Railway and the Alberta government.
M-2269-573J.E. Lethbridge personal file. -- 1925-1926.
M-2269-574Overseas Employees Food Fund. -- 1948-1950.
M-2269-575Debt adjustment papers. -- 1936-1948. -- Re: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
M-2269-576Lethbridge Collieries explosion report. -- December 1935. -- Re: investigation into explosion.
M-2269-577Western Section employees correspondence. -- 1944. -- Re: fate of employees when section taken over by the people.

Series 4-O

Annual reports of various branches of the Department of Natural Resources. -- 1911-1952. -- Includes annual statements covering 1916-1945.
M-2269-577aWestern Section Irrigation Block report. -- 1911. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577bWestern Section Irrigation Block report. -- 1911. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577cWestern Section Irrigation Block report. -- 1911. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577dWestern Section Irrigation Block annual report. -- 1915. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577eWestern Section Irrigation Block annual report. -- 1916. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577fWestern Section Irrigation Block annual report. -- 1917. -- 1 volume.
M-2269-577gAgricultural and Animal Industry Branch annual report. -- 1917. -- 1 volume. -- First annual report of Soil and Irrigation Investigation for the Tilley area.
M-2269-578Branch reports. -- 1916. -- Reports for Coal Mines Branch, Forestry Branch, Executive Branch, Development Branch, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Branch.
M-2269-579Irrigation Investigation Division Annual Report. -- 1917. --
M-2269-580Branch reports. -- 1916. -- Publicity Branch, Western Section Irrigation Block, Irrigation Investigation Division.
M-2269-581Branch annual statements. -- 1916. -- Statements for Land Branch, Tie and Timber Branch, Accounting Branch, Irrigation Investigation Branch; also status of ready-made farm contracts, soil and irrigation investigation in the Tilley area, and state of loan policy contracts.
M-2269-582Branch reports. -- 1918. -- Land Branch, Irrigation Investigation Branch, Railway Fire Patrols, Forestry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Engineering Branch-Eastern Section, Development Branch.
M-2269-583Branch reports. -- 1918. -- Western Section-Irrigation Block, Engineering Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch.
M-2269-584Branch reports and statements. -- 1918. -- Publicity Branch, Tie and Timber Section, Department of Colonization and Development, Accounting Branch, Land Branch, Engineering Branch (Calgary and Lethbridge), Soil and Irrigation Investigation.
M-2269-585Branch reports. -- 1919. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Irrigation Investigation Branch (Tilley area).
M-2269-586Branch reports. -- 191-?. -- Soil and Irrigation Investigation (Tilley area), Engineering Branch.
M-2269-587Branch reports. -- 1919. -- Development Branch, Forestry Branch, Coal Mines Branch.
M-2269-588Branch reports. -- 1919. -- Western Section -Irrigation Block, Office of Chief Engineer, Land Branch.
M-2269-589Branch reports. -- 1920?. -- Eastern Section, Forestry Branch (Yahk Lumber Mill), Tie and Timber Section, Accounting Branch, Land Branch, Land Branch Supplement.
M-2269-590 Branch reports. -- 1920. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Development Branch, Western Section Irrigation Block.
M-2269-591Branch reports. -- 1920. -- Engineering Branch, Land Branch.
M-2269-592Branch reports and statements. -- 1920. -- Eastern Section, statement of purchase and sale of alfalfa and other seeds, Bow Slope Farm, experimental plots, Statement of Profit and Loss for Brooks Demonstration Farm, Statement of Bassano Seed Farm operation.
M-2269-593Branch reports and statements. -- 1920. -- Strathmore Demonstration farm financial statements; annual statements for Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Accounting Branch, Land Branch, Land Branch Supplement, Yahk (British Columbia) Lumber Mills, Forestry Branch, Tie and Timber Section; expense accounts for Lands, and Townsites.
M-2269-594Branch reports. -- 1921. -- Forestry Branch, Western Section Irrigation Block, Lethbridge Section.
M-2269-595Branch reports. -- 1921. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Eastern Section, Coal Mines Branch.
M-2269-596Branch report. -- 1921. -- Development Branch, Land Branch, Irrigation Investigation Branch.
M-2269-597Branch reports and statements. -- 1921. -- Land Branch, Land Branch Supplements, Accounting Branch; reports of Yahk and Bull River (British Columbia)
M-2269-598Branch reports. -- 1922. -- Development Branch, Western Section Irrigation Block, Forestry Branch, Tie and Timber Section.
M-2269-599Branch reports. -- 1922. -- Coal Mines Branch, Lethbridge Sections, Land Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch.
M-2269-600Branch reports and statements. -- 1922. -- Irrigation Investigation Branch, Accounting Branch annual statement.
M-2269-601Branch reports. -- 1922-1923. -- Eastern Section special reports on abandoned farms or farms operation by people other than owners, Western Section.
M-2263- vol.1Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Accounting Branch.
M-2263-vol.2 Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Engineering Branch.
M-2263-vol.3Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Eastern Section.
M-2263-vol.4Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Western Section.
M-2263-vol.5Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Lethbridge Section.
M-2263-vol.6Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Land Branch.
M-2263-vol.7Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Irrigation Investigation Branch.
M-2263-vol.8Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Development Branch.
M-2263-vol.9Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch.
M-2263-vol.10Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Coal Mines Branch.
M-2263-vol.11Branch reports. -- 1923. -- 1 volume. -- Yahk and Bull River Lumber Mills.
M-2269-602Branch reports. -- 1924. -- Irrigation Investigation Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch.
M-2269-603Branch reports. -- 1924. -- Engineering Branch, Development Branch, Yahk and Bull River (British Columbia) lumber mills.
M-2269-604Branch reports. -- 1924. -- Coal Mines Branch, Development Branch, Land Branch, Accounting Branch, expense statement for Lands, and Townsites.
M-2269-605Branch reports. -- 1925. -- Land Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Development Branch, Tax Branch; also Yahk and Bull River (British Columbia) lumber mills.
M-2269-606Branch reports. -- 1925. -- Western Section -Irrigation Block, Engineering Branch.
M-2269-607Branch reports. -- 1925. -- Irrigation Investigation Branch Accounting Branch; expense accounts for Lands, and Townsites.
M-2269-608Branch reports. -- 1926. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Land Branch, Eastern Section, Engineering Branch Yahk and Bull River (British Columbia) lumber mills.
M-2269-609Branch reports. -- 1926. -- Land Branch, Irrigation Investigation Branch, Lethbridge Section.
M-2269-610Branch reports. -- 1926. -- Eastern Section, Western Section Irrigation Block.
M-2269-611Branch reports and statements. -- 1926. -- Department of Colonization and Development, Coal Mines Branch, Accounting Branch, expense accounts for Lands, and Townsites, inventory statements.
M-2269-612Reports. -- 1927. -- Coal Mines Branch, Eastern Section.
M-2269-613Repots. -- 1927. -- Irrigation Investigation Branch, Land Branch, Eastern Section, Tax Branch.
M-2269-614Reports. -- 1927. -- Western Section Irrigation Block, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch.
M-2269-615Department of Colonization and Development reports. -- 1927. -- Annual reports from Portland, St. Paul, Saskatoon, Winnipeg offices, also European Organization, Exhibits Branch, Publicity Branch, Development Branch, Western Lines.
M-2269-616Department of Colonization and Developments reports. -- 1927. -- Calgary, Edmonton, Spokane offices; also Department of Natural Resources annual report, Office of Engineer.
M-2269-617Branch Reports. -- 1928. -- Land Branch, Western Section, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Irrigation Development Branch, Coal Mines Branch.
M-2269-618Branch reports. -- 1928. -- Accounting Branch, Inventory statements, expense accounts for Lands, and Townsites, Saskatoon office of Land Branch.
M-2269-619Branch reports. -- 1929. -- Western Section, Irrigation Development Branch, Engineering Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Land Branch.
M-2269-620Branch statements and Department of Colonization and Development annual report. -- 1929. -- Accounting Branch, Land Branch - Saskatoon office, inventory statements, Lands and Townsites expense accounts.
M-2269-621Branch reports. -- 1930. -- Western Section, Irrigation Development Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Accounting Branch, Land Branch - Saskatoon office; also Lands and Townsites expense accounts
M-2269-622Branch reports. -- 1931. -- Western and Eastern Sections, Irrigation Developments, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Land Branch, Coal Mines Branch.
M-2269-623Branch reports. -- 1932. -- Western and Eastern Sections, Irrigation Development Branch, Land Branch, Engineering Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Land Branch - Saskatoon office.
M-2269-624Branch reports. -- 1933. -- Western and Eastern Sections, Irrigation Development Branch, Land Branch, Engineering Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Land Branch - Saskatoon office.
M-2269-625Branch reports. -- 1934. -- Western and Eastern Sections, Irrigation Development Branch, Land Branch, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Engineering Branch.
M-2269-626Branch reports. -- 1935. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Western Section, Engineering Branch, Lethbridge Section, Coal Mines Branch, Land Branch.
M-2269-627Branch reports. -- 1935-1936. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Section, Western Section, Accounting Branch, Lethbridge Section; also inventory statement 1935 Exhibit D.
M-2269-628Branch reports. -- 1937. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Section, Western Section, Lethbridge Section
M-2269-629Branch reports. -- 1938. -- Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Section, Western Section.
M-2269-630Branch reports. -- 1939. -- Land Branch, Lethbridge Section, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Western Section, Engineering Branch, Tie and Timber Section.
M-2269-631Branch reports. -- 1940. -- Land Branch, Lethbridge Section, Agricultural and Animal Industry Branch, Coal Mines Branch, Western Section, Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Section; also Field Inspector report.
M-2269-632Branch reports. -- 1941. -- Western Section, Lethbridge Section, Engineering Branch, Agricultural Branch, Mines Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Branch, Accounting Branch; also Lands and Properties inventory statement, and Field Inspector report.
M-2269-633Branch reports. -- 1942. -- Western Section, Lethbridge Section, Engineering Branch, Agricultural Branch, Mines Branch, Land Branch, Tie and Timber Branch, Accounting Branch; also Lands and Properties inventory statement.
M-2269-634Branch reports. -- 1943. -- Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Agricultural Branch, Mines Branch, Western Section, Lethbridge Section, Accounting Branch; also Chief Inspector and Inspectors' reports, Lands and Properties inventory statement.
M-2269-635Branch reports. -- 1944. -- Engineering Branch, Land Branch, Agricultural Branch, Mines Branch, Western Section, Lethbridge Section, Accounting Branch; also Lands and Properties inventory statement
M-2269-636Branch reports. -- 1945. -- Engineering Branch, Mines Branch, Lethbridge Section, Land Branch, Accounting Branch; also Lands and Properties inventory statements.
M-2269-637Canadian Pacific Railway financial reports. -- 1905-1928. -- For shareholders (incomplete).
M-2269-638Canadian Pacific Railway financial reports. -- 1929-1952. -- For shareholders.

Series 4-P

Rules, regulations and agreements. -- 1906-1909
M-2269-639Booklets. -- 1906-1908. -- Rules for Railway locations, and General Instructions to Engineering Staff.
M-2269-640Agreement with the Province of Alberta Re Taxes assessed against Canadian Pacific Railway Company in Alberta. -- 1909. -- Includes agreement, and schedules A-D.

Series 4-Q

Solicitor's Office. -- 1911-1950
M-2277Ledgers, cashbooks, trial balance records, etc. -- 1911-1950. -- 31 volumes.

Series 5

Colonization files. -- 1886-1940. -- 13.75 m of textual records. -- The series consists of files originating with the Canada Colonization Association, the Department of Immigration and Development (originally known as the Department of Colonization and Development), and various organizations connected with colonization, the Canada Colonization Association, or the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Before 1916, colonization was handled by the Department of Natural Resources, and before 1912 by the Canadian Pacific Railway land department in Winnipeg (except for irrigation block, handled by Calgary office). In 1919 the Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railway and the federal government formed the Canada Colonization Association, which in 1923 was wholly taken over by the Canadian Pacific Railway. This Association carried on all the colonization and settlement work in Western Canada for the Canadian Pacific Railway and in doing so helped, contributed to, or formed associations with many varied organizations.

Many of the associated organizations were small colonization boards scattered throughout the provinces, to which the Canada Colonization Association sent immigrants for placement within the community, the colonization boards collecting $1.00 for every person placed. However some colonization boards carried on a much greater scope of work in the field of settlement, and these included the Mennonite Land Settlement Board, the Central Women's Colonization Board, and the Lutheran Immigration Board.

Other organizations, such as the British Re-Union Association, figured predominately in the colonization of western Canada. This organization, whose purpose was the unite families or relatives from Britain, grew to such proportions that it was uniting relatives of almost every nationality. The organization not only sponsored immigrants, but financed many as well.

Another smaller body was the Colonists' Service Association, whose purpose was to help settle colonists to their best advantage.

The Canada Colonization Association was conceived by M.A. Brown, once a mayor of Medicine Hat. His idea was to institute an organization that would enter different foreign fields, secure settlers, and obtain listings of privately owned land adjacent to the railway through a central office, doing all this without profit and for the benefit of new settlers. The idea met with great success and was launched by a subscription of $1,500,000.

The Colonization files are divided into thirteen sections. Some of the sections are related, and are split up by date only. As much as possible, the order which seemed to exist in the papers has been retained. Canada Colonization Association files appear throughout the colonization group as may be expected due to their close association with all the various colonization organizations. The sections are:

A. Canada Colonization Association, 1922-1933

B. James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, papers, 1925-1930

C. H.S. Kent, Superintendent of Colonization, papers, 1929-1931

D. Canada Colonization Association, British Re-union Association, Colonists Service Association, 1928-1933

E. Beiseker and Davidson Company, 1906-1944

F. James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, papers, 1926-1931

G. Colonists Service Association. -- 1928-1931

H. Canada Colonization Association office files, 1926-1931

I. Scanned Document Nominations, applications and related matters, 1925-1935

J. Scanned Document Immigrant, family and settlers reports, 1929-1931

K. Land sales files, 1909-1937

L. Sundry colonization files, 1926-1934

M. Colony and land grant ledgers, 1886-1940

Series 5-A

Canada Colonization Association, 1922-1933
Minutes of meetings. -- 1923-1932.
M-2269-641Minutes. -- June-December 1923. -- Re: organization of the Association.
M-2269-642Minutes. -- June-November 1923. -- Re: objects of association, cooperation of immigration societies and United States organizations.
M-2269-643Minutes. -- January-December 1924. -- Re: Kananaskis coal areas, Mennonite settlement (mainly Manitoba and Saskatchewan), inception of the Mennonite Land Settlement Board, withdrawal of Canadian National Railway, by-laws of the Association.
M-2269-644Minutes. -- January-December, 1925. -- Re: Mennonite settlers, publicity, Scottish immigration, Lethbridge settlement, general policy of Canada Colonization Association, Lutheran Immigration Board.
M-2269-645Minutes. -- January-December 1925. -- Re: Mennonite settlers, publicity, Lethbridge settlement, general policy of Canada Colonization Association, Lutheran Immigration Board .
M-2269-646Executive Committee minutes, decisions 107-135. -- January-December 1926. -- Re: German Catholic Settlement Board and other immigration boards, reports by manager, T.O.F. Herzer, reorganization of Mennonite Land Settlement Board, Intercontinental Company and Mennonite Colonization Board, Peace River district, adjustment and aftercare of settlers. Includes minutes (decisions 133-144) of a Board of Directors' meeting.
M-2269-647Minutes. -- January-December 1926. -- Re: financial corporation proposal.
M-2269-648Minutes. -- January-December 1927. -- Re: financial assistance for new settlers, German Catholic settlement, proposed Financial Corporation.
M-2269-649Minutes. -- January-December 1927. -- Re: Austrian families in the Okanagan.
M-2269-650Minutes. -- January-December 1928. -- Re: Austrian colony in Okanagan, proposed agreements between Financial Corporation and its member companies, Canadian National land settlement.
M-2269-651Minutes. -- January-December 1929. -- Re: Austrian Colony in Okanagan, Financial Corporation matters, Canadian National land settlement.
M-2269-652Minutes. -- January-December 1929. -- Re: signs and abbreviations used on maps by the Canada Colonization Association; also annual report for 1929.
M-2269-653Minutes. -- January-December 1930.
M-2269-654Minutes. -- January-December 1930. -- Re: Schneider Colony at Little Britain in Manitoba.
M-2269-655Minutes. -- January-December 1931. -- Re: Annual Convention reports, 1000 Family scheme, Canada Colonization Association settlers in Eastern Section.
M-2269-656Minutes. -- January-December 1931.
M-2269-657Minutes. -- January-December 1931.
M-2269-658Minutes. -- January-December 1932. -- Re: British Columbia Fruit Lands Limited, North West Farm Managers Association, Back to the Land movement, annual report, managers' report.
Financial reports. -- 1923-1931.
M-2269-670Financial reports. -- 1923.
M-2269-669Financial reports. -- 1924.
M-2269-668Financial reports. --1925.
M-2269-667Financial reports. -- 1926.
M-2269-666Financial reports. -- 1927.
M-2269-665Financial reports. -- 1927.
M-2269-664Financial reports. -- 1928.
M-2269-663Financial reports. -- January-July 1929.
M-2269-662Financial reports. -- August-December 1929.
M-2269-661Financial reports. -- 1930.
M-2269-660Financial reports. -- 1931.
M-2269-659Financial reports. -- 1931.

Series 5-B

James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, correspondence and reports. -- 1925-1930. -- Re: immigration matters, colonization boards, enquiries and departmental matters.
M-2269-671General. -- 1926. -- Re: refunds on immigrants' tickets, nominations, immigrant problems, prepaid fares, ranch listings.
M-2269-672General. -- 1926. -- Re: United States matters, films, applications from Portland.
M-2269-673General. -- 1926. -- Re: visitors from United States and Europe; also overseas office affairs.
M-2269-674London office. -- 1926. -- Re: immigrant introductions.
M-2269-675General. -- 1926. -- Re: overseas colonists (including Swiss, Scandinavian, Belgian and Dutch); also letters of introductions, arrivals, entry and placements.
M-2269-676General. -- 1926. -- Re: colonists from Russia and Manchuria.
M-2269-677Central European offices. -- 1926. -- Re: visits from Germans and Austrians; also translations of letters.
M-2269-678Austrian colonization papers. -- 1925-1926. -- Re: Windermere Valley, and Twin Butte (many in German).
M-2269-679Russian colonization papers. -- 1925-1926. -- Re: Russian settlers.
M-2269-680Russian colonization papers. -- 1925-1926.
M-2269-681Reports to J. Colley. -- 1926. -- Re: activities of Colonization Department including parties of immigrants, interviewing of immigrants, immigrants in the Columbia Valley, nomination, overseas visitors.
M-2269-682Reports to C.A. Van Scoy, Superintendent of Colonization. -- 1926. -- Re: formation of colonization board for women, nominations, complaints of immigrants, sugar factories, Mennonites at Coaldale, placements, weather and crop reports.
M-2269-683Correspondence and articles. -- 1926. -- Re: articles on colonization for the publication "Western Canada".
M-2269-684Settlers. -- 1926. -- Re: experiences in Alberta.
M-2269-685Sugar beets. -- 1926. -- Re: labour questions, general queries, reports, contracts, draft of Beet Growers Association constitution
M-2269-686Milk River. -- 1926. -- Re: Milk River Hungarian Society and Milk River Colonization Board.
M-2269-687General. -- 1926. -- Re: Colonization Board matters, including placements, payments, formation of additional boards, report on colonization.
M-2269-688Taber Colonization Board. -- 1926.
M-2269-689Irrigated Farms Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: Mennonite settlers, and settlers at Coaldale.
M-2269-690Pincher Creek Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: Mennonite and Coaldale settlers.
M-2269-691Danish Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: establishment of Board, in Standard, Alberta.
M-2269-692Olds Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: establishment of Board.
M-2269-693Magrath Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: establishment of Board.
M-2269-694Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: establishment of Board.
M-2269-695J. Colley. -- 1927. -- Re: journalists' visit, Calgary Board of Public Welfare; also requests for information. Correspondents include C.A. Van Scoy.
M-2269-696General. -- 1927. -- Re: enquiries for farm work and farm land; Lutheran Immigration Board; personal letters and replies from immigrants, Americans, and Europeans.
M-2269-697General. -- 1927. -- Re: requests for land, proposals for land schemes; also personal letters and replies from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, United States and Europe.
M-2269-698General. -- 1927. -- Re: newspaper advertising for colonists.
M-2269-699Reports. -- 1927. -- Re: crops, livestock, weather for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
M-2269-700Settlers. -- 1927. -- Re: conditions in Alberta, and German Catholic farm placements.
M-2269-701Sugar beets. -- 1927. -- Re: beet worker families, immigrants and enquiries.
M-2269-702General. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: mainly enquiries for information on Canada.
M-2269-703Colonization Boards. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: Pincher Creek Colonization Board, and other boards.
M-2269-704Colonization Boards. -- 1927. -- Stavely Colonization Board and Milk River Hungarian Society.
M-2269-705Colonization Boards. -- 1927. -- Re: Taber Board and Irrigated Farms Colonization Board in Lethbridge.
M-2269-706General. -- 1927. -- Re: placements, new colonization boards.
M-2269-707Colonization Boards. -- 1927. -- Re: Includes Danish and Carmangay Boards.
M-2269-708Olds Colonization Board. -- 1927.
M-2269-709Cardston United Irrigation District Colonization Board. -- 1927.
M-2269-710Innisfail Colonization Board. -- 1927.
M-2269-711 Office reports to C.A. Van Scoy. -- 1927. -- Re: placement of Norwegian families, employment of immigrants.
M-2269-712Office reports of J. Colley and C.A. Van Scoy. -- 1927. -- Re: placements, immigrants settling, colonization activities and various towns, labour situation.
M-2269-713Correspondence to O.T. Latham, Lethbridge. -- 1927-1928.-- Re: place of immigrants.
M-2269-714Correspondence to H.S. Kent. -- 1928. -- Re: placement of immigrants.
M-2269-715J. Colley, Personal file. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: nomination rules, Budapest office correspondence, placement of immigrants including British harvesters, letters from immigrants.
M-2269-716General. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: land enquiries.
M-2269-717General. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: VIP's visit to Canada.
M-2269-718 General. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: settlement enquiries, including one from a doctor in New Zealand.
M-2269-719General. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: brush lands, transportation and passes for immigrants; also employee and agent issues.
M-2269-720Advances to immigrants. -- 1928
M-2269-721General. -- 1928. -- Re: farm work enquiries.
M-2269-722General. -- 1928. -- Re: Pincher Creek, Danish and Olds Colonization Boards, including placement, nominations.
M-2269-723Employment applications. -- 1928. -- Re: colonization work.
M-2269-724Colonization boards. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: supplying of men to Medicine Hat, formation of various boards, Swiss colony at Invermere, placement of immigrants, European immigrants.
M-2269-725Innisfail and Magrath Colonization Boards. -- 1928. -- Re: formation of Boards and beginning activities, Belgain settlers at Magrath.
M-2269-726Stavely and Taber Colonization Boards. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: Boards, British harvesters, placements.
M-2269-727Lethbridge Branch Colonists Association. -- 1928. -- Re: charter, suit against Colonists Services Association, nominations, applications, placements; also reports on immigrants.
M-2269-728General. -- 1927-1930. -- Re: Norwegian family immigrating, Canadian Pacific Railway vs. Cunard, Milk River Hungarian Society, nominations.
M-2269-729Calgary Colonists Service Association. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: men not accepting work, nominations, placements, brush lands, credit extended to families, objects of Association, tobacco growers from Yugoslavia.
M-2269-730Colonists Service Association, British Columbia (Edgewater). -- 1928. -- Re: settlement and placement.
M-2269-731Correspondence and reports. -- 1928. -- Re: Colonists Service Association (including Budapest office vs. Henry Schwartz of Lethbridge Branch Colonists Association), Cardston United Irrigation District Board placement.
M-2269-732Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1927-1928. --Re: organization, placement of domestics.
M-2269-733Accounts. -- 1928. -- Re: domestics' accommodation, Central Women's Colonization Board.
M-2269-734Canada Colonization Association. -- 1927. -- Re: implements and supplies sold to settlers, minutes of meetings in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Calgary for agents and representation of colonization boards.
M-2269-735"Western Canada" publication. -- 1927. -- Correspondence, and articles.
M-2269-736Canada Colonization Association. -- [ca. 1927]. -- Re: forms, contracts, etc.
M-2269-737General. -- 1929. -- Re: settlers' baggage.
M-2269-738Colonists reports. -- 1928-1929. -- Nominations and reports.
M-2269-739Miscellaneous. -- 1929. -- Re: crop reports of Saskatchewan, information for Swedish immigrants; also cheques from Canadian Pacific Railway to colonization board agents, 1 time roll, 1 automobile report.
M-2269-740Western Canada correspondence. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: sugar beet district, including settlement of Russian and German families from the United States, general labour matters, statistics and reports.
M-2269-741Western Canada correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: settlers' letters.
M-2269-742Ashley Edwards. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: brochures on the Prairie Provinces and irrigation (including edited version of the latter); also letters to newspapers, and Dominion Experimental Farm in Lethbridge. Edwards was a special publicity agent based in Montreal. Correspondents include James Colley, Don Bark, C.A. Van Scoy
M-2269-743General. -- 1928-1929. -- Includes livestock reports, newspaper subscriptions, films.
M-2269-744Cottage scheme. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: beginning of scheme, land available, enquiries, leases, building matters.
M-2269-745Cottage scheme. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-746European and British visitors. -- 1929. -- Visitors were mainly journalists, agriculturalists, immigration authorities, overseas settlement people, Canadian Pacific Railway officials.
M-2269-747Scandinavian settlers. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: Danish settlers at Standard, Alberta.
M-2269-748British and Swiss settlers. -- 1928. -- Re: Yorkshire Voluntary Migration Committee domestics, Swiss colony at Invermere.
M-2269-749Swedish immigration. -- 1929. -- Re: Swedish Lutherans in Russia concerned with immigration of 900 Swedes; includes forms from various districts giving information on wages, work, equipment, nationalities, and lodging, as well as historical data on Swedish immigration to Canada.
M-2269-750Edmonton. -- 1929. -- Re: placements, cottage families.
M-2269-751Colonization boards. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: Cardston United District Colonization Board, Carmangay Colonization Board, Catholic Welfare Bureau, British immigrants.
M-2269-7521000 family scheme. -- 1929. -- Includes agreement between Canadian Pacific Railway and British government.
M-2269-753General. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: British harvesters (10,000) finding employment, settlers' problems (illness, discrimination, lack of money).
M-2269-754General. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: settlers' issues/complaints.
M-2269-755J. Colley, personal. -- 1927-1928.--Re: J. Colley leaving Calgary, European settlers, London office; reports of continental families settled in Alberta.
M-2269-756Farm workers. -- 1928-1930. -- Includes applications from immigrants.
M-2269-757Farm workers. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-758Farming inquiries. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: land, farming, farm employment inquiries from immigrants.
M-2269-759Industrial inquiries. -- 1929.
M-2269-760Land settlement. -- 1929. -- Re: Danish settlement at Edgewater (British Columbia), Leduc settlers, brush land settlement, and Hungarians at Kelowna.
M-2269-761Immigration. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-762General. -- 1929. -- Re: Tilley settlement, map request, and advertising.
M-2269-763General. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: publications, visit of Consul of Hungary.

Series 5-C

H.S. Kent, District Superintendent of Colonization, papers. -- 1929-1931. -- Includes inquiries for settlement, immigration matters, land inquiries, relief for immigrants, correspondence with United States agents, correspondence with colonization boards, matters of employment and placement of immigrants. Correspondents include C.A. Van Scoy, and various colonization boards.
H.S. Kent correspondence. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-764A to B. -- 1930.
M-2269-765C to J. -- 1930.
M-2269-766K to N. -- 1930.
M-2269-767O to S. -- 1930.
M-2269-768T to Z. -- 1930. -- Includes weekly reports of conditions in Southern Alberta to C.A. Van Scoy.
M-2269-769A to C. -- 1931.
M-2269-770D to L. -- 1931.
M-2269-771M to S. -- 1931.
M-2269-772T to Z. -- 1931. -- Includes weekly reports of conditions in Southern Alberta to C.A. Van Scoy.
H.S. Kent colonization files. -- 1930.
M-2269-773Brooks, Claresholm, and Columbia Valley colonization boards. -- 1930.
M-2269-774Didsbury, Magrath, Innisfail, and Medicine Hat colonization boards. -- 1930.
M-2269-775Nanton, Olds, Pincher Creek, and Red Deer colonization boards. -- 1930.
M-2269-776Seventh-Day Adventists and Sylvan Lake colonization boards. -- 1930.
M-2269-777Taber, Barons, Revelstoke, Champion and Blackie colonization boards. -- 1930.
M-2269-778Colonization boards' nominations and agents. -- 1930.
M-2269-779Placements. -- 1930. -- Includes name, farmer placed with, and address.
M-2269-780Blanket orders. -- 1930. -- Includes placements from various colonization boards and associations for labour from Europe.
M-2269-781Colonization Service Association payments. -- 1930.
M-2269-782Land sales reports and correspondence. -- 1930.
M-2269-783Colonization Service Association instructions and resolutions. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-784Edgewater (British Columbia). -- 1930. Re: placements and settlements.
M-2269-785Colonization Service Association credit scheme. -- 1930. -- Re: nominations, payments and placements.
M-2269-786Colonization Service Association, Lethbridge. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: nominations, placements, general colonization matters.
M-2269-787Raymond and Kelowna Colonization Service Association. -- 1930. -- Re: placements and general matters.
M-2269-788Department of Colonization and divisional office instructions and rulings. -- 1929. -- Re: nominations and placements.
M-2269-789Cottage rents. -- 1931. -- Re: collections, immigrants' bills.
M-2269-790Colonization Service Association advances. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: payments, seed grain notes, credits, Imperial Oil account.
M-2269-791Steamship business. -- 1931.
M-2269-792Publicity requests and Land Sales listings. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: track lists, including number of men and transfers for steel laying.
M-2269-793Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: advances to immigrants, domestic immigrants.
M-2269-794Brooks, Claresholm, Columbia Valley and Didsbury colonization boards. -- 1929.
M-2269-795Innisfail, Magrath, Medicine Hat and Nanton colonization boards.
M-2269-796Olds, Pincher Creek, Red Deer and Sylvan Lake colonization boards.
M-2269-797Stavely and Taber colonization boards.
M-2269-798Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: applications for employment, personal letters and replies.
M-2269-799Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: staff matters, including Van Scoy promotion.
M-2269-800H. S. Kent, personal file. -- 1930. -- Includes personal messages, inquiries.
M-2269-801O. T. Lathrop correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: general business, cottage rents, beet labour, meetings in the Lethbridge district.
M-2269-802A. O'Riordan correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: collecting wages for farm labourers, placements, expenses, reports from traveling agents. O'Riordan was a Traveling Colonization Agent with the Department of Immigration and Colonization. Correspondents include Ernest Humpelstaetter, and L. von Kleinwaechter (Consul General of Austria in Ottawa).
M-2269-803Letters of introduction for visitors. -- 1930. -- Visitors include Lord Middleton of England.
M-2269-804Monthly office reports. -- 1930. -- Re: placements, arrivals, land sales, visitors, nominations; also weekly reports on condition in southern Alberta.
M-2269-805Farm labour correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: applications, inquiries, replies.
M-2269-806European correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: inquiries for land (Mainly) from Europe
M-2269-807Correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: employment, industrial work.
M-2269-808Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: transportation for immigrants, sugar beet factory at Macleod (proposed by Mrs. M. MacDonald to solve unemployment).
M-2269-809 Miscellaneous inquiries. -- 1930. -- Re: land, employment, industrial matters.
M-2269-810Miscellaneous inquiries. -- 1931.
M-2269-811Saskatchewan crop and livestock reports. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-812Miscellaneous matters. -- 1930-1931. -- Includes reports of central European settlers in British Columbia and Alberta; also Spokane and Edmonton offices correspondence.
M-2269-813Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: Canada Colonization Association requests, Vancouver and London offices, sugar beet industry including labour settlement, factories.
M-2269-814Immigration brochures. -- 1930. Re: publicity including photographs of immigrant families. Correspondents include Ashley Edwards.
M-2269-815Cottage scheme. -- 1930. -- Re: residents' upkeep, cottages for rent, rents, leases, agreements, and placements of British families in cottages.
M-2269-816Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: Calgary Festival, private listings of British families and farms for settlement by Canada Colonization Association. Correspondents include H. Kent, H. Piel, R.C. Bosworth (Superintendent of Colonization, Winnipeg).
M-2269-817Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: collections from immigrants for expenses.
M-2269-818Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire. -- 1930. -- Re: welfare of immigrant families. Includes copy of agreement between the Order and Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-819Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: prepaid ticket refunds, steamship business (including staff trips to Europe).
M-2269-820Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: farm listings, steamship reports, Christmas greetings, family reports, colonization agents' convention in Winnipeg, deportations.

Series 5-D

Canada Colonization Association, British Re-union Association, and Colonists Service Association files. -- 1928-1933. -- Includes nominations, repayments of fares, colonization boards' papers, agents; correspondence, Spokane office correspondence, statistics, and land listings.
Legal papers. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-821British Re-union Association. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: arrears and delinquent accounts.
M-2269-822Legal papers. -- 1929. -- Legal papers dealing with the ownership of Section 22 Township 5 Range 22 West 4 by J. M. Rasmussen and Benjamin Matkin.
M-2269-823Correspondence. -- 1928-1933. -- Re: legal matters, including leases in the Windermemre Valley with the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands and Canadian Pacific Railway (T. B. Tobiasen); also Invermere cottages leases between J. Reed and Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-824Charles Hillbebrecht -- 1930-1933.
M-2269-825J.T. Cooper, E.C. Webster, N.T. Macleod. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-826Norman T. Macleod, Charity Gates Norton. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-827Charles N. Daniels, M. Daniels, J. Hamilton. -- 1929.
M-2269-828Cottage rules and instructions. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: cottage scheme.
Nominations and repayments. -- 1929-1934.
M-2269-829 Hungarians. -- 1929. -- Re: payments to Colonists Service Association, settlers going to Rutland (British Columbia), Brooks, Raymond.
M-2269-830Czechoslovakians, Hungarians, Romanians. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: transportation payments to Colonists Service Association from settlers at Leduc, Raymond, and Breton.
M-2269-831Hungarians and Czechoslovakians. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: settlers at Taber, Iron Springs, Lethbridge and Barnwell (Alberta).
M-2269-832Hungarians and Belgians. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: settlers at Raymond.
M-2269-833Hungarians and Czechoslovakians. -- 1930. -- Re: settlers at Raymond, Leduc and Barnwell (Alberta).
M-2269-834John Juhasz correspondence. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: follow up on Juhasz (Romanian immigrant), including payment of loan, and working with farmer who would not pay him wages.
M-2269-835Romanians and Germans. -- Re: families in Leduc, and Beiseker.
M-2269-836Czechoslovakians, Hungarians. -- Re: families in Raymond, Lethbridge, Coaldale and Iron Springs.
M-2269-837Overseas Settlement Board contracts. -- 1929-1934. --Canadian Pacific Railway, Hudson's Bay Company and British government settlement scheme; includes cottage matters, chattel mortgages, agreements, Coal Creek Colony.
M-2269-838Report of Czechoslovakian family, Coaldale. -- 1932-1933.
M-2269-839Hungarians. -- 1929-1933. -- Re: Leduc settlers; including case of immigrant going to jail.
M-2269-840Czechoslovakian immigrants' correspondence. -- 1934. -- Re: life in Canada.
M-2269-841British Re-union Association families. -- 1930-1933. --Nomination and repayment papers of British families in Calgary who were financed by the Association.
M-2269-842Report of British family, Duchess. -- 1929-1932. --
M-2269-843Romanians, Germans. -- Re: families in Leduc and Calgary (including compensation for a father's death).
M-2269-844German fiance of Russian settler, Airdrie. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: nomination papers.
Correspondence. -- 1932.
M-2269-845Columbia Valley (British Columbia), Didsbury, Innisfail colonization boards. -- 1932.
M-2269-846Nanton, Olds, Red Deer and Taber colonization boards. -- 1932.
M-2269-847Colonists Service Association. -- 1929-1932. Re: credit scheme, including financial statements of immigrants accounts, applications for credit, commissions, complaints, debt collections; also European Continental Land Settlement Scheme, Relief Scheme, land settlement and land sales.
M-2269-848Colonists Service Association, Lethbridge. -- 1932. -- Re: land sales, commissions, advances to colonists.
M-2269-849E. Shepherd (land agent) transfer correspondence. -- 1932.
M-2269-850H.S. Kent, personal file. -- 1932. -- Re: inquiries, personal gifts, closing of Hudson's Bay Overseas Settlement; also correspondence to to O.T. Lathrop, and E. Shepherd.
M-2269-851Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: letters of introduction, transportation for staff, and agents.
M-2269-852Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: farm work placements, applications and inquiries about tracing immigrants and immigrants returning to Europe; also British National Union tour of Canada.
M-2269-853Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: land inquiries, including price, location, settlement.
M-2269-854 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1932. -- re: Saskatchewan crop reports, Manitoba livestock reports; also correspondence to Edmonton, Vancouver and Saskatoon offices, and correspondence about publicity, and films.
M-2269-855Richfield (Idaho) agent's correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: American prospective land buyers, land sales, commissions to agents, and settlement of land buyers in Alberta.
M-2269-856Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: cottage rents, payment and collections; also collection of debt from young female immigrants, and refunds for tickets for immigrants.
M-2269-857Steamship correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: passages, traffic, immigrants fares and tickets, return fares (mainly soliciting traffic).
M-2269-858Reports on British cottages. -- 1932. -- Includes name of occupant, start date of occupancy, general progress, upkeep, payments.
M-2269-859Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: European settlers. Correspondents include: R.C. Bosworth, H.S. Kent, Captain Demetrovits, Frank Ruzicka. Includes British Columbia Southern Railway Kootenay district subdivision map.
M-2269-860Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: investigation by Consul of Hungary into law case of land ownership for purchaser in MacLeod Valley; also Morrison Colony (British Columbia) matters, consisting of the settlement of two Hungarian families on the land.
M-2269-861Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: brush land contracts, including surrenders, inquiries, occupation of lands, terms of contracts; also reports from land agent, E. Shepherd concerning inspection of lands, lands available, and prospective buyers.
M-2269-862Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: Co-operative Land Settlement, inquiries; also survey of cultivated and uncultivated land suitable for settlement, 15 miles from railway.
M-2269-863Spokane office correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: inquiries and replies, including land description, land available and prices.
M-2269-864Spokane office correspondence. -- 1932.
M-2269-865Spokane office correspondence. -- 1932.
M-2269-866Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: St. Paul (Minnesota) office matters (including prospective settlers for Sutherland farms), amendments to Relief Settlement Agreement concerning Turner Valley and Black Diamond settlements, applications for land, traveling colonization agent in Idaho, and Rockport Colony (Stirling, Alberta) settlement of new Hutterite families.
M-2269-867Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: four Polish colonists exploited by the Canadian Pacific Railway colonist agent. Matter was presented to Premier J.E. Brownlee.
M-2269-868Colonist Service Association. -- 1929. -- Re: report of immigrants stranded at Edmonton and Winnipeg, collection of money owed by immigrants, nominations, land seekers tickers, land seekers party proposal to move from Lethbridge to Brooks.
M-2269-869Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1930. -- Includes list of female domestics arriving from Europe, placement and location; also bills for after-care of girls on arrival.
M-2269-870Claresholm, Columbia Valley, Didsbury, Magrath, Innisfail and Old Colonization boards. -- 1933. Re: general colonization matters, prospective land buyers, passes, placements etc.
M-2269-871Correspondence. -- 1932-1934. -- Re: commission payments to Colonists Service Association, and securing nominations at East Coulee through British Re-union Association.
M-2269-872Correspondence. --1933. -- Re: Colonists Service Association, including registration lists (name, nationality, religion); also Colonists Service Association Credit Scheme rules, Kelowna Colonization Board, and Department of Immigration and Colonization office rules and instructions.
M-2269-873Correspondence. -- 1933. -- Includes cancellation of Central Women's Colonization Board grant, H.S. Kent personal file, time roll, letters of introduction for visitors.
M-2269-874Correspondence. -- 1933. -- Re: land inquiries, discounts on land sales, steamship traffic, immigrants returning home, closing of Spokane office, American immigrants' entry into Canada.
M-2269-875Correspondence. -- 1933. -- Re: Clandonald Colony and Gadsby, renewal of commission for Spokane agents, and publicity inquiries.
M-2269-876Sugar beet industry reports and statistics. -- 1933.
M-2269-877Livestock reports. -- 1933.
M-2269-878Architectural plans for cottages. -- 1933. -- Re: house, barn and toilet produced by the Department of Colonization and Development.
M-2269-879Correspondence on cottage rents. -- 1933.
M-2269-880Private listings. -- 1933. -- Re: farms for sale, including price, location, condition, crops.
M-2269-881Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1932-1933. --Re: steamship business, cottage reports (including name, date of occupancy, progress); also Christmas list of families to receive gifts.
M-2269-882Ranch listings. -- 1931-1933. -- Includes description, buildings, nearest town, price.
M-2269-883Spokane office correspondence. -- 1931-1934. --Re: land inquiries (replies include price and particulars of Alberta land available for sale).
M-2269-884Spokane office correspondence. -- 1931-1934.
M-2269-885Spokane office correspondence. -- 1931-1934.
M-2269-886Spokane Territory correspondence. -- 1933-1934. --Re: inquiries about land, farming, immigration regulations, and replies.
M-2269-887Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: Dominion, provincial and municipal relief schemes, including relief settlement policies, placement of single unemployed men, settling experienced families on land, 'back to the land' movement, Relief Act of 1932, Relief Settlement Board meeting minutes; also inquiries from families about relief.
M-2269-888Collection correspondence. -- 1932-1933. --Re: steamship passages bought on time by immigrants.
M-2269-889Idaho agent correspondence. -- 1933. -- Re: prospective American settlers, and closing of Idaho office.
M-2269-890Dutch settlement. -- 1933. -- Re: Neerlandia settlement (Alberta), securing prospects for immigration, Dutch settlement at Lacombe.
M-2269-891Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: settlement of continental families with capital.
M-2269-892Colonists Service Association. -- 1928-1930. -- Includes minutes of annual meetings (to 1930), by-laws, company charter, cottage scheme matters, correspondence about meetings, resolution and general business.

Series 5-E

Beiseker and Davidson Company. -- 1906-1944. -- T.L. Beiseker and C.H. Davidson were two bankers from North Dakota who formed the Calgary Colonization Company, which bought land (some from the Canadian Pacific Railway) in Alberta as early as 1907. Upon the death of Davidson in 1918, the Company was liquidated, with all assets and liabilities going to a new company formed T.L. Beiseker and the heirs of C.H. Davidson, known as Beiseker and Davidson. The business of this new company was to collect installments of outstanding contracts and sell the remaining land of the former company. The Canadian Pacific Railway, about the time of the liquidation of the Calgary Colonization Company, retained 18,143 acres of unsold land which thus reduced the company 's liability. The trustees of C.H. Davidson estate were the Minnesota Loan and Trust Company and the Northwestern National Bank and Trust Company. The firm 's business dragged on in Alberta until 1943, when finally their remaining land contracts and assets were transferred to the Canada Colonization Association.

