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1957 Election campaign literature

Una Maclean Evans fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Business and Professional Women's Clubs. -- 1952-1990
Series 2Grace Presbyterian Church Women's Fellowship. -- [ca. 1954]
Series 3 Aldermanic records. -- 1966-1974
Series 4Edmonton Boys Pipe Band Association. -- 1976-1980
Series 5 Court of Canadian Citizenship. -- 1975-1985
Series 6 Miscellaneous personal papers. -- 1968-1992
Series 71957 election campaign. -- 1956-1962
Series 81972 election campaign. -- 1972
Series 91974 election campaign. -- 1974
Series 10 1988 election campaign. -- 1987-1989
Series 11Edmonton Strathcona Federal Liberal Association / Chris Peirce campaign. -- 1988-1993
Series 12Edmonton Gold Bar Provincial Liberal Association / Bettie Hewes campaign. -- 1986-1994
Series 13Edmonton East Federal Liberal Association. -- 1961-1988
Series 14Edmonton South East Federal Liberal Constituency Association. -- 1988-1994
Series 15 Beaver River by-election. - - 1988-1989
Series 16 Early political activities. -- 1948-1988
Series 17 Alberta Liberal Association. -- 1937-1962
Series 18Liberal Association of Alberta. -- 1960-1968
Series 19 Liberal Party in Alberta. - - 1968-1976
Series 20 Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta. -- 1979-1992
Series 21Alberta Liberal Party. -- 1990-1994
Series 22Senate election. -- 1989
Series 23Biographies of Alberta politicians. -- nd
Series 24Liberal Party of Canada. -- 1948-1992
Series 25Women's Liberal Federation of Canada. -- 1971
Series 26 National Women's Liberal Commission. -- 1986-1990
Series 27Liberal Conference on Western Objectives. -- 1973
Series 28Constitutional reform / 1992 Referendum. -- 1978-1992
Series 29 Miscellaneous Liberal organizations. -- 1952-1994


Series 1

Business and Professional Women's Clubs. -- 1952-1990. -- Una Maclean Evans served as president of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, from 1960 to 1962, and as a member of the executive from 1954 to 1964. She also served as president of the Calgary Business and Professional Women's Club. She was a delegate to international congresses in Montreal, Paris, Rhodesia, and Puerto Rico, and represented the International Federation of Business and Professional Women at the United Nations Status of Women Commission. -- Consists of constitution, minutes, reports, financial statements, briefs, and convention records.

M-8419-1 Calgary Business and Professional Women's Club (CFBPWC) constitution, bylaws, handbook. -- 1955, 1962
M-8419-2 CFBPWC 13th biennial convention, Vancouver. -- 1952
M-8419-3 CFBPWC 14th biennial convention, Toronto. -- 1954
M-8419-4 CFBPWC 15th biennial convention, Montreal. -- 1956
M-8419-5 CFBPWC 16th biennial convention Edmonton. -- 1958
M-8419-6 CFBPWC 17th biennial convention, Winnipeg. -- 1960
M-9311-1 CFBPWC 18th biennial convention, St. Andrew's-by-the Sea. -- 1962
M-8419-7 CFBPWC board meeting reports. -- 1955
M-8419-8 CFBPWC board meeting reports. -- 1957
M-8419-9CFBPWC board meeting reports. -- 1959
M-9311-2 CFBPWC board meeting reports. -- 1961
M-9311-3 CFBPWC board meeting reports. -- 1963
M-8419-10CFBPWC financial statements, budget, and finance committee report. -- 1959-1961
M-9311-4 CFBPWC correspondence, speeches, etc. -- 1953-1959
M-9311-5 CFBPWC correspondence, speeches, etc. -- 1960
M-9311-6 CFBPWC correspondence, speeches, etc. -- 1961-1974, 1990. -- Also includes roster for Edmonton Business and Professional Women, 1964-1965.
M-8419-11CFBPWC briefs. -- 1963 and nd
M-8419-12CFBPWC leadership training material. -- nd
M-9311-7 CFBPWC Equal Pay Committee. -- 1952-1954
M-8419-13Reports on women in the labour force. -- 1954, 1957, 1962-1964
M-8419-14Reports re United Nations commissions on the status of women. -- 1955, 1962. -- See also file 31 for Evans' rough copy of a speech to the 1962 commission.
M-9311-8 CFBPWC Employment Conditions Committee. -- 1959-1962
M-8419-15 International Congress, Paris. -- 1959
M-8419-16 Conference of Business and Professional Women of the Americas , Puerto Rico. -- 1961. -- Una Maclean was a delegate.
M-9311-9 International Federation of Business and Professional Women Board Meeting, Rhodesia. -- 1961. -- Una Maclean attended this meeting.
M-8419-17CFBPWC Business Week folder. -- 1962
M-9311-10 Edmonton Business and Professional Women's Club rosters. -- 1964-1965, 1974-1975
M-9311-11 CFBPWC newsletters. -- 1951-1955
M-9311-12 CFBPWC newsletters. -- 1956-1959
M-9311-13 CFBPWC newsletters. -- 1960-1966
M-9311-14 CFBPWC newsletters. -- 1967-1977
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Series 2

