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Charles Denney with his genealogy binders
May 20, 1982

Charles Denney fonds
and Métis genealogy files

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indicates that the series includes scanned documents or photographs.

Series 1 Scanned Document Family history files : alphabetical list. — 1967-1985
Series 1-AFamily history files : microfilm copies. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985)
Series 2 Denney's indexes to family history files. — 1967-1985
Series 3 Scanned Document Collected reference materials. — 1956-1990 (originally created 1709-1985)
Series 4 Denney family personal papers. — 1906-2001
Series 5 Scanned Document Photographs. — [ca. 1855]-2000
Series 6 Elsie Denney's family genealogy. — [ca. 1900-1996]
Series 7 Miscellaneous writing. — 1924-2000, predominant 1972-2000
Series 8 Subject files. — [ca. 1910]-2002
Series 9

Priscilla Gilmour's papers. — 1927-1945, predominant 1942-1945


Series 1

Family history material : on Manitoba Selkirk Settler families and western fur trade families into which they married. - 1967-1985. - 7.0 m of textual records. - This index is an alphabetical list of the names of the earliest male members of the Red River or fur trade families in western Canada; names of their wives; and variant forms of their names.

The files in this series are the results of Charles Denney's project to collect and compile genealogical records on the original Red River Settlement families and on the Métis families that developed during the fur trade era in the Prairie region. The file numbering system was devised by Denney. He assigned a block of 1,000 numbers to the descendants of each original male settler or fur trader. Each male descendant was assigned a number within the range of 1,000 numbers. Most of the files contain Denney's descendancy charts for the families and some also include descendancy charts compiled by Clarence Kipling (Kipling's handwriting is more regular, with flourishing capitals). Many files also include "backup material" including correspondence with family members or genealogists, excerpts from articles and other reference sources, and newsclippings. There are also "sundry" files containing information on persons whose surnames may indicate a relationship with the Red River or Métis families.

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M-7144-1235,000Abraham, Marguerite
M-7144-92,000Adam, Angelique
M-7144-433,000Adam, Jean Baptiste and Marie Boyer.
M-7144-126,600Adams, George and Anne Elizabeth "Nancy" Haywood : descendants.
M-7144-126,000Adams, George and Anne Elizabeth "Nancy" Haywood.
M-7144-644,000Ademar dit Baron, Charles
M-7144-698,000Adhemar, Angus or Eustase and Margaret (Native).
M-7144-1069,000Agasiw, Mary Rose
M-7144-507,000Aha-ke-kah-an-ab-taht, Marie
M-7144-575,000Alarie, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-818,000Alary, Louise
M-7144-383,000Alcock, Margaret
M-7144-406,000Aldrich, Paul and Margaret Mongoyan. - See also M-7144-359 and M-8981-273 for Aldrich family photographs.
M-7144-1233,000Alexis, Marie
M-7144-373,000Allan, John Beresford and Margaret Sinclair.
M-7144-569,000Allard, Ambroise and Marguerite Chalifoux.
M-7144-1193,000Allard, Betsy
M-7144-566,000Allard, Elise
M-7144-1147,000Allard, Marguerite
M-7144-57,000Allardyce, Thomas and Mary Victoria Henderson.
M-7144-1228,000Allary, Catherine
M-7144-575,000Allary, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1233,000Allary, Marie
M-7144-742,000Amiot, Julie
M-7144-178,000Amyotte, Napoleon Paul and Rosie Pritchard.
M-7144-588,000Anderson : sundry.
M-7144-862,000Anderson, Alexander and Mary McLean.
M-7144-861,000Anderson, Alexander Caulfield and Elizabeth Birnie.
M-7144-864,000Anderson, Andrew and Caroline Larson.
M-7144-863,000Anderson, Andrew and Henrietta H. Sutherland.
M-7144-133,130Anderson, Charles Thomas and Maria Cook / Mary Ann Anderson.
M-7144-366,000Anderson, Elizabeth
M-7144-397,000Anderson, Elizabeth
M-7144-965,000Anderson, Elizabeth
M-7144-805,000Anderson, Elizabeth "Betsy"
M-7144-858,000Anderson, Gilbert and Mary Ducharme.
M-7144-638,000Anderson, Harriet
M-7144-1096,000Anderson, Isabella "Bella"
M-7144-856,000Anderson, James and Anne McKenzie.
M-7144-860,000Anderson, James and Annie Muir.
M-7144-133,187Anderson, James and Marie Sauteaux : descendants.
M-7144-133,000Anderson, James and Marie Sauteaux.
M-7144-866,000Anderson, John and Harriet Ellen McBeath.
M-7144-857,000Anderson, John and Lydia Cook.
M-7144-865,000Anderson, Joseph and Julie Beaudry.
M-7144-487,000Anderson, Mary
M-7144-133,130Anderson, Mary Ann
M-7144-1192,000Anderson, Mary Ann
M-7144-401,700Anderson, Thomas and Emma Amelia Denney.
M-7144-286,000Anderson, Thomas and Margaret Elliott.
M-7144-939,000Anderson, Thomas Merriman and Mary Jane Stacey.
M-7144-854,000Anderson, William and an unknown woman.
M-7144-637,000Anderson, William and Ann Venn.
M-7144-859,000Anderson, William and Mary Way.
M-7144-855,000Anderson, William and Nancy Saunders.
M-7144-678,000Andrews, Peggy
M-7144-790,000Andrews, Peter and Louise "Lafille" Gladu.
M-7144-318,000Antoine Allary and Julie Larocque.
M-7144-322,000Arcand, Alexis and Genevieve Picher or Piche.
M-7144-648,000Armit, David and Mary Taylor.
M-7144-139,000Armstrong, Anne
M-7144-488,000Asham, Jane
M-7144-640,000Asham, Charles and Ann "Nancy" Henderson.
M-7144-1073,000Asham, Eliza
M-7144-394,000Asham, James and Nancy / Jane.
M-7144-136,000Ashan, Jane
M-7144-332,000Assiniboine, Josephte
M-7144-1046,000Assiniboine, Louise
M-7144-769,000Assiniboine, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1252,000Atkinson, Catherine
M-7144-533,000Atkinson, George and Margaret / Nancy Kipling.
M-7144-1169,000Auger : sundry.
M-7144-839,000Auger, Agathe
M-7144-623,000 Auger, Antoine and Madeleine Klyne / Marie Klyne / Judith Godin. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1168,000Auger, Augustine "Antoine" "Baptiste" and Marie Nipissing.
M-7144-691,000Auld, Mary
M-7144-77,000Auld, William and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1205,000Azure, Agathe
M-7144-562,000 Azure, Amable Elise "Mable" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-553,000Azure, Joseph and Lizette.
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M-7144-440,000Baby, Jean Baptiste and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1075,000Badger, Elizabeth
M-7144-954,000Badger, Jane
M-7144-1166,000Bahan, Peter and Maggie Norn or Noran or Norm.
M-7144-1020,000Baillie, William and Mary Morris. - Or Bailey.
M-7144-31,000 Ballenden
M-7144-1206,000Ballendine : sundry. - Or Ballenden, Ballantine.
M-7144-356,000 Ballendine, Ann Christie "Nancy" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-32,000Ballendine, Betsy
M-7144-35,000 Ballendine, Jane Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1072,000Ballendine, Jane
M-7144-31,000Ballendine, John and Jane (Native). - Or Ballenden
M-7144-1207,000Ballendine, Peter and Caroline Rowland. - Or Ballenden, Ballentene, Ballantyne.
M-7144-36,000Ballendine, Sophie
M-7144-893,000Bangs, William and Betsy.
M-7144-111,000Bannatyne, Alexander Graham Ballenden and Annie McDermot
M-7144-530,000Bannerman : sundry.
M-7144-13,000Bannerman, Anne
M-7144-21,000Bannerman, Christiana
M-7144-8,280Bannerman, William and Barbara Gunn : descendants
M-7144-8,000Bannerman, William and Barbara Gunn.
M-7144-624,000Barbeau, Pierre and Marguerite Daniel.
M-7144-522,000Barber, Edmund Lorenzo and Barbara Logan.
M-7144-554,000Barclay, Dr. Forbes and Marie Pambrun.
M-7144-644,000Baron, Charles Ademar, dit, and Louise Branconvier. - Or Barron.
M-7144-40,000Bate, Margaret
M-7144-1185,000Bates : sundry.
M-7144-412,000 Batoche, Marguerite Letendre, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-417,000 Batt, Nestichio "Margaret" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-587,000Beads, Thomas and Henrietta Wills.
M-7144-1100,000Bear dit Thomas, Jane
M-7144-447,000Bear, James Gilbert and Margaret Ann Isbister.
M-7144-823,000Bear, Margaret
M-7144-41,000Bear, Mary
M-7144-211,000Beauchain, Baptiste and Mary Anne Bonneville.
M-7144-1208,000Beauchamp : sundry.
M-7144-727,000Beauchamp, Charles and Catherine Falardeau / Sophie Laderoute.
M-7144-853,000Beauchamp, Francoise
M-7144-544,000Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste and Josephte (Cree).
M-7144-763,000Beauchemin, Andre and a Native woman.
M-7144-762,000Beauchemin, Andre and Charlotte Pelletier.
M-7144-761,000Beauchemin, Andre and Madeline Ducharme.
M-7144-757,000Beauchemin, Elise
M-7144-764,000Beauchemin, Louis Napoleon and Monique Courtepatte.
M-7144-1151,000Beauchemin, Marie Anne
M-7144-1209,000Beaudry : sundry.
M-7144-1042,000Beaudry, Cecile
M-7144-220,000Beaudry, Jeannette "Jane"
M-7144-367,000Beaudry, Joseph and Suzanne Latoure.
M-7144-865,000Beaudry, Julie
M-7144-247,000Beaudry, Louise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1160,000Beaudry, Louison Gaudry, dit
M-7144-99,000Beaudry, Nancy
M-7144-202,000Beaudry, Suzanne
M-7144-772,000Beaugrand, Emanuel Champagne, dit
M-7144-1057,000Beaulieu : sundry. - Or Bolieu.
M-7144-585,000Beaulieu dit Sinclair, John and Marie Gariepy / Madeleine Trottier.
M-7144-1055,000Beaulieu dit Sinclair, William and Christine Gosselin.
M-7144-1054,000Beaulieu, Alexis and Marie Laforte or Lafferty.
M-7144-1051,000Beaulieu, Baptiste and Josephte Ka-takoa-ko-ia-way.
M-7144-1052,000Beaulieu, Francois and Catherine Janvier dit Gladu / Louise La Caille.
M-7144-1056,000Beaulieu, Jean and Bella Savard.
M-7144-1053,000Beaulieu, Noel and Josephte Richard.
M-7144-699,000Beaupre, Gaspard and Florestine Piche.
M-7144-652,000Beauregard, Pierre and Marie Lavasseur.
M-7144-416,000Beauvais, Francois and Susanne Lucier.
M-7144-485,000Beauvais, Louise
M-7144-410,000Beddome, Dr. Henry Septimus and Frances "Fanny" Omand.
M-7144-424,000Begg, Charles and Katherine Spence.
M-7144-570,000Beioley, Joseph and Isobel McKay.
M-7144-703,000Belanger : sundry.
M-7144-840,000Belanger, Caroline
M-7144-701,000Belanger, Therese
M-7144-116,000Belcourt, Joseph and Catherine L'Hirondelle.
M-7144-558,000Belcourt, Josephte
M-7144-557,000Belcourt, Julie
M-7144-380,000Belcourt, Sophie
M-7144-732,000Belgarde, Josephte
M-7144-731,000Belgarde, Marguerite
M-7144-1031,000 Belisle, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-491,000 Belisle, Josette Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-684,000Bell : sundry.
M-7144-1077,000Bell, Isabella
M-7144-680,000Bell, Jane
M-7144-155,000Bell, John and Ann "Nancy" Dease.
M-7144-683,000Bell, John and Ann Dease. - See 155,000.
M-7144-907,000Belleau, Angelique
M-7144-659,000Belleau, Francoise
M-7144-411,000Bellegarde, Alexis Gerbeau dit, and Marie Josette Dulignon-Lamirande.
M-7144-664,000Bellehumeur, Marianne Monet, dit
M-7144-205,000Bellehumeur, Michel Monet dit
M-7144-650,000Bellerose, Oliver and Josephte Savard. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-296,000Belley, Louise
M-7144-1204,000Benton, Genevieve "Jannet"
M-7144-720,000Berard, Jean Baptiste and Helene Lavallee.
M-7144-1044,000Berard, Josephte
M-7144-514,000Berard, Louis and Catherine Hughes.
M-7144-515,000Berard, Pierre and Josephte Reneau.
M-7144-513,000Berard, Pierre and Marie Fortin.
M-7144-321,000Bercier, Alexis and Rosalie Fournier.
M-7144-641,000Bercier, Lisette
M-7144-1200,000Bercier, Suzanne
M-7144-1211,000Berland, Francois and Therese Karaconti. - Or Breland, Beland.
M-7144-526,000 Berland, Marie Breland, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1043,000Bernard, Lizette Josephte
M-7144-257,000Berube, Ernest and Marie Anne Voyer.
M-7144-1204,000Beston, Genevieve "Jannet"
M-7144-1118,000Bethune, Anne
M-7144-468,000Bethune, Jane
M-7144-1032,000Bidaux, Baptiste
M-7144-1030,000Bille, Josette
M-7144-370,000Bird, Ann
M-7144-186,000Bird, Elizabeth Margaret
M-7144-187,000Bird, Elizabeth Margaret
M-7144-26,000aBird, James Curtis and Elizabeth (Native) / Mary Kelly : backup.
M-7144-26,000Bird, James Curtis and Elizabeth (Native) / Mary Kelly.
M-7144-861,000Birnie, Elizabeth
M-7144-976,000Birnie, Susan
M-7144-346,000Birston, Alexander I and a Native woman.
M-7144-299,000 Birston, Magnus and Nancy (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-608,000Birston, Catherine
M-7144-1204,000Birston, Genevieve "Jannet"
M-7144-300,000Birston, Nancy
M-7144-1095,000Bisson : sundry.
M-7144-158,000Black : sundry.
M-7144-56,000Black, Rev. John and Henrietta "Henny" Ross.
M-7144-350,000Black, Samuel and Angelique Cameron.
M-7144-1245,000Bohemie, Osete
M-7144-721,000Boivin, Isabelle
M-7144-819,000Boldaro, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-819,000Boleyn Ann "Nancy
M-7144-819,000Bolland, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-819,000Bollen, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-130,000Bompas, Alfred Brandon and Jane Mary Pritchard.
M-7144-872,000Bond, Rebecca
M-7144-568,000Bonneau, Jean Baptiste and Lizette-Louise (Native).
M-7144-196,000Bonneau, Magdeleine
M-7144-565,000Bonneau, Marguerite
M-7144-211,000Bonneville, Mary Anne
M-7144-933,000Booth, Harriet Martha
M-7144-100,000Borwick, William and Betsy Fraser.
M-7144-733,000Bottineau : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-625,000Boucher, Catherine
M-7144-254,000Boucher, Elise
M-7144-494,000Boucher, Elizabeth
M-7144-291,000Boucher, Helene
M-7144-952,000Boucher, Jane
M-7144-207,000Boucher, Jean Marie and Marie Louise Garneau.
M-7144-518,000Boucher, Joseph and Marguerite Dupuis. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-317,000Boucher, Josephte
M-7144-308,000 Boucher, Pelagie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-143,000Bourassa (empty file).
M-7144-512,000Bourassa, Angele
M-7144-773,000Bourke, George Sylvestre and Agathe Ladouceur. - Or Bourque.
M-7144-304,000Bourke, John Palmer and Nancy Campbell.- See M-8981-267 for family photograph.
M-7144-833,000 Bousquet, Louise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1050,000Bouvier, Jean Baptiste and Maguerite Laurent.
M-7144-1047,000Bouvier, Marguerite
M-7144-378,000Bowen, Felix and Caroline Fidler.
M-7144-265,000Boyer, Adelaide
M-7144-566,000Boyer, Jean Baptiste and Elise Allard.
M-7144-525,000 Boyer, Jean Baptiste and Helene "Ellen" McMillan. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-564,000Boyer, Jean Baptiste and Lizette Mainville.
M-7144-433,000Boyer, Marie
M-7144-565,000Boyer, Pierre and Marguerite Bonneau.
M-7144-1094,000Brabant : sundry.
M-7144-400,000Brabant, Angelique
M-7144-1086,000Brabant, Angelique
M-7144-1091,000Brabant, Augustin and a Montagnais woman.
M-7144-1093,000Brabant, Augustin and Genevieve.
M-7144-1090,000Brabant, Augustin and Marguerite L'Hirondelle.
M-7144-167,000 Brabant, Augustine or Augustin and Angelique Lucier. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1089,000Brabant, Hyacinthe and Marie Duval.
M-7144-104,000Brabant, Marguerite
M-7144-1092,000Brabant, Peter and Margaret.
M-7144-756,000Braconnier, Amable and Betsy Stephenson.
M-7144-757,000Braconnier, Baptiste and Elise Beauchemin.
M-7144-644,000Branconvier, Louise
M-7144-647,000Brass, Jenette
M-7144-602,000Brass, Peter and Suzanne Comtois or Suzette Roy.
M-7144-159,000 Braybrook, Jane Mary Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-556,000Brazeau : sundry.
M-7144-122,000Brazeau, Adelaide
M-7144-104,000aBrazeau, Joseph Edward and Marguerite Brabant : backup correspondence.
M-7144-104,000Brazeau, Joseph Edward and Marguerite Brabant. - See also M-8981-264 for family photographs.
M-7144-524,000Brazeau, Margaret Julie
M-7144-93,700Brazeau, Marie
M-7144-152,000Brazeau, Mary Jane
M-7144-526,000 Breland dit Berland, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-212,000Breland, Catherine
M-7144-1210,000Breland, J. B. and Susanne Nipissing. - Or Berland.
M-7144-552,000Breland, Marie Anne
M-7144-296,000Breland, Pierre Duboishue dit, and Louise Belley.
M-7144-42,000Bremner, Alexander and Elizabeth "Betsy" Twatt.
M-7144-793,000Bremner, Henrietta "Harriet"
M-7144-398,000Bremner, James.
M-7144-287,000Bremner, Joseph and Dorothy McKay.
M-7144-119,000Bremner, Sarah
M-7144-592,000Bressard dit St. Germain, Joseph
M-7144-1058,000Brien Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1061,000Brien Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-596,000Brienoche, Francoise
M-7144-1058,000Briere Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1061,000Briere Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1226,000Briere, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1285,000Brilliant, Christina Moose-key-ah, dit
M-7144-1226,000Brilliere, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1028,000Brissette, Charlotte
M-7144-685,000Brown : sundry.
M-7144-572,000Brown, Henry and Isabella Slater.
M-7144-347,000Brown, Isabella
M-7144-574,000Brown, James and an unknown woman.
M-7144-795,000 Brown, Jane Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-573,000 Brown, Joseph and Elizabeth. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-958,000Brown, Magdeline
M-7144-119,000Brown, Peter and Sarah Bremner.
M-7144-19,000Bruce, Anne "Nancy"
M-7144-47,000 Bruce, Benjamin and Matilda (Native). Scanned Document View part 1 now. Scanned Document View part 2 now.
M-7144-487,000Bruce, James and Mary Anderson.
M-7144-395,000Bruce, Margaret
M-7144-240,000 Bruce, Mathilde Scanned Document View part 1 now. Scanned Document View part 2 now.
M-7144-432,000Bruce, Pierre and Marguerite Desrochers.
M-7144-431,000Bruce, William. - "See 47,001".
M-7144-601,000Bruneau : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1167,000Bruneau, Emilie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-599,000Bruneau, Francois and Margaret Harrison. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-600,000Bruneau, Jean Baptiste and Louise Montour.
M-7144-379,000Bruneau, Lisette
M-7144-839,000Bruneau, Lizette
M-7144-1241,000Bruneau, Lizette Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-509,000Bruneau, Michel Joachim and Marie Catherine Ladouceur.
M-7144-845,000Bruneau, Rosalie
M-7144-732,000Brunell, Joseph and Josephte Belgarde.
M-7144-1082,000Brunelle, Matilda
M-7144-723,000Brunet, Josephte
M-7144-1058,000Bruyer Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1061,000Bruyere : sundry. - Or Briere, Brien. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1226,000Bruyere, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1058,000Bruyere, Baptiste and Francoise Serpant. - Or Briere, Bruyer, Brien, Bryant. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1059,000Bruyere, Jean Baptiste and Marguerite Sauteuse. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1060,000Bruyere, Joseph and Agnes Greenlief. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-611,000Bruyere, Joseph and Francoise Mainville.
M-7144-1058,000Bryant Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-314,000Budd, Catherine
M-7144-746,000Budd, Rev. Henry and Elizabeth Work.
M-7144-82,000Bunn, Frances
M-7144-62,000Bunn, Thomas and Jane Roper / Sarah McNab / Phoebe Sinclair.
M-7144-401,300Burgess, Edward Ernest and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Denney.
M-7144-697,000Buxton, Henry and Frances Thomas.
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M-7144-815,000Cadot, Jean Baptiste and Anastasia.
M-7144-814,000Cadotte : sundry.
M-7144-364,000Cadotte : sundry. - Or Cadot.
M-7144-970,000Cadotte, Angelique
M-7144-813,000Cadotte, Laurent and Susanne Mackegonne / Isabella Maskegonne. - Or Cadot.
M-7144-592,000Cadotte, Marie
M-7144-834,000 Calder : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-444,000 Calder, Anne "Nancy" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-828,000 Calder, Dr. William and Sarah Pamereau. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-109,000 Calder, Elizabeth Scanned Document View part 1 now. Scanned Document View part 2 now. Scanned Document View part 3 now.
M-7144-830,000 Calder, James and Nancy (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-218,000 Calder, John and Nancy (Native) / Mary Favel. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-827,000 Calder, John and Sarah Humphrey. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-829,000 Calder, Marcus and Maggie (Cree). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-833,000 Calder, Peter and Louise Bousquet / Isabelle Lucier. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-831,000 Calder, William and Maria Sinclair. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-832,000 Calder, William and Nancy Loutit. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-52,000Caldwell, William and Jemima Ross / Jemima McKenzie.
M-7144-261,000Callihoo, Michel and Marie Savard / Philomene Collin.
M-7144-1080,000Cameron : sundry.
M-7144-1068,000Cameron, Allen and Emma Lewis.
M-7144-350,000Cameron, Angelique
M-7144-1083,000Cameron, Angus and Isabelle.
M-7144-1082,000Cameron, Archibald and Matilda Brunelle.
M-7144-1077,000Cameron, Benjamin and Isabella Bell.
M-7144-1066,000Cameron, Dougall and Marie Lesperence.
M-7144-1067,000Cameron, Duncan and Jannet McLean.
M-7144-667,000Cameron, Elizabeth
M-7144-1065,000Cameron, Ewen and Mary McLean.
M-7144-1073,000Cameron, Frederick and Eliza Asham.
M-7144-1048,000Cameron, Genevieve "June" "Jennie"
M-7144-362,000Cameron, Hugh and Mary Jordan.
M-7144-1076,000Cameron, James A. and Susan M. Munro.
M-7144-1072,000Cameron, James and Jane Ballendine.
M-7144-1069,000Cameron, Jean Baptiste and Mary Rose Agasiw.
M-7144-1078,000Cameron, John and Isabella Dallas.
M-7144-1070,000Cameron, John Dougald and Mary (Native).
M-7144-1079,000Cameron, John Robert and Rebecca McKeever.
M-7144-1070,000Cameron, Joseph and Marie.
M-7144-1074,000Cameron, Peter and Eliza Jakan.
M-7144-1075,000Cameron, Thomas and Elizabeth Badger.
M-7144-1081,000Cameron, Thomas and Sophie.
M-7144-686,000Cameron, William
M-7144-621,000Campbell, Alex and Angelique Thorne.
M-7144-747,000Campbell, Alexander and Mary McKay.
M-7144-376,000 Campbell, Ann Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-905,000Campbell, Christina Ellen
M-7144-61,000 Campbell, Colin and Elizabeth McGillivray. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-316,000Campbell, Helene
M-7144-1142,000Campbell, Jessie
M-7144-193,000Campbell, Mary
M-7144-1261,000Campbell, Mary Ann
M-7144-638,000Campbell, Murdoch and Harriet Anderson.
M-7144-304,000Campbell, Nancy
M-7144-113,000Campbell, Neil and Anne Munroe.
M-7144-620,000Campbell, Robert and Elleonora C. Stirling.
M-7144-344,000Campbell, Roderick and Jessie McDonald.
M-7144-973,000Campean, Mary
M-7144-484,000Campeau. Mary
M-7144-1109,000Campion, Genevieve
M-7144-384,000Campion, Joseph and Marie Nipissing.
M-7144-973,000Campion, Mary
M-7144-496,000 Camsell, Julian Stewart, né Onion, and Sarah Foulds. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-97,000Caplette, Catherine
M-7144-192,000Caplette, Joseph and Angelique Guiboche.
M-7144-745,000Caplette, Louise
M-7144-337,000Cardinal : sundry.
M-7144-1241,000Cardinal, Betsy Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1239,000Cardinal, Bridgette
M-7144-1237,000Cardinal, Charlotte
M-7144-295,000Cardinal, Eliza
M-7144-775,000Cardinal, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-400,000Cardinal, Judith
M-7144-1236,000Cardinal, Lizette
M-7144-1203,000Cardinal, Marguerite
M-7144-972,000Cardinal, Mary
M-7144-1156,000Cardinal, Suzette Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-123,000Carey, Edward Francis and Mathilde Tremble.
M-7144-953,000Caribou, Mary
M-7144-571,000Caron, Antoine and Angelique St. Germain.
M-7144-1182,000Carrier, Andre and Angelique Dion - Or Carriere.
M-7144-702,000Carriere : sundry. - Or Carrier.
M-7144-412,000 Carriere, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-932,000Carter, Thomas and Sarah Ann Martin.
M-7144-49,000Cavileer, Charles and Isabella Murray. - Or Cavalier.
M-7144-1247,000Cayen, Henrietta
M-7144-816,000Chaboillez, Charles and Marie Anne Chevallier.
M-7144-1117,000Chaboillez, Marie Louise Rachel
M-7144-1105,000Chalifaux, Elise
M-7144-342,000Chalifoux, Angelique
M-7144-343,000Chalifoux, Frances
M-7144-45,000Chalifoux, Isabella
M-7144-298,000Chalifoux, Joseph and a Native or Metis woman.
M-7144-569,000Chalifoux, Marguerite
M-7144-348,000Chalifoux, Michel and Elizabeth or Isabelle Collin.
M-7144-335,000Chalifoux, Theresa
M-7144-772,000Champagne, Emanuel dit Beaugrand and Marguerite Laroque / Magdeleine Laderoute.
M-7144-282,000Chantler, Elizabeth
M-7144-754,000Charbonneau, Adelaide
M-7144-1088,000Charette, Baptiste and Charlotte Sansregret.
M-7144-691,000Charles, John and Mary Auld.
M-7144-1159,000Charon dit Ducharme, Helen "Ellen"
M-7144-1154,000Charon dit Ducharme, Marie
M-7144-817,000Chartier, Joseph and Angelique Lavallee / Marie Laviolette.
M-7144-612,000Chartrand : sundry.
M-7144-1171,000Chartrand, Josephte
M-7144-1230,000Chartrand, Marie
M-7144-534,000Chastelaine, Marie Louise
M-7144-352,000Chastellain, Narcisse (Jr.) and Sarah Spence.
M-7144-1160,000Chatelain, Louise "Lisette"
M-7144-534,000Chatelaine, Marie Louise
M-7144-783,000 Chenaille dit Genaille, Pierre and Charlotte Mirante / Charlotte Gagnant dit Lafleur / Marie Kijikons or Kaisekonse. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-816,000Chevallier, Marie Anne
M-7144-451,000Chisholm, Alexander Roderick and Anne Taylor.
M-7144-1003,000Christen, Marie Priscilla
M-7144-331,000Christie, George Alexander and Ann Thomas.
M-7144-106,000Christie, Margaret
M-7144-372,000Clare, James Robert and Margaret Sinclair.