These files also contain correspondence about the Alberta Pacific Elevator Company, set up by T.L Beiseker and C.H. Davidson in 1905 and managed by L.P. Strong, formerly of the Sayre Strong Grain and Mercantile Company of North Dakota. The correspondence deals with various liquidation procedures, land transactions, stock matters, etc.
Beiseker and Davidson land sales contract files -- 1906-1944. -- These files include descriptions of land, payments, transfers and leases involved, terms of sale, legal land matters, taxes, problems encountered by the purchaser, and other matters relating to the history of the land sales. Personal names listed are the purchasers.
M-2269-893 Beiseker and Namaka areas. -- 1915-1918. -- A. Dick, W. Shultz, W. Triebwasser, D. Adolph, T. Thorseen, W. and H. Davy, A. Roth, H. Human, J. Bechtold, J. Koefoed, W. G. Scott, and H. Crichton.
M-2269-894Strathmore and Beiseker areas. -- 1908-1925. -- F. McElhoes, D. Fraser, F. Braunberger, S.C. Anderson, O.H. Anderson.
M-2269-895Beiseker and Carbon areas. -- 1915-1926. -- E. R. Mosher, F. Lang, G. Matter, G. Marshman, J. Pritzkau, J. Baird, Captain Como.
M-2269-896Gleichen and Beiseker areas. -- 1910-1927. -- J. Frankel, J. Buckley, K. Ternes, J. Lyons, O. Blanding.
M-2269-897Beiseker and Carbon areas. -- 1915-1921. -- W. Schulz, J. Graff, Belle McNeill, J. Brost.
M-2269-898Landgon, Airdrie, Acme and Beiseker areas. -- 1909-1918. -- J. T. Cooper, J. S. Holmes, J. Mullen, O.H. Woods, A.J. Kane, J. Becker, M. Doan, P. Fleischman, J. Miller.
M-2269-899Beiseker, Strathmore, Carbon and Shepard areas. -- 1914-1917. -- G. Metzer, W. Kirtley, Mrs. W. Weyers, M. Albert, G. Remboldt.
M-2269-900Land transfers. -- 1908-1922.
M-2269-901Calgary Colonization Company law suits. -- 1906-1927.
M-2269-902Lacombe and Shepard areas. -- 1919-1925. -- D. and M. Laske, C. Anderson.
M-2269-903Gleichen area. -- 1918-1922. -- Transfer from W. Payne to A. S. Tower.
M-2269-904Beiseker area. -- 1918-1926.
M-2269-905Gleichen area. -- 1906-1916. --Transfer from N.W. McMillan to G.S. Allen, Section 10-23-22 W4.
M-2269-906Gleichen area. --1916-1928.
M-2269-907Land sales. -- 1906-1913. -- Re: application to purchase irrigated lands (1906) from the Canadian Pacific Irrigation Colonization Company, contract sold to Beiseker and Davidson in 1909, and dispute with Canadian Pacific Railway over classification of irrigable lands.
M-2269-908Carbon, Gleichen, Carbon and Crossfield areas. -- 1918-1924. -- H.L. Develle, J.J. Neher, R.A. Carson, J.J. Bertsch. Also sale of building at Crossfield.
M-2269-909J. Silbernagel. -- 1908-1922. -- Re: original contract with Calgary Colonization Company at Crossfield, part of land given to school district.
M-2269-910Land sales correspondence. -- 1914-1924. -- Re: land at High River, Beiseker, Namaka, Beddington and Langdon.
M-2269-911Beiseker, Crossfield, Irricana, Landgon and Shepard area. -- 1917-1936. -- O.E. Coffin, C. Horrell, H.W. McLean, L.H. Lindsay, R. Carvan, D. Tetz, W. McRory, F. Lang, A. Schleoppe, K. Hornstra, H. Patchett.
M-2269-912Correspondence. -- 1914-1918. -- Re: grain payments from farmers, return of mortgage to T.L. Beiseker, land contracts taken over by Beiseker and Davidson, and payments to Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-913Beiseker and Rockyford areas. -- 1917-1921. -- M. Koffler, T. Svelzle.
M-2269-914Correspondence. -- 1915-1917. -- Re: trespassing on Beiseker and Davidson lands, timber bridge building at Rockyford by Calgary Colonization Company.
M-2269-915Airdrie, Beddington, and Carbon areas. -- 1918-1922. -- Chris W. Becker (includes court order), J.A. Hale, G.E. Church, Whery brothers, J. Ohlhauser.
M-2269-916Carbon, Beiseker, Namaka and Blackie areas. -- 1909-1924. -- George G. Huser, G. Ohlhauser, D.S. Howick, J.H. Johnston, G.L. Peterson, Marshman brothers, A. Wegener, P. Chandler.
M-2269-917Beiseker, Acme and Langdon. -- 1909-1925. -- L.L. Smith, G.B. Kranzler, R. Balderson, J.E. Kiem, L. McKinnon, G. Forsch, H. Kindopp, C.E. Tyron.
M-2269-918Beiseker area. -- 1909-1928.
M-2269-919Cluny area. -- 1909-1928. -- A.G. and R.S. Edwards.
M-2269-920Land sales. -- 1918-1927. -- Includes lease of Calgary Colonization Company.
M-2269-921Langdon, Carbon, Beiseker, Beddington. -- 1911-1925. -- L.C. Ditto, J.C. Griez, F. Zeigler, C. Braunberger and M. McKnox.
M-2269-922Beiseker and Langdon areas. -- 1912-1920. -- Frederick Jones, G. Craigie, H. Walsh, H. Salter. Also includes Canadian Cultivation Company Dutch colony at Tudor.
M-2269-923Carbon and Beiseker areas. -- 1912-1926.
M-2269-924Carbon and Beiseker areas.-- 1909-1925. -- G.E. Hynes, J. Neher, J. Thurn, W.J. Weatherup, F. Harsch, J.J. Ehnisz, E.B. Welshhemer, T. Hagel.
M-2269-925Carbon and Leduc areas. -- 1909-1918. -- A.R. Strong, H. Black, and Levi Besse.
M-2269-926Beiseker area. -- 1908-1919. Land bought mainly by Americans.
M-2269-927Portland, Oregon. -- 1908-1916.
M-2269-928Beiseker, Delacour, Acme, Gleichen and Vulcan areas. -- Anton Hagel and Charles Wendland, John Weiners, P. Schmidt, O. Desjardin, H. Ernst.
M-2269-929Keoma and Beiseker areas. --1917-1927. -- T. Vogel, Karl Sulzler.
M-2269-930Strathmore area. -- 1913-1921.
M-2269-931Strathmore area. -- 1908-1919.
M-2269-932Langdon area. -- 1917-1927.
M-2269-933Langdon area. -- 1917-1927.
M-2269-934Beiseker area. -- 1917-1927.
M-2269-935Beiseker area. -- 1917-1934.
M-2269-936South Dakota. -- 1916-1920.
M-2269-937Sales. -- 1919-1930.
M-2269-938Beiseker area. -- 1919-1929
Beiseker and Davidson Company general office files and Calgary Colonization Company liquidation files. -- 1906-1944.
M-2269-939Correspondence. -- 1910-1916. -- Re: land transfers of Canadian Pacific Irrigation Colonization Lands to the Canadian Pacific Railway, audit of Beiseker and Davidson (1911), financial reports, lands owned.
M-2269-940Correspondence. -- 1917-1929. -- Re: payments to be made to Canadian Pacific Railway for land contract.
M-2269-941Law suit. -- 1915-1925. -- Re: suit by Bank of Montreal.
M-2269-942Correspondence. -- 1918-1934. -- Re: payments on farm contracts.
M-2269-943Legal and financial papers. -- 1916-1931. -- Reports showing assets and liabilities for tax purposes of Beiseker and Davidson from 1919-1928, Calgary Colonization Company income tax from 1918-1925; also correspondence concerning income tax and estate matters of C.H. Davidson heirs, and the Company incorporation.
M-2269-944Reports. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: crops and estimated payments on land contracts owned by Beiseker and Davidson.
M-2269-945Wells County State Bank, Fessenden, North Dakota. -- 1920-1928. -- Re: collections on mortgages, receipts, and bank account statements.
M-2269-946Annual financial reports. -- 1916-1942. -- Re: taxes, including summary of shares, and distribution.
M-2269-947Fred Whitaker (secretary and accountant) correspondence. -- 1919-1924. -- Re: collections, financial matters (including Calgary Colonization Company), personal matters. Correspondents include: James W. Davidson (Vice-president, Beiseker and Davidson).
M-2269-948South Dakota correspondence. 1919-1928. -- Re: land sales/contracts. Correspondents include Wells County State Bank, Arthur L. Netcher (lawyer, Beiseker & Co., North Dakota), James W. Davidson.
M-2269-949North Dakota Farming Company. -- 1916-1918. -- Re: liquidation of North Dakota Farming Company, and transfer of assets to Calgary Colonization Company. Includes lists of assets.
M-2269-950Correspondence. -- 1912-1916. -- Re: Beiseker townsite (NE of 12-28-26, W-4), sub-division and lands deeded from the Canadian Pacific Railway, including conversion to farm lands; also taxes applied to land, and Calgary Colonization Company. Includes map.
M-2269-951A.L. Netcher (North Dakota attorney) correspondence. -- 1916-1931. -- Re: land contracts, showing purchaser and financial status, collections and financial matters, reports on contract holders and conditions of crops, assets of Calgary Colonization Company, taxes and foreclosures on lands; also auction sale notes of Calgary Colonization Company chattels in 1919.
M-2269-952Income tax papers. -- 1919-1941. -- Includes T. Beisekers's personal income tax, Calgary Colonization Company tax, and forms showing assets and liabilities of Beiseker and Davidson Ltd.
M-2269-953Correspondence. -- 1916-1920. -- Re: claim against Calgary Colonization Company over land sales contract, and the collection on notes owned by T.L. Beiseker.
M-2269-954Calgary Colonization Company correspondence. -- 1915-1918. -- Re: financial C.H. Davidson estate, financial status of shareholders of the Company in 1915, sale of lands for estate of A.S. Burrows.
M-2269-955SayreStrong promissory notes. -- 1907-1920. -- Re: legal dispute over promissory notes, involving A.J. Sayre (president, Calgary Colonization Company), L.P. Strong, and the Bank of Montreal. File includes legal documents (affadavits, statement of claim). Correspondents include Lougheed Bennett (law firm), First National Bank of Carrington, Minnesota Loan & Trust Company.
M-2269-956Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1928. -- Contains shares, distribution of assets, claims against the Company, finances, tax matters, map showing lands farmed by Company and those surrendered to Canadian Pacific Railway, price list of lands showing acreage, quality and description, maps showing prices and land for sale; also affidavit sworn by J.W. Davidson that C.H. Davidson left large debts and decided that the company should be liquidated.
M-2269-957Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1925. -- Contains Royal Trust (liquidator) correspondence regarding the Canadian National Railway dispute over right-of-way lands.
M-2269-958Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1927. -- Contains Royal Trust (liquidator) correspondence about shared owned in other companies, contract matters, outstanding accounts, claims against the Company, summaries of liquidation progress, notice of auction sale of land owned by Company.
M-2269-959Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1927.
M-2269-960Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1927.
M-2269-961Liquidation of Calgary Colonization Company. -- 1918-1928. -- Re: auction (including collections on notes from land sold), report on auction (including articles sold, purchasers, amount paid and notes); also correspondence concerning chattels of Company.
M-2269-962Distribution of Calgary Colonization Company assets/funds. -- 1922-1929. -- Includes correspondence concerning distribution of monies to heirs of C.H. Davidson and T.L. Beiseker, purchasing of bonds (i.e. War Loan bonds), and Victory Loan 1918 application form.
M-2269-963Distribution of Calgary Colonization Company assets/funds. -- 1922-1929. -- Correspondents include A.L. Netcher, J.W. Davidson, C.V. Smith (Minnesota Loan & Trust Company).
M-2269-964Drought relief. -- 1917-1925. -- Re: Drought Area Relief Act of 1922, Alberta Land Legislation Tax Act, legislation concerning loans; also Calgary Colonization Company commission contract forms.
M-2269-965Legal forms. -- 1918-1928. -- Mostly legal forms (including forms from British Dominions Land Settlement Corporation Limited, Gilbert Brothers Limited, United States Internal Revenue), lease with W.G. Scott (Beiseker area), option to Louis P. Donovan of Montana.
M-2269-966J. Goetz (Land agent) correspondence. -- 1918-1926. -- Re: land sales, description of lands, commissions, monies owing to T.L. Beiseker.
M-2269-967Correspondence. -- 1921-1927. -- Re: Beiseker and Davidson lands (including transfers, assignments of water agreements, and transfers of water rights) land price lists, outstanding contracts with Calgary Colonization Company, contract with F.W. Crandall. Correspondents include A.J. Sayre and E.R. Mosber (Woodley-Sayre Company in California).
M-2269-968Correspondence. -- 1924-1930. -- Re: mortgage payments, crop reports, outstanding taxes for 1925.
M-2269-969Land contracts. -- 1914-1922. -- Consists of contract list for 1922 (giving owner, parcel of land, price, amount due), price list, trial balances for 1921 and 1922, assets and liabilities statement, and land inventory, for Calgary Colonization Company
M-2269-970Listings. -- 1913-1925. -- Inquiries (many from United States) about purchasing land. Correspondents include Pasco Land Company, J.G. Hunter Realty Company, S.A. Phipps Real Estate.
M-2269-971L.P. lawsuit. -- 1920-1925. -- Lawsuit by Beiseker and Davidson against L.P. Strong for debts/promissory notes; includes correspondence and legal papers.
M-2269-972L.P. Strong correspondence. -- 1909-1920. -- Re: promissory note (including agreement between Strong and T.L. Beiseker, affidavits, statement of claim, and related correspondence).
M-2269-973Correspondence. -- 1909-1920. -- Re: water agreements, listing of lands, transfers of land from Canadian Pacific Railway, list of arrears on land, Canadian Pacific Railway land sales policy in 1914, land prices, land agreements between Beiseker and Davidson and Canadian Pacific Railway. Correspondents include A.L. Netcher, J. Lethbridge, A. Day (Beiseker & Company, North Dakota), T. L. Beiseker.
M-2269-974Land contracts. -- 1909-1920. -- Statements/summaries of lands held by Beiseker and Davidson and Canadian Pacific Railway in 1914, lands sold (including purchaser, description, payments) and lands held (including description and cost) by Beiseker and Davidson.
M-2269-975Accounting information. -- 1919-1920. -- Includes accounts receivable list (including land purchaser, principal, interest amounts), trial balance for 1919, bond account, general ledger (financial statement) for 1920, journal entries, National Surety bond contracts, power of attorney contract nominating Fred Whitaker.
M-2269-976Correspondence. -- 1918-1920. -- Re: water transfer agreements with Canadian Pacific Railway, and collection letters to land owners. Correspondents include A. Newman, J.W. Davidson. Includes Lougheed Building tenancy agreement.
M-2269-977Peter Will correspondence and papers. -- 1911-1923. -- Re: section 10-10-28 W4 (Crossfield area).
M-2269-978Stinn and Hanke correspondence and papers. -- 1917-1924. Re: sections 17 and 19-28-22 W4 (Strathmore/Carbon area), including transfer and tax issues.
M-2269-979J. Scheetz (Fowler, Indiana) and G.W. Bates correspondence and papers. -- 1905-1918. -- Re: sections 21, 23, 29, 33-22-29W4; including subsequent sale of a parcel to J. Xaver.
M-2269-980H.B and E. Seymour correspondence and papers. -- 1915-1919. -- Re: 8-26-28 W4, including offer to purchase the parcel by A.J. Kirby.
M-2269-981George Knox correspondence and papers. -- 1912-1920. -- Re: mortgage of G.S. Knox (Calgary real estate dealer) on section 34-25-28 W4.
M-2269-982George Knox correspondence and papers. -- 1912-1920. -- Re: land purchase and mortgage on section 12-26-28 W4; transfer/sale of section 34-25-28 W4 by Father A.J. McDonald to Knox.
M-2269-983J. F. Lacombe correspondence and papers. -- 1915-1928. -- Re: financial problems of Lacombe, second mortgage, foreclosure action, sale of land (section 11-23-27 W4 Langdon area).
M-2269-984D.B. Slater correspondence and papers. -- 1909-1928. -- Re: price of land in 1909, payments, overdue contract, leasing, recovery of land by Beiseker and Davidson, court action on land, crop payments. (Sections 7, 8-28-24 W4).
M-2269-985W.O. McLennan correspondence and papers.. -- 1918-1938. -- Re: history of land sale, payments, foreclosures, new contracts, concessions, lease to another party.
M-2269-986Land sales correspondence and papers. -- 1922-1929. -- Re: Simon Wahl land at Airdire, and Arnold George land at Kathryn, Alberta.
M-2269-987M>G. Cameron correspondence and papers. -- 1918-1933. -- Re: section 21-23-28 W4 (Shepard area).
M-2269-988Land sales correspondence and papers. 1916-1933. -- Re: C.S. Arbogast (Beddington, Alberta), Mrs. A.H. Rose (Strathmore), including fence dispute, land sold to C.V. Rose, court action, foreclosure, land resale.
M-2269-989J.G. Norstrant (Calgary Colonization Company farm manager, Drumheller) correspondence. -- 1917-1939. -- Re: cattle and land deals, court case, interest in lands jointly owned with Davidson, agreements, payments.
M-2269-990J.G. Norstrant correspondence. -- 1917-1939.
M-2269-991Minnesota Loan and Trust Company (trustees of D.H. Davidson heirs) correspondence and papers. -- 1931-1937. --Re: land sales, collections, audits, crop reports, statements.
M-2269-992Northwestern National Bank and Trust Company (trustees for Mary Davidson) correspondence and papers. -- 1931-1936. --Re: land contracts, financial reports.
M-2269-993Northern and Dakota Trust Company, and Well County State Bank correspondence and papers. -- 1937-1944. -- Re: status of land mortgage contracts still held by Beiseker and Davidson Company, annual financial reports for Beiseker and Davidson, Calgary.
M-2269-994Northwestern National Bank and Trust Company. -- 1943-1944 correspondence and papers. -- Re: transfer of lands and assets of Beiseker and Davidson Company to Canada Colonization Association.

Series 5-F

James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, correspondence. -- 1926-1931.
M-2269-995Correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: colonization boards (including Mennonite settlers at Coaldale), Canada Colonization Association lists of agents in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
M-2269-996Correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: lands available (for Mennonite settlement), Lutheran Immigration Board of Canada report, immigrants to Botha (Alberta), sugar beet workers, Association of German Canadian Catholics (Winnipeg) and their immigration of families to Magrath.
M-2269-997Correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: farm work inquiries (including replies detailing employment situation in Alberta), inquiries from United States and Europe, inquiries about industries (including muskrat and mink raising); also Medicine Hat industries for British settlement purposes.
M-2269-998Correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: inquiries and replies, including descriptions of land, acreage and productivity; also inquiries from Acting Consul of Switzerland about Swiss immigrants at Consort.
M-2269-999A.B. Calder (Special representative, Department of Colonization and Development) speech. -- [ca 1925]. -- Text of speech given to the Central and Northern Alberta Land Settlement Association.
M-2269-1000Miscellaneous correspondence and papers. -- 1926. -- Re: applications for employment, letters introducing R. Kutylowski (Assistant Director of the Department of Emigration, Poland) while in Canada studying opportunities for Polish colonists; also article on French Canadian horse.
M-2269-1001Correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: Carmangay and other colonization boards, Hungarian colonists in the Lethbridge district.
M-2269-1002Carmangay Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Re: land inquiries and replies, placements and nominations; also organization of Board.
M-2269-1003Innisfail Colonization Board . -- 1926. -- Includes list of immigrants in Innisfail district, enquiry from Dutch immigrants about sugar beet farming at Raymond and Coaldale, correspondence of Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board (including lists of Hungarians, Hungarian Society, list of Board officers).
M-2269-1004Swedish Colonization Board. -- 1925-1927. -- Includes minutes of meetings held in office of J.W. Hugill (Royal Consul for Sweden), organization of Board, Board meeting minutes.
M-2269-1005Columbia Valley Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Includes list of farm labourers placed by Canadian Pacific Railway, inquiries.
M-2269-1006Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board. -- 1926. -- Includes nominations, settlement of arrivals.
M-2269-1007Correspondence and papers. -- 1926. -- Re: Seventh Day Adventists, Latter Day Saints immigrants from Great Britain, Holland and Denmark, Cardston United Irrigation District Colonization Board (about sugar beet workers), Central Women's Colonization Board matters (including Board organization).
M-2269-1008O.T. Lathrop correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: applications for employment, settler assistance. (Includes a few letters with C. Van Scoy).
M-2269-1009Personal correspondence. -- 1927. -- Includes maps of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Correspondents include B.A. Pickel (Canadian Pacific Railway employee in Europe), C. Van Scoy.
M-2269-1010Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: unpaid accounts of Norwegian immigrants at Hillspring, accounts covering immigrants' expenses, requests for passes, list of visitors to J. Colley's office. Correspondents include N. Tanner (Cardston merchant), C. Van Scoy).
M-2269-1011Correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: advances to immigrants (including rail fares and room rental), Colonists Service Association, placement information. Correspondents include Mrs. E.A. McKillop (Sunshine Fund, Calgary), H.S. Kent.
M-2269-1012Colonization boards. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: general settlement issues, and Cottage Scheme. Correspondents include C. Van Scoy.
M-2269-1013Elsa. M. Wares, secretary, Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: placements, accounts, reports of immigrants placed in farm labour; also reports on various families placed in Lethbridge-Coaldale area.
M-2269-1014Correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: transportation accounts (including requests for passes), auto livery accounts, cottage matters. Includes 'Big Brother Movement' (Australia) pamphlet. Correspondents include O.T. Lathrop.
M-2269-1015Circulars. -- 1929. -- Re: steamship division, Colonists Service Association (placement of new immigrants). Correspondents include H.S. Kent.
M-2269-1016Reports. -- 1928-1931. -- Re: Danish immigrants, statement of accounts of Norwegian families.

Series 5-G

Colonists Service Association. -- 1928-1931. -- Consists of James Colley's correspondence relating to Association matters, including settlements, colonization boards, and other activities.
M-2269-1017Correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: embargo on immigrants from Central Europe (including sugar beet workers), objections to embargo (to Premier Brownlee and Minister of Immigration).
M-2269-1018Correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: the Association at Raymond (including list of immigrants and nominators) and at Kelowna.
M-2269-1019Correspondence and papers. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: accounts of Lethbridge Colonization Boards, placements, nominations, lists of labourers, Association rulings and instructions (including reports and resolution)
M-2269-1020Red Deer, Pincher Creek, and Nanton Colonization Boards correspondence. -- 1928. -- Re: requests for immigrants; also Seventh Day Adventists, including nominations and transportation of immigrants.
M-2269-1021Medicine Hat, Magrath, and Innisfail Colonization Boards correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: placements and nominations.
M-2269-1022Didsbury, and Columbia Valley Colonization Boards correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: information on Swedish immigrants, land classification reports.
M-2269-1023Claresholm, and Brooks Colonization Boards. -- 1929.
M-2269-1024Reports. -- 1929. -- Reports of immigrants placed in farm labour, Central Women's Colonization Board.
M-2269-1025Correspondence. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: Association credit scheme, Central Women's Colonization Board; also Taber, Stavely and Sylvan Lake Colonization Boards.
M-2269-1026Credit scheme. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes credit nominations, Sylvan Lake Colonization Board.
M-2269-1027Correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: applications for admission to Canada from immigrants, blanket orders, Stavely Colonization Board, Seven Day Adventists Board. Correspondents include G. Geddes (Edgewater, British Columbia).
M-2269-1028Olds, Nanton, Innisfail, Magrath, Claresholm, Didsbury, Columbia Valley Colonization Boards. -- 1931.
M-2269-1029Correspondence. -- 1931. -- Association at Raymond, Lethbridge, and Calgary. (Includes some lists of immigrants).
M-2269-1030Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: applications for employment (and replies), Association reports of immigrants placed in farm labour.
M-2269-1031Steamship bulletins. -- 1931. Re: Canadian Pacific Railway boats, including fares and schedules.
M-2269-1032H.S. Kent correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: inquiries from potential settlers, and replies.
M-2269-1033Correspondence and reports. -- 1931. -- Re: inquiries and replies concerning farm work; also weekly condition reports for southern Alberta.
M-2269-1034Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: British families in Coal Creek and Earlie Colony (including approvals of new families, and assistance with moving); also investigation by S.G. Schefbeck of immigrants aided by the Association.
M-2269-1035Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: special assistance to British families, D. Demotrovitz' reports on the progress of Hungarian settlers in Brooks and Tilley districts.
M-2269-1036Continental immigration. -- 1930. -- Re: general immigration situation, Cottage report. Correspondents include H.S. Kent, R.C. Bosworth.
M-2269-1037Correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: reduced rates for settlers induced by the Association to come west; inquiries and replies about the Cooperative Land Settlement Scheme.
M-2269-1038Brush land contracts correspondence. -- 1931.
M-2269-1039Correspondence. -- 1931-1931. -- Re: track workers wages, contracts.
M-2269-1040Charter correspondence. -- 1931.
M-2269-1041Newspaper clippings and Application for Incorporation. -- 1926-1928. -- Articles on immigration, (draft?) Association application; also internal Canadian Pacific Railway policy on colonists, and clerical staff job descriptions.