Grace Presbyterian Church Women's Fellowship. -- [ca. 1954]. -- Consists of minutes, constitution amendments, etc., kept by Una Maclean, as a member of the group.

M-8419-18Grace Presbyterian file
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Series 3

Aldermanic records. -- 1966-1974. -- Una Maclean Evans was elected as a City of Edmonton alderman for three terms, from 1966 to 1974. -- Consists of newsclippings about her work as an alderman, and miscellaneous business and campaign cards, letters, speech, etc.

M-8419-19 Miscellaneous aldermanic records. -- 1966- 1974
M-8419-20 Newsclippings about her aldermanic activities. -- 1966-1974
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Series 4

Edmonton Boys Pipe Band Association. -- 1976-1980. -- Una Maclean Evans served as the secretary for this organization. -- Consists of minutes, correspondence and financial records.

M-8419-21Edmonton Boys Pipe Band file
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Series 5

Court of Canadian Citizenship. -- 1975-1985. -- Una Maclean Evans was appointed a judge of the Court of Canadian Citizenship for Northern Alberta and Northeastern B.C. in 1977, and she served in this capacity until 1985. -- Consists of copies of the Citizenship Act, circulars to judges, speeches, applicants' information, and drafts of a history text written by Evans for use of applicants.

M-9311-15 Judge Evans' personal file. -- 1977-1983
M-8419-22Citizenship act. -- 1976. -- Consists of a copy of Bill C-20, "An Act respecting citizenship", and a speech by Secretary of State J. Hugh Faulkner about the act.
M-8419-23 "The Canadian Citizen" : information for applicants. -- [ca. 1977-1984]
M-8419-24 Citizenship judge correspondence, circulars, etc. sent to Judge Evans. -- 1975-1976
M-9311-16 Citizenship judge correspondence, circulars, etc. sent to Judge Evans. -- 1977-1979
M-9311-17 Citizenship judge correspondence, circulars, etc. sent to Judge Evans. -- 1980
M-9311-18 Citizenship judge correspondence, circulars, etc. sent to Judge Evans. -- 1981-1985
M-9311-19 Newspaper clippings. -- 1976-1984
M-9311-20 Citizenship ceremonies. -- 1977-1982
M-9311-21 Thank you letters from students. -- 1977
M-8419-25History text for Canadian citizenship applicants. -- 1981. -- Consists of drafts of the text, written by Evans.
M-8419-26History text for Canadian citizenship applicants. -- 1981-1983. -- Consists of correspondence about the original text, and revisions to the text.
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Series 6

Miscellaneous personal papers. -- 1968-1992. -- Consists of miscellaneous personal papers and photographs of Una Maclean Evans and her family.

