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Bud Dawson with prime fur, Fort Smith area, NWT.
Bud Dawson with prime fur, Fort Smith area, NWT

Bud Dawson fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Diaries. -- 1913-1918
Series 2 Fur inventories, accounts and general notebooks. -- 1913-1926 and n.d.
Series 3 Personal correspondence. -- 1912-1922
Series 4 Newspaper clippings and miscellany. -- 1912-1937, 1951
Series 5 Photographs. -- [ca. 1913-1917]


Series 1

Diaries. -- 1913-1918

M-307-vol.1 Diary - Fort Smith and Fort Fitzgerald, Northwest Territories. -- August 26, 1913-August 7, 1915
M-307-vol.2 Diary of trip from Albany Oregon to Herschel Island, Yukon Territory. -- April 20-August 19, 1917
M-307-vol.3 Diary - Northwest Territories. -- April 3-August 19, 1917
M-307-vol.4 Diary - Northwest Territories. -- March 2-July 15, 1918

Series 2

Fur inventories, accounts and general notebooks. -- 1913-1926 and n.d.

M-307-vol.5 General notebook. -- 1913-1917. -- Includes personal accounts for clothing, accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.; and records of fur purchases at various northern communities.
M-307-vol.6 Fur inventory notebook. -- 1926. --Consists of lists of furs acquired (marten, mink, weasel, beaver, fox, etc.) and value.
M-307-vol.7 Fur inventory notebook. -- [ca. 1917]. -- Consists of lists of furs acquired and value.
M-307-vol.8 Notebook entitled "Names of Indians". -- n.d. -- Consists of names of First Nations contacts from Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Fort Norman, Fort Wrigley, Fort Simpson, Arctic Red River, Fort McPherson, and Smith Landing.
M-307-vol.9 Cash account notebook - Fort Chipewyan and Fort Norman. -- 1917-1918. -- Consists of accounts for food (jam, rice, flour, sugar, lard, etc) and supplies (snowshoes, dog food, etc.); lists of furs acquired and value; rent for Fort Norman house; and record of gasoline provided by C.B. Stokely.
M-307-vol.10 Cash account notebook - Fort Smith, Smith Landing, Fort Rae. -- 1918. -- Consists of list of rations to Fort Resolution (butter, syrup, matches, kettle, bacon, etc.); payments [to fur suppliers?] in cash and tobacco; transportation accounts; list of "Books of the Far North"; record of bales of fur and their contents; listsof furs acquired and value;

Series 3

Clair Dawson's personal correspondence. -- 1912-1922. -- Consists primarily of letters written to his parents, Mildred F. Dawson and Martha Dawson, and to his brother, Wayne Dawson in Albany, Oregon. Includes a few letters to his sister, Mrs. J.J. Barrett, and to other people.

M-307-1 Personal correspondence. -- 1912. -- Consists of letters written from Ponoka, Edmonton, Athabasca Landing and Smith Landing.
M-307-2 Personal correspondence. -- 1913. -- Consists of letters written from Smith Landing.
M-307-3 Personal correspondence. -- 1914. -- Consists of letters written from Fort Smith.
M-307-4 Personal correspondence. -- 1915. -- Consists of letters written from Fort Smith and Fort Resolution.
M-307-5 Personal correspondence. -- 1916. -- Consists of letters written from Seattle (Washington), Peace River Crossing, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Smith, Fort McPherson and Herschel Island.
M-307-6 Personal correspondence. -- 1917. -- Consists of letters written from Seattle, Edmonton, Athabasca, Smith Landing, Fort Resolution and Fort Chipewyan.
M-307-7 Personal correspondence. -- 1918. -- Consists of letters written from Fort Chipewyan, Fort McMurray, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Great Slave Lake and Edmonton.
M-307-8 Personal correspondence. -- 1919. -- Consists of letters written from Lac La Biche, Fort McMurray, Fort Fitzgerald, Edmonton and Hazelton.
M-307-9 Personal correspondence. -- 1920. -- Consists of letters written from Hazelton, Edmonton, Prince George and Wrangel (Alaska).
M-307-10 Personal correspondence. -- 1921-1922. -- Consists of letters written from Hazelton and Edmonton.
M-307-14 Letters received. -- 1914-1919. -- Consists of letters to Dawson from King Kelley, Wayne Dawson, D.W. Derby, J.J. Knight and G.B. Bouchet.
M-307-16 Telegrams. -- 1916-1919 and n.d. - Mostly to family re his arrivals and departures from northern locations.

Series 4

Newspaper clippings and miscellany. -- 1912-1937, 1951

M-307-11 Newspaper clippings re Bud Dawson. -- 1916, 1937. -- Consists of "14,000 mile trip brought to end" (December 12, 1916); and "Old Time Albany" (August 21, 1937).
M-307-12 Newspaper clipings re Wrangel Island. -- 1924-1933 and n.d.
M-307-13 Newspaper clippings re fur trade, north country, Eskimos [Inuit], Indians [First Nations], etc. -- 1913 and n.d.Includes articles about Campbell Young, George Street, H.V. Radford, Archdeacon Lucas, Lamson and Hubbard (traders), and James Cornwall.
M-307-15 Personal and miscellaneous papers. -- 1912-1919 and n.d. -- Consists of fur trade reports and prices to be paid for furs; 1919 calendar in Cree (called Ganaweyittamuk) with Sundays marked; employee wages on Lamson & Hubbard letterhead, 1918-1919; appraisal for Mrs. C.W. Dawson of her "Eskimo and Indian Curios"; calling card for "Mrs. Belle Dawson"; Hazelton Hotel business card listing C.W. Dawson and G.E. Rolfe as proprietors; Clair W. Dawson's registration card and military service exemption cards, 1918; and miscellaneous receipts, envelopes, and business cards.
M-307-17 Reference material from other sources. -- 1929-1931, 1951-. -- Consists of copies of records re the Omineca Hotel in Hazelton (1929-1931), provided by the BC Archives and Reference Service, including Dawson's applications for beer licences and Liquor Control Board Inspector's reports. Also consists of copies of biographical material, provided by Neil Sterritt, including Dawson's 1951 obituary and a photograph of his headstone.

Series 5

Photographs. -- [ca. 1913-1917]. -- 495 photographs

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PD-8-vol.1-3 Albums of views of Northwest Territories and the Fort Smith area. -- [ca. 1913-1917]. -- 3 albums (494 photographs)
NB-6-(1-97) Negatives of images in albums PD-8, described above.
NA-3231 Crees scraping hides. -- [ca. 1913-1917]. -- 1 photograph. -- Copy of photo in album PD-8-336
PA-131-(1-6) Northern and Inuit views. -- 6 photographs. -- Transferred from the PD-8 albums

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