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Four Souls, Cree at Rocky Boy Reservation Sun Dance, Montana, USA.
Four Souls, Cree at Rocky Boy Reservation Sun Dance,
Montana, USA, 1953,
Verne Dusenberry, photographer.

Verne Dusenberry fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1Textual Records. -- 1917-[ca. 1970s]
Series 2Microfilm table of contents. -- 1876-1963
Series 3 Photographs. -- 1925-1953


Series 1

Textual Records. -- 1917-[ca. 1970s]. -- The series consists of research material compiled by Verne Dusenberry.

M-3555"The Hutterites: Puzzle for Patriots", by Joseph Kinsey Howard. -- 1948. -- Consists of a brief sketch of Hutterite beginnings, problems in Alberta, and description of colony near Augusta, Montana. Reprinted from The Spectator, Winter 1948.
M-4358Legends of Blackfoot Tipis at Browning, Montana, edited by Cecile Black Boy. -- 1942. -- Prepared as United States writers project.
M-4369Article on the Rocky Boy Chippewa-Cree by Senator William Cowan. -- n.d.
M-4374Roll of Rocky Boy Chippewa-Cree, Montana. -- May 1917
M-4375Manuscript re Assiniboine ethnology, and Assiniboine legends by Jerome Fourstar. -- 1956 and [ca. 1970s]. -- The manuscript was entitled "Some Unrecorded Ethnology of the Assiniboine Indians of Montana".

Series 2

Microfilm table of contents. -- 1876-1963. -- This material is only available on microfilm.


1. Cree

A. Correspondence relating to Rocky Boy Chippewa-Cree, 1908-1913.
B. Notes on the Rocky Boy Sun Dance.
C. Article on the Rocky Boy Chippewa-Cree by Senator William Cowan.
D. Excerpts from Montana newspapers, 1885-1913.
E. General notes.
F. Reading cards.

2. Cheyenne

A. Northern Cheyenne Ration List, 1891.
B. Northern Cheyenne Census, 1936.
C. "The Vanishing Culture of the Northern Cheyenne" (chapter 1 missing).
D. Notes and interviews.

3. Assiniboine

A. Notes and interviews.

4. Kootenay (Kootenai, Ktunaxa)

A. Schultz manuscript (incomplete).

5. Flathead and Pend d'Oreille

A. "Gabriel Nattau's Soul Speaks".
B. Samples of Pend d'Oreille Literature and Salish Narratives, 1958.
C. Holland Prairie Incident, 1908.

6. Historical Papers

A. George M. Miles' trip, Massuchusetts to Montana, 1876.
B. Journals, Fort Peck Agency, 1877, 1879 and Journals, Poplar Agency, 1879-1880.

7. Student Papers

A. Notes on Montana Archaeology, by Dusenberry, 1956.
B. Hutterites and Democracy, by H. Lane, 1948.
C. James Kipp, Fort Builder, by Ben McKinnie, 1955.
D. Tom Main, Gros Ventre Leader, by Carl and Thelma Turner.
E. Blackfoot Beliefs, by Victor P. Pepion, 1948.
F. The Assiniboine, by Donna M. Qualey, 1957.
G. Incidents in the History of the Kootenai, by Mrs. D. Ray, 1954.
H. James Willard Schultz, by Peter Sloan, 1963.
I. Assiniboine-Sioux Stories Concerning the Devil Hill on the Fort Peck Reservation, by Willie Youpee.

Series 3

Photographs. -- 1925-1953.

The photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-1342Views of various First Nations in Montana and North Dakota. -- July 1925 and 1953. -- 6 photographs. -- Includes Pend d'Oreille, South Peigan (Piegan), Gros Ventre, Arapaho, and Chippewa-Cree.
NA-1410Statue and Cree burial house, Rocky Boy Reserve, Montana. -- April 1931. -- 3 photographs.

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