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Jessie DeGear
North-West Mounted Police at Battleford, 1884

Jessie DeGear fonds

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Series 1 Scanned Document Laurie and DeGear family papers. -- 1859-1959
Series 2 Scrapbooks. -- 1888-1965
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1878-1914


Series 1

Laurie and DeGear family papers. -- 1859-1959

M-314-1 Diary of Patrick G. Laurie, Owen Sound, Ontario. -- 1859

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M-314-2 Patrick G. Laurie letters to Jessie DeGear. -- 1898-1903. -- Consists of personal letters regarding family affairs and local news.

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M-314-3 Mrs. Jessie DeGear correspondence. -- 1902-1959. -- Regarding family news, Old-Timers' Association of Saskatchewan, and erectionof plaque to mark site of Saskatchewan Herald.
M-314-4 General correspondence. -- 1904-1938. -- Includes request from R.L. Borden to organize constituency for Conservatives; letter from Captain J.A. Killough, a scout during the Riel Rebellion; and a letter of sympathy from John Diefenbaker.
M-314-5 R.C. Laurie correspondence. -- 1886-1924. -- Includes a description of an area surveyed in 1886; receipt from government of the North-West Territories; and letter from William Laurie regarding meeting of fellow North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) pioneers at the [Fort] Macleod Jubilee of 1924.
M-314-6 List of Laurie family births, marriages and deaths from 1855-1931
M-314-7 Biographical remembrances of William Laurie. -- 1927

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M-314-8 Marriage certificate of Mabel Victoria Laurie and John Alexander Reid, Battleford. -- 1888
M-314-9 Jacob C. DeGear. -- 1882 and 1914. -- Consists of correspondence and extracts from his diary.
M-314-10 Brief sketchof Battleford Presbyterian church. -- n.d.
M-314-11 North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) - Diagram of inspection kit and poems. -- 1884 and n.d.
M-314-12 Plans and pamphlets re North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) and Indian museum, Battleford. -- 1947
M-314-13 Broadside appealing to women voters by H.O. Wright, Battleford. -- 1917
M-314-14 Miscellany. -- 1883, 1886 and n.d. -- Includes freighting bill from Battleford to Onion Lake (1883), receipt for piano (1886), and food ration card.
M-314-15 Bood of programs, invitations, pamphlets, cards, etc. -- 1884-1955. -- Includes invitations for North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) social events at Battleford.
M-314-16 P.G. Laurie's cashbook. -- 1882-1885
M-314-17 P.G. Laurie's business and day journals. -- 1870-1880. -- Consists of Fort Garry journals (1870-1873), and Saskatchewan Herald newspaper accounts (1878-1880).
M-314-18 Saskatchewan Herald printing jobs ledger. -- 1880-1886
M-314-19 Printing jobs cashbook. -- 1885-1891

Journal of order for the day, D Squadron, 22nd Saskatchewan Light Horse. -- 1911-1915

45th Battalion paymaster's ledger. -- 1915

M-314-21 Mary Laurie's (Mrs. P.G. Laurie's) recipe book and book of sermons. -- [ca. 1884]
M-3934 Brief biography of Jessie DeGear. -- n.d. -- 22 pages

Series 2

Scrapbooks. -- 1888-1965. -- The series consists of 16 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, compiled primarily by Jessie DeGear, but also by her sister Mabel Reid. The scrapbooks have been indexed, and detailed descriptions follow.

Scrapbook 1. -- 1903-1941 and n.d. -- Mabel and J.A. Reid memorabilia

Scrapbook 2. -- 1903-1938 and n.d. -- Jessie DeGear memorabilia / Laurie family

Scrapbook 3. -- 1907-1936 and n.d. -- Riel Rebellion

Scrapbook 4. -- 1919-1939 and n.d. -- Miscellaneous

Scrapbook 5. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- Western history and personalities

Scrapbook 6. -- 1890-1908 and n.d. -- Laurie family and western personalities

Scrapbook 7. -- 1926, 1935-1938 and n.d. -- Old Timers

Scrapbook 8. -- 1941-1950 and n.d. -- Jessie DeGear and Riel Rebellion

Scrapbook 9. -- 1937-1940 and n.d.. -- Miscellaneous

Scrapbook 10. -- 1888-1933 and n.d. -- Mabel and J.A. Reid memorabilia / England and war

Scrapbook 11. -- 1915-1948 and n.d. -- Mabel and J.A. Reid memorabilia / Riel memories

Scrapbook 12. -- 1948-1950 and n.d. -- Western history and personalities / Riel memories

Scrapbook 13. -- 1935-1960 and n.d. -- Western history and personalities / Riel memories

Scrapbook 14. -- 1927-1958 and n.d. -- Western history and personalities / Riel memories

Scrapbook 15. -- 1956-1958 and n.d. -- Western history and personalities

Scrapbook 16. -- 1951-1965 and n.d. -- Western history articles by Mrs. A.N. Wetton


Scrapbook 1 . -- 1903-1941 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Mable Laurie Reid (Mrs. John Alexander Reid), the sister of Jessie DeGear. Contains:

Page 1 Home Guards formed, Battle River area

Page 2 Sixty-year-old locomotive preserved as relic, Vancouver

Page 4 Obituary and biography of Dr. David Low, MD, CM, FRCS, Regina

Pages 5-7 Obituary and biography of R.C. Laurie, Battleford, January 20, 1903

Page 7 The returning of a gold medal of R.C. Laurie's to museum

Pages 8-13 Obituary and biography of J.A. Reid, Regina, 1928

Page 16 Mr. and Mrs. R. Risdale celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, Regina, July 31, 1941

Page 16 Obituary of Robert Gordon, Trail, British Columbia

Page 18 Letter re Mr. John A. Reid, July 1918

Page 20 Obituary and biography of Alfred Stewart, Regina

Page 23 Obituary and biography of P.G. Laurie, Battleford

Pages 24-27&32 Letters to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Reid re their return trip to Canada from London, England

Pages 28-29 Letters to Mr. Reid on his appointment as Agent-General of the Province of Alberta in London, England, July 23, 1913

Page 33 Biography of Michael O'Leary, Regina

Page 33 Obituary of Alfred Stewart, Regina

Page 36 History of Louis Riel's trial

Page 39 Personal letter to Mabel, 1924

Page 40 Old-Timers' picnic invitation to Mr. J.A. Reid, July 1935

Pages 40-48&127-135 Invitations to various clubs and organization to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Reid, while staying in London, England, 1914-1919


Scrapbook 2. -- 1903-1938 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Jessie DeGear, primarily about the Laurie and DeGear families. Contains:

Page 1 Obituary of P.G. Laurie, Battleford, May 1903

Pages 1-4 Requiescat, passing of a pioneer, P.G. Laurie

Pages 4-5 Biography of late P.G. Laurie, Battleford

Page 5 The Canadian Magazine, A trio of early western journals by R.G. MacPherson

Page 6 Obituary of Mrs. P.G. Laurie, Battleford, August 28

Page 6 Obituary of late William Laurie, Alfred Lake, Florida

Page 7 Obituary of Mary Eliza Carney, Battleford, August 28, 1912

Page 7 Telegram of William Laurie's death, Battleford

Pages 7-8 Obituary of Willam Laurie

Page 9 Poem, "Great News", composed by William Laurie

Page 10 Telegram re death of Mrs. Harriette Marie Gouvreau [Harriet Mary Gauvreau], Edmonton, April 1931

Page 10 Letters of sympathy re death of Mrs. Gauvreau [Jessie DeGear's sister]

Page 10 Membership card of Captain R.G. Laurie in Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League, Battleford, Saskatchewan

Page 11 Obituary of Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford

Pages 12-13 Obituary of Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford

Pages 13-14 Editor of pioneer newspaper, Major R.C. Laurie, buried in Battleford

Page 14 Town Council regular meeting

Pages 14-15 Obituary of R.C. Laurie, Battleford, January 1938

Page 15 Battleford unit honors members Maj. R.C. Laurie and James Ballendine, paid tributes by comrades, Battleford

Page 15 Obituary of Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford

Pages 16-17 Many in attendance a Major R.C. Laurie, veteran editor and soldier laid to rest Sunday with military honors, Battleford, 1938

Pages 18-20 Obituary for Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford, January 1938

Page 20 The Territories look to the east for consideration

Page 21 Obituary of prominent Canadian newspaperman, Douglas Mackay, January 1938

Page 21 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) pass for R.C. Laurie, August 1935

Page 22-23 Address given by Rev. T. Murphy, Battlefod, January 23, 1038, for R.C. Laurie's funeral

Page 23 Card of R.C. Laurie, manager for the Saskatoon Herald, Battleford

Page 24 The origin of Gone West by ZZ

Page 25 Battleford Board of Trade honours Major R.C. Laurie on 75th birthday

Page 25 Obituary of Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford

Page 26 REminiscences by R.C. Laurie

page 27 Honor 60th anniversary, the Saskatchewan Herald

Page 27 The Saskatchewan government considering purchasing the first printing press belonging to the estate of P.G. Laurie, March 1938

Page 28 Letter of sympathy re R.C. Laurie's death, Battlford, 1938

Page 30 Jacob C. DeGear's Oath of Chain Bearer, July 1909

Page 31 Obituary of Jacob Cicero DeGear, Battleford, July 1923

Page 31 Obituary of Mrs. Elizabeth Gage, Leamington

Page 32 Obituary of Jacob C. DeGear, Battleford

Page 33 Wedding of Muriel Rowena DeGear to Corp. Gordon White, March 3, 1917

Page 33 A shower in honor of Miss Ruth DeGear's departure to train as a nurse in Vancouver

Page 34 Battleford's early history

Page 35 Many paid last respects to late Sheriff Carney

Page 35 Obituary of Mrs. Victoria Atkins

Page 36 Obituary of Lieutenant J.H. Storer

Page 37 The graves in France well looked after, 1923

Page 37 Letter requesting photograph of Lieutenant J.H. Storer's grave

Pages 38-39 Obituary of J.A. Reid, Liverpool, England, November 23, 1928

Page 40 Letter of invitation to Mrs. J.C. DeGear to attend Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Young Men's Board of Trade, Battleford, September 1928

Page 41 Facts regarding the Sun Publishing Company Ltd, Vancouver

Page 42 Press of first newspaper may go to museum, Moose Jaw, January 1938

Page 43 Suspension bridge near Vancouver

Page 46 Letter to Charles DeGear regarding retirement from North-West Mounted Police (NWMP)

Page 47 Invitation to members of the Canadian Legion to attend annual meeting, Battleford, January 13, 1931

Page 48 Letter to Mrs. J.C. DeGear from Town Council, Battleford, November 15, 1927

Pages 51-52 Letter to Mrs. J.C. DeGear from William Laurie, Cardston

Page 53 Letter to Jessie from brother William Laurie, Cardston, October 15, 1925

Page 54 Extracts from letter of Mrs. William Laurie to R.C. Laurie

Page 55 First Quarterly Bulletin of the Battleford Historical Society

Page 57 Letter of invitation to the Battleford Board of Trade supper, to Mrs. DeGear, February 25, 1933