Series 5-H

Canada Colonization Association general office files. -- 1926-1931. -- Includes Vancouver office files, James Colley and William R. Dick correspondence, etc. All of these files are related in subject matter, namely colonization boards, reports on settlers, head office correspondence, various settlement schemes, associated organizations, statistics, land listings for settlers and general correspondence. There was evidence of original order and this was retained throughout.
Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1925-1928.
M-2269-1042Correspondence. -- 1926-1928. Re: letters from Mennonites (in Russian) inquiring about land, placements on farms, and farm purchases. Correspondents include G. Dahl (Canada Colonization Company).
M-2269-1043Correspondence. -- 1926-1928.
M-2269-1044Correspondence. -- 1926-1928.
M-2269-1045Correspondence. -- 1926-1928.
M-2269-1046Correspondence. -- 1926-1928.
M-2269-1047Mennonite applications. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: land for settlement purposes.
M-2269-1048Correspondence. -- 1928. Re: Mennonites and land settlement (in Russian).
M-2269-1049Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: land sales, industrial opportunities, Board matters.
M-2269-1050Correspondence. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: land sales, agreements on contracts.
M-2269-1051Correspondence. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: applications for farms and land, Mennonites, settlers moving west from other parts of Canada.
M-2269-1052Correspondence. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: automobile accident claim, petition to Mr. Brownlee to bring in more Mennonites from Russia, applications for naturalization papers, inquires about land, settlers at Tilley.
M-2269-1053Inter-office correspondence. -- 1925-1928. -- Re: correspondence re: Crowfoot Farm (settled by Mennonites). Some letters in Russian. Also minutes of various meetings.
William R. Dick files. -- 1922-1931. -- Consists of correspondence and reports. Dick was the superintendent of land settlement for the Canada Colonization Association in Alberta.
M-2269-1054 Personal correspondence. -- 1928.
M-2269-1055Land sales. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: land crops, taxes, buildings; also includes listings of land for sale in Alberta (vendor, location, acreage, building, price, equipment, terms).
M-2269-1056Head office correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: deals and contracts involving large farms and ranches bought and divided among Mennonite families, including Namaka Farm, Crowfoot Ranching Company, Oxley Ranch, Adair Ranching Company, Bar U Ranch, Minto Ranch.
M-2269-1057Head office correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: land sales, including agents' commissions, prospective purchases, land listings, and relocation of families.
M-2269-1058Head office correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: sales of large ranches (for groups), valuations, Adair Ranching Company, Bar U Ranch, Crowfoot Farming Company, Minto Ranch, Namaka Farm, Oxley Ranch.
M-2269-1059Head office correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: tenants' leases, land sales to news settlers (including listings, acreage, description, crop productivity), Mennonites, settlements at Namaka and Crowfoot.
M-2269-1060Head office correspondence. -- 1925-1926. -- Mainly re: individuals wanting their large parcels of land sold to Mennonites and Hutterites.
M-2269-1061Agents. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: appointments, commissions, convention (March 1929), agent listing, report on work of Canada Colonization Association.
M-2269-1062W.R. Dick correspondence. -- April 1929. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1063W.R. Dick correspondence. -- May-June 1929. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1064W.R. Dick correspondence. -- May-June, August-September 1929. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1065W.R. Dick correspondence. -- December 1929-January 1930. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1066W.R. Dick correspondence. -- May-July 1930. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1067W.R. Dick correspondence. -- August-December 1930. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1068W.R. Dick correspondence. -- July-December 1931. -- Re: land matters (leases, property for sale, contracts, settlers' problems), agents (concerning commissions), land inspection, unemployed immigrants, listings of land for sale (including price, location), placement of immigrants, reports of visits to ranches. (Note: these are copies only. W.R. Dick acted as intermediary between vendor and purchaser).
M-2269-1069Superintendent inspection reports. -- 1930. -- Consists of follow-up inspection reports on individual settlers and their land. Reports include names of vendors and purchasers, nationality of purchaser, location, price, contract date, condition report, opinion of purchaser's ability, payments made. Most inspections done by J. Gerbrandt.
M-2269-1070Superintendent inspection reports. -- 1929-1930. -- Consists of follow-up inspection reports on individual settlers and their land. Reports include names of vendors and purchasers, nationality of purchaser, location, price, contract date, condition report, opinion of purchaser's ability, payments made. Most inspections done by J. Gerbrandt.
M-2269-1071Superintendent inspection reports. -- 1930. -- Consists of follow-up inspection reports on individual settlers and their land. Reports include names of vendors and purchasers, nationality of purchaser, location, price, contract date, condition report, opinion of purchaser's ability, payments made. Most inspections done by J. Gerbrandt.
M-2269-1072Superintendent inspection reports. -- 1930. -- Consists of follow-up inspection reports on individual settlers and their land. Reports include names of vendors and purchasers, nationality of purchaser, location, price, contract date, condition report, opinion of purchaser's ability, payments made. Most inspections done by J. Gerbrandt. Also includes master list/index to reports done.
M-2269-1073Miscellaneous matters. -- 1928-1931. -- Includes sales report for 1931 (description, district, vendor, nationality, price), report on first year Association settlers for 1930, lists of immigrants placed as of April 1930 (name, nationality, date of arrival, port and boat), minutes of agents' meeting in February 1928.
M-2269-1074Mennonite correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: Mennonite Land Settlement Board, Mennonite land purchases and payments (date, purchase, price, legal description). Mainly in Russian.
M-2269-1075Lutheran Immigration Board. -- 1922. -- Re: contracts, nominations, applications, telegrams concerning placements and arrivals.
M-2269-1076Legal documents. -- Includes agreement for sale, commission agreement of the Canada Colonization Association.
M-2269-1077Sales listing. -- April 1929-August 1930. -- Chronological list of sales, including purchaser, legal description, terms, agent, location, nationality of purchaser, vendor.
M-2269-1078Sales listing. -- January 1927-February 1929.
M-2269-1079Agreements for sale. -- 1929. -- Includes agreements for: D. Boese (Chinook, 27-8-W4), Luetje and Wagner (Naco, 31-7-W4), Schroeder et al (Penhold, 36-26-W4), H.J. Harder (Macleod, 5-26-W4), Neuman et al (Macleod, 5-26-W4), Frank Dyck (Macleod, 6-25-W4), H. Janzen (Macleod, 6-25-W4), J. J. Neuman (Macleod, 5-26-W4), J. Wilms (Macleod, 5-20-W4).
Canada Colonization Association - Vancouver office. -- 1929-1932. -- Correspondence of F.B. McConnell, Inspector (later, Superintendent), British Columbia.
M-2269-1080T.O.F. Herzer. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: placement of families in Columbia Valley, reports on settlement of Raney Ranch, Sumas project and Creston Tract, reclamation of Kootenay River Flats; also Constitution and by-laws of the Holland Reformed Immigrant Aid.
M-2269-1081Colonization Finance Corporation of Canada. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes copy of sale agreement, questionnaire, proposal for a financial corporation. Also includes immigration inquiry from group of 30 Russian families from Harbin and Shanghai, China.
M-2269-1082Commission collection. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: the collection of 10% commissions due to the Association acting as vendor for land sales.
M-2269-1083Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: agricultural matters, land, vendors, assistance to immigrants.
M-2269-1084Immigrant inquiries. -- 1929. -- Re: applications for families, unemployment problems, settlement plans for British Columbia including moving of Mennonites.
M-2269-1085Staff matters. -- 1928-1929. -- Minutes of staff meeting (Toronto, November 1928), and agents meetings at Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary.
M-2269-1086Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: slogan for the Association, land sales matters, Creston settlers, German poultry farmer application for settlement, Armstrong land sale, farm listings in Okanagan Valley; also listing of Noble and Gordon Ranches in Alberta.
M-2269-1087Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: collections on land contracts, outstanding commission collections, Cliff and McDonald farm (Traux district), settlement of Mennonites from Saskatchewan to British Columbia, University of Manitoba convocation address of 1931.
M-2269-1088Immigrant inquiries. -- 1930. -- Re: land applications, settlement opportunities. Letters mainly in Eastern European languages).
M-2269-1089Immigrant inquiries. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: settlement opportunities; also list of German settlers in the Okanagan area.
M-2269-1090Immigrant inquiries. -- 1930. -- Re: requests for land, settlement information.
M-2269-1091Weekly activity reports. -- January 1929-March 1932. -- Mainly re: settlement.
M-2269-1092Monthly reports of settlers placed. -- March 1929-December 1930. -- Includes Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Lists vendor, purchaser, acreage, contract terms, and nationality.
M-2269-1093Settlement correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: inquiries about opportunities in British Columbia (Okanagan, Fraser Valley, Coquitlam areas); replies include price of land, market availability, and productivity. Correspondents include F.B. McConnell (Inspector, British Columbia).
M-2269-1094Steamship business. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: attracting passengers, and nominations of relatives (for passage, payments on transportation).
M-2269-1095Reverend Carl Pfotenhauer (Lutheran placement agent, Vernon, British Columbia). -- 1929-1931. -- Re: land sales, advancing of monies to settlers, placement of settlers (mainly Vernon and Kamloops areas).
M-2269-1096Settlement correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: land settlement and relief work by Vancouver office; industrial inquiries; farm land inquiries on lower Mainland and Gulf Islands; memos about mortgage companies, terms of mortgages, and payments of commissions to British agents.
M-2269-1097Settlement correspondence. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: placements and land sales at Revelstoke, correspondence with VDCK (Volksberein Deutsch-Canadischer Katholiken/Association of German-Canadian Catholics) about settlement opportunities (including land listings), settlement at Grand Forks and Blakeburn Ranch; also transportation of Mennonites to Vancouver. Includes list of Canada Colonization Association representatives in British Columbia in 1931. Correspondents include F.B. McConnell, Interior Investment Company, H.J. Loughran, Father C. Kierdorf (Immigration secretary, VDCK).
M-2269-1098Agents conventions. -- 1929-1931. -- Includes minutes of annual conventions, and correspondence about meetings.
M-2269-1099Correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: land sales and settlement at Sardis and New Westminster; also Stevens Orchards at Kelowna (including location, history, irrigation, and value for prospective sale).
M-2269-1100Raney Ranch. -- 1924-1928. -- Re: location, area, price, reclamation costs, organization of a company, soil conditions, and maintenance costs with respect to a prospective Mennonite settlement; also controversial report about British settlement.
M-2269-1101Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: collection of commissions due to the Canada Colonization Association from H.C. Rayson (of Golden), development of Elko Irrigated Lands near Fort Steele (including prospectus and map).
M-2269-1102Mennonites. -- 1928-1931. -- Re: Mennonites at Yarrow and Nelson (settlers' problems); also report on Yarrow and Agassiz settlements, including legal description, price, amenities, families settled. (Mainly in German).
M-2269-1103Correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: Vancouver Island settlers, and visit of Californian Russians to relatives at Yarrow.
M-2269-1104British Re-Union Association. -- 1929-1930. -- Mainly circulars about passage/transportation of settlers.
M-2269-1105P.P. Thiessen (Mennonite agent, Canada Colonization Association) correspondence. -- 1930-1932. -- Apparently re: inquiries about land, and application for nominations. (Letters in German).
M-2269-1106 Reverend C. Thies (Lutheran minister). -- 1930-1932. -- Re: settlements at Kamloops and Peace River District.
M-2269-1107Correspondence. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: prospective British settlers, including prospectus of passenger/family, arrival in Canada, location of settlers, success in Canada, and interviews with potential settlers in England.
M-2269-1108Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: inquiries about lands available, settlement opportunities, and industrial possibilities.
M-2269-1109Alberta immigrants. -- 1932. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement opportunities in British Columbia.
M-2269-1110Saskatchewan immigrants. -- 1932. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement opportunities in British Columbia.
M-2269-1111British Columbia immigrants. -- 1929-1932. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement opportunities.
M-2269-1112Manitoba, Eastern Canada, United States. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement opportunities in British Columbia.
M-2269-1113F.B. McConnell correspondence. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: inquiries about settlement, Mennonites at Pitt Meadows, Cottage Scheme, advancements to and placements of immigrants, land for sale, and labour problems.
M-2269-1114Staff correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: settlement of Mennonites at Pitt Meadows and Kamloops, land listings, reports on Burnaby settlers, summary of trip to Britain to interview and lecture prospective settlers, settlers' problems, British migration statistics.
M-2269-1115Keary Farm (Landsdowne). -- 1929-1931. -- Includes report on buildings, fences, and land for settlement purposes for the Canada Colonization Association. Also includes copies of Land agent's contract. Correspondents include H.C.S. Collett (Okanagan Loan & Investment Trust Company).
M-2269-1116Newspaper clippings. -- 1929-1931. -- Articles from various newspapers about the Canada Colonization Association.
M-2269-1117Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: land in British Columbia, including listings and sales.
M-2269-1118British settlers. -- 1931. -- Re: British family scheme, including report on British labour situation, and promotion booklet for listings of available property of Okanagan Valley Association
M-2269-1119Correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: inquiries about land for sale, placement of Polish Lutheran families, agents at Golden, land listings.
M-2269-1120Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: employment inquiries, families waiting for settlement, temporary placement cards, reports on settlers.
M-2269-1121Papers. -- 1929. -- Daily reports on families visited by E.S. Shepard (traveling colonization agent); also 2 forms of ticket stubs.
Canada Colonization Association - General office files. -- 1928-1935.
M-2269-1122Agreements for sale and related correspondence. -- 1931. -- Agreements for George Ross (New Bridgen), Colonel Davidson (Sylvan Lake), Becker and Matthies (Castor), G.G. Rempel (Youngstown), Abram Epp (Sedalia), J.G. Satre (Coal Creek, British Columbia), E.E. Reynolds (Lacombe).
M-2269-1123Miscellaneous papers. -- 1928-1929. -- Contains land survey sheets, maps of Canada Land Irrigation Company, lands for sale at Brooks, Bow Slope, and Tilley districts.
M-2269-1124Immigration Forms. -- 1928. -- Nomination, and Application for passage assistance forms.
M-2269-1125Annual reports and related correspondence. -- 1935. -- Re: land contracts handled by the Association's Edmonton office. Reports give farm plan, land description, improvements, plans, crop report, taxes, income, equipment, and financial standing.
M-2269-1126Edmonton office. -- 1935. -- Re: lands supervised by the Edmonton office. Includes commission contract matters, financial statements of land contracts, land sales, payment statements (including crop receipts), correspondence with absentee landowners, accounts in Peace River held by Manufacturers Life, reports about land to owners (including conditions of buildings, crop progress, and improvements needed).
M-2269-1127Edmonton office. -- 1935. -- Re: lands supervised by Edmonton office. Mainly on progress of tenants, tax statements and allowances, adjustments on contracts, Crown Life Insurance Company properties in Edmonton and Calgary (land description and owner), and report on Peace River service to mortgage companies.
M-2269-1128Crown Life Insurance Company. -- 1935. -- Re: lands mortgaged by Crown Life, and handled by the Canada Colonization Association. Includes forms listing purchaser, legal description, particulars of lease or agreement for sale.
M-2269-1129Edmonton office, Annual farmers progress reports. -- 1935. -- Includes crop reports, improvements, plans, income, taxes, equipment, and financial information.
M-2269-1130 Spokane office correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: inquiries about Canadian Pacific Railway lands in western Canada, immigration requirements, capital required; some replies include prices and land available.
M-2269-1131 Spokane office correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: inquiries about Canadian Pacific Railway lands in western Canada, immigration requirements, capital required; some replies include prices and land available.
M-2269-1132 Spokane office correspondence. --1929. -- Re: inquiries about Canadian Pacific Railway lands in western Canada, immigration requirements, capital required; some replies include prices and land available.
M-2269-1133 Spokane office monthly reports. -- January-November 1929. -- Includes Canadian Pacific Railway land sales, passenger revenue, inquiries received, settlers moved to Canada.
M-2269-1134 Spokane office correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: land sales, inquiries about farm lands, prices and lands available.
Canada Colonization Association - Alphabetical office files. -- 1928-1934.
M-2269-1135A. 1928-1930. -- Re: agency appointments, inquires about settlement and land opportunities. (Many letters in German).
M-2269-1136Ammeter family -- 1928-1930. -- Re: family (Swiss-Russian) immigrating to Canada; includes lands inspected by forerunner, immigration problems and final settlement in Manitoba.
M-2269-1137A. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: applications for entry into Canada (A-W), including forms, general information, reports on landed immigrants, reports on prospective immigrants including Mennonites.
M-2269-1138A. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: 1931 agents' convention, miscellaneous matters about contract payments, reports on contract purchases, and land sales to the Mennonite Board of Colonization at Rosthern, Saskatchewan.
M-2269-1139B (British). -- 1928-1930. -- Re: placing of settlers in irrigation district under 100 Family scheme, rules and regulations of the British Re-union Association, and a complaint from an English settler.
M-2269-1140B (British Columbia). -- 1928-1930. -- Re: settlement of British Columbia lands, including land descriptions and history of tracts for settlement purpose in Fraser Valley, Columbia Valley, Agassiz, Sumas Valley, Okanagan Valley, and Coquitlam tract (prospective Mennonite settlement).
M-2269-1141Brush lands. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: brush lands, including terms and applications. (Many in German).
M-2269-1142Brush lands. -- 1928-1931. -- Re: brush lands at Innisfail, including inquiries, applications, deposits, and lands available (township plots, lists of purchases, and requirements for settlement)..
M-2269-1143Canada Colonization Association. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: employment with the Association for positions in the country, such as zone manager. (Mainly from farmers).
M-2269-1144Creston. -- 1929. -- Re: settlement of Creston area, including resumes of families applying to settle, description of farms and land, and terms of sales.
M-2269-1145C. -- 1930. -- Includes reports of 100 Family Scheme in the Eastern Section of the Irrigation Block, and from the Saskatchewan Royal Commission on Immigration and Settlement.
M-2269-1146C. -- 1931. -- Re: Canada Colonization Association at Winnipeg (routine departmental matters).
M-2269-1147Commissions. --1929-1930. -- Re: collecting on amounts owing, and land sales and commissions.
M-2269-1148Coaldale lands. -- 1930. -- Re: Canadian Pacific Railway lands at Coaldale, including reports listing purchaser, legal description, price, terms and payments; also commission matters, and applications.
M-2269-1149D. -- 1928-1929. -- Correspondence with agent at Powell, Wyoming about prospective settlers, and with prospective settlers about land settlement.
M-2269-1150Eastern Section lands. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: Canadian Pacific Railway lands, including daily reports of Canada Colonization Association settlers, prospective settlers, and land purchasers.
M-2269-1151Eastern Section lands. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: Canadian Pacific Railway lands, including prospective settlers, prices, settlers requirements, 100 Family Scheme, land listings (with legal description, location, terms), and Three year farming programme.
M-2269-1152G. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: employment inquiries, placements, and amended agreement between Minister of Immigration and Colonization and the Canadian Pacific Railway concerning the recruitment and placement of settlers.
M-2269-1153G. -- 1927-1930. -- Correspondence with Reverend J. Gerbrandt (Lethbridge) about land sales, commission matters, Mennonite settlers supplies, and Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company agreement.
M-2269-1154G. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement. (Many in German).
M-2269-1155A.W. Klassen (Mennonite Land Settlement Board). -- 1929-1931. -- Re: land contract matters, Mennonite settlers correspondence, and placements.
M-2269-1156Lutheran Immigration Board. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: nominations, problems of immigrants, and placements.
M-2269-1157L. -- 1928-1930. -- Land listings for the Association.
M-2269-1158George Lane farm. -- 1928-1930. -- Articles about the George Lane Farm being sold to Mennonites (known as the Namaka Farm), including progress of the Association settlers, terms of sale, history of the Mennonites in Russia and immigration to Canada, and an historical sketch of George Lane.
M-2269-1159Head Office. -- 1927-1929. -- Re: prospective Mennonite settlers, farm and land sales by the Association, commissions, staff matters, land descriptions and land deals.
M-2269-1160H. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: Dutch families, including reports on individual settlers, problems of settlers, the $400 plan, lands available, and placements.
M-2269-1161H. -- 1929. -- Re: land listings for prospective English settler.
M-2269-1162C. -- 1927-1929. -- Re: report on Association's growth, Holland settler's board, outstanding commissions, and contingency fund.
M-2269-1163E. -- 1930. -- Re: employment, and placements. (Mainly in German).
M-2269-1164Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1929. -- Re: listing of farms and lands available, contract sales and placements. (Mainly in German).
M-2269-1165Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1927-1930. -- Minutes of meetings for 1927-1930. Includes historical sketch of the Board, and its re-organization.
M-2269-1166Minutes. -- 1925-1927. -- Minutes of Association meetings.
M-2269-1167Minutes. -- 1927-1928. -- Minutes of meetings of agents and staff. Also a report on settlers placed.
M-2269-1168Monthly reports. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: Alberta settlers, including purchaser, district, acreage, price, commission, nationality of purchaser.
M-2269-1169P. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: prospective settlers from United States and Lutheran Immigration Board..
M-2269-1170P. -- 1927. -- Re: Peace River Colonization, general matters with G.H. Parker (Canada Colonization Association, Calgary), legal fees for land sales with Porter and Naismith (barristers and solicitors).
M-2269-1171O. -- Re: prospective sale of Cameron Ranch, including inventory and legal description.
M-2269-1172S. -- 1929-1931. -- Reports on settlers in British Columbia from 1929-1931, land sales in Alberta, Mennonites, statistics on settlers placed in Alberta.
M-2269-1173S. -- 1928.-1931. -- Statistics on Saskatchewan settlers placed and lands sold, and Manitoba settlers placed and lands sold.
M-2269-1174S. -- 1928. -- Statistics on Ontario settlers and land sales for 1928-1931, and correspondence about British immigration under Serial 8 plan.
M-2269-1175S. -- 1926-1930. -- Re: settlers arriving and placement on land, farms for sale (with legal description, buildings, price), listings at Morrin, land deals. Correspondents include M.L. Sterzer (Inspector, Canada Colonization Association, Edmonton), and Dr. J.K. Spooner (agent at New Brigden and Sedalia).
M-2269-1176O.B. Stauffer (agent, Brooks). -- 1930. -- Progress reports from Stauffer, mainly to W.R. Dick (Superintendent, Calgary).
M-2269-1177T. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: Thousand Family scheme (regulations and family reports), and the placing of families (with Reverend C. Thies, Lutheran Immigration Board, Edmonton).
M-2269-1178Weekly reports. -- 1929-1930. -- Reports from Association's Calgary office from January 1929-December 1930, including settlements completed, new settlement opportunities, and adjustments on contracts.
M-2269-1179Wainwright district. -- 1927-1928. Land listings for Wainwright, and other Alberta areas.
M-2269-1180W.R. Dick. -- 1931. -- Personal matters.
M-2269-1181F. -- 1930-1931. -- Family progress reports, including class of settler, nationality, contract information, character of purchase.
M-2269-1182Family progress reports. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-1183H to L. -- 1931. -- Re: Hornby Settlement scheme, inventory of Jamieson Farm (Irma, Alberta), and Lutheran Immigration Board.
M-2269-1184M to N. -- 1931. -- Mennonite Land Settlement Board report of activities in Manitoba, and inquiries, replies, applications (many in German).
M-2269-1185N. -- 1931. -- Re: legal case, overpayments, taxes.
M-2269-1186P. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: British prospects (including prospective immigrants resumes), lands desires, lands available, and arrivals and placements of immigrants.
M-2269-1187P. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: prospective Mennonite settlers, and brief resumes on prospects (mainly in German).
M-2269-1188Eastern Section land summary 1932. -- Summary sheets giving settlers names, location, crop yields, livestock for 1929, 1930, 1931.
M-2269-1189Eastern Section papers. -- 1933. -- Re: lands available, monthly reports, grain yields summary table for 1929-1932, report on settlers in the Eastern Section (including name, address, land description), and a report with recommendations for settling land.
M-2269-1190Family progress reports. -- 1930-1933. -- Inspection reports (for 1933?, giving class of settler, vendor, purchaser, nationality, district, contract terms, and general remarks) and summary reports of families settled, prior to July 1, 1930, for Alberta.
M-2269-1191Family progress reports. -- 1931. -- Covers August 1930-July 1931, for Alberta.
M-2269-1192 Family progress reports. -- 1931-1932. -- Covers July 31, 1931-July 31, 1932, for Alberta.
M-2269-1193Family progress reports. -- 1931-1933. -- Covers Alberta for July 31, 1932-July 31, 1933; Northern Alberta for August 1, 1931-July 31, 1932; and summary report for period prior to July 31, 1931.
M-2269-1194Namaka Ranch (Farm). -- 1927-1931. -- Re: Ranch agreement, including between George Lane Company and the Mennonite purchasers of the Namaka Farm, and also the history of the changes in the agreements with the Canada Colonization Association in 1931.
M-2269-1195Correspondence. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: inquiries for land from the United States, and a form letter to absentee landowners.
M-2269-1196Spokane office. -- 1930. -- Re: inquiries about land and settlement in Canada; also Canadian Pacific Railway circulars about Company lands in the Prairie Provinces (price, productivity), and daily registrations of prospective settlers.
M-2269-1197Spokane office. -- 1930. -- Two reports on farms for sale in Manitoba, including legal description, soil, cultivation, buildings, price.
M-2269-1198Spokane office. -- 1930. -- Re: inquiries about lands available for settlement (replies included); also monthly reports.
M-2269-1199Tate Creek Ranch (Peace River District, British Columbia). 1932-1934. -- Re: negotiations for the purchase of the ranch by the Association for settlement purposes, letters from various colonization boards about settling families on the Ranch, Sudeten settlers; also description of the land, map and report on lands.
M-2269-1200Trent Commission. -- 1931-1934. -- Re: the collection of commission by Association from land owner G.A. Trent Lands (Tofield), whose land was sold to Mennonites. Includes crop yields by settlers, and crop payments to vendor.
M-2269-1201Duke of Sutherland Estate. -- 1933. -- Re: supervision takeover by the Association for better settlement and management.
M-2269-1202Weekly reports. -- 1931-1932. -- Reports of Calgary office, including general activities, settlements, new deals, adjustments on contract.
M-2269-1203A. -- 1930-1932. -- Re: lands for settlement purposes, including Adair Ranch, Peace River and Alterio lands; summary of settlers placed, acreage, purchase price.
M-2269-1204A. -- 1930-1932. -- Applications of settlers, including resumes of settlers, lands available.
M-2269-1205B. -- 1930-1932. -- Re: Bow Valley Farms (including map), baseball scores, Bradley-Taylor Lands (Chancellor, Alberta), including description of land for settlement purposes.
M-2269-1206C. -- 1930-1931. -- Report and maps of lands lying 115 miles east of Edmonton on the Canadian National Railway; also correspondence re: problems of Kamloops settlers, and with a Saskatchewan agent.
M-2269-1207S. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: monthly reports, general land matters.
M-2269-1208T. -- 1931. -- Re: testimonial; also brief summaries of settlements in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
M-2269-1209W V. -- 1931. -- Re: land settlement (some letters in German).
M-2269-1210C. -- 1932. -- From various branch offices, re: land settlement matters, including the Association in Alberta, commission contracts, and land at Shuswap and Chase (British Columbia).
M-2269-1211C. -- 1934. -- Re: Peace River land matters, farm manager matters, German settlers correspondence. Also include Back to the Land Movement statistics, estimates of crop average and yield for 1934-1935, and a report on homesteading by W.D. Albright (Dominion Experimental Farm, Beaverlodge).
M-2269-1212C. -- 1933. -- From Edmonton office re: Hornby Plan, land sales, commission matters, and British Columbia lands.
M-2269-1213C. -- 1934. -- Re: Canada Land and Irrigation Company land sales and settlement, Northern Alberta cottages (payments and handlings); also reports of land contracts (including plan of farm, size, maps, application form), and agreement for timber cutting on property owned by W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1214Canada Land and Irrigation Company (Vauxhall, Alberta). -- 1933. -- Land sales agreements.
M-2269-1215Commission collection. -- 1931-1933. -- Agreements, collections, and payments.
M-2269-1216Canadian Pacific Railway general land file. -- 1933. -- Includes reports on contract holders concerning crop production.
M-2269-1217Canyon Creek Mill. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: purchase from B. Burns Company, orders, and sales.
M-2269-1218Head office correspondence. -- 1933. -- Re: D. Holwell Ranch (Irricana), Dunbow Indian School, and Big Spring Ranch. Also minutes of Association meetings, April, 1933, and employment resume of F.G. Cope. Correspondents include A.F. Landels, C.A. Buchanan (District Superintendent, Canada Colonization Association), W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1219Miscellaneous matters. -- 1933-1934. -- Address of J.B. Eastman on railroad problems, Colonization Finance Corporation minutes and 1933 annual report, memos to farm managers, and J. Clarke (Canada Colonization Association) correspondence.
M-2269-1220G. -- 1933. -- Re: settlers (including problems and payments); also forms for seed grain distribution. (Some letters in German).
M-2269-1221G. -- 1933. -- Re: placement of settlers (some letters in German).
M-2269-1222G. -- 1933. -- Re: settlers, grain matters, Duke of Sutherland land matters, Hornby Plan, movement of Mennonites to Coaldale.
M-2269-1223H.S. Kent. -- 1933. -- Re: immigration matters, and reports on various contract holders (including buildings, crops, land); also includes Lutheran immigration matters.
M-2269-1224Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1932-1934. -- Re: land agreement and contract matters, settlers problems, resettlement and placement of Mennonites, list of settlers place in Alberta.
M-2269-1225Monthly newsletters, Calgary and Edmonton offices. -- January-September 1033. -- Includes information on purchases, arrivals, crop reports. Writer include W.R. Dick, and C.A. Buchanan.
M-2269-1226Naturalization file. -- 1932-1935. -- Applications for Canadian naturalization.
M-2269-1227British Re-union Association. -- 1934-1936. -- Re: fare collections.
M-2269-1228C.A. Buchanan, District Superintendent, Edmonton. -- 1933-1934. -- Mainly field trip reports, including Peace River district.
M-2269-1229Canadian Pacific Railway general land file. -- 1935. -- Includes brush land application, sales made under 100 Family Scheme. (Some letters in German).
M-2269-1230Colonization Finance Corporation. -- 1935. -- Includes reports on crop conditions for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for May-August 1935, and 'Rehabilitation of the drought area' booklet and report.
M-2269-1231Cottage scheme. -- 1934-1935. -- Re: cottages in northern and southern Alberta, including occupying family, condition and government occupation. Correspondents include C.A. Buchanan.
M-2269-1232Coaldale. -- 1932-1935. -- Re: commission contracts on lands sold to Mennonites (Mennonite Land Settlement Board), including area lands, and list of settlers. Correspondents include W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1233C. -- 1935. -- Commission collections/outstanding commissions, and several 'Records of liquidation'. Correspondents include W.R. Dick, C.A. Buchanan.
M-2269-1234Cottage scheme. -- 1933-1934. -- Re: cottages rented to the government, inquiries about sale and occupation, report for northern Alberta (including condition, inventory), lease between government and Canadian Pacific Railway, and outstanding rents.
M-2269-1235Real estate license. -- 1934. -- Re: license for Association (including application and actual license).
M-2269-1236Head office correspondence and memos. -- 1934. -- Re: land inspections, report of joint meeting of Provincial Land Settlement Board and representative of municipal organizations, railway fares, lands owned by Saskatchewan Land and Homestead Company, and Swedish settlement on the Van Horne farm. Also 'Procedures re: properties under supervision' memo. Correspondents include W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1237H.S. Kent. -- 1934. -- Includes crop yield reports, list of absentee land owners in Washington and Oregon, National Joint Committee on Rural Credits reports, improved Canadian Pacific Railway brush lands resume, and expense accounts for H.S. Kent.
M-2269-1238Monthly reports. -- 1933-1934. -- Contains monthly crop and weather reports for June-October 1934 for the Prairies (from the Colonization Finance Corporation), and Calgary office monthly newsletters from August 1933-June 1934.
M-2269-1239Prospective British settlers 1934. -- Re: mainly William Forbes and R.D. Clarke families. Correspondents include W.R. Dick, and C.A. Buchanan.
M-2269-1240Namaka Farm. -- 1935. -- Includes consolidation report; also reports on individual purchases (inventory, operating requirements, repairs, improvements needed, capital expenditures, plans).
M-2269-1241Namaka Farm. -- 1932-1935. -- Re: settlers needs, relief problems, crop payments, lease matters, supplies, financial difficulties; also a plan showing boundaries and extent of Namaka Farm, and commission agreements with George Lane and Company.
M-2269-1242Miscellaneous. -- 1935. -- Includes monthly crop reports, tax information for farm managers, memorandum about immigration over the past fifty years, role of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and a map of the United Irrigation District.
M-2269-1243Statistics. -- 1929-1934. -- Report of settlers place prior to July 1929-1930, and Canada Colonization Association monthly and sales reports fro July 1930-July 1932.
M-2269-1244Statistics. -- 1932-1934. -- Canada Colonization Association monthly and sales reports for July 1932-July 1934.
M-2269-1245Supervision service, Calgary. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: supervision service of the Association (Calgary office) for absentee land owners; includes lists of owners, inquiries about services, and land conditions.
M-2269-1246Supervision service, Edmonton. -- 1934. -- Re: Association's supervision service, mainly about land condition and payments.
M-2269-1247Supervision service. -- 1930-1934. -- Re: assorted parcels of land, and supervision agreements. Also correspondence about British settlement, including land listing forms. Correspondents include W.R. Dick, and R.C. Duncan.
M-2269-1248Stone and Loewen property (Beaverlodge, Alberta). -- 1932. -- Re: mortgage #16525 for Section 17-72-10 W6, section 33-71-10 W6, originally owned by Rede and Annie Stone, then sold to Jacob, Abraham, and John Loewen. Also miscellaneous correspondence of W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1249W. R. Dick correspondence. -- 1934.
M-2269-1250H.S. Kent correspondence. -- 1935. -- Mainly to absentee land owners about Association's supervision service.
M-2269-1251Mortgage Loan Association. -- 1935. -- Circulars and reports; also bulletins from the Dominion Mortgage and Investments Association.
M-2269-1252Mortgage Loan Association. -- 1934-1935. -- Includes memos and bulletins.
M-2269-1253Annual statements. -- 1931. -- Includes excerpts from a staff meeting about farm management; also summaries of families settled.
M-2269-1254B. -- 1932. -- Re: Back to the Land Movement, and (Calgary) Board of Trade memos.
M-2269-1255Colonization Finance Corporation. -- 1931-932. -- Includes maps of Corporation territory, 1931 annual report on farm management, and presentation on dairy cattle.
M-2269-1256C. -- 1932. -- Association's Edmonton office, mainly about collection of commissions.
M-2269-1257Canadian Pacific Railway general land file. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: 100 Family Scheme sale, township 35 plots, land deals, contract matters.
M-2269-1258Commission collection. -- 1931. --
M-2269-1259P. -- 1931. -- Re: prospective land listings, including legal description and conditions.
M-2269-1260P. -- 1933-1934. -- Re: prospective Canadian settlers to Alberta, and prospective Mennonite land settlers (in German).
M-2269-1261Prospective supervision, Calgary area 1934. -- Includes legal description of land.
M-2269-1262Prospective supervision, Edmonton area. -- 1934. Also includes Quit Claim deed of land at Priddis, W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1263Prospective sales. -- 1934. -- Re: land listings, mainly owned by absentee landowners, including legal description, productivity, and buildings.
M-2269-1264Prospective sales. -- 1932. -- Re: lands for sale to prospective British buyers, and reports on settlers.
M-2269-1265Prospective buyers/settlers. -- 1932. -- Includes property descriptions, and agreement terms.
M-2269-1266Prospective buyers/settlers. -- 1934. -- Re: inquiries and replies about land in Alberta.
M-2269-1267Prospective buyers/settlers. -- 1932-1933.
M-2269-1268Prospective Mennonite buyers. -- 1932. -- Letters mainly in German.
M-2269-1269Prospective Mennonite buyers. -- 1933.
M-2269-1270Prospective Mennonite buyers. -- 1933.
M-2269-1271Prospective British buyers/settlers. -- 1933.
M-2269-1272Prospective land listings. -- 1932. -- Includes description, productivity, location, buildings, and terms.
M-2269-1273Prospective land listings. -- 1933.
M-2269-1274Priddis lands. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: lands for sales and lease; includes lands sold and owned by W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1275A. -- 1933. -- Re: Vauxhall lands, sales reports for land near Rosemary, and settlers problems.
M-2269-1276American agents. -- 1934. -- Re: prospective land buyers and settlers from the United States; includes some descriptions of lands available.
M-2269-1277A. -- 1934. -- Re: sale of land by E.F. Powell (San Diego) to David Boese, collection matter (Dvorkin family), and lease agreement between P. H. Abbey and Otto Paetzold, G.B. Pregitzer.
M-2269-1278P.H. Abbey property (file # 14304). -- 1934-1935. -- Re: property near Three Hills (section 5-32-25 W4), supervised by the Association, including takeover by Association, tenants, leases, description of land, and payments).
Canada Colonization Association - Vancouver office. -- 1929-1933. -- Correspondence of F.B. McConnell, Inspector (later, Superintendent), British Columbia .
M-2269-1279Sales reports. -- 1932-1933. -- Includes legal description, vendor, purchaser, terms, price, agent and commission.
M-2269-1280Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: lands supervised in British Columbia, including prospective lands to be supervised, and land owners.
M-2269-1281Office annual reports. -- 1931-1932.
M-2269-1282Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: land matters, settlement, closing of British Columbia office.
M-2269-1283Saskatoon office. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: collection from farmers now in British Columbia.
M-2269-1284Miller, British Columbia, report. -- 1932-1933. -- Listings available.
M-2269-1285Edmonton office. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: prospective settlers and buyers for British Columbia, prospective nominations and placements. (German form letters).
M-2269-1286Back to the Land Movement. -- 1932. -- Includes letters, memos, and newspaper clippings.
M-2269-1287Correspondence. -- 1930-1932. -- Re: settlers and land matters at Crawford Bay, and southern British Columbia.
M-2269-1288Reverend W. Zersen, Kelowna. -- 1929-1933. -- Re: settlement of German and Polish families.
M-2269-1289Prospective settlers, A-F. -- 1931-1932. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
M-2269-1290Prospective settlers, E-H. -- 1933. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
M-2269-1291Prospective settlers, I-M. -- 1933. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
M-2269-1292Prospective settlers, O-Z. -- 1933. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
M-2269-1293Prospective settlers, A-M. -- 1932-1933. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
M-2269-1294Prospective settlers, N-Z. -- 1932-1933. -- Includes inquiries, land values, land description, and productivity.
Canada Colonization Association - Alphabetical office files. -- 1931-1936. -- Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1295British Re-union Association. -- 1935-1936. -- Re: nominations, payments on passages, permit matters, regulations and passage costs.
M-2269-1296Eastern section. -- 1931. -- Re: land sales, settlers problems, land purchases, and contract matters.
M-2269-1297Eastern section. -- 1932-1934. -- Re: farm applications, contract collections, monthly reports, Coal Creek Colony, 100 Family Scheme, report on settlers placed 1929-Jun 1932.
M-2269-1298Supervision. -- 1934. -- Re: supervision fees and reports, supervision lists of southern Alberta (including owner, operator, district, acres, fees), reports on lands supervised, prospective lands to be supervised.
M-2269-1299Statistics. -- 1935. -- Monthly reports on leases for Calgary and Edmonton, and new deals from January-December 1935.
M-2269-1300Sales reports. -- December 1934-December 1935.
M-2269-1301Vauxhall Stock Farms. -- 1933-1935. -- Re: supervision by Association, including lease and contract matters, and tenant problems. Many letters in German, some of which has been translated.
M-2269-1302I. Zacharias (Canada Finance Corporation farm manager) correspondence. -- 1935. -- Memos and lists of letters translated.
M-2269-1303American agents. -- 1935. -- Re: commission contracts.
M-2269-1304Absentee landowners. -- 1935. -- Re: absentee owners and supervision of their lands by the Association. Mainly lists of owners, including land owned, municipal district, name and address.
M-2269-1305W.R. Dick personal file. -- 1935-1936. -- Includes property contracts and leases of Jane Dick (wife), and will; also correspondence re property and family matters.
M-2269-1306Prospective lands. -- 1935. -- Re: prospective lands to be supervised by the Association; includes interviews, correspondence with land owners, and reports on various lands.
M-2269-1307Prospective Mennonite settlers. -- 1935-1936. Mainly in German, some of which has been translated.
M-2269-1308Prospective British settlers. -- 1934-1935. -- Re: queries from settlers wishing new lands.
M-2269-1309Prospective settlers. -- 1935. -- Re: prospective land applicants and settlers wishing to settle in Alberta.
M-2269-1310W.R. Dick, Head office correspondence and papers. -- 1924. -- New listings in Alberta (including price, buildings, district); also listings, map, and pictures of Wainwright district lands.
M-2269-1311Alberta farm and land listings. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Includes settlers name, description of land and buildings, location, cost, and financial terms.
M-2269-1312Head office. -- 1924. -- Re: inspection of lands for settlement purposes, list of agents in District no. 6 (Alberta), travelling land valuators and salesmen, history of the Association, rules and regulations for agents, and new settlers into Alberta.
M-2269-1313W.R. Dick correspondence. -- 1926. -- Re: settlers' progress, new arrivals, land available, land deals, and Mennonites.
M-2269-1314German settlers. -- 1928. -- Re: their progress in Saskatchewan and Alberta; includes applications for land, lands available, and settlers' equipment. Mainly in German, some of which has been translated.
M-2269-1315Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: applications under Colonization Finance Corporation; also prospective farm buyers, and applications for settlement.
M-2269-1316Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: land applications, inquiries, and land available (including description and price).
M-2269-1317Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: applications from Mennonites (mainly in German, some of which has been translated), as well as Hungarians, Ukrainians, and Hutterites.
M-2269-1318General office correspondence. -- 1935-1936. -- Re: contract payments, seeds, inquiries about land, transportation, employment, and movement of Mennonites from drought areas. Some written in German, some of which has been translated.
M-2269-1319Head office general correspondence. -- 1935-1936. -- Re: land and supervision matters, collections, and the activities of the Association.
M-2269-1320Hornby Plan correspondence. -- 1934-1935. -- Consists of a report "Proposals and plans for a British family farm settlement at Brooks", compiled by the Association at the request of Brigadier General M.L. Hornby; also printed reports of plans, Sutherland colony matters (including colour map), a pamphlet ("Immigration, Canada's way out"), a report "Proposed Brooks Sutherland settlement", various circulars and memos on immigration.
M-2269-1321W.R. Dick correspondence and papers. -- 1932. -- Weekly reports, and reports on various ranches (including Namaka and Oxley); also correspondence re: lands available and terms, and relief scheme.
Office correspondence of James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization. -- 1928. -- Includes nominations, placements, arrivals of nominees, British Harvesters, payments on transportation by immigration, and cottages for British settlers. Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1322A-G. -- 1928.
M-2269-1323G-M. -- 1928.
M-2269-1324W-Z. -- 1928.

Series 5-I

Nominations, applications and related matters. -- 1925-1935. -- Consists of nomination forms, usually for incoming settlers to Alberta who have been nominated by relatives or friends living in Alberta. The forms are of various types, according to the kind of settler and conditions of entrance. The correspondence deals with the problems of bringing in these people, transportation, arrivals, placements and settlement. The majority of nomination applications are numbered with an 'NPC', 'PPC' (2-3 digits/1 digit, last digit apparently indicating year), 'P' or 'BC' file number assigned at the time of the nomination, and are filed numerically.
Nomination forms and related correspondence. -- 1925-1929.
M-2269-1325Nominations of eastern Europeans. -- 1925-1927. -- Nominators from southern Alberta for eastern European relatives.
M-2269-1326Nominations of eastern Europeans. -- 1925-1927.
M-2269-1327Nominations of eastern Europeans. -- 1925-1927.
M-2269-1328Nominations of eastern Europeans. -- 1925-1927.
M-2269-1329Nominations through the Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 101-113. -- 1925-1927.
M-2269-1330Nominations through the Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 113-127, 84. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: workers for sugar beet fields. (Some letters in Russian and Hungarian).
M-2269-1331Nominations through Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 128-142. -- 1926-1927. -- Some letters in Russian, and Slavic (?) languages.
M-2269-1332Nominations of eastern Europeans, NPC 142-157. -- 1926-1927. -- Includes nominations from various Hungarian boards/societies.
M-2269-1333Nominations of eastern Europeans, NPC 158-173. -- 1926-1927. -- Mainly from Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board.
M-2269-1334Nominations of eastern Europeans, NPC 174-200. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: immigrants (mainly from Hungary) to work in southern Alberta, from Magrath and Raymond colonization boards.
M-2269-1335Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 400-413. -- 1927.
M-2269-1336Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 413-433. -- 1927.
M-2269-1337Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 434-456. -- 1927.
M-2269-1338Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 457-465. -- 1927.
M-2269-1339Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 466-484. -- 1927.
M-2269-1340Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 485-504. -- 1927.
M-2269-1341Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 505-527. -- 1927.
M-2269-1342Nominations, (mainly) Raymond Colonization Board, NPC 201-213. -- 1927.
M-2269-1343Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 215-236. -- 1927. -- Also some nominations from Milk River Hungarian Society, and Columbia Valley Colonization Board.
M-2269-1344Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 238-252. -- 1927.
M-2269-1345Nominations, (mainly) Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 253-270. -- 1927.
M-2269-1346Nominations, Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 271-289. -- 1927.
M-2269-1347Nominations, Raymond Hungarian and Taber Colonization Boards, NPC 290-313. -- 1927.
M-2269-1348Nominations, Calgary and Raymond Hungarian Colonization Boards, NPC 314-331. -- 1927.
M-2269-1349Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 332-355. -- 1927.
M-2269-1350Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 356-374. -- 1927. -- Includes 2 letters in Polish.
M-2269-1351Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 375-399. -- 1927.
M-2269-1352Nominations. -- 1926-1927. Re: inquiries and replies to various prospective nominators. -- 1926-1927.
M-2269-1353Nominations, NPC 529-542 1926-1927. -- Re: inquiries from nominators and replies; nominator (mainly) is Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board.
M-2269-1354Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 543-561. -- 1927.
M-2269-1355Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 562-579. -- 1927.
M-2269-1356Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NCP 579-602. -- 1927.
M-2269-1357Nomination, Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 602-609. -- 1927.
M-2269-1358Nominations, Calgary and Raymond Colonization Boards, NPC 610-623. -- 1927.
M-2269-1359Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 625-651. -- 1927.
M-2269-1360Nominations, Calgary and Raymond Colonization Boards, NPC 652-672. -- 1927
M-2269-1361Nominations, Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 673-690. -- 1927.
M-2269-1362Nominations, Raymond and Calgary Hungarian Colonization Boards, NPC 691-734. -- 1927.
M-2269-1363Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 735-787. -- 1927.
M-2269-1364Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 788-811. -- 1927.
M-2269-1365Nominations, Calgary and Raymond Colonization Boards, NPC 812-849. -- 1927.
M-2269-1366Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 850-874. -- 1927.
M-2269-1367Nominations, Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 875-912. -- 1927.
M-2269-1368Nominations, Raymond and Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 912-934. -- 1927.
M-2269-1369Nominations, Calgary and Raymond Colonization Boards, NPC 935-964. -- 1927.
M-2269-1370Nominations, Raymond Colonization Board, NPC 965-994. -- 1927.
M-2269-1371Nominations, Raymond Colonization Board, NPC 995-1025. -- 1927.
M-2269-1372Nominations, Raymond Colonization Board, NPC 1-44. -- 1926-1927.
M-2269-1373Nominations, (mainly) Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 59-86. -- 1926-1927.
M-2269-1374Nominations, (mainly) Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, NPC 88-100. -- 1926-1927. -- Also includes summaries of immigrants/nominees (laborers, domestic help). (Some letters in Russian).
M-2269-1375Nominations, NPC 59/8-21/8. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1376Nominations, NPC 99/8-60/8. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1377Nominations, NPC 1028/7-11/8. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1378Nominations, NPC 181/8-151/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1379Nominations, NPC 100/8-141/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1380Nominations, NPC 329/8-366/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1381Nominations, NPC 37[1]/8-426/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1382Nominations, NPC 239/8-291/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1383Nominations, NPC 292/8-328/9. -- 1928.
M-2269-1384Nominations. -- 1928.
M-2269-1385Nominations, NPC 237/8-183/8. 1928.
M-2269-1386Nominations, PPC 1/8-7/8, 43/7
M-2269-1387Nominations, PPC 8/8-12/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1388Nominations, PPC 13/8-19/8. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1389Nominations, PPC 20/8-29/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1390Nominations, PPC 30/8-43/8, NPC 856/7, NPC 967/7. -- /1927-1928.
M-2269-1391Nominations of Hungarians, PPC 44/8-48/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1392Nominations of Hungarians, PPC 49/8-57/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1393Nominations, PPC 58/8-66/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1394Nominations, PPC 67/8-84/8. -- 1928.
M-2269-1395Nominations and affidavits, P1-P50? 1929-1930.
M-2269-1396Nominations and affidavits for Eastern Europeans, P51-P106. -- 1930.
M-2269-1397Nominations and affidavits, mainly for Hungarians, P108-P161. -- 1930.
M-2269-1398Nominations and affidavits for Eastern Europeans, P162-P205.
M-2269-1399Nominations and affidavits for Eastern Europeans, P206-P254. -- 1930.
M-2269-1400Nominations for British settlers, BC 1/9-46/9. 1928-1929.
M-2269-1401Farm Help applications, NPC 26/9, FH4/C 1-13. -- 1929.
M-2269-1402Nominations for Hungarians and Czechoslovakians, mainly PPC 3/9-26/9. -- 1929. -- Also includes translation of agreement with Polish government on immigration to Canada without affidavits.
M-2269-1403Nominations for Hungarians, PPC 27/9-40/9. -- 1929.
M-2269-1404Nominations, British Re-union Association, CR 1-CR 25. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-1405Nominations, British Re-union Association, CR 26-CR 30.
M-2269-1406Nominations, British Re-union Association, CR 32, 37. -- 1930-1932.
M-2269-1407Nominations, British Re-union Association, CR 42-CR 46. -- 1931.
M-2269-1408Nominations, British Re-union Association, CR 49-CR 58. -- 1931-1932.
M-2269-1409Askew colonists correspondence and papers.. -- 1929-1930. Re: colonists from Scotland, sponsored by W.H. Askew (Laird of Ladykirk).
M-2269-1410Nominations and affidavits for eastern Europeans, NPC 19/9- NPC 55/9. --
M-2269-1411Nomination and affidavits, mainly for Hungarians, NPC 2/9, 27/9- NPC 53-9. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1412Nominations and affidavits, mainly for Hungarians, NPC 77/9-88/9. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1413Nominations and affidavits for eastern Europeans, NPC 94/9-118/9. -- 1929.
M-2269-1414Nominations and affidavits for eastern Europeans NPC 119/9 NPC 148/9. -- 1929.
M-2269-1415Nomination and affidavits for eastern Europeans NPC 152/9-NPC 175/9. -- 1929.
M-2269-1416Nominations and correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: inquiries, immigration rules, new immigration policy, nomination rules. Also inclues list of some NPC file numbers with associated location
M-2269-1417Nominations for eastern Europeans, NPC 174/9 NPC 195/9. -- 1929.
M-2269-1418Nominations for eastern Europeans, NPC 197/9 216/9. -- 1930.
M-2269-1419Reverend S. Buchin papers. -- 1929-1932. Re: complaint against a Joseph Schwartz
M-2269-1420Nominations and affidavits, NPC 219/9-NPC 237/9. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1421Prepaid prospective colonists correspondence, nominations PPC 1/7 PPC 5/7. -- 1926-1928. -- Re: nominations, financial matters. Some in Russian.
M-2269-1422Prepaid prospective colonists correspondence, nominations PPPC 5/7- PPC 19/7. -- 1926-1927.
M-2269-1423Prepaid prospective colonists, nominations PPC 20/7-PPC 37/7. -- 1927.
M-2269-1424British Re-union Association, nominations CR 28 CR 50. -- 1931-1932.
British Re-union Association correspondence. -- 1929-1932. -- Re: British people wanting to come to Canada with the help of this association. Inquiries only. Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1425A-F. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-1426G-K. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-1427L-Mc. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-1428M-Z. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-1429Fare/passage correspondence, files CP 1-20. -- 1931-1933. -- re: rail and steamer fares to Europe for returning individual immigrations; also round trip fares.
M-2269-1430Steamship and rail fares, CP 21-67. -- 1932.
M-2269-1431British Re-union Association. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: nominations, including arrivals, fare payments, settlers' welfare and placements.
M-2269-1432British Re-union Association, files CR 67-88. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: immigrants desiring to come to Canada.
M-2269-1433British Re-union Association. -- 1932-1933.
M-2269-1434British Re-union Association, files CP 17-107. -- 1930-1933. Re: payments for fares, placement of immigrants, applicants inquiries.
M-2269-1435British Re-union Association. -- 1933-1937. -- Re incomplete permits and applications.
M-2269-1436Miscellaneous papers. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: advices of arrivals, and commissions.
M-2269-1437British Re-union Association monthly reports. -- 1930-1933. -- Includes applications, value of fares, payments, remittances and cancellations.
M-2269-1438British Re-union Association applicants' fare records. -- 1930-1933. -- Includes name, address, persons applied for, fares, and payments made.
M-2269-1439British Re-union Association, files CR 20, 27, 41, 51. -- 1931-1934. -- Re: payments of fares, nomination forms, subsequent payments made after arrival.
M-2269-1440British Re-union Association, files CR 69, 70. -- 1932-1933.
M-2269-1441British Re-union Association, files CR 73, 75, 79. -- 1933-1935.
M-2269-1442British Re-union Association, files CR 80, 81, 86, 87, 95. -- 1933-1934.
M-2269-1443British Re-union Association (mainly), files CR 99-106. -- 1933-1934.
M-2269-1444Nominations of British people, files BC 3- BC 18. -- 1927-1929. -- Re: British settling in Alberta and British Columbia under the Empire Settlement Scheme, (including farm and domestic application, and families), financial position of nominators and nominates.
M-2269-1445Nominations of British people, files BC 15 BC 17. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1446Nominations, Empire Settlement Scheme, files BC 19-BC 27. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1447Nominations, Empire Settlement Scheme, files BC 28-BC 38. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1448Nominations, Empire Settlement Scheme, files BC 39-BC 51. -- 1928.
M-2269-1449Nominations, Empire Settlement Scheme, files BC 53-BC 68. 1928.
M-2269-1450Nominations, Empire Settlement Scheme, files BC 69- BC 79. -- 1928.
M-2269-1451British nomination correspondence, A-D. -- 1928-1929. -- Re: prospective British sarrivals (mainly nominations of relatives); also seeking nominators to nominate British people. Some nomination forms.
M-2269-1452British nomination correspondence, E-K. -- 1928-1929. Re: seeking nominators in Canada, and nomination of relatives in Britain.
M-2269-1453British nomination correspondence. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1454Steamer arrivals. -- 1928. -- Memos from C. Van Scoy to James Colley listing ship arrivals in Canada from 'non-preferred countries'.
Telegrams re colonization issues. -- 1926-1929. -- Re: immigrant placement, arrivals, problems, etc.
M-2269-1455C. Van Scoy (Winnipeg) and J. Colley (Calgary). -- 1926-1927. -- Re: arrivals of immigrants, transportation problems, placement of immigrants, orders for workers, domestics and families.
M-2269-1456C. Van Scoy (Winnipeg) and James Colley (Calgary). -- 1928. -- Re: immigrants to Alberta, placements and nominations.
M-2269-1457H. S. Kent. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: immigrant placements, nominations, arrivals from Europe and Asia.
M-2269-1458W.R. Dick. -- 1929. -- Re: placements and arrivals of immigrants.
M-2269-1459H.S. Kent and R.C. Bosworth. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: arrivals and placements.
Female nominations, placements and correspondence. -- 1928-1931. -- Mainly re domestic placements, assistance of Central Women's Colonization Board.
M-2269-1460Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1461Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1927-1928. -- Also includes material on organization of Central Women's Colonization Board.
M-2269-1462Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1463Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1464Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1465Inquiries and applications for domestic help. --
M-2269-1466Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1467 Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1468Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1469Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1928.
M-2269-1470Telegrams. -- 1928. -- Re: arrivals and placements of domestics.
M-2269-1471Placement lists, T. Gelley (Winnipeg). -- 1928. -- Lists of female domestics in Alberta.
M-2269-1472Placement records, applications and correspondence. -- 1928-1931. -- Re: help in various districts; also personal thank you letters for help, and from immigrants placed in employment.
M-2269-1473Applications for domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1474Olga Wolenska. -- 1929. -- Re: Polish domestic immigrant who committed suicide shortly after her placement in Clareholm. Correspondents include Mrs. C.L. Milnes (employer), J. Colley, H.S. Kent.
M-2269-1475Inquiries and applications for domestic help, Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1930. -- Consists of correspondence of Elsa Wares, secretary of the Central Women's Colonization Board of CPR's Department of Colonization, with people applying for Eastern European female domestic servants to work on their farms and in their hotels.

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M-2269-1476Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1477Inquiries and applications for domestic help. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1478Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1928. -- Re: wages, availability of and applications for various nationalities, placement openings, follow-up of placements.
M-2269-1479Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1928.
M-2269-1480 Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1929-1930. -- Consists of correspondence of Elsa Wares, secretary of the Central Women's Colonization Board of CPR's Department of Colonization, regarding the recruitment of women domestic servants from Austria, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other eastern European countries. Includes work of Board, visit of member abroad and reports on availability of domestics, nominations and applications, arrivals, transportations, placement list, and follow-up. Correspondents include C. De Mey, E.M. Wares, H.S. Kent.