M-7144-48,000Clark, William and Julia Jane Murray.
M-7144-682,000Clarke : sundry. - Or Clark.
M-7144-680,000Clarke, Hon. Lawrence and Jane Bell / Catherine McKay.
M-7144-681,000Clarke, John and Sapphira Spence / Mary Ann Trauclar.
M-7144-1194,000Cleave, Mary
M-7144-823,000Clemons, John Lefoy and Margaret Bear.
M-7144-195,000Clermont, Adelaide
M-7144-89,000Clouston, Alexander C. and Henrietta Catherine Cunningham.
M-7144-106,000Clouston, Anne "Nancy"
M-7144-838,000Clouston, Mary Ann
M-7144-128,000Coates, Thomas and Dorothy McKay.
M-7144-982,000Cochrane, Margaret
M-7144-107,000Cocking, Mary
M-7144-309,000Cocking, Mathew.
M-7144-392,000Cocking, Mathew.
M-7144-200,000Cockran, Rev. William and Anne.
M-7144-1034,000Colin Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1035,000Colin Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1348,000Colin, Lisette
M-7144-944,000 Colin, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1035,000Collin, Antoine and Louise Serpant. - Or Colin. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1039,000Collin, Catherine
M-7144-348,000Collin, Elizabeth or Isabelle
M-7144-687,000Collin, Isabelle
M-7144-1034,000Collin, Joseph and Josephte (Sauteuse). - Or Colin, Collins. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1038,000Collin, Michel and a Sauteuse woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-261,000Collin, Philomene
M-7144-1034,000Collins Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1037,000Collins : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1036,000Collins, Clement, alias Kalin, and Isabelle Quintal.
M-7144-382,000Collins, Jean Baptiste and Elizabeth "Betsy" Henry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-396,000Collins, Marguerite
M-7144-944,000 Comtois dit Morin, Etienne and Marguerite (Sarcee) / Marie Colin. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-946,000Comtois, Andre and Marie Sandowe.
M-7144-942,000Comtois, Francois and Catherine Sawya.
M-7144-941,000Comtois, Francois and Marie (Native).
M-7144-943,000Comtois, Gilbert and Marie.
M-7144-1162,000Comtois, Magdeleine
M-7144-945,000Comtois, Marie
M-7144-602,000Comtois, Suzette
M-7144-1114,000Condy, Jean
M-7144-713,000Cook, Catherine
M-7144-428,000Cook, Charlotte
M-7144-206,000Cook, Jane
M-7144-1195,000Cook, Josephine
M-7144-857,000Cook, Lydia
M-7144-133,130Cook, Maria
M-7144-75,000Cook, Nancy
M-7144-108,000Cook, Nancy
M-7144-169,000Cook, Sarah
M-7144-107,000Cook, William Hemmings and Agatha (Native) / Kahnawpowanakan (Cree) / Nancy / Mary Cocking.
M-7144-107,210Cook, William Hemmings and Agatha (Native) / Kahnawpowanakan (Cree) / Nancy / Mary Cocking : descendants.
M-7144-613,000Cooper, Charles Thomas and Catherine.
M-7144-981,000Corrigal : sundry.
M-7144-243,000Corrigal, James and Catherine Flett.
M-7144-978,000Corrigal, James and Margaret (Native).
M-7144-979,000Corrigal, James and Sarah Sutherland.
M-7144-980,000Corrigal, John and Eliza Firth.
M-7144-977,000Corrigal, Peter and Margaret (Native) / Christy (Native).
M-7144-778,000Corrigan : sundry.
M-7144-334,000Costin, William and Margaret McKay. - Or Corston.
M-7144-293,000Cote, Joseph and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pritchard.
M-7144-576,000Coteau, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-137,000Cotter (Cote) (empty file).
M-7144-729,000Coucher, Miss
M-7144-853,000Courchene, Francois and Francoise Beauchamp.
M-7144-202,000Courchene, Josette
M-7144-945,000Courteoreille, Louison and Marie Comtois.
M-7144-764,000Courtepatte, Monique
M-7144-380,000Courtorelle, Louis and Sophie Belcourt. - And Courtoreille, sundry.
M-7144-558,000Courtpatte, Jean Baptiste and Josephte Belcourt.
M-7144-897,000Courville, Genevieve Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-880,000Coutu, Pierre Henri and Marie Catherine Lagimodiere.
M-7144-150,000Couvret, Marie Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-690,000Cowie, Isaac and an unnamed woman / Margaret Jane Sinclair.
M-7144-460,000Cox, John II and Nancy Taylor.
M-7144-241,000Cris, Nancy
M-7144-1204,000Crise, Genevieve "Jannet"
M-7144-302,000Crise, Marie
M-7144-234,000Cromarty, John William and Elizabeth (Native).
M-7144-371,000Cummings, Cuthbert and Susette.
M-7144-582,000Cummings, Elizabeth "Eliza"
M-7144-170,500Cummings, Hannah
M-7144-796,000Cummings, Robert and Elizabeth (Native) / Clementine Harper.
M-7144-797,000Cummings, Robert and Elizabeth (Native). - See 796,000.
M-7144-64,000Cunningham, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-89,000Cunningham, Henrietta Catherine
M-7144-63,000Cunningham, Mary
M-7144-560,000Cunningham, Nancy
M-7144-19,000Cunningham, Patrick and Anne "Nancy" Bruce.
M-7144-88,000Cunningham, Sarah Ann
M-7144-236,000Cusitar, James and Julia Mary Jane McKay.
M-7144-741,000Cyr, Louis and Catherine Martineau. - Or Cyre.
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M-7144-230,000Dahl, Peter and Catherine "Kate" Murray.
M-7144-1048,000Daignault, Joseph and Genevieve "June" "Jennie" Cameron. - Or Daigneault.
M-7144-1045,000Daignault, Narcisse Emilien and Mathilda Domitile Perras / Sarah Hogue.
M-7144-674,000Daigneault : sundry.
M-7144-1049,000Daigneault, Daniel and Josephte Robinson.
M-7144-669,000Daigneault, Julie
M-7144-1044,000Daigneault, Richard and Josephte Berard.
M-7144-1043,000Daigneault, Richard and Lizette Josephte Bernard.
M-7144-1047,000Daigneault, Vincent and Marguerite Bouvier.
M-7144-1046,000Dajenais, Antoine and Louise Assiniboine.
M-7144-1078,000Dallas, Isabella
M-7144-140,000Daniel, "Big" William and Margaret Linklater / Betsy Rose / Isabelle Trottier / Isabelle Pritchard. - Or Daniels.
M-7144-1249,000Daniel, Jane
M-7144-624,000 Daniel, Marguerite
M-7144-837,000Daniel, Nancy
M-7144-1271,000Daniel, Sarah
M-7144-959,000Danis, Marguerite
M-7144-603,000Daoust, Francoise
M-7144-536,000Dauphinais, Michel and Victoire Vallette or Ouelette.
M-7144-135,000Dausee, Catherine
M-7144-1157,000David, Marie Madeleine
M-7144-874,000Davis : sundry.
M-7144-635,000Davis, Ann
M-7144-868,000Davis, David and Josette La Sauteuse.
M-7144-381,000Davis, George.
M-7144-870,000Davis, Jean Baptiste and Josephte Sauteuse.
M-7144-869,000Davis, John and Ann "Nancy".
M-7144-871,000Davis, John William and Kate Reid.
M-7144-873,000Davis, Nathaniel and Nancy Norquay.
M-7144-872,000Davis, Thomas Osborne and Rebecca Bond.
M-7144-186,000De Caze, Count Charles and Elizabeth Margaret Bird.
M-7144-1102,000De Chavigny de la Chevrotiere, Josephte
M-7144-90,000De Lorme
M-7144-1024,000De Lorme
M-7144-1025,000De Lorme
M-7144-190,000Deacon, Capt. Richard and Mary Morrison McBeth.
M-7144-683,000Dease, Ann
M-7144-155,000Dease, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-310,000Dease, Dr. John and Jane French.
M-7144-1105,000Deguire, Mederic and Elise Chalifaux / Louise Lucier.
M-7144-452,000Delaronde, Etienne and Helen Monkman.
M-7144-359,000Deleronde, Julie
M-7144-1026,000Delorme : sundry.
M-7144-1032,000Delorme or Bidaux, Baptiste and Marie Lavallee.
M-7144-974,000Delorme, Angelique
M-7144-1023,000Delorme, Augustin and Isabelle Karakonti or Kwarakwante dit Elizabeth Waniande.
M-7144-1029,000Delorme, Baptiste and Marguerite St. George.
M-7144-90,000Delorme, Francois Henault dit, and Charlotte (Ojibway). - Or De Lorme, Eno, Enaud.
M-7144-1024,000Delorme, Joseph and Bridget Villebrun dit Plouffe. - Or De Lorme. - See also M-7144-1030,000.
M-7144-1031,000 Delorme, Joseph and Josephte Belisle. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1030,000Delorme, Joseph and Josephte McLean / Josette Bille / Bridget Villebrun. - See also M-7144-1024,000.
M-7144-1028,000Delorme, Joseph Farfard dit, and Charlotte Brissette.
M-7144-1025,000Delorme, Pierre Enaud or Henault dit, and Marguerite Piette. - Or De Lorme.
M-7144-512,000Delorme, Pierriche Lemai dit, and Angele Bourassa.
M-7144-1033,000Delorme, Urban and Marie Piche alias Durand. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-550,000Denig, Edwin Thompson and Hai-kees-kak-wee-yah.
M-7144-551,000Denig, Margaret
M-7144-500,000Dennet, Elizabeth
M-7144-446,000Dennet, Isabella "Elizabeth"
M-7144-36,000Dennet, William and Mary (Indian) / Sophie Ballendine / a Metis woman. - Or Dennett.
M-7144-401,900Denney, Dina Anne "Annie"
M-7144-401,300Denney, Elizabeth "Lizzie"
M-7144-401,700Denney, Emma Amelia
M-7144-402,000Denney, Henry and Sarah or Susan Wharf.
M-7144-401,000bDenney, James and Sarah Hilton : backup correspondence.
M-7144-401,000aDenney, James and Sarah Hilton : backup material.
M-7144-401,000Denney, James and Sarah Hilton. - See also M-7144-(344-357) and M-8981-(269-270) for Denney family photographs.
M-7144-401,800Denney, Thomas George and Margaret Jane Elder.
M-7144-403,000Denney, Thomas Jacob and Ruth. - See also M-8981-271 for family photograph.
M-7144-427,000Denning, Andrew and Elizabeth "Betsy" Spence.
M-7144-1108,000Denning, Jane
M-7144-83,000Dennison, William and Alice McKay.
M-7144-1124,000Deoz, Adelgarde Humbert
M-7144-742,000Desautels dit Lapointe, Jean Baptiste and Julie Amiot.
M-7144-386,000Deschambeault, George. - Or D'Eschambeault.
M-7144-202,000Deschenaux, Pierre and Suzanne Beaudry / Josette Courchene.
M-7144-818,000Descoigne, Francois and Louise Alary. - Or Decoigne.
M-7144-662,000Descoteau, Joseph
M-7144-628,000Descoteaux : sundry.
M-7144-576,000Descoteaux, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-849,000Descoteaux, Josephte
M-7144-693,000Desfont, Magdeleine
M-7144-363,000Desjardins, Jean Baptiste and Josette La Serpente.
M-7144-929,000Desjarlais : sundry. - Or Diserlais, Desjarlias, Desmarais
M-7144-1228,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Catherine Allary.
M-7144-1242,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Josephte Pelletier.
M-7144-1233,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Marie Alexis.
M-7144-1234,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Marie Allary.
M-7144-1230,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Marie Chartrand.
M-7144-1231,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Marie Louise Nolin.
M-7144-1232,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Napitch (Cree).
M-7144-928,000Desjarlais, Antoine and Susanna.
M-7144-1229,000Desjarlais, Antoine Moral and La Louise Vallee.
M-7144-927,000Desjarlais, Benjamin and Genevieve Sauteuse.
M-7144-148,000Desjarlais, Francois and Madeleine Roy.
M-7144-1244,000Desjarlais, Francois and Marguerite (Cree).
M-7144-1235,000Desjarlais, Francois and Marguerite Abraham.
M-7144-1245,000Desjarlais, Gregoire and Osete Bohemie.
M-7144-1237,000Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste and Charlotte Cardinal.
M-7144-1236,000Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste and Lizette Cardinal.
M-7144-1238,000Desjarlais, Joseph and Josephte Richard.
M-7144-1156,000Desjarlais, Joseph and Suzette Josephte Cardinal. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1171,000Desjarlais, Josephte
M-7144-730,000Desjarlais, Judith
M-7144-1239,000Desjarlais, Michel and Bridgette Cardinal.
M-7144-1240,000Desjarlais, Michel and Louise Hamelin.
M-7144-1241,000Desjarlais, Paulette and Lizette Bruneau / Betsy Cardinal. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1243,000Desjarlais, Pierre and Josephte "Josephine" Morin.
M-7144-895,000Deslauriers, Antoine Legault, dit, and Genevieve Lacourse.
M-7144-896,000Deslauriers, Joseph and Genevieve St. Denis.
M-7144-467,000Desmarais, Francois and Suzette / Marie Sauteuse.
M-7144-689,000Desmarais, Jean Baptiste and Louise (Sauteuse).
M-7144-195,000Desmarais, Joseph and Adelaide Clermont.
M-7144-1262,000Desmarais, Marguerite
M-7144-745,000Desnoyers, Pierre and Louise Caplette.
M-7144-1041,000Desrochers, Madeleine
M-7144-432,000Desrochers, Marguerite
M-7144-766,000Desrochers, Philipp and Catherine Parent or Perreau.
M-7144-765,000Desrosiers, Jean Baptiste and Maria Vandal.
M-7144-892,000Dion : sundry. - Or Blandion, Blondin, Dionne, Dayon.
M-7144-1182,000Dion, Angelique
M-7144-1015,000Donald, Isabella
M-7144-819,000Donald, William and Ann "Nancy" Bolland or Bollen, Boldaro, Boleyn.
M-7144-315,000Drever, William and Helen "Ellen" Rothney.
M-7144-358,000Drury, Ann
M-7144-1062,000Dubey, Susan Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-826,000Dubois, Francois and Josephte Frappier?
M-7144-735,000Dubois, Francois and Madeleine La Berge.
M-7144-825,000Dubois, Marie
M-7144-296,000Duboishue, Pierre, dit Breland
M-7144-253,000Dubreuil, Antoine and unknown woman : Dubray, Dubrail.
M-7144-666,000Ducharme : sundry.
M-7144-658,000Ducharme, Antoine and Josephte Richard.
M-7144-388,000Ducharme, Antoine and Josephte Villebrun.
M-7144-663,000Ducharme, Coliche and Genevieve (Cree) / Charlotte (Native).
M-7144-665,000Ducharme, Colin and a Native woman.
M-7144-659,000Ducharme, Francois and Francoise Belleau.
M-7144-655,000Ducharme, Francois and Louise Rivet. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1159,000Ducharme, Helen "Ellen" Charon, dit
M-7144-662,000Ducharme, Joseph alias Descoteau and Marie Rose Lafournais.
M-7144-661,000Ducharme, Joseph and Marguerite Racette.
M-7144-305,000Ducharme, Josephte
M-7144-761,000Ducharme, Madeline
M-7144-625,000Ducharme, Marie
M-7144-738,000Ducharme, Marie
M-7144-1154,000Ducharme, Marie Charon, dit
M-7144-858,000Ducharme, Mary
M-7144-987,000Ducharme, Mary
M-7144-660,000Ducharme, Moise and Angelique Lafleur.
M-7144-657,000Ducharme, Nicholas and Charlotte Saulteaux.
M-7144-656,000Ducharme, Pierre and Catherine (Saulteaux).
M-7144-664,000Ducharme, Prosper and Marianne Monet dit Bellehumeur.
M-7144-1225,000Dufond, Madeleine
M-7144-532,000Dufresne, Edward and Marguerite Mondion.
M-7144-411,000Dulignon-Lamirande, Marie Josette
M-7144-466,000Dumas : sundry. - Or Dumais.
M-7144-498,000Dumas, Michel (Jr.) and Henrietta Landry. - Or Dumais.
M-7144-1039,000Dumont, Cecile
M-7144-216,635Dumont, Jean Baptiste and Josephte (Sarcee) : descendants.
M-7144-216,000Dumont, Jean Baptiste and Josephte (Sarcee).
M-7144-811,000Dumont, Susanne
M-7144-135,000Dunger, Catherine
M-7144-768,000Dupuis, Antoine. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-758,000Dupuis, Baptiste and Marie (Assiniboine). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-769,000Dupuis, Baptiste and Marie Assiniboine or Rosinilianer. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-770,000Dupuis, Baptiste and Marie Hughes. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-518,000Dupuis, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1039,000Durand or Dumont, Cecile
M-7144-789,000Durand, Catherine
M-7144-1033,000Durand, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-507,000Durand, Paul II and Marie Aha-ke-kah-an-ab-taht.
M-7144-811,000Durand, Susanne
M-7144-478,000Durocher, Angelique
M-7144-1264,000Durocher, Josephte
M-7144-1089,000Duval, Marie
M-7144-436,000Dyer, William and an unknown woman.
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M-7144-1187,000Eccles, John and Margaret McDonald / Jane Mary Logan.
M-7144-401,900Edmonds, Arthur and Dina Anne "Annie" Denney.
M-7144-820,000Edwards, Abel and Betty McKay.
M-7144-407,500Elder family.
M-7144-407,000Elder family. - See also M-7144-360 and M-8981-274 for Elder family photographs.
M-7144-401,800Elder, Margaret Jane
M-7144-286,000Elliott, Margaret
M-7144-131,000Else, Francis and an unknown woman. - Or Elsie.
M-7144-1025,000Enaud dit Delorme, Pierre
M-7144-1027,000Enaud dit Fresniere, Pierre and Genevieve Genereaux.
M-7144-1025,000Enaude dit Delorme, Pierre
M-7144-692,000Erasmus, Mary Ann
M-7144-314,000Erasmus, Peter Erasmusen dit, and Catherine Budd.
M-7144-314,000Erasmusen, Peter, dit Erasmus
M-7144-393,000Ermitinger, Francis and Catherine Sinclair. - Or Ermatinger.
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M-7144-465,000Fagnant, Raphael and a Native woman : or Fayant, Faillant. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-465,000Faillant Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-727,000Falardeau, Catherine
M-7144-1022,000Falcon, Madeleine Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-181,000 Falcon, Pierre and Marie Grant. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1028,000Farfard dit Delorme, Joseph
M-7144-734,000Faries, Hugh and a Metis woman.
M-7144-252,000Farquarson, Nancy
M-7144-151,000Favel, John and Titameg (Native). - Or Favell, Favelle.
M-7144-218,000 Favel, Mary Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-33,000Favell, Mary
M-7144-465,000Fayant Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1214,000Ferguson, Donald and Mary McArthur
M-7144-226,000Ferguson, John and Monique Hamelin / Mary Wilkie.
M-7144-469,000Ferguson, Nancy "Anne"
M-7144-341,000 Fiddler, Mary Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-378,000Fidler, Caroline
M-7144-1013,000Fidler, Elizabeth
M-7144-1201,000Fidler, Marie
M-7144-154,000aFidler, Peter and Mary Mackagonne : backup. - Or Fiddler.
M-7144-154,375Fidler, Peter and Mary Mackagonne : descendants. - Or Fiddler.
M-7144-154,000Fidler, Peter and Mary Mackagonne. - Or Fiddler.
M-7144-799,000Findlay Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-799,000Finlay : sundry. - Or Findlay. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-677,000Finlay, Jacques "Jaco" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-635,000Finlayson, Nicol and Ann Davis.
M-7144-399,000Firth, Catherine
M-7144-980,000Firth, Eliza
M-7144-494,000Firth, Thomas and Elizabeth Boucher.
M-7144-897,000 Fisher, George and Genevieve Courville or Gourville. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-508,000Fisher, Henry and Marguerite Laframboise.
M-7144-1201,000Fisher, Marie
M-7144-160,000Fisher, Robert and Mary Ann Scott.
M-7144-319,000Flamand, Joseph and Marguerite Morand.
M-7144-1063,000Flammand, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1099,000Fletcher : sundry.
M-7144-1096,000Fletcher, Henry and Isabella "Bella" Anderson.
M-7144-1098,000Fletcher, John Alex and Jane.
M-7144-1097,000Fletcher, John and Ann Munro.
M-7144-622,000Fletcher, Thomas and Ann.
M-7144-951,000Flett : sundry.
M-7144-952,000Flett, Andrew and Jane Boucher or Gaucher / Mary (Native).
M-7144-636,000Flett, Annie
M-7144-243,000Flett, Catherine
M-7144-715,000Flett, Charlotte
M-7144-445,000Flett, Elizabeth
M-7144-51,000Flett, George and "Peggy" Margaret Whitford.
M-7144-956,000Flett, James and Jane Lepine.
M-7144-950,000Flett, James and Mary Peebles.
M-7144-65,000Flett, Jane
M-7144-121,000Flett, Jane
M-7144-284,000Flett, Jane
M-7144-20,000Flett, John and Isabelle "Bell" Murray.
M-7144-958,000Flett, Magnus and Magdeline Brown.
M-7144-996,000Flett, Margaret
M-7144-1135,000Flett, Mary
M-7144-953,000Flett, Peter and Mary Caribou.
M-7144-954,000Flett, Philip and Jane Badger.
M-7144-955,000Flett, Richard and Mary Whitford.
M-7144-66,000Flett, Sarah
M-7144-957,000Flett, Thomas and Rosalie Parisien.
M-7144-449,000Flett, William and Betsy.
M-7144-105,000Flett, William and Nancy Rowand / Anne "Nancy" Clouston.
M-7144-441,000Flett, William and Saskatchewan or Isabella.
M-7144-141,000Fleury, Louis and Josephte (Gros Ventre).
M-7144-414,000Fock, Mary
M-7144-390,000Folster, James and Jane (Native).
M-7144-347,000Folster, John and Flora McDonald / Isabella Brown.
M-7144-442,000 Forbister, John and Catherine Robertson. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-254,000Forester, J. M. and Elise Boucher.
M-7144-340,000Fortescue, Joseph and Sarah Jane Mason.
M-7144-513,000Fortin, Marie
M-7144-542,000Fortney, George Frank and Hannah Elizabeth Rickards.
M-7144-529,000Fotheringham, Anne
M-7144-437,000 Foulds, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-341,000 Foulds, John and Mary Fidler. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-444,000 Foulds, Samuel and Anne "Nancy" Calder. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-496,000 Foulds, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-654,000Fournier, Francois and Angelique Methotte.
M-7144-321,000Fournier, Rosalie
M-7144-983,000Franks, Georgina
M-7144-66,000Franks, James and Justina Stephens / Sarah Flett.
M-7144-503,000Franks, Mary Ann
M-7144-826,000Frappier, Josephte
M-7144-103,000Fraser, Anabella
M-7144-501,000Fraser, Anabelle
M-7144-54,000Fraser, Barbara
M-7144-100,000Fraser, Betsy
M-7144-124,000Fraser, Betsy
M-7144-114,000Fraser, Christianne "Christie"
M-7144-99,100Fraser, Colin and Nancy Beaudry or Gaudry : descendants.
M-7144-99,300Fraser, Colin and Nancy Beaudry or Gaudry : descendants.
M-7144-99,000Fraser, Colin and Nancy Beaudry or Gaudry. - See also M-8981-263 for family photographs.
M-7144-520,000Fraser, Isabella
M-7144-73,000Fraser, Isabella "Bella"
M-7144-13,000aFraser, James and Anne Bannerman : photocopies of photographs. - Includes autograph book. - See also M-7144-343 and M-8981-261 for photographs.
M-7144-13,000Fraser, James and Anne Bannerman.
M-7144-405,700Fraser, James and Jane Mitchell : descendants.
M-7144-405,000Fraser, James and Jane Mitchell. - See also M-7144-358 and M-8981-272 for Fraser family photographs.
M-7144-528,000Fraser, James Stewart and Janet McBeth.
M-7144-776,000Fraser, Marguerite
M-7144-310,000French, Jane
M-7144-1027,000Fresniere, Pierre Enaud, dit
M-7144-197,000Frobisher, Alexander and Marguerite (Cree).
M-7144-285,000Fulcher, Fred and Jane Gibson.
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M-7144-210,000 Gaboury, Marie Anne Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-563,000Gaddy, James (empty file).
M-7144-783,000 Gagnant dit Lafleur, Charlotte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-560,000Gagnon, Georges and Nancy Cunningham.
M-7144-523,000Gardiner, Anna
M-7144-1021,000Gareault, Antoine and Marie Louise Robichon. - Or Gareau.
M-7144-1289,000Gariepy, Catherine
M-7144-305,000Gariepy, Louis and Josephte Ducharme.
M-7144-585,000Gariepy, Marie
M-7144-1254,000Gariepy, Marie
M-7144-250,000Garneau, Lawrence and Helen Thomas. - Or Garnot.
M-7144-207,000Garneau, Marie Louise
M-7144-1186,000Garrioch : sundry.
M-7144-1110,000Garrioch, Jemima
M-7144-75,000Garrioch, William and Nancy Cook. - See also M-8981-263 for family photographs.
M-7144-639,000Garston, Charlotte
M-7144-809,000 Garton, John and Mary. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-810,000Garton, Sophia
M-7144-260,000Gaspard, Louise Genevieve "Jennie"
M-7144-952,000Gaucher, Jane
M-7144-923,000Gaudet, Edmond and Delphine Le Page.
M-7144-413,000Gaudry : sundry.
M-7144-1160,000Gaudry dit Beaudry, Louison and Louise "Lisette" Chatelain.
M-7144-1159,000Gaudry, Amable and Helen "Ellen" Charon dit Ducharme.
M-7144-1157,000Gaudry, Andre and Marie Madeleine David.
M-7144-719,000Gaudry, Catherine
M-7144-247,000Gaudry, Louise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-99,000Gaudry, Nancy
M-7144-1158,000Gaudry, Pierre and Marie Anne Hughes.
M-7144-678,000Gauthier, Charles and Peggy Andrews.
M-7144-783,000 Genaille, Pierre Chenaille, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1027,000Genearaux, Genevieve
M-7144-1213,000George, Marie
M-7144-411,000Gerbeau, Alexis, dit Bellegarde
M-7144-196,000Gervais, Jean Baptiste and Magdeleine Bonneau.
M-7144-1006,000Gervais, Julie
M-7144-676,000Gibbons, James and Mary Isabel.
M-7144-852,000Gibson : sundry.
M-7144-1281,000Gibson, Anne
M-7144-589,000Gibson, Frances
M-7144-342,000Gibson, Hugh and Angelique Chalifoux.
M-7144-285,000Gibson, Jane
M-7144-581,000Gill, Robert and Sophia Harper : or Gills, Gillies, Hill.
M-7144-222,000Gillespie, Catherine
M-7144-227,000Gladman, George and Mary Moore.
M-7144-1183,000Gladstone, Mary
M-7144-281,000Gladstone, William Shanks "Old Glad" and Henriette "Harriet" LeBlanc alias White.
M-7144-1173,000Gladu : sundry. - Or Gladue.
M-7144-1052,000Gladu, Catherine Janvier, dit
M-7144-115,000 Gladu, Charles and Marguerite Ross. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-881,000 Gladu, Charlotte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1171,000Gladu, Francois and Josephte Desjarlais / Josephte Chartrand.
M-7144-117,000Gladu, Jennie
M-7144-790,000Gladu, Louise "Lafille"
M-7144-34,000Gladu, Margaret
M-7144-176,780Gladu, Marie
M-7144-1172,000Gladu, Pierre and Marie.
M-7144-69,000 Gladu, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-821,000 Godin : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-623,000 Godin, Judith Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1221,000Godon, Judith or Angelique
M-7144-1011,000Good, Emma
M-7144-712,000Good, James and Delilah Scarf.
M-7144-714,000Good, Sarah Ann
M-7144-16,000Gordon, Christine
M-7144-1190,000Gordon, Louis and Isabelle McDonald.
M-7144-1191,000Gordon, Louis and Isabelle McDonald.
M-7144-1055,000Gosselin, Christine
M-7144-545,000Gosselin, Michel and Marguerite (Native).