Page 58 Letter of invitation to Regina people to attend the Annual Regina Picnic at Stanley Park, Vancouver, June 20, 1930

Page 62 Program for Battleford's New Year's Eve Ball

Page 63 Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. DeGear to the Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) and Tuxis Boys banquet, February 20

Page 64 Battleford School Home, closing concert, June 17, 1921

Page 64 Christmas greetings from Mr. and Mrs. W. Laurie, Cardston, 1920

Page 65 Program of Armistice Special Service, Battleford, november 13, 1921

Page 66 Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeGear to attend a meeting of the Battleford Historical Association, January 31

Page 66 Invitation to "The Late Arrivals" At Home, November 10, 1911

Page 67 Menu to banquet of the Union of Saskatchewan Municipalities, Town of Battleford, July 18, 1917

Page 67 Battleford War Memorial Service program, November 11, 1913

Page 68 Letter re erection of a memorial to the men from Battleford and district, May 30, 1923

Page 69 31st annual meeting of St. Peter's Anglican Church, Vancouver, 1926

Page 70 Memorial service program of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE), May 16, 1926

Page 71 Program of closing exercises of the Battleford Central School, June 27, 1924

Page 71 Program of the Battleford Celebration, 1927

Page 72 11th annual convention of the Saskatchewan Division, Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association, Regina, September 1927

Page 72 Canadian National Railway trip pass for Mrs. DeGear, September 12, 1927

Page 73 Luncheon program of the Saskatchewan Division, Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association, Regina, September 30, 1928

Page 74 Dedication service for Battleford School Home, September 22, 1927

Page 74 Luncheon program of the Saskatchewan Division, Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association, Regina, October 5, 1928

Page 74 Invitation to dinner of the 12th annual convention of the Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association, October 4, 1928

Page 75 1st Quarterly Bulletin of the Battleford Historical Society

Page 75 Program and ticket to the 12th annual dinner of the Canadian Weekly Newspapers Association, October 5, 1928

Page 75 Ticket to the Battleford Branch of the Canadian Legion dance, January 27, 1928

Page 76 Program of the annual mixed bonspiel of the Battleford Curling Club, February 6, 1928

Page 76 Ticket to Leap Year dance, January 26, 1912

Page 77 Program of graduating exercises of the Vancouver General Hospital Training School for Nurses, Class of 1929, Vancouver, May 31, 1929 [Ruth DeGear graduated]

Page 78 Program of the Hart House String Quartet, January 31, 1929

Page 79 Women's Missionary Society, Battleford Auxiliary program, 1932

Page 80 Invitation to tea at Central School, February 24

Page 80 Pioneer Day ribbon, July 24, 1923

Page 81 Program for Christmas dinner, Town Hall, Battleford, December 25, 1916

Page 81 Invitation to Old-Timers' picnic and sports day, Battleford, July 24, 2935

Page 82 Invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Storer's silver wedding anniversary, March 13

Pages 83-87 Wedding announcements and birth announcements, ca. 1919-1921

Page 87 R.M. Balfour elected president of the Regina Bar Assocaition

Page 88 Form designating Jessie DeGear as returning officer for South Battleford electoral district, August 6, 1926

Page 89 Jessie DeGear's appointment as returning officer, Battleford

Page 90 Letter re list of candidates nominated for election, Salvador, Saskatchewan, September 3, 1926

Page 91 Letter to Mrs. DeGear as returning officer for election, Battleford, August 27, 1926

Page 92 Field sports program, Battleford, May 14, 1909

Page 94 Telegram to J. Bruce Walker from J.C. DeGear, Immiration Agent, re Immigration Hall, July 9, 1915


Scrapbook 3. -- 1907-1936 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Jessie DeGear, primarily about events and people involved in the 1885 Riel Rebellion. Contains:

Page 1 Riel Rebellion men plan reunions at many points, will gather in Fort Qu'Apelle, Saskatoon and Regina

Page 1 Priest adjusted noose when Indians hanged for murder in Regina in 1884

Page 2 Obituary and biography of Honorable John Taylor, Headingly, Manitoba, March 1925

Page 3 F.C. Baker recals Rebellion experiences of 50 years ago, Regina, 1935

Page 3 Rebellion in full swing fifty years ago today, 1935

Page 4 "Call to Arms" thrilled city, 'twas 40 years ago this day, Toronto, March 28, 1925

Pages 5-6 Mute Rebellion witnesses, Indian uprising not general in 1885 Rebellion, Prince Albert

Page 7 Irvine's timely arrival saves Prince Albert from being looted

Page 7 Obituary of Mrs. Sarah Kennedy, Prince Albert, 1933

Page 8 Do you remember way back when..., March 28, 1925

Page 9 Survivors recount experiences in Duck Lake fight 50 years ago today, 1935

Pages 10-11 Do you remember way back when..., April 11, 1925

Page 11 Wild and woolly days protrayed in Ottawa pictures, February 7, 1928

Page 12 Frog Lake Massacre in Northwest Rebellion occurred 40 years ago today as troops came from east

Page 12 Says Poundmaker worthy of cairn

Page 13 Biography of Mr. J.M. Paul, Macdowall

Pages 14, 16, 18, 20&22 With the Guards' sharpshooters in the North-West Rebellion, April 1925

Pages 15, 17&22 McKay family escapes Indians

Pages 19&21 Big Bear's Indians massacre male residents of Frog Lake

Page 21 1885 veterans to start reunion, Friday, May 31

Page 22 Thousands celebrate King's Jubilee event, North Battleford

Page 23 Riel saved his life half century ago, H.E. Ross, Prince Albert

Page 23 Rebellion veteran has famous Batoche Bell, Toronto

Page 24 March of Battleford column displayed character of men

Page 25 Local old-timer passed through many stages of pioneering in Dominion, Prince Albert, April 1931 [Captain R. Deacon]

Pages 26-27 Experiences of ex-Mountie in Rebellion days in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, March 31, 1925 [Matthew Henderson Meredith]

Page 27 Scanning the past in the pioneer news

Pages 28&30 Laurie family were pioneers, North Battleford, March 9, 1933

Page 29 Where pioneers rest, by C.J. Broderick, Lethbridge

Page 30 A corner for ye olde tymer

Page 31 New Diocese of Saskatchewan meets here for first synod

Page 31 The late Archideacon McKay

Page 31 In memory of Richard Gwynne, by H.F. Ross, March 14, 1936

Page 32 Requiescat of Mr. P.G. Laurie

Page 33 Reginan tried rescue of Mexican emporer; checked Fenian plot, by Z.M. Hamilton [about Major Montgomery]

Pages 33 The Battle River valley, by William Laurie

Page 33 Empire Day noets by public schools, Battleford

Page 33 West coast man captured chief: Poundmaker's surrender recalled by one who made him prisoner, June 21, 1935 [Captain F. Kennedy]

Page 35 Pioneer editor of west, the late P.G. Laurie, Battleford, August 17, 1907

Page 35 Batoche rectory to become national historic museum

Page 37 Obituary and biography of John Alexander Reid, Regina, November 24, 1928

Pages 38&40 Richard of Richard, by W.B. Cameron, Saskatoon, November 13, 1931 [about Emil Richard]

Page 39 Thomas Scott's body was sunk in the Red

Page 39 Scott's body was buried near Selkirk

Pages 40-41 Inspector Innes talks early days, North Battleford


Scrapbook 4. -- 1919-1939 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, labelled "Miscellaneous" on the front. Contains:

Pages 1-2 Sir Frederick Haultain, at 80, recalls stirring pioneer days, Regina, 1937

Pages 2-3 Danger of over-government for west seen by Haultain in 1905

Page 3 Stampede leader is saved by B.C. laws [about Mr. Grider]

Pages 4-5 Control of natural resources urged by Haultain before 1905

Page 5 Banner worked 12 years to be dedicated Monday, Qu'Appelle, June 1935

Pages 6-7 Archibishop Harding completes 50 years in work of Church, by O.R. Rowley, Qu'Appelle

Page 7 Sisters are married to Archibishops, Winnipeg Bishop's Court [about Alice and Emma Talbot who became Mrs. S.P. Matheson and Mrs. M.T.M. Harding respectively]

Page 7 Obituary and biography of Mrs. M.T.M. Harding, wife of Archbishop of Rupert's Land, December 1938

Page 9 Ballet of prairie belles, bevy of frontier beauties trained by Mountie constable catches eyes of Pile-of-Bones, Regina

Pages 10-12 Series of articles on the Venerable Archdeacon E.H. Knowles, who replaced Archbishop Harding, Qu'Appelle, 1938

Page 13 Wife of Bishop-elect of old church family 43 years on prairies [about Mrs. E.H. Knowles]

Page 13 Obituary and biography of Dr. D.J. Goggin, Regina

Page 13 Biography of Major King-Mason, Saskatoon, September 1919

Page 14 Captain G.F. Trench tells veterans of the war in Africa September 6, 1919

Page 15 Seen by the Ramblin Reporter, September 1937

Page 15 On the big ditch, Moose Jaw, 1938 [water supply]

Page 15 Canada at the World's Fair in New York, 1939

Page 16 Pictures of events of 300 years ago in Canada

Page 17 Stories of Canadian place names

Page 17 Speedy Metis ponies, Regina

Page 18 Sun's new Ludlow Typograph for reader and advertiser, Vancouver, May 15, 1935

Page 19 Dorothea Sheldon-Williams, an appreciation, Regina, 1938

Page 19 Recalls days of farming when Indians were neighbors

Page 19 He advances television: Saskatchewan scientist aids in research for first practical system now in operation [about Dr. F.R. Nicoll]

Page 20 Unveiling the Altar of Peace at Vancouver

Page 21 Indidan office staff at Regina in 1896 [photograph]

Page 21 Obituary of John Pritchard, Batteford

Pages 22-24 Series of articles on Grey Olw, Prince Albert, April 1938

Page 25 Scout's Silver Wolf Awarded to S.J. Latta in St. George's honors, Saskatoon

Page 26-28 Series of articles "On this Date", a day in Canadian history

Page 28-29 Series of articles "A Spot of History" of Jame McCook, of western Canada

Page 30 Saskatchewan's seat of government, September 22, 1928

Pages 31-35 Do you remember series of articles, "Way Back When...?", Regina

Page 32 Christmas boxes an old custom

Page 33 Strangest crop [salt crystals]

Page 34 Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Salter, Balcarres

Page 35 What Regina did, thirty-four years ago

Page 36 Construction veterans retire, Medicine Hat, March 1923

Page 36 Obituary of James Ballendine, Battleford

Page 37 Biography of Mr. and Mrs. Emile Richard, Richard, Saskatchewan

Page 38 Happy relationships, Kitimat, BC [about Dr. Lloyd G. Bray]

Page 39 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Desrosiers, Manitoba's oldes citizen celebrated Golden Jubilee, October 1937

