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Royal North West Mounted Police officer on patrol, western Canada, [ca. 1910]
Royal North West Mounted Police officer on patrol,
western Canada, [ca. 1910]

Jack Dunn's North-West Mounted Police (NWMP)
Reference Collection

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Newspapers. -- 1874-1998
Series 2 Scanned Document Personal diaries, correspondence and memoirs. -- 1874-1973
Series 3 Secondary sources. -- 1870s-2000s
Series 4 Original published sources. -- 1876-1912
Series 5 Library and Archives Canada personnel records. -- 1870s-1880s
Series 6 Post records. -- 1885


Series 1

Newspapers. -- 1874-1998. -- Includes photocopies of articles in various newspapers relating to the North West Mounted Police.

M-9836-1Various newspapers. -- 1874-1884. -- Photocopy of printed version of articles in several newspapers.
M-9836-2 Various newspapers. -- 1877-1931. -- Includes Bismarck Tribune, 1881; St. Paul Pioneer Press, 1881; New York Times, 1876-1931; Harper's Weekly, 1877; New York World, 1877; National Republican, 1877-1881; Benton Recorder, 1919; Chicago Tribune, 1874-1881.
M-9836-3Various newspapers. -- 1885-1998. -- Includes Fort Macleod Gazette, 1896-1936; Calgary News Telegram, 1912; Edmonton Journal, 1925-1934; Regina Leader, 1885-1959; Maple Creek News, 1947; Pincher Creek Echo, 1928-1998.
M-9836-4 Various newspapers. -- 1883-1945. -- Includes Regina Leader, 1883-1885; Edmonton Bulletin, 1887-1935; Calgary Tribune, 1885; Calgary Herald, 1885-1945; Fort Macleod Gazette, 1882.
M-9836-5 Various newspapers. -- 1882-1922. -- Relating to Northwest Rebellion and Governor-General's tour; includes Winnipeg Daily Times, 1882-1885; Manitoba Free Press, 1894-1905.
M-9836-6 Various newspapers. -- 1883-1961 -- Includes Brandon Mail, 1883-1884; Qu'Appelle Vidette, 1884-1885; Regina Leader, 1884-1961; Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, 1883.; Fort Macleod Times, 1924; Fort Macleod Gazette, 1885; Saskatchewan Herald, 1880-1899.
M-9836-7Bismarck Tribune. -- 1877-1881
M-9836-8Various newspapers. -- 1883-1885. -- Includes Calgary Herald, 1883-1885; Calgary Nor-Wester, 1884-1885; Calgary Tribune, 1885.
M-9836-9 Calgary Herald. -- 1885-1957
M-9836-10Calgary Herald. -- 1925
M-9836-11Calgary Herald. -- 1936. -- Jubilee edition.
M-9836-12Edmonton Bulletin. -- 1881-1885. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-13Fort Benton Record. -- 1874-1885. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-14Fort Benton River Press. -- 1880-1885
M-9836-15Fort Macleod Gazette. -- 1882-1885
M-9836-16Helena Daily Herald. -- 1872-1877
M-9836-17Helena Weekly Herald. -- 1875-1883
M-9836-18Helena Daily Independent. -- 1874-1877
M-9836-19Helena Daily Independent. -- 1878-1881
M-9836-20Lethbridge Herald. -- 1924
M-9836-21Various newspapers. -- 1885-1959. -- Includes Lethbridge News, 1885-1900; Lethbridge Herald, 1909-1955.
M-9836-22Various newspapers. -- 1874-1882. -- Includes London Times, 1874-1881; London Graphic, 1882.
M-9836-23Manitoba Free Press. -- 1874
M-9836-24Manitoba Free Press. -- 1875
M-9836-25Manitoba Free Press. -- 1876
M-9836-26Manitoba Free Press. -- 1876-1884
M-9836-27Manitoba Free Press. - 1877
M-9836-28Manitoba Free Press. -- 1878
M-9836-29Manitoba Free Press. -- 1878-1879
M-9836-30Manitoba Free Press. -- 1878-1885
M-9836-31Manitoba Free Press. -- 1880. -- Part 1.
M-9836-32Manitoba Free Press. -- 1880. -- Part 2.
M-9836-33Manitoba Free Press. -- 1881
M-9836-34Manitoba Free Press. -- 1881-1885
M-9836-35Manitoba Free Press. -- 1882
M-9836-36Manitoba Free Press. -- 1882-1883
M-9836-37Manitoba Free Press. -- 1883
M-9836-38Manitoba Free Press. -- 1882-1893
M-9836-39Manitoba Free Press. -- 1884
M-9836-40Various newspapers. -- 1885-1942. -- Includes Medicine Hat News, 1902-1918; Medicine Hat Times, 1885-1910; Calgary Albertan, 1909-1942.
M-9836-41Various newspapers. -- 1874-1884. -- Includes Montreal Gazette, 1879-1884; Montreal Herald, 1874.
M-9836-42Moose Jaw News. -- 1884. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-43Moosomin Courier. -- 1884-1885
M-9836-44New Northwest [Deer Lodge Montana]. -- 1874-1882
M-9836-45New York Herald. -- 1877
M-9836-46Various newspapers. -- 1873-1884. -- Includes Ottawa Times, 1884; Ottawa Free Press, 1876-1880; Ottawa Daily Citizen, 1873-1884.
M-9836-47Prince Albert Times. -- 1882-1885. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-48Regina Leader. -- 1883-1885. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-49St. Paul Pioneer Press. -- 1881
M-9836-50Saskatchewan Herald. -- 1878-1881
M-9836-51Saskatchewan Herald. -- 1882-1885
M-9836-52Various newspapers. -- 1875, 1879. -- Includes Sherbrooke News, 1875; Ottawa Daily Citizen, 1879.
M-9836-53Toronto Daily Mail. -- 1873-1886. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-54Toronto Globe. -- 1874-1885
M-9836-55Toronto Globe. -- 1882
M-9836-56Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1879. -- April to December.
M-9836-57Various newspapers. -- 1879-1883. -- Includes Winnipeg Daily Times, 1880 & 1883 (photocopy of articles on Mounted Police); Manitoba Free Press, 1879-1882.
M-9836-58Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1881
M-9836-59Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1882-1883. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-60Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1882
M-9836-61Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1882
M-9836-62Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1883
M-9836-63Winnipeg Daily Times. -- 1884. -- Photocopy of articles on Mounted Police.
M-9836-64 Various newspapers. -- 1871-1877. -- Includes Winnipeg Standard, 1874-1875; Manitoban, 1871-1874; Manitoba Herald, 1877.

