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The Doctor is Out sign, ca. 1930s or 1940s
The Doctor is Out sign, ca. 1930s or 1940s
M 6694-37

Dr. John Giffen fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 "Patients seen" calendars. -- 1924-1936
Series 2 Physician's house call book. -- 1932, 1943-1954, [and possibly back to the 1920s]
Series 3 Patient ledgers. -- 1923-1969
Series 4 Ingram and Bell medical supplies. -- 1934-1941
Series 5 Medical activities. -- [ca. 1927]-1973 and n.d.
Series 6 Income tax returns. -- 1928-1970
Series 7 Personal writings. -- 1930-1974
Series 8 Strathmore swimming pool. -- 1938-1940


Series 1 "Patients seen" calendars. -- 1924-1936. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of desk calendars which record the names of patients seen every day, plus the amount charged by the doctors for their services. The calendars from 1924 to 1926 were used by John Giffen Sr., and the ones from 1928 to 1936 by John Giffen Jr. There is no calendar for 1927.
M-6694-1 Patients seen calendar. -- December 1924
M-6694-2 Patients seen calendar. -- 1925
M-6694-3 Patients seen calendar. -- 1926
Note No calendar for 1927
M-6694-4 Patients seen calendar. -- 1928
M-6694-5 Patients seen calendar. -- 1929
M-6694-6 Patients seen calendar. -- 1930
M-6694-7 Patients seen calendar. -- 1931
M-6694-8 Patients seen calendar. -- 1932
M-6694-9 Patients seen calendar. -- 1933
M-6694-10 Patients seen calendar. -- 1934
M-6694-11 Patients seen calendar. -- 1935
M-6694-12 Patients seen calendar. -- 1936
Series 2 Physician's house call book. -- 1932, 1943-1954, [and possibly back to the 1920s]. -- 1 volume. -- The series consists of a small pocket notebook in which Dr. Giffen Jr. [and possibly Sr.] recorded house calls made to rural patients. Included are directions to the patients' farms (eg. 5 miles north of school on west side of road). The notebook, imprinted in gold lettering with "Dr. J.W. Giffen" was "Compliments of Strathmore Pharmacy".
M-6694-13 Physician's house call book. -- 1932, 1943-1954, [and possibly back to the 1920s].
Series 3 Patient ledgers. -- 1923-1969. -- 28 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of volumes which record the names of patients, the dates of all their visits, and the charges made by the doctors for their services. The ledgers have alphabetical indexes of the patients' names at the front. The dates of the ledgers indicate when patients first visited Dr. Giffen, and as long as they remained patients their visits were recorded in the same book. Thus, most of the ledgers have entries up into the 1950s and 1960s. From the 1930s to the 1950s, Dr. Giffen had a contract with the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) to take care of the medical needs of its employees, and these records appear at the end of some of the volumes. From 1957 to 1969 he was also the medical officer for various group pension plans.
M-6694-14 Patient ledger. -- 1923-1925
M-6694-15 Patient ledger, "Book I". -- 1927-1928
M-6694-16 Patient ledger, "Book II". -- 1928-1932
M-6694-17 Patient ledger, "Book III". -- 1932-1937. -- Includes CPR employees at the end.
M-6694-18 Patient ledger, "Book IV". -- 1937-1944. -- Includes CPR employees at the end.
M-6694-19 Patient ledger, "Book V". -- 1945-1958. -- Includes Pensioners Medical Services and CPR employees.
M-6694-20 Patient ledger, "Book VI". -- 1959-1966
M-6694-21 Patient ledger, Group pension plans. -- 1957-1968. -- Arranged alphabetically .
M-6694-22 Patient ledger, Group pension plans. -- 1958-1968
M-6694-23 Patient ledger, Group pension plans. -- 1962-1969
Series 4 Ingram and Bell medical supplies. -- 1934-1941. -- 9 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of a pharmaceutical catalogue, and invoices from Ingram and Bell for the medical supplies, drugs and equipment used by Dr. Giffen Jr. in his practice. Items ordered included bandages, rubbing alcohol, gastritis alkaline, chloroform, forceps, ventrex with iron, codeine, tongue depressors, carbolic acid, gloves, ether, gauze, belladonna, kaylene, tonsil snare wires, and anti-asthmatic powder.