Page 41 Commemorating 118 years of Canada-US Peace, May 9, 1935

Page 42 Vancouver establishes identification bureau to keep non-criminal finger print record, December 1936

Page 42 Indians like cates: mush into north town from off their traplines, by C. Bruder

Page 42 Flying priest here, Edmotnon, December 1938 [about Father Paul Schulte]

Page 43 Ships sailing on College Avenue, Regina, 1932 [flooded streets]

Page 45 Prince metls hearts of Stoney Indians, Banff

Page 45 Obituary of John D. McInnes, Regina, January 1929

Page 46 Not Venice but Regina, Saturday

Page 46 Hope for this country yet, says old pioneer, Broadview, Saskatchewan, 1938 [Jim Miskiman]


Scrapbook 5. -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]. -- Consists of a scrapbook of newspaper articles about western history and personalities, which have been glued into the pages of the 1883 British Columbia Sessional Papers. Contains:

Pages 7-11 Early missionaries of western Canada [George E. Young, Dr. Sparling, G.W. Kerby and others]

Pages 27-20 The history of Battleford

Page 32 Alberta Boy Scouts get medals, London, July 5 [Donald Chadsey and Francis Philip Galbraith]

Pages 92-96 A battle of the Blackfeet one hundred years ago

Page 96 Robertson Memorial Institute, Winnipeg

Page 96 Obituary of Rev. Dr. Carmichael, Regina

Page 96 Obituary of Georgina Carney

Page 97 The pioneer church of the Red River

Pages 98-102 Kildonan Park, Winnipeg

Pages 104-105 Turning the sods of settlement by Lillian K. Beynon [about Battleford]

Page 154-155 Indian biography written on steer hides, Sarcee reserve [Tsuut'ina] by Ethel Heydon

Page 164 Biography of Honorable Edward Ludlow Wetmore, Chief Justiceof Saskatchewan

Page 245-247 Canadian women writers, by Marjory MacMurchy [Jean Blewett, Mrs. Valance Patriarche, Agnes Deans Cameron, Verna Sheard, Mrs. I Ecclestone MacKay, Lily Dougall, Nellie McClung, Mrs. E. Roberts MacDonald, Mrs. Ewan MacDonald]

Pages 248-250 Canadian women in medicine, by Marjory MacMurchy [Mrs. Adam Shortt, Dr. Stowe Gulles, Ida Lynd, Maude Abbott, Margaret Patterson, Mary E. Crawford, Grace Ritchie England]

Pages 252-253 Biography of Agnes Laut


Scrapbook 6. -- 1890-1908 and n.d. - Consists of a scrapbook of obituaries and biographies of the Laurie family and western personalities. Includes articles about the South African War. Possibly kept by Robert Laurie. Contains:

Pages 2-3 Fort Garry Lodge, Winnipeg

Page 4-5 Obituary of Robert A.J. Laurie, Regina, May 1898

Page 7 Obituary of Mrs. George F. Newcomb, Napink, Manitoba

Pages 10-19 Series of articles on the Regiment of the Strathcona Horse [South African War]

Pages 10, 19-21 Mr. R.C. Laurie appointed Major -- A popular appointment

Page 21 A pleasing incident, Winnipeg [re Mrs. P.G. Laurie and Rev. George Young]

Pages 22-23 The last letter [from Robert A. Liston in South Africa]

Pages 26 Obituary and biography of Reverenc John Neelands

Page 37 At Rest [Mary Carney, died September 14, 1893]

Pages 38-39 History of Battleford

Pages 48-49&52 Battle of Cut-Knife Creek

Page 50 The death of Piapot

Page 50 Obituary of John Dobbin, Regina

Page 51 Obituary of Mrs. Elizabeth MacDonald, Qu'Appelle, May 3

Page 55 Mrs. and Mrs. Henry Johnston celebrate Golden wedding anniversary, Tintern

Pages 56-57 Obituary and biography of P.G. Laurie, Battleford

Pages 58-59 A letter to the editor of the Free Press re the Red River Settlement

Page 60 Obituary of Mrs. W.N. (Mary Ann) Kennedy, Winnipeg

Page 61 Obituary of Edward Lorenzo. Barber, Winnipeg

Page 63 Obituary and biography of Joseph Doupe, Winnipeg

Page 65 Obituary of John Dobbin, Regina

Page 66 Biography of Reginald P. Laurie, Prince Albert

Pages 68-69 Obituary of Mrs. H.S. Monkman, Battleford

Page 69 Program of the first convention of Young People's Societies of Christian Endeavor in the North-West Territories, Regina, April 17-18, 1892

Pages 70-72 The last stand of Louis Riel: Story of the fight at Batoche on the banks of Saskatchewan, which closed the Rebellion twenty years ago, 1905

Page 73 The first Methodist Church at Battleford

Page 73 Obituary of Staff-Sergeant Allen, Medicine Hat

Pages 74-75 The lady prisoners [Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Gowanlock]

Page 78 Obituary of P.G. Laurie, Battleford

Page 80 Obituary of Mr. J.H. Ross, Rosser, Manitoba

Page 85 Recognition Medal of Master Robert Laurie, Battleford, 1890


Scrapbook 7. -- 1926, 1935-1938 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, labelled "Old Timers" on the front. Contains:

Page 1 Obituary of Mrs. Caroline K. Saunders, Prince Albert, 1938

Page 1 Praises women who pioneered in early days, Winnipeg, September 23

Page 1 Erect tablet as memorial to Duffus [A.W. Duffus]

Page 2 Thomas Swain, 103, west's oldest man, lives on memories, October 1928

Page 2 Biography of Mrs. Agnes Condie, Regina district

Page 3 Famous figures in early history of Fort Walsh [Chief Long Dog (Shanka Hoska) and George Wells]

Page 3 Obituary of Mrs. T.B. (Elizabeth) Patton, Regina, December 16

Page 3 Tears in the old workship, they were burying a pioneer

Page 4 Former Mounted Police outpost holds Jubilee as thriving town, [Fort] Macleod, by C.F. Steele, November 8

Page 4 Mosque in Canada, Edmonton, December 1938

Page 4 Silver Jubilee at St. Andrew's Church, 1938

Page 5 Blind newsie marks 13th year on stand, Regina, 1935 [H. Kendrick]

Page 5 Milestones and memories [Annie Bennett]

Page 5 Henry Clay, oldest newspaperman in Canada, dies at age of 95, Landis

Page 5 Biography of W.D. Bayley, Winnipeg

Page 6 Obituary and biography of George MacKay, Leask, September 1938

Page 6 Obituary and biography of Miss Flossie Maud Tobey, Saskatoon

Page 7 Obituary and biography of James Ballendine, Battleford, 1938

Page 7 To preserve historic sites of Battleford, 1938

Page 7 Biography of Captain H.F.L. Pink, North Battleford

Page 7 Obituary and biography of Alexander Anderson, Prince Albert, October 19

Page 8 Mounted Police party began 600 mile jaunt with mercury 40 below, Prince Albert [Robert Sinton]

Page 8 Obituary and biography of Mrs. J.G.[Julia] Oliver, Biggar, October 1938

Page 8 Richards leave for Montreal after sixty years residence on the prairies, Richard, Saskatchewan, 1938 [Emile Richard]

Page 9 Obituary and biography of George Robert Gooday, Saltcoats, December 1938

Page 9 Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Laycock, Battleford, 1938

Page 9 Canadian Legion local held annual meeting, Battleford, December 1938

Page 10 Obituary and biography of James Nelson, Prongua, January 1938

Page 10 Diamond Jubilee celebration at Battleford is memorable occasion, October 1938

Page 11 Obituary of Mrs. J. Alphonse [Josephine] Prince, Battleford, March 1938

Page 11 Obituary of Henry Laycock, Red Pheasant district, May 1938

Page 11 Indian woman at nearly 108 still gathers own fuel, Muscowpetung reserve, Qu'Appelle valley, 1936 [Mrs. Assam]

Page 11 Request to attend meeting of Battle Lodge, Battleford, January 1937

Page 12 Obituary and biography of Treffle Bonneau, Willowbunch, Saskatchewan

Page 12 Mr. and Mrs. W.J. White celebtrate their diamond wedding anniversary, Lockwood, Saskatchewan

Page 12 Obituary of Thomas Edward Scott, Yorkton, Saskatchewan, January 1938

Page 12 Obituary of Mrs. D.W. Daunais, Willowfield, December 7, 1938

Page 13 Obituary and biography of Mrs. W.L. [Margaret] Atkinson, Battleford, September 1937

Page 13 Air mail service will commence on Friday, North Battleford, 1938

Page 13 Obituary of Colonel J. Dennis, Victory, December 1938

Page 13 Obituary of Thomas Edward Scott, Yorkton, January 1938

Page 14 Obituary of Mrs. William [Rosamond] Collie, Meota, Saskatchewan

Page 14 Meota Councils hosts at old time dance

Page 14 Not to revolutionize but to conserve is work of P.F.R.A. says Spence, 1938

Pages 15-17 Series of articles on Battleford - Fine old business town of great historic interest, October 30, 1926

Page 17 Mrs. S.T. Macadam enjoying life at 83, Battleford, 1938

Page 17 Fifty-fifth anniversary celebrated by oldtimers, Saskatoon

Page 17 Photograph of 40 years ago recalls Qu'Appelle pioneers

Page 18 Silk hat, red coats for Dominion Day on prairies back in '82, Fort Qu'Appelle, by Stroller

Page 18 Nature of Regina's Dominion Day celebrations in 1887, June 1938

Page 18 List of old-time residents of Regina and vicinity prior to January 1, 1883

Page 19 Early Regina administrative buildings

Page 19 Canadian cities greet Regina's 50th Birthday

Page 19 Recalls early theatre days in old capital, Regina

Page 19 Premier J.T.M. Anderson to visit Katepwe on Wednesday

Page 20 Our street's 50 years, by W.F. Davidson, Regina

Page 20 Bucket crews fought fires back in 80's, Regina

Page 20 Old-Timers at banquet have surprise seemingly out of days before 1887, Regina

Page 21 Prominent Regina citizens in early days

Page 21 Candiac man has a very sensitive wireless receiver

Page 22 Portrait of a Reginan: Barr looks back on 40 years in prairie capital [George H. Barr]

Page 22 Purse presented to oldtimer f Meota, 1938

Page 23 Reception in honor of pioneer residents held by Mrs. and Mrs. Barr, Regina, may 14, 1938

Page 24 Obituary of D.M. Finlayson, North Battleford

Page 24 Notable guests at gala dinner of the Saskatoon's Old Timers' Association

Page 24 Obituary of John Pritchard, Battleford


Scrapbook 8. -- 1941-1950 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, primarily about Jessie herself and events of the 1885 Riel Rebellion.