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M-2269-1481Central Womens Colonization Board. -- 1930. -- Re: domestics. Includes list of sailings for domestics from 'non-preferred countries'. Correspondents include C.De May, E.M. Wares, S.H. Murphy.
M-2269-1482Placement of and follow-up on domestics. -- 1930-1931. -- Re: domestics in Lethbridge, Julia Mitrokova/Matuskova (domestic who became ill shortly after arrival), and Maria Turkowska (debt repayment). Correspondents include Henry Schwartz (Colonists Service Association, Lethbridge), H.S. Kent, Central Women's Colonization Board.
M-2269-1483Central Women's Colonization Board. -- 1930. - Re: nomination of inexperienced Irish domestic, illness of a domestic, grant for Board, placements.
Male nominations, placements and correspondence. -- 1927-1928. -- Mainly re farm help.
M-2269-1484Farm help. -- 1928. -- Re: inquiries and applications, arrivals of immigrants, and placements. (Application forms include help required, nationality preferred, wages, experience desired, work involved).
M-2269-1485Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1486Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1487Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1488Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1489Farm help. -- 1927.
British nominations and colonists. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: nominations, arrivals in Canada, nominators, placement of immigrants, families and individuals placed and tracing arrivals, inquiries about the Empire Settlement Scheme, progress reports on families in Alberta.
M-2269-1490Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: British nominations under the Empire Settlement Scheme.
M-2269-1491Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: Empire Settlement Scheme.
M-2269-1492Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: Empire Settlement Scheme.
M-2269-1493Correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: nominations, including rules, and instructions.
M-2269-1494Correspondence and papers. -- 1927.
M-2269-1495Correspondence and papers. -- 1927.
M-2269-1496Correspondence and papers. -- 1927.
James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Consists of letters and replies about nominations, nomination requirements, placements, farm and domestic help, requests and applications, introduction letters for immigrants, lists of women and men (mainly Eastern European) desirous of coming to Canada, numbers sent to various centres, employment situation in southern Alberta and central British Columbia. Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1497A-K. -- December 1926-February 1927.
M-2269-1498L-P. -- December 1926-February 1927.
M-2269-1499Q-T. -- December 1926February 1927.
M-2269-1500U-V. -- December 1926-February 1927.
M-2269-1501Memos to Van Scoy. -- January 1927.
M-2269-1502Memos to Van Scoy. -- January 1927.
M-2269-1503Memos to Van Scoy. -- December 1926-January 1927.
M-2269-1504V-W. -- December 1926-February 1927. -- Includes some memos to Van Scoy.
M-2269-1505K-M. -- May-July 1927. -- Correspondents include O.T. Lathrop.
M-2269-1506Mc-R. -- June-July 1927.
M-2269-1507S-V. -- June-July 1927. -- Correspondents include Joseph Schwartz (Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board), and Van Scoy.
M-2269-1508Memos to Van Scoy. -- June 1927.
M-2269-1509V-W. -- May-July 1927. -- Correspondents include Van Scoy.
M-2269-1510A-C. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1511D-H. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1512I-L. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1513M-N. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1514O-T. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1515V. -- August-October 1927. -- Correspondents include Van Scoy and W. Valgardson (re: Taber Colonization Board).
M-2269-1516Memos to Van Scoy. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1517Memos to Van Scoy. -- July-August 1927.
M-2269-1518W-Z. -- August-October 1927.
M-2269-1519A-C. -- June-September 1928. -- Correspondents include Colonist's Service Association.
M-2269-1520D-J. -- June-September 1928.
M-2269-1521K-M. -- June-September 1928.
M-2269-1522Mc-N. -- June-September 1928.
M-2269-1523O-S. -- June-September 1928. -- Correspondents include Henry Schwartz (Lethbridge) and Joseph Schwartz (Calgary).
M-2269-1524T-V. -- June-September 1928. -- Correspondents include Van Scoy.
M-2269-1525W-Z. -- June-September 1928.
M-2269-1526A-C. -- November-December 1928. -- Correspondents include Colonist's Service Association.
M-2269-1527D-J. -- November-December 1928.
M-2269-1528K-N. -- November-December 1928.
M-2269-1529O-S. -- November-December 1928.
M-2269-1530T-V. -- November-December 1928. -- Correspondents include Van Scoy.
M-2269-1531V. -- November-December 1928. - Correspondents include Van Scoy.
M-2269-1532W-Z. -- November-December 1928. -- Correspondents include G. Walker, and W.S. Woods.
M-2269-1533A-C. -- January-March 1929. -- Correspondents include Colonist's Service Association.
M-2269-1534D-K. -- January-March 1929. -- Correspondents include W. Fischer (Invermere).
M-2269-1535L-N. -- January-March 1929. -- Correspondents include O.T. Lathrop and J. Nemedy (of Raymond).
M-2269-1536O-T. -- January-March 1929. -- Correspondents include Henry Schwartz (Lethbridge).
M-2269-1537Memos to Van Scoy. -- January-March 1929.
M-2269-1538W-Z. -- January-March 1929.
James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, farm help applications. -- 1928-1930. -- Consists of inquiries for farm help, replies stating arrival of new immigrants, class, experience, and availability; also orders for help (stating requirements, including nationality desired and wages offered), and letters from immigrants expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction with placements. Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1539A-B. -- 1929. -- Correspondents include D. Bricker (Fernie Creamery).
M-2269-1540C-E. -- 1929.
M-2269-1541F-H. -- 1929. -- Includes Calgary Petroleum Products.
M-2269-1542I-L. -- 1929.
M-2269-1543M-N. -- 1929.
M-2269-1544O-R. -- 1929.
M-2269-1545S-Z. -- 1929. -- Correspondents include Van Scoy.
M-2269-1546A-B. -- 1930. -- Correspondents include T. Blackburn (Newholm Dairy Farm).
M-2269-1547C-F. -- 1930. -- Correspondents include Claresholm Colonization Board.
M-2269-1548G-L. -- 1930. -- Correspondents include T.H. Haney (Wardner, British Columbia).
M-2269-1549M-N. -- 1930.
M-2269-1550O-R. -- 1930.
M-2269-1551S-Z. -- 1930. -- Correspondents include H. Lloyd Young (Lake Hill, British Columbia).
James Colley, Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, farm help nominations. -- 1927-1931. -- Consists of nomination forms, including description of nominator's farm, work involved, and stock; also correspondence re transportation and arrivals of nominees. Majority of papers (within each file) arranged by in-house file numbers (main range of numbers is NPC 449-8 to 516-9).
M-2269-1552Farm help nominations. -- 1928.
M-2269-1553Farm help nominations. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1554Farm help nominations. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1555Farm help nominations. -- 1927-1931.
M-2269-1556Farm help nominations. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1557Farm help nominations. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1558Farm help nominations. -- 1928-1931.
M-2269-1559Farm help nominations. -- 1928.
M-2269-1560Applications by local colonization boards. -- 1928-1929. -- Forms for farm help (through Farm Labour Service) and domestic help (Elsa Wares, Central Women's Colonization Board, Calgary), including nationality and number of people desired.
M-2269-1561Summary charts for farm help. -- 1928-1929. -- Blanket order charts, showing colonization board (and in-house file number assigned to board see file 1560 above), number of men, domestics and families, nationality, and number of people required.
Pre-paid nominations. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-1562Nominations. -- 1929. -- Mainly re: Hungarians.
M-2269-1563Nominations. -- 1929-1933. -- Mainly re: Hungarians.
M-2269-1564Nominations. -- 1928-1930. -- Mainly re: Hungarians.
M-2269-1565British nominations. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: nominations, nominators, fares, and schedules. (Most papers have 'BC' alphabetical file mark).
M-2269-1566British nominations. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: nominations. (Most papers have 'BC' alphabetical file mark).
Quota nominations. -- 1929-1931. -- Re: nominations (mainly Eastern Europeans), transportation payments, and related correspondence. Majority of papers (within each file) are arranged by in-house file number (range Q-1 to Q-35).
M-2269-1567Nominations. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-1568Nominations. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1569Nominations. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1570Nominations. -- 1929-1930.
Farm and domestic help forms and correspondence. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: inquiries for help, application forms (including help required, nationality desired, experience required, wages), placements and follow-up of placements. For farm help files, overall arrangement is basically alphabetical (to begin), but with some file numbers (range is A21 to A623). Apparent switch to numeric arrangement in file 1576. Domestic help files are basically arranged numerically (range B1 398).
M-2269-1571A-C/D. -- 1927-1928..
M-2269-1572C/D-G. -- 1928.
M-2269-1573L-M. -- 1928.
M-2269-1574Mc-P. -- 1928.
M-2269-1575R-S. -- 1928.
M-2269-1576T-Z, files A145-176 range. -- 1928.
M-2269-1577Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1578Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1579Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1580Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1581Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1582Farm help. -- 1928 .
M-2269-1583Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1584Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1585Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1586Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1587Farm help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1588Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1589Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1590Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1591Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1592Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1593Domestic help. -- 1928.
M-2269-1594Domestic help. -- 1928.
Applications for admission into Canada. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes application forms and related correspondence regarding bringing immigrants to Alberta (mainly eastern Europeans). In many cases, application is for family or fiance. Some files have 'GA' designation; overall tenuous alphabetical order.
M-2269-1595Admission applications. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1596Admission applications. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1597Admission applications. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1598Admission applications. -- 1929-1930.
Miscellaneous nominations. -- 1930. -- Forms and some related correspondence.
M-2269-1599Nomination forms. -- 1930. -- Mainly for Hungarians to Raymond, Leduc and Lethbridge.
M-2269-1600Nomination forms. -- 1930.

Series 5-J

Immigrant, family and settlers reports. -- 1929-1932. -- These files consist of correspondence concerning placements of families and individuals, problems of families (including finances), and subsequent success or failure after placement. Also includes statements of amounts paid to British mining families upon arrival in Canada, and correspondence with the families about placement and settlement on the land. These files, in most cases, give a complete story of the immigrants' settlement. Many families were taken over by the British Re-union Association. The date refers to the arrival date in Canada of the families; files are arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1601 A. -- 1929. -- Family names include: G.C. Adams, F.R. Armstrong.
M-2269-1602B. -- 1929. -- Family names include: P. Banys, W.A. Barr, E.T. Bartholomew, J. Battersby.
M-2269-1603 B. -- 1929-1930. -- Family names include: R.G. Bennett, J.W. Bell, A.A. Bowden. The Bennett family file consists of correspondence between the Robert G. Bennett family and the CPR Colonization Department, regarding the problems of this Irish immigrant family. Robert Bennett cannot support his family of seven children on a farm labourer's wages, and his wife, Elizabeth Bennett, is discouraged by sick children, a bad well, and her daughter's inability to find work as a domestic servant.

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M-2269-1604B. -- 1929. -- Family names include: E.W. Bowden, E.M. Brewer.
M-2269-1605C-D. -- 1929. -- Family names include: G.J. Carlisle, D.T. Daniels, F.D. Davies.
M-2269-1606 D. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J.H. Davies. Consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department about the problems of the Joseph H. Davies family, Welsh immigrants, including the death of a child shortly after their arrival at Munson, Alberta, their unsatisfactory performance at mine work despite experience in Wales, and the refusal of the men to leave the family to take jobs further afield. The family demanded to be deported, then committed petty crimes to force the issue. They were indeed deported.

View Davies family file.

M-2269-1607D. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J.W. Dodds.
M-2269-1608D. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J.T. Davies, D. de Dunilac, E. Danby.
M-2269-1609E. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J. Eyley, T. Elliott.
M-2269-1610Family reports. - 1929-1930. -- Re: miscellaneous matters, placement of British families. Includes lists showing arrival date, ship's name and placement.
M-2269-1611F. -- 1929. -- Family names include: H. Farrar, L.A. Fraser.
M-2269-1612F. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J. Fleming, J. Forward.
M-2269-1613G. -- 1929. -- Family names include: G. Gellibrand, J. Glazier, W. and D. Granger, G. Gray.
M-2269-1614 G. -- 1929-1932. -- Family names include: A. Graham. Consists of correspondence between the Alfred Graham family, an Irish immigrant family of ten, and the CPR Colonization Department. The family initially works as farm labourers near Nanton, but are later moved to their own farm near Lloydminster. The family has problems with a stove, with a barn blowing down, and with finances in general.

View Graham family file.

M-2269-1615H. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J. Hellard, J. Hewitt.
M-2269-1616H. -- 1929. -- Family names include: F. Hume.
M-2269-1617H. -- 1929. -- Family names include: C. Hantsch, H. Howard.
M-2269-1618 H-J. -- 1929-1932. -- Family names include: J.R. Hudson, E.V. Jobes. The Jobes family file consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department about the problems of the Edward V. Jobes family, English immigrants near Sunnyslope, Alberta. The wife complained about being too far from a Catholic church and the husband preferred mining to farming. They were moved to Wayne, but there was not much work at the mines, and the children could not attend school as the family could not afford footwear. The family accused the CPR of false advertising, and had to live on the charity of various women's groups.

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M-2269-1619J-K. -- 1929. -- Family names include: C. Jones, H. Kyme, J. Kennedy.
M-2269-1620L. -- 1929. -- Family names include: H. Larsen, J. Lipcsik.
M-2269-1621L-M. -- 1929. -- Family names include: E.P. Lee, W.J. McBain, A. and M. Morse, R.B. Morrison, W. Morris.
M-2269-1622M. -- 1929. -- Family names include: McGrann, J. McVeeters.
M-2269-1623 Mc-N. -- 1929. -- Family names include: W. McAdoo, S. Nagy, L.H. Nuthall. The Nuthall family file consists of correspondence between Logan H. Nuthall, English immigrant, and the CPR Colonization Department regarding his family's problems as settlers due to his total inexperience as a farmer and the health problems of his wife. The CPR helps find him more suitable work with the National Drug Company, since he had done similar work in England.

View Nuthall family file.

M-2269-1624P. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J. Postl.
M-2269-1625P. -- 1929. -- Family names include: I. Price, D. Poppius, S. Paszti, N.G. Pike.
M-2269-1626R. -- 1929. -- Family names include: E.H. Richardson, H.J. Reid.
M-2269-1627 R. -- 1929. -- Family names include: J. Rachwall (variously spelled Rocheval, Rachwalt), H. Renyard, G. Renneboog. The Renneboog family file consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department regarding the dissatisfaction of Belgian immigrant, Gustaaf Renneboog, who worked on a sugar beet farm near Stirling, Alberta. He complained to the CPR of being treated badly and of unsatisfactory working conditions. He returned to Belgium.

View Renneboog family file.

M-2269-1628S. -- 1929. -- Family names include: W. Shaw, W. Sherlock.
M-2269-1629 S-T. -- 1929. -- Family names include: E. Speke, H. Snedden, J. Sunderland, J.W. Stok, J. Thomson. The Sunderland family file consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department regarding the difficulties of the J. Sunderland family, English immigrants living near Strathmore, Alberta. Due to a lack of suitable employment in the area, the CPR tried to split up the family, which caused the wife to become suicidal. Eventually deemed unsuitable to farm, the family was sent back (deported) to England.

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M-2269-1630 T. -- 1929. -- Family names include: T.B. Tobiasen, S. Todd, R.R. Talbot, W.R. Taylor, V.F. Thompson, W. Thomas, B. Tuvey, M. and L. Turner (domestic servants). The Turner family file consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department about Maude Rebecca Turner and her daughter, Lesley, who came to Alberta from England to be domestic servants. They complained of the working conditions and at their own request were returned to England.

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M-2269-1631T-W. -- 1929. -- Family names include: P. Thomas, S. Takacs, C. Ward, A.D. Wakefield, W.J. Walsh, T.H.E. Watts (File 101-119).
M-2269-1632 T-W. -- 1929-1932. -- Family names include: R.R. Talbot, W. Warren, J.H. Welch, J. Wilkinson, W. Williams, R.J. Woof. The Wilkinson family file consists of correspondence of the CPR Colonization Department about the problems of the John Wilkinson family, experienced farmers from Britain who settled near Innisfail. Their initial complaints were attributed to being unfamiliar with Canadian conditions and to homesickness. They were deemed an excellent family for settlement and were fast tracked for their own farm near Ardley.

View Wilkinson family file.

M-2269-1633Troubles and complaints correspondence. -- 1930. -- Correspondents include H.S.Kent, R.C. Bosworth.
M-2269-1634 Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: British families taken over and supervised from Canada Colonization Association by British Re-Union Association; mainly lists of families, reports and placements.
M-2269-1635Correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: continental families taken over and supervised from Canada Colonization Association by the British Re-Union Association. Includes lists of British families destined for Calgary.
M-2269-1636Daruda, H.E. Owen, and K. Herje families. -- 1929 Some letters in Norwegian.
M-2269-1637W. Malthouse and F. Drabble families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1638G. Peters, A.J. Jones, and H. Stables families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1639J. Miller, J.F. Martin, A. Paas, W.H. Austin, J.A. Gallienne, and A.E. Garrett families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1640G.W. Jackson family. -- 1930.
M-2269-1641E. Justensen, J. Gallagher, H. Green, and W.J. Beeston families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1642C.E. Padgham family. -- 1930.
M-2269-1643W.J. Chapman, M. Biemond, K. Matyejak, and F.C. Anderson families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1644J. Shortt, F. Kovacs, E.M. Arndt, F. Skozdople, and L.C. Harrold families. -- 1930.
M-2269-1645W. Crouch family. -- 1930.
M-2269-1646A. Wilcox, E. and P. Roberts, and J. Mikula families. -- 1931.
M-2269-1647A.G. Hunter, Miss P.S. Wright, R. Murray, and E. and D. Gaunt and families. -- 1931.
M-2269-1648G.W.S. Murray, P. Duffus, and G.E. Parsons and families. -- 1932.
M-2269-1649T.S. Arnott, and J.N. Davies families. -- 1932.
M-2269-1650J. MacHarg, T. Holden, N.W. Swain, W. and S. Fleming, W. Benson, and F. Fox families. -- 1932.
M-2269-1651T. Warne, E.G. Knowsley, U. Lagier, J. Van Luyk, A. Leigh, G. Phillimore, J. Peciulis, P. Peart, J.B. Felton, and A. Taylor families. -- 1932.
M-2269-1652T. O'Connor, R. de Villenfagne, and H.G. Turner families. -- 1932.
M-2269-1653Correspondence and reports of continental colonization. -- 1926-1930. -- Includes lists, reports etc. re families placed by the Colonists Service Association and the Department of Colonization and Development, Calgary office.
M-2269-1654Placement lists/reports and information sheets on immigrant families. -- 1926-1930.
M-2269-1655Preliminary and supplementary reports and memos on immigrant families. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes ship names, arrival date, family details, and placement details.
M-2269-1656Temporary placement reports. -- 1929. -- Re: individual families, and well as summary reports (i.e. on placement of continental families, cottage scheme). Also copy of agreement between Government of Canada and Canadian Pacific Railway concerning incidental expenses of immigrants.
M-2269-1657Temporary placement reports. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1658Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Includes class of settler, vendor's name and address, purchaser's name, address, character and nationality, legal description of land, and farm condition. Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1659Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1660Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1661Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1662Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1663Settlers reports. -- 1930. -- Mainly concerning Mennonite settlers in southern Alberta.
M-2269-1664Canadian Pacific Railway and Canada Colonization Association placement reports. August-September 1929. -- Reports include name of immigrant, arrival date, port, and ship, name and address of employer.
M-2269-1665Canada Colonization Association placement reports. -- September 1929.
M-2269-1666Special family lists, southern Alberta. 1926-1931. -- List of families who arrived 1927-1930 for placement in the sugar beet district; includes names, country of origin, date of arrival, occupation and address. Also, list of arrivals on nomination, 1927-1928, and 1930. Compiled in response to a request from J. Colley.
M-2269-1667Special report on settlements. -- 1930. -- Includes Namaka Farm information, old Canada Colonization Association reports (including name, crop acreages, and livestock). Also report on Mennonite settlement at Coaldale.
M-2269-1668Canada Colonization Association placement lists. -- 1926-1929. -- List of domestics, couples and families placed by the Association and its related organizations. (Includes name, shop, nationality, and employer).
M-2269-1669Immigrant correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: rules of entry and settlement, and problems of placing new immigrants. Correspondents include H.S. Kent, J. Colley, C. Van Scoy.
M-2269-1670Immigrant correspondence. -- 1930-1933. -- Re: government rules and statistics concerning curbing of immigration.
M-2269-1671Immigration correspondence. -- 1929-1932. -- Re: inquiries about bringing out relatives and friends under new government regulations; includes a list of nominations, family and follow-up reports.

Series 5-K

Land sales files. -- 1909-1937. -- These files deal with all correspondence and contracts concerning land sales, including water agreements, financial matters on the land, assignments, adjustments on contracts and status of contracts, final transfers, and any legal matters about the land contract. These are subdivided into three sections, the first two dealing with Beiseker and Davidson Company, and Canada Colonization Association, respectively (giving the location of land sold, purchasers, cost, buildings). The third section in comprised of farm index cards listing lands, purchases, and vendors in the Canada Colonization Association.
Beiseker and Davidson lands. 1908-1940. -- These lands were first sold by the Railway to individuals who could not make payment on the land or who wished to sell, thus Beiseker and Davidson took over the contracts, and eventually sold them back to the Railway. Information includes location of land sold, purchaser, cost, buildings, etc.
M-2269-1672Strathmore district, NE-27-23-25-W4. -- 1908.
M-2269-1673Gleichen district, SE-27-22-23-W4. -- 1908-1918.
M-2269-1674SE-27-22-23-W4, and NW-16-22-22-W4. -- 1908-1920.
M-2269-1675Gleichen district, NW-24-22-23-W4. -- 1909-1922.
M-2269-1676Strathmore district, SE-4-24-25-W4. -- 1908-1920.
M-2269-1677Beiseker district, 28-28-25-W4. -- 1915-1928.
M-2269-1678Gleichen district, SE-10-23-23-W4. -- 1911-1940.
M-2269-1679Dalemead district, 29-21-26-W4 and 20-21-26-W4. -- 1917-1928.
M-2269-1680Carbon district, 27-28-22-W4. -- 1918-1928.
M-2269-1681Crossfield district, 5-28-23-W4. -- 1915-1917.
M-2269-1682Lacombe district, 16-28-24-W4. -- 1915-1928.
M-2269-1683Bank correspondence. -- 1910-1918. -- Re: financial matters, mainly with the Bank of Montreal.
M-2269-1684Irricana district, 5-28-28-W4 and 6-28-28-W4. -- 1919-1928.
M-2269-1685Correspondence. -- 1914-1918. -- Re: monies owed by H. Butters of Carbon, discharge of chattel mortgage, land sales and leases, commissions, securing agreements, descriptions of lands for sale from 1913, and prices for prospective buyers. Correspondents include F.C. Lowe (Calgary developer).
M-2269-1686Airdrie area, 19-26-28-W4 and 30-26-28-W4. -- 1917-1928.
M-2269-1687Correspondence, Maxwell versus Calgary Colonization Association. -- 1916-1917. -- Re: dispute over mortgage.
M-2269-1688Carbon district, SW-27-28-22-W4. -- 1920-1928.
M-2269-1689Correspondence. -- 1914. -- Re: irrigated lands for sale to Canadian Pacific Railway. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, J.W. Davidson, T.L. Beiseker.
M-2269-1690Correspondence. -- 1914-1918. -- Re: taxes on Beiseker and Davidson lands, contracts, and debts.
M-2269-1691Rosebud tract, 12-28-16-W4 correspondence. -- 1910-1917. -- Re: taxes on land personally owned by T.L. Beiseker.
M-2269-1692Correspondence. -- 1914-1920. -- Prospective land buyers, including lands available, description, prices and negotiations with buyers.
Canada Colonization Association farm description index cards. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- These cards contain basic information about selected lands mainly in eastern Alberta (west of the fourth meridian). All cards record the legal description of the land, owner and owner's address; some cards also include information such as amount of acreage, price per acre, nearest railway station, nearest church, nearest creamery or cheese factory, condition of roads, nationality of nearest neighbours, description of buildings on property, kind and amount of fencing, etc. These cards might represent lands available for re-sale as most owners appear to live at some distance from the land described. Note: original order of cards (arrangement by township and range) appears to have been disrupted.
M-2269-1693Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1694Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1695Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1696Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1697Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1698Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Also includes some land west of the fifth meridian.
M-2269-1699Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1700Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1701Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1702Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s].
M-2269-1703Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Also includes some land west of the fifth meridian.
M-2269-1704Farm cards. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Also includes some land west of the fifth meridian.
Canada Colonization Association land sales and contracts. -- 1926-1937. -- Consists of agreements for sale and related correspondence re land sales, leases, liquidations, transfers, and contracts transacted by the Association. Information includes description of the land, owner, vendor, date of sale, price, payments, etc.
M-2269-1705Glenbow Ranch land sales. -- 1927-1931. -- Land in Sections 20 to 32-25-3-W5. Parties to agreements include De La Vergen Company, Peter Harder, Anna Harder, Frank E. Peter, Heinrich J. Duerksen, Cornelius and Henrich Plett. Some material in German.
M-2269-170633-27-W4; 7-25-W4; 37-4-W5, 35-1-W5; 23-24-W4. -- 1928.
M-2269-1707Macleod area, 4 and 5-7-25-W4.. -- 1927-1931.
M-2269-1708Caroline and Chinook areas, 36-5-W5 and 27-8-W4. -- 1927-1933
M-2269-1709Horse Shoe Ranch, Innisfree area, 50-12-W4. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-1710Oyen, Castor areas, W4. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1711Wembley, Hythe, Beaverlodge, Grande Prairie, W6. -- 1926-1929. -- Copies of agreements.
M-2269-1712Rosemary, Countess, Gem Duchess, Brooks, Swalwell, Sunnyslope and Coaldale. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1713Rosemary, Lousana, Swalwell, Coaldale, Countess, Gen and Brooks. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-17143-39-3-W4; 15-40-3-W4; 45-23-W4; 29 and 20-30-30-W4. -- 1930-1935.
M-2269-1715Red Deer area, 19 and 20 19-30-3-W4; 38-26-W4. -- 1927-1931.
M-2269-1716Acme area, 29-26-W4. -- 1926-1931. -- Owned by J.F. Williams, purchased by D.J. Duerksen and D.D. Heidebrech.
M-2269-171729-26-W4; 35-25-W4, Red Deer area; 29-19-W4, Drumheller area. -- 1926-1931.
M-2269-1718Drumheller area, 29-19-W4. -- 1928-1931.
M-2269-1719Whitman Farm, Hussar area, 25-19-W4. -- 1929-1933. -- Consists of correspondence, land agreements and sales, accounts of the farm; land sold to Mennonites from Saskatchewan (Peter Epp et al.) in Novemeber 1929. Includes inventory of farm, correspondence concerning sale of farm, insurance and contract matters, payments on farm, work progress, maps, operations reports, quit claims, and deeds. (Some material in German).
M-2269-1720Whitman Farm, Hussar area. -- 1929-1932. -- Financial matters and accounts.
M-2269-1721McLean Ranch, Ardley area, 27-38-23-W4. -- 1928-1932. -- Includes maps, plans for stables, cow freshening chart. Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke Wilkinson were licensees on the farm.
M-2269-1722McCook Ranch, Acme area, 25-29-26-W4. -- 1928-1930. -- Some material in German.
M-2269-1723McKee Farm, Verdant Valley, 28-19-W4. -- 1927-1932.
M-2269-1724Rosedale area, 29-18-W4. -- 1928-1933.
M-2269-1725New Brigden, Benton, Richdale, Youngstown, Chinook area. -- 1927-1931.
M-2269-1726Chinook area. -- 1927-1932.
M-2269-1727Nevis, Tees, Lousana, Kilburn, Trochu, Strathmore, Millet, Namaka, Mirror, and Rosedale areas. -- 1927.
M-2269-1728Hacket, Necheche, Delia, Rosedale, Bawlf, Rowley, Rumsey, Oberland, Cluny, Magrath, Kirkpatrick, and Elnora areas. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1729McIntyre Ranching Company, Magrath. -- 1930.
M-2269-1730Stanmore, Monroe, Foremost, Cessford, Warren, and Purple Springs areas. -- 1927-1930.
M-2269-1731Warren, Cardside, Brooks, Milk River, and Craigmyle areas. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-1732Botha, Mecheche, Gadsby, Ponoka, Tofield, Makepeace, Big Valley, Willow Creek, Hackett, Delia and Rosedale areas.
M-2269-1733Rivercourse, Empress, Sedalia, Oyen, Edgerton, Wainwright, Airdrie areas; Lethbridge Sheep Company lands; Asquith, Saskatchewan. -- 1928.
M-2269-1734Scotfield, Youngstown, Irma, Dobson, Waca, and Manyberries areas. -- 1928-1938.
M-2269-1735Stavely, Pincher Creek, Crossfield, Brooks, and Huxley areas. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1736Carseland, Strathmore, Parkland, and Ponoka areas. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1737Penhold, Olds, Ponoka, Red Deer, Innisfail, Stavely, Acme and Strathmore areas. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1738Bentley, Lunbreck, Bowden, Telfordville, Milo, Munson, Breton, Duffield, Rimbey and New Town areas. -- 1928-1931.
M-2269-1739Breton, Barrhead, and Didsbury areas. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1740Clairmont area; Swan Lake, British Columbia. -- 1924-1929.
M-2269-1741Prospective land listings. -- 1929-1930. -- Alphabetical order, by land owners' surnames.
M-2269-1742Prospective land listings. -- 1928-1939. -- Some letters in German.
M-2269-1743Kirkella Farm, Manitoba, 34-12-29-W1. -- 1929.
M-2269-1744Listing correspondence. -- 1926-1930. -- Re: farm listings, placements of Mennonites on land, prospective farms for sale, and Royal Trust lands.
M-2269-1745Land applications. -- 1929-1930. -- Mainly German and eastern European.
M-2269-1746Land applications. -- 1927-1929. -- Includes correspondence and application forms, mainly in German.
M-2269-1747Land applications. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-1748Land applications. -- 1928.
M-2269-1749General land matters. -- 1925-1926. -- Includes translations of oaths and land applications.
M-2269-1750Dobson, Dorothy and Mecheche areas. -- 1930-1935.
M-2269-1751Drumheller, Mecheche, and Delia areas. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-1752Delia area. -- 1934.
M-2269-1753Farm Land Holding Company, Taber area. -- 1934.
M-2269-1754Supervision of land, 26-18-W4. -- 1934-1935.
M-2269-1755Chinook and Didsbury areas. -- 1929-1934.
M-2269-1756Mitchell-Pearson estate, Didsbury area, 24-31-29-W4. -- 1935-1936.
M-2269-1756aCalgary-3163 A.G., blocks 11 to 16. -- 1931-1934. -- Land owner (original) was John N. Shepperd.
M-2269-1757Red Deer River area, eastern section, -- 1935-1936.
M-2269-1758Ponoka and Cereal areas. -- 1928-1937.
M-2269-1759Coaldale area, 36-8-21-W4, and Ardley area, 25-38-23-W4. -- 1928-1935. -- Mainly re: C. Nord and H. Lepp (Ardley). Some material in German.
M-2269-1760Namaka Farm lands. -- 1925. -- Contains leases between George Lane Company and Namaka Farms.
M-2269-1761Namaka Farm Lands. -- 1925-1927. -- Contains inventories, township plats, 1925-1927 receipts and expenses, maps, and land divisions. -- 1925-1927.
M-2269-1762Namaka Farms lands correspondence. -- 1928. Re: sale of Namaka, including contract matters, leases, guarantees, and commissions; also statements of farms 1, 2 and 3.
M-2269-1763Namaka Farm lands correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes minutes of meeting held at Namaka (October 1930), agreement changes, dispute about purchases, commission agreements, and accounts.
M-2269-1764Namaka Farm lands correspondence. -- 1928-1930. -- Re: commission agreements, crop payments, new contract matters (1931), account payments, mortgage matters; also letters from Mennonites (in German), and general settlement matters.
M-2269-1765Namaka Farm lands correspondence. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1766Crown Life Insurance Company lands. -- 1935. -- Colonization Finance Corporation statements on land mortgaged by Crown Life.
M-2269-1767Crowfoot Farm. -- 1934. -- Re: supervision and settlement, and tax matters.
M-2269-1768Crowfoot Farm. -- 1933-1934. -- Re: tax matters, accounts of various purchasers, annual reports, statement of expenditures and receipts for 1934, and township plot.
M-2269-1769Crowfoot Farm correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: crop payments and accounts.
M-2269-1770Crowfoot Farm correspondence. -- 1933. -- Re: financial matters, payments, and taxes.
M-2269-1771Crowfoot Farm correspondence. -- 1926-1931. -- Re: financial matters, insurance, taxes, crop reports and payments, minutes of meetings, problems of settlers.
M-2269-1772Crowfoot Farm correspondence. -- 1932-1935. -- Re: land purchases, bank matters, crop payments, settlers' requirements, grain shipments, advances to settlers, indentures, summary of account (May 1931).
M-2269-1773Calgary area.. -- 1928-1931. -- Includes correspondence, contracts, leases, payments, insurance concerning the sale and supervision of the land.
M-2269-1774Richdale and Hanna areas. -- 1928-1931. -- Sales contracts, payments, supervision, purchases, and map.
M-2269-1775Lacombe area. -- 1927-1933.
M-2269-1776Crowfoot Farm. -- 1932-1933. -- Grain sales records.
M-2269-1777Munson area. -- 1932-1933.
M-2269-1778Drumheller area. -- 1928-1932.
M-2269-1779Lacombe area. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-1780Glenbow Ranch, 25-3 W5, Scott family; 30-7 W4.
M-2269-1781Namaka Farm lands. -- 1928-1933.
M-2269-1782Namaka Farm lands. -- 1928-1933.
M-2269-1783Oxley Ranch lands, Stavely, correspondence. -- 1927-1932. -- Re: mortgage accounts, crop reports and payments, financial problems, inventories, progress reports, contract matters; also sale agreements, vendor and purchaser accounts.
M-2269-1784Oxley Ranch lands, Stavely. --1927-1930. -- Includes agreements, inventories, 1930 transactions, maps, and grain accounts.
M-2269-1785Oxley Ranch lands, Stavely. -- 1931-1934. -- Correspondence and reports concerning grain payments, inventories of individual farms, mortgage matters, and taxes.
M-2269-1786Oxley Ranch lands, Stavely. -- 1932. -- Includes power of attorney, tax notices, and A.P. Grain Company accounts.
M-2269-1787Oxley Ranch lands correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: insurance, crop payments, accounts, mortgages, minutes of ranch meetings, inventories, and taxes.
M-2269-1788Land sales lists. - 1926-1927. -- Information on vendor, district, acreage, legal description, purchasers, and nationality.
M-2269-1789Barrhead, Innisfail, New Brigden area, W4 and 5. -- 1929.
M-2269-1790Chinook, New Brigden, Cowley areas. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-1791Drumheller, Rosedale areas. -- 1929.
M-2269-1792Drumheller, Rosedale areas. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-1793Chinook, Granum areas. -- 1929-1933.
M-2269-1794Stavely area. -- 1930-1932.
M-2269-1795Sedalia, Provost, Halkirk areas. -- 1929.
M-2269-1796Sedalia area. -- 1929.
M-2269-1797Pincher Creek, Stavely, Cowley areas. -- 1926-1929.
M-2269-1798P. Burns Ranch, Crossfield area, correspondence. -- 1926-1932. -- Re: sales contract matters, 1926 agreement with D.P. Goerzen, J.P. Unrau and K.P. Unrau. Some letters in German.
M-2269-1799P. Burns Ranch, Olds area, correspondence. -- 1927-1932. -- Re: contract adjustments, meetings of contract holders, agreements, insurance, and payments.
M-2269-1800P. Burns Ranch, contracts. -- 1926-1931.
M-2269-1801Nanton, Castor, Calgary areas. -- 1926-1930.
M-2269-1802Castor area. -- 1928-1930.
M-2269-1803Lacombe, Clive areas. -- 1930-1932.
M-2269-1804Macleod, Mayton areas. -- 1924-1930.
M-2269-1805Cardston, Kimball, Millerfield areas. -- 1927-1928.
Canada Colonization Association - British Columbia land sales. -- 1926-1944.
M-2269-1806 Sudeten German and Czechoslovakian settlement, Tate Creek (near Tupper) district, correspondence and reports. -- 1934-1944. -- Includes reports, crop yields, livestock reports, newspaper articles, Pitt Meadows reports; also maps, address to settlers by W.D. Albright, and brochure 'Twice victims of Munich' by W. Wanka. Some material in German.
M-2269-1807British Columbia Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence and papers. -- 1923-1929. -- Re: queries from prospective settlers about land and capital required; also December 31, 1927 balance sheet, settlement reports, irrigation system report, 1923.
M-2269-1808British Columbia Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1929-1930. -- Re: settlers progress and problems, financial statements, lists of settlers arriving, crop situations, employment and placement matters.
M-2269-1809British Columbia Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1929. -- Re: financial matters, commissions, contracts, settling families.
M-2269-1810British Columbia Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1931-1932. -- Includes account matters, settlers' progress, brief history of settlement, rental and wage matters, settlement plans for 1932.
M-2269-1811British Columbia Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1931-1933. -- Re: crops, commissions; includes reports on land cultivated by settlers, and map.
M-2269-1812Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1924-1928. -- Includes agreements, reports on land, settling of Mennonites.
M-2269-1813Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1925-1926. -- Re: land classification reports, Munn Ranch report, settlement matters.
M-2269-1814Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Ltd., correspondence. -- 1927-1930. -- Includes settlement of British and other families, contract matters, list of farms available.
M-2269-1815Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Ltd., maps. -- ca. 1920?
M-2269-1816Sunset Ranch papers, Kelowna. -- 1926-1928. -- Includes correspondence with Okanagan Loan and Investment Trust concerning sales, and commissions; also land listings; settlement matters.
M-2269-1817Sunset Ranch agreement for sale. -- 1928. -- Parties are Okanagan Loans and Investment Trust Company, J. Mittermaier, R. Szigrist, F. Singer, M. Reischl. Includes map.

Series 5-L

Sundry colonization files. -- 1926-1934. -- These files are made up of material either out of place, or of a miscellaneous nature. Includes correspondence of H.S. Kent, the British Re-union Association, colonization boards, and the Canada Colonization Association; also, miscellaneous immigration matters.
H.S. Kent correspondence. -- July 23-September 30, 1930. -- Re: inquiries for land, settlers' matters, rail and steamship business, cottage affairs, agents' correspondence, industrial inquiries, fare payments. Arranged alphabetically.
M-2269-1818A-C. -- 1930.
M-2269-1819D-L. -- 1930.
M-2269-1820M-Z. -- 1930.
British Re-Union Association. -- 1927-1930.
M-2269-1821Reports and correspondence. -- 1927-1930. -- Annual report, and correspondence about settlement of British immigrants.
M-2269-1822Personnel records. -- 1929-1930. -- Record of men provided with food and accommodation by the Colonist's Service Association.
Colonization boards. -- 1926-1927.
M-2269-1823Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1926. -- Correspondence of Joseph Schwartz about Hungarian settlers to Alberta and British Columbia; also lists of Hungarian settlers and their employers.
M-2269-1824Calgary Hungarian Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: Hungarian settlers in Alberta and Saskatchewan; lists of settlers and their employers.
M-2269-1825Magrath Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1926-1927. -- Re: settlers in Magrath area.
M-2269-1826Colonists Service Association of Southern Alberta. -- 1927. -- Includes applications for employment, and memo concerning the merging of the Calgary and Raymond Hungarian Colonization Boards.
M-2269-1827Swedish Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: inquires from Swedes, and the cancellation of the Board.
M-2269-1828Columbia Valley Colonization Board, correspondence.1927. -- Re: settlement of Norwegian immigrants.
M-2269-1829Seventh Day Adventist Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: nomination of Seventh Day Adventist immigrants.
M-2269-1830Sylvan Lake Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: Finns and other settlers to the area; includes statement of men placed, May 1927, by the Board.
M-2269-1831Bassano Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: inquiries about land, and placements by Board.
M-2269-1832Red Deer Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: inquiries about land, and applications for employment.
M-2269-1833Reverend T.H. Greene correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: immigrants to Calgary area; includes list of Roman Catholics placed by the Catholic Welfare Bureau.
M-2269-1834Raymond Hungarian Colonization Board, correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: Hungarian immigrants (includes a list). Correspondents include Julius Nemedy.
M-2269-1835Lists of immigrants. -- 1926. -- Includes name of steamer, date, nationality of immigrant, and place of settlement.
Canada Colonization Association general correspondence. -- 1927-1931.
M-2269-1836Land accounts. -- 1927-1931. -- Includes Association land payment accounts (mainly as of October 1931) and commission accounts. Latter are in numeric order, by account number.
M-2269-1837Correspondence. -- April 1928. -- Re: cattle and sheep ranches in Alberta, from prospective settlers to W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1838Correspondence. -- May 1928. -- Re: inquiries from prospective immigrants about land in Alberta.
M-2269-1839Correspondence. -- June 1928. -- Re: inquiries to Superintendent of Land Settlement for Alberta from prospective immigrants about land and ranches. Some letters in German.
M-2269-1840Correspondence. -- July 1928. -- Re: inquiries to Superintendent about land.
M-2269-1841Correspondence. -- August 1928.
M-2269-1842Correspondence. -- September 1928.
M-2269-1843Correspondence. -- October 1928.
M-2269-1844Correspondence. -- November 1928.
M-2269-1845Correspondence. -- December 1928.
M-2269-1846Correspondence. -- January 1929.
M-2269-1847Correspondence. -- February 1929.
M-2269-1848Correspondence. -- March 1929.
M-2269-1849Correspondence. -- July 1929.
M-2269-1850Correspondence. -- August 1929.
M-2269-1851Correspondence. -- September 1929.
M-2269-1852Correspondence. -- October 1929.
M-2269-1853Correspondence. -- January 1931.
M-2269-1854Correspondence. -- February-March 1931.
M-2269-1855Correspondence. -- April-June 1931.
Miscellaneous immigration matters. -- 1927-1934. -- Includes reports on Russian, Dutch, Scandinavian and Austrian settlers, British Columbia settlement, cottage leases (rental of Canadian Pacific Railway cottages), land agents' correspondence, etc.
M-2269-1856Russian immigrants. -- 1927. -- Re: Russians from China; includes list of settlers. Correspondents include C. Van Scoy and J. Colley.
M-2269-1857J. Janzen correspondence. -- 1927. -- Re: Mr. and Mrs. J. Janzen of Strathmore, and their offer to help recruit settlers while in Holland.
M-2269-1858Norwegian immigrants. -- 1927. -- Re: group of Norwegian families who came to the Hill Spring area. Some material in Norwegian (with some translated). Correspondents include J. Colley.
M-2269-1859Swedish and Norwegian immigrants. -- 1927. -- Re: Norwegian families. Includes discussion of initial financial support for families (account matters) upon their arrival. Some material in Norwegian (with some translated).
M-2269-1860Reports on Austrian settlement on Bulman Ranch, Kelowna area. -- 1927. -- Written by A. Griffin, Superintendent, Operation and Maintenance, and submitted to T.O.F. Herzer.
M-2269-1861Bulman Ranch papers. -- 1926-1928.
M-2269-1862British Columbia settlement correspondence and papers. -- 1927-1928. -- Re: settlers in the Okanagan Valley, Bulman Ranch, reports of settlement progress, irrigation of Bulman Ranch, settlers' letters, inquiries, Steng Ranch, settlement of Mennonites in Pitt Meadows, Agassiz tract, reclamation project at Sumas, listings of farms available, and minutes of staff meeting held in Winnipeg, November 1928.
M-2269-1863British Columbia settlement correspondence and papers. -- 1927-1928.
M-2269-1864Cottage leases. -- 1928-1929. -- Includes leases, legal description of land available for sites, related correspondence.
M-2269-1865Cottage leases. -- 1928-1929.
M-2269-1866Central Women's Colonization Board correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: placements of domestics.
M-2269-1867Central Women's Colonization Board correspondence. -- 1931. -- Re: placement of domestics.
M-2269-1868Trent Commission correspondence. -- 1933-1935. -- Re: commission paid on land sold in the Tofield district.
M-2269-1869Excelsior Life Insurance lands. -- 1935. -- Re: lands owned by Excelsior (supervised by the Association); includes farmers' progress, and crop returns.
M-2269-1870Edmonton office correspondence. -- 1935-1936. -- Re: office and crop reports, land matters, movement of settlers, and employment matters.
M-2269-1871Head office correspondence. -- 1934. -- Re: commission collection.
M-2269-1872Annual reports. -- 1927-1929. -- Department of Colonization and Development (Calgary and Edmonton) reports for 1927; Assistant Superintendent of Colonization, Calgary report, 1928; and annual report, Calgary, 1929.
M-2269-1873Agents' correspondence. -- 1928-1932. -- Re: land sales and listings at Leduc, Lethbridge, Lacombe, Morrin, Pincher Creek, Pouce Coupe, Red Deer, St. Paul, Sedgewick, Three Hills, Telfordville, Trochu, Vancouver, Viking, Wembley, and Wainwright.
M-2269-1874Agents' correspondence. -- 1929-1931. -- Agents at Acme, Alex, Chinook, Cluny, Cardston, Castor, and Calgary.
M-2269-1875Agents' correspondence. -- 1927-1931. -- Agents at Drumheller, Edmonton, Fairview, and Grande Prairie.
M-2269-1876Agents' convention correspondence and papers. -- 1930. -- Includes list of people invited to the convention (held February 7, 1930), and agenda. Also, New Brigden agent's correspondence. Correspondents include J.K. Spooner, and W.R. Dick.
M-2269-1877Commission sales records. -- January 1916-June 1917. -- Department of Natural Resources records; includes lands sold, purchaser, agent, payments, amount of commission, and interest rate. (Filed numerically, Department file numbers SB597 SB1030).