Series 2

Personal diaries, correspondence and memoirs. -- 1874-1973

M-9836-65Inauthentic Mounted Police Accounts.
M-9836-66 Adams, George "Griz". -- Photocopy of notes about his service, original in Wood fonds, Glenbow.
M-9836-67 William D. Antrobus. -- "A Mountie's Diary". -- 1875. -- Photocopy of printed version published in Alberta History; original version published in Lethbridge Herald, October 28, 1921; James McKernan [see entry under Dyre below]; William McQuarrie, photocopy of typescript in Library and Archives Canada, RG 18, volume 3335, file 724; E. Dalrymple Clark, "In the Northwest with Sitting Bull" photocopy of printed version in Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review, volume 5, 1880, p. 66-73.
M-9836-68 Frederick Augustus Bagley. -- The '74 Mounties. -- no date -- From original memoir in the Glenbow Archives; photocopy of printed version published in Canadian Cattlemen, January - August, 1950.
M-9836-69Frederick Augustus Bagley. -- Diary. -- 1874-1884. -- Photocopy of typescript; original in Glenbow Archives.
M-9836-70Frederick Augustus Bagley. -- Copies of correspondence in Glenbow Archives, M-2111.
M-9836-71Edward Barnett. -- Memoir. -- no date. -- Photocopy of typescript; original in Glenbow Archives.
M-9836-72Thomas T. A. Boys. -- Diary. -- 1876. -- Photocopy of original handwritten version.
M-9836-72AThomas T. A. Boys. -- Diary. -- 1876. -- Photocopy.
M-9836-73Canada. Privy Council. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Photocopy of original orders-in-Council at Glenbow.
M-9836-74Canada. Privy Council. -- 1880s. -- Photocopy of original correspondence and order-in-council re Albert Shurtleff at Glenbow.
M-9836-75Francis Galt Carruthers. -- Correspondence. -- 1875-1877. -- Photocopy of letters and typescript.
M-9836-76Joseph Carscadden. -- 1874. -- Photocopy of handwritten version and typescript; original in Glenbow Archives.
M-9836-77Simon John Clarke. -- 1876-1882. -- Photocopy of typescript, original at Glenbow.
M-9836-78W. H. Cox. -- 1935. -- Photocopy of diary published in Lethbridge Herald.
M-9836-79Craufurd-Lewis, Michael. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Photocopies of documents in Michael Craufurd-Lewis fonds at Glenbow.
M-9836-80Donald Watson Davis. -- 1949. -- Photocopy of clippings, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-81Richard Burton Deane. -- 1880s-1910s. -- Photocopy of letters and clippings, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-82 Alexander R. Dyre - Correspondence. -- 1885. -- Photocopy of handwritten version. Original in Library and Archives Canada, RG 18, Series G, volume 3333, file 653; also includes "Letters from the North-West" by Alexander R. Dyre, published in RCMP Quarterly, April-July 1952; James McKernan - Diary. -- 1873. -- Photocopy of typescript; "Expeditions made in 1873" by James McKernan, published in Scarlet and Gold, Second Annual; "Life of the late ex-Sergeant Major J. H. G. Bray in the Late North West Mounted Police" interview by Earl O. Gillett, photocopy of typescript in Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village Archives, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
M-9836-83 James Finlayson - "Jottings on the March from Fort Garry to Rocky Mountains". -- 1874. -- Photocopy of handwritten account and typescript; from original in Library and Archives Canada, MG 29, E-58.

The typescript has been digitized. Scanned Document View transcript.