Page 1 Birthday greetings to Jessie DeGear from May Belle Ballendine, 1941

Page 2 One of first pioneers to celebrate birthday, 1950 [Jessie DeGear]

Page 3 Survivors of stockade days [includes Jessie DeGear]

Page 3 Pathfinders, pioneers, brave Crees honored in historic ceremony at Battleford, May 25

Pages 3-4 The official opening of Laird Hall, Battleford

Page 4 P.G. Laurie's daughter now 82; recalls trip to Battleford in 1882 [Jessie DeGear]

Pages 5-10 Series of articles on the opening of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) Memorial and Indian Museum, Battleford, June 3, 1948

Page 11 Friend of young pioneers, she gave all to help them, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton, North Battleford, July 29 1948 [about Laura Sisley]

Page 11 Obituary of George Shirtcliff, Log Valley, by Andrew Graham

Page 12 Bullets, wind, weather left old building intact, by A.N. Wetton, North Battleford

Page 12 Frog Lake massacre story told by man who is now sole survivor, North Battleford [W.B. Cameron]

Page 13 Picture of NWMP memorial, the Laird Hall, May 24, Battleford

Page 13 Finlayson's descendants always remember "Kokum", by Mrs. A.N. Wetton, North Battleford

Page 13 Restoring stockade for May 24 visit, North Battleford, April 13

Page 14 61 years away from Regina, town somewhat changed, by Ken Liddell, January 16, 1948 [about Phil Williams]

Page 14 Obituary of Mrs. Joseph McKay, Prince Albert, August 4

Page 15 Littel Mountain respected eternal values, Nor stoop to empty honor, by Dan Kennedy (Ochankugahe)

Page 16 Postcards showig impressions of early days in Saskatchewan, April 1, 1948

Page 17 Jenny retires, an old steam log hauler used since 1908, Battleford

Page 17 Portrait of Andrew Wapass, age 85, Thunderchild reserve

Page 18 Saskatchewan Herald was first paper in far west, North Battleford, November 1947

Page 19 Ominous roar then the hail, by Marion Nixon

Pages 20-21 Reminiscences of Mrs. Storer (nee Effie Laurie) of the 1885 Riel Rebellion, November-December 1947

Page 21 Battleford honors H.C. Adams, Town Clerk for 42 years, September 1948

Page 22 In high and honored memory, Macleod of the Mounted, by Z.M. Hamilton

Pages 24-25 Western Development Museum begun, October 2, 1948

Page 25 Pioneer Mother: Sod house strategist, by H.M. Rayner

Pages 26-27 Early days of Saskatchewan recalled by Gwain hamilton

Page 27 Tough times in Austria, Battleford man observes [Corporal Douglas Innes]

Page 28 A summer Sunday in Cypress Park, in the hills there is peace, by J.S. Armstrong

Page 29 Where a mountain fell, a town and many of its people lie buried, by Ken Liddell [about Frank Slide]

Pages 30-33 Series of articles on the 1885 Riel Rebellion and Big Bear's activities, by Reg Taylor

Page 34 St. Boniface Hospital will celebrate 75th anniversary, October 14, 1946

Page 35 The story of Marguerite Trottier, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 36 Pioneer of the west, William Collie dies, February 19, 1942

Page 37 Mrs. J.M. [Elizabeth Jane] Fisher dies at age of 89

Page 37 Indian girl is now Mothercraft Nurse [Martha Soonias]

Page 39 With Middleton's column, reminiscences oby R.C.L.


Scrapbook 9. -- 1937-1940 and n.d.. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, labelled "Miscellaneous" on the front. Contains:

Page 1 Leslie Town loses popular resident, 1939 [Stafford Duxberry]

Page 1 Battleford, 1939

Page 1 Historic site in Cut Knife pasture, Regina, March 28

Page 1 Elk herd will be replenished

Page 1 A Winnipeg pioneer, April 4 [Obituary - Mrs. Lissa Minney]

Page 2 Cairn marks railsay epic, Port Moody, British Columbia

Page 2 On this date, a day in Canadian history [Thomas D'Archy McGee]

Page 2 Obituary of Mrs. A.J. B. Dewdney, Victoria, April 10

Page 2 Saskatoon's dam taking shape

Page 3 Thomas Swain, 103, west's oldest man, lives on memories, Langemeade area

Page 3 Masonic function proves colorful, North Battlefor, 1939

Page 4 Obituary of W.T. "Tom" McCaughtery, Lethbridge

Page 4 36th anniversary for Barr Colonists, Lloydminster

Page 5 Risky venture ahead or Reginan in frail kayak [about John Casen]

Page 5 Saskatchewan Trail: Would you like to live life over again?

Page 6 Old landmark is preserved, Fort Ethier on Edmonton-Calgary trail restored, April 14

Page 6 Gifts presented to two couples, Battleford [Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hoover, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Trahan

Page 6 Will remember bad dust storm, Morse, Saskatchewan, May 13, 1939 [Alice Fountain]

Page 6 Premier tells of Vimy trip

Page 7 Obituary of Mr. H.F. Grass, Fort Qu'Appelle, May 16

Page 7 W. Clark addresses northern Rotarians, North Battleford

Page 7 Two venturesome boys prowl through server under city with lamp

Page 7 Obituary of F.T. Wilson, North Battleford, May 1

Page 7 Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Brocklehurst, Battleford

Page 8 Along the winding Saskatchewan, Frenchman Butte

Page 8 Canadian Legion - anniversary of Vimy Ridge

Page 8 Metis was present at Indian massacre, May 18 [Saloman Pritchard]

Page 8 Yorkton policeman retire, April 21 [John Molyneux]

Page 9 Indian homemakers doing valuable work, Red Pheasant Reserve Club, May 1939

Page 9 One of the oldest, Roche Percee coal mining area

Page 9 Lady Aberdeen, widow of former Governor of Canada, is dead, Aberdeen, Scotland, April 18

Page 9 Grey Owl asks peace for beaver friends

Page 10 Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Mills received message from King on their diamond wedding anniversary, North Battleford

Page 11 Our royal visitors, by Nellie L. McClung

Page 12 Plaque dedicated to former head of Mounted Police, Sir James MacBrien

Page 12 Ox-cart to plane

Page 13 Buffalo hunters of La Fleche country, by Margaret Colin

Page 13 Preserve relics of earlier days, Maple Creek, April 28

Page 14 Prairie people do well in business on Pacific coast, Vancouver, April 24

Page 14 Curious story of frozen man, Vancouver, April 28

Page 14 Battleford Legion asks curb on Nazis

Page 14 Crude oil from Lloydminster

Page 14 Emerges from wasteland, North Saskatchewan River

Page 15 Mrs. A. Inninew, 97, just a kid to Daniel Rat, 102 year-old Indian

Page 15 Obituary of Mrs. J.F. Clark, first white woman to settle in the Saskatchewan district

Page 15 Mrs. John McDougall celebrating her 86th birthday, Calgary

Page 16 Little white church of the Vale [Mud Bay Church, Vancouver]

Page 16 King Taylor dog team reached Winnipeg, 1939

Page 16 Sir Frederick resigns post as Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal in 1938

Page 17 South Whittler sends canes to far-off lands [Charles R. Abbott]

Page 17 Work by 16-year-old Saskatoon boy wins recognition in Soviet Union [Joe Givantal)

Page 17 Lorne Foster family honored by the Denholm district

Page 18 Hunters keep wolf from door, Alaska

Page 18 Lost chattels during Riel Rebgellion - Obituary of John Hector McBeth, Estevan, April 11

Page 18 100-mile wind, flyer finds dust at 9000 feet [W.S. Lawson]

Page 18 Obituary of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert O. McMurray, Paynton

Page 19 Obituary and biography of A.J. Macauley, former president of UFC, ex-MLA

Page 19 Water harnessed to serve power plant, North Battleford

Page 19 Obituary of Alex Norquay, former Premier of Manitoba

Page 19 Most northerly school teacher weds at Aklavik [Lillian Farrow and Percival Courtney]

Page 20 Miss Mary Bosanquet plans trip across Canada ona cow pony

Page 21 Obituary of Mr. R.C. McPhillips, a pioneer, land surveyor of the west, Winnipeg

Page 22 Homemaker's Club valuable to Indian women, Battleford

Page 22 Obituary and biography of Mr. George Penn

Page 22 Biggar-Battleford Canadain National Railway track still blocked

Page 23 And the walls came tumblin down [Regina theatre building]

Page 23 Community perserverance, by A.L. Hollis, Shaunavon

Page 23 Mrs. Margaret Hunter celebrated her 90th birthday recently, Saskatoon

Page 23 Indian Head Fort! Records of trading post found

Page 24 Saskatoon welcomes more Sudetens, May 6, 1937

Page 24 Battleford wins in track meet

Page 25 Eighty-five years, eighty-five pounds, Mrs. Small, by Lilliam Gibbons, Winniipeg, 1939 [Susanna Esther Small]

Page 25 Obituary of Mr. George Aurele Arcand, Meota, Saskatchewan

Page 27-29 Series of articles on Right Honorable R.B. Bennett's visit to Britiain, April 1939

Page 29 Mrs. Mary MacAdams, fifty years at Battleford, remembers early days

Page 31 Obituary of Mrs. D. McDougall, pioneer of Calgary

Page 31 Obituary of Major O.M. HOward, veteran of the Rebellion of 1885, Wilkie

Page 31 To say first Mass on Sunday, Battleford [James Hermann]

Page 32 Obituary of Mr. John Pollock, veteran of Riel Rebellion, Sturgis

Page 32 Canon Martin accepts election to Bishopric, Winnipeg

Page 32 Aged 104, Langmead resident has Legion membership for birthday, April 8, 1939

Page 32 Obituary of William Robert Waines, Battleford, August 1939

Page 32 Obituary of Ishbel Marchioness of Aberdeen, widow of a former governor-general of Canada, 1939

Page 32 Obituary of J.J.G. Rosser, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Page 32 Obituary of J.M. Christie, Vancouver

Page 32 Obituary of Alexander Wilson, veteran of Riel Rebellion

PJage 33 Homestead seekers

Page 33 Sir Frederick W.G. Haultain quits as chancellor of University of Saskatoon, May 4, 1939

Page 34 Obituary of Mrs. Harry Beckof the Prongua district, June 1939

Page 34 Indian mothers commended for care of babies, Red Pheasant Reserve

Page 34 Form Patriotic Service League, Battleford

Page 35 Court house staff member honored, Saskatoon, 1939 [Miss Edith Wayman]

Page 35 Members of the Legion, Battleford

Page 36 Old pioneer, Charles Perry, celebrates his anniversary, Punnichy, Saskatchewan

Page 36 Happy hermit, Ed Beard, lives well on $50 yearly, Pipestone Creek

Page 36 Frontier days of Regina for Hollywood film, December 1937

Page 36 Will honor agent by Indian ceremony, Battleford [S.L Macdonald]

Page 36 Flying housemaid outside on visit, Edmonton [Jean May Rice]

Page 37 Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Brocklehurst celebrated, Battleford