M-8419-27Photographs. -- [1980s]
M-8419-28 Miscellaneous personal records. -- 1968-1992. -- Includes annotated biographical notes on Una Maclean Evans, letters, Art Evans newsclippings, invitations, and Margaret Evans university paper on the free trade agreement.
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Series 7

1957 election campaign. -- 1956-1962. -- Una Maclean ran, unsuccessfully, as a Liberal candidate for Calgary North in the 1957 Federal Election, opposing Colonel Doug Harkness, the Progressive Conservative candidate. She came in third, after Harkness and the Social Credit candidate. -- Consists of campaign literature, speeches, correspondence, financial statements, and contact lists.

M-8419-29Election campaign organization. -- Consists of organizational records, including nomination papers, and results of vote.
M-8419-30Campaign speeches, including radio and television broadcasts
M-8419-31Notebooks. -- [ca. 1957-1962]. -- Consists of Evans' personal notebooks including rough copies of speeches as a Liberal candidate in the 1957 election, as president of the Local Council of Women, and as a delegate to the U.N. Commission on the status of women.
M-8419-32Election correspondence and publicity
M-8419-33Calgary North contact lists
M-8419-34Campaign finances
M-8419-35Polling stations. -- 1956-1957
M-9311-22 Newspaper clippings re Una Maclean's campaign. -- 1957
M-8419-oversize1953 map of the Calgary North constituency, annotated with 1957 poll numbers
PA-150-1 Liberal candidates, including Una Maclean. - 1958. - 1 photograph
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Series 8

1972 election campaign. -- 1972. -- Una Maclean Evans ran, unsuccessfully, as a Liberal candidate for Edmonton East in the 1972 Federal Election, opposing Progressive Conservative, William Skoreyko. She came in second, with 11,997 votes to Skoreyko's 21,137. -- Consists of speeches, briefing book, publicity, campaign literature, correspondence, contact lists, and statement of poll.

M-8419-36Nomination paper
M-8419-37Nomination address by Evans
M-8419-38Liberal candidate's briefing book
M-8419-39Campaign literature, publicity and Evans' biographical notes
M-8419-40Voting record of incumbent, W. Skoreyko
M-8419-41Polling information
M-8419-42Campaign correspondence
M-8419-43Contact lists, including lists of Polish and Italian Edmontonians
M-8419-44Statement of poll
M-8419-45The Land is Strong. -- 1 audio sound disc. -- Consists of the 1972 campaign theme song.
M-8419-oversizeMap of Edmonton East prepared for the 1972 election campaign, showing percentages of Progressive Conservative and Liberal votes by polling area, based on 1968 election results.
M-8419-oversizeMap of Edmonton East polls for the 1972 election.
M-8419-oversizeMap of Edmonton East 1972 election sign campaign.
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Series 9

1974 election campaign. -- 1974. -- Una Maclean Evans ran, unsuccessfully, as a Liberal candidate for Edmonton East in the 1974 Federal Election, challenging incumbent William Skoreyko. She came in second, with 11,122 votes to Skoreyko's 18,293. -- Consists of nomination address, campaign budget, speeches, publicity, correspondence, opinion poll, polling results, etc.

M-8419-46Evans' nominating convention address
M-8419-47Allan H. Wachowich correspondence as campaign manager
M-8419-48Campaign budget
M-8419-49Evans' campaign speeches
M-8419-50Campaign publicity
M-8419-51Campaign correspondence
M-8419-52Campaign letters in Italian, Polish, Portuguese, French, and other languages
M-8419-53Opinion polling
M-8419-54Polls - lists of locations, poll workers, etc.
M-8419-55Candidates updates, P.M.'s speeches, etc.
M-8419-56 Poll results
M-8419-57Photograph of Una Maclean Evans with Prime Minister Trudeau
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Series 10

1988 election campaign. -- 1987-1989. -- Una Maclean Evans ran, unsuccessfully, as a Liberal candidate for Edmonton Strathcona, in the 1988 Federal Election, opposing Progressive Conservative Scott Thorkelson. She came in fourth, behind Thorkelson and the NDP and Reform candidates. -- Consists of election readiness binder, campaign literature, canvassers' information, volunteer forms, constituency profile book, constituency maps, and list of polling divisions.