M-7144-625,000Gouin, Antoine and Catherine Boucher / Marie Ducharme.
M-7144-786,000Goulet, Jacques and Louise Versailles.
M-7144-897,000 Gourville, Genevieve Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-237,000Gowler, Elizabeth
M-7144-40,600Gowler, Elizabeth "Eliza"
M-7144-159,000 Gowler, Oliver and Jane Mary Braybrook. - See also M-8981-265 for family photographs. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-976,000Graham, James Allan and Susan Birnie / Miss Work.
M-7144-767,000Grandbois, Pierre and Josephte Vandal.
M-7144-884,000Grant : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-217,000 Grant, Cuthbert, Sr. and Native woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-238,000Grant, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-313,000Grant, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-559,000Grant, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-181,000 Grant, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-552,000Grant, Richard "Handsome" and Marie Anne Breland / Helene McDonald.
M-7144-1085,000Gray, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-894,000Gray, Thomas and Marie Nipissing.
M-7144-53,000Green, James and Isabella Ross.
M-7144-1060,000Greenlief, Agnes Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-199,000Grieve, Thomas and Jane Setter.
M-7144-187,000Griffin, George and Elizabeth Margaret Bird.
M-7144-1085,000Gris, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-224,000Grisdale, George and Margaret McArthur.
M-7144-439,000Groat, George and Charlotte Spence.
M-7144-106,000Groat, Malcolm Alexander and Margaret Christie.
M-7144-192,000Guiboche, Angelique
M-7144-1004,000Guiboche, Edouard and Anne Rocque / Marie Jerome. - Or Guilbault, Guilboche, Guilbeau.
M-7144-595,000 Guidon, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-848,000Guilbauche, Joseph and Marie Anne (Native). - Or Guilbault, Guiboche.
M-7144-1003,000Guilbault, M. and Marie Priscilla Christen.
M-7144-524,000Gullion, George and Margaret Julie Brazeau. - See M-8981-277 for family photographs.
M-7144-125,000Gullion, James Ingram and Flora Fraser.
M-7144-891,000Gunn : sundry.
M-7144-16,000Gunn, Alexander and Christine Gordon / Henny McBeath.
M-7144-492,000Gunn, Anne
M-7144-8,000Gunn, Barbara
M-7144-70,000Gunn, Catherine
M-7144-6,000Gunn, Christine
M-7144-24,000Gunn, Donald and Margaret Swain. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-10,000Gunn, Margaret
M-7144-836,000Gunn, Margaret Jane Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-354,000Gunn, Mary Ann
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M-7144-399,000Hackland, William and Catherine Firth.
M-7144-438,000Halcro, Margaret
M-7144-422,000Halcrow, Catherine
M-7144-438,000Halcrow, Margaret
M-7144-134,000Halcrow, Thomas and Mary (Native). - Or Halcro.
M-7144-357,000Halket : sundry.
M-7144-1139,000Hall, Jemima
M-7144-135,000Hallett, Henry and Catherine Tenance / Catherine Dunger / Catherine Dausee.
M-7144-132,000Hallett, Sophie
M-7144-578,000Hamelin, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-387,000Hamelin, Jacques and Angelique Tourangeau.
M-7144-1240,000Hamelin, Louise
M-7144-226,000Hamelin, Monique
M-7144-1188,000Hamelin, Nancy
M-7144-547,000Hamilton, Daniel and Janet Sutherland.
M-7144-351,000Harcus, David and Margaret Richards.
M-7144-527,000Hardisty, Maria Fletcher
M-7144-330,000Hardisty, Richard and Margaret Sutherland. - See also M-8981-268 for family photographs.
M-7144-330,000aHardisty, Richard and Margaret Sutherland.
M-7144-926,000Hargrave, James and Alexandra Helen Sissons.
M-7144-383,000Hargrave, James and Letitia McTavish / Margaret Alcock.
M-7144-791,000 Harkness, Andrew James and Sarah Stevenson. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-748,000Harkus, George and Isabella Spence. - Or Harcus, Harkis, Arkus.
M-7144-796,000Harper, Clementine
M-7144-982,000Harper, Clementine
M-7144-43,000Harper, James and Charlotte Turner.
M-7144-44,000Harper, Magnus and an unknown woman.
M-7144-583,000Harper, Magnus and an unknown woman.
M-7144-581,000Harper, Sophia
M-7144-582,000Harper, Thomas and Elizabeth "Eliza" Cummings.
M-7144-81,000Harriott, John Edward and an unknown woman / Ann Margaret Pruden / Ann "Nancy" Rowand / Frances Bunn.
M-7144-599,000Harrison, Margaret Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-114,000Harrower, John and Christianne "Christie" Fraser.
M-7144-711,000Hart, Jane
M-7144-589,000Hay, Edward Henry George Gunson and Frances Gibson.
M-7144-782,000Hay, Mary
M-7144-259,000Hay, Robert and Christianna McDonald.
M-7144-590,000Hay, Thomas and Letitia Spence.
M-7144-153,000Hayden, Felix and Betsy Plante.
M-7144-782,000Hayes, Mary
M-7144-126,000Haywood, Ann Elizabeth "Nancy"
M-7144-136,000Haywood, Joseph and Jane Ashan.
M-7144-961,000Hebert, Basil and Angelique Vallee / Josephte Piche.
M-7144-112,000Heddle, Jessie
M-7144-1085,000Henault Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-886,000Henault : sundry.
M-7144-883,000Henderson : sundry.
M-7144-640,000Henderson, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-882,000Henderson, John and Catherine Monkman
M-7144-57,000Henderson, Mary Victoria
M-7144-639,000Henderson, Peter I and Charlotte Garston.
M-7144-17,000Henderson, Samuel and Flora Livingstone.
M-7144-917,000Heney, Hugh.
M-7144-920,000Henry : sundry. - Or Henri, Honore.
M-7144-915,000Henry, Alexander and Madeleine Saulteaux."
M-7144-916.000Henry, Alexander, the elder.
M-7144-382,000Henry, Elizabeth "Betsy" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-919,000Henry, Michel, Jr., and Marie.
M-7144-918,000Henry, Michel, Sr., and Marguerite.
M-7144-914,000Henry, Robert and Angelique Racette.
M-7144-913,000Henry, William and Agathe Letendre.
M-7144-704,000Herbert, James and Helen Huddlestone.
M-7144-700,000Herchmer, Rev. William Macauley.
M-7144-806,000Herman, Jacques and Louise Sauteaux.
M-7144-45,000Heron, Francis and Isabella Chalifoux.
M-7144-206,000Hickenberger, Henry and Jane Cook.
M-7144-401,000Hilton, Sarah
M-7144-504,000Hodgson, John II and Charlotte Yorkstone. - And Hodgson, sundry.
M-7144-519,000Hodgson, Thomas and Angelique (Sauteuse).
M-7144-245,000 Hogue, Amable and Margaret Taylor. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1045,000Hogue, Sarah
M-7144-79,000Holmes, John P. and Betsy (Native).
M-7144-1253,000Hope, Flora
M-7144-730,000Hope, James and Judith Desjarlais.
M-7144-68,000Hopper, John and Mary McWilliams.
M-7144-294,000Houle, Antoine and Josephte Lauzon.
M-7144-631,000Houle, Jeanette
M-7144-594,000Houle, Marguerite
M-7144-561,000Hourie, Catherine "Kate"
M-7144-138,000Hourie, John and Margaret (Cree).
M-7144-1167,000House, Charles and Emilie Bruneau. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1276,000Howse, Jane
M-7144-606,000Howse, Jane Mary
M-7144-397,000Howse, Joseph and Elizabeth Anderson.
M-7144-429,000Howse, Joseph and Mary (Indian).
M-7144-704,000Huddlestone, Helen
M-7144-514,000Hughes, Catherine
M-7144-751,000Hughes, Charlotte
M-7144-890,000Hughes, James and Nan-touche.
M-7144-770,000Hughes, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1158,000Hughes, Marie Anne
M-7144-901,000Hume, Jessie Ann
M-7144-175,000Humphreville, Catherine
M-7144-204,000Humphreville, Thomas and Hannah Turner.
M-7144-827,000 Humphrey, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1263,000Hunter, Adeline
M-7144-960,000Huppe, Joseph and Marguerite Marcellais.
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M-7144-963,000Inkster, Ellen "Nellie"
M-7144-356,000 Inkster, Harriet Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-988,000Inkster, Isabella
M-7144-434,000Inkster, James and Mary (Cree).
M-7144-163,000aInkster, John and an unknown woman : backup material.
M-7144-163,000Inkster, John and an unknown woman.
M-7144-435,000Inkster, Mary
M-7144-1155,000Inkster, Mary
M-7144-931,000Inkster, Matilda
M-7144-679,000Ironside, Annie
M-7144-679,000Ironside, Eliza
M-7144-267,000 Irvine, James and Mathilda Tate / Angelique St. Germain. - Or Irwin. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-164,000 Irvine, John and Mary (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1112,000Irvine, Louisa
M-7144-267,000 Irwin Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-225,000Irwin, Robert H. and Flora McArthur.
M-7144-672,000Isbister : sundry.
M-7144-671,000Isbister, Alexander and Nancy.
M-7144-426,000Isbister, Frances
M-7144-203,000Isbister, James and Mary McGillivray.
M-7144-517,000Isbister, James and Mary McGillivray. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-670,000Isbister, John and Fanny.
M-7144-447,000Isbister, Margaret Ann
M-7144-1292,000Isbister, Mary Jane "Jennie"
M-7144-688,000Isbister, Thomas and Mary Kennedy.
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M-7144-345,000Jack, Annie
M-7144-1287,000Jacklins, Sophie
M-7144-1019,000Jackson, Simon and Sarah Pruden.
M-7144-1074,000Jakan, Eliza
M-7144-1022,000Jannot, Francois and Madeleine Falcon. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1052,000Janvier dit Gladu, Catherine
M-7144-260,000Jasper, Louise Genevieve "Jennie"
M-7144-1005,000Jerome, Marie
M-7144-526,000 Joachim, Alexis and Marie Breland dit Berland. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-415,000Jobin, Joseph and Cecile Lapierre.
M-7144-269,000Johnston, Catherine
M-7144-839,000Johnston, Charles and Lizette Bruneau / Agathe Auger.
M-7144-837,000Johnston, Donald and Nancy Daniel.
M-7144-838,000Johnston, Henry Martin and Mary Ann Clouston.
M-7144-219,000Johnston, John George and Flora Bray.
M-7144-836,000Johnston, Joseph William and Margaret Jane Gunn. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-995,000Johnston, Matilda
M-7144-1275,000Johnston, Nancy
M-7144-842,000Johnstone : sundry. - Or Johnson, Johnston.
M-7144-841,000Johnstone, Dr. William and an unknown woman.
M-7144-840,000Johnstone, Edward and Esther Traill / Caroline Belanger.
M-7144-835,000Johnstone, George and Frances Thomas.
M-7144-598,000Jordan, Martin and Mary McLean.
M-7144-362,000Jordan, Mary
M-7144-586,000Jourdain : sundry.
M-7144-455,000Joyce, Louisa
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M-7144-783,000 Kaisekonse, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1036,000Kalin, Clement
M-7144-1023,000Karakonti, Isabelle
M-7144-798,000Karayinter, Dominick. - Or Caraconte, Karaconti.
M-7144-1051,000Ka-takoa-ko-ia-way, Josephte
M-7144-39,000Kauffman, Anne
M-7144-37,000Kauffman, Barbara
M-7144-23,000Kauffman, Ulric and Elizabeth "Betty" McKay.
M-7144-459,000Keith, James and a native woman.
M-7144-278,000Keith, Mrs. James
M-7144-26,000Kelly, Mary
M-7144-41,000Kennedy, Alexander and Agatha (Native) or Mary Bear.
M-7144-237,000Kennedy, John and Elizabeth Gowler.
M-7144-688,000Kennedy, Mary
M-7144-783,000 Kijikons, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-810,000King, James and Sophia Garton.
M-7144-715,000King, William Cornwallis and Charlotte Flett.
M-7144-98,000Kipling, John and Hannah.
M-7144-172,000Kipling, Margaret
M-7144-533,000Kipling, Nancy
M-7144-1084,000Kirkby, William West and Eleanor.
M-7144-425,000Kirkness : sundry.
M-7144-421,000Kirkness, Anne "Nancy"
M-7144-713,000Kirton, Joseph and Susannah / Catherine Cook.
M-7144-480,000Klyne, Jane
M-7144-623,000 Klyne, Madeleine Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-623,000 Klyne, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-289,000Klyne, Michael and Suzanne Lafrance.
M-7144-132,000Knight, James and Sophie Hallett.
M-7144-782,000Knott, John and Mary Hayes or Hay.
M-7144-1023,000Kwarakwante, Isabelle
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M-7144-617,000L'Assiniboine, Angelique "Lalique"
M-7144-248,000L'Esperance : sundry.
M-7144-400,000L'Hirondelle, Angelique
M-7144-116,000L'Hirondelle, Catherine
M-7144-262,000L'Hirondelle, Emelie
M-7144-481,000L'Hirondelle, Margaret
M-7144-1090,000L'Hirondelle, Marguerite
M-7144-258,000L'Hironelle, Jacques and Josephte Pilon.
M-7144-735,000La Berge, Madeleine
M-7144-1052,000La Caille, Louise
M-7144-749,000La Cherretiere, Marie
M-7144-265,000La Pierre, Peter and Adelaide Boyer.
M-7144-693,000La Plante, J. B. and Magdeleine Desfont.
M-7144-986,000La Riviere, Mary McKenzie, dit
M-7144-146,000La Rose
M-7144-868,000La Sauteuse, Josette
M-7144-363,000La Serpente, Josette
M-7144-651,000La Vallee, Marianne Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1000,000Lacerte, Angelique or Anne Marie "Nancy"
M-7144-903,000Lacerte, Catherine
M-7144-759,000Lacerte, Louis and Marie "Josephte" Martin.
M-7144-1102,000Lachevrautiere, Josephte
M-7144-1102,000Lachevrotiere, Josephte
M-7144-472,000Lacorde, Sarah
M-7144-807,000Lacourse, Charlotte
M-7144-895,000Lacourse, Genevieve
M-7144-1223,000Lacourse, Genevieve
M-7144-400,000Laderoute dit Seguin, Oliver and Angelique Brabant / Judith Cardinal / Angelique L'Hirondelle.
M-7144-1006,000Laderoute, Francois Xavier and Julie Gervais / Marianne.
M-7144-1005,000Laderoute, Jean Philibert and Marguerite Sansregret.
M-7144-772,000Laderoute, Magdeleine
M-7144-727,000Laderoute, Sophie
M-7144-773,000Ladouceur, Agathe
M-7144-774,000Ladouceur, Bazile and Pauline Lozanne.
M-7144-775,000Ladouceur, Joseph and Josephte Cardinal. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-777,000Ladouceur, Joseph and Josephte Lapierre.
M-7144-509,000Ladouceur, Marie Catherine
M-7144-776,000Ladouceur, Pierre and Marguerite Fraser.
M-7144-1054,000Lafferty, Marie
M-7144-604,000Lafleur : sundry.
M-7144-660,000Lafleur, Angelique
M-7144-783,000 Lafleur, Charlotte Gagnant, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-149,000Lafond, Amable and Marie Racette.
M-7144-1054,000Laforte, Marie
M-7144-662,000Lafournais, Marie Rose
M-7144-844,000Lafournaise, Catherine
M-7144-301,000Lafournaise, Joseph and Suzanne Le Clerc. - Or Laboucan.
M-7144-332,000Laframboise, Joseph and Josephte Assiniboine.
M-7144-508,000Laframboise, Marguerite
M-7144-289,000Lafrance, Suzanne
M-7144-594,000Lafrenier, Antoine and Marguerite Houle. - Or Lefrenier.
M-7144-247,000Lagimodiere, Antoinette Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-210,000Lagimodiere, Jean Baptiste and Josette (Native) / Marie Anne Gaboury. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-292,000Lagimodiere, Josette Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-209,000Lagimodiere, Julie
M-7144-880,000Lagimodiere, Marie Catherine
M-7144-887,000Lagimodiere, Marie Rose Antoinette Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-710,000Laliberte, Alexander.
M-7144-229,000Laliberte, AngeliqueScanned Document View now.
M-7144-306,000Lalonde, Genevieve
M-7144-147,000Lalonde, Peter and Catherine Pritchard.
M-7144-910,000Lambert : sundry.
M-7144-909,000Lambert, Alexis and a Native woman.
M-7144-911,000Lambert, Charlotte
M-7144-908,000Lambert, Francois.
M-7144-353,000Lambert, Jacques and Louise Danis.
M-7144-907,000Lambert, Louis and Angelique Belleau.
M-7144-290,000Lambert, Marie
M-7144-959,000Lamirande, Louis and Marguerite Danis.
M-7144-714,000Land, Charles and Sarah Ann Good.
M-7144-498,000Landry, Henrietta
M-7144-306,000Landry, Joseph and Genevieve Lalonde.
M-7144-523,000Lane, Richard and Genevieve Sutherland / Mary McDermot / Anna Gardiner.
M-7144-415,000Lapierre, Cecile
M-7144-777,000Lapierre, Josephte
M-7144-1000,000Lapierre, Louise Marchand, dit
M-7144-807,000Lapointe, Antoine and Charlotte Lacourse.
M-7144-742,000Lapointe, Jean Baptiste Desautels, dit
M-7144-1215,000Larance, Bazile and Agathe (Iroquois).
M-7144-478,000Larence, Angelique
M-7144-997,000Lariviere, Cecile
M-7144-845,000Larocque, Antoine and Rosalie Bruneau.
M-7144-844,000Larocque, Charles and Catherine Lafournaise / Catherine Mason / Catherine Lefournier.
M-7144-846,000Larocque, Jean and Josette (Native).
M-7144-318,000Larocque, Julie
M-7144-850,000Larocque, Olivier, or Rochbrune, and Madeleine Piche.
M-7144-849,000Larocque, Pierre and Marguerite / Josephte Descoteaux.
M-7144-788,000Larocque, Sophie
M-7144-320,000Laroque : sundry.
M-7144-772,000Laroque, Marguerite
M-7144-888,000Laroque, Sarah
M-7144-146,000Larose, Joseph and Josephte "Sousette" Pritchard. - Or La Rose.
M-7144-864,000Larson, Caroline
M-7144-495,000Latimer, Eleanor
M-7144-736,000Latour : sundry.
M-7144-1120,000Latour, Isabella
M-7144-367,000Latoure, Suzanne
M-7144-1050,000Laurent, Marguerite
M-7144-249,000Laurent, N. (empty file).
M-7144-294,000Lauzon, Josephte
M-7144-718,000Lavallee, Amable and Josephte Plaquin.
M-7144-817,000Lavallee, Angelique
M-7144-720,000Lavallee, Helene
M-7144-717,000Lavallee, Ignace and Josephte (Crise).
M-7144-722,000Lavallee, Louis and Louise Martel.
M-7144-726.000Lavallee, Marguerite
M-7144-1032,000Lavallee, Marie
M-7144-719,000Lavallee, Pierre and Catherine Gaudry.
M-7144-290,000Lavallie, Martin and Marie Lambert.
M-7144-652,000Lavasseur, Marie
M-7144-1220,000Laverdure, Angelique
M-7144-1217,000Laverdure, Pierre and Agnes Parenteau. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1216,000Laviolette, Charles and Louise "Lisette" (Cree).
M-7144-817,000Laviolette, Marie
M-7144-1181,000Lawson : sundry.
M-7144-301,000Le Clerc, Suzanne
M-7144-923,000Le Page, Delphine
M-7144-273,000Le Pretre dit Shawan, Elizabeth
M-7144-336,000Leask, John and Mary Ann Moar.
M-7144-922,000Leask, Samuel and Catherine Linklater.
M-7144-924,000Leask, Thomas and Elizabeth (Native).
M-7144-925,000Leask, William and Elizabeth "Betsy".
M-7144-921,000Leask, William and Fanny.
M-7144-1016,000Leblanc : sundry. - Or White, LeBlanc.
M-7144-281,000LeBlanc, Henriette "Harriet"
M-7144-1015,000Leblanc, Henry and Isabella Donald.
M-7144-1014,000Leblanc, Louis and Angelique Vallee.
M-7144-1013,000Leblanc, Louis and Elizabeth Fidler.
M-7144-673,000LeBlanc, Pierre and Nancy McKenzie.
M-7144-615,000LeClair, Joseph.
M-7144-302,000Ledoux, Pierre and Susanne Short / Marie Crise.
M-7144-844,000Lefournier, Catherine
M-7144-895,000Legault, Antoine Deslauriers, dit
M-7144-642,000Leger dit Parisien, Bonaventure
M-7144-162,000Leland, Mary
M-7144-512,000Lemai, Pierriche dit Delorme
M-7144-609,000Lemire, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-847,000Lemire, Pierre and Marie (Blackfoot). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-103,000Lennie, William and Annabella Fraser.
M-7144-956,000Lepine, Jane
M-7144-974,000Lepine, Jean Baptiste and Angelique Delorme.
M-7144-144,000Lepine, Joseph and Angelique Pelorin.
M-7144-256,000Lesperance, Marguerite
M 7144.1066,000Lesperence, Marie
M-7144-1000,000Lessard, Angelique or Anne Marie "Nancy"
M-7144-1218,000Letendre : sundry.
M-7144-412,000Letendre dit Batoche, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-913,000Letendre, Agathe
M-7144-251,000Letendre, Jean Baptiste and Sophie Josephte (Native).
M-7144-491,000Letendre, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1278,000Letendre, Philomene
M-7144-721,000Leveille, Joseph and Isabelle Boivin. - Or Lavallee.
M-7144-716,000Leveille, Pierre and Julie McKenzie. - Or Lavallie.
M-7144-1068,000Lewis, Emma
M-7144-35,000Lewis, John Lee and Margaret (Metis) / Elizabeth Smith / Emma (Native) / Jane Ballendine. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-538,000Lillie, Alexander Roff and Harriet McDermot.
M-7144-537,000Lillie, Daniel and Mary Anne Richard.
M-7144-579,000Lillie, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-595,000Lingan, Edward and Marguerite Guidon. - Or Lingnan. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-595,000Lingnan. See above.
M-7144-705,000aLinklater : sundry : extra. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-705,000Linklater : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-780,000Linklater, Andrew and Catherine Moore or Longmore.
M-7144-779,000Linklater, Andrew and Elizabeth "Betsy" Swanston.
M-7144-922,000Linklater, Catherine
M-7144-686,000Linklater, Harriet Jane
M-7144-707,000Linklater, Hugh and Jane (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-706,000Linklater, John II and Elizabeth Saunderson / Helen Peebles. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-784,000Linklater, Magnus and Frances "Fanny".
M-7144-121,000Linklater, Magnus and Jane Flett.
M-7144-140,000Linklater, Margaret
M-7144-1131,000Linklater, Nancy
M-7144-605,000Linklater, Sarah
M-7144-708,000 Linklater, Thomas Marewick and Catherine Moar. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-709,000Linklater, William and Eleanor "Helen" Thomas.
M-7144-781,000Linklater, William and Helen "Ellen" Richard.
M-7144-606,000Livingston, Samuel Kirkwood Henry and Jane Mary Howse.
M-7144-17,000Livingstone, Flora
M-7144-118,000Livingstone, Neil and Mary.
M-7144-470,000Logan, Ann
M-7144-522,000Logan, Anne
M-7144-584,000Logan, Harriet Lily
M-7144-1187,000Logan, Jane Mary
M-7144-182,000aLogan, Robert and Mary (Sauteuse) / Sarah Agnes Smith : backup material.
M-7144-182,000Logan, Robert and Mary (Sauteuse) / Sarah Agnes Smith.
M-7144-812,000Lolo, Sophia
M-7144-780,000Longmore, Catherine
M-7144-338,000Longmore, Robert.
M-7144-454,000Longmore, Sarah
M-7144-785,000Louis : sundry. - Or Lewis.
M-7144-173,000Louis, James and Sarah / Isabelle Spence. - Or Lewis.
M-7144-166,000Loutit, Henry and Nancy. - Or Ludit.
M-7144-832,000 Loutit, Nancy Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-260,000Loyer, Louis and Louise Genevieve "Jennie" Jasper or Gaspard.
M-7144-774,000Lozanne, Pauline
M-7144-1104,000Lucier : sundry. - Or Lussier.
M-7144-167,000 Lucier, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-297,000Lucier, Angelique
M-7144-379,000Lucier, Francois and Lisette Bruneau.
M-7144-833,000 Lucier, Isabelle Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-198,000 Lucier, Joseph and Wewepihawisk (part Shoshoni). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1105,000Lucier, Louise
M-7144-591,000Lucier, Louise Morand, dit
M-7144-1102,000Lucier, Toussaint and Josephte Lachevrautiere or Lachevrotiere or De Chavigny de la Chevrotiere - Or Lussier.
M-7144-1103,00Lussier, Francois and a Metis woman. - Or Lucier.
M-7144-358,000Lusted, Stephen and Ann Drury.
M-7144-172,000Lyons, John and Margaret Kipling.
M-7144-1287,000Lyons, Sophie
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M-7144-1197,000Macdonald, Norman and Jane / Eliza. - Or McDonald.
M-7144-12,000cMacGillivray : Pritchard, John and Catherine background. - See also M-7144-11,000-12,000.
M-7144-12,000MacGillivray, Catherine
M-7144-729,000MacIan of Clan Macdonald, Anne
M-7144-154,000Mackagonne, Mary
M-7144-448,000Mackenzie, Geddes Margaret
M-7144-1138,000MacKenzie, Peter A. and Mary.
M-7144-448,000Mackenzie, Sir Alexander and Marie (Inuit?) / Geddes Margaret Mackenzie.
M-7144-813,000Mackgonne, Susanne
M-7144-497,000Maclean, Catherine
M-7144-564,000Mainville, Lizette
M-7144-611,000Mainville, Francoise
M-7144-567,000Mainville, Francoise.
M-7144-262,000Majeau, Octave and Emelie L'Hirondelle.
M-7144-92,000Malaterre, Jean Baptiste and Angelique Adam.
M-7144-1146,000Malaterre, Marguerite
M-7144-272,000Mallotte, Angelique
M-7144-502,000Mamenawatum, Jessie
M-7144-792,000Mandeville, Francois and Marie Maunsie.
M-7144-803,000Manger-de-Lard, Elizabeth "Isabelle"
M-7144-960,000Marcellais, Marguerite
M-7144-1000,000Marchand dit Lapierre, Louise
M-7144-1040,000Marchand, Augustine
M-7144-255,000Marion, Francois and Lisette Martel.
M-7144-255,000Martel, Lisette
M-7144-722,000Martel, Louise
M-7144-365,000Martin, Jean Francois Regis and Marguerite Racette.
M-7144-208,000Martin, Jerome and Native woman.
M-7144-759,000Martin, Marie "Josephte"
M-7144-932,000Martin, Sarah Ann
M-7144-741,000Martineau, Catherine
M-7144-535,000 Maskegon, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-813,000Maskegonne, Isabella
M-7144-844,000Mason, Catherine
M-7144-694,000Mason, Rev. William and Sophia Thomas.
M-7144-340,000Mason, Sarah Jane
M-7144-408,000Massey, Elizabeth "Betsey"
M-7144-808,000Massey, Robert and Sarah Hannah Smith.
M-7144-10,000Matheson, "Big Angus" and Margaret Gunn.
M-7144-1,001Matheson, "Red John" and Barbara Sutherland.
M-7144-3,000cMatheson, Alex "Bon Homme" and Anne Matheson : backup correspondence.
M-7144-3,000aMatheson, Alex "Bon Homme" and Anne Matheson.
M-7144-3,000Matheson, Alex "Bon Homme" and Anne Matheson. - See also M-7144-342 and M-8981-258 for Matheson family photographs.
M-7144-3,000bMatheson, Alex "Bon Homme" and Anne Matheson. : backup correspondence.
M-7144-3,400Matheson, Alexander and Catherine "Katie" McArthur.
M-7144-2,000Matheson, Angus "Tailor" and Christina Gordon Matheson.