M-9836-84 Joseph Francis - Diary "Fort Walsh to Winnipeg". -- 1876. -- Photocopy of printed version in Manitoba Free Press, August 25, 1876; Francis Moore Dobbs (Frank Dobbs) - "Reminiscences of an 1872 Manitoba Pioneer". -- 1933. -- Photocopy of typescript; James Walker - Article "My Life in the North-West Mounted Police". -- March 14, 1924. -- Photocopy of article published in Alberta Historical Review, Volume VIII, No. 1, 1960; W. H. Cox. - "Diary of a Mountie 1880-1885". -- Photocopy of article published in Lethbridge Herald, July 11, 1935.
M-9836-85 George Arthur French - Diary. -- 1874. -- Photocopy of printed version published in Canada, Sessional Papers.
M-9836-86James Fullwood. -- [ca. 1879-1939]. -- Photocopy of items from Library and Archives Canada, Scarlet & Gold, News of the World, RCMP Quarterly, Canadian Cattlemen, Calgary Herald, Lethbridge Herald, and archival fonds at Glenbow.
M-9836-87 Severe Gagnon - "Diary Respecting a Journey: 'A' Troop, Roche Percee to Edmonton". -- 1874. -- Photocopy of typescript.
M-9836-88 Glenbow newspaper clippings. -- 1928-1973. -- Newsclippings re various Mounted Police members.
M-9836-89Glenbow, Elizabeth Bailey Price fonds. -- Photocopy of various articles written by Price about the Mounted Police.
M-9836-90George F. Guernsey. -- [ca. 1880-1937]. -- Correspondence and service records. -- Photocopy of original in Library and Archives Canada, RG 18, volume 3327, file 460.
M-9836-91George F. Guernsey. -- Photocopy of 23 articles published in Scarlet and Gold, from 2nd Annual to 18th Annual.
M-9836-92Richard Hardisty. -- 1870s. -- Photocopy of typescript, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-93Joseph Howe. -- 1899. -- Photocopy of letter to NWMP Commissioner re Duck Lake skirmish.
M-9836-94Acheson Gosford Irvine - Diary. -- 1885. -- Photocopy of typescript.
M-9836-95Augustus Jukes - Diary. -- 1882-1886. -- Photocopy of typescript, original in Glenbow Archives.
M-9836-96Augustus Jukes - Speech and Clippings. -- Photocopy of originals in Glenbow Archives.
M-9836-97 Henri Julien - "Expedition to the North-West". -- Photocopy of printed version in Alberta History.
M-9836-98George Clift King. -- 1870s. -- Photocopy of letters, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-99John Kittson. -- Photocopy of various items, originals at Library and Archives Canada.
M-9836-100Legare, Jean-Louis. -- 1880s. -- Photocopy of typescript of correspondence with United States War Department.
M-9836-101Leveille, Gabriel. -- Photocopy of material on Leveille in Eleanor Luxton fonds, Glenbow.
M-9836-102Library and Archives Canada. -- [ca. 1870s]. -- Miscellaneous letters and documents copied from a number of Manuscript and Record Groups at LAC.
M-9836-103Library and Archives Canada. -- [ca. 1870s]. -- Miscellaneous letters and documents copied from a number of Manuscript and Record Groups at LAC.
M-9836-104Library and Archives Canada. -- [ca. 1870s]. -- Miscellaneous forms copied from a number of Manuscript and Record Groups at LAC.
M-9836-105Library and Archives Canada. -- 1870s. -- Photocopy of miscellaneous material in Record Group 18 at LAC.
M-9836-106 Library and Archives Canada. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Photocopy of correspondence in Governor-General's records about the Sioux in Canada.
M-9836-107 Library and Archives Canada. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Photocopy of various items in Governor-General's records about the Mounted Police.
M-9836-108 Archibald Macdonell - "How Sitting Bull Came to Canada: Recollections of an Old Royal Mounted Police Officer". -- Photocopy of typescript prepared by the Saskatchewan Historical Society.
M-9836-109James Farquharson Macleod. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Photocopy of handwritten letters, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-110Norman Macleod. -- 1880s-1940s. -- Photocopy of letters and clippings, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-111 Edward Maunsell. -- Includes "Maunsell's story" published in RCMP Quarterly, volume 458, number 1, Winter, 1983, p. 25-39; "In Southern Alberta since 1874" Lethbridge Herald, January 6, 1923; "Epic of the West unfolded by Pioneer of '70s" Calgary Daily Herald, October 13, 1923; "The Great Trek of '74" Scarlet and Gold, fifteenth annual, p. 11-12; "With the North-West Mounted Police Force from 1874 to 1877" Scarlet and Gold, second annual, p. 51-59; "The West of Edward Maunsell" Alberta History, volume 34, number 4, p. 1-17; Alberta History, volume 35, number 1, p. 13-26; letter, May 29, 1922, from Maunsell to Elizabeth Bailey Price, in Glenbow, Elizabeth Bailey Price fonds, file 1.
M-9836-112Edward Maunsell. -- 1920s. -- Photocopy of handwritten letters, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-113William H. Metzler - Diary. -- 1880-1885. -- Photocopy of typescript, original at Glenbow.
M-9836-114John H. McIllree - Diary. -- 1874. -- Photocopy of typescript. Original in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-115John H. McIllree - Diaries. -- 1876-1877, 1883. -- Photocopy of handwritten versions and typescripts. Originals in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-116John H. McIllree - Diary. -- 1878. -- Photocopy of typescript. Original in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-117John H. McIllree - Diaries. -- 1879, 1882. -- Photocopy of handwritten versions and typescripts. Original in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-118John H. McIllree - Diary. -- 1880. -- Photocopy of original handwritten version. Original in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-119John H. McIllree - Diary. -- 1881. -- Photocopy of handwritten version. Original in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.
M-9836-120 Various documents. -- Includes R. C. McLaren, Diary, 1877, Library and Archives Canada; James Sutherland, letter, 1931, Library and Archives Canada; J. W. Scott "Life at Fort Livingstone" in John Hawkes' Story of Saskatchewan and its People; Joseph Howe "Duck Lake Skirmish" letter 1899, Library and Archives Canada; Ex-NWMP member "A Night Alarm" from Scarlet and Gold; George A. Adams, "1882 Veteran Teamster" from Scarlet and Gold; C. E. Helmer, "Long Beach Veteran Tells of Early Days" Scarlet and Gold; Isaac Forbes, "Recruits come up the Missouri" in John Peter Turner's The North-West Mounted Police; James Walsh, "Diary - Ottawa to Fort Garry" in RCMP Quarterly; Peaches Davis, "Trading with the Indians at Wood Mountain" Scarlet and Gold; F. A. D. Bourke, "Recollections and Reminiscences" Saskatchewan History; John Martin, "Reminiscences of One of the Originals" in RCMP Quarterly; Isaac Forbes, "Sergeant Forbes of Mounties Still Active" in Library and Archives Canada; J. A. Martin, "Memoirs" Provincial Archives of Manitoba; James T. Fullerton, "Toronto to Fort Garry" in Scarlet and Gold; Benjamin Welstad, "Reminiscences of a St. Catherines Man" Glenbow Archives; Samuel Thurber, Diary, Glenbow Archives; Little Soldier, "When the West was Young" Scarlet and Gold; Edmund Clark, "In the North-West with Sitting Bull", in Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review; Tom LaNauze, "Letter to his Mother" in Scarlet and Gold; Scribe, "1,100 Hostile Indians" in Scarlett and Gold; J. H. McE., "The Tame Wild Goose" in Scarlet and Gold; G. B. Murphy, "The Battleford Column" in John Hawkes' Story of Saskatchewan and its People.
M-9836-121William McQuarrie - Correspondence. -- 1887-1964. -- Photocopy of original handwritten version; some typescript. Original in Library and Archives Canada, RG 18, volume 3335, file 724.
M-9836-122Alexander Morris. -- various dates. -- Photocopy of documents in Alexander Morris fonds at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba.
M-9836-123William Parker. -- 1874. -- Photocopy of typescript of diary, original at Glenbow.
M-9836-124William Parker. -- 1878. -- Photocopy of typescript of diary, original at Glenbow.
M-9836-125William Parker. -- 1876-1881. -- Photocopy of typescript of various letters, original at Glenbow.
M-9836- 126 Memoirs and reminiscences. -- no date. -- Includes memoirs of Robert Patterson, photocopy of typescript, original in Glenbow Archives; J. E. McEntyre, "A Few Reminiscences of Over Half a Century in North-West Territories", photocopy of typescript; original in Saskatchewan Archives.
M-9836-127Beatrice Richards. -- Photocopy of memoir, original in Provincial Archives of Manitoba. [Richards was daughter of Griffiths]
M-9836-128Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum. -- 1882. -- Photocopy of a local order.
M-9836-129Albert Shurtleff. -- 1880 -- Various documents copied from Shurtleff fonds at Glenbow.
M-9836-130 Albert Shurtleff. -- 1883. -- Photocopy of letter in Governor-General's records, Library and Archives Canada.
M-9836-131Frank Wyman Spicer - Articles. -- Photocopy. Original in Saskatchewan Archives.
M-9836-132James Stanford - Letter and diary. -- 1876-1877. -- Photocopy of original handwritten version and typescript, original in Mansfield Library, K. Ross Toole Archives, University of Montana, Missoula; also includes newspaper article from Hill Country Democrat (Havre, Montana), August 17, 1926.
M-9836-133Samuel B. Steele. -- Photocopy of various newsclippings, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-134John Stuttaford. -- Photocopy of various items, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-135 James Morrow Walsh - Letter "An account of the Sioux Indians, 1876-1879". -- 1890. -- Photocopy of letter and typescript; original in the Provincial Archives of Manitoba, MG 6, A-1.
M-9836-136James Morrow Walsh. -- 1890. -- Photocopy of letter to Cora Walsh re Sioux in Canada, original in Provincial Archives of Manitoba.
M-9836-137Robert Nathaniel Wilson - Diary. -- 1881-1888. -- Photocopy of typescript; original in Library and Archives Canada, MG 29, E-47.
M-9836-137ARobert Nathaniel Wilson. -- Photocopy of various documents.
M-9836-138Stuart Wood. -- 1870s-1940s. -- Photocopy of various letters, newsclippings etc, originals at Glenbow.
M-9836-139Jonathon Wolfred Luther Wurtele - Diary, Wood Mountain. -- 1880 -- Photocopy of typescript in Provincial Archives of British Columbia.