Series 5-M

Colony and land grant ledgers, 1886-1940
M-2269-1878Clandonald Colony chattel mortgages. -- 1933-1940.
M-2269-1879Clandonald Colony chattel mortgages. -- 1933-1940.
M-2269-1880Clandonald Colony accounts ledger. -- 1930. -- Includes cultivation, tools, fencing, harness, building, livestock, seed etc. costs.
M-2269-1881Clandonald, Earlie, and Coal Creek Colonies ledger. -- 1932. -- Consists of individual statements of advances to settlers (as part of joint Canadian Pacific Railway and Hudson Bay Company settlement scheme), including description of farm, improvements, and equipment.
M-2269-1882Coal Creek colony settlers accounts ledger. -- 1931-1933. -- Includes cost, mortgage and interest details, legal description of land, additional advances (i.e. for subsistence, seed). Arranged numerically by farm number.
M-2269-1883Hungarian Colony (Esterhazy, Saskatchewan area) ledger. -- 1896-1916. -- Record of advances to individual colonists. Map included.
M-2269-1884Statements of advances to settlers. -- 1892-1903. Includes statements, summary lists, and Hungarian Colony ledger (which includes sales, payments, mortgages).
M-2269-1885Hungarian Colony ledger. -- 1899-1911.
M-2269-1886Sir George Stephen ledger. -- 1886-1889.
M-2269-1887Manitoba and Saskatchewan Main Line grant ledger. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-1888Clandonald Colony / Earlie Colony settlers' accounts. -- 1929-1932.

Series 6

Department of Natural Resources files. -- 1904-1948. -- 1.3 m of textual records. -- These files are the only ones clearly marked DNR/Department of Natural Resources. They deal with branch lines, the Neudorf Colony, the Bassano Dam, and Calgary Petroleum Products. Includes the following sub-series:

A. Branch lines. -- 1905-1948

B. Neudorf Colony. -- 1914-1919

C. Engineering files. -- 1904-1935

Series 6-A

Branch lines. -- 1905-1948. -- Consists of proposals of branch lines, construction of some lines, townsite locations, and related matters (i.e. land sales); includes maps and blueprints.
M-2269-1889Canadian Pacific Railway branch lines correspondence, Saskatchewan. -- 1912-1948. -- Re land inquiries, reservation lands, road and right-of-way papers, Asquith-Battleford lines, and Cutknife District Railway extension; includes blueprints, maps, and surveys.
M-2269-1890Wilkie-North West Branch line correspondence. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: reservation of lands, blueprints, maps, land reports, Cutknife Branch townsite locations, and construction matters.
M-2269-1891Wilkie-North West Branch line correspondence. -- 1911-1921.
M-2269-1892Wilkie-Kerrobert Branch line correspondence. -- 1910-1913. Re: townsite matters, reservations, and construction matters; includes reports and maps.
M-2269-1893Wilkie-Anglia Branch line correspondence. -- 1909-1913. -- Re: townsite matters, reservations, and construction matters; includes reports and maps.
M-2269-1894Moose Jaw South West Branch line correspondence. -- 1909-1914. -- Re: settlement growth, construction, townsite matters, hearings for approval of the line; includes blueprints and newspaper clippings.
M-2269-1895Sedgewick-Edmonton cut-off correspondence and papers. -- 1907-1915. -- Re: land purchases, land reservations, land examinations and prospective townsite matters; includes maps, blueprints, Government Homestead map.
M-2269-1896Moose Jaw North West Branch line correspondence. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: land purchases, reservations, transfers, beginning of train service, construction matters, townsites, and naming of Empress; includes maps.
M-2269-1897 Moose Jaw North West Branch line correspondence. -- 1910-1920. -- Re: land purchases, reservations, transfers, beginning of train service, construction matters, townsites, and naming of Empress; includes maps.
M-2269-1898Boissevain-Lauder Branch line correspondence. -- 1911-1912. -- Re: naming of sidings, and petition for siding; includes locations of sidings maps.
M-2269-1899Swift Current South East Branch line correspondence. -- 1911-1912. -- Re: townsites, sidings, location, petition, and land sales.
M-2269-1900Estevan West Branch line correspondence. -- 1904-1912. -- Re: description of lands taken for rights-of-way, progress of construction, land sales; includes report on condition/fertility of land west of Estevan.
M-2269-1901Dunmore, Birtle, and Battleford Branch lines correspondence. -- 1910-1916.
M-2269-1902Asquith North Westerly Branch line correspondence and papers. -- 1909-1927. -- Re: land listings, land sales, right-of-way reservations, land reports; includes townsite maps.
M-2269-1903Virden McAuley Branch line correspondence. -- 1908-1913. -- Re: townsite, sidings, and contract matters.
M-2269-1904Langdon North Branch line correspondence. -- 1909-1923. -- Re: land, townsite matters, location of line, Three Hills (Alberta) townsite, and naming of stations; includes blueprints and maps.
M-2269-1905Kennedy to Tyvan Branch line correspondence. -- 1911. -- Re: township plots.
M-2269-1906Coronation to Shaton and Sedgewick Branch lines correspondence. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: examination and proposal of line; includes maps and township plats.
M-2269-1907Coronation to Shaton and Sedgewick Branch lines correspondence. -- 1911-1918. -- Re: land reservations and sales; includes survey of line.
M-2269-1908Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence and papers, Section 1. -- November 10, 1905-June 30, 1910. -- Re:siding locations and names, extension proposals and cost, townsite matters; includes report on land, maps, and blueprints.
M-2269-1909Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, Section 1. -- 1905-1910. -- Re: area land description, townsite locations, rights-of-way; includes township plats and land examinations. Correspondents include F.T. Griffin, William Whyte.
M-2269-1910Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, Section 2. -- July 1910-June 20, 1912. -- Re: recommendations for townsite names, land purchases petitions, construction matters, land reports; includes blueprints and maps.
M-2269-1911Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, Section 2. -- July 1910-June 20, 1912.
M-2269-1912Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, Section 2. -- July 1910-June 20, 1912.
M-2269-1913Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, Section 3. -- July 1912-1914. -- Re: inquiries concerning sale of townsites along the line.
M-2269-1914Weyburn to Lethbridge Branch line correspondence, 00 Section 3. -- July 1912-1914. -- Re: contract awards, securing lands, naming sidings, and townsites' land reports.
M-2269-1915Canadian Northern Railway, Camrose South Easterly Branch line correspondence and papers. -- 1912-1925. -- Re: sales, reservations, tenders, rights-of-way, surrender of lands; includes reports and blueprints.
M-2269-1916Canadian Northern Railway, Camrose South Easterly Branch line correspondence and papers. -- 1912-1925.
M-2269-1917Canadian Northern Railway, Camrose South Easterly Branch line correspondence and papers. -- 1912-1925.
M-2269-1918Canadian Northern Railway, Camrose South Easterly Branch line correspondence. -- 1912-1925.
M-2269-1919 Canadian Northern Railway, Camrose South Easterly Branch line correspondence. -- 1912-1925.
M-2269-1920Saskatoon to Calgary Branch line correspondence. -- 1912-1921.
M-2269-1921Kerrobert South and Strathcona to Calgary Branch lines correspondence. -- 1911-1918.

Series 6-B

Neudorf Colony. -- 1914-1919. -- A colony of ten Russian families settled at Bawlf, Alberta that was completely without means and consequently received equipment and supplies from the Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-1922Correspondence and reports. -- 1914-1919. -- Re: chattel mortgages, accounts, loan policies, contract payments, indentures, statement of expenditures, division of colony, buildings and inventory of colony.

Series 6-C

Engineering files. -- 1904-1935. -- Includes Calgary Petroleum Products Ltd. and Bassano Dam correspondence.
M-2269-1923Calgary Petroleum Products Ltd. correspondence and papers. -- 1915-1929. -- Includes purchases of shares by Canadian Pacific Railway, financial loan for drilling, financial statements of the Company, drilling progress, maps, and agreements.
M-2269-1924Correspondence, Section 1. -- 1915-1916. -- Re: equipment, work instructions, labor matters, construction, reports on conditions of Dam, accounts, reports on work and soil; includes maps and blueprints.
M-2269-1925Correspondence, Section 1. -- 1915-1916.
M-2269-1926Correspondence, Section 1. -- 1915-1916.
M-2269-1927 Correspondence, Section 2. -- 1916-1917.Re: work, equipment, costs, and monthly discharge records of the Bow River.
M-2269-1928Machinery. -- 1923-1935.
M-2269-1929Correspondence. -- 1930-1935. - Re: proposed power development.
M-2269-1930Correspondence. -- 1929-1946. -- Re: equipment, costs; includes maps.
M-2269-1931Correspondence. -- 1924-1928. -- Re: construction, and equipment matters; includes blueprints.
M-2269-1932Structural matters. -- 1928-1935. -- Re: heating and ventilation.
M-2269-1933Correspondence. -- 1929-1935. -- Re: floating caisson.
M-2269-1934Survey report of Old Trail, Calgary to Knee Hill Mine. -- 1904-1910. -- Includes road divisions in the vicinity, and blueprints.
M-2269-1935East Calgary. -- 1904-1937. -- Re: rifle range, road allowance crossing main canal; includes maps and lease matters.
M-2269-1936Blackfoot Trail. -- 1904-1916. -- Re: closing and diversion, right-of-way matters, road allowances, transfer of trail; includes maps and blueprints.
M-2269-1937Chief Engineer's (Department of Natural Resources) correspondence. -- 1910-1935. -- Re: right-of-way for Main Canal 'B' through the Blackfoot Indian Reserve, survey and flood matters; includes maps, blueprints, reports.
M-2269-1938Chief Engineer's (Department of Natural Resources). -- 1909-1918. -- Re: right-of-way for Main Canal 'B' and flooded area at Horseshoe Bend Dam, and sale of Blackfoot lands; includes blueprints and map of Blackfoot Indian Reserve.

Series 7

Canadian Pacific Railway coal files. -- 1904-1914. -- 0.65 m of textual records -- These files consist of reports, maps, and correspondence dealing with, for the most part, the initial investigation of coal fields in British Columbia and Alberta.

M-2269-1939Coast Coal Properties. -- 1904-1909. -- Contains reports on various areas (including Graham Island, Skidgate Inlet and Comox District in British Columbia), giving complete details about location, climate, harbour facilities, transportation, existing conditions, veins, geology; includes a map.
M-2269-1940Vancouver Island Coal Properties. -- 1910. -- Contains reports, blueprints and related correspondence of J.H. Turnball; also detailed report of Saanich, Cowichan, Nanaimo, Nanoose, Comox, Campbell River, Port McNeil, Kaskeemo, Koprino Harbour and island.
M-2269-1941Vancouver Island coal properties. -- 1907-1908. -- Contains reports, maps and correspondence including map of East and North Railway. Grant with geology about scouting for coal.
M-2269-1942Vancouver Island coal properties. -- 1904. -- Contains maps, reports and correspondence about the examination of coal areas (mainly Nanaimo).
M-2269-1943Similkameen coal fields. -- 1904-1912. -- Re: Rock Creek, Princeton, Tulameen. Contains reports, blueprints, analyses of coal; also 1898 Act to Encourage Mining.
M-2269-1944Nicola District coal fields. -- 1904. -- Re: preliminary reports, securing coal field lands, options on land.
M-2269-1945Nicola District coal fields. -- 1904-1910. -- Survey maps and blueprints.
M-2269-1946Nicola District coal fields. -- 1905-1908. -- Re: prices, leases, analysis of coal; also blueprints and reports on coal lands.
M-2269-1947Nicola District coal fields. -- 1907-1910. -- Mainly reports; also balance sheet of Nicola Valley Coal and Coke Company, history of development, financial matters.
M-2269-1948Lethbridge and Taber coal fields. -- 1904-1906. -- Blueprints, sketches of area, analysis of veins, and reports.
M-2269-1949Miscellaneous coal reports and blueprints. -- 1909-1911. -- Re: Nanaimo coal, Nicola Valley Coal and Coke Company balance sheet for 1909, Sheep Creek Coal property, blueprint of coal west of Okanagan Lake, Coldwater coal area, Admiralty Island coal property, south eastern Alaska, comparison of Nicola Valley coals, Midway Coal Mine, Comox Valley coal area, West Vancouver Commercial Company's property, anthracite coal fields on Skidgate Inlet, Lundbreck (Alberta), coal, and coal along the south fork of the Old Man River.
M-2269-1950Souris coal reports and correspondence. -- 1908-1909. -- Re: briquette making (including costs, investments, equipment).
M-2269-1951Hillcrest Mines correspondence. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: fault in main entry, costs; also report on the property of the Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company, and maps.
M-2269-1952Miscellaneous coal matters. -- 1908-1911. -- Includes report of United States survey of Hosmer (British Columbia) mines, Tulameen coal area reports and maps, Granite Coal Creek area, Sheep Creek coal, Quilchena (British Columbia) coal field report; reports on Hosmer Mines property and Bankhead Mines property by Eli T. Conner, mining engineer, Philadelphia (1911).
M-2269-1953Hillcrest Collieries correspondence. -- July-December 1910. -- Re: labour and equipment matters, maintenance troubles, production, order, surveys, sales, stocks and shares; also financial reports and statements of the Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company.
M-2269-1954Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company correspondence. -- March-July 1910. -- Re: financial matters, sales, prices, production, stock matters, and sale of mine to Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-1955Hillcrest properties correspondence. -- January-March 1910.
M-2269-1956Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company correspondence. -- November-December 1909. -- Re: share distributions, options for control, prospective take over, bond transactions accounts, profit and loss statement, financial statement. Correspondents include Bolen-Darnell Coal Company, Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Canada.
M-2269-1957Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company correspondence. -- July-October 1909. -- Re: accounts, shares, sales, financial information, bond issue, mine workers' dispute.
M-2269-1958Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company correspondence. -- December 1908-July 1909. -- Re: financial matters (including 1909 accountant's statement, 1908 balance sheet, 1908 annual report), shares; also report on coal property (including location, areas, and titles).
M-2269-1959Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company papers. -- [ca.1907]. -- Includes maps, newspaper article, option agreements.
M-2269-1960General coal matters. -- 1904-1908. -- Includes list of diamond drill equipment, Coal Mining Regulations (RSC 1906), reports on Medicine Hat gas field, coal at St. Mary's River (near Lethbridge), coal between Bankhead and the Yellowhead Pass, blueprints of the Kootenay District, High River and Elk River.
M-2269-1961Panther River (Costigan), British Columbia coal reports and correspondence. -- 1904-1905. -- Includes various maps; and correspondence re: analysis of area, prospective purchase of lands. Correspondents include William Hull Aldridge (managing director, Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Ltd.), J.M. Turnbull.
M-2269-1962Elk River (Imperial Coal & Coke Company, Kananaskis Coal Company, Elk Valley Coal and Coke Company) lands coal reports and correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Includes blueprints, coal samples reports, synopsis, descriptions of various coal fields, report on development of fields, comparison reports, report on lands in Fording River district, reports on work done concerning claim investigation; correspondence on the costs of holding and acquiring claims, lease for land, cost of development.
M-2269-1963Oil descriptions and maps. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: oil at Flathead (Montana), south east Kootenay and Sage Creek (British Columbia).
M-2269-1964Coal maps and related correspondence. -- 1905-1910. -- Propsective coal at High River, Morley, Sheep Creek and Drumheller; also license matters.
M-2269-1965British Columbia coal mining licenses. -- 1902-1909. -- Licenses granted to individuals; includes name, amount paid, description of claim. Licenses are numbered.
M-2269-1966Power of attorney appointments for British Columbia land leases. -- 1902. -- Agreements of various individuals granting power of attorney re: mineral rights to T. G. Shaughnessy.
M-2269-1967Power of attorney appointments for British Columbia land leases. -- 1903. -- Agreements of various individuals granting power of attorney re: mineral rights to T.G. Shaughnessy.
M-2269-1968General receipts. -- 1904-1905. -- Mainly from Timber and Mines Dept. to Pacific Coal Company, Rocky Mountains Parks to W.H. Aldridge (for Canadian Pacific Railway)
M-2269-1969Power of attorney appointments for British Columbia land leases. -- 1906. -- Agreements of various individuals granting power of attorney to W.H. Aldridge.
M-2269-1970Legal papers. -- 1902-1909. -- Contains declaration for coal claims, extracts from minutes of a meeting of the directors of the Pacific Coal Company, grant of water rights, indenture for land grant in Kootenay District, incorporation of Bankhead Mines, list of mineral claims in the Kitchener Iron Range, Privy Council of Canada regulations governing the issue of leases to mine for coal on lands within the Rocky Mountains Park, Water Act notice, and Pacific Coal Company licenses.
M-2269-1971Miscellaneous coal correspondence. -- 1904-1911. -- Includes coal leases, Estevan (Saskatchewan) coal reports, coal licenses.
M-2269-1972Blueprints. -- 1903-1905. -- Includes East Kootenay coal claims, McInnes property, Cascade coal measures, proposed water power development on Aldridge Creek (British Columbia), and Nanaimo coal fields.
M-2269-1973Wellington Colliery Company. -- 1910. -- Re: transfer of company to Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-2269-1974Nanaimo district coal. -- 1910. -- Re: negotiations for property, including analysis, reports, blueprints and maps, for Western Fuel Company.
M-2269-1975Nicola district coal. -- 1908-1910. -- Includes reports on comparison of coals, acreage and seams of Nicola, Princeton and Tulameen districts, and on Similkameen metal mining; also balance sheet and blueprints. Diamond Vale Coal Company and Nicola Valley Coal Company are both mentioned.
M-2269-1976Graham Island coal papers and correspondence. -- 1906-1910. -- Includes reports to Canadian Development Company, Geological Survey of Canada report by R.W. Ells, newspaper articles, maps; also correspondence re: Nicola property, and Graham Island coal analysis.
M-2269-1977Miscellaneous coal properties, reports, correspondence and blueprints. -- 1907-1910. -- Re: possibilities of coal at Old Man River, gypsum at Grande Prairie and High River, Tulameen coal field report, Coldwater coal area report, Crow's Nest Pass report, Cochrane, North Michel Creek coal lands, Granite Creek, Kananaskis Coal Company report on coal near Canmore and Kananaskis River, Western Timber and Lands coal property, coal contracts and deeds in the Irrigation Block, Imperial Coal and Coke Company coal reports in East Kootenay, and Vancouver Island coal reports.
M-2269-1978Fording River coal reports. -- 1904-1907. -- Includes geographical location of property, character of property, area, tonnage, timber, water supply, railroad, mine plant and buildings.
M-2269-1979Edmonton and Red Deer coal fields correspondence. -- 1903-1908. -- Contains surveyors' reports, report on coal between Bankhead and Yellowhead Pass, analysis of coal, blueprints. Correspondents include W.H. Aldridge.
M-2269-1980Bankhead coal field correspondence. -- 1903-1906. -- Includes Cascade coal properties report and analysis, blueprints, equipment matters, tests of Bankhead briquettes on railway engines, coal near Canmore, Ribbon Creek, Kananaskis area, order for licensing, report on Canmore Mines, Approximate Profile along Cascade Mountains, coal measures (diagram), Anthracite coal matters and related correspondence.
M-2269-1981Blairmore Frank coal fields correspondence and papers. -- 1903-1907. -- Report on Smith Block coal lands, Canadian Colliers reports to W.H. Aldridge, report on McGillivary Hill coal areas. Correspondents include J.M. Turnbull.
M-2269-1982Hosmer and Crows Nest general matters. -- 1903-1906. -- Contains McInnes property reports and blueprints.
M-2269-1983Cape Breton and Nova Scotia coal reports and correspondence. -- 1906-1908. -- Includes Standard Coal and Railway Company prospectus, report on Burchell coal areas, coal in Sydney Basin and New Campbelton areas, maps, Nova Scotia coal mine regulations.
M-2269-1984Hillcrest Coal Mines correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Includes agreement concerning stock matters, report on mines, balance sheet, statement of affairs, and expenditures.
M-8527Well records. -- 1913-1914. -- For purpose of coal lands investigation.

Series 8

British Columbia Land Department files. -- 1898-1926. -- 6.89 m of textual records. -- These files deal with townsites, colonization, railway branch lines and proposals, railway land grants and tie reserves, survey papers, and related maps and diagrams. Some files were numbered; these are in brackets at end of description. Includes the following sub-series:

A. Townsite papers, 1883-1924

B. Land and timber applications, 1898-1926

C. Scanned Document General correspondence, 1896-1939

D. Timber and tie reserves, 1892-1941

E. Land grant surveys, 1901-1912

F. Columbia and Western Railway, 1898-1922

G. Columbia and Kootenay Railway land sales, 1892-1950

H. Colonization correspondence, 1909-1928

I. Branch lines, 1903-1949

J. F.B. MConnell and agents correspondence, 1928-1933

K. Canadian Colonization Association, 1929-1932

Series 8-A

British Columbia - Townsite papers. -- 1883-1924.
M-2269-1985Cranbrook. -- May 1909-March 1920. -- Re: building permits, townsite extensions, sale and transfer of lands, Cranbrook Estate property, subdivisions, survey accounts and reports, blueprints, Crown grants, improvements and complaints about townsite lots, and Cranbrook Agricultural Association Exhibition.
M-2269-1986Cranbrook. -- February 1915-March 1920.
M-2269-1987Cranbrook. -- May 1920-February 1922. -- Re: purchases, revisions, descriptions.
M-2269-1988Cranbrook. -- May 1920-February 1922.
M-2269-1989Cranbrook. -- May 1920-February 1922.
M-2269-1990Cranbrook. -- May 1920-February 1922. -- Includes British Columbia Land Registry Act.
M-2269-1991Cranbrook. -- May-June 1924. -- Includes brief history fo Cranbrook, 1897 agreement, financial statements (Sec. 4).
M-2269-1992Cranbrook. -- October 1923-May 1924.
M-2269-1993Cranbrook. -- March-October 1923.
M-2269-1994Cranbrook. -- March 1923. -- Includes original agreement (1898).
M-2269-1995Cranbrook. -- February 1922-May 1923.
M-2269-1996Midway. -- 1910-1917. -- Re: town lots, irrigation system, claims, purchases, indentures, sales, agreements; includes blueprints.
M-2269-1997Eholt. -- 1898-1901. -- Re: division of lots, publishing of a newspapers, sales and purchases, road matters, price lists, clearing of townsite. (B0613, Sec. 2)
M-2269-1998Eholt. -- 1898-1901.
M-2269-1999Creston. -- 1899-1903. -- Re: projected plan of Creston, agreements for building, financial matters, conveyances, proposal of subdivision (B0513, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2000Creston. -- 1904-1910. -- Mainly re: subdivision.
M-2269-2001Creston. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: applications and payments on lots, indentures and agreements.
M-2269-2002Creston. -- 1910-1911.
M-2269-2003Revelstoke. -- 1903-1905. -- Re: town lots, sales, subdivision. (Sec. 1).
M-2269-2004Revelstoke. -- 1900-1903. -- Re: reserved lots, price lists, buildings, surveys (Sec. 2).
M-2269-2005Revelstoke. -- 1897-1906. -- Re: addition to townsite, price lists, squatters, change of divisional point to Revelstoke, registration of subdivision, grant of lands to Canadian Pacific Railway (1891) under Dominion Lands Act. (Sec. 3).
M-2269-2006Revelstoke. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: water supply, price and sale of lots (Sec. 4).
M-2269-2007Castlegar. -- 1900-1913. -- Re: timber permit requests, dispute about Castlegar's location, purchasing of lots, statement of land sales in Columbia and Western Railway blocks (B0514, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2008Castlegar. -- 1914-1922. -- Re: property sales, exchanges, surveys.
M-2269-2009Gerrard. -- 1899-1906. -- Re: agreements, surveys, prices of lots, naming of townsite, location (B0614, Sec.1).
M-2269-2010Gerrard. -- 1908-1913. -- Mainly re: timber cutting.
M-2269-2011Gerrard. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: agreements, purchase of lands, transfers of interest, expense account, sale of lots.
M-2269-2012Wasa. -- 1910-1914. -- (B0675, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2013Fort Steele. -- 1907-1911. -- Re: agreements, land sales, water supply and rights (B0673, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2014Proctor. -- 1899-1907. -- Re: location of Proctor for freight transfer purposes, purchase of property, division of townsite (B0504, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2015Arrowhead. -- 1903. -- Diagram, and letter about squatters (B0559).
M-2269-2016Poplar Creek. -- 1903-1904. -- Re: proposition for location of townsite (B0560).
M-2269-2017East Kootenay Lumber Company mill, Wardner. -- 1903-1910. -- Re: purchase of location (B0562).
M-2269-2018East Kootenay Lumber Company mill, Ryan. -- 1903-1909. -- Re: sale of land and contract matters (B0563).
M-2269-2019Saw mill, Proctor. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: negotiations for site (B0564-0625).
M-2269-2020East Kootenay Lumber Company mill, Gateway. -- 1904-1913. -- Re: contract matters, applications for acreages, timber agreements; also blueprints, leases.
M-2269-2021Land Department. -- 1904-1909. -- Re: applications for land, application for millsite at Robson, inquiries about town lots, Donald townsite claims, water pipeline at Nelson, millsite at Jaffray, hospital at Arrowhead, fire loss of mill at Sparwood, and railway spur.
M-2269-2022Greenwood. -- 1906-1912. -- Re: proposed addition, subdivision assessment, price list of blocks.
M-2269-2023Land Department. -- 1883-1911. -- Re: townsite at boundary on Spokane-Kootenay Line, parcels of land at Revelstoke, joint townsite agreement between Canadian Pacific Railway and Dominion Government.
M-2269-2024Land Department. -- 1899-1909. -- Re: boarding house at Cranbrook, proposal to rent town lots on Spokane Junction, Marysville Spur matters, proposal concerning Roseberry townsite.
M-2269-2025Survey of addition to Nelson. -- 1900-1910. -- Includes prices, negotiations, plans; also cemetery papers.
M-2269-2026Trail Creek. -- 1897-1911. -- Re: surveys, purchases, transfers, sales.
M-2269-2027Land Department. -- 1905. -- Re: Chinese squatters at Nelson, applications for lots at Arrowhead and Cranbrook, right-of-way for spur to Robinson, McKenzie lumber mill through Cranbrook, exchange of land with Dominion Government at Ashcroft.
M-2269-2028Cranbrook, incorporation papers. -- 1904-1905.
M-2269-2029Land Department. -- 1899-1921. -- Re: establishing a hospital at Grand Forks.
M-2269-2030Cranbrook. -- 1897-1916. -- Quarterly statements concerning interest of Lord Cobham (England) in Cranbrook lands, agreements concerning the above; also interests of other English land owners.
M-2269-2031Land Department. -- 1905-1914. -- Re: timber at Hosma, trespassing on Canadian Pacific Railway timber lands, Nicola townsite matters (mainly assessment).
M-2269-2032Cranbrook water supply. -- 1904-1909. -- Re: right-of-way for pipeline; includes plans, agreements with water supply company, and contract.
M-2269-2033Land Department. -- 1902-1907. -- re: dumping ground at Revelstoke, land at Creston, and Summit City townsite.
M-2269-2034Creston. -- 1906-1908. -- Re: water for irrigation, including water rights, and agreement for pipeline.
M-2269-2035Land Department. -- 1907-1914. -- Re: land reserve for Canadian Pacific Railway water supply at Revelstoke (B0627).
M-2269-2036Land Department. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: site for fire hall at Moyie, squatters at Nelson, Cranbrook blocks, squatter at Nakusp (B0626).
M-2269-2037Land Department. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: lots at Nakusp for sale, land at Elko, proposal for water company at Eholt.
M-2269-2038Cranbrook office correspondence. -- 1913-1915. -- Re: insurance on buildings, furniture, rental and account matters.
M-2269-2039Cranbrook office correspondence. -- 1899-1909. -- Re: office building, including insurance, plans, lease, tenders, and construction.
M-2269-2040Cranbrook office building. -- 1910-1913. -- Re: furnishings, insurance, and painting (B0654).
M-2269-2041Nelson land titles. -- 1900-1909.
M-2269-2042Nelson fair. -- 1905-1910.
M-2269-2043Land Department. -- 1905-1909. -- Re: applications for wood cutting, application for lots for Nelson YMCA, lots in Castlegar, Elko and Midway.
M-2269-2044Land Department. -- 1910-1913. -- YMCA site at Cranbrook, subdivision of townsites south of Golden (including Skokkumchuck), and title for Cody townsite.

Series 8-B

Land and timber applications. -- 1898-1926.
M-2269-2045Canadian Pacific Timber Company. -- 1905-1926. -- Applications for leases for timber cutting, including agreements and renewals.
M-2269-2046Land Department. -- 1906-1914. -- Re: application of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company to purchase land at Phoenix for mineral rights.
M-2269-2047Castlegar right-of-way. -- 1901-1909.
M-2269-2048Land Department. -- 1909-1913. -- Re: pre-emption of land in Christina Lake area by Elwood Beamish and others; quit claim of Columbia and Western Railway Company on land in Similkameen Division of Yale District.
M-2269-2049Land application correspondence. -- 1911-1916. -- Re: Columbia and Western Railway Company, lot 7161; includes application, survey matters, resume of land.
M-2269-2050Land application correspondence. -- 1911-1915. -- Re: land in West Kootenay district; includes survey matters, and financial negotiations.
M-2269-2051Land application correspondence. -- 1911-1915. -- Re: land disputes.
M-2269-2052Land application correspondence. -- 1912-1917.
M-2269-2053Canadian Pacific Timber Company. -- 1905-1924. -- Re: application to purchase part of lot 365 in Tenderfoot (British Columbia) for timber purposes; includes lease and financial matters, transfer of leases, and record of logs cut.
M-2269-2054St. Mary's River Timber berth. -- 1898-1911. -- Re: rentals, blueprints, lease matters, timber cruises, and timber examinations.
M-2269-2055Columbia River Lumber Company. -- 1906-1907. -- Re: timber permit for lot 4596; includes map.
M-2269-2056British Columbia Southern Railway Company, lot 4590, East Kootenay. -- 1911-1914. -- Re: application to purchase land from Company; includes maps (B1614).
M-2269-2057British Columbia Southern Railway Company, lot 4596, Kootenay District. -- 1912-1914. -- Re: application to purchase land from Company (B1630).
M-2269-2058Purchase application, Sub-lot F, Lot 4590, Bull River. -- 1913-1917. -- Re: application to purchase land from Canadian Pacific Railway by F.C. Douglas (B1662).
M-2269-2059Bull River Electric Power Company purchase application, Lot 4590, Bull River. -- 1913-1919. -- Includes maps (B1663).
M-2269-2060Galena area, land application correspondence. -- 1915-1919 (B1669).
M-2269-2061Revelstoke area, land application correspondence. -- 1910-1916. -- Re: Clearview Syndicate application for land north of the track and east of McKenzie Avenue.
M-2269-2062Revelstoke and Cranbrook area, land application correspondence. -- 1910-1912. -- Re: sub-divided land north of the track and west of McKenzie Avenue (Revelstoke); Cranbrook Board of School Trustees for lots 3-8; block 142; armory site (Cranbrook) (B5586)
M-2269-2063Revelstoke and Cranbrook area, land application correspondence. -- 1914-1915. -- Re: school garden at Cranbrook; block 18 (Cranbrook); and block 19, Revelstoke. (B5877, 5888, 5891)

Series 8-C

General correspondence. -- 1896-1939.
M-2269-2064Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1906. -- Re: irrigation scheme at Kamloops, coke ovens at Hosmer, prize for Kaslo Fair, land claims (B6501-6505).
M-2269-2065Land Department papers. -- 1906-1911. -- Re: office staff, including appointments, and salaries (B6503).
M-2269-2066Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1909. -- Re: swindle of lands by Pillsbury Land Company; proposed ditch to divert water through townplot of Cranbrook. (B6510).
M-2269-2067Transport companies. -- 1901-1903. -- Re: fares, keep of horses, accounts, and brands (B6512).
M-2269-2068Coal matters. -- 1905-1912. -- Re: inquiries, assessments, and possibilities (B6513).
M-2269-2069Columbia River Valley railway. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: proposed railway from boundary to Spokane (B6514).
M-2269-2070Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia papers. -- 1905-1909. -- Includes reports, resolutions, convention matters, address of J.S. Dennis to Rossland Board, claims and boundary matters. (Includes map of coal claims in south east Kootenay area). Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, A.B. McKenzie, William Whyte (B6515).
M-2269-2071Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1908. -- Re: transfer of files from Calgary. Includes list of missing files, list of contract numbers pf town lots, and Report of Deferred Payments Land Sales (1903). Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, J.L. Doupe.
M-2269-2072McNab Lumber Company correspondence. -- 1900-1903. -- Re: timber dues, rights, mills and orders (B6522).
M-2269-2073Tramway proposal. -- 1902-1903. -- Re: electric tramway from Grundy smelter to Grande Forks Station. (B6518).
M-2269-2074Pre-emption claims, Columbia and Western Railway Company land. -- 1903-1911. -- Includes maps, blueprints, certificates. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, William Pearce, S.J. Chapman (B6519).
M-2269-2075Land Department papers. -- 1902-1910. -- Re: inquiries and pre-emptions; includes maps, certificates and literature for British Columbia compilation. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis (B6520).
M-2269-2076General matters. -- 1903-1909. -- Re: land inquiries, tourists, police case, Governor General's visit, irrigation, water rights, rivers and streams (including British Columbia Crown grants, Reservation Rivers and Streams Act, Act Protecting Public Interest in Rivers, Streams and Creeks), timber slides, Companies Act, tie reserves and contracts, British Columbia Southern Railway water rights, collection of tolls on rivers and streams, British Columbia Southern Railway Land Grant, abolition of land agencies, land sales, standing of land grants statements, outstanding applications, town lot sales, timber dues, report on operations of British Columbia Land Department after first year (B6528, Sec.1).
M-2269-2077General matters. -- 1910-1913. -- Includes summary of land grant, statements of revenue of British Columbia Land Branch from the sale of British Southern Railway, Columbia and Western Railway, and Columbia and Kootenay Railway lands, contracts and sales in arrears, list of sales with timber reservations, study of insects and timber damage, opening of Montreal office, report on 34 timber limits on North Fordk, appropriation schedules, maps of Columbia and Western Railway lands and British Columbia Southern Railway lands (Sec. 2).
M-2269-2078Financial statements. -- 1912-1914. -- Includes timber revenue, statement of revenue from railway lands, statement on status of town lot and farm land contracts, rents from leases, statement of unsold lands (Sec. 4).
M-2269-2079Land applications. -- 1903-1911. -- Re: reclamation lands; includes blueprint (B6530).
M-2269-2080North Fork road proposal. -- 1903. -- Re: proposed road from Columbia to Franklin and Gloucester camps. Correspondents include W.H. Disbrowe (North Fork Road and Development Company), A. Taylor. (B6531).
M-2269-2081British Columbia Southern Railway, and Columbia and Western Railway, land papers. -- 1910-1912. -- Re: transfer of the lands to the British Columbia government (including statement for settlement), statement of land and town lots in British Columbia, copy of 'Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Company's Land Grant Tax Exemption Ratification Act' of 1912. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, William Pearce, W.R. Ross (B6532, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2082British Columbia Southern Railway. -- 1913-1932. -- Re: sale of land to government, tax matters, surveys of tie reserves, legal matters, title and leases on lands, applications on lands, conveyances, registration of land being transferred (B6532, Sec. 4)
M-2269-2083Mayook school site. -- 1918.
M-2269-2084Columbia and Western Railway land grant correspondence. -- 1907-1914. -- Re: taxing of land grants, statements of proposed sale, purchase and sale of lands, acreages still owned, schedule of timbered lands. Correspondents include Sir T. Shaughnessey (B6533).
M-2269-2085Conveyances, Cranbrook area. -- 1914-1915. -- Cover letters for conveyances, numbers 1899-2969 (incomplete) (B6535).
M-2269-2086Timber matters. -- 1908-1912. -- Re: timber inspectors, staff, and general matters (B6536).
M-2269-2087Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1905. -- Re: Cottonwood Creek at Nelson; also cancellations of contracts due to overdue payments (B6537, 6538).
M-2269-2088Creel Lodge fishing reserve, Slocan area. -- 1911-1926. -- Re: fishing issues, and squatting/trespassing of F.J. McGowan. Correspondents include K.R. Machum, F.J. McGowan, W.O. Miller, A. Cameron (B6539).

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M-2269-2089Staff matters correspondence. -- 1903-1906. -- Re: staff transportation, expense accounts, and accommodation (B6536).
M-2269-2090Timber matters. -- 1906-1908. -- Re: timber ranges, including replacements and expenses; includes maps (B6536).
M-2269-2091 Timber matters, Kootenay area. -- 1901-1910. -- Re: surveys, supplies, timber limits, leases; also timber licenses (including name of licensee, date, area and maps)(B6529).
M-2269-2092Creel Lodge fishing reserve, Slocan area. -- 1909-1911. -- Re: fishing reserves in Kootenay River, erection of fishing chalet, take-over of Lodge, lists of visitors to area (and their remarks), Lodge operations, staff matters in area (B6539, Sec. 3).

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View 1911, part 2.
View 1910, part 1.
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View 1909.

M-2269-2093Creel Lodge fishing reserve, Slocan area. -- 1898-1907. -- Re: fishing reservations at Slocan Junction; includes blueprints, proposals for reservation, lease matters, appropriations, costs, staff matters, taxes, removal of squatters, building of chalet. Correspondents include J. Babcock (Inspector, provincial Fisheries ministry) (B6539, B6541, B6542, B6543, B6545).

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View 1905, part 1.
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M-2269-2094Creel Lodge fishing reserve, Slocan area. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: arrangements, erection of shelter, government regulations, Lodge insurance, building matters, permits, staff; includes maps (B6539).

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View 1908, part 1.
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View 1908, part 3.
View 1907.