M-7144-3,000Matheson, Anne
M-7144-9,000Matheson, Anne
M-7144-4,000Matheson, Catherine
M-7144-5,000Matheson, Catherine
M-7144-67,000Matheson, Catherine
M-7144-2,000Matheson, Christina Gordon
M-7144-54,000Matheson, Donald and Barbara Fraser.
M-7144-607,000Matheson, Elizabeth
M-7144-1,000Matheson, Hugh, Alexander and Samuel.
M-7144-938,000Matheson, Isabella
M-7144-312,000Matheson, Jane
M-7144-7,000Matheson, John "Pagie" and Anne Polson.
M-7144-1,000Matheson, Samuel
M-7144-792,000Maunsie, Marie
M-7144-55,000McAllum, Duncan and Christianna Ross.
M-7144-3,400McArthur, Catherine "Katie"
M-7144-223,000McArthur, Christina
M-7144-225,000McArthur, Flora
M-7144-224,000McArthur, Margaret
M-7144-1214,000McArthur, Mary
M-7144-222,000McArthur, Peter and Catherine Gillespie.
M-7144-264,000McArthur, Peter and Christy McKay.
M-7144-152,000McAulay, John and Mary Jane Brazeau.
M-7144-1269,000McBain, Marianne
M-7144-866,000McBeath, Harriet Ellen
M-7144-16,000McBeath, Henny
M-7144-183,000McBeath, Meage
M-7144-6,600McBeth, Alexander and Christine Gunn : descendants.
M-7144-6,000McBeth, Alexander and Christine Gunn.
M-7144-86,000McBeth, Annie
M-7144-15,000McBeth, Christiana
M-7144-189,000McBeth, Christiana
M-7144-1283,000McBeth, Flora Bell
M-7144-528,000McBeth, Janet
M-7144-25,000McBeth, Mary "Molly"
M-7144-85,000McBeth, Mary Jane
M-7144-190,000McBeth, Mary Morrison
M-7144-555,000McCarthy, Julia Mercredie, dit
M-7144-495,000McCauley, Alexander "Black Alex" and Eleanor Latimer.
M-7144-235,000McCauley, Roderick and Harriet McDonald.
M-7144-483,000McChorister, Frances
M-7144-239,000McChorrister (empty file).
M-7144-269,000McChorrister, Alexander and Catherine Johnston.
M-7144-992,000McCorrister, Catherine
M-7144-30,000McDermot, Andrew and Mary McNab.
M-7144-111,000McDermot, Annie
M-7144-538,000McDermot, Harriet
M-7144-523,000McDermot, Mary
M-7144-668,000McDermot, Mary Sarah
M-7144-605,000McDermott, Joseph Augustin and Sarah Linklater.
M-7144-479,000McDonald : sundry.
M-7144-626,000McDonald of Garth, John and Nancy Small / Amelia McGillis.
M-7144-220,000McDonald, "Big" Donald and Jeannette "Jane" Beaudry.
M-7144-469,000McDonald, "Little" Donald and Nancy "Anne" Ferguson.
M-7144-474,000McDonald, Alexander and Christine McKay.
M-7144-481,000McDonald, Alexander and Margaret L'Hirondelle.
M-7144-475,000McDonald, Alexander and Marianne McRae.
M-7144-472,000McDonald, Alexander and Sarah Lacorde.
M-7144-478,000McDonald, Angus and Angelique Larence / Angelique Durocher.
M-7144-966,000McDonald, Angus and Jane Thompson.
M-7144-1196,000McDonald, Angus and Jane Thompson.
M-7144-1198,000McDonald, Angus and Mary McLugoish.
M-7144-477,000McDonald, Angus and Nanette or Jeanette McDonald.
M-7144-480,000McDonald, Archibald and Princess Raven / Jane Klyne.
M-7144-963,000McDonald, Archibald Grieve "Archie" and Ellen "Nellie" Inkster.
M-7144-67,000McDonald, Capt. Roderick Ross and Catherine Matheson.
M-7144-259,000McDonald, Christianna
M-7144-970,000McDonald, Daniel and Angelique Cadotte.
M-7144-967,000McDonald, Donald and an unknown woman.
M-7144-468,000McDonald, Donald and Janet Bethune.
M-7144-482,000McDonald, Donald and Margaret Moar.
M-7144-471,000McDonald, Duncan and Elizabeth Tait. - "See 469,300".
M-7144-962,000McDonald, Ewan and Elize Hunter Murray.
M-7144-645,000McDonald, Finan and Margaret.
M-7144-347,000McDonald, Flora
M-7144-235,000McDonald, Harriet
M-7144-552,000McDonald, Helene
M-7144-968,000McDonald, Hugh and Margaret McPhee.
M-7144-1190,000McDonald, Isabelle
M-7144-1191,000McDonald, Isabelle
M-7144-344,000McDonald, Jessie
M-7144-964,000McDonald, John and an unknown woman.
M-7144-965,000McDonald, John and Elizabeth Anderson.
M-7144-343,000McDonald, John and Frances Chalifoux.
M-7144-1199,000McDonald, John and Isabella McKay.
M-7144-1195,000McDonald, John and Josephine Cook.
M-7144-1194,000McDonald, John and Mary Cleave.
M-7144-221,000McDonald, John and Sarah Swain. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-109,000McDonald, Kenneth and Elizabeth Calder.
Scanned Document View part 1 now. Scanned Document View part 2 now. Scanned Document View part 3 now.
M-7144-969,000McDonald, Kenneth and Elizabeth.
M-7144-486,000McDonald, Kenneth and Emma Rowland.
M-7144-972,000McDonald, Malcolm and Mary Cardinal.
M-7144-1187,000McDonald, Margaret
M-7144-1280,000McDonald, Marie
M-7144-324,000McDonald, Mary
M-7144-484,000McDonald, Murdoch and Mary Campeau or Pee-pona-kapew.
M-7144-973,000McDonald, Murdoch and Mary Campion or Campean or Peeponkapow.
M-7144-483,000McDonald, Murdock and Frances McChorister.
M-7144-485,000McDonald, Murdock and Louise Beauvais.
M-7144-477,000McDonald, Nanette or Jeanette
M-7144-470,000McDonald, Neil and Ann Logan.
M-7144-521,000McDonald, Neil and Anne Logan. - "See 470,000".
M-7144-1192,000McDonald, Roderick William and Mary Ann Anderson.
M-7144-971,000McDonald, William and Annie McKay.
M-7144-1193,000McDonald, William and Betsy Allard.
M-7144-70,000McDonald, William and Catherine Gunn.
M-7144-1189,000McDonald, William and Catherine McKay.
M-7144-1188,000McDonald, William and Nancy Hamelin.
M-7144-476,000McDonell, Allan and Margaret (Native).
M-7144-464,000McDonell, Margaret
M-7144-93,000McDonnell, Mary
M-7144-464,000McDougall, Duncan and Margaret McDonell.
M-7144-282,000McDougall, Rev. George Millward and Elizabeth Chantler.
M-7144-276,000McEwan, William and Jessie Spence.
M-7144-1183,000McEwen, Peter and Mary Gladstone.
M-7144-395,000McFarland, John Stewart and Margaret Bruce.
M-7144-626,000McGillis, Amelia
M-7144-93,000McGillis, Donald Ban Mor and Mary McDonnell. - Or MacGillis.
M-7144-93,700McGillis, Josua and Marie Brazeau : and backup material.
M-7144-1001,000McGillis, Mary
M-7144-61,000 McGillivray, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-102,000McGillivray, Hon. William and a Native woman.
M-7144-203,000McGillivray, Mary
M-7144-517,000McGillivray, Mary Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-492,000McIntosh, Christopher William and Anne Gunn.
M-7144-493,000McIntosh, John "Jean" and Charlotte Robertson.
M-7144-69,000 McIntosh, William and Sarah Gladu. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-794,000McIntyre, John and Catherine.
M-7144-60,000McIvor, Angus and an unknown woman.
M-7144-328,000McKay : sundry.
M-7144-263,000McKay, Alexander and Margaret Wadin.
M-7144-311,000McKay, Alexis and Marguerite Sauteuse.
M-7144-83,000McKay, Alice
M-7144-327,000McKay, Angus and Jean.
M-7144-971,000McKay, Annie
M-7144-820,000McKay, Betty
M-7144-233,000McKay, Catherine
M-7144-680,000McKay, Catherine
M-7144-1189,000McKay, Catherine
M-7144-474,000McKay, Christine
M-7144-264,000McKay, Christy
M-7144-87,000aMcKay, Donald "Mad" and Miss Sutherland / Mary McKenzie : backup material.
M-7144-87,000McKay, Donald "Mad" and Miss Sutherland / Mary McKenzie.
M-7144-112,000McKay, Donald and Jessie Heddle.
M-7144-128,000McKay, Dorothy
M-7144-287,000McKay, Dorothy
M-7144-438,000McKay, Edward "Jerry" "Shake-mess" and Margaret Halcro or Halcrow.
M-7144-23,000McKay, Elizabeth "Betty"
M-7144-1130,000McKay, Flora
M-7144-607,000McKay, George and Elizabeth Matheson.
M-7144-1199,000McKay, Isabella
M-7144-570,000McKay, Isobel
M-7144-312,000McKay, James and Jane Matheson.
M-7144-34,000McKay, James and Margaret Gladu.
M-7144-317,000McKay, John and Josephte Boucher.
M-7144-33,000bMcKay, John and Mary Favell : backup correspondence.
M-7144-33,000aMcKay, John and Mary Favell : backup material.
M-7144-33,441McKay, John and Mary Favell : descendants : backup material.
M-7144-33,305McKay, John and Mary Favell : descendants.
M-7144-33,360McKay, John and Mary Favell : descendants.
M-7144-33,540McKay, John and Mary Favell : descendants.
M-7144-33,000McKay, John and Mary Favell.
M-7144-236,000McKay, Julia Mary Jane
M-7144-323,000McKay, Justine
M-7144-334,000McKay, Margaret
M-7144-84,000McKay, Margaret Elizabeth
M-7144-900,000McKay, Marion
M-7144-74,000McKay, Mary
M-7144-82,000McKay, Mary
M-7144-747,000McKay, Mary
M-7144-324,000McKay, Neil and Mary McDonald.
M-7144-284,000McKay, Rev. William Morrison and Jane Flett.
M-7144-21,000McKay, Robert and Christiana Bannerman.
M-7144-46,000McKay, Robina
M-7144-22,000McKay, William and Barbara Sutherland.
M-7144-633,000McKay, William and Suzette (Native).
M-7144-1079,000McKeever, Rebecca
M-7144-616,000McKenney, Henry and Elizabeth Reily.
M-7144-1143,000McKenzie : sundry.
M-7144-986,000McKenzie dit La Riviere, Mary
M-7144-1140,000McKenzie, Alex and Jane L. Ross.
M-7144-1120,000McKenzie, Alexander "the Emperor" and Isabella Latour.
M-7144-1121,000McKenzie, Alexander and Christiana.
M-7144-273,000McKenzie, Alexander and Elizabeth Le Pretre dit Shawan.
M-7144-73,000McKenzie, Alexander Grant and Isabella "Bella" Fraser.
M-7144-1135,000McKenzie, Alexander Ronaldson and Mary Flett.
M-7144-1116,000McKenzie, Alexander.
M-7144-856,000McKenzie, Anne
M-7144-274,000McKenzie, Arabella
M-7144-275,000McKenzie, Arabella
M-7144-1125,000McKenzie, Capt. Roderick and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1115,000McKenzie, Daniel and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1141,000McKenzie, Daniel and Elizabeth.
M-7144-1124,000McKenzie, Donald and Adelgarde Humbert Deoz.
M-7144-1126,000McKenzie, Donald and Jane.
M-7144-240,000 McKenzie, Donald and Mathilda Bruce. Scanned Document View part 1 now. Scanned Document View part 2 now.
M-7144-686,000McKenzie, Ebenezer Alexander William Riddock, alias William Cameron, and Harriet Jane Linklater.
M-7144-1128,000McKenzie, George and Ann Sutherland.
M-7144-1118,000McKenzie, Henry and Anne Bethune.
M-7144-1117,000McKenzie, Hon. Roderick and Marie Louise Rachel Chaboillez.
M-7144-1129,000McKenzie, Hugh and Catherine.
M-7144-1119,000McKenzie, James and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1142,000McKenzie, James and Jessie Campbell.
M-7144-1136,000McKenzie, Jane
M-7144-52,000McKenzie, Jemima
M-7144-1122,000McKenzie, John and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1134,000McKenzie, John and Elizabeth Smith.
M-7144-1127,000McKenzie, John and Sarah.
M-7144-716,000McKenzie, Julie
M-7144-277,000McKenzie, Kenneth and a Native woman.
M-7144-1123,000McKenzie, Kenneth and Elise Sayer.
M-7144-1114,000McKenzie, Kenneth and Jean Condy.
M-7144-87,000McKenzie, Mary
M-7144-1268,000McKenzie, Mary Ann
M-7144-667,000McKenzie, Nancy
M-7144-673,000McKenzie, Nancy
M-7144-711,000McKenzie, Norman and Jane Hart.
M-7144-1137,000McKenzie, Peter and Isabelle.
M-7144-1131,000McKenzie, Philip and Nancy Linklater.
M-7144-1132,000McKenzie, Robert Sangster and Ruth Tyler.
M-7144-271,000McKenzie, Roderick "Junior" and Sarah "Sally" Sutherland.
M-7144-272,000McKenzie, Roderick "Senior" and Angelique Mallotte.
M-7144-1133,000McKenzie, Roderick and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1130,000McKenzie, Roderick and Flora McKay.
M-7144-1136,000McKenzie, Roderick and Jane McKenzie.
M-7144-1139,000McKenzie, William and Jemima Hall.
M-7144-491,000McKinley, Ellen Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1184,000McKinnon : sundry.
M-7144-404,000McKnight, George and Mary Smith.
M-7144-1145,000McLaughlin, Flavie
M-7144-437,000McLaughlin, Peter and Elizabeth Foulds. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-329,000McLean : sundry.
M-7144-994,000McLean, Christie
M-7144-1002,000McLean, Dr. John.
M-7144-1067,000McLean, Jannet
M-7144-546,000McLean, John.
M-7144-1030,000McLean, Josephte
M-7144-598,000McLean, Mary
M-7144-862,000McLean, Mary
M-7144-1065,000McLean, Mary
M-7144-280,000McLean, William James "Big Bear" and Helen Hunter Murray.
M-7144-993,000McLennan, Annie
M-7144-370,000McLennan, Murdoch and Ann Sutherland / Ann Bird.
M-7144-505,000McLeod : sundry.
M-7144-997,000McLeod, Abraham and an unknown woman / Cecile Lariviere.
M-7144-1001,000McLeod, Alexander and a Native woman / Mary McGillis.
M-7144-989,000McLeod, Alexander and Annie Tremblay.
M-7144-998,000McLeod, Alexander and Christina.
M-7144-999,000McLeod, Alexander and Jane Turner.
M-7144-988,000McLeod, Alexander Roderick and Isabella Inkster.
M-7144-355,000McLeod, Alexcander Roderick and a Native woman.
M-7144-987,000McLeod, Angus and Mary Ducharme.
M-7144-993,000McLeod, Donald and Annie McLennan.
M-7144-992,000McLeod, Donald and Catherine McCorrister.
M-7144-994,000McLeod, Donald and Christie McLean.
M-7144-991,000McLeod, Donald M. and Catherine.
M-7144-80,000McLeod, John and Charlotte Pruden.
M-7144-982,000McLeod, John and Clementine Harper / Margaret Cochrane.
M-7144-985,000McLeod, John and Elizabeth Swain. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-983,000McLeod, John and Georgina Franks.
M-7144-984,000McLeod, John and Janet.
M-7144-986,000McLeod, John and Mary McKenzie dit La Riviere.
M-7144-1000,000McLeod, Joseph and Angelique or Anne Marie "Nancy" Lacerte or Lessard / Louise Marchand dit Lapierre.
M-7144-935,000McLeod, Kate
M-7144-995,000McLeod, Kenneth and Matilda Johnston.
M-7144-990,000McLeod, Malcolm and Jessie Ann Sutherland.
M-7144-59,000 McLeod, Murdoch and Frances Munroe. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-996,000McLeod, Roderick and Margaret Flett.
M-7144-1198,000McLugoish, Mary
M-7144-525,000 McMillan, Helene "Ellen" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-491,000 McMillan, James and Josette Belisle / Marie Letendre / Kel-a-ko-tah / Ellen McKinley. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-356,000 McMurray, William and Ann Christie "Nancy" Ballendine / Harriet Inkster. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-30,000McNab, Mary
M-7144-62,000McNab, Sarah
M-7144-110,000McNab, Thomas and Mary (Native). - Or McNabb.
M-7144-185,000McPhail, Daniel.
M-7144-931,000McPhail, Duncan and Matilda Inkster.
M-7144-39,000McPhail, John and Anne Kauffman.
M-7144-968,000McPhee, Margaret
M-7144-14,000McPherson, Catherine
M-7144-740,000McPherson, John and an unknown woman.
M-7144-527,000McPherson, Joseph Edward and Maria Fletcher Hardisty.
M-7144-283,000McQueen, Rev. David G.
M-7144-184,000McRae, Duncan and Charlotte Smith.
M-7144-326,000McRae, George and Ellen Sutherland. - And McRae, sundry.
M-7144-325,000McRae, John Garrie and Catherine Polson.
M-7144-475,000McRae, Marianne
M-7144-940,000McRae, Murdoch and Elizabeth Olson.
M-7144-934,000McRae, Sarah
M-7144-385,000McTavish, Donald and Maria Simpson.
M-7144-668,000McTavish, Dugald, Jr. and Mary Sarah McDermot.
M-7144-667,000McTavish, John George and Nancy McKenzie / Catherine Turner / Elizabeth Cameron.
M-7144-383,000McTavish, Letitia
M-7144-189,000McVicar, Robert and Christiana McBeth.
M-7144-68,000McWilliams, Mary
M-7144-117,000Meaver, William and Jennie Gladu.
M-7144-1009,000Mercredi, Rosalie
M-7144-555,000Mercredie dit McCarthy, Julia
M-7144-603,000Mercredie, Francois and Francoise Daoust.
M-7144-408,000Merriam, Johnson and Elizabeth "Betsey" Massey / Thankful Towns. - See also M-7144-361 for Merriam family photographs.
M-7144-654,000Methotte, Angelique
M-7144-619,000Michowasky, Mary
M-7144-377,000Miles, Robert Seaborne and Elizabeth "Betsy" Sinclair.
M-7144-905,000Millar, Walter and Christina Ellen Campbell.
M-7144-906,000Miller : sundry.
M-7144-28,400Miller, Elizabeth
M-7144-902,000Miller, Felix and Mary Margaret Theyrer.
M-7144-903,000Miller, Joseph Mulaire dit, and Mary Teabury / Catherine Lacerte.
M-7144-156,000Miller, Robert and Elizabeth Setter.
M-7144-900,000Miller, Thomas Falkner and Marion McKay.
M-7144-901,000Miller, William and Jessie Anne Hume.
M-7144-904,000Miller, William Frederick and Sarah or Isabella Wishart. - Or Mills.
M-7144-86,000Mills, Maj. Augustus and Annie McBeth.
M-7144-783,000 Mirante, Charlotte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-597,000Mitchell : sundry.
M-7144-405,000Mitchell, Jane
M-7144-708,000 Moar, Catherine Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1106,000Moar, Catherine
M-7144-647,000Moar, George and Jenette Brass.
M-7144-1008,000Moar, John and Catherine.
M-7144-646,000 Moar, John and Clementine Ross. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-316,000Moar, John and Helene Campbell.
M-7144-482,000Moar, Margaret
M-7144-333,000Moar, Margaret "Peggie"
M-7144-336,000Moar, Mary Ann
M-7144-1009,000Moar, William and Rosalie Mercredi.
M-7144-414,000Moberly, Capt. John and Mary Fock.
M-7144-532,000Mondion, Marguerite
M-7144-664,000Monet dit Bellehumeur, Marianne
M-7144-205,000Monet dit Bellehumeur, Michel and Josephte (Sauteuse).
M-7144-406,000Mongoyan, Margaret
M-7144-867,000Monkman : sundry.
M-7144-1294,000Monkman : sundry.
M-7144-174,000Monkman, Ann
M-7144-882,000Monkman, Catherine
M-7144-452,000Monkman, Helen
M-7144-145,000Monkman, James and Mary (Cree).
M-7144-162,000Monkman, Joseph II and Mary Leland.
M-7144-506,000Montour : sundry.
M-7144-600,000Montour, Louise
M-7144-349,000Moore : sundry.
M-7144-1012,000Moore : sundry. - Or Moar, Moor.
M-7144-1007,000Moore, Andrew and Mary.
M-7144-780,000Moore, Catherine
M-7144-1011,000Moore, George and Emma Good.
M-7144-1010,000Moore, George and Mary Truthwaite.
M-7144-333,000Moore, Margaret "Peggie"
M-7144-227,000Moore, Mary
M-7144-1285,000Moose-key-ah dit Brilliant, Christina
M-7144-824,000Moran : sundry.
M-7144-591,000Morand dit Lucier, Louise
M-7144-596,000Morand, Jean Baptiste and Francoise Brienoche.
M-7144-825,000Morand, Jean Baptiste and Marie Dubois.
M-7144-319,000Morand, Marguerite
M-7144-551,000Morgan, Robert I and Margaret Denig.
M-7144-1153,000Morin : sundry.
M-7144-308,000 Morin, Antoine and Pelagie Boucher. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1148,000Morin, Antoine and Therese Rocque.
M-7144-1150,000Morin, Antoine, Sr. and an unknown woman.
M-7144-944,000 Morin, Etienne Comtois, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1147,000Morin, Francois and Marguerite Allard.
M-7144-1152,000Morin, Francois and Mary.
M-7144-1145,000Morin, Hyacinthe and Marie Rose Sansregret / Flavie McLaughlin.
M-7144-1149,000Morin, J. B. and Francoise (Native).
M-7144-1154,000Morin, Jean Baptiste and Marie Charon dit Ducharme.
M-7144-738,000Morin, Jean Baptiste Perreault, dit
M-7144-1243,000Morin, Josephte "Josephine"
M-7144-1146,000Morin, Louis and Marguerite Malaterre.
M-7144-1151,000Morin, Louis and Marie Anne Beauchemin.
M-7144-303,000Morin, Marguerite
M-7144-1020,000Morris, Mary
M-7144-937,000Morrison : sundry.
M-7144-64,000Morrison, Angus and Ann "Nancy" Cunningham.
M-7144-934,000Morrison, Capt. Angus and Sarah McRae.
M-7144-935,000Morrison, Donald and Kate McLeod.
M-7144-936,000Morrison, Hector and Marianne Scott / Skwaokan.
M-7144-793,000Morrison, John A. "Jack" and Henrietta "Harriet" Bremner.
M-7144-614,000Morrison, John and Hannah Struthers.
M-7144-938,000Morrison, Norman and Isabella Matheson.
M-7144-930,000 Morrisseau, Antoine and Charlotte (Sauteuse). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-165,000Morwick, James and a Native woman / Sarah Sabiston.
M-7144-418,000Morwick, Jane
M-7144-28,000Morwick, Jean
M-7144-488,000Mowat, Adam and Jane Asham.
M-7144-127,000Mowat, Edward and Margaret Stewart.
M-7144-489,000Mowat, Edward and Mary (Native).
M-7144-822,000Mowat, Margaret
M-7144-860,000Muir, Annie
M-7144-843,000Muir, John and Elizabeth Stewart.
M-7144-903,000Mulaire, Joseph Miller, dit
M-7144-1113,000Munro : sundry. - Or Munroe.
M-7144-1110,000Munro, Alexander and Jemima Garrioch.
M-7144-1097,000Munro, Ann
M-7144-1111,000Munro, Colin and an unknown woman.
M-7144-1112,000Munro, Colin and Louisa Irvine.
M-7144-1076,000Munro, Susan M.
M-7144-1106,000Munroe, Alexander and Catherine Moar.
M-7144-113,000Munroe, Anne
M-7144-215,000Munroe, Annie
M-7144-1109,000Munroe, Antoine and Genevieve Campion.
M-7144-1108,000Munroe, Finlay and Jane Denning. - Or Munro.
M-7144-59,000 Munroe, Frances Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-9,000Munroe, George and Anne Matheson.
M-7144-339,000Munroe, Hugh and a Blackfoot or Peigan woman / Sinouahake (Cree) / Mary (Piegan).
M-7144-188,000Munroe, Janet
M-7144-1107,000Munroe, John and a Blackfoot woman.
M-7144-58,000Munroe, Marion
M-7144-949,000Murray : sundry.
M-7144-38,000Murray, Alexander and Elizabeth Murray.
M-7144-376,000 Murray, Alexander Hunter and Ann Campbell. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-230,000Murray, Catherine "Kate"
M-7144-38,000Murray, Elizabeth
M-7144-962,000Murray, Elize Hunter
M-7144-280,000Murray, Helen Hunter
M-7144-49,000Murray, Isabella
M-7144-20,000Murray, Isabelle "Bell"
M-7144-48,000Murray, Julia Jane
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M-7144-291,000Nabes, Francois and Helene Boucher.
M-7144-675,000Nadeau : sundry.
M-7144-170,000Nahovway, Margaret
M-7144-885,000Nault : sundry. - Or Neault.
M-7144-1086,000Nault, Alexis and Angelique Brabant.
M-7144-292,000Nault, Amable and Josette Lagimodiere. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1085,000Nault, Charles and Marie Gray or Gris. - Or Henault. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1087,000Nault, Joseph and Josephte / Louise "Elise" "Lizette" Vivier.
M-7144-1170,000Nepising, Archange
M-7144-384,000Nipissing, Marie
M-7144-894,000Nipissing, Marie
M-7144-1168,000Nipissing, Marie
M-7144-1210,000Nipissing, Susanne
M-7144-85,000Nisbet, Rev. James and Mary Jane McBeth.
M-7144-150,000 Nolin, Jean Baptiste and Marie Angelique Couvret. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1231,000Nolin, Marie Louise
M-7144-1166,000Noran, Maggie
M-7144-1166,000Norm, Maggie
M-7144-252,000Normand, Helene
M-7144-728,000Norn, Adelaide
M-7144-1166,000Norn, Maggie
M-7144-608,000Norn, William and Catherine Birston / Sarah Whitford.
M-7144-873,000Norquay, Nancy
M-7144-28,000Norquay, Oman and Jean Morwick.
M-7144-28,400Norquay, Thomas and Elizabeth Miller.
M-7144-501,000Norris, John "Jack" and Marie "Kayatawin" Pelletier / Anabelle Fraser / Friezene Plante.
M-7144-122,000Noyes, Daniel Earl and Adelaide Brazeau.
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M-7144-878,000O'Brien, Ann
M-7144-191,000Ogden, Peter Skene and Julia Rivet.
M-7144-18,000Okanagan, Sarah "the Princess"
M-7144-940,000Olson, Elizabeth
M-7144-1260,000Oman, Betsy
M-7144-410,000Omand, Frances "Fanny"
M-7144-795,000 Omand, James and Jane Brown. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-233,000Omand, John and Catherine McKay.
M-7144-496,000 Onion, Julian Stewart Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1100,000Oram, Thomas and Jane Bear dit Thomas.
M-7144-179,000Ouellette, Joseph and Angelique (Native). - Or Ouillette, Wallette, Vallette, Aulotte.
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M-7144-303,000Page, Joseph and Marguerite Poitras / Marguerite Morin.
M-7144-554,000Pambrun, Marie
M-7144-175,000Pambrun, Pierre Chrysologue and Catherine Humphreville.
M-7144-828,000 Pamereau, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-201,000Pangman, Peter "Bostonnais" and Marguerite (Sauteuse).
M-7144-1040,000Paquette Antoine and Augustine Marchand.
M-7144-1039,000Paquette, Henry and Catherine Richard / Catherine Collin / Cecile Durand or Dumont.
M-7144-1042,000Paquette, Joseph and Cecile Beaudry.
M-7144-1041,000Paquette, Joseph and Madeleine Desrochers.
M-7144-669,000Paquette, Louis and Julie Daigneault.
M-7144-180,000Paquette, Marguerite
M-7144-737,000Paquin, Baptiste and Genevieve. - And Paquin, sundry.