Series 3

Secondary sources. -- 1870s-2000s

M-9836-140Miscellaneous publications.
M-9836-141Miscellaneous publications.
M-9836-142 Anderson, Harry - "A Sioux Pictorial Account of General Terry's Council at Fort Walsh, October 17, 1877" North Dakota History, July 1955.
M-9836-143Diehl, Charles Sanford - The Staff Correspondent, San Antonio: The Clegg Company, 1931. [Covered the Sitting Bull story for the Chicago Times]
M-9836-144 La Chance, Vernon - "The Mounted Police Detachment at Wood Mountain and its Activities from the Organization of the Force in 1873 until 1882", Canadian Defence Quarterly, volume 6, October, 1928 to July, 1929.
M-9836-145 Lampard, Dr. Robert - Five Celebrated Early Surgeons of Southern Alberta, 1874-1913. Lethbridge: Lethbridge Historical Society, 2006.
M-9836-146 LaNauze, C. D. - "From the Pampas to the Prairies" published in Canadian Cattlemen, 1947-1948. [Account of his father Tom LaNauze's Mounted Police service]
M-9836-147 Oko, Andrew - "The Frontier Art of R. B. Nevitt", Canadian Collector, volume 11, number 1, January/February, 1976.
M-9836-148 Journals. -- 1973, 1989, 1998. -- Includes Canadian Geographical Journal, volume 84, number 5, May 1973, a special issue on the centennial of the RCMP; The Beaver, June/July 1998, special issue "Looking Back at 125 Years of the RCMP"; American History Illustrated, volume 24, number 1, March 1989, contains article by Richard J. Maturi "Maintain the Right".
M-9836-149 McCullough, A. B. - Papers Relating to the North-West Mounted Police and Fort Walsh, Ottawa: Parks Canada, 1977. [National Historic Parks and Sites Branch Manuscript Report number 213]
M-9836-150Boundary Commission NWMP Trail Association - Meet You on the Trail or West Before the Railway, volume 3. Published 1994.
M-9836-151 Turner, John Peter - "When the Mounted Police Went West", Canadian Geographical Journal, February 1935.
M-9836-152 Wishart, Bruce - "Grandmother's Land: Sitting Bull in Canada", True West, May 1990.