M-2269-2095Revelstoke hospital. -- 1901. -- Re: proposed hospital; include blueprint, statement of leases, cost estimates (B6541).
M-2269-2096Wardner gardens. -- 1903-1911. -- Re: rental of Canadian Pacific Railway gardens (B6542).
M-2269-2097Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1906. -- Re: timber at Arrowhead for sale, addition to Nelson townsite, and survey matters (B6543-B6545).
M-2269-2098Assignments of land contracts correspondence. -- 1903-1913. -- Re: assignments (includes description of assignments at Cranbrook, Nelson, Creston, Revelstoke), land of British Columbia Southern, and Columbia and Kootenay, Railways (B6546).
M-2269-2099Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1910. -- re: Columbia and Kootenay Railway lot 350, land at Fording River, hay permit, mill site at Kootenay Landing, provincial statutes (B6548-6553).
M-2269-2100Nelson subdivision. -- 1903-1912. -- Re: un-subdivided portion of lot 304; includes survey matters, notes and maps (B6554).
M-2269-2101Lot 866, Kootenay district. -- 1903. -- Re: property originally owned by Columbia and Kootenary Railway (and possibly Kaslo and Slocan Railway), including assessment and tax issues (B6555).
M-2269-2102Pamphlet publication correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Re; inquiries, reports on various areas for publication, provincial land and tax regulations, surveys for publishing, published photographs of land; also requests for maps, photographs and reports for advertising purposes (B6556, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2103Pamphlet publication correspondence. -- 1908-1909.
M-2269-2104Pamphlet publication correspondence. -- 1909-1910.
M-2269-2105British Columbia Southern Railway correspondence. -- 1912-1915. -- Re: sale of lands to provincial governments, land registrations, boundary matters, surveys, ties reserves, description, list of lands owned by Canadian Pacific Railway adjoining townsites, statement showing areas and grants (B6532).
M-2269-2106Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1905. -- Re: land assessments, taxes and purchases; appointment of land surveyor (B6557-B6561).
M-2269-2107Newspaper advertising. -- 1901-1906. -- Re: 'Wilmer Outcrop' and 'Canterbury Outcrop' papers. (B6563).
M-2269-2108 Columbia and Western Railway land grant correspondence. -- 1902-1906. -- Re: registrations, Crown grants, rights-of-way, maps, certificates of titles (B6564).
M-2269-2109Columbia and Western Railway land grant correspondence. -- 1906-1910.
M-2269-2110Trail clay. -- 1902-1905. -- Re: royalties, tax matters, shipments, prices; includes dealings with Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Company (B6565).
M-2269-2111Timber matters. -- 1899-1905. -- Re: dues, clearing at Moyie (B6566).
M-2269-2112Land Department correspondence. -- 1903. -- Re: treetops for mining purposes, timber licenses, Christina Lake area, inquiries for land, Clifford Stewart colony, request for Black colony, arrangements for American settlers' colonies (B6567, B6568).
M-2269-2113Immigration matters. -- 1903-1911. -- Re: inquiries, bringing labour in after Chinese Exclusion Act passed.
M-2269-2114Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1905. -- Re: Greenwood skating rink lease, proposal to cut timber prices of mills along Crows Nest Pass.
M-2269-2115Timber matters correspondence. -- 1896-1907. -- Re: licenses, applications, maps, and stakes.
M-2269-2116Oil lands correspondence. -- 1903-1914. -- Re: applications for mineral rights, mineral rights on Crown grant lands, stake in Flathead Country, drilling operations; also map of Crows Nest Pass coal fields.
M-2269-2117Timber matters. -- 1903-1907. -- Re: sawmills on Canadian Pacific Railway lands in southern British Columbia (including location and construction), lumber for settlers, high prices, retail lumber association, special tariff rates, proposal of Canadian Pacific Railway to go into lumber industry, clippings about the combine dispute (B6583).
M-2269-2118Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: general information for land surveyors, establishing Italian immigrants, timber leases, sales and permits, treatment of structural and tie timber (B6584-B6586).
M-2269-2119Crows Nest Pass Coal Company. -- 1903-1927. -- Re: portions of the British Southern Railway lands; includes blueprints, survey matters, land descriptions, and legal papers.
M-2269-2120International boundary line. -- 1904. -- Description (B6589).
M-2269-2121Selkirk Mountains report correspondence. -- 1904.
M-2269-2146Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1907. -- Re: tenders for irrigation project, and proposal for park reserves at Crows Nest Pass (B6617-6618).
M-2269-2147Land Department correspondence. -- 1898-1908. -- Re: proposal for inspection of lands unsold in the British Columbia Southern, and Columbia and Western, Railways land grant areas, employment applications, blueprints (B6619).
M-2269-2148Bellingham line correspondence. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: proposal for railway line to Bellingham; includes map (B6620).
M-2269-2149Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1910. -- Re: timber cut by the Columbia River Lumber Company, claim against the Canadian Pacific Railway for timber lands destroyed by fire, proposed line from Grand Forks to Vernon, Kootenay and Arrowhead right-of-way, and proposed smelter at Greenwood (B6621, B6622, B6625).
M-2269-2150Advertising correspondence. -- 1910. -- Re: brochures and pamphlets, including cover page sample, and galleys. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis (B6626).
M-2269-2151London exhibition. -- 1905. -- Re: shipment of fruit to England for an exhibition (B6627).
M-2269-2152Captain Phillips-Woolley lecture tour. -- 1905. -- Re: proposed tour to England to represent British Columbia. Correspondents include T.S. Shaughnessey, J.S. Dennis, Captain Phillips-Woolley. (B6628).
M-2269-2153Midway and Vernon Railway rights-of-way correspondence. -- 1905. -- (B6630).
M-2269-2154Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Navigation Company land regulations. -- 1898-1910. -- Includes sales, amendments, application to purchase, extract of minutes governing regulations, reservation of land. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, W. Whyte, E. Mallandaine (B6630).
M-2269-2155Columbia and Western land grant regulations. -- 1903-1910. -- Re: agricultural land sales amendments, and legal forms (B6631).
M-2269-2156New Westminster and Yukon lines correspondence.. -- 1905-1907. -- Re: proposed extension/lines.
M-2269-2157Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway right-of-way. -- 1901-1905. -- Re: land in Grand Forks area; includes blueprints, prices, land descriptions, negotiations, and contracts (B6637).
M-2269-2158Land Department correspondence. -- 1905-1909. -- Re: land application, scheme for railway on Vancouver Island, proposal for development of a water power plant near Donald (B6639).
M-2269-2159 Proposed Vernon-Midway line. -- 1904-1908. -- Re: examination of lands in the Okanagan area for proposed line; includes survey reports, William Pearce reports, and blueprints (B6645).
M-2269-2160Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: immigration of people from Tuscany, conveyance of land to government, land exchanges, Crows Nest Pass line right-of-way (B6646-B6648).
M-2269-2161Land reservations at Trail papers. -- 1904-1912. -- Includes deeds, contracts, statement of lands in vicinity, correspondence with smelter (B6650).
M-2269-2162Columbia and Kootenay area lands. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: tests for water (including appropriations and supplies) in British Columbia Southern, Columbia and Kootenay, and Columbia and Western Railways lands. Correspondents include American Well Works, W. Whyte, I. Ogden.
M-2269-2163Kootenay Central Railway correspondence. -- 1913-1917. -- Re: contains right-of-way, land transfer and titles, conveyances, list of sub-lots (B6653).
M-2269-2164Okanagan area water supply. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: examination of water supply for possible irrigation; includes reports.
M-2269-2165Pamphlets. -- 1906-1910. -- Re: shipping of promotional brochures.
M-2269-2166Survey correspondence. -- 1904-1912. -- Re: requests for information from surveyors.
M-2269-2167Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1909. -- Re: undivided town plots, prosecution of trespassers cutting timber, shipping of fruit (including exhibition at Toronto).
M-2269-2168Columbia and Kootenay Valleys railway line. -- 1903-1907. -- Re: proposed railway line from Fort Steele junction to Golden; includes report on agriculture in the area, recommendations for various routes, survey notes, blueprints, petitions, contract awards, grants, and deeds (B6653, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2169Kootenay Central Railway correspondence. -- 1911-1915. -- Re: right-of-way, conveyances, change of locations, land statements, claims, taxes, and petition for tax release; includes blueprints (B6653).
M-2269-2170Pamphlets. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: shipping of promotional brochures.
M-2269-2171Timber matters. -- 1902-1907. -- Re: collection of dues, cutting, trespassing, leases and permits (B6662).
M-2269-2172Timber matters. -- 1907-1914. -- Re: collection of dues, accounts, timber deliveries, and agreement (B6662).
M-2269-2173Land Department correspondence. -- 1903-1910. -- Re: right-of-way for land in Crows Nest Pass, titles on railroad lots (with Department of Lands and Works) (B6663, B6664).
M-2269-2174Forest fire matters. -- 1907-1914. -- Re: prevention and control, estimates on losses, reports of fires, fire fighting matters, salaries for firefighters; includes maps (B6665).
M-2269-2175Forest fire matters. -- 1908-1911. -- Re: prevention and control.
M-2269-2176Forest fire matters. -- 1911-1912. -- Re: prevention and control.
M-2269-2177Land Department papers. -- 1904. -- Proposal for health resort at Columbia Lake, and act in aid of the Shuswap and Okanagan Railway (B6666, B6667).
M-2269-2178Proposed Penticton-Spences Bridge line. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: right-of-way matters, railway legislation, agreements with government, survey notes, cost estimates; also act to incorporate the Nicola Valley Railway Company (B6668).
M-2269-2179Proposed Pentiction-Spences Bridge line. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: rights-of-way and stock matters for Nicola, Kamloops, and Similkameen Railways; also indenture for control of railways in British Columbia (B6668).
M-2269-2180Columbia and Western Railway extension (from Midway to Penticton) correspondence. -- 1903-1913. -- Re: right-of-way matters, government subsidies, and negotiations (B6669).
M-2269-2181Southern British Columbia railway extensions correspondence. -- 1905-1910. -- Re: applications from various railways for routes, negotiations, new steamer on Fraser River, legal and government matters concerning land grants; includes maps (B6669).
M-2269-2182Colonization proposals for British Columbia. -- 1904-1905. -- (B6670).
M-2269-2183Proposal for fruit trees in Columbia Valley. -- 1904-1905. -- (B6671).
M-2269-2184Freight and passenger rates for settlers. -- 1904-1910. -- Re: inquiries; includes rates and hand bills (B6672).
M-2269-2185Pamphlets. -- 1902-1912. -- Re: promotional pamphlets (B6673).
M-2269-2186Timber and mineral matters correspondence. -- 1904-1912. -- re: trespassing on timber lands by owners of mineral claims.
M-2269-2187Columbia and Western Railway Company. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: right-of-way through the Mugwamp mineral claim (B6676).
M-2269-2188Nicola Valley coal matters. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: exploration for coal, option on Nicola Valley Iron & Coal Company lands. Also includes proposal of an American lecturer to promote/advertise the East Kootenay district. Correspondents include W. Whyte, J.S. Dennis, W.H. Aldridge (B6677, B6678).
M-2269-2189Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: excursion rates, inquiries, cutting of telephone poles (B6679).
M-2269-2190Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1906. -- Re: possible gold discovery at Yale, and mine at Moyie (B6683) .
M-2269-2191Columbia and Western Railway timber lands. -- 1904-1908. -- Re: regulations relating to the sale of lands, extracts from minutes of meeting (B6684).
M-2269-2192Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1908. -- Re: oyster farm, applications for pre-emptions, herring industry (B6685).
M-2269-2193Survey matters correspondence. -- 1904-1911. -- Re: instructions, forms, regulations, inquiries (B6688).
M-2269-2194Green & Clements survey account. -- 1904. -- (B6689).
M-2269-2195Flathead area road. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: proposed (wagon) road from Fernie to Flathead; includes blueprints (B6691).
M-2269-2196Nelson and Rossland rights-of-way. -- 1902-1907. -- Re: dealings with Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway, Columbia and Western Railways and others; includes memorandum of agreement, and indenture (B6692).
M-2269-2197Nelson right-of-way. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: lot 2650, between Nelson and Five Mile Point.
M-2269-2198Pearson and Jewell contract matters. -- 1904-1907. -- Re: tie cutting (B6695).
M-2269-2199Land Department papers. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: tie contract matters; also clippings about poor railway service.
M-2269-2200East Kootenay Lumber Company tie contract correspondence. -- 1904-1910. -- Re: timber licenses, settlements, agreements, cutting, shipments; includes maps/blueprints. Correspondents include A. Leith (of Lumber Company), W. Whyte, J.S. Dennis (B6697).
M-2269-2201Tie contract correspondence. -- 1904. -- Re: contracts with Standard Lumber Company, Robert Robson, Columbia River Lumber Company, Wardrop Brothers (B6698-B6703).
M-2269-2202Land Department correspondence. -- 1899-1914. -- Re: examination of Franklin mining camps (Kettle River Valley), and Pre-emption no. 603 (British Columbia Southern Railway, lot 4590).
M-2269-2203Numbering of lots. -- 1905. -- (B6706).
M-2269-2204St. Mary's River, East Kootenay, correspondence. -- 1905. -- Application to acquire surface rights for clay deposits (B6707).
M-2269-2205Stationery matters. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: orders for printing; includes paper samples (B6712).
M-2269-2206Survey supplies correspondence. -- 1905-1911.
M-2269-2207Publicity matters correspondence. -- 1905-1909. -- Re: proposed campaigns, and advertising.
M-2269-2208Agents correspondence. -- 1905-1912. -- Re: general instructions, and circulars (including lands for sale, land applications).
M-2269-2209Land Department correspondence. -- 1905-1914. -- Re: shipments of powder for stumpage purposes; also October 14, 1914 statement of land sales (B6718).
M-2269-2210Agency correspondence. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: applications for agencies (several from the United States) for British Columbia lands, replies (including commission structure), lands for sale, and prices (B6719).
M-2269-2211Land Department correspondence. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: application of Moyie Timber Company for charter; also proposed construction of line from Yahk to Spokane.
M-2269-2212Trail smelter correspondence. -- 1899-1906. -- Re: sale of smelter lands; includes maps.
M-2269-2213Land Department correspondence. -- 1905. -- Re: special rate for railway carload of British Columbia products (to be exhibited at various sites) by the 20000 Club of Nelson, and British Columbia Collieries land near Princeton (B6723).
M-2269-2214Elk River water power correspondence. -- 1903-1910.
M-2269-2215Coast Kootenay Railway. -- 1905. -- Re: estimates, costs and distances.
M-2269-2216Flathead County petroleum claims. -- 1905.
M-2269-2217Townsite matters correspondence. -- 1908-1922. -- Re: lots in Cranbrook (sales, tax matters), Columbus townsite sales blueprints, Yahk townsite, Jaffray lands, Elko lands, transfer of townsites, land registration, Columbia townsite, and statement of townsites in British Columbia in which Canadian Pacific Railway was interested (B6711).
M-2269-2241British domestics to British Columbia. -- 1906. -- (B6748).
M-2269-2242British Columbia Southern Railway timber matters. -- 1907-1912. -- Re: timber permit for W. Sullivan, regulations for sale of land, inquiries about land (B6752).
M-2269-2243Kamploops townsite. -- 1907-1908. -- Includes outstanding contracts (listing purchaser, lot, block, price, payments). (B6765).
M-2269-2244Game and park reserve, Bull River area, papers. -- 1907-1910. -- Includes proposal, location, maps (B6766).
M-2269-2245Land Department correspondence. -- 1907. -- Re: movement of Chinese labourers to British Columbia, and proposal for railway line up Elk River from Hosmer to coal fields.
M-2269-2246Columbia Valley Fruit Lands Ltd. -- 1907-1911. -- Re: land sales, inquiries about land, prices of villa and town lots, dam at Wilmer, Governor General's camp on Toby Creek, road and tax matters, irrigation ditches (British Columbia Southern Railway lot 4596); includes prize list of Athalmer fair in 1911, list of irrigable and non-irrigable lots, blueprints, Mountain Valley Ranch pamphlet, list of land acquired, and original proposal for 'Columbia Valley Fruit Lands Ltd.' (B6770).
M-2269-2247Irrigation Commission. -- 1904-1909. -- Re: Water Act, including amendments.
M-2269-2248British Columbia Southern Railway land grant. -- 1907. -- Re: regulations for sale of land, timber lands amendments; includes survey reports, petroleum and coal claims.
M-2269-2249 Timber Rangers, East Kootenay. -- 1907. -- Re: salaries, supplies, accounts, contract matters; also land sales lists (B6776, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2250 Timber Rangers, East Kootenay. -- 1908. -- Re: salaries, supplies, accounts, contract matters; also land sales lists (B6776, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2251 Timber Rangers, East Kootenay. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: salaries, supplies, accounts, contract matters; also land sales lists (B6776, Sec. 3).
M-2269-2252 Timber Rangers, East Kootenay. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: salaries, supplies, accounts, contract matters; also land sales lists (B6776, Sec. 4).
M-2269-2253 Timber Rangers, East Kootenay.. -- 1911-1913. -- Re: salaries, supplies, accounts, contract matters; also land sales lists (B6776, Sec. 5).
M-2269-2254Forest fire matters. -- 1907. -- Re: prevention and control of fires in Kootenay area; includes fire loss reports (B6778).
M-2269-2255Forest fires matters. -- 1907-1908. -- Re: prevention and control of fires in Kootenay area; includes fire loss reports (B6779).
M-2269-2256Forest fires matters. -- 1908-1911. -- Re: prevention and control of fires in Kootenay area; includes fire loss reports (B6779).
M-2269-2257C.P. Stuart-Morgan colonization scheme. -- 1907. -- Re: proposal and application (B6789).
M-2269-2258Kootenay area river tolls. -- 1907-1908. -- Re: tolls, water rights, river improvements, applications to government, charter for Kettle River. Correspondents include F.W. McLaine, J.S. Dennis (B6791).
M-2269-2259Kootenay Central Railway lands. -- 1907. -- Proposal of O.J. Amundsen to colonize land tributary (B6792).
M-2269-2260Land Department. -- 1907-1915. -- Re: application for right-of-way of Great Northern Railways from Fernie to Michel, application of Russian Republican Military Association to purchase land near old Robson, and Bull River Tie Reserve invoices for logs cut and stumpage (B6794, B6800).
M-2269-2261Mineral claims. -- 1907-1921. -- Re: ownership of cancelled pre-emptions and mineral claims in British Columbia Southern Railway and Columbia and Western Railway land grants (B6801).
M-2269-2289Creston area crown grants. -- 1906-1908. -- Includes maps. Correspondents include E.B. McKay (Surveyor General) (B6829).
M-2269-2290Kingsgate area. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: price dispute, and application to purchase land by A.J. Chisholm (B6830).
M-2269-2291 Goldie Creek area. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: crown grants near northwest fork of Creek (B6831).
M-2269-2292Windermere Lake. -- 1908. -- Re: stocking of fish in Lake (B6832).
M-2269-2293Canal Flats area. -- 1908-1909. -- Re: application from F.H. Hale for timber lease (B6839).
M-2269-2294Land sales reports. -- 1905-1912. -- Weekly and monthly reports on land and town lot sales in the Nelson, Nakusp, Jaffray districts (B6840).
M-2269-2295Payroll garnishee matters. -- 1910-1914. -- (B6841-B6842).
M-2269-2296Land Department circulars. -- 1913-1914. -- (B6844).
M-2269-2297Legal matters. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: instructions for signing contracts and conveyances (B6846).
M-2269-2298Staff matters. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: leaves of absence, vacations, replacements. Correspondents include B. Mallandaine, J.S. Dennis (B6847).
M-2269-2299Audit matters. -- 1908-1911. -- Re: disbursements, and financial matters. Correspondents include J. Leslie (B6851).
M-2269-2300 East Kootenay Lumber Company. -- 1908. -- Re: Lumber Company trespass near Swansea, British Columbia (B6853).
M-2269-2301Irrigation and British Columbia Land Department suspense account. -- 1911-1913 (B6854).
M-2269-2302Staff matters. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: transfers, and salaries (B6855).
M-2269-2303Transportation matters. -- 1911-1913. -- (B6856).
M-2269-2328British Columbia Southern Railway land grant examination. -- 1905-1907. -- Re: survey party accounts, supplies, progress reports, expenses; includes survey reports (B6908).
M-2269-2329British Columbia Southern Railway land grant examination. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: accounts, staff matters, statements of comparison on land grant, description of lots, P. Burns & Company accounts; includes maps.
M-2269-2330American writers' tour. -- 1909. -- Re: tour of British Columbia (including transportation, itinerary, requests for photos, newspaper clippings, articles) by several American magazine writers and editors.
M-2269-2331Columbia and Western Railway land grant examination. -- 1905-1909. -- Re: staff matters, supplies, progress of survey, survey reports, miscellaneous matters; includes maps (B6910).
M-2269-2332Columbia and Western Railway land grant examination. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: subdivision descriptions, business transactions of British Columbia land department, appropriations, survey reports.
M-2269-2333Advertising. -- 1909. -- Re: rough drafts, estimates, printing matters, requests and inquiries, arrangements with various publications, accounts; includes advertisements (B6913).
M-2269-2334W.J. Stark colonization proposal. -- 1909. -- Re: proposed settlement of British Columbia lands by W.J. Stark (England), and the Kirkella Land & Development Company; includes report, and brochure 'The Ideal Homestead' (B6967).
M-2269-2335Advertising and promotional matters. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: collection of information, literature, inquiries; includes newspapers clippings, reports and articles, letters of personal experience (B6969).
M-2269-2336Tie trespass, Hodges area. -- 1908-1909. -- (B6975).
M-2269-2337Jaffray Tie Reserve. -- 1909. -- Re: proposed clearing of Reserve, timber statistics, report on subdivision, costs, supplies (B6978).
M-2269-2338Jaffray Tie Reserve. -- 1910. -- Re: proposed clearing and settling of Reserve, tenders, prices, accounts, supplies, statements (B6978).
M-2269-2339Cranbrook Townsite. -- 1903-1911. -- Re: re-location and suppression of brothels, sale of lots, and subdivisions; includes map (B6987).
M-2269-2340New Central Kootenay Land Development Company. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: proposition for land near Kootenay Central Railway (B6980).
M-2269-2341Wild Horse Creek. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: application to construct flume from Creek; includes legal papers and blueprints (B6981).
M-2269-2342Swiss guide village, Golden. -- 1909-1911. -- Re: purchase of land, construction of buildings, accounts, immigration of Swiss families; include blueprints (B6991, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2343osSwiss village blueprints, Golden. -- [ca. 19--].
M-2269-2344Swiss guide village, Golden. -- 1912-1913. -- Re: employment matters, building matters, inventories, running of chalet (B6991, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2345Swiss guide village, Golden. -- 1914-1939. -- Re: maintenance and construction matters, staffing (B6991, Sec. 3).
M-2269-2346Proposed railway from Midway to Nicola via Penticton. -- 1909. -- (B6997).
M-2269-2347Proposed introduction of chamois from Switzerland for sportsmen. -- 1910. -- (B7021).
M-2269-2348Proposed Banff-Windermere road. -- 1910-1912. -- Re: need for road, opening up of tourist trade, location, survey reports, blueprints (B7026, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2349Banff-Windermere road surveys. -- 1911. -- (B7026, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2350Banff-Windermere road correspondence. -- 1913-1916. -- Re: legislation for completion of road, cost contributions, progress reports, expenditures, survey reports (B7026, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2351Kettle Valley Railway Company. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: timber cuttings, rights of way, permits, blueprints (B7032, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2352Kettle Valley Railway Company. -- 1911-1912. -- Re: townsites along line, sale of lands to government, tie and timber matters, maps (B7032, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2353 Kettle Valley Railway Company. -- 1913. -- Re: land purchases, transfers and conveyances (B7032).
M-2269-2354S.J. Chapman (surveyor) correspondence. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: surveys including descriptions, supplies, pre-emption records, blueprints (B7037).
M-2269-2355Branch line from Fort Steele, Golden, Kootenay Valley. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: Cranbrook citizens meetings re terminus, maps, appropriations, location; summary for and against construction, location, agreements (B6653, Sec. 3).
M-2269-2356 Branch line from Fort Steele, Golden, Kootenay Valley. -- 1909-1911. -- Re: townsite locations, timber claims, maps.
M-2269-2357British Columbia Railway Company. -- 1914-1918. -- Re: land grants, description, registration, Act relating to Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway Company (B7093).
M-2269-2358 British Columbia Railway Company. -- 1919-1920. -- Re: list of lands to be conveyed to government, sub-lot descriptions, revision of land bill, agreements, report on Columbia and Western Block lands (B7093).
M-2269-2359 British Columbia Railway Company. -- 1920-1928. -- Re: agreement between Columbia and Western Railway and Crown, British Columbia Statutes re lands, description of Nelson, lands to be conveyed to British Columbia government (B7093).
M-2269-2360Crows Nest Pass Railway. -- 1901. -- Re: right of way, indenture, lot descriptions, survey reports (C&K 96).
M-2269-2361Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- Re: accounts, contract matters, assessment notices (C&K 97).
M-2269-2362Cranbrook Agency file. -- 1899-1903. -- Re: list of town lots sold, applications to purchase lots, conveyances, deed executions, commission payments (B8704, Sec. 1).

Series 8-D

Timber and tie reserves. -- 1892-1941.
M-2269-2122Meadow Creek timber reserve. -- 1904. -- (B6591).
M-2269-2123Tie file. -- 1904-1907. -- Includes permits, cutting tie contracts, tie mills, cruise reports, tenders for supplying ties; also maps and blueprints (B6592, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2124Tie file. -- 1904-1910. -- Includes deliveries, accounts, collection of dues, tie monthly reports (B6592, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2125Tie file. -- 1910-1911. -- Includes timber and mineral claims, timber license changes, trespassing on timber lands, shipments and accounts (B6592, Sec. 3).
M-2269-2126Tie file. -- 1911-1913. -- Re: collection of dues, timber tie cutting reports (B6592, Sec. 4).
M-2269-2127Tie file. -- 1913-1915. -- Mainly tie dues and accounts.
M-2269-2128Land Department correspondence. -- 1904-1911. -- Re: options on timber in land grant areas, and school site sales (B6593-B6595).
M-2269-2129Water rights correspondence. -- 1898-1921. -- Re: licenses, rents, claims, maps, water notices, use and storage, grants, irrigation, townsite water rights, water clauses consolidation (1897), water acts (B6596, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2130Water rights correspondence. -- 1921-1940. -- Re: rentals, and licenses (B6596).
M-2269-2131Land Department correspondence. -- 1904. -- Re: gold and silver royalties, Angora goats in British Columbia, employment application, mineral claims inquiry.
M-2269-2132Breckingbridge and Lund Company. -- 1904-1910. -- Re: tie contracts (B6603).
M-2269-2133Legal dispute with Vancouver. -- [ca. 1905]. -- Copies of judgments of Justices Hunter and Martin in Attorney General vs. Canadian Pacific Railway case, involving land matters (B6604)
M-2269-2134Okanagan Lake correspondence. -- 1905. -- Re: right-of-way (B6605).
M-2269-2262Mark Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1904-1912. -- Re: equipment, shipments, cutting; includes maps. Includes J.S. Dennis, Eugene Coste (B6804).
M-2269-2263Upper Kootenay Tie Reserve. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: supply ties (B6805).
M-2269-2264Fort Steele Tie Reserve. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: permits, shipments, cutting (B6806, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2265Skookumchuk Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: staff, supplies (B6807).
M-2269-2266Goat River Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: applications, contract matters, tie dimensions (B6808).
M-2269-2267Jaffray Tie Reserve. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: cutting, applications for leases, contracts, accounts, pre-emption matters, reports, shipments, permits; includes maps (B6808, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2268Jaffray Tie Reserve. -- 1908-1913. -- Re: agreements, blueprints, permits, royalties, monthly accounts, shipments; includes maps (B6808, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2269Jaffray Tie Reserve. -- 1913. -- Re: permits, collection of dues, scale of logs; includes blueprints (B6808, Sec. 3).
M-2269-2270Matthew Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1910. -- Re: payments, contracts, applications for land, accounts, deliveries (B6810).
M-2269-2271Matthew Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1910-1912. -- (B6810, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2272Yahk Tie Reserve. -- 1906-1911. -- Re: permit applications, contracts (B6811).
M-2269-2273Moyie Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1911. -- Re: tax matters, mill proposition, payrolls, agreements, statement of assets and liabilities (B6812).
M-2269-2274Moyie Tie Reserve. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: property matters, land reservations, permits, blueprints, agreements.
M-2269-2275Moyie No. 3 Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1912. -- Re: applications, cutting, timber lease; includes map (B6813).
M-2269-2276Moyie No. 2 Tie Reserve. -- 1904-1913. -- Re: area and data about trees on land, contract matters.
M-2269-2277Moyie No. 1 Tie Reserve. -- 1904-1911. -- Re: summary of timber, sale of reserves, supplies for cruise camp, and staff matters.
M-2269-2278Wild Horse Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1911-1912. -- Re: mineral claims, contract and permit matters; includes blueprints.
M-2269-2279Bridge Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1913. -- Re: cutting permits, telegraph poles, contracts, timber lease; includes map (B6817).
M-2269-2280Kettle River Tie Reserve No. 1. -- 1907-1911. -- Re: applications for North Fork, supplies, agreements (B6818).
M-2269-2281Timber berth no. 20, Donald area. -- 1907-1908. -- Re: timber inspection of the area by W. Regan (Chief timber ranger, Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway); includes maps. Correspondents include W. Regan, L. Solly (Land agent, Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway), J.S. Dennis (B6822).
M-2269-2282Cotton Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1912. -- Re: accounts, contract matters, log sales (B6823).
M-2269-2283Bark Shanty Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1912. -- Re: accounts, contract matters, log sales (B6824).
M-2269-2284Lot 2701 timber, Greenwood area. -- 1908-1909. -- Re: contracts for timber cutting (B6825).
M-2269-2285Goatfell Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1912. -- Re: log scales, permit and contract matters, cutting (B6826, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2286Goatfell Tie Reserve. -- 1912-1915. -- Re: timber dues, permit matters, agreements (B6826, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2287Arrow Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1907-1910. -- Re: timber dues, permit matters, agreements (B6827).
M-2269-2288McNeillie area timber reserve. -- 1907-1908. -- Re: proposal for supplying ties; includes maps. Correspondents include W. Whyte, J.S. Dennis, James McDonald (Nelson, British Columbia) (B6828).
M-2269-2304Bridge Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1911-1913. -- Re: permits, shipments, cutting (B6857).
M-2269-2305Hell's Roaring Creek Tie Reserve. -- 1908. -- Re: operations of reserve (B6858).
M-2269-2306Staff matters. -- 1908-1910. -- (B6859).
M-2269-2307Timber trespass, Lot 2700-2701, Kettle River area. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: Warren and Robinson. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, R. Barnwell (B6860).
M-2269-2308Timber trespass, Lot 2700, Kettle River area. -- 1908-1909. -- Re: William K. White (B6865).
M-2269-2309Elko tunnel. -- 1908. -- Re: test pit for tunnel (B6866).
M-2269-2310Timber trespass, Grand Forks area. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: Clark and Hackings (B6867).
M-2269-2311H.B. Bridges correspondence. -- 1908. -- Re: financial matters (B6868).
M-2269-2312Mineral trespass, Osooyos area. -- 1907-1910. -- Re: McIntommy Brothers (B6869).
M-2269-2313Timber trespass, Greenwood area. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: Angrigron and Coutts (B6870).
M-2269-2314Timber trespass, Greenwood area. -- 1908. -- Re: Archibald (B6871).
M-2269-2315East Kootenay Lumber Company. -- 1913-1914. -- Re: timber leases; including scales of logs, log reports (B6872).
M-2269-2316Staff matters. -- 1906-1911. -- Re: salaries, and resignations (B6873).
M-2269-2317Timber cutting application, J.D. McKay. -- 1908. -- Re: lot near Greenwood (B6874).
M-2269-2318Application, R. Wood. -- 1908. -- Re: exchange of lots in Greenwood (B6875).
M-2269-2319Tie cutting application, W. Chesser. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: area near Eholt (B6876).
M-2269-2320Trespass, Greenwood area. -- 1908. -- Re: P. Benson (B6876).
M-2269-2321Letters of introduction. -- 1908-1912. -- For people coming to Canada to purchase land.
M-2269-2322Tie limits, J.T. Robinson. -- 1908. -- Re: claims for sale, North Thomson River area (B6880).
M-2269-2323Lot 2701, Surprise mineral claim. -- 1908-1909. -- Re: application to purchase surface rights by S.M. Johnson, and timber trespass by T.R. Morrison (B6882).
M-2269-2324J. D. Spence (lawyer). -- 1908-1910. -- Re: legal fees (B6883).
M-2269-2325Mineral trespass. -- 1908. -- Re: A. Gustofson (B6884).
M-2269-2326Employment matters. -- 1908-1909. -- (B6885).
M-2269-2327Timber rangers and fire wardens. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: salaries and expense accounts (B6905).
M-2269-2411Moyie River tie reserve. -- 1913. -- Covers August to December, 1913 (B7081).
M-2269-2412Tie reserve E on Moyie River number 2. -- 1913. -- Covers May to December, 1913 (B7082).
M-2269-2413Tie reserve F on Skookumchuck River, Mark Creek and Matthew Creek. -- 1913-1914. -- covers June 1913 to June 1914 (B7083).
M-2269-2414Tie reserve G on Bull River. -- 1912-1914. -- Covers July 1912 to January 1914 (B7084).
M-2269-2415Tie reserve H, Jaffray area. -- 1913-1914. -- Covers April 1912 to June 1914 (B7085).
M-2269-2416Tie reserves, Kootenay area. -- 1912-1914. -- Covers June 1912 to June 1914 (B7086).
M-2269-2417Tie Timber Branch land purchase south of Bull River. -- 1913-1914. -- Covers November 1913 to June 1914 (B7090).
M-2269-2418British Columbia Southern Railway right of way through part of Columbia and Kootenay Railway. -- 1914-1920. -- (B7093).
M-2269-2419Timber reports on Randolph Bruce and other Columbia and Kootenay lands. -- 1914-1925. -- (B7094).
M-2269-2420Applications for land in tie reserves. -- 1914-1915. -- (B7095).
M-2269-2421Claim for timber cut on Caldwell mines, East Kootenay. -- 1915-1917. -- (B7096).
M-2269-2422Unsold lands in British Columbia. -- 1914-1915. -- (B7097).
M-2269-2423Land Department correspondence. -- 1914-1915. -- Re: water power in British Columbia, cancellations of farm lands (B7097, B7098).
M-2269-2424Baker Lumber Company cut in area southwest of Kootenay River. -- 1915. -- (B7099).
M-2269-2425Arrowhead water front. -- 1915-1932. -- (B7100).
M-2269-2426Nakusp and Slocan Railway land in Kootenay area. -- 1915-1941. -- (B7101).
M-2269-2427British Columbia townsites. -- 1892-1914. -- Consists of information gathered from title deeds and other sources (B7102).
M-2269-2428King Lumber Mills timber lease purchase. -- 1918-1919. -- Includes list of wages paid to fire fighters at fire on Canadian Pacific Railway limit near Tanglefoot, 1918 (B7103).
M-2269-2429William Carlin purchase at Yahk. -- 1918 (B7104).
M-2269-2430Dealings with British Columbia government. -- 1912-1920. -- Re: sale of portions of British Columbia Southern Railway and Columbia and Western Railway land grants (1912), and new arrangement with government as per act passed in 1920 (B7107).
M-2269-2431Mines and minerals in British Columbia townsites. -- 1920-1921. -- (B7108).
M-2269-2432Columbia and Western Railway reports n.d. -- Re: land along Boundary, Lynch and McIntyre Creeks, etc.
M-2269-2433British Columbia Southern Railway reports. -- n.d. -- Re: lots 4590-4596.
M-2269-2434 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1903.
M-2269-2435 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1904-1906.
M-2269-2436 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1906-1908.
M-2269-2437 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1908-1909.
M-2269-2438 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1912-1913.
M-2269-2439 British Columbia Southern Railway and East Kootenay Lumber Company agreements. -- 1913-1917. -- Covers December 1913 to June 1917.

Series 8-E

Land grant surveys. -- 1901-1912.
M-2269-2135Columbia and Western Railway lands. -- 1905. -- Re: survey contract (for lot 2711) to F.S. Clements (land surveyor); includes maps, agreements and survey. Correspondents include F.S. Clements, J.S. Dennis, William Pearce (B6606).
M-2269-2136Columbia and Western Railway lands. -- 1906. -- Re: surveys of lots 2700, 2705, 2709, 2710, 3635, 3636 (Osoyoos and Christina Lake areas) by T. S. Gore and J.H. McGregor; includes maps (B6607).
M-2269-2137Columbia and Western Railway lands. -- 1905. -- Re: surveys of lots 2704, 3637, 3638, 2712-2714 (Kettle River Valley area); includes maps (B6608).
M-2269-2138Survey contract with T.S. Gore and J.H. McGregor. -- 1912. -- Re: survey of various Canadian Pacific Railway tie reserves.
M-2269-2139British Columbia Southern Railway lands. -- 1901-1904. -- Re: survey of lots 4589, 4590-4593, 4595, 4596 (Kootenay area) by T.S. Gore and J.H. McGregor; includes agreements, survey notes, maps, correspondence re: progress (B6609).
M-2269-2140British Columbia Southern Railway lands. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: traverse limits of summit of Crows Nest Pass to various boundaries (B6609).
M-2269-2141Columbia and Western Railway lands. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: payments to surveyors, survey notes, agreements, progress of survey (B6610).
M-2269-2142Columbia and Western Railway lands. -- 1905-1907. -- Re: survey notes, progress of survey, agreement (B6611).
M-2269-2143Land Department correspondence. -- 1905-1907. -- Re: grant to provincial exhibition at New Westminster, site for Grande Forks stockyards, articles for British Columbia advertising literature (B6612-B6614).
M-2269-2144Land Department legal matters. -- 1903-1910. -- Re: contract matters; includes legal forms (B6615).
M-2269-2145British Columbia Southern Railway lands survey correspondence. -- 1905-1911. -- Re: survey of lot 4596 to complete traverse of Dutch Creek; includes survey reports (B6616).

Series 8-F

Columbia and Western Railway. -- 1898-1922. -- Includes accounts, survey agreements, survey reports, instructions, blueprints.
M-2269-2218Columbia and Western Railway dispute with Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway papers. -- 1905-1906. -- Re: bank matters, legal papers, survey reports, affidavits (B6733, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2219Kootenay line right-of-way matters. -- 1904-1905. -- Re: lands of British Columbia Southern Railway, Columbia and Western Railway, Columbia and Kootenay Railway, and Canadian Pacific Railway (including survey reports, acquisition of land titles, amending land act, appropriations, land descriptions, agreements, supplies for surveys, contract matters, application for Crown grants (B6734, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2220Kootenay line right-of-way matters. -- 1905. -- (B6734, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2221Kootenay line right-of-way matters. -- 1906-1907. -- Includes blueprint (B6734, Sec. 3)
M-2269-2222Kootenay line right-of-way matters. -- 1907-1912. -- B6734, Sec. 4).
M-2269-2223Kootenay line right-of-way matters. -- 1912-1913.
M-2269-2224Columbia and Western Railway land grant division papers. -- 1898-1906. -- Re: division of interest with F.A. Heinze (of Butte, Montana) ; includes commencement of proceedings, 1898 indenture agreement, partition notice, maps, survey reports, list of Crown grants (B6735).
M-2269-2225Columbia and Western Railway land grant division papers. -- 1907. -- Re: division of interest with F.A. Heinze (of Butte, Montana); includes costs of suit, certificate of title on lands, list of facts to be proved, statement of claims (B6735).
M-2269-2226Columbia and Western Railway land grant division papers. -- 1907-1909. -- Re: dispute with F.A. Heinze; includes acreage of tract in grant, statement of disbursement, statement of court costs, timber surveys, statement of lands owned in various blocks, legal account, map, statement of land sales in Columbia and Western Railway blocks, statement of commissions (B6735).
M-2269-2227Columbia and Western Railway land grant division papers. -- 1910-1912. -- Re: dispute with F.A. Heinze; includes summary of accounts, agreements, list of outstanding applications, and land description.
M-2269-2228Land Department correspondence. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: request for siding three miles east of Kitchener (British Columbia), lands for sale, special act for incorporating the St. Mary's and Cherry Creek Railway Company (B6730).
M-2269-2229Surface mineral rights correspondence. -- 1905-1910. -- re: inquiries and applications.
M-2269-2230British Columbia Southern Railway, Lot 4590, legal dispute with Government of British Columbia. -- 1904-1914. -- Re: eastern boundary of lot, as surveyed by John McLatchie, T.S. Gore, and J.H. McGregor; includes maps and survey reports. Correspondents include J.S. Dennis, W. Pearce, J. McLatchie. (B6738).
M-2269-2231Marysville St. Mary's Creek proposed railway line. -- 1905-1907 (B6740).
M-2269-2232Survey matters. -- 1906-1907. -- (B6741).
M-2269-2233Survey matters. -- 1906-1908. -- (B6742).
M-2269-2234Survey matters. -- 1906-1907.
M-2269-2235Survey matters. -- 1906-1907. -- Re: west fork of Kettle River.
M-2269-2236Survey matters. -- 1906-1907.
M-2269-2237Survey matters. -- 1906-1909. Re: Lot 3634.
M-2269-2238Survey matters. -- 1905-1922. -- (B6747, Sec. 1).
M-2269-2239Survey matters. -- 1903-1906. -- (B6747, Sec. 2).
M-2269-2240Survey matters. -- 1906-1907. -- Re: lands under grant, boundary matters, specifications; includes maps, table showing survey performed.

Series 8-G

Columbia and Kootenay Railway land sales. -- 1892-1950.
M-2269-2363Timber purchases. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 71).
M-2269-2364Land sale to Andrew Neidig. -- 1902-1919. -- (C&K 72).
M-2269-2365Correspondence re J. Sellier. -- 1902-1950. -- Re: sale of timber, contract matters, notice of assessment, terms of payment (C&K 73).
M-2269-2366Land sale to Frederick Norbury. -- 1902-1925. -- (C&K 74).
M-2269-2367Land sale to Robert Allen, David Arnot and Mrs. Davidson. -- 1902-1923. -- (C&K 75).
M-2269-2368Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 76).
M-2269-2369Land sales. -- 1902-1915. -- (C&K 77).
M-2269-2370Land sale to the Pugh and Livingston Lumber Company Ltd. -- 1902-1926. -- (C&K 78).
M-2269-2371Land sale to Frank Murphy. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 79).
M-2269-2372Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 80).
M-2269-2373Land sale to John Fox. -- 1901-1904. -- (C&K 60).
M-2269-2374Land sales. -- 1902-1904. -- (C&K 62).
M-2269-2375Land sale to Baptiste Mongeau. -- 1902-1911. -- (C&K 63).
M-2269-2376Land sales. -- 1902-1914. -- (C&K 64).
M-2269-2377Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 65).
M-2269-2378Land sales. -- 1902-1911. -- (C&K 67).
M-2269-2379Land sales. -- 1902-1904. -- (C&K 68).
M-2269-2380Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 89).
M-2269-2381Land sales. -- 1902-1912. -- (C&K 70).
M-2269-2382Land sales. -- 1901-1911. -- (C&K 48).
M-2269-2383Land sales. -- 1901-1912. -- (C&K 49).
M-2269-2384Land sales. -- 1901-1910. -- (C&K 50-53).
M-2269-2385Land sales. -- 1901-1904. -- (C&K 54).
M-2269-2386Land sales. -- 1901-1908. -- (C&K 55).
M-2269-2387Land sales. -- 1901-1910. -- (C&K 56).
M-2269-2388Land sales. -- 1901-1902. -- (C&K 57).
M-2269-2389Land sales. -- 1901-1904. -- (C&K 58).
M-2269-2390Land sales. -- 1901-1906. -- (C&K 59).
M-2269-2440Land sales, East Kootenay area. -- 1892-1906.
M-2269-2441Land sale to John Lineham Lumber Company, East Kootenay area. -- 1910-1911.
M-2269-2442Land sales, East Kootenay area. -- 1899-1908.
M-2269-2443Land sales. -- 1898-1910.
M-2269-2444Land sales. -- 1899-1914.
M-2269-2445Land sales. -- 1898-1921.
M-2269-2446Land sale to Kootenay Lumber and Exploration Company. -- 1898-1908. -- Also Includes prospective purchaser, Randolph Bruce.
M-2269-2447Land sales, East Kootenay area. -- 1899-1907.
M-2269-2448Land sales. -- 1899-1911.
M-2269-2449Land sales. -- 1900-1912.
M-2269-2450Land sales. -- 1901-1912.
M-2269-2451Land sales. -- 1900-1910.
M-2269-2452Land sales, West Kootenay area. -- 1900-1910.
M-2269-2453Land sales, East Kootenay area. -- 1900-1911.
M-2269-2454Land sales. -- 1900-1909.
M-2269-2455Land sales. -- 1901-1906.
M-2269-2456Land sales, West Kootenay area. -- 1900-1910.
M-2269-2457Land sales. -- 1902-1907.
M-2269-2458Land sales. -- 1901-1905.
M-2269-2459Land sales. -- 1901-1902.
M-2269-2460Land sales. -- 1901-1913.
M-2269-2461Land sales. -- 1900-1911.
M-2269-2462Land sales. -- 1901-1906.
M-2269-2463Land sales. -- 1901-1914.
M-2269-2464Land sales. 1901-1909.
M-2269-2465Land sales. -- 1901-1908.
M-2269-2466Land sales. -- 1901-1910.
M-2269-2467Land sales. -- 1901-1911.
M-2269-2468Land sales. -- 1901-1908.
M-2269-2469Land sales. -- 1902-1908.
M-2269-2470Land sales. -- 1901-1910.
M-2269-2471Land sales. -- 1901-1907.
M-2269-2472Land sales. -- 1901-1904.
M-2269-2473Land sales. -- 1901-1904.
M-2269-2474Land sales. -- 1901-1908.
M-2269-2475Land sales. -- 1901-1910.
M-2269-2476Land sales. -- 1901-1910.
M-2269-2477Land sales. -- 1901-1909.
M-2269-2478Land sales. -- 1901-1903.

Series 8-H

Colonization correspondence. -- 1909-1928.
M-2269-2391Colonization of retired military officers from Great Britain. -- 1909-1910. -- (B6949).
M-2269-2392Colonization of French immigrants by French syndicate. -- 1909. -- Re: Charles Bresel (B6951).
M-2269-2393Settlement of Doukhobors in Columbia River Valley. -- 1909. -- (B6926).
M-2269-2394Visit of magazine editors to British Columbia. -- 1909-1910. -- (B6909).
M-2269-2395Canadian Pacific Irrigation Colonization Company. -- 1909-1910. -- (B6907).
M-2269-2396German Canadian Farming Company. -- 1920. -- 734).
M-2269-2397Russian colony from California. -- 1914-1920. -- Includes list of lands reserved for Russian colonists (732).
M-2269-2398Austrian colony in British Columbia. -- 1911. -- (B7055).
M-2269-2399Settlement of Molokan Colony in Alberta. -- 1928. -- Re: Russian colony from California and Mexico (20225).
M-2269-2400Reservation for Danish colony east of Wainwright, Alberta. -- 1928. -- (20222).

Series 8-I

Branch lines. -- 1903-1949.
M-2269-2401Branch line from North West Wood Bay. -- 1911. -- (545).
M-2269-2402Bow Island water supply and gas wells. -- 1908-1944. -- (543).
M-2269-2403Candahar to Wynard branch line. -- 1908-1911. -- (546).
M-2269-2404Bredenbury-Melville branch line. -- 1909-1914. -- (547).
M-2269-2405Esterhazy-Bredenbury branch line. -- 1906-1911. -- (548).
M-2269-2406Lauder extension in Saskatchewan. -- 1903-1913. -- (549).
M-2269-2407Qu'Appelle Valley branch line. -- 1910-1912. -- (550).
M-2269-2408Branch line from Regina to Colonsay and north. -- 1907-1913. -- (551).
M-2269-2409Suffield to Kipp branch line. -- 1912-1917. -- (552).
M-2269-2410Foreign branch lines in Saskatchewan. -- 1912-1949. -- (553).

