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A.W. Dingman at Dingman #1 well, Turner Valley, July 28, 1914
A.W. Dingman at Dingman #1 well, Turner Valley, July 28, 1914

Dingman family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Dingman family and the petroleum industry. -- 1894-1964
Series 2 Photographs. -- [1880s-1960s]


Series 1 Dingman family and the petroleum industry. -- 1894-1964. -- 18.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of reports, charts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and other records written or compiled by Dingman family records, in particular Claude Dingman.
M-330-1 Memorial of Highwood-Sarcee Oils Ltd. to A.W. Dingman. -- April 3, 1936

Calgary Natural Gas Company reports. -- 1906-1926. -- Consists of reports giving exact locations and details of drilling for the following:

#1 well on the Sarcee Indian Reserve [Tsuut'ina reserve]
#2 well on Colonel Walker's estate, Calgary
Gleichen well
Miscellaneous report on relative fuel values of coal and natural gas


Calgary Petroleum Products records. -- 1914-1921. -- Consists of the following:

Prospectuses and minutes of 1920 meeting re transfer of shares to Imperial Oil
Memo of agreement re transfer of land from CPP to Alliance Trust Company
List of shareholders who tranferred CPP shares to Royalite

M-330-4 Poem re A.W. Dingman's philosophy, "It's All in the State if Mind".
M-330-5 Claude L. Dingman's personal papers. -- 1894-1946. -- Includes of registration of birth and certificate of service in the Royal Air Force (RAF).
M-330-6 C.L. Dingman's notes and articles on oil and gas in Alberta. -- n.d. -- Consists of rough note and finished draft re pioneer days of the petroleum industry in Turner Valley and other parts of Alberta.
M-330-7 Reports on operative results from oil development in Alberta, compiled by C.L. Dingman. -- 1914-1940
M-330-8 C.L. Dingman's rough notes and charts for report on Alberta oil and gas history. -- 1914-1961. -- Includes list of wells drilled in Turner Valley and Alberta up to 1947; list of principal oil fields in Alberta up to 1960; crude oil production charts; and total oil production charts.
M-330-9 "The Alberta Oil and Gas Industry, 1914-1961" by C.L. Dingman. -- [1961]. -- Includes wells drilled in Alberta to 1947; production of oil fields in Alberta to 1960; total production of propane, butane and sulphur in Alberta, 1961; natural gas production, 1940-1960; and schedule of early wells drilled in Alberta, 1902-1921.
M-1563 "The Alberta Oil and Gas Industry: A History of 48 Years of Development, 1914-1960-1961" by Claude L. Dingman. -- [ca. 1960s]. -- 2 cm of textual records
M-1622-(1-2) Material compiled by C.L. Dingman. -- 1913-1935. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of Turner Valley Petroleum Report which includes number of wells, companies, production, acreage, dividends, etc. Includes 1914 Calgary Petroleum Products prospectus.
M-330-10 General information on oil industry. -- 1939-1941. -- Consists of oil productin charts; imported oil charts; capacities of various Canadian refineries; mineral production chart (1939); drilling results in United States (1940); and charts showing gross production and revenue of companies to 1941.
M-330-11 Letter to Thomas Mayne Daly re Athabasca Tar Sands. -- 1898
M-330-12 Eric Harvie speech. -- June 15, 1956. -- Consists of address by Harvie at the Turner Valley celebrations commemorating the 20th anniversay of the discover of crude oil at the field.
M-330-13 Diagram of gas well #1, Sarcee Reserve [Tsuut'ina reserve]. -- n.d. -- Shows cross section and depth of well with various earth strata.
M-330-14 Papers re helium. -- n.d.
M-330-15 "Alberta Oil and Gas Industry". -- 1959. -- Consists of a report compiled by the Oil and Gas Conservation Board, which contains comparative statistics both historical and recent.
M-330-16 Oil and Gas Conservation Board - Monthly report and statistics. -- 1961, 1964. -- Consists of charts and statistics on production and disposition, etc.
M-944 Corrine Dingman Patteson's papers. -- 1906-1933. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Corrine was the daughter of A.W. Dingman. -- Consists of a scrapbook, wedding book and miscellaneous records.
M-9105 Newspaper clippings about the Dingman family and the petroleum industry. -- [1930s-1950s]. -- 1 cm of textual records.
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s-1960s]. -- 380 photographs

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1164 Postcard of oil well in Japan. -- 1915. -- 1 photograph
PA-1954 Dingman and Patteson families, Calgary and England. -- [ca. early 1900s-1960s]. -- 24 photographs
PA-2622 Effects of hailstorm on geological survey camp at Jumping Pound. -- 1927. -- 6 photographs
PA-2888 Petroleum industry, Turner Valley. -- n.d. -- 20 photographs
PA-3202 Turner Valley oil field and Dingman family. -- [ca. 1914-1917]. -- 27 photographs. -- Prints made from the original negatives in NA-5262 below.
PA-3238 Turner Valley oil field. -- [ca. 1914-1917]. -- 14 photographs. -- Prints made from the original negatives in NA-5262 below.
PA-3670 Turner Valley and Alberta oil fields. -- [ca. 1880s-1950s]. -- 50 photographs
PC-94 Turner Valley and Highwood Valley oil well views. -- [ca. 1910s]. -- 4 photographs
PC-153 Portraits of Dingman and Patteson family members. -- [ca. late 1890s-1940s]. -- 9 photographs
PD-271 Photo album of Dingman family and Turner Valley oil field views. -- [ca, 1914-1917]. -- 1 album (169 photographs). -- Consists of prints made from original negatives in NA-5262, NC-67 and NC-70 below.
NA-1424 Dingman family in Ontario an Calgary. -- 1897-1924. -- 7 photographs
NA-2119 Gas flare at Calgary Brewing and Malting Company; views of Dingman #1 and $2 oil wells. -- 1910 and 1914. -- 5 photographs
NA-5262 Turner Valley oil field and Dingman family. -- [ca. 1914-1917]. -- 123 negatives. -- Consists of views of Turner Valley; Dingman #1 and #2 oil wells; tanks. flares, oil wagons, drilling equipment, gas plant equipment, etc.; oil field drillers and employees at work; Charles W. Dingman and A. Ray Dingman at various activities including fishing and hunting; the Big Rock [glacial erratic], Sheep Creek and Gorge Creek.
NA-5364 Dingman #1 oil well. -- [ca. 1914]. -- 1 photograph. -- Copy negative for PA-2888-11.
NC-67 Dingman family; Mount Royal views and houses, Calgary; interior of Dingman home; digging a train out of a snowdrift; and other views. -- [ca. 1914-1917]. -- 22 negatives
NC-70 Calgary buildings (post office, Eaton store, library, etc.); Turner Valley oil field including oil wells and gas flares; the Sphinx rock formation. -- [ca. 1913-1930]. -- 28 negatives

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