Page 37 Obituary of Mrs. J.V. Roberts, Battleford, September 1939

Page 37 Obituary of James Clinkskill, Saskatoon

Page 38 Chief wants treaty copy on every Indian reserve, Battleford

Paeg 38 Dust bowl area now noted for mud, Shaunavon

Page 38 It's December but he goes bare-footed, Avonhurst, December 1939

Page 38 33 years railroad employee; retires [Robert M. Aitchison]

Pages 39-41 Series of articles on Honorable W.J. Motherwell being honored on his retirement from politics

Page 41 Mrs. John Hawkes cerebrated her 88th birthday, was Saskatchewan's first woman editor, February 1940

Page 42 Old Metis keep alive custom of 200 years, Lebret, Saskatchewan, January 1940

Page 43 Obituary and biography of Senator Gillis, Whitewood, Saskatchewan, January 1940

Page 44 Secret Regina stop, five persons said farewell to soldiers, by Bill Thomson, December 1939

Page 44 Six reigns in lifetime of pioneer, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter

Page 45 Old prairie days of ice cream cow like new chills of 1936

Page 45 Only caterpillar train route in Canada served by hospital under W.M.S. near Peace River

Page 46 Pint-sized cars from British Columbia

Page 46 Farm boys' camp scholarship leads to successful career, North Battleford

Page 46 Bronze table planned as memorial to Groome, Regina [R.J. Groome]


Scrapbook 10. -- 1888-1933 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Mabel Reid, (Mrs. John Alexander Reid), the sister of Jessie DeGear, largely while posted in London, England with her husband, J.A. Reid, Agent General for Alberta. Contains:

Page 3 Kildonan's first Presbyterian Church, by H.G. Wade

Page 4 Obituary of P.G. Laurie, Batteford

Page 4 How the Edmonton Bulletin started

Page 4 Silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Parker, Regina

Page 5 Obituary of Robert A. Laurie, Battleford

Page 5 Obituary of Mrs. P.G. Laurie, Battleford

Page 5 Birthdays of Senator H.W. Laird and James Balfour

Page 6 Program for Victoria Day in Battleford, 1911

Page 9 Turning the sod of settlement, by Lillian K. Beynon, Battleford

Page 11 Obituary of Mrs. John R. [Agnes] Marshall, Regina

Page 12 Our boys in Africa, Billy Griesbach gives some amusing details

Page 15 Scott's body was buried near Selkirk [Thomas Scott]

Page 17 Picture of Saskatchewan's new Governor, Lieutenant-Governor Forget, Regina

Page 17 Obituary of noted guide, Chief William Prince of the Regina Indians

Page 18 Nineteen years ago today - The Frog Lake massacre, April 2, 1904

Page 19 First session of North-West Council, Swan River barracks (32 years since)

Page 20 Farming in early western days, by Reverend R.G. MacBeth, December 5, 1918

Page 21 Old times in the Nor'-West, as told by Jack Little

Page 22 Old days recalled, by the military veterans, Winnipeg

Page 22 Picture of the corner of Portage Avenue and Main Street in 1872, Winnipeg, taken by James Penrose

Page 26 What was happening in Canada just about this time of year when our fathers were boys - Nov. 24, 1869 - Fort Garry at Winnipeg seized by rebels

Paeg 26 City Commisioner [J.A.] Reid's departure

Page 27 The legend of the Qu'Appelle Valley

Page 28 Menu for banquet at ex-North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) convention, July 12, 1901

Page 31 Donald A. Smith, from clerkship to fame and wealth; a romance of the Dominion

Page 31 Obituary of Lord Strathcona [Donald A. Smith]

Pages 35-36 Pictures of residential district of Regina after cyclone, June 30, 1912

Pages 37-38 Picutres of Regina buildings before 1912 cyclone

Pages 39-40 Pictures of Regina residential and industrial districts after 1912 cyclone

Page 40 Lieutenant E.A. Stewart - well-known young Regina officer enlisted as private and won commission

Pages 41-42 Pictures of Regina cyclone damage, 1912

Page 41 C.J. Yorath - describes how Saskatoon boys met with their injuried at Ypres, not a sign of yellow in the bunch

Pages 43-46 Pictures of Regina cyclone damage, 1912

Page 45 Delegates pay tribute to late Major A.F. Mantle

Page 47 Obituary of Judge Hugh Richardson

Pages 49-139 Newspaper articles and memorabilia about England and the First World War during the time the Reids were posted there (J.A. Reid was Alberta's Agent General in London), 1914-1918 and n.d.

Page 69 Winnipeg nurse awarded honors, 1933 [Alfreda Attrell]

Paeg 77 Restrictions severe but people seem to thrive on restrictions - penalites for infractions - soldiers and sailors never lack for food - J.A. Reid gives interesting description of conditions

Page 86 Torture of a Canadian officer, May 9 [Ypres]

Page 87 Canadians' refusal to surrender - episode of Ypres fighting, May 3

Page 92 Where Canadian lie buried - Canadian convalescents

Page 92 Thrilling war story of Ypres - Canadian eye-witness

Pages 93-94 The Grand Fleet - A Canadian's visit, by Ralph Connor

Page 96 Ypres: our fiercest battle since Loos - Canadians again prove their splendid courage in the Bastion

Page 98 Mrs. Hugh Maher, president of the local Red Cross Society, North Battleford

Page 99 History of war at the library, Regina

Page 111 Canada's record [war]

Page 119 Communication with prisoners of war interned abroad, October 1917

Page 120 Canadian Red Cross prisoners of war department - receipt for parcel sent by John A. Reid, 1918

Page 121 Canadian Red Cross personal parcel regulations, November 1917

Page 131 Laurie family were pioneers, March 9, 1933

Page 132 Battleford Board of Trade tenders birthday banquet to editor of The Herald [Major R.C. Laurie's 75th birthday]

Page 132 Diamond wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Reed, Fort Qu'Appelle

Pages 133-134 Food ration cards, England

Page 135 Invitation to ex-North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) ball and supper, January 9, 1902

Page 137 Programme of sports, Diamond Jubilee celebration, Battleford, June 22, 1897

Page 138 Mabel Victoria Reid's national registration card, 1915

Page 139 Picture of dog train at ruins of Old Fort Garry

Page 139 Picture of Legislative Building, Regina

Page 140 Marriage certificate of John Alexander Reid and Mabel V. Laurie, Battlefore, July 19, 1888

Page 140 Certificat of Mabel Reid's lifetime membership in the Canadian Red Cross Society, September 8, 1916


Scrapbook 11. -- 1915-1948 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook compiled by Mabel Reid (Mrs. John Alexander Reid), the sister of Jessie DeGear. The items have been glued into the pages of The Home Knowledge Atlas. Contains:

Page 2 The Herald's article on "who is Battleford's oldest resident"

Page 3 An Edmonton exhibit, August 1926 [building in which Edmonton Bulletin was published in 1880]

Page 4 Reminiscences of the old Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) days

Page 4 How Medicine Hat got its queer name from and Indian chief

Page 4 Origins of the names of the provinces

Page 5 When Regina was reached by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in August 26, 1927

Page 5 Ten of Regina's pioneers celebrating the 50th anniversary of their arrival, August 23, 1932 [W.H. Duncan, James Grassick, Robert Sinton, Robert Martin, J.C. Moore, George Mollard, G.K. Grass, W.R. Jamieson, W.E. Cooney, T.C. Craggie]

Page 5 Names in Regina buisiness 34 years ago of interest

Page 6 Prophet vindicted, one confounded when park foundation was built, Regina

Page 6 Regina's birthday, August 23, 1932

Page 7 After fifty years, the ugly duckling is now a full-grown swan, by T.A. McInnis [about Regina]

Page 7 Obituary of John Alexander Mackay, Archdeacon of Saskatchewan, by Canon E.K. Matheson

Page 8 Frog Lake men, by H.A. Kennedy, war correspondence of 1885

Page 8 The Archbishop Matheson resigns

Page 8 Dominion Day

Page 9 The last of the Hudson's Bay Company's (HBC) posts before being destroyed at [Prince Albert]

Page 9 Many happy returns Regina

Page 9 'Twas in North-West Rebellion that Judge McKay did Uncle Tom's cabin stunt [James MacKay]

Page 10 History of navigation of Hudson Bay waters for over two centuries

Page 10 Curly, last of Custer's scouts [Shuh-Shee-Ahsh of the Crow]

Paeg 10 Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Clouston celebrate golden wedding anniversary, Battleford

Page 12 Field postcard from J. Balfour, June 25, 1917

Page 12-20 London and war news, while Mabel and J.A. Reid were posted in London, England (J.A. Reid was the Agent General for Alberta in London), [ca. 1917-1919]

Page 22 London memorabilia of Mabel and J.A. Reid, 1915-1918

Page 23 The Crooked Lakes affair of February 1884, Saskatchewan, by Arthur P. Woollacott

Page 23 Anglicized Canadian, Lieutenant-Commander Francis Paget Hett

Page 23 Obituary of Reverend Father Damas Dandurand, OMI, Winnipeg, March 23

Page 23 Obituary of Staff-Sergeant Victor Joseph St. George, RCMP

Page 24 Thunder Bay to Fort Frances, 1871, by Walter Walker of the School Board Magazine

Page 24 50th anniversary of Regina's schools

Page 25 Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Weaver honored by Wa-Wa temple on 25th anniversary, Regina

Page 25 Captain Sir Cecil Denny lectures on the Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP), Calgary

Page 26 A Mountie's champion, Regina [Dr. D.W. Cowan]

Pages 26-27 Obituary and biography of Dr. Walter D. Cowan, Regina

Pages 27-29 Obituary of Alfred Stewarnt, RCMP, Regina

Page 28 Services recognized, Honorable Colin Inkster, Winnipeg

Page 28 Premiser Scott, Winnipeg

Page 29 Origin of the name Lloydminster

Page 30 Letter of thanks to Mabel Reid from the Waverly Abbey Military Hospital, December 14, 1917

Page 31 Obituary of Honorable A.L. Sifton, Ottawa

Page 31 The Battle of Batoche, poem by H.T. McPhillips

Page 31 Grasshoppers sold for $500 a bushel - reminiscences of Julius H. Block

Page 31 Reminiscences of Canon Parker re Mounties, Qu'Appelle

Page 35-36 Do you remember? When the capital was at Swan River - wWhen A.E. Forget was issuer of billiard licences - early days

Page 37 Biography of Professor and Mrs. George Bryce, Winnipeg

Page 37 Obituary of Nicholas Floo Davin, Regina

Page 37 Reminiscences of 20 to 55 years ago in Manitoba

Page 38 These were happy days - the old pioneer times

Page 38 HIstory of the Mounties

Page 38 Kitche Shamoganis' letter to the editor relating memory of hanging of Louis Riel

Page 39 Reverend R.G. MacBeth tells of events leading to rebel's execution

Page 39 Man who tried Riel tells story [H. Le Jeune]