Series 8-J

F.B. McConnell and agents correspondence. -- 1928-1933.
M-2269-2479Correspondence "A". -- 1930-1932. -- Re: land listings at Langley Prairie, Thetis Island, Castlegar, Kootenay District, Coldstream Ranch. Also, settlement of Swiss Ameter Group, Courtenay, Comox Valley.
M-2269-2480Correspondence "B". -- 1931-1932. -- Re: lands at Courtenay, Comox Valley, Okanagan Valley, Nakusp.
M-2269-2481Correspondence. -- 1932-1933. -- Re: Vancouver Board of Trade.
M-2269-2482Correspondence "C". -- 1932. -- Re: British immigration in British Columbia, including list of families placed by the Canadian Colonization Association.
M-2269-2483Correspondence. -- 1929-1932. -- Re: Colonization Finance Corporation of Canada Ltd. report of farms, proposal for fertilizer development, reclamation farm at Creston, placement of British family with Colonel J. De B. Cowan, Kaslo.
M-2269-2484Correspondence "D", "E". -- 1931. -- Re: Colonization Finance Corporation of Canada Ltd. annual report on farm management.
M-2269-2485Correspondence. -- 1932. -- Re: Doukhobor property exchange.
M-2269-2486Correspondence "G". -- 1933. Re: transfer of F.B. McConnell, British Columbia Egg and Poultry Co-operative Association petition re freight rates.
M-2269-2487Correspondence "H". -- 1933. -- Re: land dispute on Lulu Island, sheep at Duncan, Sunbeam Motor Company.
M-2269-2488Correspondence "J". -- 1929-1932. -- Re: German settlers at Yarrow, list of immigrants in Nelson (mainly in German).
M-2269-2489Correspondence. -- 1930. -- Re: land listings for prospective British settlers
M-2269-2490Correspondence. -- 1928-1932.
M-2269-2491Mennonite Land Settlement Board. -- 1931-1932. -- Re: settlers progress at Yarrow and Herbert.
M-2269-2492Migration statistics. -- 1930.
M-2269-2493Correspondence "N", "P". -- 1932. -- Re: proposal for settlement of Norwegians at Peace River, publicity matters, biographical sketch of W.J. Blake Wilson (vice-president, Burns and Co. Ltd.), Yarrow settlement.
M-2269-2494Correspondence with Rev. Carl Photenhauer re Mennonites' outstanding fares. -- 1932-1933.

Series 8-K

Canada Colonization Association. -- 1929-1932.
M-2269-2495 Vancouver weekly reports. -- 1931.
M-2269-2496 Vancouver liquidation reports. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-2497 Vancouver sales reports. -- 1929-1930.
M-2269-2498 Vancouver sales reports. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-2499Reports on settlers. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-2500 Reports on settlers. -- 1929.
M-2269-2501Family progress reports. -- 1931.
M-2269-2502Family progress reports. -- 1932.
M-2269-2503Report on settlers. -- 1929-1931.
M-2269-2504Family classification reports. -- 1930-1932.
M-2269-2505Vancouver liquidation reports. -- 1930-1931.
M-2269-2506Vancouver land sale reports. -- 1931.
M-2269-2507Settlers classification reports. -- 1930.
M-2269-2508Families temporarily placed. -- 1929.
M-2269-2509Temporary family placements. -- 1929.
M-2269-2510Family placements. -- 1929.
M-2269-2511Family placements. -- 1930.

Series 9

Legal files. -- 1912-1917. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- These files deal mainly with land matters in the form of title searching, contract matters, securing lands for future use, taxation, legal papers, and related land transactions. Most of the lands are situated in Alberta.

M-2269-2512May 1912 to May 1913. -- 1912-1913. -- (1130).
M-2269-2513June 1913 to March 1915. -- 1913-1915. -- (1130).
M-2269-2514April 1915 to August 1916. -- 1915-1916. -- (1130).
M-2269-2515August to October 1916. -- 1916. -- (1130).
M-2269-2516November 1916. -- 1916. -- (1130).
M-2269-2517December 1916 to March 1917. -- 1916-1917. -- (1130).
M-2269-2518April to August 1917. -- 1917. -- (1130).
M-2269-2519April to August 1917. -- 1917. -- (1130).
M-2269-2520September to October 1917. -- 1917. -- (1130).

Series 10

Survey notebooks and field notes. -- 1891-1913. -- 87.5 cm of textual records.

M-2269-2521Columbia and Western Land Grant. -- n.d. -- Five notebooks; Party No. 1 under surveyor C.H. Tye; blocks 2708, 2710, 2711, 3639.
M-2269-2522Columbia and Western Land Grant. -- n.d. -- Four notebooks; Party No. 2 under surveyor P.H. McCurrach; blocks 4599, 2709, 7159, 5817, 2702, 2703.
M-2269-2523Columbia and Western Land Grant. -- n.d. -- Four notebooks; Party No. 3 under surveyors R.M.G. Eassie and A.P. Burwash; blocks 2706, 3636, 2705, 3635, 2701, 2704.
M-2269-2524Columbia and Western Land Grant. -- n.d. -- Seven notebooks; Party No. 4 under surveyor E. Collier; blocks 3637, 2698, 5816, 2700.
M-2269-2525Southern British Columbia. -- 1909. -- Five notebooks; Party No. 1 under surveyor C.M. Edwards; lots 4589, 4590.
M-2269-2526 Southern British Columbia. -- n.d. -- Five notebooks; surveyor E.C. DeWolfe; lots 4591, 4592.
M-2269-2527 Southern British Columbia. -- 1908-1909. -- Three notebooks; surveyor E.C. DeWolfe; lot 4595.
M-2269-2528 Southern British Columbia. -- 1909. -- Seven notebooks; surveyor F. O'Neil; lot 4596.
M-2269-2529Bull River Tie Reserve. -- 1910-1911. -- Nine notebooks; surveyors Frank Putnam, A.M. Henderson, N.A. Brown.
M-2269-2530Bull River Tie Reserve. -- 1910. -- Six notebooks; surveyor Pat Moffat.
M-2269-2531Elko-Fort Steele. -- 1907-1908. -- Six notebooks; surveyor H.J. Hoffner.
M-2269-2532British Columbia Land Department. -- 1891, 1904. -- Seven notebooks; Okanagan, Osoyoos, Jaffray, Kootenay areas. Also includes stream water records (299).
M-2269-2533Surveyors' notebooks. -- 1891, 1897. -- Six notebooks; surveyors N.B. Gauvreau and Thomas McVittie; Elk River, Nelson, Kootenay River adjoining International Boundary (299).
M-2269-2534 Surveyors' notebooks. -- 1891-1899. -- Six notebooks; Elk River, British Columbia Southern Railway traverse from Elko to Jaffray, Columbia and Kootenay Railway land grants (299).
M-2269-2535British Columbia timber claims. -- 1907. -- Four notebooks; surveyor R.C. Brown.
M-2269-2536Cranbrook timber rangers notes. -- 1908-1910. -- Re: J.S. Hewetson, B.C. Stlelair, James Bates, James B. Henderson.
M-2269-2537Miscellaneous surveyors' notebooks. -- 1912-1913. -- Eight notebooks.
M-2269-2538Miscellaneous surveyors' notebooks. -- 1911-1913. -- Nine notebooks. Also includes wages and land examinations.
M-2269-2539Thomas Wentworth Bengay land survey. -- 1905. -- Application for land in East Kootenay under the provisions of the South African War Land Grant Act.
M-2269-2540Coal claims in East Kootenay district. -- 1905.
M-2269-2541Coal claims in East Kootenay district. -- 1905.

Series 11

Canadian Pacific Railway ledgers. -- 1902-1939. -- 1.5 m of textual records. -- Relating to rate records, arrivals, prospective buyers, land grants and land settlement.

M-2269-vol.1Land department rate record. -- 1902-1910.
M-2269-vol.2Land department rate record. -- 1910-1914.
M-2269-vol.3Arrivals and transportation. -- 1918-1919.
M-2269-vol.4Prospective buyers record. -- 1909. -- Actual arrivals (2103-4764).
M-2269-vol.5Prospective buyers record. -- 1909. -- Actual arrivals (4765-7301).
M-2269-vol.6Prospective buyers record. -- 1910. -- Registered to come (1-2333).
M-2269-vol.7Prospective buyers record. -- 1910-1911. -- Registered to come (2334-7514).
M-2269-vol.8Prospective buyers record. -- 1911-1912. -- Registered to come (7515-12615).
M-2269-vol.9Prospective buyers record. -- 1910. -- Actual arrivals (8500-9769).
M-2269-vol.10Prospective buyers record. -- 1910. -- Actual arrivals (9770-10956).
M-2269-vol.11Prospective buyers record. -- 1910-1911. -- Actual arrivals (10957-13488).
M-2269-vol.12Prospective buyers record. -- 1909-1910. -- Registered to come (7302-7615) and actual arrivals (13489-14503).
M-2269-vol.13Prospective buyers record. -- 1911-1912. -- Actual arrivals (14504-17393), complete to 15538).
M-2269-vol.14Clandonald Colony settlers. -- 1929-1939. -- Joint Canadian Pacific Railway - Hudson's Bay Company settlement scheme.
M-2269-vol.15Manitoba Southwestern Colonization Railway Company land grant. -- 1887-1913.
M-2269-vol.16Great North West Central Railway land grant. -- 1900-1904.
M-2269-vol.17Souris branch land grant. -- 1903-1911.
M-2269-vol.18Souris branch (Pipestone extension) land grant. -- 1906-1910.
M-2269-vol.19Saskatchewan and Western Railway land grant. -- 1907.
M-2269-vol.20Calgary and Edmonton Railway land grant. -- 1908-1919.
M-2269-vol.21British Columbia townsite applications and contracts. -- 1905.
M-2269-vol.22Timber permits and sales. -- 1907-1913.
M-2269-vol.23Lands transferred from Winnipeg. -- 1910.
M-2269-vol.24Lands transferred from Winnipeg. -- 1912.
M-2269-vol.25Lands transferred from Winnipeg. -- 1921.
M-2269-vol.26Ready-Made farm building plans. -- 1913-1914.
M-2269-vol.27Immigrants to Western Canada. -- 1928. -- Names from ships' manifests.

Series 12

Gas development in southeastern Alberta. -- 1906-1913. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- In 1906, the Canadian Pacific Railway entered into an agreement with Eugene Coste of Toronto to drill a number of exploratory oil wells in southeastern Alberta. Some time later, they also agreed to assist the Calgary Natural Gas Company with a number of wells they were drilling near Calgary. Once Eugene Coste realized the possibilities of using the gas discovered from 1907-1910, he purchased most of the Canadian Pacific Railway interest in a number of wells. He also amalgamated a number of small gas companies, including the Calgary Natural Gas Company, into the Canadian Western Natural Gas, Light, Heat and Power Company. Correspondence in these files traces the arrangements made between the Canadian Pacific Railway and the various gas interests, including Coste, which took place before the Canadian Western Natural Gas, Light, Heat and Power Company was formed. The files were transferred from the Canadian Pacific Railway Land Department in Vancouver to the Department of Natural Resources in 1961 and ultimately to the library of Pan Canadian Petroleum Ltd., which provided photocopies to the Glenbow Archives in 1977.

M-1552-1Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1906-1909. -- Re: development work by Calgary Natural Gas Company; aid to this company by the Canadian Pacific Railway; construction of spur lines; petroleum and natural gas leases; piping of natural gas to Calgary. Correspondents include: John S. Dennis, Archibald W. Dingman; William Pearce.
M-1552-2 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1909-1910. -- Re: petroleum and natural gas leases; aid to the Calgary Natural Gas Company by the Canadian Pacific Railway; drilling work near Brooks, Bassano, Medicine Hat, Bow Island; fire at Bow Island well; supplying gas to villages near Canadian Pacific Railway wells; Grand Forks Cattle Company; Southern Alberta Land Company. Also includes order of the Board of Railway Commissioners re the application of the Calgary Natural Gas Company to cross Calgary and Edmonton Railway Company right of way. Correspondents include: Richard Bedford Bennett, John S. Dennis, Archibald W. Dingman.
M-1552-3 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1910. -- Re: gas wells drilled by the Canadian Pacific Railway; aid to the Calgary Natural Gas Company by the Canadian Pacific Railway; coal for drillers at Bassano; drilling machinery; petroleum and natural gas rights in Bow Island area; cross-section of various wells drilled in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan; Southern Alberta Land Company; Eugene Coste's proposal to amalgamate the Calgary Natural Gas Company, the Calgary Gas Company and the Prairie Fuel Gas Company. Correspondents include: H.A. Bonnar, John S. Dennis.
M-1552-4 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1910-1911. -- Re: petroleum and natural gas rights and leases; machinery; gas well workers and completions; Prairie Fuel Gas Company; Brandon Gas and Power Company; agreements between Eugene Coste and the Canadian Pacific Railway. Correspondents include: John S. Dennis, Harry L. Field, Harry C. Gloyd, Garrett W. Green, Chris Hoerman, Frank Lawler, Walter R. Martin, Alvin Van Alst, Donald Guthrie White.
M-1552-5 Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1911-1913. -- Re: lost documents; agreement between Eugene Coste and the Canadian Pacific Railway; use of Canadian Pacific Railway right of way by Coste's company; gas well completions; gas piping problems; petroleum and natural gas rights; natural gas at Estevan; telephone line from Burdett to Calgary; pipeline from Bow Island to Calgary; agreement between Prairie Fuel Gas Company, Canadian Western Natural Gas, Light, Heat and Power Company and the Canadian Pacific Railway; locations of gas wells. Correspondents include: Walter R. Martin.

Series 13

Other records. -- 1844-1959. -- ca. 12.5 cm of textual records. -- This is an artificial series consisting of a number of small accessions acquired by the Glenbow Archives relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway.

M-1541Calgary Petroleum Products Ltd. -- 1914. -- 4 pages. -- Consists of prospectus, list of holdings, leases, directors, etc. Also includes map showing lands held and location of wells no. 1 and 2. This prospectus was in the possession of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which had dealings with Calgary Petroleum Products Ltd.
M-2262Menus and programs featuring Canadian Pacific Railway personalities. -- 1912-1934. -- 7 items. -- Includes J.S. Dennis and D'Alton Corry Coleman.
M-2264Souvenir program and tickets from first passenger train from Port Arthur to Medicine Hat. -- 1886. -- 5 items.
M-2266Steamship broadsides and immigration pamphlets. -- 1844-1911. -- 91 pages.
M-2271British Columbia land advertisements. -- 1909, 1924. -- 4 items. -- Also includes Saskatchewan auction sale poster for agricultural machinery.
M-2276-os Ready-made farm building plans. -- 1913. -- 24 items. -- Consists of plans for barns, houses, fences, garage, piggery and outhouses. See also M-2269-878, M-2269-vol.26, M-2381-1, NA-2829-1-33.
M-2278Correspondence re hiring of an efficiency expert for the Land and Collection Branch of the Department of Natural Resources. -- 1914. -- 6 pages. -- Photocopied from originals held by the Canadian Pacific Archives.
M-2279Purchase of hot springs on Sinclair Creek, Windermere area, British Columbia. -- 1905-1957. -- 40 pages. -- Consists of correspondence, map of Dutchman Cave, and report by A.S. Dawson entitled, "The Company's Interests in Irrigation Development in Alberta".
M-2280Location of Calgary townsite. -- 1883. -- 2 pages. -- Consists of a letter from James Egan to William Van Horne. See NA-2856-5, 6 for photographs of letter.
M-2281Report prepared by Leslie Munroe of the Department of Natural Resources: "Outline of History of the Company's Land Grants". -- 1959. -- 1 cm.
M-2282 Letterbooks of E.J. Semmens, Traveling Industrial Agent. -- 1920-1921. -- 3 volumes. -- Mr. Semmens worked for the Industrial Branch and was based in Vancouver, B.C. Volume 1: January to June, 1920; volume 2: July to December, 1920; volume 3: July to December, 1921.
M-2293-os Canadian Pacific Railway poster advising farmers to order harvest excursioners. -- 1927. -- 1 item.
M-2381-1 Ready-Made farm building plans. -- 1911-1913. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of standard plans and photographs of immigrants' houses, barns, fences, and outhouses, designed by the Canadian Pacific Railway for use on their "Ready-Made Farms". See also M-2269-878, M-2269-vol.26, M-2276-os, NA-2829-1-33.

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M-2381-2Performance certificates awarded to the Canadian Pacific Railway Demonstration Farm at Strathmore, Alberta by the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada. -- 1941-1943. -- 1 volume.
M-2381-3osDrawings of regulation cage dipping vat. -- n.d. -- 3 items. -- Consists of black and white and blueprint drawings of farm structure used in animal husbandry.
M-2702Report by Lt. Col. T. Barwis giving information for intending settlers to the Calgary area. -- 1885. -- 13 pages. -- Photocopied from originals held by the Canadian Pacific Archives.
M-6824Train lists for the Canadian Pacific Railway yardman at the Medicine Hat station. -- 1910-1911. -- 19 items.
M-6832H.C.P. Cresswell's address re colonization. -- 1949. -- 29 pages.
F-31Film promoting farm life and irrigation entitled, "Homemaking by Irrigation". -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 film reels.

Series 14

Canadian Pacific Railway Structure Drawings. -- 1889-1970. -- ca. 500 oversize drawings. -- Includes tool houses, prives, section houses, stations (standard and special), GLP.

The drawings are described as follows: Description. -- Drawing location and Canadian Pacific Railway drawing number. -- Date of drawing (newest date shown). Note that the dates for the drawings are not always the original date the drawing was made, but may be the date of the newest revision made to that particular plan.

Hand Trucks and Push Cars
M-9840-1CPR Hand Baggage Truck. -- Calgary. -- July 15, 1926
M-9840-2CPR 4 Wheel Freight Truck. -- Montreal F-13-S-213-D. -- February 1924
M-9840-3CPR Hand Car-Push Car. -- Montreal D-13-S-204A. -- November 1, 1948
M-9840-4CPR Hand Truck Arrangement. -- Montreal. -- April 7, 1942

M-9840-5Snow Scrapers for Station Platforms. -- Montreal F-14-26. -- November 14, 1938
M-9840-6-1CPR Standard Rail Rack. -- Montreal F-14-32 Blue Print. -- December 19, 1949
M-9840-6-2CPR Standard Rail Rack. -- Montreal F-14-32 Sepia. -- December 19, 1949
M-9840-7Shim Shelter. -- Montreal H-15-84-1. -- September 19, 1944
M-9840-8CPR Standard Arrangement No 2 Single Tool House. -- Montreal H-15-55-6-A. -- February 20, 1936
M-9840-9Frame and Braced Sliding Door for Tool Houses. -- Montreal H-15-55-7. -- June 1929
M-9840-10CPR Standard No 3 Tool House for Signal Maintainers - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-15-86-2. -- January 16, 1948
M-9840-11CPR Standard No 3 Single Tool House for Signal Maintainers - Plan, Elevation & Section. -- Montreal H-15-86-1. -- January 16, 1948
M-9840-12CPR Standard Single and Double Tool House. -- Montreal H-14-30. -- February 8, 1904

Prives [Privys, Outhouses]
M-9840-13CPR Single Privy for Section & Bunkhouses. -- Winnipeg WLP-16-A. -- December 21, 1944
M-9840-14CPR Single Privy for Section & Bunkhouses. -- Winnipeg WLH-14-57. -- February 6, 1945
M-9840-15CPR Standard Double Privy for Section Houses and Stations. -- Montreal H-14-56-A. -- April 19, 1945
M-9840-16CPR Standard Double Privy for Section Houses and Stations. -- Winnipeg WLH-14-56. -- February 6, 1945
M-9840-17CPR Standard No 2 Privy. -- Montreal H-15-50. -- July 30, 1908
M-9840-18CPR Standard Concrete Septic Tank with Syphon. -- Montreal H-15-134-A. -- September 10, 1940
M-9840-19Types of Pipe Insulation and Supplies for Exterior and Internal Work. -- Montreal H-15-143. -- October 18, 1956
M-9840-20Types of Pipe Insulation and Supplies for Exterior and Internal Work. -- Montreal H-15-143. -- January 16, 1947

M-9840-21CPR Std No 1 Bunkhouse. -- Montreal H-125-25-1-A. -- June 6, 1927
M-9840-22CPR Standard No 1 Bunkhouse - Bill of Material. --Montreal H-15-25-3. -- September 28, 1906
M-9840-23CPR Standard No 1 Bunkhouse Bunk Beds Only. -- Montreal H-15-25-2. -- August 20, 1906
M-9840-24CPR Standard No 2 Bunkhouse. -- Montreal H-15-41. -- March 11, 1910
M-9840-25CPR Standard No 3 Bunkhouse - Bill of Material and Details. -- Montreal H-14-36. -- January 3, 1906
M-9840-26CPR Standard Metal Smoke Stack for Small Buildings. -- Montreal M-1-5. -- October 18, 1954
M-9840-27CPR Standard Portable Bunkhouse (20?0? and 27?0?). -- Montreal H-15-18-A. -- March 16, 1942
M-9840-28CPR Standard Portable Bunkhouse (27? 0?). -- Montreal H-15-18-A. -- March 16, 1942
M-9840-29Portable Bunkhouse - Prairie & Pacific Regions. -- Winnipeg WLH-15-18A. -- February 1, 1954
M-9840-30CPR Standard Western Lines Portable Bunkhouse. -- Winnipeg WLH-15-18. -- February 14, 1948
M-9840-31Furniture for Bunkhouse. -- Montreal H-7-53-5. -- August 5, 1944
M-9840-32Furniture for Portable Bunkhouse. -- Winnipeg WLH-15-18B. -- February 1, 1954

Section Houses
M-9840-33CPR Standard Double Section House - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-15-22. -- June 1908
M-9840-34CPR Standard No 1 Section House. -- Montreal H-15-55A. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-35CPR Western Lines No 4 Section House. -- Winnipeg WLS-82 (Montreal H-15-53). -- September 19, 1929
M-9840-36CPR Western Lines No 4 Section House - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-8-3. -- June 24, 1938
M-9840-37CPR Standard No 4 Section House. -- Montreal H-15-53-1A. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-38CPR Standard No 4 Section House - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-15-53-2A. -- October 19, 1914
M-9840-39CPR Standard No 4 Section House Western Lines - Details. -- Winnipeg WLS-8-1. -- September 19, 1939
M-9840-40CPR Standard No 2B Section House. -- Winnipeg WLS-17-2. -- September 19, 1929
M-9840-41CPR Standard No 2B Section House - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-17-3. -- September 19, 1929
M-9840-42CPR Standard No 2B Section House Western Lines. -- Winnipeg WLS-17-1 (Montreal H-14-34). -- September 19, 1929
M-9840-43CPR Standard No 2A Section House - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-15-3. -- June 24, 1930
M-9840-44CPR Western Lines No 2A Section House. -- Winnipeg WLS-15-2. -- January 1926
M-9840-45CPR Western Lines No 2A Section House. -- Winnipeg WLS-15-1 (Montreal H-14-33). -- September 18, 1929
M-9840-46CPR Special Western Lines One Story House - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-19-B. -- September 11, 1944
M-9840-47CPR Special Western Lines One Story House. -- Winnipeg WLS-19-D. -- September 11, 1944
M-9840-48CPR Western Lines One Story Section House - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-19-A (3). -- May 1931
M-9840-49CPR Western Lines One Story Section House - Details. -- Winnipeg WLS-19-A (2). -- May 1931
M-9840-50CPR Western Lines One Story Section House - Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLS-19-A (1). -- May 1931
M-9840-51CPR Western Lines Standard Shallow Wells. -- Winnipeg WL-W7. -- December 26, 1933
M-9840-52-1Drilled Wells. -- No CPR Number. -- No Date
M-9840-52-2Well Water Supplies. -- No CPR Number. --No Date
M-9840-53Typed Summary. -- No CPR Number. -- No Date
M-9840-53-1Steam Heating (Dunham System). -- No CPR Number. -- October 1922
M-9840-53-2Steam Heating (Dunham System). -- No CPR Number. -- October 1922