M-8419-58Liberal election readiness committee binder
M-8419-59Sample election literature, including John Turner and various Alberta candidates
M-8419-60Canvassers' information
M-8419-61Volunteer forms
M-9311-23 Election correspondence, notes, publicity, speeches, etc. -- 1987-1988
M-8419-62Liberal constituency profile book
M-8419-63"Broken Promises: The Tory Legacy"
M-8419-64Scott Thorkelson, candidate for Progressive Conservative nomination
M-8419-65Federal constituency maps
M-8419-66List of polling divisions
M-8419-67 Thank you letters from Evans to constituents who supported her campaign. -- 1988-1989
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Series 11

Edmonton Strathcona Federal Liberal Association (ESFLA) / Chris Peirce campaign. -- 1964-1993. -- Una Maclean Evans was active in the Edmonton Strathcona Federal Liberal Association (ESFLA), and was a member of the Chris Peirce Campaign Committee during the 1993 Federal Election. Peirce lost to Reform candidate Hugh Hanrahan by just 409 votes. -- Consists of ESFLA minutes, and campaign records for Chris Peirce's bid to become MP for Edmonton Strathcona.

M-9311-24 ESFLA minutes, correspondence, membership, etc. -- 1964-1965
M-8419-68ESFLA minutes. -- 1988, 1990- 1993
M-8419-69Report of the Chief Electoral Officer on the Edmonton-Strathcona By-election held Monday, December 17, 1990. -- 1991
M-8419-70Chris Peirce Campaign Committee minutes. -- 1992-1993
M-8419-71Campaign literature
M-8419-72Lists of voters, polls, volunteers, canvassers, etc.
M-8419-73Summaries of Edmonton Strathcona voting patterns from 1972 to 1992
M-8419-74Canvasser's kit
M-8419-75Photographs of John Turner's visit to Edmonton during Peirce campaign
M-8419-76Photographs of Chris Peirce with Sheila Copps and Una Maclean Evans, etc.
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Series 12

Edmonton Gold Bar Provincial Liberal Association / Bettie Hewes campaign. -- 1986-1994. -- Una Maclean Evans and her daughter, Margaret Evans, were active in the Edmonton Gold Bar Provincial Liberal Association, and both served on the executive. They campaigned on behalf of Bettie Hewes, in her successful 1986 bid to become MLA for the riding. -- Consists of constitution and minutes of the Association, and records for the Bettie Hewes campaign.

M-8419-78Constitution. -- [late 1980s]
M-8419-79Minutes. -- 1987-1988
M-8419-80Minutes. -- 1991-1994
M-8419-81Election proclamation, nomination meeting notice, and riding map. -- 1986
M-8419-82Bettie Hewes campaign literature, speech, etc.
M-8419-83Campaign worker information and lists
M-8419-84Canvassers' information
M-8419-85List of electors
M-8419-86Telephone poll results, part 1
M-8419-87Telephone poll results, part 2
M-8419-88Telephone confirmations of a "Bettie" vote
M-8419-89Election results
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Series 13

Edmonton East Federal Liberal Association. -- 1961-1988. -- Una Maclean Evans was active in the Edmonton East Federal Liberal Association, and ran as a candidate for the constituency in the 1972 and 1974 Federal Elections. See also Series 13 and 9. -- Consists of Liberal membership lists and miscellaneous records.

M-8419-90Liberal membership lists, 1961, 1963
M-8419-91Letter and newsclippings about Peggy Blair, Liberal candidate for 1988 Federal Election. -- 1988
M-8419-92Edmonton East Chretien Committee circular. -- [1980s]
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Series 14

Edmonton South East Federal Liberal Constituency Association (ESEFLA). -- 1988-1994. -- Una Maclean Evans' daughter, Margaret Evans, was active in the ESEFLA, and served as president in 1989. -- Consists of constitution, minutes, financial statements, list of electors, poll keys, and speeches and reports of David Kilgour, the constituency's M.P.