Page 39 Anniversary of execution of Louis Riel, November 17, 1915

Page 40 Mrs. John [Annie] MacKay is one of Canada's real pioneer women, Enderby

Page 40 Battleford in 1885

Pages 40-41 The first settlement int he Battleford area

Page 41 A generous tribute to Prime Minister R.B. Bennett

Page 41 Sir Frederick whom history calls her own [Frederick Haultain]

Page 41 Obituary of Sandy Dunnett, Regina

Page 42 Biography of Sandy Dunnett, Regina

Page 43 Sir Frederick Haultain, statesman of the prairies, by H.A. Kritzwiser

Page 43 Prairie for locale, wanted an artist, by Andrew Graham

Pages 44-93 Not used as scrapbook, original atlas pages

Pages 94-95 Artlcles about London, England

Page 96 Winnipeg church had first marriage in 1820 [St. John's Cathedral]

Page 97 Yukon gold trail church, where men of many creeds worship, Whitehorse

Page 99 First Scots church at Red River

Pages 97-102 Articles about London, England

Page 103-163 Not used as scrapbook, original atlas pages

Page 166 Lieutenant H. Parker, The Pas, Manitoba

Page 164-207 Articles about London, England and First World War

Page 208 Letter to Mrs. J.A. Reid from J. Obed Smith, assistant superintendent of Canadian emigration re sugar rations

Page 210 The Canadian Pacific Railway's (CPR) birthday

Page 211 Man who built first sewing machine has reached age of 104, Vancouver [Charles Quick]

Page 211 Fifty years ago today, British Columbia, December 23, 1922

Page 212-248 Not used as scrapbook, original atlas pages

Page 249 Riel knelt in box to offer prayers - a pioneer passes [Francis Hunter's memories]

Page 250 Riel in League with the Devil [Chief Justice Brown]

Page 250 Riel counsel dies at 91 [Charles Fitzpatrick]

Page 250 Link with Louis Riel, by J.A.M. Cook

Page 251 War casualites, a soldier and his dog, by G.H. Herbert, High Tor, Saskatchewan

Page 251 Business card of R.C. Laurie, manager of The Saskatchewan Herald

Page 252 He kept the faith [Thomas Dunbar Dakin]

Page 252 Poet for the prairies, by Andrew Graham, Log Valley, Saskatchewan

Page 253 Obituary of Dr. Margaret E.T. Addison

Page 254 Some pleasant, some otherwise, winters of the past, Saskatchewan, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 254 Bits and pieces, Father Damian Graton's grave

Page 254 Bishop and wife back from fascinating trip visiting Arctic posts, by Elizabeth Renison, September 1942 [Bishop R.J. Renison]

Page 254 Obituary of Mrs. John McDougall, Calgary, April 1

Page 255 One time cowboy is noted painter, Mr. Emile Walters, born in Winnipeg

Page 256 Pioneer pastor dies at home, Reverend J.H. Cameron

Page 257 Rebellion scout leader dies while in 92nd year, Frederick Rowland, Battleford, Saskatchewan

Page 259 Pioneer trek across prairies recalled by Battleford resident Mrs. J.H. Storer

Page 260 Mrs. [S.K.] Ramsland ending civil service years, ex-MLA retires this week from government libraries

Page 260 Ornaments in Regina are just cannon in Ethiopia

Page 260 Pioneer of west dies in Alberta, James Holmes Reed, Medicine Hat

Page 261 J.W. Dafoe, personal appraisal, he believed in man, by Bruce Hutchinson

Page 262-263 Series of articles about J.W. Dafoe

Page 264 Editor of Saskatchewan Herald reaches seventy-ninth birthday, Major R.C. Laurie, Battleford

Page 264 Obituary of P.G. Laurie, Battleford, Saskatchewan

Page 264 Presents report for 47th year, Regina [Robert Martin, Knox United]

Page 265 Inspector Bill Parker, best redcoat traditions

Page 266-268 Series of articles on R.J. Groome, veteran of air, killed in plane crash, also a student, A.J. Sims, Regina, September 20, 1935

Page 269 Old-timers at banquet have surprise seemingly out of days before 1887, Regina, May 14, 1938

Page 269 16-year-old girl party organizer, Prince Albert [Gloria Dent organized Social Credit group]

Page 270 The story of Regina's first tree, and other, by Margaret Complin

Page 271 Carriers rewarded for perfect services, Regina [Leader-Post newspaper carriers]

Page 272 Reveille for 1944, Regina

Page 272 Obituary of Mrs. Catherine Weisgerber, Vibank

Page 273 Paper sir? Henry Kendrick, Regina

Page 273 Lucky! George Kurtz, Regina postal worker

Page 274 Exciting days, Reporter of 1888

Page 274 Old days in Saskatchewan recalled, shabby ledger tells story

Page 275 The CWACs Christmas Eve, Regina, December 24, 1943 [Canadian Women's Army Corps]

Pages 276-310 Not used as scrapbook, original atlas pages

Page 311 Special cable news from Canada, July 21, 1917

Page 315 John A. Reid's national registration certificate, 1915

Page 317 Cabin class baggage stub of John A. Reid

Pages 318-322 Rationing broadsides during Second World War - re using potatoes, making economical soups, stews, gas rationing, and food economy in general


Scrapbook 12. -- 1948-1950. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, of articles about western Canadian history and personalities, and Riel Rebellion memories. Contains:

Page 2 Pioneer Meota merchant made 300-mile trip to Meota by river to set up business, by Mrs. E. Chase [about Joseph S. Dart]

Page 3 Obituary of Joseph S. Dart, Meota

Page 3 Grog shop on creek, by Hugh Boyd

Page 3 Dickens' son served here [about Francis Jeffery Dickens, who served in the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP)

Page 3 Old-time editors' memories honored, August 12, 1950

Page 4 Pioneers, Cockburns celebrate golden anniversary, North Battleford, January 4, 1949 [Mr. and Mrs. George Cockburn]

Page 4 His poetry fed a rebellion [about Charles Mair]

Page 5 Other Christmases recalled

Page 5 11 original Mounties to see Stampede, July 6

Pages 6-7 A pioneer woman remembers the west, by Maria B.G. Potter

Pages 8-9 Pioneer history of Regina recalled by May W. Neal

Page 9 The Crees remember their friend [A.E. Whitmore]

Pages 10-12 Series of articles about Regina and the North-West Territoris, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 12 Atcheson's hero father, Rebellion gallantry, July 3, 1948

Page 13 Winnipeg's history recalled on 75th anniversary

Page 13 Cut-Knife battle, the Chief was loyal [Poundmaker]

Page 13 Old-timer gives Indian version of Riel uprising, Meadow Lake [Jim Warden]

Page 13 Obituary of Charles Parker, North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), Battleford

Page 14 Obituary of Madame Ben Price, Battleford

Page 14 Pioneer, Mrs. Esther Champagne, dies at Saskatoon

Page 14 Northerns join in final tribute at funeral for Prairie Mother, Mrs. George Day, Battleford, July 5

Page 14 Obituary of Samuel Genoe

Page 15 Biography of W.H. Wheatland, Adanac

Page 15 Obituary of William Entwistle, Riel veteran, Battleford

Page 15 Historic records of Riel Rebellion days found in courthouse; given to museum, Battleford

Page 15 Church at The Pas was first in province

Page 16 Rare 1711 newspaper volume owned by North Battleford man

Page 16 Unveiling to commemorate history '74 trek of North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), Emerson, Manitoba

Page 17 The Honorable Douglas Abbott visits museum, Battleford

Page 17 1100 horses required, buffalo hunters travelled plains in army fashion, Yorkton

Pge 18 Obituary of Dr. E.A. Braithwaite, December 8

Page 18 Scenes at Rockhaven, Saskatchewan, October 28, 1948

Page 18 Picture of 40-year old car

Page 19 Historic confederation document signed, 1948 [Newfoundland]

Page 19 Obituary of J.R. Brown, Rebellion scout

Pages 20-33 Seventy year ago, historical events recalled by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 30 Disabled in Rebellion, old Mountie visits city [C.M. Loasby]

Page 33 On Lloyd trail with Barr, Canon English reminiscences

Page 33 Regina's pioneers form sturdy group

Page 34 Pathfinders, pioneers, brave Crees honored in historic ceremony at Battlford, May 25

Page 34 Survivors of stockade days [includes Jessie DeGear]

Page 35 Fort Pitt cairn to be dedicated Sunday, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton, July 21

Page 35 Sasaktchewan's pioneer woman doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Matheson

Paeg 35 Recalls pioneer days on prairie, Mrs. Elijah Soucy, Feburary 10

Page 36 Old chest yields copy of rare, historic paper [1st issue of paper pubilshed by William Lyon Mackenzie in exile]

Page 37 Discovery at courthouse provided link with past, dusty volume reveals early council minutes, December 30 1949

Page 38 Qu'Appelle should have a Tennyson, pioneers kept open house, by William Kinneard

Page 39 Landmark to go, church to rise, Regina [old house]

Page 39 Obituary of old settler, Mrs. Elizabeth Reed, For Qu'Appelle

Page 39 The pioneers remember, frostbite and blisters by May Neal

Pages 39-42 Series of articles on Regina history by May Neal

Pages 39 Regina owes a debt, cyclone relief was generous, by May Neal

Page 42 The horse was surprised too, the coyote was wily, by Ann Lane

Page 43 Spruce lake pair served under Archdeacon Lloyd, who demanded hardness [Mr. and Mrs. Hurnard-Smith]

Page 43 Puncher of tickets and cows, by John Alius [John J. Bowlen]

Page 44 At 92 August Hermann, the patriarch basks in serenity, living epitome of the pioeer, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 44 Famed northern explore, "Arctic" [Alec] Moody, guide recalls adventurous early life, by Ted Tadda

Page 45 Metis recalled friendship with Louis Riel, witnessed Battleford hangings [Frank Beaudry]

Page 45 Willian Carson, postman, his loyalites were steadfast, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 45 Hundreds mourn death of district pioneer, George Day, Cochin

Page 46 Frontier settlement to city, trials and tribulations and fun of early days of Regina are recalled, by Z.M. Hamillton

Page 47 Dr. T.C. Routley auctioned horses and sold water in Saskatoon

Paeg 48 We'll hang Jimmy Miller they said -- but didn't [1884], Winnipeg

Page 48 Prehistoric bones found on [Poundmaker] reserve, near Battleford

Page 49 Rebel fighter of 65 years ago [Robert "Bobs" Roberts]

Page 49 Father installs son as Legion president, Battleford [P.R. Risdale and Gerald Risdale]

Page 50 He was named after a gallant chip, Northcote Reader, by Ted Tadda

Page 50 Masonic rite marks burial of late H.C. Burlingham, Battleford, October 27

Page 50 Background of new Saskatchewan Farmers' Union (1909), by J.L. Phelps

Page 51 Fred Boucher recalls Rebellion days in the land of wilderness, Red River Trail of '82 meant lonely trek, many hardships of pioneers

Page 51 First Sunday school teacher, honor to their name, by J.R. Bothwell'

Page 52 Christmas at old Fort Pitt (1884), by W.B. Cameron

Page 52 Folklore of west his bent [Phil Williams]

Page 53 Obituary of Archdeacon George McKay, January 1950

Page 53 Obituary of Donald McLeary, Battleford

Page 53 Many mourn death of Jean Robertson Cairns, Battleford, January 12, 1950

Pages 54-57 Biographies and obituaries of Paul Prince, MLA, Battleford, December 1949

Page 58 Saskatoon had a field hospital in the Rebellion days of 1885, by Bruce Peel, June 15, 1949

Page 59 First railway tracks reached city sixty years ago, on May 20, 1890, by Bruce Peel, May 20, 1950

Page 60 Gold is where you find it , Blondie, 72 now, is still seeking the precious metal, Cranberry Portage, by Ted Tadda [Frank Lowe]

Pages 60-61 Masons honour Joseph W. Bawden

Page 62-63 1885: The last engagement, by William Bleasdell Cameron

Pages 64-65 Transportation in the pioneer west, by W.B. Cameron

Page 65 Sunday, at noon on the hills, call of sage and cedar, by W.F. Hatton

Pages 66-67 An early pioneer traded with Indians, by W.B. Cameron

Page 68-69 I was captured by Poundmaker, story by John W. Shera

Page 69 George Preece of Bolney prefers the old west, by Reg Taylor

Page 69 An Indian statesman, Gleichen, Alberta [Crowfoot]

Page 70 Indian legend of long ago, Meadow Lake

Page 70 Obituary of Rufus R. Earle, K.C.