Series 4

Original published sources. -- 1876-1912

M-9836-153 Allison, E. H. - "Surrender of Sitting Bull", South Dakota Historical Collections, 1912.
M-9836-154 Expenditure for North-West Mounted Police, 1876-7-8. Ottawa: Maclean Roger & Company, 1879. Published as Canada, Sessional Paper no. 188, 1879. -- Photocopy of printed version.
M-9836-155Fitzpatrick, F. J. E. - Sergeant 331: Personal Recollections of a Member of the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police from 1879-1885, New York: F. J. E. Fitzpatrick, 1921.
M-9836-156 Grain, Carell - "Pioneers of a Glorious Future" in Scarlet and Gold, issue 29, 1947; story of William Grain.
M-9836-157Canada. Department of Indian Affairs Annual reports, 1879, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1880.
M-9836-158Canada. Department of Indian Affairs Annual reports, 1879 and 1881, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1880 and 1882.
M-9836-159Canada. Department of Indian Affairs Annual Report, 1882, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1883.
M-9836-160Canada. Department of the Interior Annual Report, 1876 published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1877.
M-9836-161Canada. Department of the Interior Annual Report, 1877, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1878.
M-9836-162Canada. Department of the Interior Annual Report, 1878, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1879.
M-9836-163Canada. Department of the Interior Annual Report, 1882-1883, published in Canada, Sessional Papers.
M-9836-164Canada. Annual report of the Militia, 1875, published in Canada, Sessional Papers, 1876.
M-9836-165 Report of the Commission appointed by the direction of the President of the United States... to meet the Sioux Chief Sitting Bull... Washington: Government Printing Office, 1877. -- Photocopy.
M-9836-166 Scarlet and Gold. -- Photocopy of various items in the "Last Post" column.