M-7144-268,000Paquin, Joseph, dit Pocha
M-7144-766,000Parent, Catherine
M-7144-1222,000Parenteau : sundry. - Or Parranto.
M-7144-1217,000Parenteau, Agnes Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1220,000Parenteau, Gabriel and Angelique Laverdure.
M-7144-1221,000Parenteau, Joseph and Judith or Angelique Godon.
M-7144-1219,000Parenteau, Joseph and Suzanne (Native).
M-7144-252,000Parenteau, Pierre and Nancy Farquarson / Helene Normand.
M-7144-643,000Parisien, Angelique
M-7144-641,000Parisien, Baptiste and Lisette Bercier.
M-7144-642,000Parisien, Bonaventure Leger dit, and Isabelle (Sauteuse).
M-7144-1202,000Parisien, Elise
M-7144-412,000Parisien, Hyacinthe and Josephte Carriere / Marguerite Letendre dit Batoche. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1282,000Parisien, Nancy
M-7144-957,000Parisien, Rosalie
M-7144-389,000Park, John and Margaret (Metis).
M-7144-174,000Park, Mary
M-7144-142,000Patenaude, Charles and Rose Pritchard.
M-7144-37,000Patterson, Malcolm and Barbara Kauffman. - Or Paterson.
M-7144-724,000 Paul : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-559,000Paul, Francois and Marguerite Grant. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-723,000Paul, Frederick and Josephte Brunet.
M-7144-725,000Paul, Joseph and Louisa (Saulteau or Cree). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-726,000Paul, Paul and Marguerite Lavallee.
M-7144-706,000Peebles, Helen Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-228,000Peebles, James and Nancy (Native) / Mary (Native).
M-7144-950,000Peebles, Mary
M-7144-484,000Pee-pona-kapew, Mary
M-7144-973,000Peeponkapow, Mary
M-7144-361,000Pelletier : sundry.
M-7144-1201,000Pelletier, Charles and Marie Fidler / Marie Fisher.
M-7144-1200,000Pelletier, Charles and Suzanne Bercier.
M-7144-762,000Pelletier, Charlotte
M-7144-1202,000Pelletier, Clement and Elise Parisien.
M-7144-1204,000Pelletier, Joseph and Genevieve "Jannett" Crise or Beston, Birston, Benton.
M-7144-1242,000Pelletier, Josephte
M-7144-501,000Pelletier, Marie "Kayatawin"
M-7144-1205,000Pelletier, Pierre "Pierriche" and Agathe Azure.
M-7144-947,000Pelletier, Pierre and Angelique Comtois.
M-7144-1203,000Pelletier, Pierre and Marguerite Cardinal.
M-7144-144,000Pelorin, Angelique
M-7144-58,000Penrose, James and Marion Munroe.
M-7144-1045,000Perras, Mathilda Domitile
M-7144-766,000Perreau, Catherine
M-7144-738,000Perreault, Jean Baptiste dit Morin and Marie Ducharme. - Or Perrault.
M-7144-692,000Peterson, Andre Emil Lawrence "Andrew Nelson" and Mary Ann Erasmus.
M-7144-788,000Petit-Coteau, Bruno and Sophie Laroque.
M-7144-369,000Phair, Miss
M-7144-912,000Phillips : sundry. - And Lambert, Phillippe, Philips.
M-7144-911,000Phillips, William and Charlotte Lambert.
M-7144-933,000Philpott, Francis and Harriet Martha Booth.
M-7144-1033,000Piche alias Durand, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-295,000Piche, Eugene and Eliza Cardinal.
M-7144-699,000Piche, Florestine
M-7144-322,000Piche, Genevieve
M-7144-1290,000Piche, Joseph and Suzanne (Sioux).
M-7144-961,000Piche, Josephte
M-7144-850,000Piche, Madeleine
M-7144-322,000Picher, Genevieve
M-7144-1025,000Piette, Marguerite
M-7144-258,000Pilon, Josephte
M-7144-1224,000Plante : sundry.
M-7144-1223,000Plante, Basil and Genevieve Lacourse.
M-7144-153,000Plante, Betsy
M-7144-247,000Plante, Francois and Antoinette Lagimodiere / Louise Gaudry or Beaudry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-501,000Plante, Friezene
M-7144-1225,000Plante, Jean Baptiste and Madeleine Dufond.
M-7144-718,000Plaquin, Josephte
M-7144-1024,000Plouffe, Bridget Villebrun, dit
M-7144-268,000Pocha, Joseph Paquin dit, and Margaret (Cree).
M-7144-789,000Poisson-Blanc, Victor and Catherine Durand. - Or Whitefish, Poisson.
M-7144-1212,000Poitras : sundry.
M-7144-313,000Poitras, Andre and Marguerite Grant. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1213,000Poitras, Henry and Marie George.
M-7144-303,000Poitras, Marguerite
M-7144-771,000Poitras, Sophie
M-7144-4,000Polson, Alexander and Catherine Matheson.
M-7144-7,000Polson, Anne
M-7144-325,000Polson, Catherine
M-7144-5,000Polson, Janet
M-7144-1179,000Polson, Margaret
M-7144-183,000Polson, Marion "Mary"
M-7144-876,000Pratt : sundry.
M-7144-458,000Prince : sundry.
M-7144-450,000Prince, Jane
Pritchard : background.
M-7144-147,000Pritchard, Catherine
M-7144-129,000Pritchard, Catherine McGillivray
M-7144-293,000Pritchard, Elizabeth "Lizzie"
M-7144-140,000Pritchard, Isabelle
M-7144-130,000Pritchard, Jane Mary
M-7144-12,701Pritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray : background.
M-7144-12,000aPritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray : backup correspondence.
M-7144-12,000bPritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray : backup correspondence.
M-7144-12,500Pritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray : descendants.
M-7144-12,500aPritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray : descendants.
M-7144-12,000Pritchard, John and Catherine MacGillivray. - See also M-8981-260 for family photographs.
M-7144-11,000aPritchard, John and Marie (Native) : backup correspondence.
M-7144-11,002Pritchard, John and Marie (Native) : descendants.
M-7144-11,510Pritchard, John and Marie (Native) : descendants.
M-7144-11,000Pritchard, John and Marie (Native). - See also M-8981-259 for family photograph.
M-7144-629,000Pritchard, Joseph and Isabella St. Germain.
M-7144-146,000Pritchard, Josephte "Sousette"
M-7144-142,000Pritchard, Rose
M-7144-178,000Pritchard, Rosie
M-7144-81,000Pruden, Ann Margaret
M-7144-170,500Pruden, Caroline
M-7144-374,000Pruden, Caroline
M-7144-80,000Pruden, Charlotte
M-7144-139,000aPruden, John Peter and Nancy (Native) / Anne Armstrong : backup material.
M-7144-139,865Pruden, John Peter and Nancy (Native) / Anne Armstrong : descendants.
M-7144-139,000Pruden, John Peter and Nancy (Native) / Anne Armstrong. - See also M-8981-265 for family photographs.
M-7144-1019,000Pruden, Sarah
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M-7144-1036,000Quintal, Isabelle
M-7144-632,000Racette : sundry.
M-7144-914,000Racette, Angelique
M-7144-631,000Racette, Augustin and Jeanette Houle.
M-7144-630,000Racette, Charles and Josephte Sauteux.
M-7144-365,000Racette, Marguerite
M-7144-661,000Racette, Marguerite
M-7144-149,000Racette, Marie
M-7144-731,000Rainville, Francois and Marguerite Belgarde.
M-7144-497,000Reid, John and Catherine Maclean.
M-7144-871,000Reid, Kate
M-7144-368,000Reid, William and Mary Setter.
M-7144-616,000Reily, Elizabeth
M-7144-515,000Reneau, Josephte
M-7144-78,000Renton, Jane
M-7144-540,000Richard : sundry.
M-7144-1039,000Richard, Catherine
M-7144-539,000Richard, Francois and Margaret (Native).
M-7144-781,000Richard, Helen "Ellen"
M-7144-658,000Richard, Josephte
M-7144-1053,000Richard, Josephte
M-7144-1238,000Richard, Josephte
M-7144-537,000Richard, Mary Anne
M-7144-687,000Richard, Michel and Isabelle Collin.
M-7144-351,000Richards, Margaret
M-7144-333,000Richards, Thomas and Margaret "Peggie" Moore or Moar.
M-7144-542,000Rickards, Hannah Elizabeth
M-7144-266,000Rickards, Isabella Anne
M-7144-541,000Rickards, James and Hannah Willstead.
M-7144-209,000Riel, Louis and Julie Lagimodiere.
M-7144-701,000Rivard, Jean Baptiste and Therese Belanger.
M-7144-1293,000Rivet, Francois and Therese (of Tetplatte Nation).
M-7144-191,000Rivet, Julia
M-7144-655,000Rivet, Louise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-442,000 Robertson, Catherine Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-493,000Robertson, Charlotte
M-7144-335,000Robertson, Colin and Theresa Chalifoux.
M-7144-443,000Robertson, George and Ann "Nancy" (Native). - Or Robinson.
M-7144-1021,000Robichon, Marie Louise
M-7144-888,000Robillard, Andre and Sarah Larocque.
M-7144-887,000Robillard, Jean Baptiste and Marie Rose Antoinette Lagimodiere. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-889,000Robillard, Pierre and Margaret (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1227,000Robinson : sundry.
M-7144-1226,000Robinson, Francois and Angelique Briere, Brilliere, or Bruyere. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1049,000Robinson, Josephte
M-7144-850,000Rochbrune, Olivier
M-7144-1005,000Rocque, Anne
M-7144-1148,000Rocque, Therese
M-7144-62,000Roper, Jane
M-7144-140,000Rose, Betsy
M-7144-769,000Rosinilianer, Marie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1174,000Ross : sundry.
M-7144-25,000Ross, "Big Donald" and Mary "Molly" McBeth.
M-7144-18,000Ross, Alexander and Sarah "the Princess" Okanagan.
M-7144-1176,000Ross, Charles and a Native woman.
M-7144-55,000Ross, Christianna
M-7144-1175,000Ross, Clarke and a Native woman.
M-7144-646,000 Ross, Clementine Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-212,000Ross, George and Catherine Breland.
M-7144-1179,000Ross, George and Margaret Polson.
M-7144-56,000Ross, Henrietta "Henny"
M-7144-1178,000Ross, Hugh and Mary Tait.
M-7144-194,000Ross, Hugh and Sarah "Sally" Short.
M-7144-53,000Ross, Isabella
M-7144-1140,000Ross, Jane L.
M-7144-52,000Ross, Jemima
M-7144-1180,000Ross, Malcolm and a Native woman.
M-7144-1177,000Ross, Malcolm and Catherine.
M-7144-115,000 Ross, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-345,000Ross, Samuel and Annie Jack.
M-7144-315,000Rothney, Helen "Ellen"
M-7144-420,000Roulette, Marie "Maria"
M-7144-1277,000Roussin, Marguerite
M-7144-81,000Rowand, Ann "Nancy"
M-7144-1170,000Rowand, Antoine "Kinnowess" and Archange Nepising.
M-7144-76,000Rowand, John and Louise Umphreville.
M-7144-105,000Rowand, Nancy
M-7144-877,000Rowland : sundry.
M-7144-486,000Rowland, Emma
M-7144-445,000Rowland, Robert and Elizabeth Flett.
M-7144-32,000Rowland, William and Betsy Ballendine.
M-7144-520,000Rowland, William and Isabella Fraser.
M-7144-1246,000Roy, Baptiste and Marguerite (Cree).
M-7144-1248,000Roy, Francois and Lisette Colin.
M-7144-1247,000Roy, Joseph and Henrietta Cayen. - Or Roi.
M-7144-148,000Roy, Madeleine
M-7144-602,000Roy, Suzette
M-7144-531,000Rundle, Rev. Robert T.
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M-7144-580,000Sabiston, Elizabeth "Isabelle" Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-360,000Sabiston, Hugh and Margaret (Cree).
M-7144-165,000Sabiston, Sarah
M-7144-453,000Sabiston, Sarah
M-7144-297,000Salois, Joseph Abraham I and Angelique Lucier.
M-7144-1161,000Salter, Richard and Mary Anne Smith.
M-7144-803,000Sanderson, Henry and Elizabeth "Isabelle" Manger-de-Lard.
M-7144-805,000Sanderson, James and Elizabeth "Betsy" Anderson.
M-7144-802,000Sanderson, James and Mary (Swampy Cree).
M-7144-241,000Sanderson, James and Nancy Cris.
M-7144-391,000Sanderson, John "Jack" and Margaret.
M-7144-804,000Sanderson, Roderick and Mary Smith.
M-7144-800,000Sanderson, William and Mary Alder. - Or Saunders, Saunderson, Sandison.
M-7144-801,000Sanderson: sundry. - Or Saunderson, Saunders, Sandison.
M-7144-946,000Sandowe, Marie
M-7144-1088,000Sansregret, Charlotte
M-7144-359,000Sansregret, Harris and Julie Deleronde.
M-7144-1005,000Sansregret, Marguerite
M-7144-1145,000Sansregret, Marie Rose
M-7144-374,000Sargent, Albert and Caroline Pruden.
M-7144-323,000Saucier, Baptiste II and Justine McKay.
M-7144-915,000Saulteaux, Madeleine
M-7144-657,000Saulteuax, Charlotte
M-7144-855,000Saunders, Nancy
M-7144-706,000Saunderson, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-133,000Sauteaux, Marie
M-7144-927,000Sauteuse, Genevieve
M-7144-870,000Sauteuse, Josephte
M-7144-311,000Sauteuse, Marguerite
M-7144-1059,000Sauteuse, Marguerite Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1162,000Sauteuse, Marguerite
M-7144-467,000Sauteuse, Marie
M-7144-630,000Sauteux, Josephte
M-7144-806,000Sauteux, Louise
M-7144-161,000Sauve, Charlotte
M-7144-535,000 Sauve, Jean Baptiste and Marguerite Maskegon : or Souvie. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1250,000Sauve, Marguerite
M-7144-651,000Savard, Antoine and Marianne La Vallee. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1056,000Savard, Bella
M-7144-650,000Savard, Josephte Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-261,000Savard, Marie
M-7144-1163,000Savoyard, Francois and Magdeleine Comtois.
M-7144-1164,000Savoyard, Francois and Magdeleine.
M-7144-1165,000Savoyard, Pierre Berthelet and Marguerite.
M-7144-1162,000Savoyard, Toussaint and Maguerite Sauteuse.
M 7144.942,000Sawya, Catherine
M-7144-96,000Sayer, Baptiste and Margaret (Native).
M-7144-1123,000Sayer, Elise
M-7144-94,000Sayer, Francois and a French Metis woman. - Or Sayers.
M-7144-97,000Sayer, George and Catherine Caplette.
M-7144-95,450Sayer, John and French Metis woman : descendants.
M-7144-95,640Sayer, John and French Metis woman : descendants.
M-7144-95,000Sayer, John and French Metis woman. - Or Sayers.
M-7144-712,000Scarf, Delilah
M-7144-256,000Schmidt, Alfred "Rabaska" and Marguerite Lesperance / Emelie Vivier.
M-7144-936,000Scott, Marianne
M-7144-160,000Scott, Mary Ann
M-7144-1292,000Scott, Thomas and Sarah Thompson / Mary Jane "Jennie" Isbister.
M-7144-157,000Scott, William and Anne Setter.
M-7144-215,000Seager, Octavia
M-7144-400,000Seguin, Olivier Laderoute, dit
M-7144-1058,000Serpant, Francoise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1035,000Serpant, Louise Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-169,000Settee, Rev. James and Sarah Cook.
M-7144-40,250Setter, Andrew and Margaret Spence or Bate : descendants.
M-7144-40,000Setter, Andrew and Margaret Spence or Bate.
M-7144-156,000Setter, Anne
M-7144-168,000Setter, George and Margaret Setter.
M-7144-199,000Setter, Jane
M-7144-40,600Setter, John and Elizabeth "Eliza" Gowler.
M-7144-168,000Setter, Margaret
M-7144-368,000Setter, Mary
M-7144-561,000Shannon, William and Catherine "Kate" Hourie.
M-7144-273,000Shawan, Elizabeth Le Pretre, dit
M-7144-409,000Sherlock, Lucius and Marianne Watt. - See also M-7144-(362-364) and M-8981-275 for Sherlock family photographs.
M-7144-188,000Sherwood, Hugh Herbert and Janet Munroe.
M-7144-430,000Short, James and Betsy (Cree).
M-7144-194,000Short, Sarah "Sally"
M-7144-302,000Short, Susanne
M-7144-278,000Simpson, Frances Ramsay
M-7144-385,000Simpson, Maria
M-7144-278,000Simpson, Sir George and Margaret Taylor / Elizabeth "Betsy" Sinclair / Mrs. James Keith / Frances Ramsay Simpson.
M-7144-279,000Simpson, Thomas and Genevieve "Jane" Sutherland.
M-7144-679,000Simpson, Wemyss Mackenzie and Annie Ironside / Eliza Ironside.
M-7144-851,000Sinclair : sundry.
M-7144-787,000Sinclair, Ann
M-7144-375,000Sinclair, Baki and Elizabeth Swain. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-396,000Sinclair, Benjamin I and Marguerite Collins.
M-7144-393,000Sinclair, Catherine
M-7144-1282,000Sinclair, David "Davie" and Nancy Parisien.
M-7144-1280,000Sinclair, David and Marie McDonald.
M-7144-1281,000Sinclair, Donald and Anne Gibson.
M-7144-1279,000Sinclair, Donald and Joanna Bell Stevenson.
M-7144-1283,000Sinclair, Duncan and Flora Bell McBeth.
M-7144-278,000Sinclair, Elizabeth "Betsy"
M-7144-377,000Sinclair, Elizabeth "Betsy"
M-7144-1274,000Sinclair, Francis and Harriet.
M-7144-1273,000Sinclair, Francis and Marie.
M-7144-1272,000Sinclair, Francis and Sophia.
M-7144-1251,000Sinclair, Francois and Maria Sinclair.
M-7144-1271,000Sinclair, Frank and Sarah Daniel.
M-7144-1276,000Sinclair, George and Jane Howse.
M-7144-1275,000Sinclair, George and Nancy Johnston.
M-7144-1263,000Sinclair, James and Adeline Hunter.
M-7144-1266,000Sinclair, James and Catherine Trottier.
M-7144-1267,000Sinclair, James and Jane Whitford.
M-7144-1250,000Sinclair, James and Marguerite Sauve.
M-7144-1265,000Sinclair, James and Marie.
M-7144-1270,000Sinclair, James and Mary.
M-7144-1269,000Sinclair, James Bruce and Marianne McBain.
M-7144-1264,000Sinclair, James Nichol and Josephte Durocher.
M-7144-1258,000Sinclair, James Robert and Harriet.
M-7144-1257,000Sinclair, James Robert and Julie.
M-7144-1259,000Sinclair, John and a Metis woman.
M-7144-1252,000Sinclair, John and Catherine Atkinson.
M-7144-1253,000Sinclair, John and Flora Hope.
M-7144-1249,000Sinclair, John and Jane Daniel.
M-7144-1262,000Sinclair, John and Marguerite Desmarais.
M-7144-1254,000Sinclair, John and Marie Gariepy.
M-7144-1255,000Sinclair, John and Marie.
M-7144-1256,000Sinclair, John and Mary.
M-7144-585,000Sinclair, John Beaulieu, dit
M-7144-1260,000Sinclair, John Campbell and Betsy Oman.
M-7144-1261,000Sinclair, John James and Mary Ann Campbell.
M-7144-1268,000Sinclair, Joseph and Mary Ann McKenzie.
M-7144-372,000Sinclair, Margaret
M-7144-373,000Sinclair, Margaret
M-7144-690,000Sinclair, Margaret Jane
M-7144-831,000 Sinclair, Maria Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1251,000Sinclair, Maria
M-7144-1286,000Sinclair, Mary
M-7144-1277,000Sinclair, Peter and Marguerite Roussin.
M-7144-1278,000Sinclair, Peter and Philomene Letendre.
M-7144-62,000Sinclair, Phoebe
M-7144-1285,000Sinclair, Thomas and Christina Moose-key-ah dit Brilliant.
M-7144-1284,000Sinclair, Thomas and Elizabeth Whitford.
M-7144-170,500Sinclair, Thomas and Hannah Cummings / Caroline Pruden.
M-7144-1286,000Sinclair, Thomas and Mary Sinclair.
M-7144-366,000Sinclair, William and Elizabeth Anderson.
M-7144-170,000Sinclair, William and Margaret Nahovway : backup material.
M-7144-170,000Sinclair, William and Margaret Nahovway.
M-7144-1055,000Sinclair, William Beaulieu, dit
M-7144-926,000Sissons, Alexandra Helen
M-7144-875,000Sissons, Thomas and Mary Ann Sutherland.
M-7144-572,000Slater, Isabella
M-7144-499,000Slater, James (empty file).
M-7144-231,000Slater, James and Mary (Native, of James Bay).
M-7144-500,000Slater, John and Elizabeth Dennet.
M-7144-626,000Small, Nancy
M-7144-627,000Small, Patrick and a Cree woman.
M-7144-739,000Smith : sundry.
M-7144-1155,000Smith, Angus and Mary Inkster.
M-7144-184,000Smith, Charlotte
M-7144-35,000Smith, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1134,000Smith, Elizabeth
M-7144-462,000Smith, John James and Mary (Native).
M-7144-404,000Smith, Mary
M-7144-804,000Smith, Mary
M-7144-1161,000Smith, Mary Anne
M-7144-182,000Smith, Sarah Agnes
M-7144-808,000Smith, Sarah Hannah
M-7144-510,000Smith, William Robert I and Mary Anne Swain. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-535,000Souvie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-423,000Spence : sundry.
M-7144-242,000Spence, Barbara
M-7144-439,000Spence, Charlotte
M-7144-422,000Spence, Donald and Catherine Halcrow.
M-7144-427,000Spence, Elizabeth "Betsy"
M-7144-419,000Spence, George and Catherine (Cree).
M-7144-748,000Spence, Isabella
M-7144-173,000Spence, Isabelle
M-7144-418,000Spence, James and Jane Morwick.
M-7144-82,000Spence, James and Mary McKay.
M-7144-417,540Spence, James I and Nestichio "Margaret" Batt : descendants.
M-7144-417,000 Spence, James I and Nestichio "Margaret" Batt. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-276,000Spence, Jessie
M-7144-420,000Spence, John Baptiste and Marie "Maria" Roulette or Wettwaywemin.
M-7144-274,000Spence, John Clarke and Arabella McKenzie.
M-7144-424,000Spence, Katherine
M-7144-590,000Spence, Letitia
M-7144-270,000 Spence, Magnus and Christiana (Cree). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-40,000Spence, Margaret
M-7144-681,000Spence, Sapphira
M-7144-352,000Spence, Sarah
M-7144-428,000Spence, Thomas and Charlotte Cook.
M-7144-421,000Spence, William and Anne "Nancy" Kirkness.
M-7144-548,000Spencer, Barbary
M-7144-369,000Spencer, John and Miss Phair.
M-7144-787,000Spencer, John H. and Ann Sinclair.
M-7144-555,000St. Cyr, Baptiste and Julia Mercredie dit McCarthy.
M-7144-288,000St. Denis : sundry.
M-7144-1287,000St. Denis, Francois and Sophie Jacklins / Sophie Lyons.
M-7144-896,000St. Denis, Genevieve
M-7144-1289,000St. Denis, Jacques and Catherine Gariepy.
M-7144-1288,000St. Denis, Paul Hyacinthe and Catherine Gariepy.
M-7144-1029,000St. George, Marguerite
M-7144-593,000St. Germain : sundry.
M-7144-267,000 St. Germain, Angelique Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-571,000St. Germain, Angelique
M-7144-591,000St. Germain, Francois and Louise Morand dit Lucier
M-7144-629,000St. Germain, Isabella
M-7144-592,000St. Germain, Joseph Bressard dit, and Marie Cadotte.
M-7144-307,000St. Germaine, Pierre and Lisette Sutherland.
M-7144-939,000Stacey, Mary Jane
M-7144-120,000Stalker, Robert John and Ellen Sutherland.
M-7144-729,000Steele, Elmes and Miss Coucher / Anne MacIan of Clan MacDonald.
M-7144-502,000Steinhauer, Rev. Henry Bird and Jessie Mamenawatum. - See also M-8981-276 for family photographs.
M-7144-66,000Stephens, Justina
M-7144-756,000Stephenson, Betsy
M-7144-426,000Stevens, George and Frances Isbister.
M-7144-88,000Stevenson, James and Sarah Ann Cunningham.
M-7144-1279,000Stevenson, Joanna Bell
M-7144-791,000 Stevenson, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-215,000Stewart, Arthur and Annie Munroe / Octavia Seager.
M-7144-843,000Stewart, Elizabeth
M-7144-46,000Stewart, James and Robina McKay.
M-7144-822,000Stewart, James Green and Margaret Mowat.
M-7144-127,000Stewart, Margaret
M-7144-223,000Stewart, William and Christina McArthur.
M-7144-620,000Stirling, Elleonora C.
M-7144-529,000Strickland, Catherine Parr
M-7144-614,000Struthers, Hannah
M-7144-461,000Stuart, John and Mary Taylor.
M-7144-549,000Sutherland : sundry.
M-7144-5,000Sutherland, "Big John" and Catherine Matheson / Janet Polson / Margaret Tait.
M-7144-14,400Sutherland, Alexander and Catherine McPherson : descendants.
M-7144-14,000Sutherland, Alexander and Catherine McPherson. - See also M-8981-262 for family photographs.
M-7144-14,000aSutherland, Alexander and Catherine McPherson.
M-7144-370,000Sutherland, Ann
M-7144-1128,000Sutherland, Ann
M-7144-1,001Sutherland, Barbara
M-7144-22,000Sutherland, Barbara
M-7144-120,000Sutherland, Ellen
M-7144-326,000Sutherland, Ellen
M-7144-523,000Sutherland, Genevieve
M-7144-279,000Sutherland, Genevieve "Jane"
M-7144-619,000Sutherland, George and a Native woman / Mary Michowasky.
M-7144-618,000Sutherland, George.
M-7144-863,000Sutherland, Henrietta H.
M-7144-27,000Sutherland, Isabella
M-7144-183,000Sutherland, James "the Catechist" and Meage McBeath / Marion "Mary" Polson.
M-7144-65,000Sutherland, James and Jane Flett.
M-7144-108,000Sutherland, James and Nancy Cook.
M-7144-975,000Sutherland, James.
M-7144-78,000Sutherland, Jane
M-7144-547,000Sutherland, Janet
M-7144-990,000Sutherland, Jessie Ann
M-7144-15,000Sutherland, John and Christiana McBeth.
M-7144-307,000Sutherland, Lisette
M-7144-330,000Sutherland, Margaret
M-7144-875,000Sutherland, Mary Ann
M-7144-87,000Sutherland, Miss
M-7144-617,000Sutherland, Peter and Angelique "Lalique" L'Assiniboine.
M-7144-979,000Sutherland, Sarah
M-7144-271,000Sutherland, Sarah "Sally"
M-7144-27,000Sutherland, William and Isabella Sutherland.
M-7144-576,000Swain dit Swan, James and Josephte Coteau or Descoteaux. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-575,000Swain dit Swan, John "Jacques" and Marie Allary or Alarie Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-579,000Swain dit Swan, John and Elizabeth Lillie. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-511,000Swain, James and a Native woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-577,000Swain, Charles and Margaret (Native). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-375,000Swain, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-985,000Swain, Elizabeth Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-244,000Swain, John and Native woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-24,000Swain, Margaret Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-510,000Swain, Mary Anne Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-221,000Swain, Sarah Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-580,000Swain, Thomas and Elizabeth "Isabelle" Sabiston. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-578,000Swain, William and Angelique Hamelin. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-576,000Swan, James Swain, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-575,000Swan, John "Jacques" Swain, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-579,000Swan, John Swain, dit Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-193,000Swanson, Annie
M-7144-503,000Swanson, Jonas and Mary Ann Franks.
M-7144-779,000Swanston, Elizabeth "Betsy"
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M-7144-543,000Tait : sundry.
