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Cars at Premier Motors, Edmonton, 1928

The de la Vergne Company fonds

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Series 1 Stewart-Warner Radios and Premier Motors business files -- 1929-1930
Series 2 Premier Motors financial records. -- 1927-1931


Series 1 Stewart-Warner Radios and Premier Motors business files. - 1929-1930. -- Consists primarily of correspondence with franchise holders for, and purchasers of, Stewart-Warner radios and Studebaker cars.
M-6816-1 "A" clients
M-6816-2 Adam's Radio Parlors, Calgary
M-6816-3 Adolph Auto Sales and Service, Medicine Hat
M-6816-4 J.M. Arnold Company, Blackie
M-6816-5 Avery Piano Company, Calgary
M-6816-6 "B" clients
M-6816-7 Keno Balla, Banff
M-6816-8 Bickle Fire Engines, Woodstock, Ontario
M-6816-9 Blackie Drug and Stationery, Blackie
M-6816-10 Bonfadini's Ltd., Lethbridge
M-6816-11 Brotherston Electric, Red Deer
M-6816-12 Brydson Furniture, Calgary
M-6816-13 Buchan Hardware, Cluny
M-6816-14 "C" clients
M-6816-15 D.H. Campbell, Okotoks
M-6816-16 Capehart Corporation, Fort Wayne, Indiana (amplifiers)
M-6816-17 Carter Garage, Magrath
M-6816-18 Central Motors, Cardston
M-6816-19 Ester Cler, Brooks
M-6816-20 "D"client
M-6816-21 Delta Finance Company, Calgary
M-6816-22 John T. Doney Jeweller, [Fort] Macleod
M-6816-23 Durant Motors, Toronto
M-6816-24 "E" clients
M-6816-25 William K. Evans, Calgary
M-6816-26 "F" clients
M-6816-27 Fisher Brothers, Bellevue
M-6816-28 Franchise contracts (Stewart-Warner radios)
M-6816-29 "G" clients
M-6816-30 N. Gordon and Company, Beiseker
M-6816-31 G. Gussick, Ford dealer, Warner
M-6816-32 "H" client
M-6816-33 Hamilton and Watson, Strome
M-6816-34 Louis Hanson Company, Chicago, Illinois
M-6816-35 Hardy-Fleury Supply Company, Edmonton
M-6816-36 W. Hellerud, Rimbey
M-6816-37 J.W. Holder, Winnifred
M-6816-38 K.R. Hunt, Nobleford
M-6816-39 "J" clients
M-6816-40 J.M. Johnson, Carbon
M-6816-41 Johnson Motors, Lethbridge
M-6816-42 "K" clients
M-6816-43 "L" clients
M-6816-44 Larsen Implements, Arrowwood
M-6816-45 Lauver and Stauffer Garage, Duchess
M-6816-46 Lethbridge Music House, Lethbridge
M-6816-47 J.H. Lightbound, Lethbridge
M-6816-48 G.E. Lund, Black Diamond
M-6816-49 "M" clients
M-6816-50 Matthews Music House, Calgary
M-6816-51 James Moores, Coleman
M-6816-52 Thomas Mulligan, Medicine Hat
M-6816-53 Edward Mumford, Bowden
M-6816-54 James G. Murray, Sedgewick
M-6816-55 "Mac" and "Mc" clients
M-6816-56 S. McLuhan (Rexall Drugs), Youngstown
M-6816-57 "N" clients
M-6816-58 L. Nebon and Son, New Dayton
M-6816-59 F.E. Nichol, Killam
M-6816-60 "O" clients
M-6816-61 George D. O'Brien, Raymond
M-6816-62 Olds Motor Company, Olds
M-6816-63 R.H. Ostrum (Burdett Hardware), Burdett
M-6816-64 "P" clients
M-6816-65 Premier Garage, Edmonton
M-6816-66 "R" clients
M-6816-67 Radio and Auto Electric Service, Lethbridge
M-6816-68 Rennie Motors, Drumheller
M-6816-69 Mrs. G.W. Richmond, Orion
M-6816-70 "S" clients
M-6816-71 J. Joseph Sergeant, Etzikom
M-6816-72 S. Setran, Empress
M-6816-73 Sibbald Motors, Cochrane
M-6816-74 Roy Smith Motor Company, Bassano
M-6816-75 J.M. Soby, Claresholm
M-6816-76 Southern Alberta Motors, Lethbridge
M-6816-77 Stewart-Warner Corporation, Chicago, Illinois
M-6816-78 Stewart-Warner Dominion Service Station, Calgary
M-6816-79 Studebaker - Advertising
M-6816-80 Studebaker Corporation of Canada, Walkerton, Ontario
M-6816-81 Studebaer dealerships in Alberta - Visits and reports by Roy Houston
M-6816-82 Studebaker owners in Calgary (1930) - List
M-6816-83 "T" clients
M-6816-84 James Taylor, Vulcan
M-6816-85 R.J. Thibaudeau, St. Paul
M-6816-86 Thomas and Huss, Lethbridge
M-6816-87 J.C. Tittsworth, Milk River
M-6816-88 W.L. Tolton, Acme
M-6816-89 Triangle Motors, Brooks
M-6816-90 "U" clients
M-6816-91 Used car lists (Premier Motors)
M-6816-92 "V" clients
M-6816-93 Van Winkle and Peterson, High River
M-6816-94 "W" clients
M-6816-95 Western Music Supply, Calgary
M-6816-96 E.R. Williams, Foremost
M-6816-97 L.O. Williams, Clive
M-6816-98 "X", "Y", "Z" clients
M-6816-99 J. Young, Calgary
Series 2 Premier Motors financial records. - 1927-1931
M-6758-1 Calgary and Edmonton shops - Accounts, balance sheets and ledger entries. - -1927
M-6758-2 Calgary and Edmotnon shops - Inventories of parts and costs. -- 1927
M-6758-3 Edmonton shop accounts. -- August 1927