Stations - Standard Plans
M-9840-54Proposed Location of Station - Canmore. -- 45618. -- May 19, 1911
M-9840-55Proposed Bulletin Board for Banff & Lake Louise. -- No CPR Number. -- January 21, 1947
M-9840-56Cochrane Station Elevation - Insul-brick. -- Calgary 424. -- August 1942
M-9840-57CPR Frame Station Building A-2 (Floor Plans). -- Winnipeg WLS-4-2 (Montreal H-15-60-1B). -- July 1915
M-9840-58CPR Frame Station Building A-2 (Bill of Material). -- Winnipeg WLS-4-3. -- [ca. 1915]
M-9840-59CPR Frame Station Building A-2 (Elevations) (Different Facia to WLS-13-B-1). -- Winnipeg WLS-4-1 (Montreal H-15-60-1B). -- July 1918
M-9840-60CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station - Details. -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-2 (M-2-9-2). -- February 7, 1930
M-9840-61CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station - Cross Section. -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-3 (M-2-9-3). -- February 7, 1930
M-9840-62CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station - Specifications. -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-4. -- January 10, 1930
M-9840-63CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-6. -- February 7, 1930
M-9840-65CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station - Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-7. -- February 7, 1930
M-9840-66CPR Western Lines Standard A-3 Station (Different Facia to WLS-4-1). -- Winnipeg WLS-13-B-1. -- January 27, 1933
M-9840-67CPR Standard No 2 Station Heating Plan. -- 16634-4. -- No Date
M-9840-68CPR Standard No 4 Station. -- Montreal H-14-23. -- October 5, 1908
M-9840-69CPR Western Lines Standard No 4A Station - Front elevation. -- Winnipeg WLS-23-1. -- March 11, 1942
M-9840-70CPR Western Lines Standard No 4A Station - Back elevation. -- Winnipeg WLS-23-2. -- October 8, 1940
M-9840-71CPR Western Lines Standard No 4A Station - Details. -- Winnipeg WLS-23-3. -- October 8, 1940
M-9840-72CPR Standard No 5 Station Elevations. -- Montreal H-15-63-1-A. -- April 4, 1914
M-9840-73CPR Standard No 5 Station Elevations. -- Montreal H-14-81 (see H-15-63). -- October 5, 1908
M-9840-74CPR Standard No 5 Station Arrangement of Joists. -- Montreal 38470 (goes with H-14-81 7 82 & 83). -- No Date
M-9840-75CPR Standard No 5 Station Heating Plan. -- Montreal 16634-3. -- No Date
M-9840-76CPR Western Lines No 5 Station - Front Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLS-3-2. -- October 1909 (March 1915)
M-9840-77CPR Western Lines No 5 Station - Back Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLS-3-3 (Montreal H-15-63-3). -- October 1909
M-9840-78CPR Western Lines No 5 Station - End Elevation & Section. -- Winnipeg (H-15-63-4). -- October 1909
M-9840-79CPR Standard No 5 Eastern Lines. -- Montreal H-15-63-2. -- September 10, 1926
M-9840-80CPR Standard No 7 Station Floor Plans. -- Montreal H-15-4-1. -- No Date
M-9840-81CPR Standard No 8 Station. -- Montreal H-15-6-1. -- November 2, 1909
M-9840-82CPR Standard No 11 Station Front Elevation. -- Montreal H-15-33-2. -- January 13, 1903
M-9840-83CPR Standard No 14 Station Front Elevation. -- Montreal H-15-43-A-1. -- May 20, 1925
M-9840-84CPR Standard No 14A Station Basement Plan and Ground Floor Plan. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-1. -- January 27, 1933
M-9840-85CPR Standard No 14A Station Front & Rear Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-2. -- May 22, 1930
M-9840-86CPR Standard No 14A Station Side Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-3. -- May 22, 1930
M-9840-87CPR Standard No 14A Station Details. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-4. -- July 15, 1931
M-9840-88CPR Standard No 14A Station Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-5. -- May 22, 1930
M-9840-89CPR Standard No 14A Station Bill of Materials (continued). -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-6. -- January 27, 1933
M-9840-90CPR Standard No 14A Station Specifications Addenda. -- Winnipeg WLS-16-A-7. -- May 22, 1930
M-9840-91Standard Station Details Furniture to be added with A-3 and 14A stations. -- Winnipeg WLS-18. -- February 1, 1930
M-9840-92CPR Standard No 16 Station Cross-Section and Floor Plan. -- Montreal H-15-66-1-A. -- October 1, 1914
M-9840-93CPR Standard No 17 Station Rear and Side Elevations. -- Montreal H-15-68-2. -- June 3, 1910
M-9840-94Special Plan Penhold Station Standard No 3 Extension to General Waiting Room. -- Calgary No CPR Number. -- July 23, 1941
M-9840-95Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station Front & Side Elevation (Blue Line print). -- Montreal H-21-4-1. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-96Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station Front & Side Elevation. -- Montreal 4190-1. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-97Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station Foundation plan (Blue Line print). -- Montreal H-21-4-3. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-98Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station Plan - Foundation. -- Montreal 4190-2. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-99Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station Floor Plans (Blue Line print). -- Montreal H-21-4-3. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-100Special Plan Golden British Columbia Station. -- Montreal 4190-3. -- March 2, 1903
M-9840-101CPR Standard No 2 Station Ground Floor Plan. -- Montreal 4190-5. -- May 21, 1902
M-9840-102CPR Station at Plantagenet Ontario Front & Floor plans Standard No 5. -- Montreal 57705A. -- September 15, 1919
M-9840-103CPR Standard No 5 Station at Plantagenet Ontario Ground & Floor plans. -- Montreal 57705. -- August 7, 1919
M-9840-104CPR Station Port Burwell Ontario Front & Floor plans. -- Montreal H-8-73-1. -- April 24, 1914
M-9840-105CPR Station Port Burwell, Ontario Back-End & Cross Section. -- Montreal H-8-73-2. -- October 23, 1915
M-9840-106CPR Station Port Burwell, Ontario Foundation & Internal Details. -- Montreal H-8-73-3. -- April 24, 1913
M-9840-107CPR Special Station Okotoks Alberta Elevations & Foundation. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- October 1, 1929
M-9840-108CPR Special Station Okotoks Alberta Floor plan & Cross section. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- October 1, 1929
M-9840-109CPR Special Station-Okotoks Alberta Site Plan & Details. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- October 1, 1929
M-9840-110CPR Special Taber Station Track Side Elevation. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- No Date
M-9840-111CPR Special Taber Station Rear Elevation & Floor plan. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- No Date
M-9840-112CPR Special Taber Station Ground and Basement plans. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- No Date
M-9840-113CPR Special Cardston Station Front, Rear & Floor plans. -- 563. -- April 10, 1920
M-9840-114CPR Special Extension to Lethbridge Station. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- June 16, 1953
M-9840-115CPR Special Extension to Lethbridge Station Cross-Section. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- June 16, 1953
M-9840-116CPR Special - Stephen British Columbia Front & Rear Elevation & Ground Plan. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- June 1924
M-9840-117CPR Special - Field British Columbia Foundation and Cross-Section. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan (6357). -- April 1917
M-9840-118CPR Special - Crossfield Alberta Track Elevation & Ground Plan. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- February 8, 1933
M-9840-119CPR Special - Crossfield Alberta Rear, Side Elevation & Basement. -- No Drawing Number Special Plan. -- February 8, 1933
M-9840-120CPR Special - High River Alberta Track Elevation, Floor plan & Basement -- No Drawing Number Special 284. -- April 1911
M-9840-121CPR Special Station Proposed Banff Alberta Never Built - Front Elevation & Basement. -- No Drawing Number Special 145. -- December 1905
M-9840-122CPR Special Station Proposed Banff Alberta Never Built - Back Elevation & 2nd Floor. -- No Drawing Number Special 16. -- December 1905
M-9840-123CPR Special Station Proposed Banff Alberta Never Built. - Side Elevation & Bill of Material. -- No Drawing Number Special 16. -- December 1905
M-9840-124CPR Standard No 3 Semi-Enclosed Shelter - Track & Side Elevation. -- Montreal H-15-105. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-125CPR Standard Roof Platform Cross & Longitudinal Section. -- Montreal H-15-51-A. -- December 5, 1935
M-9840-126CPR Standard Shelter Track Elevation, Details & Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-14-28. -- January 10, 1910
M-9840-127CPR Standard Portable Telegraph Office Elevation & Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-14-123. -- January 10, 1910
M-9840-128CPR Standard Portable Station Western Lines - Details. -- Winnipeg H-14-38-B. -- September 1929
M-9840-129CPR Standard Portable Station Elevations & Bill of Material. -- H-14-38-A. -- January 13, 1948
M-9840-130CPR Standard No 3 Portable Enclosed Shelter Elevation & Bill of Material. -- H-15-8-A. -- January 13, 1948
M-9840-131CPR Western Lines Standard Portable Freight Shed Elevation & Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WL-F-1-A. -- May 1931
M-9840-132CPR Standard Semi-Enclosed Shelter Elevations & Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-14-37. -- January 10, 1910
M-9840-133CPR Standard Station Office Furniture. -- Montreal H-15-48-A. -- February 11, 1928
M-9840-134CPR Standard Station Seats. -- Montreal H-15-70-2. -- August 8, 1918
M-9840-135CPR Standard Station Details. -- Montreal H-15-61-A. -- December 15, 1910
M-9840-136CPR Standard Office Desk. -- Montreal H-15-122. -- October 1924
M-9840-137CPR Standard Ticket Window Only. -- Part of Plan. -- No Date
M-9840-138CPR Standard Ticket Window Only. -- Part of Plan. -- No Date
M-9840-139CPR Standard Depot Scale. -- Montreal A-1-16-A. -- February 1, 1918
M-9840-140CPR Standard Window Sashes. -- Montreal H-14-73-A. -- August 25, 1914
M-9840-141CPR Standard Mail Crane. -- Montreal F-14-10-1B. -- July 11, 1947
M-9840-142CPR Station Electrical Light Posts for Station Platform. -- Montreal H-15-91. -- November 28, 1913
M-9840-143CPR Standard Platform & Building Clearances. -- Montreal H-15-72. -- October 11, 1911
M-9840-144CPR Standard Passenger Platform Railing. -- Montreal F-14-20. -- June 1907
M-9840-145CPR Standard Concrete Platforms. -- Montreal F-13-21-7. -- September 2, 1952
M-9840-146CPR Standard Grain Loading Platforms - Wood Structure and Crib & Filling. -- Montreal F-13-17-A. -- May 2, 1927
M-9840-147CPR loading platform Crib Type. -- Montreal F-13-17-D. -- April 1, 1955
M-9840-148CPR Standard Wye Western Lines. -- Winnipeg WLW-6. -- January 31, 1928
M-9840-149CPR Standard Charcoal House - Elevations. -- Montreal H-15-27-A. -- September 22, 1914
M-9840-150CPR Standard No 1 Gas House - Elevation & Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-14-124-3. -- October 9, 1905
M-9840-151CPR Standard No 1 Gas House - Front Elevation and Cross Section. -- Montreal H-14-124-2. -- October 5, 1905
M-9840-152CPR Standard No 1 Gas House - End Elevation & Ground Plan. -- Montreal H-14-124-1. -- October 5, 1905
M-9840-153CPR Western Lines No 1 Pump House for Oil Engine. -- Winnipeg WLP-15 (Montreal H-15-58). -- December 7, 1928
M-9840-154CPR Western Lines No 2A Pump House for Oil Engine. -- Winnipeg WLP-16A. -- March 31, 1930
M-9840-155CPR Standard Gasoline Tank. -- Montreal H-14-127. -- September 19, 1906
M-9840-156CPR Standard No 2 Coal and Oil Shed - Elevations. -- Montreal H-14-29. -- February 10, 1904
M-9840-157CPR Standard Combined Coal & Oil House & Privy - Elevation. -- Montreal H-15-44. -- October 26, 1907
M-9840-158CPR Standard No 1 Oil House - Plan & Chamber. -- Montreal H-14-54. -- July 12, 1910
M-9840-159CPR Standard No 1 Oil House - Details. -- Montreal H-14-53. -- April 16, 1904
M-9840-160CPR Standard No 1 Oil House - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-14-55. -- March 25, 1904
M-9840-161CPR Standard No 3 Oil House - Details. -- Montreal H-15-26-2. -- July 12, 1910
M-9840-162CPR Standard No 7 Store & Oil House - Floor Plans. -- Montreal H-15-92-1. -- November 17, 1913
M-9840-163CPR Standard No 7 Store & Oil House - Bowser Equipment. -- Montreal H-15-92-2. -- November 17, 1913
M-9840-164CPR Standard No 8 Store & Oil House - Bowser Equipment. -- Montreal H-15-93. -- November 17, 1913
M-9840-165CPR Standard No 9 Store & Oil House - Bowser Equipment. -- Montreal H-15-94. -- November 17, 1913
M-9840-166CPR Foreman?s Building Calgary Coach Yard. -- Calgary - Special No Drawing Number. -- May 29, 1913
M-9840-167CPR Standard 30? Concrete Ash Pit. -- Montreal A-1-19. -- June 6, 1913
M-9840-168CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track. -- Montreal A-1-30-3. -- August 15, 1942
M-9840-169CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track. -- Montreal A-1-37-3. -- August 15, 1942
M-9840-170CPR Two Track Ash Pit (ORD Type). -- Montreal A-2-20-2. -- April 6, 1908
M-9840-171CPR Standard Hose and Hydrant House - Elevation. -- Montreal H-15-13-3. -- February 15, 1949
M-9840-172CPR Standard Hose Reel House Elevation & Plan. -- Montreal H-15-144. -- July 31, 1945
M-9840-173CPR Standard Wood Sand House Single Track - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-15-17-5. -- August 3, 1940
M-9840-174CPR Standard Wood Sand House Single Track - Details. -- Montreal H-15-17-5. -- August 3, 1940
M-9840-175CPR Standard Wood Sand House - No 2 Boiler Plate Hopper. -- Montreal H-15-17-3A. -- August 3, 1949
M-9840-176Stationary Reservoirs Sand House. -- Montreal B-23-D-56 (File with H-15-17-2A). -- February 17, 1941
M-9840-177CPR Standard Wood Sand House Single Track - Elevation & Plan. -- Montreal H-15-17-1B. -- August 3, 1949
M-9840-178CPR Standard Wood Sand House Single Track - Details. -- Montreal H-15-85. -- August 3, 1949
M-9840-179CPR Three Track Sand House at West Toronto. -- Montreal H-15-85. -- August 22, 1912
M-9840-180Diesel Sanding Stations Laggan & Mountain Subdivisions (Calgary, Revelstoke, Nelson). -- Montreal H-30-10. -- April 4, 1951
M-9840-181CPR Standard Storage Building Elevation Only. -- Montreal H-15-29. -- August 16, 1906
M-9840-182CPR Standard No 1 Store House. -- Montreal H-14-59. -- April 5, 1904
M-9840-183CPR Standard No 1 Store House - Elevations. -- Montreal H-14-58. -- March 25, 1904
M-9840-184 CPR Standard No 2 Store House - Bill of Materials. -- Montreal H-14-79. -- June 24, 1904
M-9840-185CPR Standard No 2 Store House - Track Elevation & Ground Floor plan. -- Montreal H-14-77. -- December 20, 1904
M-9840-186CPR Standard No 2 Store House - Side Elevation & Sections. -- Montreal H-14-78. -- July 1904
M-9840-187CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 74.4 Feet Long - Main Floor & Basement. -- Winnipeg WLP-1-1. -- March 1908
M-9840-188CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 74.4 Feet Long - Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLP-1-5. -- October 1910
M-9840-189CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 74.4 Feet Long - Track Rear and Section Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLP-1-2. -- March 1908
M-9840-190CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 110 Feet Long - Main Floor & Basement. -- Winnipeg WLP-2-1. -- June 1908
M-9840-191CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 110 Feet Long - Track Rear & Section Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLP-2-2. -- June 1908
M-9840-192CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 110 Feet Long - Details. -- Winnipeg WLP-2-3. -- March 1908
M-9840-193CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 110 Feet Long - Oil Tanks. -- Winnipeg WLP-2-4. -- May 1908
M-9840-194CPR Standard Western Lines Petty Stores 110 Feet Long - Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLP-2-5. -- May 1908
M-9840-195CPR Standard Store Racks. -- Montreal H-15-23-1. -- June 1906
M-9840-196CPR Standard Store Racks. -- Montreal H-15-23-2. -- June 1906
M-9840-197CPR Standard Store Racks. -- Montreal H-15-23-3. -- June 1906
M-9840-198CPR Standard Store Racks. -- Montreal H-15-23-4. -- June 1906
M-9840-199CPR Standard Commercial Coal Sheds - Elevation. -- Montreal H-14-84-B. -- September 1918
M-9840-200CPR Standard Coaling Station - Details. -- Montreal C-8-1-A-1. -- January 2, 1947
M-9840-201CPR Standard Coaling Station - Details. -- Montreal C-8-1-4. -- July 1924
M-9840-202CPR Standard Coaling Station - Details. -- Montreal C-8-1-7. -- June 1930
M-9840-203CPR Standard Coaling Plant - Details. -- Montreal C-7-1-5-A. -- March 1926
M-9840-204CPR Standard Coaling Plant - Details of Sway Apron. -- Montreal C-7-1-8-A. -- February 5, 1945
M-9840-205CPR Standard Coaling Plant - Details of Gates. -- Montreal C-7-1-14. -- April 1922
M-9840-206CPR Standard Coaling Plant - Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-10-1. -- February 17, 1926
M-9840-207CPR Standard Sway Apron for Coaling Plants. -- Winnipeg WLC-15-1. -- September 6, 1940
M-9840-208CPR Standard Sway Apron for Coaling Plants. -- Winnipeg WLC-15-2. -- September 6, 1940
M-9840-209CPR Standard Notice Board for Coaling Plants. -- Montreal H-15-101. -- February 7, 1914
M-9840-210CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Foundations & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-1. -- June 29, 1931
M-9840-211CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Cross-section & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-2. -- May 15, 1941
M-9840-212CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Elevations & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-3. -- May 15, 1941
M-9840-213CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Ground Plan & Sections. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-4. -- May 31, 1941
M-9840-214CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Elevations & Frame. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-5. -- May 15, 1941
M-9840-215CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-6. -- May 15, 1941
M-9840-216CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-7. -- May 15, 1941
M-9840-217CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Specifications. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A-8. -- January 15, 1930
M-9840-218CPR 40 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Macleod Alberta. -- Winnipeg WLC-11-A. -- April 12, 1943
M-9840-219CPR 60 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Index & Specification. -- Winnipeg WLC-14. -- February 19, 1945
M-9840-220CPR 60 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Cross-Section Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-14-1. -- January 20, 1943
M-9840-221CPR 60 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-14-2. -- February 8, 1944
M-9840-222CPR 60 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-14-3. -- January 20, 1943
M-9840-223CPR 100-400 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details of Apron. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-1-8. -- August 10, 1933
M-9840-224CPR 100 & 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Electric Drive. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-15. -- February 1, 1933
M-9840-225CPR 100 & 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Electric Drive - Wiring. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-16. -- January 25, 1933
M-9849-226CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Piling Plan. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-1-A. -- August 25, 1926
M-9840-227CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Ground Plan & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-2-A. -- January 4, 1932
M-9840-228CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Cross-section & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-3-B. -- June 15, 1934
M-9840-229CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Elevations - Front. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-4-B. -- October 1, 1937
M-9840-230CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Elevations - Rear. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-5-B. -- October 1, 1937
M-9840-231CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details Pockets & Gearing. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-6-B. -- January 10, 1948
M-9840-232CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Section Views. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-7-B. -- October 1, 1937
M-9840-233CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-8-A. -- June 29, 1931
M-9840-234CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details of Tie Rods & Supports. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-9. -- October 21, 1925
M-9840-235CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-9-A. -- June 29, 1931
M-9840-236CPR 100 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Material - Vertical Shaft. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-10-B. -- October 1, 1937
M-9840-237CPR 100 & 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Hopper Screens. -- Winnipeg WLC-9-12-E. -- May 30, 1941
M-9840-238CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Hopper & Vertical Shaft. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-1. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-239CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Foundation Plan. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-2. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-240CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Centre Cross-section. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-3. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-241CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Hopper & Vertical Shaft Drive. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-4. -- October 29, 1940
M-9840-242CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Front Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-5. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-243CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Rear Elevation & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-6. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-244CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines End Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-7. -- May 4, 1934
M-9840-245CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Sectional Elevations. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-8. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-246CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Plan of Top Floor& Gearing. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-9. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-247CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Vertical Shaft Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-10-A. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-248CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-11. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-249CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-12. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-250CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-13. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-251CPR 200 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details of Angle Iron & Supports. -- Winnipeg WLC-13-14. -- December 12, 1935
M-9840-252CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Foundation Plan & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-1. -- August 24, 1926
M-9840-253CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Front Elevation & Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-4. -- June 29, 1931
M-9840-254CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Longitudinal & Cross Sections. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-5. -- August 24, 1926
M-9840-255CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-6. -- January 28, 1928
M-9840-256CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Section View. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-7. -- May 20, 1938
M-9840-257CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Side Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-8. -- May 20, 1938
M-9840-258CPR 280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Rear Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-9. -- May 20, 1938
M-9840-259280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Lumber. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-10. -- June 29, 1931
M-9840-260280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Bill of Machinery etc. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-11. -- May 20, 1938
M-9840-261280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Structural Hardware. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-12. -- February 24, 1928
M-9840-262280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Extra Material. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-14. -- December 15, 1928
M-9840-263280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions List of Plans. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-1. -- November 1947
M-9840-264280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Foundation Plan. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-2. -- November 1947
M-9840-265280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Beam & Boot Plan. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-3. -- November 1947
M-9840-266280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Side Elevation - Stair Side. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-6. -- November 1947
M-9840-267280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Rear Elevation. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-7. -- November 1947
M-9840-268280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Side Elevation & Pocket Lift. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-8. -- November 1947
M-9840-269280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Top Floor Plan & Sections. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-9. -- November 1947
M-9840-270280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Conveyor Details. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-10. -- November 1947
M-9840-271280 Ton Coaling Plant Prairie & Pacific Regions Bill of Materials. -- Winnipeg WLC-7A-12. -- November 1947
M-9840-272280 Ton Coaling Plant Western Lines Piling Plan. -- Winnipeg WLC-7-13. -- January 28, 1928
M-9840-273CPR Standard Two Track Ash Pit Foundation. -- Montreal A-1-20-1. -- May 15, 1945
M-9840-274CPR Standard Two Track Ash Pit Track Detail. -- Montreal A-1-20-2. -- May 15, 1945
M-9840-275CPR Standard Two Track Ash Pit Bill of Material. -- Montreal A-1-20-3. -- May 15, 1945
M-9840-276CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track. -- Montreal A-1-30-2. -- April 16, 1917
M-9840-277CPR Channel Stands for Shallow Ash Dumps. -- Montreal A-1-33. -- September 2, 1955
M-9840-278CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track. -- Montreal A-1-36-1. -- November 8, 1947
M-9840-279CPR Standard Cast Iron Pedestals for Cinder Pits. -- Montreal A-1-36-2. -- March 1927
M-9840-280CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track - Bill of Material. -- Montreal A-1-37-1. -- July 26, 1941
M-9840-281CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit with Depressed Track - General Plan & Bill of Material. -- Montreal A-1-37-1B. -- November 8, 1947
M-9840-282CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit Details of Pit. -- Montreal A-1-37-2. -- August 15, 1942
M-9840-283CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit Detail of Upper End of Approach to Pit. -- Montreal A-1-37-4. -- August 15, 1942
M-9840-284CPR Standard Double Cinder Pit Sections & Details. -- Montreal A-1-37-5. -- November 8, 1947
M-9840-285CPR Plan of Ash Pit where Cinders are Hoisted in Baskets. -- Montreal A-2-1. -- August 11, 1902
M-9840-286CPR Standard 70 Foot Half Deck Turntable. -- Montreal B-13-3-2. -- August 31, 1914
M-9840-287CPR Standard 70 Foot Half Deck Turntable - Details of Air Supply to Motor. -- Montreal B-13-4. -- June 19, 1912
M-9840-288CPR Standard 90 Foot Half Deck Turntable. -- Montreal B-13-7-E. -- March 1, 1946
M-9840-289CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Floor Plan. -- Montreal H-24-6. -- September 7, 1904
M-9840-290CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Front Elevation & Section. -- Montreal H-24-6-2. -- November 1, 1906
M-9840-291CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Bill of Material. -- Montreal H-24-6-3. -- November 3, 1906
M-9840-292CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Bill of Material continued and Smoke Stack Detail. -- Montreal H-24-6-3 (2). -- September 7, 1904
M-9840-293CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Bill of Material continued. -- Montreal H-24-6-4. -- November 3, 1906
M-9840-294CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Detail of Door. -- Montreal H-24-6-5. -- February 22, 1903
M-9840-295CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House - Door Hinges Large. -- Montreal H-24-6-6. -- March 4, 1912
M-9840-296CPR 2 Stall Frame Engine House. -- Montreal H-24-6-7. -- October 21, 1903
M-9840-297CPR Double & Single Doors Various Types. -- Montreal H-14-71-A. -- January 25, 1914
M-9840-298CPR Standard Mill Type Door for Shops. -- Montreal H-15-113-5. -- December 27, 1921
M-9840-299CPR Standard Mill Type Door for Shops - Slidetite Door. -- Montreal H-15-113-6. -- December 27, 1921
M-9840-300CPR Standard Freight Shed with Office. -- Montreal H-14-43-A. -- November 26, 1917
M-9840-301CPR Standard No 1 Freight Shed. -- Montreal H-14-43-7. -- November 21, 1911
M-9840-302CPR Standard Freight Car Shop Windows. -- Montreal H-14-49. -- June 27, 1908
M-9840-303CPR Standard Freight Car Shop Four Tracks. -- Montreal H-14-50. -- June 27, 1904
M-9840-304CPR Standard Freight Car Shop Details Cast Iron Cap. -- Montreal H-14-51. -- August 26, 1903
M-9840-305CPR Standard Freight Car Shop Bill of Materials. -- Montreal H-14-52. -- October 1, 1903
M-9840-306CPR Standard No 2 Freight Shed 30 Feet Wide. -- Montreal H-14-68-A-1. -- June 13, 1911
M-9840-307CPR Standard Freight Shed Details Continuous Doors. -- Montreal H-15-113-1-A. -- February 1921
M-9840-308CPR Standard 50 Foot Freight Shed Elevations & Sections. -- Montreal H-15-96. -- January 12, 1914
M-9840-309CPR Standard 40 Foot Freight Shed. -- Montreal H-15-97. -- January 12, 1914
M-9840-310CPR Standard 30 Foot Freight Shed with Continuous Sliding Doors. -- Montreal H-15-98. -- January 12, 1914
M-9840-311CPR Standard Freight Shed Details. -- Montreal H-15-100. -- January 12, 1914
M-9840-312CPR Standard Freight Shed Details. -- Montreal H-15-100-2. -- January 12, 1914
M-9840-313CPR Standard Mill Type Door for Freight Sheds. -- Montreal H-15-113-2. -- February 1921
M-9840-314CPR Standard Sliding Door Fender for Freight Sheds. -- Montreal H-15-113-3. -- February 1921
M-9840-315CPR Standard Freight Shed Details Single Doors. -- Montreal H-15-113-4. -- February 1921
M-9840-316CPR Standard Mill Type Door for Freight Sheds, Stations, etc. -- Montreal H-15-113-7. -- January 5, 1922
M-9840-317CPR Standard 30 Foot Freight Shed with Continuous Sliding Doors - Elevations & Sections. -- Montreal H-15-116. -- April 1928
M-9840-318CPR Standard 40 Foot Freight Shed Elevations and Sections. -- Montreal H-15-117. -- April 1928
M-9840-319CPR Standard 30 Foot Freight Shed with Platform & Single Doors Elevations & Sections. -- Montreal H-15-119. -- June 1938
M-9840-320CPR Ice House Altered No 2 Standard at Calgary Elevations & Details. -- Montreal B-9-17. -- October 10, 1904
M-9840-321CPR 2,000 Ton Ice House Foundation & Sections. -- Montreal H-11-1. -- January 21, 1919
M-9840-322CPR 2,000 Ton Ice House Elevations & Details. -- Montreal H-11-1-2. -- January 21, 1919
M-9840-323CPR 2,000 Ton Ice House Ice Truck - End Elevation and Details at Lethbridge, Alberta. -- Winnipeg H-14-64. -- February 6, 1907
M-9840-324CPR Standard No 2 Ice House with Elevated Platform. -- Winnipeg H-14-64-2-A. -- March 31, 1944
M-9840-325CPR Standard No 2 Ice House Bill of Material. -- Winnipeg H-14-65. -- December 2, 1904
M-9840-326CPR Standard Mill Type Ventilator - Details & Bill of Material - Patented. -- Montreal H-15-112. -- May 28, 1920
M-9840-327CPR Stock Yard Gates Hold-Back Weight. -- Winnipeg WLS-7-6. -- October 26, 1946
M-9840-328CPR Standard Stock Yard 20 Car Capacity Layouts. -- Montreal F-13-7. -- March 19, 1916
M-9840-329CPR Standard Stock Yard Details - 20 Car Capacity. -- Montreal F-13-8-A. -- March 1915
M-9840-330CPR Standard Stock Yard Details - Chutes. -- Montreal F-13-9. -- July 15, 1911
M-9840-331CPR Standard Stock Yard Details - Loading Chutes. -- Montreal F-13-10. -- May 19, 1916
M-9840-332CPR Standard Stock Yard Details - Gate Hinges. -- Montreal F-13-11. -- April 1903
M-9840-333CPR Standard Stock Yard Hay Barn & Shed Elevations. -- Montreal F-13-12. -- April 1903
M-9840-334CPR Standard Double Deck Stock Chute. -- Montreal F-13-16. -- July 19, 1937
M-9840-335CPR Standard No 4 Cattle Guard Details of Layout. -- Montreal F-13-24. -- September 22, 1909
M-9840-336CPR Standard Stock Yard for Range Cattle. -- Winnipeg F-13-25-1. -- October 27, 1907
M-9840-337CPR Standard No 2 Stock Pen Bill of Material & Hinges. -- Montreal F-13-25-2. -- November 19, 1909
M-9840-338CPR Standard No 5 Cattle Guard Details and Layout. -- Montreal F-13-26-B. -- March 27, 1922
M-9840-339CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Bill of Materials. -- Montreal F-13-27. -- May 21, 1930
M-9840-340CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Elevation & Details White Line Print. -- Montreal F-13-27-2. -- August 3, 1954
M-9840-340(2)CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Elevation & Details Sepia. -- Montreal F-13-27-2. -- August 3, 1954
M-9840-341CPR Western Lines Stock Yard Gates. -- Winnipeg F-13-27-2. -- April 30, 1938
M-9840-342CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Bill of Materials Blue Line Print. -- Montreal F-13-27. -- May 21, 1930
M-9840-342(2)CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Bill of Materials Blue Line Print. -- Montreal F-13-27. -- May 21, 1930
M-9840-342(3)CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Bill of Materials Sepia. -- Montreal F-13-27. -- May 21, 1930
M-9840-343CPR Standard 3 Car Stock Yard Layout & Chutes. -- Montreal F-13-27-4. -- June 1919
M-9840-344CPR Standard Cattle Guard for Highway Crossings. -- Montreal F-13-31. -- July 10, 1967
M-9840-345CPR Standard Road Crossings. -- Montreal F-13-15-3-A. -- May 21, 1929
M-9840-346CPR Standard Highway Crossing Sign - Lines in United States Only. -- Montreal F-14-4-C. -- February 22, 1940
M-9840-347CPR Standard Highway Crossing Signs for Use in Canada. -- Montreal F-14-4-D. -- October 3, 1961
M-9840-348CPR Standard Track Signs. -- Montreal F-14-5-2-D. -- May 13, 1942
M-9840-349CPR Standard Sign Posts for Overhead Highway Bridges. -- Montreal F-14-6-3. -- March 25, 1947
M-9840-350CPR Standard Metal Bridge Warning (Tell-Tail) (Sepia). -- Montreal F-14-8-G. -- September 1945
M-9840-350(2)CPR Standard Metal Bridge Warning (Tell-Tail) (Blue Print). -- Montreal F-14-8-G. -- September 1945
M-9840-351CPR Standard Metal Bridge Warning (Tell-Tail). -- Montreal F-14-8-3. -- June 30, 1962
M-9840-351(2)CPR Standard Metal Bridge Warning (Tell-Tail). -- Montreal F-14-8-3. -- December 14, 1964
M-9840-352CPR Standard Highway Protection Fence. -- Montreal F-14-15-4. -- September 27, 1954
M-9840-353CPR Right of Way Fences (with Steel Fence Posts). -- Montreal F-14-15-6. -- August 10, 1970
M-9840-353 (2)CPR Right of Way Fences. -- Montreal F-14-15-6. -- No Date
M-9840-354CPR Standard Details of Punched Out Number Figures (Blue Print). -- Montreal F-14-18-2. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-354(2)CPR Standard Details of Punched Out Number Figures (Sepia). -- Montreal F-14-18-2. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-355CPR Standard Corrugated Iron Fence. -- Montreal F-14-27-A. -- May 4, 1914
M-9840-356CPR Standard Disc Stop Sign. -- Montreal F-14-30. -- September 1918
M-9840-357CPR Standard Electric Box Sign for Lunch Rooms. -- Montreal F-14-33-A. -- May 9, 1922
M-9840-358CPR Standard Trespass & Private Crossing Signs. -- Montreal F-14-38. -- November 17, 1941
M-9840-359CPR Standard Track Signs Details of Snow Plow & Flanger, Slow, Stop, Whistle, Approach, Derail, Block End, Circuit End, and Over Lap Signs. -- Montreal F-14-45. -- September 4, 1957
M-9840-360CPR Yard Limit Sign. -- Montreal F-14-46-1. -- April 1, 1968
M-9840-361CPR Track Signs. -- Montreal F-14-48. -- April 20, 1956
M-9840-362CPR Standard Watchman Shanty. -- Montreal H-14-74. -- April 22, 1904
M-9840-363CPR Standard Enameled Iron Signs. -- Montreal H-15-30-B. -- May 10, 1917
M-9840-364CPR Standard Station Name Signs. -- Montreal H-15-52-D. -- November 11, 1944
M-9840-365CPR Standard Bulletin Boards. -- Montreal H-15-95-A. -- November 27, 1933
M-9840-366CPR Standard Train Departure & Arrival Board. -- Montreal H-15-95-B. -- June 12, 1925
M-9840-367CPR Western Lines Standard Posts and Signs. -- Winnipeg WLP-6. -- December 29, 1927
M-9840-368CPR Standard Interlocking Tower. -- Montreal H-15-11. -- January 13, 1948
M-9840-369CPR Standard Tower for Crossing Gates (Blue Line Print). -- Montreal H-14-16-C. -- November 15, 1915
M-9840-369(2)CPR Standard Tower for Crossing Gates (Sepia). -- Montreal H-14-16-C. -- November 15, 1915
M-9840-370CPR Standard Low Interlocking Tower for Vertical Leadout. -- Montreal H-15-46. -- March 1, 1908
M-9840-371CPR Western Lines Upper Quadrant Two Direction Mast Supported Train Order Signal. -- Winnipeg WLS-24. -- May 28, 1941
M-9840-372CPR Western Lines Upper Quadrant Two Direction Mast Supported Train Order Signal. -- Winnipeg WLS-24-A. -- December 2, 1946
M-9840-373CPR Western Lines Train Order Signal Upper Quadrant Two Direction Supported by Mast across Tracks. -- Winnipeg WLS-25. -- July 14, 1942
M-9840-374CPR Standard Wire Splices & Connections. -- Montreal X-13-4. -- May 5, 1908
M-9840-375CPR Standard Highway Crossing Bell with Illuminated Danger Sign. -- Montreal X-13-11-1-B. -- August 26, 1950
M-9840-376CPR Standard Wood Elevator Grate for Battery Chute. -- Montreal X-13-16-A. -- July 27, 1915
M-9840-377CPR Standard Signal Blades. -- Montreal X-13-17-A. -- October 2, 1945
M-9840-378CPR Standard Signal Lamps. -- Montreal X-13-19-3. -- September 12, 1946
M-9840-378(2)CPR Standard Signal Lamps. -- Montreal X-13-19-3. -- September 12, 1946
M-9840-379CPR Standard Details of Signal Lamps. -- Montreal X-13-19-4. -- September 12, 1946
M-9840-379(2)CPR Standard Details of Signal Lamps (Lamp). -- Montreal X-13-19-4. -- September 12, 1946
M-9840-380CPR Standard Details of Signal Lamps (Brackets). -- Montreal X-13-19-5. -- September 12, 1946
M-9840-381CPR Standard Upper Quadrant Two Direction Train Order Signal. -- Montreal X-13-22. -- May 30, 1914
M-9840-382CPR Standard Painting of Highway Crossing Gates. -- Montreal X-13-23. -- April 20, 1917
M-9840-383CPR Standard Crossing Gate Lamp and Highway Crossing Watchman?s Hand Lamp. -- Montreal X-13-25. -- September 7, 1922
M-9840-384CPR Standard Crossing Signal Wig-Wag Type. -- Montreal X-12-28-1. -- November 17, 1941
M-9840-385CPR Standard Highway Crossing Signals Flashing Light Type. -- Montreal X-13-31-1. -- May 21, 1952
M-9840-386CPR Standard Signal Painting. -- Montreal X-13-32-1. -- August 24, 1949
M-9840-387CPR Standard Signal Number Plate. -- Montreal X-13-33. -- October 20, 1947
M-9840-388CPR Standard Number Plate for Searchlight Type Dwarf Signal. -- Montreal X-13-33-1. -- November 23, 1948
M-9840-389CPR Standard Signal Ladder Details. -- Montreal X-17-1-7. -- March 7, 1951
M-9840-390CPR Standard Platforms & Handrail for Searchlight Signals. -- Montreal X-17-1-8. -- March 7, 1951
M-9840-391CPR Standard Signal Base Pinnacle and Anchor Bolts Details. -- Montreal X-17-1-9. -- March 28, 1951
M-9840-392CPR Cable Inlet & Ladder Foundation Details. -- Montreal X-17-1-10. -- March 7, 1951
M-9840-393CPR Mast & Ladder Assemblies for Mounted Signals. -- Montreal X-17-1-11. -- March 7, 1951
M-9840-394CPR Mast & Ladder Assemblies for Ground Signals. -- Montreal X-17-1-12. -- March 7, 1951
M-9840-395CPR Details of Lightning Protection for Type SA Searchlight Signals. -- Montreal X-17-4. -- November 23, 1951
M-9840-396CPR Train Order Signal Two Direction - Three Position Upper Quadrant - Mechanical. -- Montreal 38050. -- February 24, 1956
M-9840-397CPR Standard Machinery Platform. -- Montreal F-13-23. -- September 4, 1908
M-9840-398CPR Standard Portable Snow Fence. -- Montreal F-14-2-C. -- November 30, 1935
M-9840-399CPR Standard No 4 Electric Wire Crossing. -- Montreal F-14-22. -- January 21, 1908
M-9840-400CPR Standard Steel Gates. -- Montreal F-14-24-B. -- January 1, 1915
M-9840-401CPR Standard Steel Gates for 24 Foot Opening. -- Montreal F-14-34. -- March 6, 1935
M-9840-402CPR Standard Steel Gates 24 Feet Long for Farm Crossings. -- Montreal F-14-43. -- March 7, 1950
M-9840-403CPR Standard Foundation for Railroad Track Scale with Dead Track. -- Montreal A-1-4. -- June 1, 1911
M-9840-404CPR Standard Framing for Railroad Track Scale with Dead Track. -- Montreal A-1-5. -- June 1, 1911
M-9840-405CPR Standard Track Scale Framing - Solid Floor. -- Montreal A-1-7. -- May 6, 1913
M-9840-406CPR Standard Track Scale Foundation. -- Montreal A-1-7-2. -- May 6, 1913
M-9840-407CPR Standard 100 Ton Track Scale. -- Montreal A-1-11. -- October 18, 1912
M-9840-408CPR Standard 100 Ton Track Scale - Solid Floor Bill of Material. -- Montreal A-1-13-2. -- May 6, 1913
M-9840-409CPR Standard 100 Ton Track Scale - Open Floor Bill of Material. -- Montreal A-1-14. -- May 6, 1913
M-9840-410CPR Standard Track Scale Hood Cover, End Plate and Flashing Assembly. -- Montreal A-1-35-2-A. -- March 9, 1945
M-9840-411CPR Standard Track Scale Hood Cover, End Plate and Flashing Details. -- Montreal A-1-35-3-A. -- March 9, 1945
M-9840-412CPR Standard Track Scale Circular Top Rail Stand. -- Montreal A-1-35-4-A. -- March 9, 1945
M-9840-413CPR Standard Track Scale Taped Weather Proof Deck. -- Montreal A-1-35-7-A. -- March 7, 1958
M-9840-414CPR Standard Track Scale - Scale Checks. -- Montreal A-1-35-11. -- March 9, 1945
M-9840-415CPR Standard 150 Ton Track Scale with 61 Foot Platform - Steel Details. -- Montreal A-1-35-11 (52258-5). -- October 11, 1944
M-9840-416CPR Proposed 38?6 HDPG Span to Replace Existing Pile Trestle Mile 104.7 MacLeod Subdivision. -- Montreal B-1-2565. -- March 11, 1957
M-9840-417CPR Standard Tunnel Linings. -- Montreal B-14-13. -- May 22, 1923
M-9840-418CPR Standard Earth Dam. -- Montreal D-9-1. -- June 12, 1903
M-9840-419CPR Standard Masonry Dam. -- Montreal D-9-4-B. -- April 25, 1911
M-9840-420CPR Standard Pump House Elevations. -- Montreal H-14-31-1. -- May 8, 1911
M-9840-421CPR Standard Pump House Detail of Stack. -- Montreal H-14-31-3. -- December 1, 1908
M-9840-422CPR Standard Water Sample Box. -- Montreal H-14-87. -- August 13, 1904
M-9840-423CPR Standard Tank Pump Boiler. -- Montreal H-15-24. -- September 28, 1906
M-9840-424CPR Detail of Floor & Wall Concrete Thimbles. -- Montreal H-15-127. -- December 1, 1942
M-9840-425Vulcan 6? Hydrant General Assembly & List of Parts. -- Vulcan H-15-13-31. -- September 16, 1944
M-9840-426CPR Standard Pump Houses for Electric & Gasoline Installation. -- Montreal H-15-102. -- August 13, 1914
M-9840-427CPR Standard Wooden Water Tank Details 10 Inch Outlet Valve. -- Montreal W-15-1-13. -- October 14, 1939
M-9840-428CPR Alberta District - Shut Off Valve for Standard Water Tanks. -- Calgary No Drawing Number. -- February 8, 1954
M-9840-429CPR Standard Water Tank Details - 6 Inch Waste Valve. -- Montreal W-15-1-14. -- October 14, 1939
M-9840-430CPR Standard Water Tanks Detail of Sway Pipe. -- Montreal W-15-1-15. -- August 18, 1950
M-9840-431CPR Standard Water Tanks Detail of Sway Pipe Frame. -- Montreal W-15-1-16. -- September 24, 1943
M-9840-432CPR Standard Water Tanks Details of Fittings. -- Montreal W-15-1-17. -- September 24, 1943
M-9840-433CPR Standard Water Tanks Details of Indicator Ball. -- Montreal W-15-1-18. -- September 25, 1943
M-9840-434CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe. -- Montreal W-15-9-1-A. -- April 21, 1911
M-9840-435CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe 17?-0? Track Centres. -- Montreal W-15-9-1-C. -- August 28, 1922
M-9840-436CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Details. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-2-A. -- February 9, 1911
M-9840-437CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Bottom Stand. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-3-A. -- February 9, 1911
M-9840-438CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Bill of Material. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-4-A. -- March 29, 1911
M-9840-439CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Directions for Placing Stand Pipe in Position. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-5-A. -- April 6, 1911
M-9840-440CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-6-A. -- October 18, 1913
M-9840-441CPR Standard No 1 10 Inch Stand Pipe - Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta Details. -- Canadian Fairbanks Co W-15-9-7-A. -- October 18, 1913
M-9840-442Poage Automatic Water Column Style ?H?. -- The American Valve and Meter Co, No 407-W. -- January 2, 1919
M-9840-443CPR Standard No 2 Enclosed Tank - Smoke Stack Details. -- Montreal W-15-12-1. -- March 3, 1930
M-9840-444CPR Standard No 2 Enclosed Tank - Steel Substructure. -- Montreal W-15-12-2. -- March 1910
M-9840-445CPR Standard No 2 Enclosed Tank - Steel Substructure. -- Montreal W-15-12W-3. -- March 5, 1910
M-9840-446CPR Standard No 2 Enclosed Tank - Spot Frame-Float & Indicator and Other Details. -- Montreal W-15-12-4. -- June 20, 1927
M-9840-447CPR Standard Open Tank. -- Montreal W-15-17. -- April 18, 1904
M-9840-448CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Elevation & Plans. -- Montreal W-15-17-1-A. -- August 5, 1943
M-9840-449CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Section & Plan. -- Montreal W-15-17-2-A. -- August 5, 1943
M-9840-450CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Roof Plans & Sections. -- Montreal W-15-17-3-A. -- August 18, 1950
M-9840-451CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Round Hoops. -- Montreal W-15-17-4-A. -- September 27, 1943
M-9840-452CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Details of Ladders, Windows and Door. -- Montreal W-15-17-5-A. -- February 13, 1941
M-9840-453 CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Bill of Materials. -- Montreal W-15-17-6-A. -- April 5, 1951
M-9840-454CPR Standard Open Water Tank - Wrought Iron Smoke Stack. -- Montreal W-15-17-7-A. -- September 9, 1943
M-9840-455CPR Standard Enclosed Tank - 10,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-18-1. -- February 4, 1931
M-9840-456CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Foundation & Substructure 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-2-B. -- April 27, 1945
M-9840-457CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Plan & Details of Tank House 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-3-B. -- February 20, 1950
M-9840-458CPR Standard No 1 Enclosed Water Tank - Pump & Boiler Located under Tank 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-4-A. -- April 1930
M-9840-459CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank Details of Windows & Doors, Roof, Manhole & Ceiling Trap 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-4-B. -- August 18, 1950
M-9840-460CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank Bill of Materials 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-5-B. -- August 18, 1950
M-9840-461CPR Standard Ball for Water Tanks. -- Montreal W-15-20-6. -- July 28, 1926
M-9840-462CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank Bill of Materials Part II 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-6-B. -- April 5, 1951
M-9840-463CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Cast Iron Smoke Stack 40,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-20-7-B. -- August 27, 1951
M-9840-464CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Wrought Iron Smoke Stack. -- Montreal W-15-20-8. -- February 4, 1931
M-9840-465CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank 20,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-21-1-A. -- February 4, 1931
M-9840-466CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank 20,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-21-2-A. -- January 8, 1931
M-9840-467CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank 20,000 Gallons. -- Montreal W-15-21-3. -- April 5, 1951
M-9840-468CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Round Hoops. -- Montreal W-15-22. -- April 15, 1940
M-9840-469CPR Standard Semi-Enclosed Water Tank - Concrete Sub-Structure. -- Montreal W-15-23-1. -- August 1923
M-9840-470CPR Standard No 12A 12 Inch Stand Pipe. -- Montreal W-15-25-1. -- October 7, 1949
M-9840-471CPR Standard Enclosed Water Tank - Detail of Taper Filler. -- Montreal W-16-19. -- April 1927
M-9840-472CPR Standard - Diagram Showing Method of Match Marking to Be Used before Taking down Old Spans. -- Montreal X-10-35. -- March 4, 1903
M-9840-473Canadian Pacific Railway Suffield - Blackie Branch Plan & Profile of Proposed Works for Water Supply at Pageant Mile 99.1. -- Winnipeg No Plan Number. -- October 10, 1924
M-9840-474CPR Alberta Division Proposed Layout at the Great Divide at Stephen, British Columbia. -- Calgary No Drawing Number Stick Number 141. -- April 16, 1913
M-9840-475CPR British Columbia Division Layout at the Great Divide at Stephen, British Columbia. -- Revelstoke No Drawing Number. -- November 23, 1912
M-9840-476CPR Alberta Division Altitude Sign for the Great Divide. -- Calgary No Drawing Number. -- January 27, 1928
M-9840-477CPR British Columbia Division Monument Erected to Hector at Laggan. -- Revelstoke No Drawing Number. -- July 1906
M-9840-478CPR Hector Monument at Laggan. -- Calgary No Drawing Number. -- [ca. 1906]
M-9840-479CPR Pacific Region Medicine Hat Division Front Elevation of Medicine Hat Station Plan No 9. -- Medicine Hat S-147-A-6-2. -- March 30, 1965
M-9840-480CPR Pacific Region Medicine Hat Division Rear Elevation of Medicine Hat Station Plan No 10. -- Medicine Hat S-147-A-6-1. -- March 30, 1965
M-9840-481CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Town Elevation Plans & Sections. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-1. -- March 1910
M-9840-482CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Track Elevation & Floor Plans. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-2. -- August 1910
M-9840-483CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Interior Details. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-3. -- May 12, 1910
M-9840-484CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Detail of Roof Brackets. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-3A. -- May 17, 1910
M-9840-485CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Details of Mantels. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-4. -- 1910
M-9840-486CPR Station Building at Banff, Alberta - Roof Plan & Section. -- Winnipeg A-9-24-3-4. -- July 1910
M-9840-487CPR Station at Banff, Alberta by Edward Colona (Sepia). -- Montreal Y-2-5 (A-10). -- September 1889
M-9840-488CPR Station at Lethbridge, Alberta Showing Proposed Alterations. -- Winnipeg No Drawing Number. -- 1910
M-9840-489CPR Western Division Dining Building Built at Broadview, Moose Jaw, and Swift Current, Saskatchewan - Elevations & Plan. -- Winnipeg C4 Sheet 2. -- September 1896
M-9840-490CPR Calgary Roundhouse (West Shops) Western Division 12 Stall Roundhouse & Machine Shop 6 Stall Addition 1901 at Calgary, Alberta. -- Winnipeg H-19. -- February 1901
M-9840-491CPR Calgary Roundhouse (West Shops) Western Division Standard Roundhouse Section with Roebling Roof Adapted for Extension to Calgary Roundhouse. -- Winnipeg H-19 Sheet 6. -- April 1901
M-9840-492CPR Calgary Roundhouse (West Shops) Boiler House & Machine Shop for Calgary, Alberta - Elevations, Section & Ground Plans. -- Winnipeg No Plan Number. -- June 1910
M-9840-493CPR Calgary Roundhouse (West Shops) - Letter for Drawing of Boiler House & Machine Shop. -- Calgary. -- June 15, 1910
M-9840-494CPR Standard Outside Sliding Door for Tool Houses. -- Montreal H-15-55-7-A. -- October 30, 1947

Series 15

Canadian Pacific Railway Equipment Drawings. -- 1887-1966. -- 55 oversize drawings. -- These drawings are copied from the microfiche of Canadian Pacific Railway original plans.

The drawings are described as follows: Description. -- Drawing location and Canadian Pacific Railway drawing number. -- Date of drawing (newest date shown). Note that the drawing numbers were changed at some point by including ?S? and dropping ?C?.

M-9840-1000Car body (boom car) for Pile Driver No 3880. -- Montreal 17C184. -- April 1887
M-9840-100115 ton Derrick Car. -- Montreal 21S22 (F1). -- October 17, 1907
M-9840-100215 ton Derrick Car. -- Montreal 21S22 (F2). -- October 17, 1907
M-9840-100350 Ton Wrecking Crane. -- Montreal 22C69. -- May 17, 1902
M-9840-100475 Ton Steam Wrecking Crane. -- Montreal 22C93. -- 1909
M-9840-1005Robinson Wire Rope Steam Shovel. -- Montreal 23C126. -- April 1906
M-9840-1006Robinson Wire Rope Steam Shovel. -- Montreal 23C127. -- 1907
M-9840-1007 Robinson Wire Rope Steam Shovel. -- Montreal 23C128. -- May 1907
M-9840-1008Locomotive Steam Shovel. -- Montreal 23C129. -- May 1907
M-9840-1009Locomotive Steam Shovel Section view. -- Montreal 23C130. -- May 1907
M-9840-101065 Ton Locomotive Steam Shovel Bucyrus Co. -- Montreal 23C131. -- June 1907
M-9840-1011Marion Locomotive Steam Shovel. -- Montreal 23C132. -- June 1907
M-9840-1012Weed Burner for 3? 6? Gauge Front End. -- Montreal 24S1 (part1). -- November 4, 1902
M-9840-1013Weed Burner for 3? 6? Gauge Back End. -- Montreal 24S1 (part2). -- November 4, 1902
M-9840-1014Jordan Type J Ballast Ditcher Spreader Stencilling Drawing. -- Montreal B-19-S-528. -- June 22, 1966
M-9840-1015Jordan Type A Ballast Spreader Ditcher Stencilling Drawing. -- Montreal B-19-S-529. -- June 22, 1966
M-9840-1016Jordan Standard 50 Ton Ballast Spreader Stencilling Drawing. -- Montreal B-19-S-530. -- June 30, 1966
M-9840-1017Jordan (Roadmaster) Ballast Spreader Stencilling Drawing. -- Montreal B-19-S-531. -- July 13, 1966
M-9840-1018Clearance Diagram for Browning Cranes. -- Montreal B-22-S-1060-A. -- March 27, 1951
M-9840-1019Centre Ballast Unloader Plow furnished by the Marion Steam Co. -- Montreal D-19-S-41. -- November 28, 1909
M-9840-1020Jordan Type A Spreader Stencilling Diagram (Superseded June 21, 1966). -- Montreal D-19-S-424A. -- March 23, 1931
M-9840-1021Pile Driver No 3691. -- Montreal E-17-S-24. -- November 6, 1910
M-9840-1022Wrecking Crane Rearranged As Pile Driver. -- Montreal E-22-S-401. -- April 1927
M-9840-1023Barber Green Railroad Snow Melter. -- Aurora Illinois F-14-S-572. -- July 5, 1945
M-9840-1024Pile Driver Arrangement and Machinery on Car. -- Montreal F-17-S-73. -- September 9, 1909
M-9840-1025Pile Driver Turntable and Leader Guides. -- Montreal F-17-S-78. -- July 12, 1912
M-9840-1026Self-propelling Extension Pile Driver Nos 3881 & 3882. -- Montreal F-17-S-177. -- [ca. 1902]
M-9840-1027Self-propelling Balanced Pile Driver Nos 3884 & 3885. -- Montreal F-17-S-183. -- May 27, 1902
M-9840-1028Self-propelling Extension Pile Driver No 3880. -- Montreal F-17-S-185. -- April 6, 1902
M-9840-1029Pile Driver - Cabin. -- Montreal F-17-S-368. -- April 28, 1913
M-9840-1030Pile Driver - Cabin. -- Montreal F-17-S-438. -- [ca. 1913]
M-9840-1031Jordan Ballast Spreader Standard with Ice Attachment. -- Montreal F-19-S-371(2-101-A). -- [ca. 1912]
M-9840-1032Jordan Type A Spreader Converted to a Spreader Ditcher. -- Montreal F-19-S-477. -- August 1948
M-9840-1033Jordan Ballast Spreader Ditcher Piping Arrangement. -- Montreal F-19-S-478. -- August 1948
M-9840-1034Wrecking Cranes Diagram of Lettering. -- Montreal F-22-S-107-C. -- September 28, 1948
M-9840-1035Barber-Green Railroad Snow Melter - Tank, Cabin Assembly. -- Aurora, Illinois G-14-S-5-73 (F-1). -- October 3, 1945
M-9840-1036Barber-Green Railroad Snow Melter - Tank, Cabin Assembly. -- Aurora, Illinois G-14-S-5-73 (F-2). -- October 3, 1945
M-9840-1037Arrangement of Pile Driver Nos 400020-23, 28, 30-31. -- Montreal G-17-S-74 (F-1). -- July 3, 1911
M-9840-1038Arrangement of Pile Driver Nos 400020-23, 28, 30-31. -- Montreal G-17-S-74 (F-2). -- July 3, 1911
M-9840-1039Derrick Car Arrangement - 15 Ton Derrick. -- Montreal G-17-S-23 (F-1). -- October 2, 1919
M-9840-1040Derrick Car Arrangement - 15 Ton Derrick. -- Montreal G-17-S-23 (F-2). -- October 2, 1919
M-9840-1041Lidgerwood Arrangement of Machinery. -- Montreal J-17-S-243 (F-1). -- March 26, 1910
M-9840-1042Lidgerwood Arrangement of Machinery. -- Montreal J-17-S-243 (F-2). -- March 26, 1910
M-9840-1043Pile Driver Arrangement. -- Montreal J-17-S-630 (F-1). -- October 22, 1914
M-9840-1044Pile Driver Arrangement. -- Montreal J-17-S-630 (F-2). -- October 22, 1914
M-9840-1045Pile Driver Arrangement. -- Montreal J-17-S-634 (F-1). -- December 23, 1914
M-9840-1046Pile Driver Arrangement. -- Montreal J-17-S-634 (F-2). -- December 23, 1914
M-9840-1047Wrecking Crane Arrangement of Jib. -- Montreal K-22-S-131 (F-1). -- December 30, 1912
M-9840-1048Wrecking Crane Arrangement of Jib. -- Montreal K-22-S-131 (F-2). -- December 30, 1912
M-9840-1049Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 1 of 5 part 1. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1050Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 1 of 5 part 2. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1051Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 2 of 5. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1052Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 3 of 5. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1053Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 4 of 5. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1054Steam Shovels Bill of Materials Sheet 5 of 5. -- Montreal Group 23C. -- 1941
M-9840-1055Steam Shovels List of Shovels. -- Montreal Group 23S. -- April 8, 1954

Series 16

Photographs and slides. -- [ca. 1881]-1933. -- 1642 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-437 Views of Lethbridge mining, CPR livestock, etc. -- 236 photographs
PA-618 Brooks fair and seed plant. -- 1923. -- 9 photographs
PA-886 Bankhead views and Montana group. -- [ca. 1910-1915]. -- 5 photographs
PA-1077 Mennonite settlers in North Battleford area. -- 1926. -- 3 pohtographs
PA-1088 Various views. -- 1904-1932. -- 155 photographs. -- Includes views of crops and properties for sale in Alberta (Nevis and Innisfail) and Wilmer, British Columbia; Keary Farm, Lansdowne, British Columbia; Nundal residence, Edmonton; farm property at Strathmore and Altario; Vauxhall Stock Farms property in the Bow River Irrigation Project; Drake Farm, Elstrom, Saskatchewan; Swiss Village, British Columbia; agricultural conditions on St. Mary's Prairie, British Columbia; Pigot homestead near Courtenay, British Columbia; homestead near Caroline, Alberta; panoramic view of Panther River, Alberta; and views of irrigation and farming in Alberta and British Columbia.
PA-1625 Polish settlers at Sundance, Alberta. -- 1930. -- 1 photograph
PA-1944 Views of Mountain Valley ranch, Wilmer, British Columbia, and irrigation in southern Alberta. -- 1909-[ca. teens]. -- 10 photographs
PA-3854Views of grading of branch lines in southern Alberta. -- [ca. 1910]. -- 40 photographs
PB-123 Views of livestock and 28 hitch horse and mule team. -- 3 photographs
PC-31 Views of Banff Springs Hotel and an apple orchard in British Columbia. -- 2 photographs
PD-3 Two albums of Eastern European farmers settling in Alberta. -- 1929-1930. -- 130 photographs







Nine photograph albums relating to CPR coal, logging, farming, irrigation, and railway activities. -- 541 photographs

Alberta Railway and Coal Company. ?- [ca. 1900-1910]. ?- 8 photographs. ?- Scenic views of Crowsnest Pass.
Mountain subdivisions fire risk assessment album. ?- [ca. 1914]. ?- 172 photographs
Mountain subdivisions fire risk assessment album. ?- [ca. 1914]. -- ca. 150 photographs. ?- Partial duplicate of album 2.
Typical Forest & Logging Scenes of CPR Tie Reserves & Timber Lands in British Columbia. ?- 43 photographs
Alberta Railway and Coal Company. ?- [ca. 1909-1910]. ?- 32 photographs. -- Construction of Number 6 Colliery at Lethbridge.
Home Making in Western Canada Illustrated. ?- no date. ?- Published booklet.
Home Making in Western Canada Illustrated. ?- no date. ?- Published booklet, different edition than album 6.
CPR Irrigation block. ?- [ca. 1911-1912]. ?- 41 photographs. ?- Construction of canals, Bassano Dam, headgates etc. in Western and Eastern sections.
Work of CPR Forestry Branch, Department of Natural Resources. ?- 1913. ?- 64 photographs

PD-78 Album of views of surveys in the Cranbrook area of British Columbia. -- 38 photographs
NA-595-1 Crowsnest Lake. -- 1896. -- 1 photograph
NA-1363-(1-12) Bankhead and Nordegg mining views. -- [ca. 1890s]-1933. -- 12 photographs
NA-1869-(1-26) Mountain views, Columbia area of British Columbia, Brooks demonstration farm, North Battleford settlers, and Condor area farm. -- 1909-1932. -- 26 photographs
NA-1878-1 CPR harvesting poster. -- 1927. -- 1 photograph
NA-1920-(1-2) Vauxhall agricultural views. -- 1921. -- 2 photographs
NA-2023-1 BC Express freight rates poster. -- [ca. 1881]. - 1 photograph
NA-2828-(1-41) Polish and Russian settlers at Sundance, Seba, Tomahawk, Onoway and Gainford. -- 1929-1930. -- 41 photographs
NA-2829-(1-33) CPR souvenir booklet. -- 1886. -- 2 photographs
Plans for Ready-Made Farms. -- 1911-1913. -- 31 photographs.
NA-3641-(1-2) Bassano Dam and Calgary weir and canal. -- [ca. 1912-1929]. -- 2 photographs
NA-4829-1 Dunmore trestle. -- [ca. 1890]. -- 1 photograph
S-30 Lantern slides of CPR views, farming, Bassano dam construction, etc. -- [ca. 1916-1922]. -- 349 slides

Series 17

Film. -- [ca. 1920s]

F-31Film promoting farm life and irrigation entitled, "Homemaking by Irrigation". -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 film reels.

Series 18

Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1899-1960s]. -- This material has not been catalogued, so please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-9146Unprocessed records. -- 1899-1950s. -- 48 volumes. -- Consists of a variety of records pertaining to land granted to the Canadian Pacific Railway by the federal government. Includes volumes related to the Canadian Northwest Irrigation Company, Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, the Souris Branch, irrigable land, non-irrigable land, rural townships, and land in townsites. [accession 2006.027]
M-9793Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1920s-1950s]. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Consists of minutes, correspondence, etc of Canada Colonization Association. [accession 2016.063]
M-9795Unprocessed records. -- n.d. -- ca. 60 drawings. -- Consists of building plans, land sale maps, etc. [accession 2016.064]
M-9858Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1920s-1960s]. -- ca. 4 m of textual records. -- Consists of additional files of the Department of Natural Resources. [accession 2017.076]
M-9919Unprocessed records. -- n.d. -- ca. 1000 plans and other records. -- Consists of plans of railway structures and equipment, etc. [accession 2019.006]

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