M-7144-471,000Tait, Elizabeth
M-7144-71,000Tait, James and a Swampy Cree woman.
M-7144-266,000Tait, John and Isabella Anne Rickards.
M-7144-5,000Tait, Margaret
M-7144-1178,000Tait, Mary
M-7144-214,000Tanner, John and Native woman.
M-7144-101,000Tate, James and Catherine.
M-7144-267,000Tate, Mathilda Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-457,000Taylor : sundry.
M-7144-451,000Taylor, Anne
M-7144-456,000Taylor, Charles and unknown woman.
M-7144-450,000Taylor, George and Jane Prince.
M-7144-435,500Taylor, James Alexander and Mary Inkster : descendants : and backup material.
M-7144-435,000Taylor, James Alexander and Mary Inkster.
M-7144-275,000Taylor, James and Arabella McKenzie.
M-7144-245,000 Taylor, Margaret Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-278,000Taylor, Margaret
M-7144-461,000Taylor, Mary
M-7144-648,000Taylor, Mary
M-7144-460,000Taylor, Nancy
M-7144-74,000Taylor, Samuel and Nancy McKay.
M-7144-455,000Taylor, William and Louisa Joyce.
M-7144-454,000Taylor, William and Sarah Longmore.
M-7144-453,000Taylor, William and Sarah Sabiston.
M-7144-903,000Teabury, Mary
M-7144-84,000Templeton, Alexander and Margaret Elizabeth McKay.
M-7144-135,000Tenance, Catherine
M-7144-902,000Theyrer, Mary Margaret
M-7144-557,000Thibert, Pierre and Julie Belcourt.
M-7144-232,000Thomas : sundry.
M-7144-331,000Thomas, Ann
M-7144-709,000Thomas, Eleanor "Helen"
M-7144-697,000Thomas, Frances
M-7144-835,000Thomas, Frances
M-7144-250,000Thomas, Helen
M-7144-1100,000Thomas, Jane Bear, dit
M-7144-743,000Thomas, John and an unknown woman.
M-7144-695,000Thomas, John George and Meenish (Native).
M-7144-694,000Thomas, Sophia
M-7144-213,000Thomas, Thomas and Sarah (Cree).
M-7144-696,000Thomas, William and Catherine Bess.
M-7144-966,000Thompson, Jane
M-7144-1196,000Thompson, Jane
M-7144-728,000Thompson, Louis and Adelaide Norn.
M-7144-1292,000Thompson, Sarah
M-7144-621,000Thorne, Angelique
M-7144-609,000Thorne, George and Marie Lemire. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-812,000Tod, John and Catherine Birston / a Native woman / Eliza Waugh / Sophia Lolo.
M-7144-811,000Todd, Donald and Susanne Durand or Dumont.
M-7144-446,000Todd, Dr. William and Marianne / Isabella "Elizabeth" Dennet.
M-7144-387,000Tourangeau, Angelique
M-7144-610,000 Tourond : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-881,000 Tourond, Joseph and Charlotte Gladu. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-408,000Towns, Thankful
M-7144-840,000Traill, Esther
M-7144-529,000Traill, Thomas and Anne Fotheringham / Catherine Parr Strickland.
M-7144-681,000Trauclar, Mary Ann
M-7144-989.000Tremblay, Annie
M-7144-123,000Tremble, Mathilde
M-7144-180,000Trottier, Andre and Marguerite Paquette. - Or Trotchie.
M-7144-1266,000Trottier, Catherine
M-7144-140,000Trottier, Isabelle
M-7144-585,000Trottier, Madeleine
M-7144-29,000Truthwaite, Jacob and Elizabeth Vincent.
M-7144-1010,000Truthwaite, Mary
M-7144-1064,000Turcot, J. B. and a Sauteuse woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-246,000Turcotte (empty file).
M-7144-1062,000Turcotte, Baptiste and Susan Dubey. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1063,000Turcotte, Samuel and Josephte Flammand. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-744,000Turcotte, Vital and Kajanawak. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-879,000Turner : sundry.
M-7144-667,000Turner, Catherine
M-7144-878,000Turner, George and Ann O'Brien.
M-7144-204,000Turner, Hannah
M-7144-999,000Turner, Jane
M-7144-634,000Turner, Joseph and Emma.
M-7144-42,000Twatt, Elizabeth "Betsy"
M-7144-1132,000Tyler, Ruth
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M-7144-76,000Umphreville, Louise
M-7144-961,000Vallee, Angelique
M-7144-1014,000Vallee, Angelique
M-7144-516,000Vallee, Helene
M-7144-1229,000Vallee, La Louise
M-7144-760,000Vandal : sundry. - Or Vandale, Vandell, Vandel, Vandall.
M-7144-752,000Vandal, Antoine and an unknown woman. - Or Vandall.
M-7144-177,000Vandal, Antoine and Angelique (Native).
M-7144-750,000Vandal, Antoine and Charlotte Zace. - Or Vandall.
M-7144-749,000Vandal, George and Marie La Cherretiere.
M-7144-754,000Vandal, Joseph and Adelaide Charbonneau.
M-7144-753,000Vandal, Joseph and Angelique (Native).
M-7144-755,000Vandal, Joseph and Marie.
M-7144-771,000Vandal, Joseph and Sophie Poitras.
M-7144-767,000Vandal, Josephte
M-7144-765,000Vandal, Maria
M-7144-751,000Vandal, Pierre and Charlotte Hughes. - Or Vandale.
M-7144-637,000Venn, Ann
M-7144-653,000Venne : sundry.
M-7144-229,000Vermette, Joseph "Tout Petite" and Angelique Laliberte.Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-1018,000Versailles, Louis and Magdelaine (Montagnais).
M-7144-786,000Versailles, Louise
M-7144-1024,000Villebrun dit Plouffe, Bridget
M-7144-1030,000Villebrun, Bridget
M-7144-534,000Villebrun, Daniel and Marie Louise Chatelaine or Chastelaine.
M-7144-388,000Villebrun, Josephte
M-7144-516,000Villeneuve, Francois and Helene Vallee.
M-7144-29,000Vincent, Elizabeth
M-7144-78,000Vincent, Thomas and Jane Renton / Jane Sutherland.
M-7144-91,000Vivier, Alexis and Madeleine (Metis).
M-7144-256,000Vivier, Emelie
M-7144-1087,000Vivier, Louise "Elise" "Lizette"
M-7144-300,000Voller, James and Nancy Birston.
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M-7144-263,000Wadin, Margaret
M-7144-1023,000Waniande, Elizabeth
M-7144-1101,000Ward : sundry. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-171,000Ward, John and a Native woman. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-409,000Watt, Marianne
M-7144-812,000Waugh, Eliza
M-7144-584,000Waugh, Richard Deans and Harriet Lily Logan.
M-7144-859,000Way, Mary
M-7144-161,000Welsh, Xavier and Charlotte Sauve.
M-7144-1144,000Wentzel, Willard Ferdinand and Madeleine (Montagnais).
M-7144-420,000Wettwaywemin, Marie "Maria"
M-7144-402,000Wharf, Susan
M-7144-193,000Whimster, James "of Thurso" and Annie Swanson / Mary Campbell.
M-7144-1017,000White : sundry. - Or Whyte.
M-7144-281,000White, Henriette "Harriet"
M-7144-63,000White, Thomas and Mary Cunningham.
M-7144-174,000Whiteway, James and Mary Park / Ann Monkman.
M-7144-1284,000Whitford, Elizabeth
M-7144-176,780Whitford, Francis and Marie Gladu. - And Whitford : background.
M-7144-176,000Whitford, James Peter and Sarah (Native). - Or Whiteford.
M-7144-1267,000Whitford, Jane
M-7144-51,000Whitford, Margaret "Peggy"
M-7144-955,000Whitford, Mary
M-7144-608,000Whitford, Sarah
M-7144-562,000 Wilkie, Jean Baptiste II and Amable Elise "Mable" Azure. Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-226,000Wilkie, Mary
M-7144-587,000Wills, Henrietta
M-7144-238,000Wills, John and Josephte Grant.Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-541,000Willstead, Hannah
M-7144-649,000Wilson : sundry.
M-7144-129,000Winter, Wesley Joseph Dunbar and Catherine McGillivray Pritchard. - Or Winters.
M-7144-904,000Wishart, Sarah or Isabella
M-7144-548,000Wishart, Solomon and Barbary Spencer.
M-7144-242,000Wishart, Thomas and Barbara Spence.
M-7144-124,000Wood, Lewis Ingram and Betsy Fraser.
M-7144-463,000Work, Alexander and Isabella (Native).
M-7144-746,000Work, Elizabeth
M-7144-976,000Work, Miss
M-7144-636,000Wylie, William and Annie Flett.
M-7144-490,000Yale, James Murray and daughter of Paholloch, Kwantlen chief.
M-7144-504,000Yorkstone, Charlotte
M-7144-354,000Young, James II and Mary Ann Gunn.
M-7144-750,000Zace, Charlotte
M-7144-643,000Zace, Gengoque "George" and Angelique Parisien.
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Series 1-A Family history files : microfilm copies. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985). - 18 microfilm reels. - The files are arranged in Denney's file number order (see Series 1 above to find Denney's file numbers for specific families).
MF Denney 34Files 1,000 to 8,000
MF Denney 35Files 9,000 to 14,000
MF Denney 36Files 15,000 to 32,000
MF Denney 37Files 33,000 to 42,000
MF Denney 38Files 43,000 to 94,000
MF Denney 39Files 95,000 to 115,000
MF Denney 40Files 116,000 to 140,000
MF Denney 41Files 141,000 to 174,000
MF Denney 42Files 175,000 to 213,000
MF Denney 43Files 214,000 to 268,000
MF Denney 44Files 269,000 to 329,000
MF Denney 45Files 330,000 to 400,000
MF Denney 46Files 401,000 to 416,000
MF Denney 47Files 417,000 to 503,000
MF Denney 48Files 504,000 to 597,000
MF Denney 49Files 598,000 to 718,000
MF Denney 50Files 719,000 to 961,000
MF Denney 51Files 962,000 to 1294,000
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Series 2Denney's indexes to family history files. - 1967-1985. - 26.1 m of textual records. - This series consists of Charles Denney's manual indexes to his family history files. - Note: a more useful index to the files is the alphabetical listing in Series 1 above.
M 7144Index of personal names. - [1967-1985]. - 26 m of textual records. - Charles Denney developed a large file of 3" x 5" cards to record the names of all Red River Settlement descendants and all Métis that he came across in the course of his research. Where possible, information on family relationships was recorded, and the names were linked to the Family History Files file numbers. - RESTRICTION: for conservation reasons, researchers are required to use the microfilm copies MF Denney 52 to MF Denney 57.
MF Denney 52Index of personal names : A to Collins. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985).
MF Denney 53Index of personal names : Columbe to Good. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985).
MF Denney 54Index of personal names : Goodday to Lyonnais. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985).
MF Denney 55Index of personal names : M to Parenteau. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985).
MF Denney 56Index of personal names : Parisian to Sutherland. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985).
MF Denney 57Index of personal names : Swain to Zace. - Microfilmed 1990 (originally created 1967-1985.
M-7144-1Alphabetical index to family history files, A-E. - [1967-1985]. - Includes wives' maiden names.
M-7144-2Alphabetical index to family history files, F-L. - [1967-1985]. - Includes wives' maiden names.
M-7144-3Alphabetical index to family history files, M-Q. - [1967-1985]. - Includes wives' maiden names.
M-7144-4Alphabetical index to family history files, R-Z. - [1967-1985]. - Includes wives' maiden names.
M-7144-5Numerical index to family history files, 1,000-495,000. - [ca. 1970].
M-7144-6Numerical index to family history files, 260,000-1293,000. - [1985].
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Series 3Collected reference materials. - 2.1 m of textual records. - 37 reels of microfilm. - 1956-1990 (originally created 1709-1985). - This series consists of copies of primary sources used by Charles Denney in his genealogical and historical research. Much of the material consists of photocopies of original fur-trade-era documents held at Library and Archives Canada and other archival institutions. Also included is information recorded from tombstones in cemeteries in the three Prairie Provinces, microfilmed copies of parish records from communities which had large Métis populations; and selected pre-Confederation censuses of Manitoba.
M-7144-270Denney's index of Selkirk papers. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-271Extracts from Selkirk papers : 1,000's. - 1814-1816 (photocopied 1971). - Correspondence, reports. Includes "List of families & servants carried off from Red River Settlement by the N.W.Co., 1815".
M-7144-272Extracts from Selkirk papers : 2,000's. - 1816 (photocopied [1971]). - Includes list of settlers defecting, lists of property lost to North West Company.
M-7144-273Extracts from Selkirk papers : 2,597-2,619 : John Pritchard's letter to the Earl of Selkirk. - 1816 (photocopied 1971).
M-7144-274Extracts from Selkirk papers : 2,662-2,677 : Donald McPherson's letter to the Earl of Selkirk. - 1816 (photocopied 1971).
M-7144-275Extracts from Selkirk papers : 3,000's. - 1817 (photocopied 1971). - Letters to the Earl of Selkirk.
M-7144-276Extracts from Selkirk papers : 5,000's and 6,000's. - 1818-1819 (photocopied 1971). - Includes lists of Red River settlers.
M-7144-277Extracts from Selkirk papers : 7,000's. - 1820-1821 (photocopied 1971). - Includes Bulger's report on his employees, correspondence.
M-7144-278Extracts from Selkirk papers : 8,000's. - 1824-1829 (photocopied 1971). - Part of a journal, correspondence.
M-7144-279Extracts from Selkirk papers : 9,732-9,748. - 1816 (photocopied 1970). - Extract from Red River and Colonial Register, containing lists of claims for property plundered by the North West Company and list of defectors.
M-7144-280Extracts from Selkirk papers : 13,000's. - 1815 (photocopied 1971).
M-7144-281Extracts from Selkirk papers : 15,000's and 16,000's. - 1816-1817 (photocopied 1972). - Consists of depositions of settlers concerning conflict with North West Company.
M-7144-282Extracts from Selkirk papers : 18,616-18,685. - 1816-1817 (photocopied 1971). - Journals of Peter Clarke and Miles McDonnell.
M-7144-283Extracts from Selkirk papers : 20,000's. - 1815 (photocopied 1971). - Letters to the Earl of Selkirk.
M-7144-284Selkirk settlers : compiled lists. - [ca. 1969-ca. 1972].
M-7144-285Original white settlers. - 1873 (photocopied 1972). - Department of the Interior file including census of original white settlers, Red River Settlement.
M-7144-286Extracts from Selkirk papers : 16,501-16,502, 16,550-16,551. - 1810-1811 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Brandon House journal kept by William Yorstone. Includes lists of provisions requisitioned by men.
M-7144-286aMiscellaneous. - 1830-1972 (photocopied 1972). - Sir George Simpson's marriage certificate, extract from 1870 Manitoba census, Public Archives of Canada photocopying order (for files M-7144-(287-302)).
M-7144-287Extracts from Capt. Andrew Bulger papers. - 1822-1825 (photocopied 1972). - Correspondence.
M-7144-288Extracts from Robert Campbell papers. - 1890 (photocopied 1972). - Extracts from Campbell's reminiscences of his fur trade service "From the Highlands to Fort Garry". - Glenbow Archives has a copy of the complete typescript at M 186.
M-7144-289Peter Fidler's journal. - 1814-1815 (transcribed, photocopied ca. 1972). - See also Microfilm Denney 32.
M-7144-290Extracts from Selkirk papers : 16,000's : extracts from Miles McDonell's journal. - 1811-1815 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-291Extracts from Selkirk papers : 16,000's, 17,000's : extracts from Miles McDonnell's journal. - 1815 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-292Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,000's : extracts from Miles McDonell's journal. - 1815 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-293Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,129-17,176 : Miles McDonell's journal. - 1816 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-294Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,177-17,235 : Miles McDonell's journal. - 1817 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-295Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,236-17,332 : Miles McDonell's journal. - 1817 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-296Letters to Miles McDonell from his brother and from John Pritchard; and letters from Miles McDonell to the Earl of Selkirk. - 1812-1825 (photocopied 1972-1973).
M-7144-297John McLeod papers : account of his service at Red River, 1811-1815, and finding aid to his papers. - [ca.1840, ca. 1960] (photocopied 1972).
M-7144-298 Finding aid to Alexander Hunter Murray papers. - [ca. 1910] (photocopied 1972). Scanned Document View now.
M-7144-299Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,334-17,458 : Colin Robertson's journal. - 1815 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-300Extracts from Selkirk papers : 17,459-17,599 : Colin Robertson's journal. - 1815-1816 (photocopied 1973).
M-7144-301Extracts from Selkirk papers : 18,686-18,770 : Capt. Rogers' journal. 1815 (photocopied 1970).
M-7144-302Samuel Taylor's journal. - 1859-1864 (photocopied 1972).
M-7144-303Gladu Métis Scrip affidavits. - 1885-1899 (photocopied ca. 1970).
M-7144-304Matheson Manitoba Scrip affidavits. - 1875 (photocopied ca. 1970).
M-7144-305Sundry scrip affidavits. - 1875-1900 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Surnames of applicants are Park, Brazeau, Boucher, Kipling, Deschenaux, Delorme, Irvine, Pritchard, Hardisty, Allan.
M-7144-306Sundry scrip affidavits. - 1886-1906 (photocopied 1972). - Surnames of applicants are McGillis, Kipling, Meavor, Salois.
M-7144-307Canada. House of Commons. Sessional Papers. - 1886 (photocopied ca. 1970). - Includes copies of correspondence of Louis Riel, minutes of the insurgent Council, petitions of Métis claimants, depositions of Métis prisoners, transcripts of testimony at Riel's trial..
M-7144-308Miscellaneous Hudson's Bay Co. correspondence. - 1840-1843 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Letters to Donald Ross, Chief Factor & Chief Trader, Northern Department.
M-7144-309Extracts from 1870 Manitoba census; parish register (St. Catherine's, Prince Albert?); Beaver (magazine); parish register (Neepawain Mission?). - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-310Extracts from parish registers, Kildonan, Manitoba. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-311Index to parish registers of Orkney Islands. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-312Parish register of Ophir, Orkney Islands. - 1709-1819 (copied ca. 1972).
M-7144-313Allotments of land to children of half-breed heads of families. - 1875-1879 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Notices posted in Manitoba parishes, listing names and dates of birth of allottees and locations of land.allotted.
M-7144-314Oblate Archives catalogue. - [ca. 1970].
M-7144-315Rocky Boy Indians, Montana. - 1917 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Register of members of Rocky Boy Reservation, with sex, kinship relationship, age, birthplace, date of residence in Montana, whether Canadian scrippee, whether U.S. homesteader. File also includes list of halfbreeds discharged from treaty up to 1888, Battleford Agency.
M-7144-316Cemetery recordings ; Battleford, North Battleford, Bresaylor, and Delmas, Saskatchewan. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-317Cemetery recordings: Little Britain, St. Peter's, St. Clement's, Manitoba. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-318Cemetery recordings : Portage la Prairie, High Bluff, Poplar Point, St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba ; Mirror, Alberta ; Enderby [B.C.?]. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-319Return showing amount of provisions issued to destitute half-breeds / Office of the Commissioner, N.W.M. Police. - 1888 (photocopied ca. 1972). - Table includes name, number in family, dates of issue, amounts of flour and bacon. Provisions were issued at St. Albert, Wolf Creek, Lac Ste. Anne, Stony Plain, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan.
M-7144-320Cemetery recordings : St. Andrew's Halcro (Prince Albert), Saskatchewan ; Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-321Cemetery recordings and extracts from parish registers, St. John's, Winnipeg, Manitoba. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-322Cemetery recordings : Stonewall, Argyle, and Stony Mountain, Manitoba ; Grasmere, B.C. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-323Cemetery recordings : St. James, St. Charles, Headingly, Manitoba. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-324Cemetery recordings : St. Andrew's, St. Paul's Middle Church, Manitoba. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-325Cemetery records : Tofield, Alberta. - 1912-1958 (photocopied ca. 1972).
M-7144-326Cemetery recordings : Edmonton Cemetery, Alberta - [ca. 1973].
M-7144-327Sundry cemetery recordings and notes from correspondents. - [ca. 1973-1981]. - Includes cemetery recordings (not necessarily complete) from: Kutawa Cemetery, Touchwood Hills, Sask. ; Lestok Cemetery, Sask.; Pritchard family; Matheson family; Fleury family; Anglican Cemetery, Medicine Hat, Alta.; Lebret Cemetery, Sask.; St. Laurent Cemetery, Sask; Birch Creek Cemetery, Bankend, Sask.; Stone Creek Cemetery, Wishart, Sask.; St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Man.; Stonewall, Cemetery, Man.; St. Laurent Cemetery, Man.; Ste. Rose du Lac Cemetery, Man.; Forest Farm Cemetery, near Whitewood, Sask; Fisk Cemetery, Sask.; Wapella Cemetery, Sask.; Fort Alexander Cemetery, Man.; Scanterbury Anglican Cemetery, Man.; Scenic Heights Cemetery, La Glace, Alta.; St. Boniface Cemetery, Man.; Qu'Appelle Station Cemetery, Sask.; St. Vital Cemetery, Man.; Indian Head Cemetery, Sask.; Lakeview Pentecostal Cemetery, Kinosota, Man.; St. Bede's Anglican Church Cemetery and Honour Roll, Kinosota, Man.; Gibbons Anglican Cemetery, Alta.; Frog Lake Cemetery, Alta.; Bon Accord Cemetery, Alta.; Peace River Cemetery, Alta.; Sunnyside Anglican Cemetery, [Alta.?]; Whitefish Lake United Church Cemetery, Alta.; Goodfish Lake Cemetery, Alta.; Ardrossan Cemetery, Alta.; Smith Cemetery, Alta.; Lac la Biche Cemetery, Alta.; Lac la Biche Mission Cemetery, Alta.; Pakan Cemetery, Alta.; Little Mountain Cemetery, Edmonton, Alta.; Batoche Cemetery, Sask.; Paynton Cemetery, Sask.; Prince Albert Memorial Cemetery, Sask.; St. Louis Roman Catholic Cemetery, Sask.; Emanuel Cemetery, St. Louis, Sask.; St. Francois Xavier parish register, Man.; Grouard parish register and cemetery, Alta.; Meskanaw Cemetery, Sask,; Melfort Cemetery, Sask; Flett Springs Cemetery, Ethelton, Sask.; Birch Hills Cemetery, Sask.; Beatty Cemetery, Sask.; Kinistino Cemetery, Sask.
M-7144-328Hargrave family, 1749-1964 / information obtained by James Hargrave of Medicine Hat, Alberta ; compiled by Luetta Ross Williams ; updated by Lissa Ruth Sissons. - 1964.
M-7144-329R. H. S. McKay scrapbook. - [ca. 1914]-1967.
M-7144-330Pioneers of East Kildonan. - 1966. - Biographical newsclippings from East Kildonan, a suburb of Winnipeg.
M-7144-331Pioneers of western Canada. - [photocopied ca. 1964]. - List of "original white settlers" born in Red River Settlement before 1874, published in Winnipeg Free Press, 1911; list of engagés employed in the fur trade, 1797-1804.
M-7144-332Sundry paper clippings of pioneers. - [ca. 1900-1971].
M-7144-333Beddome, Adams, Norquay, Taylor : [excerpts from typescript] / compiled by Nora Beddome Lacure. - [ca. 1968].
M-7144-334Excerpts from Gertrude A. Rhodes papers, British Columbia Archives. - 1813-1867 (photocopied 1978). - Marriage registers, licenses, certificates, for marriages performed by Hudson's Bay Company officials in Rupert's Land and Assiniboia.
M-7144-335 Excerpts from Donald Ross papers, British Columbia Archives. - 1847-1864. - Correspondence inward and outward Ross was at Norway House, later at Fort Simpson.
M-7144-336Address papers : B.C. and Alberta. - [ca. 1965-ca. 1985]. - Addresses of Denney's contacts for family history research, indexed to his family history file numbers.
M-7144-337Address papers : Saskatchewan and Manitoba. - [ca. 1965-ca. 1985].
M-7144-338Address papers : N.W.T., Yukon, Ontario, U.S., and Europe. - [ca. 1965-ca. 1985].
M-7144-339Obituaries : A-G. - [ca. 1900-ca. 1985].
M-7144-340Obituaries : H-Q. - [ca. 1900-ca. 1985].
M-7144-341Obituaries : R-Z. - [ca. 1900-ca. 1985].
MF Denney 1Parish registers, St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Man. - 1835-1884 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes baptisms (1845-1872), marriages (1835-1883, 1906-1909), burials (1835-1884).
MF Denney 2Parish registers, St. John's Anglican Church, Man. - 1828-182 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 cm. - Includes baptisms (1828-1879), marriages (1820-1882), burials (1821-1875).
MF Denney 3Parish registers, St. John's Anglican Church, Man. - 1813-1828 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Consists of baptism registers, 1813-1828.
MF Denney 4Parish registers, St. John's Anglican Church, Man. - 1835-1845 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Consists of baptism register, 1835-1945.
MF Denney 5Parish registers, St. Mary's Anglican Church, Portage La Prairie [Manitoba]. - 1850-1928 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes baptisms (1855-1883), marriages (1854-1883), burials (1855-1883).
MF Denney 6Parish registers, St. Paul's Middlechurch Anglican Church, Man. - 1850-1928 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes baptisms (1876-1881), marriages (1876-1881, 1892), burials.
MF Denney 7Parish registers, St. Peter's Dynevor Anglican Church [Manitoba]. - 1839-1931 (microfilmed ca. 1960) - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes baptisms (1839-1879, 1931), marriages (1851-1890).
MF Denney 8Parish registers, St. Peter's Dynevor Anglican Church [Manitoba]. - 1839-1885 (microfilmed ca. 1960. - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes burials (1839-1885). Includes some records from St. Clement's parish.
MF Denney 9Parish register, St. Albert [Alberta]. - 1893-1895 (microfilmed 1956). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists families in the parish, ages, dates of vital events, family's economic circumstances. - Quality of reproduction is poor. - Original is held by Archives Deschatelets, Ottawa.
MF Denney 10Parish register, St. Eustache [Baie St-Paul, Manitoba]. - 1874-1894 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), marriages (M.), burials (S.) in chronological order. Parish was originally named Baie St-Paul, was renamed St. Eustache in 1882. - Material is in French.
MF Denney 11Parish registers, St. François Xavier [Manitoba]. - 1870-1883 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), marriages (M.), and burials (S.) in chronological order from 3 volumes. - Material is in French. - The first few pages from the first volume are missing. - Includes indices to baptisms at the end of each volume.
MF Denney 12Parish registers, St. François Xavier [Manitoba]. - 1884-1900 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), marriages (M.), and burials (S.) in chronological order from 3 volumes. - Material is in French. - Includes indices to baptisms at the beginning or end of each volume.
MF Denney 13Parish registers, St. Laurent (Saskatchewan], St Sacrement de Duck Lake [Saskatchewan] and École St. Michel and its dependent missions [Duck Lake, Saskatchewan]. - 1870-1929 (microfilmed 1973). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), confirmations, marriages (M.), and burials (S.) in chronological order for each parish or school. St. Laurent register covers 1877-1896. École St. Michel register covers 1870-1893 and 1929. St. Sacrement register covers 1870-1893. - The material is in French. - Microfilm master is held by Saskatchewan Archives Board.
MF Denney 14Oblate records : genealogies of Métis of St. Albert / by Jules le Chevallier. - [ca. 1940] (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Title from container annotation. - Quality of reproduction is poor.
MF Denney 15Oblate records : register of Lac Muskeg Catholic Church [Saskatchewan]. - 1878-1892 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), marriages (M.), and burials (S.) in chronological order. - Title from container annotation. - The material is in French.
MF Denney 16Oblate records : book of souls. - [ca. 1892-ca. 1940]. (microfilmed 1974). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists members of parishes of St. Albert (Alberta), St. Joachim (Edmonton, Alberta), St. Jean L'Evangeliste (Stony Plain, Alberta), members of Enoch's Indian Band (Alberta), Reserve du Lac Ste. Anne (Alberta), and unidentified First Nations community. Includes genealogical descendancy tables of First Nations persons and Métis of Duck Lake (Saskatchewan) with index. The material is mostly in French. - Originals held by Oblate Fathers Archives, Edmonton. Microfilm master held at National Archives, Ottawa. - The first 16 pages of the St. Albert register are missing. Reproduction quality is fair to poor.