Page 71 Aging father keeps legends alive, Father Chryostom, Naicam

Page 72 Sir Haryy Lauder's visits to city recalled, by May Neal, Regina

Page 73 Frank Binnie, symbol of pioneers, heart and sinew of Canada, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 73 Mr. Davin's ancient rain joke, by May Neal

Pages 74-75 Early days of Sasatchewan recalled

Page 76 Fine men -- and a touch of Scotland, two from the Highlands

Page 76 Little Jack [Bayston]

Page 77 Stony [Stoney] chieftain followed tribal law to letter; were benevolent to needy, by Mrs. C. Wetton

Page 77 Arrival of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) 60 years ago, noted editor anticipated great northern development, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 78 The little bank on Moose Mountain Trail, the bank grew with Regina, by May Neal

Page 78 Barr colonist, Frank H. Mackie, celebrated his 90th birthday

Page 79 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) epic commemorated Saturday, across the top of the world, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 80 A sincere, believing Christian [Reverend A. Ian Burnett about William Lyon Mackenzie King]

Page 81 Mr. King's 50 years of human relationships, the people understood him, by Wilfrid Eggleston

Page 82 Poundmaker - great Indian chief, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Pages 84-85 Biographies of Zach M. Hamilton, pioneer, newspaperman, historian of western plains, November 1950

Page 86 Jackfish Johnny - loyalist, by C. Wetton [John Daniels]

Page 87 The end of the John Hope story, Battleford, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 87 Boys' choir at St. Thomas, Battleford


Scrapbook 13. -- 1935-1960 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, about western history and personalities, and Riel Rebellion memories. Contains:

Page 1 Biography of Patrick Gammie Laurie, by Grant MacEwan, 1958

Pages 2-3 History of Peace River, March 1958

Page 3 A prairie sawmill, Fielding

Page 4 Many at T. Rowland service, March 18, 1959 [Frederick Elmer "Tom" Rowland]

Page 4 Fort Macleod renovated; cairn at battle site

Page 4 Discovered old documents, Yorkton, February 1959

Page 4 Deed recalls Riel history

Page 6 Obituary of Baptiste Pooyak, North Battleford

Page 7 Obituary of William Shury, Drummond Creek

Page 7 Obituary of Andrew Inkster, Battleford

Page 9 That pioneers may live, North Battleford, by Elinor Glenn

Page 11 Quaint hospital cahpel built by patients in 1939, Saskatchewan Hospital

Pages 12-13&15 Series of articles by George Shepherd on Saskatchewan history

Page 13 The stolen church bell, Donald, British Columbia

Page 14 Article abuot George Potvin

Page 16 Telegram and birthday card to Jessie DeGear, August 7, 1953

Page 17 Ivery Newton has lonely life guarding north dam, Big River, October 1947

Page 17 A Tribute to Larry Nault, by Walter Gilhooly, Battleford, 1959

Page 18 Obituary and biography of William Laurie, Battleford

Pages 20-22 The Rebellion of fifty years ago: reminiscences of the 1885 Riel Rebellion by Jean Ritchie Anderson, April 3, 1935

Page 23 Memorial and museum pland, Battleford

Pages 24-26 Pioneer newspaper to be commemorated, Battleford

Page 24 Honored on 91st birthday [Jesssie DeGear]

Page 26 Pioneer newspaper woman to unveil Battleford plaque [Jessie DeGear]

Page 26 Obituary of Gordon DeGear, September 5, 1958

Page 27 "D" for disturbance .... 1885, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 28 Flashback into Saskatchewan history, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Pages 28-29 History of Saskatchewan recalled by Department of Travel and Information

Page 29 Obituary of Alexander Mitchell, Battleford

Page 30 Mrs. C.E. Light cited with IODE life membership, Battleford

Page 30 Pioneer Battleford doctor honored by profession

Pages 31-32 Charlie Light night, by A.J. Loscombe, Battleford, July 1959

Page 33 Articles on history of Battleford IODE, organized fifty years earlier

Page 34 Marble plaque dedicated at Sandy Lake in memory of Reverend John Hines, missionary, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 34 Prongua pioneer celebrated 90th birthday in Texas [James Patrick Long]

Page 35 Riel Rebellion veteran, John Cinnamon

Page 36 Historic house big hit, Edmonton [John Walter house]

Page 37 The third column, Edmonton's Frank Oliver, by Alan Macdonald

Page 37 Mrs. Robert Turnbull honored, Edmonton

Page 38 Memorial service, Lloydminster [for Robert Henry Hougham]

Page 38 Duck Lake museum

Page 39 Oldtimers share birthday honors, Battleford, August 1960 [Henry E. Miller and Jessie DeGear]

Page 39 Ladies auxiliary holds poppy tea, Battleford

Pages 41-49 Reminiscences of 1885 Riel Rebellion, Battleford and Cut-Knife districts

Pages 50-51 Articles on the Queen's Own Rifles part in reliving the march to the Rebellion, by Mrs. A.N. Wetton

Page 52 Gat Howard recalled in Batoche anniversary, by George Shepherd


Scrapbook 14. -- 1927-1958 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, about western history and personalities, and Riel Rebellion memories. Contains:

Page 1 Stories of the old times from the Saskatchewan Herald files of August 25, 1878

Paeg 1 Red River steamboat relics still to be found in stream, August 14, 1958

Page 2 Battleford remembers stockade days, Saskatoon, August 9, 1935

Page 3 Remember Rebellion [includes Jessie DeGear]

Page 3 A short history of town of Battleford

Page 3 Pioneer newspaper has splendid record

Page 3 Veterans of Rebellion [Charles Parker and Mollie Burke Parker]

Page 3 Terrible hardships in winter blizzard [about Charlie Parker, NWMP]

Page 4 Picture of stockade at Battleford

Page 4 Late Senator [Ben] Prince was great pioneer

Page 4 Picture of Chief Fine Day

Page 5 Saskatchewan's lost city, by Cliff Shaw [Crescent City]

Page 5 Bachelor is tempted but sticks to farm, Eagle Hills, by Ed White

Page 6 R.A. F. memorial window, Saskatoon, October 3, 1944

Page 6 Picture of ploughing in tamdem hitches

Page 7 [David] Thompson located Moose Jaw River in the year 1797

Page 7 [Henry Youle] Hind's book in library, Moose Jaw

Page 7 Scene of early tragedy, Yorkton, by Cliff Shaw

Page 8 Revelstoke will honor Walter Moberly, by B.A. McKelvie

Page 9 Sitting Bull got it in his seat when he annoyed Superintendent Walsh of the Mounted, by Don Peacock

Page 9 September 24th recalls early days in Canada for Mrs. C. Tubbs, Battleford

Page 10-11 Historic Fort Battleford, photos and story by R.H. Macdonald, Saskatoon, July d30, 1953

Pages 12-13 Mark historic site, photos and story by R.HJ. Macdonald, Saskatoon, July 9, 1953

Page 13 Obituary of William Laurie of the Saskatchewan Herald, Battleford, January 13, 1927

Pages 14-15 The Mounties trek west, the march begins, by George Shephers

Page 14 Fort Battleford Park tells historic tale

Page 15 J.D. Herbert, new director of historic sites, Battleford

Page 16 Pioneer Christmas, by Allan B. Turner

Page 17 Yorkton founded by Toronto Colonization Company; first settlers arrived in 1882, Yorkton, May 18, 1955

Pages 18-20 Series of articles on the travels of Henry Kelsey, by James Whillans, based on the Kelsdy diary, February 1904

Page 21 Believe trading post sites discovered, by Cliff Shaw, October 1953 [Marlboro House and Belleau's house]

Page 22 Poundmaker at Cut Knife

Page 23 To unveil cairn at Duck Lake in commemoration of first battle in Riel-led uprising of 1885, by Mrs. Mary Walker

Page 24-27 Historic sites marked near Battleford, December 3, 1954

Page 25 Some early memories of St. Andrew's Church, by May Neal, Regina

Page 27 Dancing Crees bestow new name on pioneer, by Keith Dryden

Page 28 Life was exciting in pioneer times, recalled by Henry Rowsom of the Regina district

Page 28, Gates honor pioneers, Foam Lake

Page 28 Indian museum, Battleford

Page 29 History rife at Onion Lake, by Ruth M. Buck

Page 30-33 Unveiling of cairn at Duck Lake to mark Riel Rebellion

Page 33 Lives like pioneer, by John Lumby [about Bill Martsch]

Page 34 Another of Battleford's landmarks gone

Page 34 Lad found interesting artifact [stone adze]

Page 35 Memorial to Stephen Leacock, September 14, 1951

Page 36 Our neglected wheatlands, by K.M. Kritzwiser, Regina, October 1948

Page 36 A delight in simple pleasures [General Smuts]

Page 37 Saskatoon in gala dress - it was 1910 and Laurier was visiting metropolis

Page 38 From oxen to power farming, by Eleanor Brass, File Hills

Page 38 Last tram's last ride, winded she's home, Regina

Pages 39-41 Series of legends by Dan Kennedy (Ochankugahe)

Pages 42-43 Series or articles on Knox United Church, Regina

Page 44 He believed in the Indain, the judge looks back [Reginald Rimmer]

Page 45 Slippery Dave Cochrane, by Grant MacEwan, February 18, 1958

Page 46 Some memories of a Regina pioneer, by William Kinnear

Page 47 Historic sites and tourist program

Page 48 Church tea honor pioneer member [Miss Annie M. Truesdell]