M-8419-93Constitution. -- 1989
M-8419-94Minutes, financial statements, correspondence, etc. -- 1988-1994
M-8419-95List of electors. -- 1992
M-8419-96Poll keys. -- 1988, 1992
M-8419-97David Kilgour speeches and reports. -- 1991- 1992
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Series 15

Beaver River by-election. -- 1988-1989. -- Consists of campaign materials for Ernie Brousseau, who ran as the Liberal candidate in the 1989 Beaver River federal by-election. These records apparently were compiled by Margaret Evans for use in The Liberal newspaper. Deborah Grey of the Reform Party won the seat.

M-8419-98 Ernie Brousseau campaign literature, polling information, newspaper clippings, etc. -- 1988-1989
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Series 16

Early political activities. -- 1948-1988. -- Consists of correspondence, minutes, circulars, reports, etc. of various Liberal organizations in which Una Maclean Evans was involved. She was president of the Alberta Young Liberal Association, 1953-1955; secretary of the Young Liberal Federation of Canada, 1956-1959; and president of the Alberta Women's Liberal Association, 1958-1960.

M-8419-99Correspondence as president of the Alberta Young Liberal Association, and as secretary of the Southern Branch of the Alberta Liberal Association, largely with the Prime Minister's Office, part 1. -- 1953-1955
M-8419-100Correspondence as president of the Alberta Young Liberal Association, and as secretary of the Southern Branch of the Alberta Liberal Association, largely with the Prime Minister's Office, part 2. -- 1953-1955
M-8419-101 Alberta Young Liberal Association. -- 1954- 1959. -- Consists of correspondence, speeches, newsletters and newspaper clippings.
M-8419-102 National Liberal Federation. -- 1957-1959. -- Consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, etc.
M-8419-103Canadian University Liberal Federation. -- 1958- 1959. -- Consists of minutes, circulars and reports.
M-8419-104Calgary Liberal Association newsletter. -- 1959
M-8419-105 Young Liberal Federation of Canada. -- 1959. -- Consists of constitution, convention program and brief. Also includes the constitution of the Edmonton Young Liberal Club.
M-8419-106 National Federation of Liberal Women of Canada. -- 1959-1960. -- Consists of correspondence and convention proceedings.
M-8419-107Edmonton Strathcona constituency. -- Consists of letter and telephone committee list, regarding the 1965 Federal Election.
M-8419-108 Alberta Women's Liberal Association. -- 1959- 1988. -- Consists of bylaws, minutes, correspondence, speeches, convention proceedings, etc. Includes the inaugural meeting of the Edmonton Women's Liberal Policy Association.
M-8419-109Miscellaneous early political records. -- 1948- 1964. -- Consists of records about Social Credit, Spirit River nominating convention, the Alberta Mace, a Pearson speech, book on campaigning, etc.
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Series 17

Alberta Liberal Association (ALA). -- 1937-1962. -- Consists of correspondence between the ALA and prominent Liberal politicians. Una Maclean was executive secretary of the Southern Branch of the ALA, 1953-1957.

M-9311-25 Constitution. -- 1937-1956
M-9311-26 Minutes, speeches, conventions. -- 1947-1962
M-8419-110Correspondence with James G. Gardiner, Minister of Agriculture. -- 1949-1953
M-8419-111Correspondence with A. Fred Macdonald, M.P. for Edmonton East. -- 1949-1951
M-8419-112Correspondence with Hugh John Macdonald, Calgary M.L.A. -- 1949-1954
M-8419-113Correspondence with Senator James MacKinnon. -- 1949-1951
M-8419-114Correspondence with J. Harper Prowse, M.L.A. and provincial Liberal leader. -- 1949-1957
M-9311-26a Correspondence with John Decore, M.P. for Vegreville. -- 1950-1954
M-8419-115 Correspondence with, and speeches of, George Prudham, Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys, part 1. -- 1950-1957
M-8419-116 Correspondence with, and speeches of, George Prudham, Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys, part 2. -- 1950-1957
M-8419-117Correspondence of J. Wesley Stambaugh, president of the ALA. -- 1949-1956
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Series 18

Liberal Association of Alberta (LAA). -- 1960-1968. -- Una Maclean Evans was secretary of the Liberal Association of Alberta from 1960-1962 and was vice-president from 1967-1969. -- Consists of constitution and miscellaneous records.