Series 5

Library and Archives Canada personnel records. -- 1870s-1880s

M-9836-167Personnel and service records. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Various lists.
M-9836-168Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Charles Lemay, Mark Williams, Arthur Moody, Edward Cullen, John Bushby, John Murphy, Alfred Coulson, William Gilroy, Henry Brown, Charles Walsh, Joseph McDermot, James Charles Stewart, Alexander Wyndham, Stephen Warden, Albert Tom, Joseph McDonald.
M-9836-169Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Joseph Callaghan McCarthy, John James Wood, Albert James Cudlip, August Miller, James Barkley, John Retallack, George Pearce Arnold, Robert J. James, Charles Thompson, Thomas Patrick Nash, William Bliss, Michael Moneypenny, Felix Sincennes.
M-9836-170Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Leonard Fuller, Duncan Thomson, Stephen Yarwood, Thomas Dinsdale, Robert Ince, Thomas Bradshaw, Andrew Galvin, William Shaw, Thomas Ashbaugh, William Johnston, James Dandy, Robert Bradley, George Dequoy, Frederick Shaw, William McMinn, W. R. Turner, Mathew Kenny, George Adams, Francis Kirkpatrick.
M-9836-171Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Norman Leslie, John Leslie, Christopher Rogers, Malcolm Millar, William Carroll, Elliot Thornton, William Wilson, Frank Goodwin, Albert Trinder, Walter Long, John Hutchinson, Harry Oswald, Charles Webster, William Shaw, Louis Fontaine, James Potts, Charles Zivick.
M-9836-172Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Charles Bowes, James Shea, James Montgomery, John Ranton, James Graham, Horace McKenny, Edwin Allen, Talbot Lowry, Sutherland Stayner, Thomas Gilchrist, James Brierty, Albert Lamothe, Joseph Blackhall, Frank Blight, John Lash, William Morrow.
M-9836-173Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes George �Griz� Adams, Percy Hawkins, Eli John Hodder, Archibald C. Campbell, Edward Taylor, Francis X. Paquette, James Clarke, George P. Belcher, Thomas Clarke, Albert Scott, William Merrill, William Ch. Asprey, George Convery, Percy Wilbur, John Albert, Richard Rutledge.
M-9836-174Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes William Bottrall, Joseph Murdock, George Grogan, Malcolm MacDonald, Thomas Garland, Walter Balch, William Jackson, William Hatch, James Christie, Frederick Young, Albert Housley, Charles Lemoine, George Ward, J. M. McNeil, Mathew Kenny, Colin Colebrook
M-9836-175Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Godfrey Casault, John Mitchell, Henry Head, Henry Hope, George Bossie, Frank Mansfield, Andrew Jones, William Ross, William Talbot Lowry, Clarence Loasby, William Cox, Charles Thomas, Alexander Scarlett, John Wylie, Joshua Collins, Albert Ozanne, Alexander Duffy.
M-9836-176Personnel records extracts, 314-346. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes W. R. Abbott, T. E. Baker, E. Ceaucaire, H. Bates, R. I. Barry, J. Breedon, A. Cameron, G. S. Cotter, G. M. Callaghan, A. Dorion, S. Derenzie, M. Duchesnoy, J. Ethier, D. W. Evans, P. Fitzgerald, T. B. Fitzpatrick, F. Fitzpatrick, L. W. Fauquier, W. Fury, M. Graburn, J. H. Genever, R. O. Greet, Colin Grange, J. Hose, G. D. Herron, T. W. Hector, M. B. Hethrington, J. C. Holme, J. Hanrahan, G. H. Johnston, G. C. Ives.
M-9836-177Personnel records extracts, 962-985. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes A. Taylor, G. G. Rolph, H. Spencer, T. McCutcheon, George Fraser, M. McMurchy, R. E. Allan, E. F. Racey, C. L. Taylor, A. Sullivan, D. Joyal, F. O. Elliot, J. W. Taylor, J. P. Bunt, J. B. Reed, J. S. Nicholas, R. P. Verner, G. H. L. Bossange, D. A. E. MacDonell, T. H. Hoyland, W. J. Pilcher, W. I. Spencer, J. W. Chater, J. Julest.
M-9836-178Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes David Cowan, Campbell Young, Leonard Hatchard, Alfred Manners-Smith, George Purches, Charles Wood, Charles Whitby, Thomas Collins, Vital Levesque, James Brown, Alexander Arbuckle, Achille Rouleau, Ernest Percival, Alberta Koerner, Herbert Griffin, William Strong, J. R. Royce, Stephen Birch, Alfred Stewart.
M-9836-179Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes William Niven, Donald McCrae, Hedley Pinsent, Camille Leclair, Leonard Bailey, Jeremiah Fyffe, Patrick Burke, Robert Clarkson, Lewis Hooper, Joseph Wright, Nicholas O�Brien, James Livingston, Frank Lawton.
M-9836-180Personnel records extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes Patrick Elhaton, Oscar Dubreuil, Harry Loscombe, James A. Campbell, Robert Walsh, Samuel Blake, Thomas Kerr, William Clark, Albert Montgomery, Arthur Murray, Aime Chartrand, S. A. Cameron, Silas Cheval, C. P. Thomson, Melville Chisholm, James McCann, James Pickard, Chris Carson, Robert Riddell.
M-9836-181Service files extracts, 37-92. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes E. C. Miller, H. Hamilton, W. A. Douglas, J. A. Martin, F. A. Edgar, D. Wilson, G. Borradaile, J. W. Scott, T. Francis, T. Hardie, F. T. Hay, C. Uniacke, F. Whitla, A. H. Heney, G. Connor, F. Parks, W. Piercy, E. Warren, F. Pennock, D. T. Thomson, T. W. Aspdin, A. Westwood, E. Allen, W. Allen, W. Arnold, W. Barnwell, J. M. Bliss, H. C. Cartwright, E. Cook, E. B. Cooke, C. Cruiskelly, G. Cusick, L. Daniels, B. H. Daniels, D. �Peaches� Davis, W. M. Denny, J. Dillon, J. Dunn, J. M. Davis, H. Demanolly, J. G. Ellis, W. A. Fitzsimmons, E. Fearon, R. Graham, M. O. R. Jarvis, J. Halpenny, T. Higgins, H. Holtorf, G. Hudson, E. Morton, G. S. McConnell, A. McKenzie, R. MacLean, R. McLeod.
M-9836-182Service files extracts 93-149. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes G. B. Mills, T. Miller, W. G. Mowat, S. Martin, K. McQueen, J. Norrish, G. B. Hall, B. Pugh, H. R. Parker, J. Pringle, W. Reid, T. Smith, C. P. Shepherd, G. Seale, C. Thompson, John Stuttaford, E. Venn, G. W. Wills, M. Williams, H. Wilson, G. Webb, C. Young, F. Butler, W. D. Beattie, D. C. Byers, W. M. Byers, J. H. Christie, D. Craig, W. S. Colbert, J. Conroy, H. Crozier, W. Chamberlain, W. Downes, J. Devlin, J. F. Echlin, C. Ermantinger, A. Fletcher, A. Fraser, S. G. Fogg, A. J. Gilmore, J. A. Grant, G. Gamsby, S. Henderson, D. Horan, W. J. Hurley, S. J. Hall, W. Lyon, D. McAuley, S. McCrae, T. G. McClelland, W. McAlpine, J. McNeil, J. MacMillan, J. McFarland, H. Moorhead, J. O�Connor, J. Owens.