M-6758-4 Edmonton shop accounts. -- September 1927
M-6758-5 Edmonton shop accounts. -- October 1927
M-6758-6 Edmonton shop accounts. -- November 1927
M-6758-7 Edmonton shop accounts. -- November 1927
M-6758-8 Edmonton shop accounts. -- December 1927
M-6758-9 Edmonton shop accounts. -- February 1928
M-6758-10 Edmonton shop accounts. -- February 1928
M-6758-11 Edmonton shop accounts. -- March 1928
M-6758-12 Edmonton shop accounts. -- April 1928
M-6758-13 Edmonton shop accounts. -- May 1928
M-6758-14 Edmonton shop accounts. -- June 1928
M-6758-15 Edmonton shop accounts. -- July 1928
M-6758-16 Edmonton shop accounts. -- August 1928
M-6758-17 Edmonton shop accounts. -- September 1928
M-6758-18 Edmonton shop accounts. -- October 1928
M-6758-19 Edmonton shop accounts. -- November 1928
M-6758-20 Edmonton shop accounts. -- December 1928
M-6758-21 Edmonton shop accounts. -- January 1929
M-6758-22 Edmonton shop accounts. -- February 1929
M-6758-23 Edmonton shop accounts. -- March 1929
M-6758-24 Edmonton shop accounts. -- April 1929
M-6758-25 Edmonton shop accounts. -- May 1929
M-6758-26 Edmonton shop accounts. -- June 1929
M-6758-27 Edmonton shop accounts. -- July 1929
M-6758-28 Edmonton shop accounts. -- August 1929
M-6758-29 Edmonton shop accounts. -- September 1929
M-6758-30 Edmonton shop accounts. -- October 1929
M-6758-31 Edmonton shop accounts. -- November 1929
M-6758-32 Edmonton shop accounts. -- Deceber 1929
M-6758-33 Edmonton shop accounts. -- January 1930
M-6758-34 Edmonton shop accounts. -- February 1930
M-6758-35 Edmonton shop accounts. -- March 1930
M-6758-36 Edmonton shop accounts. -- April 1930
M-6758-37 Edmonton shop accounts. -- May 1930
M-6758-38 Edmonton shop accounts. -- June 1930
M-6758-39 Edmonton shop accounts. -- July 1930
M-6758-40 Edmonton shop accounts. -- August 1930
M-6758-41 Edmonton shop accounts. -- September 1930
M-6758-42 Edmonton shop accounts. -- October 1930
M-6758-43 Edmonton shop accounts. -- November 1930
M-6758-44 Edmonton shop profit and loss accounts. -- 1929-1930
M-6758-45 Edmonton shop profit and loss accounts. -- 1930-1931
M-6758-46 Calgary shop - Free service on new cars accounts. -- 1926-1927
M-6758-47 Calgary shop accounts. -- August 1927
M-6758-48 Calgary shop accounts. -- September 1927
M-6758-49 Calgary shop accounts. -- October 1927
M-6758-50 Calgary shop accounts. -- November 1927
M-6758-51 Calgary shop accounts. -- December 1927
M-6758-52 Calgary shop accounts. -- January 1928
M-6758-53 Calgary shop accounts. -- February 1928
M-6758-54 Calgary shop accounts. -- March 1928
M-6758-55 Calgary shop accounts. -- April 1928
M-6758-56 Calgary shop accounts. -- May 1928
M-6758-57 Calgary shop accounts. -- June 1928
M-6758-58 Calgary shop accounts. -- July 1928
M-6758-59 Calgary shop accounts. -- August 1928
M-6758-60 Calgary shop accounts. -- September 1928
M-6758-61 Calgary shop accounts. -- October 1928
M-6758-62 Calgary shop accounts. -- November 1928
M-6758-63 Calgary shop accounts. -- December 1928
M-6758-64 Calgary shop accounts. -- January 1929
M-6758-65 Calgary shop accounts. -- February 1929
M-6758-66 Calgary shop accounts. -- March 1929
M-6758-67 Calgary shop accounts. -- April 1929
M-6758-68 Calgary shop accounts. -- May 1929
M-6758-69 Calgary shop accounts. -- June 1929
M-6758-70 Calgary shop accounts. -- July 1929
M-6758-71 Calgary shop accounts. -- August 1929
M-6758-72 Calgary shop accounts. -- September 1929
M-6758-73 Calgary shop accounts. -- October 1929
M-6758-74 Calgary shop accounts. -- November 1929
M-6758-75 Calgary shop accounts. -- December 1929
M-6758-76 Calgary shop accounts. -- January 1930
M-6758-77 Calgary shop accounts. -- February 1930
M-6758-78 Calgary shop accounts. -- March 1930
M-6758-79 Calgary shop accounts. -- April 1930
M-6758-80 Calgary shop accounts. -- May 1930
M-6758-81 Calgary shop accounts. -- June 1930
M-6758-82 Calgary shop accounts. -- July 1930
M-6758-83 Calgary shop accounts. -- August 1930
M-6758-84 Calgary shop accounts. -- September 1930
M-6758-85 Calgary shop accounts. -- October 1930
M-6758-86 Calgary shop accounts. -- November 1930
M-6758-87 Calgary shop accounts profit and loss accounts. -- 1929
M-6758-88 Calgary shop accounts profit and loss accounts. -- 1930
M-6758-89 Calgary and Edmonton shops - slack issues, ledger. -- 1927-1929

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