M-8419-118Constitution. -- 1963
M-8419-119LAA annual policy meeting. -- 1967. -- Consists of resolutions, reports, etc.
M-8419-120Miscellaneous convention programs, newsletters, resolutions, and lists of executives. -- 1960-1968
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Series 19

Liberal Party in Alberta (LPA). -- 1968-1976. -- Consists of constitution, convention records, policy documents, etc.

M-8419-121 Constitution and policy statement by leader, Nick Taylor. -- 1968-1975
M-8419-122Convention proceedings. -- 1969
M-8419-123Evans speech supporting Ches Tanner for president of LPA. -- 1969
M-8419-124"A History with a View to Strategy and Liberalism for the Liberal Party in Alberta" / John R. Hutton. -- 1969
M-8419-125 Meetings and conventions. -- 1970-1972. -- Includes LPA newspaper, The New Alberta Liberal (May 1972).
M-8419-126 Draft election program. -- 1971
M-9311-27 Correspondence, etc. -- 1971-1976. -- Includes "A Report on the Organization and Administration of the Liberal Party in Alberta" by Gordon Anton, September 1976.
M-8419-127Report authorized by LPA: "Towards a Better Alberta: The Liberal Program for Alberta" / Robert Russell. -- [1970s]
M-8419-128Leadership convention package. -- 1974. -- Includes nomination address by Evans, in support of Nick Taylor for leader of LPA.
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Series 20

Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta (LPCA). -- 1979-1992. -- Una Maclean Evans was president of LPCA from 1987 to 1989. -- Consists of constitution, minutes, membership lists, financial statements, and convention records.

M-8419-129Constitutions. -- 1988-1990
M-8419-130Minutes. -- 1987
M-8419-131Minutes. -- 1988
M-8419-132Minutes. -- 1989
M-8419-133Minutes. -- 1990
M-8419-134Minutes. -- 1991
M-8419-135Membership lists. -- 1987-1991
M-9311-28 Executive members and candidates. -- 1979-1985
M-9311-29 Executive Board. -- 1987-1988
M-9311-30 Constituency Organizer. -- 1987
M-9311-31 Office Administrator. -- 1987-1988
M-8419-136 Financial statements and budgets. -- 1978-1992
M-9311-32 Correspondence, etc. -- 1986-1987
M-9311-33 Correspondence with John Turner. -- 1987
M-9311-34 Correspondence, etc. -- 1988
M-9311-35 Correspondence, etc. -- 1989
M-9311-36 Correspondence, etc. -- 1990-1992
M-8419-137 Financial Management Committee of the Liberal Party of Canada, minutes. -- 1986-1988. -- Evans attended some meetings as LPCA observer.
M-8419-138 Constituency financial statements. -- 1987-1988
M-8419-139Policy Committee records. -- 1991
M-8419-140 Election Readiness Committee. -- 1987-1988
M-8419-141 Election readiness and campaign managers' information. -- 1992-1993
M-9311-37 Election Readiness Committee: Correspondence. -- 1987-1988
M-9311-38 Election Readiness Committee: Campaign College. -- 1987-1988
M-9311-39 Election Readiness Committee: Forums, media, publicity, etc. -- 1988
M-9311-40 Election Readiness Committee: Liberal campaign contributions. -- 1984
M-9311-41 Election Readiness Committee: PC campaign contributions. --1984
M-9311-42 Election Readiness Committee: NDP campaign contributions. --1984
M-9311-43 Western Liberal Policy Conference. -- 1982
M-9311-44 Pembina by-election (1986). -- 1985-1986
M-8419-142Convention. -- 1987. -- This is the convention at which Evans ran for president of LPCA.
M-8419-143Convention. -- 1988
M-8419-144Convention. -- 1989
M-8419-145Convention. -- 1989
M-8419-146Convention. -- 1990
M-8419-147Convention. -- 1991
M-8419-148Convention. -- 1992
M-8419-149Convention. -- 1993
M-8419-150 LPCA newspaper, The Liberal. -- 1987-1989
M-8419-151LPCA newsletter. -- 1987
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Series 21

Alberta Liberal Party (ALP). -- 1990-1994. -- Consists of constitution, convention records, etc.