MF Denney 17Parish register, Methodist Church [Portage la Prairie United Church], Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. - 1884-1944 (microfilmed ca. 1960). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (1890-1944), marriages (1887-1941), funeral services (1884-1909, 1912-1937).
MF Denney 18Parish registers, Kildonan Presbyterian Church [Manitoba]. - 1851-1932 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (1851-1916), marriages (1851-1916), burials (1852-1932).
MF Denney 19Parish registers, Knox Presbyterian Church [Portage la Prairie, Manitoba]. - 1882-1935 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (1888-1900, 1903-1912), marriages (1884-1907, 1929-1935), funeral services (1884-1888, 1900, 1901-1907).
MF Denney 20Parish registers, Knox Presbyterian Church [Portage la Prairie, Manitoba]. - 1884-1912 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (1884-1888), marriages (1907-1912), funeral services (1908-1912).
MF Denney 21Parish registers, Knox Presbyterian Church, Portage la Prairie Methodist Church, and Portage la Prairie United Church [Manitoba]. - 1912-1943 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists Knox Presbyterian Church baptisms (1912-1925), marriages (1912-1929), funeral services (1912-1925); Portage la Prairie Methodist Church baptisms (1884-1890); Portage la Prairie United Church marriages (1941-1943).
MF Denney 22Parish registers, Little Britain Presbyterian Church [Manitoba]. - 1863-1965 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (1885-1927), marriages (1884-1935), funeral services (1880-1950), burials (1884-1933), communions dispensed (1894-1961). Also includes communion rolls of Selkirk Church (1880-1885), Cloverdale Church ([1897]-1927), Parkdale Church (1890-1911). Includes minutes of congregational meetings (1863-1962), Board of Management (1912-1932), Session (1875-1965), Ladies' Aid (1936-1950). Includes Collection Book (1912-1941).
MF Denney 23Red River census. - 1831-1838, 1849 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Census records are arranged alphabetically by name of head of household for 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1838, unidentified years, 1849; include number of residents, country of origin, religion, buildings, livestock, and farm implements. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 24Census of Grantown [and Saulteaux Village, Manitoba]. - 1831-1847 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Consists of census entries from Red River Census, arranged alphabetically by name of head of household, 1831, 1834, 1838, and unidentified years. Includes number of residents, country of origin, religion, buildings, livestock, and farm implements. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 25Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 245-288, 315-330. Includes community of St. François-Xavier. Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, and religion. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 26Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 1-68, 79-85. Includes communities of St. Boniface, St. Vital, Ste Agathe, Scratching River, Pembina, and St. Norbert. Includes respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 27Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 227-240. - Includes communities of St. Charles, Headingly, Ste. Anne. Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 28Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 166-176, 242-244, 289-294, for the community of St. Pierre (St. Peter). - Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. - Microfilm is damaged. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 29Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 295-313, 322-390. Includes communities of Oak Point, Lake Manitoba, Long Lake, Baie St. Paul (St. Paul in the Bay), St. Charles, St. James. Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 30Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, p. 333-371. Includes Long Lake, Poplar Point, High Bluff, Portage la Prairie, White Mud River. Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 31Census of Manitoba. - 1870 (microfilmed 1964). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Extract from 1870 census of Manitoba, pp. 86-143, 158-163, 177-225. Includes St. Paul, Kildonan, St. John, Winnipeg, St. Andrews (St. Andre), St. Clements, St. Peter (St. Pierre). Indicates respondent's birthplace, age, father's name, racial origin, citizenship, religion. Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 32Journal of Peter Fidler. - 1814-1815 (microfilmed 1967). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Includes census information on "Canadians and their Indian wives", colonials, Indians. - Original documents and microfilm masters are at the National Archives, Ottawa.
MF Denney 33Parish register, St. Eustache [Baie St. Paul, Manitoba]. - 1895-1903 (microfilmed ca. 1965). - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. - Lists baptisms (B.), marriages (M.), burials (S.), and first communions (1903) in chronological order. - Material is in French.
MF Denney 58Back-up files. - Microfilmed 1990. - This reel consists of copies of Library and Archives Canada indexes to the Scrip Applications series 1876, 1885, and 1900 (A-S).
MF Denney 59Back-up files. - Microfilmed 1990. - This reel consists of copies of Library and Archives Canada index to Scrip Applications (1900 series, T-Z), General index to Manitoba and North-West Half-Breed Scrip Applications (1885), selected Métis Scrip applications, finding aid to the Selkirk papers, and extracts from the Selkirk papers.
MF Denney 60Back-up files. - Microfilmed 1990. - This reel consists of copies of extracts from the Selkirk papers, church and cemetery records, miscellaneous, clippings and notes.
MF Denney 61Back-up files. - Microfilmed 1990. - This reel consists of clippings and notes, indexes, and bibliographies.
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Series 4Denney family personal papers. - 1910-1985. - 5.1 m of textual records. - This series includes the personal papers of Charles Denney, his first wife Mildred Sherlock Denney, his second wife Elsie Wilson Colby Denney, and his daughter June Denney Hurd. Included is correspondence with family and friends, correspondence regarding genealogy and other interests, diaries of Charles and Elsie, Elsie's published and unpublished articles and stories, and personal documents such as educational diplomas and awards of honour. Correspondence is listed by name of correspondent, followed by general correspondence in chronological order, then files containing personal documents, diaries, articles, and stories.
M-8981-1Denney, Charles : correspondence log. - 1977-1982
M-8981-1aA-B miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1927-1985.
M-8981-1bA-B miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1985-1998.
M-7144-7Aberdeen, Harold and Agnes. - 1968-1984.
M-8981-2Aberdeen, Agnes. - 1985-1998.
M-7144-8Ackley, Lilian. - 1963-1974. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-9Agnew, Arnold. - 1969-1972.
M-7144-10Alberta College Alumni Association. - 1969-1982.
M-8981-2aAlberta Treasury Branches. - 1989-1993.
M-7144-11Alberta Wilderness Association. - 1972.
M-7144-12Albright, H. H. - 1970-1974.
M-7144-13Aldrich, Rosetta. - 1970-1971.
M-8981-3Allen, Margaret and Henry. - 1986-1998.
M-8981-4Akam, John R. and Netta. - 1975-1994.
M-7144-14Anderson, Isabel. - [1966]-1975.
M-7144-15Anderson, Jean. - 1973.
M-8981-5Arbour, Thelma. - 1948-1998.
M-8981-6Armstrong, Jim and Doreen. - 1942-1998.
M-7144-16Ashton, W. M. - 1972-1979.
M-7144-17Atwood, Mae. - 1970.
M-7144-18Audette, Charles. - 1979.
M-7144-19Aylen, Elizabeth. - 1972-1978.
M-8981-7Aylen, Elizabeth. - 1986-1998.
M-7144-20Bailey, Lillian and Robert. - 1970-1982.
M-8981-8Bainbridge, Jean. - 1989-1995.
M-8981-9Baker, Gladys. - 1984-1995. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-21Baker, Lucy. - 1973.
M-8981-10Ballard, Ruth. - 1987-1990.
M-7144-22Barker, Mr. and Mrs. George. - 1969-1983.
M-8981-11Barker, George. - 1987-1991.
M-8981-12Barrie, Bessie. - 1944-[ca. 1976].
M-8981-13Bergh, Bessie, and Betty Beattie. - 1963-1997.
M-7144-23Bibby, Edna. - 1970-1980.
M-7144-24Bidne, Keith. - 1968-1973.
M-7144-25Biglands, Margaret and Joshua. - 1967-1982. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-26Bompas, John and Gladys. - 1976-1979.
M-7144-27Bompas, John and Gladys. - 1973-1975.
M-7144-28Bompas, John and Gladys. - 1970-1972.
M-7144-29Bompas, John and Gladys. - 1964-1969.
M-7144-30Booker, Velma. - 1977-1978.
M-8981-14Bowen, E. M. - 1942-1952.
M-7144-31Bowie, Myrtle. - 1967-1975.
M-8981-15Brightest Pebble Publishing Co. Ltd. - 1996. - Includes stories submitted.
M-7144-32Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Archie. - 1970.
M-7144-33Brown, Audrey. - 1968-1984.
M-8981-16Brown, Archie and Audrey. - 1987-1995.
M-7144-34Brown, Leila and Harold. - 1979-1983.
M-8981-17Brown, Harold. - 1959-1989.
M-8981-18Bucciarelli, Angelo. - 1926-1927.
M-7144-35Buchanan, Nelles. - 1976-1982.
M-7144-36Buck, Ruth. - 1968-1983.
M-8981-19Burgess, Alethea. - 1971-1995.
M-7144-37Burgess, Clayton and Louise. - 1967-1984.
M-8981-20Burtonshaw, Geoff. - 1995-1998.
M-7144-38Buss, Bernice. - 1968.
M-7144-39Button, Kay and Harold. - 1970-1980.
M-8981-21B-C miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1926-1988.
M-8981-22B-C miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie) - 1979-1998.
M-8981-23Cameron, Don and Peg. - 1968-1997.
M-7144-40Campbell, Betty. - 1972.
M-7144-41Campbell, Peter. - 1972.
M-7144-42Canada Council. - 1971-1979.
M-8981-23aCanadian Girls in Training. - 1946-1960.
M-8981-23bCanadian Nursery Trades Association. - 1969.
M-8981-24Canadian Women's Club. - 1979-1980.
M-8981-25Carnahan, Dean and Mary. - 1971-1986.
M-7144-43Carran, Ray and Ethel. - 1977-1984.
M-7144-44Chalmers, Jack and Della. - [ca. 1972].
M-7144-45Chevraux, Stan and Sharleen. - 1971-1980.
M-8981-26Chillman, Dorothy and Doris. - 1942-1976.
M-8981-27Clark, Mona. - 1985-1997. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-46Clough, Arthur. - 1965-1979.
M-7144-47Coffey, Cleo. - 1968-1971.
M-8981-28Cohoe, Jean. - 1978-1986.
M-8981-28aColby, Chris and Stephen. - 1966-1980. - Chris and Stephen were Elsie's grandsons.
M-8981-28bColby, Doug. - 1945-1961. - Doug was Elsie's son.
M-8981-28cColby, Doug. - 1962-1965.
M-8981-28dColby, Doug and Judy. - 1966-1969.
M-8981-28eColby, Doug and Judy. - 1970-1975.
M-7144-48Colby, Douglas and Judy. - 1974-1985. - Includes correspondence between Charles and Elsie and their wedding announcement.
M-8981-28fColby, Doug and Judy. - 1976-1979.
M-8981-28gColby, Doug and Judy : vacation. - 1977. - Includes photographs.
M-8981-28hColby, Doug and Judy. - 1980.
M-8981-29Colby, Doug and Judy. - 1981-1985.
M-8981-30Colby, Doug and Judy. - 1986-1990.
M-8981-31Colby, Doug and Judy. - 1990-1996.
M-8981-32Colby, Howard. - 1941-1966. - Includes sympathy cards. Howard was Elsie's first husband.
M-8981-30Colby, Howard. - 1941-1966.
M-8981-34Colby, Judy : genealogy. - 1995.
M-8981-35Colby, Judy : relatives. - 1959-1985.
M-8981-36Colby family (miscellaneous). 1934-1986.
M-8981-37Colby family : nieces and nephews. - 1944-1991.
M-7144-49Coleman, Ada. - 1965-1983.
M-7144-50Coleman, Ada. - 1961-1964.
M-7144-51Coleman, Ada. - 1955-1960.
M-7144-52Coleman, Ada. - 1949-1954
M-7144-53Coleman, Ada. - 1944-1948.
M-8981-38Coleman, Ada. - 1985-1998. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-54Coleman, Mrs. Peter. - 1969.
M-8981-39Collins, Horace. - 1924-1926.
M-8981-40Cosick, Nick and Thelma. - 1967-1998.
M-7144-55Cousins, Sheila and Don. - 1958-1983.
M-7144-56Cumberland, Nita. - 1968-1971.
M-7144-57Davies, Mrs. David H. - 1974-1979.
M-7144-58Delday, Dave and Grace. - 1943-1980. - Includes papers of Margaret Denney.
M-7144-59Denney, Bessie Welch. - 1972-1973.
M-8981-41Denney, Charles H. - 1991-1992. - Charles H. was believed to be a distant cousin of Charles.
M-7144-60Denney, Earl. - 1969-1981. - Earl was Charles's cousin.
M-7144-61Denney, Ernest and Elsie. - 1972-1978. - Ernest was Charles's cousin.
M-7144-62Denney, Frank and Margaret. - 1963-1984. - Frank was Charles's brother.
M-8981-42Denney, Margaret. - 1984-1986.
M-7144-63Denney, Robert. - 1972-1985. - Robert was Charles's cousin.
M-7144-64Denney, Walter. - 1980-1985. - Walter was Charles's brother.
M-7144-65Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1979.
M-7144-66Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1978.
M-7144-67Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1977.
M-7144-68Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1976.
M-7144-69Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1975.
M-7144-70Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1974.
M-7144-71Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1973
M-7144-72Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1972.
M-7144-73Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1971.
M-7144-74Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1970.
M-7144-75Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1969.
M-7144-76Denney, Walter and Clara. - 1968.
M-8981-43Denney relatives. - 1985-1986.
M-8981-43aDennis, Margaret and Ray. - 1972-1982.
M-7144-77Denny, William. - 1968-1984. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-78Devonian Group. - 1974-1975.
M-7144-79Doherty, Margaret. - 1974-1984.
M-8981-44Donaghay, Pat and Janet. - 1968-1986.
M-7144-80Dubuc, Rev. Father Denis. - 1976.
M-8981-45Dunn, Alex and Beatrice. - [ca. 1958]-1986.
M-8981-46E-F-G miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1941-1988.
M-8981-47E-F-G miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1981-1998.
M-7144-81Eaton, Clara and Victor. - 1969-1970.
M-7144-82Edlund, Elna and Paul. - 1967-1984.
M-7144-83Edmonton Beach Summer Village. - 1972-1976.
M-8981-48Eley, Ed and Hannah and Betty Morse. - 1920-1922. - Consists of 2 photographs.
M-7144-85Ellerton, Loretta. - 1971-1980.
M-7144-86Enson, Arthur and Vi. - 1977-1984.
M-8981-49Eory, Kathleen. - [ca. 1960]-1962. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-87Faidella, Louis. - 1970.
M-7144-88Fawcett, George and Janet. - 1978-1980.
M-7144-89Fenwick, George and Mary. - 1968-1984.
M-8981-50Fenwick, George and Mary. - 1984-1985.
M-8981-51Fleming, John. - 1945.
M-8981-52Forbes, Joy. - [ca. 1942]. - Joy was Elsie's daughter.
M-8981-53Forbes, Joy. - 1946-1973.
M-8981-54Forbes, Joy. - 1974-1985.
M-8981-55Forbes, Joy (from Elsie and Charles). - 1977-1997.
M-8981-56Forbes, Joy. - 1986-1987.
M-8981-57Forbes, Joy. - 1988-1998.
M-8981-57aForbes, Peggy. - 1971-1995. - Peggy was Elsie's granddaughter.
M-8981-58Forbes, Tom. - [ca. 1961]-1988. - Tom was Elsie's grandson.
M-8981-58aFort Edmonton Historical Foundation. - 1975-1980
M-7144-90Fortier, Nancy and Lawrence. - 1971-1980.
M-8981-59Fortier, Nancy. - 1985-1996.
M-7144-91Foster, Velma. - 1984.
M-7144-92Fox, Ethel. - 1969-1984.
M-7144-93Francis, Jim and Marie. - 1967-1970.
M-7144-94Francis, Olive. - 1968.
M-7144-95Fraser, Mitchell and Helen. - 1972-1984.
M-7144-96Fraser, Vera. - 1972-1984.
M-8981-60Fraser family members. - 1987-1996.
M-7144-97Gaetz, L. L. - 1973.
M-7144-98Garrison, Daphne. - 1974.
M-8981-61Geisinger, Darlene. - 1984-1997. - Darlene was Charles's niece. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-99George, Lavina. - 1978.
M-7144-100Gibson, Marian and Jack. - 1966-1968.
M-7144-101Giffen, A. W. - 1974.
M-8981-62Gilmour, George. - 1942-1988.
M-8981-63Gilmour, Ivy. - 1942-1971. - Ivy was Elsie's daughter.
M-8981-64Gilmour, Pat. - 1983.
M-8981-65Gilmour, Thelma and Bill. - 1957-1982.
M-8981-66Gilmour, Thelma and Bill. - 1929-1997.
M-7144-102Glasier, Myrtle. - 1977-1983.
M-8981-67Glasier, Myrtle. - 1987-1991.
M-7144-103Goddard, Lily and Ralph. - 1968-1984.
M-8981-68Goddard, Lily and Ralph. - 1989-1997.
M-7144-104Gold, Wilmer H. - 1969-1985.
M-8981-69Gold, Wilmer H. - 1986-1992.
M-7144-105Good Samaritan Nursing Home. - 1968-1973.
M-7144-106Gordon, Helen. - 1968-1972.
M-7144-107Gordon, Marion. - 1969-1984.
M-8981-70Gordon, Marion. - 1985-1990.
M-8981-71Graham, Elsie and Horace. - 1985-1998.
M-7144-108Graham, Vera. - 1968-1971.
M-8981-72Grant, Mary. - 1942-1949.
M-7144-109Gray, Betty and David. - 1968-1983.
M-7144-110Gray, John. - 1972.
M-8981-73Gregg, Arthur. - 1988-1995.
M-8981-74H miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1941-1989.
M-8981-75H miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1987-1998.
M-8981-76Hackleman, Flo. - 1962-1968.
M-7144-111Haestie, Elizabeth. - 1978-1984.
M-7144-112Hammett, Mar and Walter. - 1967-1980.
M-7144-113Hande, D'Arcy and Bonnie. - 1972-1984. - Includes photograph.
M-8981-77Hande, D'Arcy. - 1985-1998.
M-7144-114Hardstaff, Elsie. - 1972.
M-8981-78Harper, George and Janet and Gladys Bompas. - 1985-1991.
M-7144-115Harrington, Irene and Jim. - 1979-1981.
M-7144-116Hawley, Brooks and Tyyne. - 1963-1984.
M-8981-79Hawley, Brooks and Tyyne. - 1985-1993.
M-8981-80Hayes, Eva and Ron. - 1985-1992.
M-7144-117Heeney, Bern and Marnie. - 1963-1984.
M-8981-81Heeney, Marnie. - 1984-1993.
M-8981-82Henbest, Margaret Gilchrist. - 1960-1978.
M-7144-118Hener, Mercy. - 1963-1973.
M-8981-83Hewitt, Pat. - 1989-1998.
M-7144-119Hirst, Mary. - 1973-1985. - Includes phoptographs.
M-7144-120Historical Society of Manitoba. - 1967-1979.
M-7144-121Hodgkinson, J. J. and Lauretta. - 1968-1970.
M-8981-84Holmes, Bill and Aslaug. - 1968-1998.
M-8981-85Howey, Melville. - 1983-1990.
M-7144-122Hughes, Doris. - 1971-1978.
M-7144-123Hughes, Joan. - 1973-1979.
M-8981-86Hughes, Joanne. - 1980-1994.
M-7144-124Hurd, June. - 1978-1984. - June was Charles and Mildred's adopted daughter.
M-7144-125Hurd, June. - 1976-1977.
M-7144-126Hurd, June. - 1973-1975.
M-7144-127Hurd, June. - 1970-1972.
M-7144-128Hurd, June. - 1968-1969.
M-7144-129Hurd, June. - 1962-1964.
M-7144-130Hurd, June. - 1960-1961.
M-7144-131Hurd, June. - 1959.
M-7144-132Hurd, June. - 1958.
M-7144-133Hurd, June. - 1957.
M-7144-134Hurd, June. - 1942-1952.
M-8981-87Hurd, June. - 1985-1991.
M-8981-88Hurd, June. - 1992-1998.
M-8981-89Hurd, Teri. - 1977-1984. - Includes photograph.
M-8981-90Hurd, Teri. - 1990-1997.
M-8981-91Hurd, Wendy. - 1990-1998. - Includes photographs.
M-8981-91aHurtig, Mel. - 1990.
M-7144-135Hutchinson, Miriam and Gerry. - 1968-1983.
M-8981-92Hutchinson, Miriam and Gerry. - 1987-1992.
M-8981-93I miscellaneous. - 1963-1988.
M-7144-136Inch, Ida and Gordon. - 1977-1985.
M-8981-94Inch, Ida, Gordon and Cathy. - 1985-1993.
M-7144-137Indian Affairs and Northern Development. - 1971-1979.
M-7144-138Iverach, Lorraine. - 1970.
M-8981-95J miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1941-1986.
M-8981-96J-K miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1989-1998.
M-7144-139Jacobs, Bessie and Thomas. - 1967-1984.
M-7144-140Jackson, Iris. - 1967-1971.
M-7144-141Jackson, John. - 1970-1980.
M-7144-142Jasper-Yellowhead Historical Society. - 1970-1973.
M-7144-143Jeffers, Rhoda. - 1966-1984.
M-8981-97Jeffers, Rhoda. - 1985-1990.
M-7144-144Jenkins, Ida and Jackson. - 1972-1983.
M-7144-145Johnston, Gilbert. - 1969-1980.
M-7144-146Johnston, Lillian and Alfred. - 1965-1984. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-147Johnston, Lillian. - 1958-1964.
M-7144-148Johnston, Lillian. - 1946-1957.
M-7144-149Johnstone, Barbara. - 1974.
M-7144-150Jones, Mrs. J. P. - 1972-1973.
M-8981-98K-L miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1941-1977.
M-8981-99Keane, Barbara. - 1966-1996. - Barbara was Elsie's granddaughter.
M-8981-100Kelly, June. - 1986-1997.
M-8981-101Kennedy, Bill and Verna. - 1985-1997.
M-7144-151Kenney, Marge and Bill. - [ca. 1968].
M-7144-152Kenney, Nick and Anne. - 1955-1981.
M-8981-102Kenney, Nick and Anne. - [1985]-1995.
M-7144-153Kindig, Alice. - 1972-1973.
M-8981-103King, Tony and Selma. - 1967-1989. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-154Kipling, Clarence. - 1975-1984.
M-7144-155Kipling, Clarence. - 1974.
M-7144-156Kipling, Clarence. - 1973.
M-7144-157Kipling, Clarence. - 1972.
M-7144-158Kipling, Clarence. - 1971.
M-7144-159Kipling, Clarence. - 1970.
M-7144-160Kipling, Clarence. - 1969.
M-7144-161Kipling, Clarence. - 1968.
M-7144-162Kirby, Jean. - 1984.
M-8981-104Knight, Eric. - 1942-1980. - Includes photographs.
M-8981-105Knight, Eric. - 1980-1997. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-163Kropp, Anne. - 1976-1978.
M-8981-106L miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1987-1997.
M-8981-107Labicane, Ted and Constance. - 1985-1994.
M-7144-164Lang, Bella. - 1972-1984.
M-8981-108Lang, Bella. 1985-1997.
M-7144-165Lapp, Eula. - 1972-1974.
M-7144-166Lawrence, Ralph. - 1968. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-167Leslie, George and Beth. - 1976-1984.
M-8981-109Leslie, Beth. - 1984-1998.
M-7144-168Light, D. W. - 1979.
M-7144-169Likness, Marion. - 1973-1974.
M-7144-170Lobb, Eleanor. - 1968.
M-7144-171Local Initiatives Program. - 1974.
M-8981-110Lougheed, Clare and Marie. - 1985-1995.
M-7144-172Lougheed, Peter. - 1976.
M-7144-173Lovell, Bert and Louise. - 1972-1980.
M-8981-111Lyle, Doris. - 1993-1997.
M-8981-112M miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1928-1989. - Includes photographs.
M-8981-113M miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1988-1998.
M-8981-114Magarrell, Monty and Elaine. - 1988-1996.
M-7144-174Manders, Beatrice. - 1972-1974.
M-7144-175Marsden, Karen. - 1972-1975.
M-7144-176McBeath, Jack. - 1970.
M-7144-177McBeth, John. - 1969.
M-8981-115McCloy, T. R. (Pat) and Doreen. - 1975-1977.
M-8981-116McClung, Nellie. - 1941-1946.
M-8981-117McDonald, Allan. - 1996.
M-7144-178McElroy, Chris and Dana. - 1975-1984.
M-8981-118McElroy, Chris and Dave. - 1985-1997.
M-8981-119MacEwen, Neva. - 1985-1992.
M-7144-179McEwen, William Henry. - 1980.
M-7144-180McKay, Elwood. - 1974-1977.
M-7144-181McKay, W. A. - 1952-1971.
M-8981-121McKenzie, Ken and Doris. - [ca. 1985]-1996.
M-7144-182McKim, Audrey. - 1972.
M-7144-183McKnight, Lawrence. - 1979-1981.
M-7144-184MacLachlan, Glen. - 1964-1972.
M-8981-122McLaren, Joyce and Ken. - 1990-1998.
M-7144-185McLeod, Marion and Florence Melanson. - 1951-1976.
M-8981-186McNiel, R. L. - 1979-1995.
M-7144-186McQuillan, Laura. - 1974-1975.
M-7144-187McRae, Velma. - 1978.
M-7144-188McRoberts, Howard and Theresa. - [1963?]-1974.
M-8981-124McVeity, Lois. - 1985-1998.
M-7144-189Meffert, Nel and Jo. - 1974-1984.
M-8981-125Merriam, Elva. - 1985-1994.
M-7144-190Merrian, Thomas. - 1977.
M-8981-126Miller, Paula. - 1984-[2001].
M-7144-191Milne, Madge. -1975-1985. - Includes will.
M-7144-192Mitchell, Dolly. - 1972.
M-7144-193Mitchell, James and Wilda. - 1968-1984.
M-7144-194Mitchell, Margaret and Duncan. - 1968-1980.
M-8981-127Moore, Viola. - 1991-1995.
M-7144-195Morgan, Margaret. - 1959-1984.
M-8981-128Morin, Gail. - 1998.
M-8981-129Morse, Betty and Alton. - 1929-1978.
M-7144-196Moschenross, Mary and Lee. - 1974. - Mary was Elsie's sister.
M-8981-130Moschenross, Mary and Lee. - 1927-1996. - Includes photograph.
M-7144-197Murray, Louise. - 1969-1978.
M-8981-131N-O-P miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1958-1986.
M-8981-132N miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1989-1993.
M-7144-198Ness, Mrs. E. - 1972.
M-7144-199Noble, Jessee. - 1968.
M-8981-133Nolan, Tom and Joyce. - 1985-1997.
M-8981-134Organizations. - 1988-1998. - Alberta Genealogical Society, Bresaylor Heritage Museum, Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee, Neutral Hills Historical Society.
M-8981-135P miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1971-1992.
M-8981-136Park-Gowan, Elsie. - 1988-1990.
M-7144-200Parker, James and June. - 1980-1982.
M-8981-137Patterson, Ralph and rose. - 1986-1997.
M-7144-201Paynter, Donna. - 1972-1973.
M-7144-202Penner, Isla. - 1967-1984.
M-8981-138Penner, Phil and Isla. - 1984-1997.
M-7144-203Political correspondence. - 1971-1977. - Includes Social Credit membership cards, correspondence with Douglas Roche, M.P., news clippings, political pamphlets, brochures and leaflets.
M-7144-204Pope, Betty and Alfred. - 1978-1980.
M-7144-205Potter, Donald and Ana. - 1972-1978.
M-7144-206Potter, James and Doreen. - 1972-1978.
M-7144-207Powell, Dwight and Mary. - 1972-1984.
M-8981-139Powell, Dwight and Mary. - 1985-1998.
M-8981-140Price, Myrtle. - 1985-1998.
M-7144-208Pritchard, Ginny. - 1969-1970.
M-7144-209Pritchard, Helen. - 1968-1969.
M-7144-210Pybus, Vera. - 1983.
M-8981-141Q-R-S-T miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1939-1991.
M-7144-211Quehl, Dorothy and Eby. - [1968?]-1980.
M-8981-142Quehl, Dorothy and Eby. - 1985-1997.