Page 49 The mailman keeps busy [east of Regina], by R.C. Mackenzie

Page 50 Breslayor couple celebrate seventy years of marriage [Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sayers]


Scrapbook 15. -- 1955-1958 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, about western history and personalities. Contains:

Page 1 Poem about Jessie DeGear, written by Lois Stewart, June 1956

Page 1 Oldtimers enjoy entertainment, March 1956

Paeg 1 A name recalled [William Laurie], 1957

Page 1 Obituary of Mrs. Margaret Simpson of Battleford, 1957

Page 2 25 year Legion buttons presented to auxiliary members, Monday, 1957

Page 2 Member of pioneer newspaper family retires from Vancouver daily [Gordon DeGear]

Page 2 Wedding announcement, Edith Ruth Morgan to Laurence Allan Lear [Edith was granddaughter of Jessie DeGear]

Page 3 Old timers gather from afar for Fort Battleford picnic, Percy Risdale welcomed guests

Page 4 Picture of Stage 55, which travelled the Battleford-Saskatoon trail

Page 4 two BC Arimen get high bravery award [Robert Gordon Morgan, Harry John Waters]

Page 5 The Laurie family, they left their mark, by Z.M. Hamilton

Page 5 Twice decorated by King George V [Katherine Conway-Jones]

Page 7 Original fort stockade located, Battleford

Page 9 Survivor, now 93, recalls massacre at Frog Lake [Salaman Pritchard]

Page 9 'Twas tough in 1907 too, says pioneer [Charles Charters]

Page 9 Buckskin brigadier, Harry Seymour dies in Seattle, January 4, 1956

Page 9 Dictrict honors Roberges, Battleford

Page 9 Park curator receives new museum piece, Battleford [H.A. Tatro receives steel arrow from Cut-Knife Hill battle]

Pages 10-11 Obituary of Richard Lindemere, artist, and pictures of his paintings, 1956

Page 10 Mont Nebo resident recalls pioneer days on prairies [Lydia MacDonald]

Page 11 Rites held for Robert Cecil Pettypiece, North Battleford

Page 11 Gathering give farewell to Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Edwards, Battleford, 1956

Page 11 Ex-Mountie's papers to archives [Captain F.H. French's papers to Saskatchewan Archives Board]

Page 11 Unveil tablet to memory of famous painter, Battleford [Paul Kane]

Paeg 12 Centenarian recalls days of long ago, Saskatoon, April 13, 1955 [Mrs. W.N. Husband]

Page 12 Obituary of Lemuel Stewart, former North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), Prongua, 1956

Page 12 Historic picture of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heon, Jackfish Lake district

Page 13 Pioneer Battleford resident passes Thursday [Jane Elizabeth Webb]

Page 14 Old-timers will attend Jubilee fete, Winnipeg

Page 14 Well known Willowmoor man buried here, 1956 [Carl Lewis Simpson]

Page 15 Obituaries of Canon W.H. English, who died in Regina

Page 15 Mary Bater dies suddenly, 1957

Page 15 Diamond wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Price, Battleford, November 2, 1956

Page 16 Harry W. Stewart has had a colorful life in the Battlefords

Page 16 Last rites held at Battleford for daughter of the regiment, 1956 [Mary E. "Mollie" Parker]

Page 17 Light family's priceless gun collection here of historic significance, December 12, 1956

Page 18 Blizzard brings death to Inspector McCombe, North Battleford

Page 19 Service for Inspector D.J. McCombe held at St. Paul's

Page 19 Local oil auditor second storm victim, North Battleford [George Shepherd]

Page 19 J.H. Megaffin honored, Battleford

Page 20 Rain, wind or snow ... the mail must go through, Battleford, 1956

Page 20 Canon [Thomas William] Sheasby, Indian missionary, dies suddenly

Page 20 Obituary of Mrs. Gowing Frost

Page 20 Obituary of John Skelton

Page 21 Former resident makes news in Vancouver [Joe Bragg]

Pages 22-23 Sarah Holmes coms back for a look, Batoche, by R.H. Macdonald

Page 23 Old machine threshed 600 bushels daily, Battleford district

Page 24 New location for fire hall, Battleford

Page 24 Battleford landmark to disappear [first Protestant school]

Page 25 Picture of an Indian pow-wow in Battleford about 1915

Page 26 Old temperance colony shack commemorated, Moose Jaw, July 8, 1955

Page 27 History is recorded on Little Pines Indian Reserve

Page 28 Army official impressed with work of Eventide Home, Battlfeford, November 19, 1958

Page 28 Final respects paid to Canon [Percy Hall] Jordan, North Battleford

Page 29 Local Cree war chants recorded by federal musicologist

Page 30 Obituary of James Hutton Speers, Battleford

Page 30 The Saskatchewan Herald's Christmas card, 1914

Page 30 Christmas - 70 years ago, from the files of the Saskatchewan Herald

Page 31 Pioneer landmark being removed; former school house and fire hall, Battleford

Page 31 Mrs. J.D. [Pat] Nicol honored by PTA

Page 31 Battleford veterans remember Vimy battle, April 18, 1957

Page 31 Obituary of Canon Jordan, Saskatoon

Page 32 Biography of William Laurie, January 13, 1927

Page 33 Patrick Gammie Laurie, pioneer publisher, by Grant MacEwan, January 1958

Page 34 The people of Battleford, by Caroline Gunnarsson, March 9, 1955

Page 35 The Canadian women's notebook, Battleford, March 9, 1955

Page 36 Donation to hall fund, Battleford, February 6, 1958 [Legion hall]

Page 36 Family day service at United Church, Battleford, 1958

Page 36 Colored slides record tour of Vimy Ridge battlefield, April 9, 1958

Page 36 Remebrance Day dinner attracts overflowing crowd, 1958

Page 37 Mrs. J.C.[Jessie] DeGear, eldest pioneer citizen observes 90th birthday, 1958

Page 37 Reverend Henderson dedicates organ, Battleford, May 28, 1958

Page 37 North Battleford opens new federal building, November 4, 1958

Page 37 Invitation to Jessie DeGear to attend opening of new federal building in North Battleford, 1958

Page 38 Battleford residents complete twelve-day river adventure [Andrew Loscombe, Violet Loscombe, and Fred Light]

Page 39 Obituary of J.W. Bawden, Regina, 1958

Page 40 Two airmen awarded George medal [R.G. Morgan, Harry John Waters]

Page 41 Battleford pioneers' birthdays [Harry Price, Jessie DeGear, Henry E. Miller]

Page 41 Dinner speaker recalls life in Saskatchewan's pioneer days [Mrs. R.J. Brandon]

Page 42 Jessie DeGear's ticket for the Vimy Nite Banquet and Dance, April 9, 1959

Page 42 New postal service recalls memories, Battlefor, July 9, 1958

Pages 43-44 Biographies of the late P.G. Laurie

Page 44 1895 letter from Minnie J. Fetherston to Mrs. DeGear

Page 45 Historic park add two important Indian exhibits

Page 45 Old Timers' ranks severed, Battleford, November 1958

Page 45 Diamond wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Cockburn, North Battleford

Page 46 Local wedding of wide interest, Battleford, July 2, 1958

Page 48 The pioneer concert, by George Shepherd, December 4, 1958


Scrapbook 16. -- 1951-1965 and n.d. -- Consists of a scrapbook, compiled by Jessie DeGear, about western history and personalities. Virtually all of the articles were written by Mrs. A.N. Wetton (also cited as C. Wetton) as par of "The Northwest Story" series. Contains:

Page 1 Pioneer western newspaperman arrived in old Battleford 60 years ago today [Patrick Gammie Laurie]

Page 2 North Battleford's story

Page 3 Vastly versatile was this preacher (author, farmer, druggist, teacher) [Dr. Isaac Adams]

Page 4 Battleford: mother of the west, North Battleford's story

Page 5 Building forts on the prairies

Page 6 First furrows: the northwest story

Page 7 Saskatchewan''s first health survey

Page 8 Signing of 1876 treaty at Carlton and Fort Pitt: the northwest story

Page 9 Strange interlude at Batoche

Page 10 The Honorable David Laird, part 1

Page 11 Written story of Battle River Crees may be on record in syllabics, March 9, 1953

Page 11 Obituary of Night Traveller, a Cree counsellor, Paynton

Page 12 The Honorable David Laird, part 2

Page 13 Anglican Church western history - from savagery to settlement

Page 13 Police post established at Battleford in 1876

Page 14 Dan Finlayson: patriarch of the plains

Page 15 St. George's Church: 1886-1946

Page 16 Battleford, the oldest court in the west

Page 17 Cut Knife Hill batytle was Indians give pasting to white soldiers

Pages 18-19 Chief Mosquito

Page 19 Sergeant George W. Elliot gains British Empire Medal

Page 19 Albert Wright, North Battleford pioneer, dedicated first sods he turned to family

Page 20 Chief Sakimaw

Page 23 John Todd: last of the long trail men

Page 24 Elizabeth (Beckett) Matheson, North Battleford, March 16, 1965

Page 25 Robert Jefferson, part 1

Page 26 Patrick Gammie Laurie, North Battleford, March 23, 1965

Page 27 Robert Jefferson, part 2

Page 28 Bishop George Exton Lloyd, April 5, 1965

Page 29 Jackfish Johnny - Loyalist

Page 31 Steamboats on t he Saskatchewan

Page 33 Food was where they found it

Page 35 Fort Battleford

Page 37 No survey ... floods ...and a new townsite

Page 39 Trail blazers and an historic trail

Page 41&43 Bresaylor

Page 45 Coming events cast their shadows [lead up to Riel Rebellion]

Page 46 Robert Wyld, founder of the cattle industry

Page 47 Saskatchewan's first creamery

Pages 48-49 Old Battleford court has proud record

Pages 50-51 50 years' service as prairie doctor [Dr. Jules Hamelin]

Page 51 Obituary of Dr. J.J. Hamelin

Page 51 Obituary of Mrs. [Beatrix] Hurlburt

Pages 52-53 Dr. P.W. Head honored on his retirement, North Battleford, July 8, 1955

Pages 54-56 Indians of Saulteaux tribe on reserve, north of Cochin, accept payment of treaty money, August 26, 1954

Page 57 The first store

Page 58 Township 44-17-W3 has historic background in famous territory

Page 59 Chamber of Commerce published historic folder

Page 59 The first newspaper [Saskatchewan Herald]

Page 59 Troubles in the early days

Pages 61-67 Charles Mair -- poet ... patriot ... and pioneers, Prince Albert

Page 68 Middleton was under criticism for Riel Rebellion handling

Pages 69-70 "D" for disturbance, peace by-and-by

Series 3

Photographs. -- 1878-1914. -- 60 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-780-(1-46) Battleford views. -- [ca. 1911-1914]. -- 46 photographs
NA-1138-(1-14) P.G. Laurie and Battleford views. -- 1878-1914. -- 14 photographs

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