M-8419-152Constitution. -- 1991
M-8419-153General records (newsletters, newsclippings, circulars, etc.). -- 1987-1993
M-8419-154"Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee Appointed to Report on Leadership Provisions of the Alberta Liberal Party" / John Patrick Day and Colin P. McDonald. -- 1987
M-8419-155ALP leadership convention. -- 1988. -- Includes photographs of Laurence Decore and Nick Taylor.
M-8419-156"Policy '90" convention proceedings. -- 1990
M-8419-157Convention proceedings. -- 1991
M-8419-158"The Next Alberta" policy convention proceedings. -- 1992
M-8419-159Liberal caucus briefing book on the provincial budget. -- 1993
M-8419-160Convention itinerary. -- 1994
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Series 22

Senate election. -- 1989. -- Una Maclean Evans supported Bill Code in his bid to be elected as a Senator for Alberta. -- Consists of campaign material for Bill Code.

M-8419-161Bill Code campaign file
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Series 23

Biographies of Alberta politicians. -- nd. -- Consists of a manuscript of alphabetically-arranged biographies of Alberta politicians. It is unclear who wrote the manuscript.

M-8419-162Biographies, A - E
M-8419-163Biographies, F - L
M-8419-164Biographies, M - R
M-8419-165Biographies, S - Z
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Series 24

Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). -- 1948-1992. -- Consists of constitution, various documents regarding Liberal philosophy and policies, convention proceedings, leadership convention records, and campaign guides.

M-8419-166Constitutions. -- 1986, 1990
M-8419-167Speech and interpretation of the Liberal Party by Richard J. Stanbury. -- 1969
M-8419-168"Themes in Canadian Liberalism" / Jack Austin. -- 1981
M-8419-169The Liberal Party of Canada: Its Philosophy and History. [ca. 1986]
M-8419-170LPC Standing Committee on Policy. -- 1987
M-8419-171"Expanding Choices: The Liberal Alternative to the Mulroney Trade Deal" / Earl Hastings. -- 1988
M-8419-172National executive list. -- 1988
M-9311-45 LPC directory. -- 1986
M-8419-173LPC directory. -- 1989
M-8419-174"Why Liberals Oppose the Conservative Goods and Services Tax". -- 1989
M-8419-175"Campaign for Canada" papers on the environment, families, and agriculture, by Dennis Mill. -- [ca. 1989]
M-8419-176"Liberal Caucus Task Force on the Recession". - - 1991
M-8419-177Andre Ouellet's statement to the Belanger- Campeau Commission. -- 1991
M-8419-178Liberal Reform Commission reports. -- 1991. -- Includes 1984 and 1989 discussion papers on reform.
M-8419-179"The Environment: A Liberal Vision" / Paul Martin. -- 1992
M-8419-180"Liberal Talking Points on the Reform Party". -- 1992
M-8419-181Summary of Maurice Foster's agriculture discussion paper. -- 1992
M-8419-182Dan Backs papers on recruiting volunteers. -- [ca. 1992]
M-8419-183John Turner's statement on policy activities, and miscellaneous records. -- 1985-1987
M-8419-184Speech by Senator Jerry Grafstein to the Churchill Society. -- 1988
M-8419-185Canvasser's kit, campaign graphics guides, etc. - - [1990s]
M-8419-186National Liberal Convention resolutions. -- 1948
M-8419-187National Liberal Rally. -- 1961
M-8419-188National convention background papers. -- 1966
M-8419-189National convention proceedings. -- 1973
M-8419-190National convention proceedings. -- 1975
M-8419-191Prime Minister's speech to the national convention. -- 1980
M-9311-46 National executive meeting. -- 1981
M-8419-192The Historical Record: The Resolutions passed by the Six National Conventions from 1970 to 1982. -- [ca. 1983]
M-8419-193 National convention program and print media summary. -- 1986
M-9311-47 National executive meetings. -- 1986
M-8419-194National convention steering committee. -- 1989
M-8419-195Aylmer conference summary of discussion. -- 1991
M-8419-196National convention proceedings. -- 1992