M-8981-143R miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1990-1998.
M-7144-212Ratchford, Joan. - 1968-1971.
M-8981-144Rayner, Agness and Fred. - 1942-1982.
M-7144-213Reavely, Hazel. - 1968-1979.
M-7144-214Regnier, Father Gerard. - 1969-1970.
M-7144-215Reid, Janet. - 1963-1969.
M-7144-216Reid, Kathleen and Clifford. - 1966-1973.
M-8981-145Robertson, Helen and Aubrey. - 1959-1997. - Helen was Elsie's sister.
M-8981-146Robertson, Bill and Maxie. - 1969-1975.
M-7144-217Roe, Dr. Frank. - 1971.
M-7144-218Roloson, Verna. - 1970-1971.
M-7144-219Ronaghan, Allen. - 1972.
M-7144-220Rose, Marion. - 1970.
M-8981-147Ryan, Laetta. - 1946-1947.
M-8981-148S miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1986-1997.
M-7144-221Sage, Sadie. - 1970-1972.
M-7144-222Schuller, June. - 1973-1976.
M-7144-223Scott, Anne. - 1967-1983.
M-7144-224Scott, Pearl and Les. - 1967-1985.
M-8981-149Scott, Les. - 1988-1994.
M-7144-225Seale, Bertha and Myrtle. - [1966]-1975.
M-7144-226Shantz, Dolly and Ross. - 1967-1977.
M-7144-227Sherlock and Denney families, 1926-1928.
M-7144-228Sherlock, Mildred, from Charles Denney, 1926-1948.
M-8981-150Shirley (Elsie's daughter). - 1941-1969.
M-8981-151Shirley (Elsie's daughter). - 1970-1997.
M-8981-152Shirley : personal. - 1940-[ca. 1949]. - Music exam results, clippings concerning marriage.
M-8981-153Shirley : greeting cards. - 1931-[ca. 1976].
M-7144-229Siemens, Henry and Elizabeth. - 1970-1984.
M-8981-154Sinclair, Margaret. - 1980-1997.
M-7144-230Sinclair, May. - 1972-1973.
M-8981-155Sinclair, Roy and Betty. - 1987-1995.
M-7144-231Sisson, Helen. - 1970-1978.
M-8981-156Slater, Anna May. - 1975-1978.
M-7144-232Sleep, Ralph and Lucy. - [1968]-1981.
M-8981-157Smalley, Philip and Peg. - 1973-1978.
M-8981-158Smalley, Philip and Peg. - 1990-1998.
M-7144-232Smiley, Don and Gwynneth. - [1967?]-1984.
M-7144-233Smith, Mildred. - 1967-1983.
M-7144-235Sokolotosky, Steve and Doris. - 1979-1985.
M-8981-159Sokolotosky, Doris. - 1988-1998.
M-7144-236Speechly, Mr. W. G. - 1969-1981.
M-8981-160Sproul, Beth and Stan. - 1985-1995.
M-7144-237Stelfox, Henry. - 1972.
M-8981-161Stockdale, Vic and Lois. - 1986-1998.
M-7144-238Sullivan, Maurice. - 1973-1976.
M-8981-162Sutton, Dorothy. - 1947-1953.
M-8981-163T miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1978-1993.
M-7144-239Tallman, Verna. - 1978-1979.
M-8981-164Taylor, Betty and Norm. - 1984-[1995].
M-7144-240Taylor, Ruth and William. - 1963-1984.
M-8981-165Taylor, Ruth. - 1984-1998.
M-7144-241Teece, John and Hazel. - 1975-1978.
M-8981-166Templeton, Charles and Vivien. - 1985-1995.
M-8981-167Thelma (Elsie's friend). - [1957]-1973.
M-7144-242Thompson, Gladys. - 1963-1978.
M-7144-243Tranter, Doug and Eileen. - 1966-1980.
M-8981-168Thompson, Mary and Lin. - 1978-1998.
M-7144-244Turner, Fred and Ivy. - 1968-1980.
M-8981-169U-V-W-X-Y-Z miscellaneous (Elsie). - 1941-1994.
M-8981-170V-W-X-Y-Z miscellaneous (Charles and Elsie). - 1985-1997.
M-7144-245Van Dusen, Margaret and Garvie. - 1968-1983.
M-7144-246Van Schaick, Jean. - 1972-1978.
M-8981-171Verhagen, Louis. - 1995-1998.
M-8981-172Vincent, Edith and Muriel. - 1986-1997.
M-8981-173Walker, Alice. - [ca. 1950]-1985.
M-8981-174Walker, Imogene. - 1943-1966.
M-7144-247Webster, Lois and Larry. - 1963-1984.
M-8981-175Webster, Lois and Larry. - 1984-1998.
M-7144-248Webster, Muriel. - 1973-1983.
M-8981-176Webster, Muriel. - 1985-1998.
M-8981-177Wells, Tom, Isabel and Betty. - 1950-1996.
M-7144-249Wesenberg, Mr. J. J. - 1973.
M-7144-250Whimster, Doris. - 1970.
M-8981-178Whitmore, Rev. N. W. - 1962-1966.
M-7144-251Wicks, Darlene. - 1970-1980.
M-8981-179Wigelsworth, Dulcie and Stan. - 1969-1977.
M-8981-180Wigens, Kathy. - 1947-1979.
M-8981-181Wilson, Doreen - 1968-1970. - Doreen was Elsie's niece.
M-8981-182Wilson, Ernest and Hattie. - 1927-1964. - The Wilsons were Elsie's parents.
M-8981-183Wilson, Hattie : undated. - [ca. 1927]-1966.
M-8981-184Wilson, George. - 1943-[ca. 1980]. - George was Elsie's brother.
M-8981-185Wilson, Ione and Keith. - 1955-1970. - Ione and Keith were Elsie's niece and nephew.
M-8981-186Wilson, Jack and Grace. - 1962-1994. - Jack was Elsie's brother.
M-7144-252Wilson, Janet. - 1977-1982.
M-8981-187Wilson, Janet. - 1985-1997.
M-8981-188Wilson, Jean. - 1927-1976. - Jean was Elsie's sister.
M-7144-253Wilson, Lola. - 1963-1983.
M-7144-254Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Tom. - 1975-1982.
M-8981-189Wilson family (miscellaneous). - [ca. 1927]-1988.
M-8981-190Wilson family : Aunt Eliz. - 1942-1962.
M-8981-191Wilson family : Aunt Jean. - [ca. 1940-ca. 1950].
M-8981-192Wilson family : Aunt Lillian Gilmour McDonald. - 1944-1947.
M-8981-193Wilson family : Aunt Mabel. - [ca. 1933].
M-8981-194Wilson family : Aunt Mary and Art. - 1929-1930.
M-8981-195Wilson family : Aunt Maude. - [ca. 1960].
M-8981-196Wilson family : Howard and Olive Salmon. - 1944-1948.
M-8981-197Wilson family : Kay, Colin and Jean. - 1942.
M-8981-199Wilson family : Len, Gail, and Lynda. - 1963.
M-8981-200Wilson family : Marjorie and Bill McDonald. - 1977-1983.
M-8981-201Wishart, Shirley. - 1984-1998.
M-7144-255Wishart, Vernon. - 1975-1976.
M-7144-256Woollatt, Douglas and Florence. - 1963-1984.
M-8981-202Woollatt, Douglas and Florence. - 1985-1992.
M-7144-257Wright, Evelyn and Harold. - 1971-1984.
M-8981-203Wright, Evelyn and Harold. - 1984-1994. - Includes photographs.
M-7144-258Wylie, Gwen. - 1968-1975.
M-8981-204Young, Jack and Allison. - 1986-1995.
M-8981-205Young, Phyllis. - 1991-1997.
M-8981-206Young, Stirling and Thelma. - 1989-1997.
M-8981-207Zaraska, Ed and Peggy. - 1997-1998.
M-7144-259General correspondence. - 1980-1984.
M-7144-260General correspondence. - 1977-1979.
M-7144-261General correspondence. - 1974-1976.
M-7144-262General correspondence. - 1972-1973.
M-7144-263General correspondence. - 1970-1971.
M-7144-264General correspondence. - 1961-1969.
M-8981-208Correspondence. - 1998 July-Dec.
M-8981-209Correspondence. - 1998 Dec.-1999 June.
M-8981-210Correspondence. - 1999 Jan.-June.
M-8981-211Correspondence. - 1999 Feb.-Dec.
M-8981-212Correspondence. - 2000 Jan.-Apr.
M-8981-213Correspondence. - 2000 Apr.-2001 Jan.
M-8981-214Correspondence. - 2001 Jan.-Feb.
M-8981-215Greeting cards (Elsie). - [ca. 1940-ca. 1955].
M-8981-216Greeting cards (Elsie). - [ca. 1955-ca. 1968].
M-8981-217Postcards (Elsie). - 1948-1975.
M-8981-218Postcards (Sherlock family). - 1906-1926.
M-8981-219Postcards (Charles, Mildred and June). - 1936-1972.
M-8981-220Postcards (Charles, Mildred and June). - 1926-1972.
M-8981-221Postcards (Margaret Denney). - 1961-1964.
M-8981-222Postcards (Charles to Mildred). - 1957-1973.
M-8981-223Postcards (Charles and Elsie). - 1975-1984.
M-8981-224Miscellaneous correspondence (Charles and Elsie). - 1970-1993.
M-8981-225Denney, Charles and Elsie : wedding. - 1974. - Letters and cards.
M-8981-226Correspondence : Charles to Elsie. - 1979, 1992.
M-8981-227Denney, Charles : political, etc. - 1994-1998. - Includes sub-files on Reform Party, Treasury Branches, Maclean's magazine, provincial government, federal government, sundry. Includes letters concerning proposed relocation of Provincial Archives to Stony Plain, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, multiculturalism, bilingualism, homosexual ceremonies in the United Church. Includes letters commending his caregiver and doctors.
M-8981-228Denney, Charles : 95th birthday. - 1996. - Includes greeting cards, photographs.
M-8981-229Denney, Charles : "move" letter. - 1997-1998. - Announcement of his decision to move to a seniors' lodge. Include replies.
M-8981-230Denney, Charles : Christmas letter. - 1999.
M-7144-265Charles Denney personal papers. - 1914-1983. - Includes Sunday School diplomas, photographs, transcription from family Bible, certificates and letters (awards, honours, and thank-yous), greeting cards, newsclippings, driver's license [1971?], marriage announcement (1974), curriculum vitae (1981).
M-8981-231aCharles Denney personal papers. - 1978-1999. - Newsclippings, program.
M-7144-266Charles Denney education and employment. - 1914-1943. - Consists of educational certificates, letters of recommendation, agreements with school boards, reports of school inspectors, correspondence concerning employment.
M 8189/231Charles Denney's journal. - 1995-1996. - Includes membership cards.
M-8981-232Charles Denney's journal. - 1997.
M-8981-233Charles Denney's journal. - 1998-2000.
M-8981-234Elsie Denney miscellaneous correspondence and documents. - 1955-1987. - Includes biographical information presented at her 80th birthday celebration.
M-8981-235Elsie Denney miscellaneous correspondence and souvenirs. - 1966-1983.
M-8981-236Elsie Denney miscellaneous correspondence, certificates, C.G.I.T. minutes, health record. - 1927-1990.
M-8981-237Elsie Denney personal finance record and business college exercise book. - [1926-1928].
M-8981-238Elsie Denney personal papers. - 1926-1996. - Miscellaneous personal correspondence, school records, Christmas gift lists, correspondence with charities, financial documents, identity cards.
M-8981-239Elsie Denney collected poetry. - 1977-1998. - Poems by friends and by Elsie's daughter Joy Forbes.
M-8981-240Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1957-ca. 1985].
M-8981-241Elsie Denney : Canadian Authors Association. - [ca, 1956]-1995. - Includes annual report (1995), tickets, Elsie's poems, stories and articles, correspondence from publishers.
M-8981-242Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1966-ca. 1982]. - Includes correspondence.
M-8981-243Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1953-ca. 1995].
M-8981-244Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1953-ca. 1995].
M-8981-245Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1953-ca. 1995].
M-8981-246Elsie Denney articles and stories. - [ca. 1953-ca. 1995].
M-8981-247Elsie Denney : William C. Burns articles and stories. - [ca. 1929]. - Burns was a blind resident of Edmonton who wrote of his experiences in New York, the Klondike, and northern Alberta.
M-8981-248Elsie Denney : guardianship and death. - 1939-1996. - Includes land deed (1939), records for cemetery plot, Charles Denney's records concerning her guardianship after she became incapacitated, Charles Denney's reminiscence, and photographs of dedication of her memorial stone.
M-8981-249Elsie Denney : will and estate. - 1996-1997. - Includes Elsie's will and Charles Denney's related notes, correspondence, and financial documents.
M-8981-250Elsie Denney's journal. - 1952-1959.
M-8981-251Elsie Denney's journal. - 1960-1967.
M-8981-252Elsie Denney's journal. - 1968-1969.
M-8981-253Elsie Denney's journal. - 1971-1976.
M-8981-254Elsie Denney's journal. - 1978-1980.
M-8981-255Elsie Denney's journal. - 1981-1984.
M-8981-256Elsie Denney's journal. - 1986-1989.
M-7144-267Mildred Sherlock Denney personal papers. - 1910-1973. - Includes educational certificates; letters, inspectors' reports and contracts concerning employment as a teacher; birth certificate; death notice and memorial card.
M-8981-257Mildred Sherlock Denney story : A loop for luck. - [ca. 1920].
M-7144-268Charles Denney and Mildred Sherlock marriage. - 1927-1957. - Includes marriage certificates, marriage invitation and announcement, Valentine's Day poem, 25th anniversary greetings, photocopies of photographs.
M-7144-269June Hurd personal papers. - 1930-1981. - Includes baptismal certificate, medical certificate, adoption papers, memoir by Charles Denney on the circumstances of her adoption, marriage and birth announcements, correspondence, photocopies of photographs.
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Series 5Photographs. - [ca. 1855]-2000. - ca. 2,850 photographs. - Photographs referenced from the Red River and Métis family history files; photographs of Charles Denney, his wives Mildred Sherlock Denney and Elsie Wilson Colby Denney, communities they lived in, vacations, their relatives, and their ancestors.
M-7144-342Matheson family photographs (3,000). - [ca.1855-ca. 1940]. - 50 photographs.
M-8981-258Matheson family photograph (3,000). - 1987. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-259Pritchard family photograph (11,000). - [copied ca. 1985 (originally created 1874)]. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-260Sutherland family photographs (12,000). - [ca. 1900]-1987. - 5 photographs.
M-7144-343Fraser family photographs (13,000). - [ca. 1890-ca. 1939]. - 81 photographs.
M-8981-261Sutherland family photographs (14,000). - [copied ca. 1985 (originally created 1870)]. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-262Garrioch family photograph (75,000). - 1966. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-263Fraser family photographs (99,000). - 1980. - 3 photographs.
M-8981-264Brazeau family photograph (104,300). - [copied ca. 1985 (originally created ca. 1980)]. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-265Pruden family photograph (139,000). - 1987. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-266Fidler family photographs (159,000). - [ca. 1992-ca. 1997]. - 29 photographs.
M-8981-267Bourke family photograph (304,000). - 1971. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-268Hardisty family photographs (330,000). - [copied ca. 1987 (originally created ca. 1880)]. - 2 photographs.
M-7144-344Denney family photographs (401,000). - [ca. 1880]-1973. - 25 photographs.
M-7144-345Denney family photographs (401,000). - [ca. 1900-ca. 1943]. - 30 photographs.
M-8981-269Denney (Leonard) family photographs (401,001). - [ca. 1890-ca. 1910]. - 5 photographs.
M-7144-346Denney family photographs (401,100). - [ca. 1900]-1966. - 2 photographs.
M-7144-347Denney family photographs (401,200). - [ca. 1900-ca. 1930]. - 6 photographs.
M-7144-348Denney family photographs (401,300). - [ca. 1910]-1976. - 28 photographs.
M-7144-349Denney family photographs (401,500). - [ca. 1855]-1976. - 44 photographs.
M-7144-350Denney family photographs (401,700). - [ca. 1890]-1978. - 13 photographs.
M-7144-351Denney family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1922]-1981. - 118 photographs. - Includes notes on graduates of Camrose Normal School, 1923.
M-7144-352Denney family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1913]-1971. - 196 photographs.
M-7144-353Denney family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1880]-1971. - 85 photographs.
M-7144-354Denney family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1920-ca. 1975]. - ca. 325 photographs.
M-7144-355Denney family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1900-ca. 1974]. - 213 photographs.
M-7144-356Denney family photographs (401,800) - 1917-1927. - 219 photographs.
M-8981-270Denney (George) family photographs (401,800). - [ca. 1900]-1982. 44 photographs.
M-7144-357Denney family photographs (401,900) - [ca. 1900-ca. 1955]. - 55 photographs.
M-8981-271Denney (Jacob) family photograph (403,000). - 1996. - 1 photograph.
M-7144-358Fraser family photographs (405,000). - [ca. 1920]-1986. - 17 photographs.
M-8981-272Fraser family photographs (405,000). - [ca. 1880]-1992. - 10 photographs.
M-7144-359Aldrich family photographs (406,000). - [ca. 1895-ca. 1940]. - 10 photographs.
M-8981-273Aldrich family photographs (406,000). - [ca. 1985]. - 3 photographs.
M-7144-360Elder family photographs (407,000). - [ca. 1885]-1979. - 40 photographs.
M-8981-274Elder family photograph (407,000). - 1925. - 1 photograph.
M-7144-361Merriam family photographs (408,000). - 1885. - 1 photograph.
M-7144-362Sherlock family photographs (409,000). - [ca. 1890]-1948. - 183 photographs.
M-7144-363Sherlock family photographs (409,000). - 1895-1970. - 241 photographs.
M-7144-364Sherlock family photographs (409,000) - [ca. 1855]-1970. - 266 photographs.
M-8981-275Sherlock family photographs (409,300). - 1905-[ca. 1985]. - 10 photographs.
M-8981-276Steinhauer family photographs (502,000). - [copied ca. 1987 (originally created ca. 1880)]. - 3 photographs.
M-8981-277Gullion family photographs (524,000). - [copied 1986-1988 (originally created ca. 1880-1987)]. - 16 photographs. Scanned Document View now.
M-8981-278Miscellaneous Red River and Métis families. - 1921-1992. - 29 photographs. - Include members of or places associated with the Clarke, Denney, Fraser, Green, Hoy, Hubbard, Huck, Lamoureux, Matheson, McFall, Nordin, Patterson, Polson, Sayers, Secord, Steinhauer, Sutherland, Warner families.
M-8981-279Cadogan, Alberta. - 1987. - 3 photographs.
M-8981-280Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT). - 1954. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-281Colby, Doug, and family. - 1938-1995. - 51 photographs.
M-8981-282Colby, Shirley. - [ca. 1960]. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-283Colby family. - [ca. 1919]-1971. - 13 photographs.
M-8981-284Denney, Charles. - 1960-1974. - 2 photographs.
M-8981-285Denney, Charles : 85th birthday. - 1986. - 79 photographs.
M-8981-286Denney, Charles and Elsie. - 1975-2000. - 52 photographs.
.M-8981-287Denney, Charles and Elsie : Alberta Prairie Railway excursion. - 1991. - 11 photographs.
M-8981-288Denney, Charles and Elsie : vacations. - [ca. 1974-ca. 1991] - 45 photographs.
M-8981-289Denney, Charles, Mildred and June. - [ca. 1920-ca. 1960]. - 56 photographs.
M-8981-290Denney, Charlie. - 1982. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-291Denney, Elsie. - 1925-1991. - 7 photographs.
M-8981-292Denney, Elsie : 85th birthday. - 1991. - 6 photographs.
M-8981-293Denney, Margaret. - [ca. 1930]. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-294Denney family. - [ca. 1943]. - 9 photographs.
M-8981-295Duhamel, Alberta. - 1981. - 2 photographs.
M-8981-296Forbes, Joy, and family. - [ca. 1930]-2000. - 16 photographs.
M-8981-297Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. - 1988. - 4 photographs.
M-8981-298Hurd, June, and family. - 1990. - 9 photographs.
M-8981-299Wartime, Saskatchewan. - 1980. - 3 photographs.
M-8981-300Wembley, Alberta. - 1914-[ca. 1920]. - 2 photographs.
M-8981-301Willingdon, Alberta. - 1983. - 1 photograph.
M-8981-302Wilson family (Elsie Denney's relatives). - 1909-1983. - 41 photographs.
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Series 6Elsie Denney's family genealogy. - [ca. 1900-ca. 1996]. - 38 cm of textual records and photographs. - This series consists of records and photographs documenting the genealogy of the Wilson and Gilmour families (Elsie's paternal and maternal ancestors) and Colby family (Elsie's first husband's ancestors). - Includes 847 photographs.
M-8981-303Wilson 1. - [ca. 1950-ca. 1996]. - Includes 36 photographs.
M-8981-304Wilson 2. - [ca. 1880-ca. 1996]. - Includes 81 photographs.
M-8981-305Wilson 3. - [ca. 1915-ca. 1996]. - Includes 25 photographs.
M-8981-306Wilson 4. - [ca. 1850-ca. 1996]. - Includes 9 photographs.
M-8981-307Wilson 5. - [ca. 1930-ca. 1996]. - Includes 50 photographs.
M-8981-308Wilson 6. - [ca. 1930-ca. 1996]. - Includes 57 photographs.
M-8981-309Wilson 7. - [ca. 1920-ca. 1996]. - Includes 6 photographs.
M-8981-310Gilmour 1. - 1937-[ca. 1996]. - Includes 3 photographs.
M-8981-311Gilmour 2. - 1948-[ca. 1996]. - Includes 63 photographs.
M-8981-312Gilmour 3. - [ca. 1910-ca.1996]. - Includes 15 photographs.
M-8981-313Colby 1. - 1981-1999. - Includes 3 photographs.
M-8981-314Colby 2. - [ca. 1939]-1999. - Includes 32 photographs.
M-8981-315Colby 3 - [ca. 1928-ca. 1999]. - Includes 71 photographs.
M-8981-316Colby 4. - [ca. 1928-ca. 1996]. - Consists of 133 photographs.
M-8981-317Colby 5. - [ca. 1941-ca. 1996]. - Includes 181 photographs.
M-8981-318Colby 6. - [ca. 1930-ca. 1997]. - Includes 16 photographs.
M-8981-319Colby 7. - [ca. 1930-ca. 1996]. - Includes 56 photographs.
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Series 7Miscellaneous writing - 1924-2000 (predominant 1972-2000). - 13 cm of textual records. - This series consists of Charles Denney's articles, letters-to-the-editor, poems, and lectures. He arranged most of them into 10 loose-leaf binders. They include some correspondence about publication. Some items are missing from the series, but Series 8 includes some of the missing items mentioned in the index.
M-8981-320Index to miscellaneous writing. - [ca. 1988-ca. 2000].
M-8981-321Miscellany 1. - [ca. 1972].
M-8981-322Miscellany 3. - [ca. 1978-ca. 1989].
M-8981-323Miscellany 4. - [ca. 1970-ca. 1995].
M-8981-324Miscellany 5. - [ca. 1977-ca. 1996].
M-8981-325Miscellany 6. - [ca. 1974-ca. 1998].
M-8981-326Miscellany 7. - [ca. 1924-ca. 1993].
M-8981-327Miscellany 8. - [ca. 1977-ca. 2000].
M-8981-328Miscellany 9. - [ca. 1988-ca. 2000].
M-8981-329Miscellany 10. - [ca. 1972-ca.1998].
M-8981-330We travelled the Alaska Highway. - [ca. 1980].
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Series 8Subject files. - [ca. 1910]-2002. - 39 cm of textual records and photographs. - This series contains drafts, photocopied source material, and research notes related to Charles Denney's published and unpublished writing, much of it autobiographical. Also includes some of Denney's personal papers. - Includes 72 photographs.
M-8981-331Denney : Alberta Genealogical Society. - 1972-1997.
M-8981-332Denney : Churchill Manor. - 1997-2001.
M-8981-333Denney : newspaper clippings. - 1974-2002.
M-8981-334Denney : Reform Party. - 1998-2001.
M-8981-335Denney : teaching career. - 1923-[ca. 1990]. - Includes 19 photographs.
M-8981-336Denney : travel. - 1972-[ca. 2000].
M-8981-337Denney : tributes. - 1978-1999.
M-8981-338Denney history : Cadogan. - [ca. 1991-ca. 1995].
M-8981-339Denney history : Consort. - [ca. 1981-ca. 2000].
M-8981-340Denney history : Dubuc. - [ca. 1973-ca. 1999].
M-8981-341Denney history : Edmonton 1914. - [ca. 1977-ca. 1999].
M-8981-342Denney history : Sherlocks, 1927. - [ca. 1910-ca. 1998]. - Includes 43 photographs.
M-8981-343Denney history : 1939. - [ca. 1940-ca. 1999]. - Includes 10 photographs.
M-8981-344Denney history : 1970s. - 1974-1990.
M-8981-345Denney history : miscellaneous. - 1953-1995.
M-8981-346Denney history : 1980s. - 1982-1991.
M-8981-347Denney history : 1990s. - 1990-1999.
M-8981-348Denney history : 2000s. - 2000-2001.
M-8981-349Denny surname research. - [ca. 1988].
M-8981-350Edmonton : 1847-1900. - 1958-1998.
M-8981-351Edmonton Settlement. - Originally created 1882-1904 [photocopied ca. 1999].
M-8981-352Edmonton Settlement. - Originally created 1882 [photocopied ca. 1999].
M-8981-353Edmonton Settlement. - 1998-1999.
M-8981-354Edson-Grande Prairie Trail. - 1973-1992.
M-8981-355Edson-Grande Prairie Trail. - [ca. 1990].
M-8981-356Edson-Grande Prairie Trail. - [ca. 1980-ca. 1998].
M-8981-357General genealogical articles and stories. - [ca. 1975-ca. 1992].
M-8981-358Indians. - [ca. 1980].
M-8981-359McDougall, George. - 1997.
M-8981-360Plow. - [ca. 1980].
M-8981-361Schools in North West Territories. - [ca. 1970-ca. 1980].
M-8981-362Survey notes. - [ca. 1970-ca. 1999]. - Includes notes on Duhamel Settlement.
M-8981-363Time research. - [ca. 1995].
M-8981-364Trails. - [ca. 1970-ca. 2000].
M-8981-365United Church history. - [ca. 1997-ca. 1998].
M-8981-366Victoria Settlement and Pakan. - [ca. 1966-ca. 2000].
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Series 9Priscilla Gilmour's papers. - 1927-1945 (predominant 1942-1945). - 13 cm of textual records. - Priscilla Phillips Gilmour, 1852-1945, was Elsie Denney's maternal grandmother. This series consists of her correspondence from family members and her diaries.
M-8981-367From Aileen (niece). - 1943.
M-8981-368From Bill (grandson). - 1943.
M-8981-369From Elsie (granddaughter). - 1927, 1944.
M-8981-370From Ernie (son). - 1944-1945.
M-8981-371From friends. - 1941-1945.
M-8981-372From George (grandson). - 1943.
M-8981-373From George (son). -1944-1945.
M-8981-374From Harriet (daughter). - 1944.
M-8981-375From Jessica (granddaughter). - 1943-1944.
M-8981-376From Kay (granddaughter). - 1943-1945.
M-8981-377From Lillian (daughter). - 1943-1945.
M-8981-378From Mary (granddaughter). - 1944.
M-8981-379From May (niece). - 1943-1944.
M-8981-380From Muriel (niece). - [ca. 1944].
M-8981-381From Patsy (granddaughter). - 1945.
M-8981-382From Sara (daughter). - 1942-1945.
M-8981-383From Thelma (daughter-in-law). - 1943-1945.
M-8981-384From Thelma (granddaughter). - 1943-1945.
M-8981-385From Vivien (niece). - 1943.
M-8981-386To Elsie from Priscilla. - 1927-[ca. 1944].
M-8981-387Miscellaneous. - [ca. 1943]. - Birth announcement, card of thanks.
M-8981-388Diary. - 1930-1940.
M-8981-389Diary. - 1934.
M-8981-390Note book. - 1942-1944.

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