M-9836-183Service files extracts, 150-225. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes J. W. Robson, R. R. Scott, A. J. Simons, J. Schofield, W. Smith, W. Snider, A. Tetu, H. Torney, T. Thompson, P. S. Van Cortlandt, A. Whitely, R. Whitehead, W. L. Wilson, E. Barnett, G. Anderton, G. P. Ashe, G. Boswell, C. F. Boyle, J. Bragg, ? Brown, W. B. Butler, J. Butlin, J. Carruthers, S. J. Clarke, C. Daly, I. Forbes, J. Graham, A. Grogan, T. Hall, C. S. Hooley, W. R. Johnston, G. Kenly, C. Kettles, E. Larkins, J. Loring, W. S. Magee, J. J. Miller, J. D. Molson, W. E. Morgan, J. F. B. Morice, A. Mansceau, F. A. R. Mountain, J. D. Murray, R. C. McLaren, J. G. McLeod, P. O�Hare, W. P. Osler, R. M. Patterson, J. Pilkington, W. Pocklington, F. B. Robinson, C. Sinclair, O. Stephens, G. Stevens, E. Teeling, A. Welch, J. Wilkie, A. Wilson, G. Wonacott, J. A. Workman, W. R. Wright, F. Brown, J. Battersby, D. A. Blain, J. Bruneau, D. Burnett, J. Carroll, R. J. Christie, J. S. Clarke, G. B. Clarke, F. Feilde, R. Feilde, W. Findlay, M. Gallagher.
M-9836-184Service files extracts, 226-259. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes D. Grier, J. Hannafin, C. D. Hutchins, W. James, J. Johnson, J. A. Lindsay, W. Mason, P. McEwan, Isaac May, D. Paterson, F. Pope, W. H. Reid, J. M. Robertson, C. Ryan, H. S. Severne, A. H. L. Stauton, C. A. Wallace, A. Walley, W. D. Whitney, W. T. Wilson, J. Maxwell, F. A. Bagley, A. Arcand, P. B. Brunette, W. Chamberlayne, E. J. Cooke, P. Couttis, J. P. Curran, J. Dartigue, C. Delagorgendiere, A. McNicol, H. Schultz, J. W. Shields, S. Taber.
M-9836-185Service files extracts, 260-312. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes A. Taylor, F. Tetu, W. D. Armstrong, F. Bourke, C. Chasse, J. Clisby, J. Daley, J. O. Davis, D. F. Barnett, J. D. Finlayson, H. Grimason, R. Guthrie, A. McGillis, W. Johnston, W. Millions, C. McIntosh, J. O�Neil, H. D. Penton, A. Prongua, R. F. Shaw, H. Smith, R. C. Wyld, R. Wyld, W. P. Walsh, G. H. Wheatley, L. Ridout, L. Brandon, S. J. Donaldson, H. Lewis, J. McDougall, A. Mowat, P. J. McNaughton, W. C. Roberston, W. C. Ramsay, M. Slevin, S. Scouten, J. Sutherland, S. N. Prosser, J. Wymerskirk, D. Saunders, H. Keenan, J. D. Hanafin, C. O�Callaghan, W. S. Grant, S. Armour, W. Davis, H. Walker, L. Geldert, J. Farrell, A. McKinnon, W. C. Gillis.
M-9836-186Service files extracts. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes extracts from J. H. G. Bray, 1873-1882; Joseph Price, 1873-1883; Sam Horner, 1875-1878; Timothy Dunne, 1876-1921; George Henry Harpur, 1873-1882; Edward Whitehouse, 1876-1900; George F. Herchmer, 1875-1881; John Lauder, 1876-1881; James Barwis, 1877-1880; Richard E. Steele, 1878-1882; Godfrey Steele, 1925; Walter Johnston, 1873-1880; Walter Johnston, 1873-1880; Frank W. Spicer, 1874-1887; Edward Carr, 1873-1879; Alexander Desforges, 1874-1880; James Gille, 1877-1880; Michael J. Kirk, 1877-1890; Peter Macdonald, 1877-1880; William Richie, 1876-1880; James Colvin,m 1875-1879; Sydney Stone, 1874-1879; Robert Giveen, 1874-1880; Martin Kennedy, 1902; John Henry Ward, 1875-1921.
M-9836-187Service files extracts, 347-387. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes S. M. Jarvis, W. S. Jones, S. S. Jones, J. W. Kerr, J. H. Ketcheson, W. H. Irwin, O. Payette, B. Ryan, W. Latimer, T. B. Lauder, D. Lavalley, J. Leader, W. E. A. Lecain, G. Leprohon, C. Loscombe, G. F. Lount, F. R. Morris, C. F. McKinnon, J. McPhee, J. J. McCormick, A. B. Mackay, R. H. Mackey, J. E. McEntyre, A. Mackenzie, E. W. Mutch, G. Norris, E. C. Oliver, O. F. Orr, T. C. Patrick, W. J. Patterson, S. M. Pearson, John Quinn, H. B. Rich, J. A Ridley, F. C. Roby, H. E. Ross, G. Service, H. J. Smith, Robert Stewart, James Thomson.
M-9836-188Service files extracts, 643-682. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes T. Craig, A. W. Cowan, D. Clark, C. Cole, W. Cowles, A. Davidson, F. Dann, H. J. Draycott, B. Dolan, J. A. Duncan, A. R. Dyre, J. Donahue, W. J. Douglas, E. F. Davies, O. Dufresne, J. Dawson, J. Dunkin, W. W. Elliott, H. A. Edmonds, H. W. England, D. A. Fraser, F. W. W. Fane, J. Fintz, W. Fisher, J. Gorman, W. Gear, J. Graham, J. C. Gordon, E. S. Glasford, F. Garton, H. Glendenning, S. Gregory, W. H. Grey, H. J. A. Garrett, A. Gow, D. Gairns, C. Grogan, H. V. Gould, W. A. Graham, W. T. Halbhaus.
M-9836-189Service files extracts, 812-861. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes J. Connell, J. C. DeGear, W. Dornan, L. G. DeVeber, W. T. Devlin, A. Edington, T. Fry, S. J. Hall, R. Hicks, M. Kelly, G. Lionais, T. McCardia, J. McGinnis, W. Newton, C. Orr, J. A. Paterson, J. Phasey, J. J. Raymore, W. Sanders, J. Stillie, B. Shorr, H. Stacpoole, W. C. Swinton, W. Sunderland, W. A. Townsend, C. C. Weldon, L. White, D. D. Wigle, W. Williams, C. W. Dorland, W. Armstrong, F. Pickering, M. Turnbull, A. E. Dunn, M. H. Austin, E. L. Burpee, T. Denningson, T. C. Fleming, M. J. B. Griffin, G. K. Garrett, R. Moore, W. Perkin, C. Scrivenor, F. W. Shindler, W. B. Wilde, H. T. Ayre, G. T. Bishop, H. M. Hartley.
M-9836-190Service files extracts, 1084-1120. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes R. S. Jones, J. A. Reid, J. Patrick, M. F. F. St. John, W. Smith, J. Ballendine, D. Wilke, R. D. Baugh, A. E. Head, S. W. Waller, J. D. Donkin, J. Farrell, O. Cheka, G. Sinclair, W. Field, H. B. Hammond, H. T. Penny, E. C. Wilson, A. F. M. Brooke, A. R. Brooke, D. H. Pollock, W. P. Lynch, J. Wilkinson, H. R. A. Pocock, L. G. S. Osborne, T. Craig, J. H. Doyle, F. W. Foot, Pa. A. Higgins, J. Douglas, H. Howard, A. W. Leslie, A. McKenzie, S. F. Gordon, H. J. Thompson, F. Nichols, T. Kempster.