1968 LPC leadership convention

M-8419-197Trudeau Committee for Northern Alberta. -- Evans was chair of this committee.
M-8419-198List of Alberta delegates
M-8419-199Press reports and newsclippings

1990 LPC leadership convention

M-8419-200Steering committee
M-8419-201Delegate's package
M-8419-202Jean Chretien campaign
M-8419-203Lloyd Axworthy campaign. -- 1989-1992. -- Includes some 1991 and 1992 speeches
M-8419-204Paul Martin campaign
M-8419-205Sheila Copps campaign
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Series 25

Women's Liberal Federation of Canada. -- 1971. -- Consists of miscellaneous documents. --

M-8419-206Women's Liberal Federation of Canada file
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Series 26

National Women's Liberal Commission. -- 1986-1990. -- Consists of Biennial meeting proceedings.

M-8419-207National Women's Liberal Commission file
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Series 27

Liberal Conference on Western Objectives. -- 1973. -- The Liberal Conference on Western Objectives was held in Vancouver from July 13 to July 15, 1973. -- Consists of delegate's package, Trudeau's speech, and background papers for conference.

M-8419-208Delegate's package
M-8419-209Trudeau's speech
M-8419-210Background papers, A - K
M-8419-211Background papers, L - P
M-8419-212Background papers, R - W
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Series 28

Constitutional reform / 1992 Referendum. -- 1978-1992. -- Una Maclean Evans was a member of the Edmonton Action Committee for the "Yes" campaign during the 1992 Referendum on the Charlottetown Accord. -- Consists of records of Edmonton area "Yes" committees, as well as earlier records about Canadian constitutional reform and amendments.

M-8419-213Constitutional amendment bill and background information. -- 1978
M-8419-214Canadian constitution - proposed changes. -- 1980
M-8419-215Prime Minister Trudeau's speech and press conference on constitutional change. -- 1980
M-8419-216Jean Chretien's speech on constitutional reform. - - 1980
M-8419-217Briefs regarding the Meech Lake Accord. -- 1987
M-8419-218"The Meech Lake Accord" / Clyde Wells - address to the Canadian Club of Edmonton. -- 1990
M-8419-219Jean Chretien's submission to the Commission on the Political and Constitutional Future of Quebec. -- 1990
M-8419-220Select Special Committee on Constitutional Reform (Constitutional Reform Task Force). -- 1990-1992. -- Consists of briefs and reports, including Evans' presentation to the Committee.
M-8419-221Alberta Liberals discussion paper and brochure on constitutional reform. -- 1991
M-8419-222Charlottetown Accord. -- 1992. -- Consists of drafts and final text.
M-8419-223Evans' general records about the 1992 Referendum
M-8419-224"The Registered 'Yes' Committee Campaign Team" information package. -- 1992
M-8419-225Edmonton Action Committee minutes, circulars, etc. -- 1992
M-8419-226Northern Alberta "Yes" committees records. -- 1992
M-8419-227List of returning officers for the 1992 Referendum
M-8419-228YES Canada Committee "messages" (itineraries of events). --1992
M-8419-229Newsclippings about the 1992 Referendum
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Series 29

Miscellaneous Liberal organizations. -- 1952-1994. -- Consists of correspondence, minutes, etc. relating to various Liberal groups of interest to Una Maclean Evans.

M-9311-48 Lac Ste Anne Liberal Association. -- 1952-1967
M-8419-230 Miscellaneous political correspondence. -- 1970-1994
M-9311-49 Federal Liberal Agency of Canada. -- 1986-1988
M-9311-50 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Society of Edmonton. -- 1987
M-9311-51 B.C. Liberal Party. -- 1987-1988

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