M-9836-191Service files extracts, 1204-1329. -- 1870s-1880s. -- See file for contents.
M-9836-192Service files extracts, 1330-1435. -- 1870s-1880s. -- Includes W. Grain, T. F. C. Wilton, Thomas T. A. Boys, J. Mulqueen, W. Wallace, A. Elliot, J. Crerar, H. McLean, A. C. Hawkins, G. Mahoney, W. Harrison, R. Cook, C. Cook, G. Bell, D. Hamilton, A. E. Beaudoin, D. Alison, F. Seymour, A. Goyer, A. K. Crawford, C. Woods, G. Fullwood, W. B. Smith, J. Fullwood, A. Shead, W. Carr, J. A. Steward, T. H. Stedman, W. Tait, W. Winslow, J. Alderson, R. McCutcheon, J. C. Rykert, R. Whitney, J. Hollies, G. F. Slade, P. O�Neal, R. Campbell, R. Blondin, A. P. Nedham, J. Brooks, R. Salter, G. White, J. E. McDonald, A. Gopsill, J. Conway, J. Mackie, J. McArdle, J. Clark, E. E. Stopford, P. J. Balfe, W. R. Briggs, R. Pardoe, R. Coulter, G. Elliot, J. Johnson, T. Ewan, A. Wright, W. Charlton, W. I. McCann, G. W. Rogers, F. Joslin, B. Crandell, C. Peters, J. W. Jones, J. B. Douglas, H. J. Cox, J. Wooding, C. Cook, J. Armstrong, C. J. Robinson, R. McCurdy, D. McMullan, J. Kennedy, H. J. Allison, M. Carroll, W. Butt, S. Jennings, A. Fralick, F. Losey, W. Selby, J. McGrath, W. MacNamara, W. Stratton, C. A. Taylor, M. Rice, H. B. Rance, G. Cahoon, W. Kelly, G. Moreau, J. Grant, G. T. Lester, J. C. Clarke, William Blackley, James Gordon Main, W. S. Townshend, Henry Banham, William A. Beadell, Walter D. Browne, Michael Brennan, Louis Napoleon Blache, Henery Bottis, Timothy Broderick, Francis K. Begbie, George Bycroft, Benjamin T. Comber.
M-9836-193Service file extracts, 166. -- George Anderton.
M-9836-194Service file extracts. -- W. D. Antrobus.
M-9836-195Service file extracts, 60. -- Thomas Aspdin.
M-9836-196Service file extracts, 247. -- Frank Baxter.
M-9836-197Service file extracts, 168. -- George Boswell.
M-9836-198Service file extracts, 390. -- Thomas T. A. Boys.
M-9836-199Service file extracts, 62. -- Ephrem-A. Brisebois.
M-9836-200Service file extracts. -- E. H. Carr.
M-9836-201Service file extracts. -- Jacob Carver.
M-9836-202Service file extracts. -- Jacob Carvell.
M-9836-203Service file extracts, 517. -- Godfrey Casault.
M-9836-204Service file extracts, 283. -- Edmund Clark.
M-9836-205Service file extracts. -- Simon John Clarke.
M-9836-206Service file extracts. -- David Cochrane.
M-9836-207Service file extracts, 51. -- Uniacke Crofton.
M-9836-208Service file extracts. -- Lief Crozier.
M-9836-209Service file extracts, 176. -- Charles Daly.
M-9836-210Service file extracts, 254. -- Jean Dartigue.
M-9836-211Service file extracts, 233. -- Edward T. Drinkwater.
M-9836-212Service file extracts. -- John E. Dunbar.
M-9836-213Service file extracts. -- Alphonse Ferland.
M-9836-214Service file extracts. -- F. J. E. Fitzpatrick.
M-9836-215Service file extracts, 7. -- Joseph Francis.
M-9836-216Service file extracts, 160. -- James Fullwood.
M-9836-217Service file extracts. -- Thomas Gilchrist.
M-9836-218Service file extracts, 34. -- Robert H. Giveen.
M-9836-219Service file extracts, 622. -- George Green.
M-9836-219AService file extracts, 226. -- David Grier.
M-9836-219BService file extracts, 673. -- Henry Glendinning.
M-9836-220Service file extracts, 180. -- Thomas Hall.
M-9836-221Service file extracts, 685. -- William George Hillier.
M-9836-221AService file extracts, 181 -- Claudius S. Hooley.
M-9836-222Service file extracts. -- H. Y. Homan.
M-9836- 223Service file extracts. -- Samuel Hopkins Horner.
M-9836-224Service file extracts, 30. -- Acheson G. Irvine.
M-9836-225Service file extracts, 17. -- Thomas R. Jackson.
M-9836-226Service file extracts. -- William Dummer Jarvis.
M-9836-227Service file extracts. -- G. H. Johnston.
M-9836-228Service file extracts, 1081. -- Rushton S. Jones.
M-9836-229Service file extracts, 133. -- George Clift King.
M-9836-230Service file extracts, 13. -- Thomas Lake.
M-9836-231Service file extracts, 26. -- Alexander Macdonell.
M-9836-232Service file extracts, 409. -- George Mahoney.
M-9836-233Service file extracts, 275. -- Robert McCutcheon.
M-9836-234Service file extracts. -- George B. Mills.
M-9836-235Service file extracts. -- Thomas Mooney.
M-9836-236Service file extracts, 490. -- Robert M. Morton.
M-9836-237Service file extracts. -- John Nash.
M-9836-238Service file extracts, 5. -- Frank Norman.
M-9836-239Service file extracts. -- Percy Neale.
M-9836-240Service file extracts, 364. -- Godfrey Parks.
M-9836-241Service file extracts, 744. -- George Pembridge.
M-9836-242Service file extracts, 58. -- Francis Pennock.
M-9836-243Service file extracts, 82. -- Samuel Perrault.
M-9836-244Service file extracts, 259. -- J. L. Poett.
M-9836-245Service file extracts, 236. -- Frederick Pope.
M-9836-246Service file extracts, 278. -- Anthony Prongua.
M-9836-247Service file extracts, 29 old/963 new. -- Gordon Rolph.
M-9836-248Service file extracts, 62. -- John Richardson.
M-9836-249Service file extracts, 15. -- Theodore T. Richer.
M-9836-250Service file extracts, 136. -- P. G. H. Robinson.
M-9836-251Service file extracts, 105. -- George Seale.
M-9836-252 Service file extracts. -- Albert Shurtleff.
M-9836-253Service file extracts, 330. -- James T. Stanford.
M-9836-254Service file extracts, 107. -- John Stuttaford.
M-9836-255Service file extracts, 297. -- James Sutherland.
M-9836-256Service file extracts, 158. -- Alphonse Tetu.
M-9836-257Service file extracts, 261. -- Frederick Tetu.
M-9836-258Service file extracts, 782. -- Alfred E. L. Tonkin.
M-9836-259Service file extracts, 300. -- William Tuke.
M-9836-260Service file extracts. -- James Morrow Walsh.
M-9836-261Service file extracts, 75. -- Thomas Wattam.
M-9836-262Service file extracts, 786. -- Philip Wilkins.
M-9836-263Service file extracts. -- William Winder.
M-9836-264Service file extracts, 299. -- J. Wymerskirk.
M-9836-265Service file extracts, 3. -- Charles F. Young.

Series 6

Post records. -- 1885

M-9836-266Fort Battleford Post Journal. -- 1885

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