M-6694-24 Ingram and Bell pharmaceutical catalogue. -- [ca. 1930s]
M-6694-25 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1934
M-6694-26 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1935
M-6694-27 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1936
M-6694-28 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1937
M-6694-29 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1938
M-6694-30 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1939
M-6694-31 Ingram and Bell invoices. -- 1940-1941. -- Includes some Henry K. Wampole invoices as well.
Series 5 Medical activities. -- [ca. 1927]-1973 and n.d. -- 20 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of Dr. Giffen Jr.'s records of a wide variety of medical activities, dating back to his training as a physician at the University of Alberta. The files have been artificially arranged in chronological order the earliest date in the file.
M-6694-32 The University Hospital, University of Alberta - Practical laboratory guide. -- [ca. 1927-1928]
M-6694-33 Lippincott's Pocket Formulary. -- 1928. -- Plus all the loose medical clippings which Dr. Giffen had tucked into it over the years. The clippngs date from 1953-1972.
M-6694-34 Patient files. -- 1929-1930. -- Consists of brief handwritten accounts of visits with some of the earliest patients taken on by Dr. Giffen Jr. after his graduation as a doctor.
M-6694-35 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) - Lists of employees covered by the company's medical agreement with Dr. Giffen. -- 1935-1938. -- See M-6694-18, 19 and 20 above for financial records of this contract.
M-6694-36 Dr. Giffen's blank notepad. -- [ca. 1930s or 1940s]. -- Possibly used to write prescriptions.
M-6694-37 Signs. -- [ca. 1930s or 1940s]. -- Consists of "Isolation Whooping Cough" signs, and a "Doctor is In" sign ("Doctor is Out" on reverse).
M-6694-38 Collections agency lists and correspondence. -- 1940. -- From an American company which Dr. Giffen contacted about collecting outstanding medical bills from patients.
M-6694-39 Knights of Columbus. -- 1947. -- Consists of a letter confirming Dr. Giffen's status as medical examiner for the group.
M-6694-40 Canadian Red Cross blood donor forms. -- 1947. -- For people from Strathmore, Cheadle and Nightingale who donated blood.
M-6694-41 The Salvation Army Eventide Home for Men, Gleichen. -- 1949. -- Consists of brief notes on the age and medical conditions of residents of the home during a check up by Dr. Giffen. Arranged alphabetically.
M-6694-42 45th Canadian Medical Association Convention, Calgary. -- September 19-22, 1950. -- Consists of reports.
M-6694-43 Miscellaneous medical-related correspondence, part 1. -- 1937-1960
M-6694-44 Miscellaneous medical-related correspondence, part 2. -- 1966-1973
M-6694-45 Accidental death statistics for Edmonton, Calgary, and Alberta. -- 1967-1970
M-6694-46 Dr. Giffen's testimony at the inquest into the death of Leon Frank Pinkerton. -- n.d.
M-6694-47 Blank medical forms. -- n.d. -- Consists of forms for registration of a live birth, medical examiner's report, application for hospital treatment, application and assessment form for long term care services, medical report on child for adoption, and various insurance insurance company forms, etc.
Series 6 Income tax returns. -- 1927-1970. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of federal tax returns for both Dr. Giffen Sr. and Dr. Giffen Jr. Includes a tax return for the Strathmore Pharmacy.
M-6694-48 Income tax returns. -- 1927-1931. -- For Dr. Giffen Sr.
M-6694-49 Income tax returns. -- 1933-1940. -- For Dr. Giffen Jr.
M-6694-50 Income tax returns. -- 1942-1950
M-6694-51 Income tax returns. -- 1951-1960, 1967, 1970
M-6694-52 Strathmore Pharmacy tax return and financial statement. -- 1970
M-6694-53 Miscellaneous financial records. -- 1937-1962. -- Consists of Town of Strathmore property assessments, bank book, etc. Include receipt for Chinese War Relief Fund, 1943.
Series 7 Personal writings. -- 1930-1974. -- 10 cm of textual records. -- Dr. Giffen Jr. wrote extensively on religion, socialism and medical matters. -- The series consists of notebooks of Dr. Giffen's handwritten articles, talks, letters to editors, debate arguments, play dialogues, proposed medical treatments, etc.
M-6694-54 Untitled article on belief in God. -- 1930. -- Discusses creation and the purpose of man, with comments about birth control, abortions, alcohol, medicine and science. Includes both handwritten and typed copies.
M-6694-55 Letters to editors and submission of articles to journals. -- 1942-1963. -- Includes an open letter addressed to Joseph Stalin.
M-6694-56 Medical article about treatments for Hodgkins disease. -- [ca. 1940s]
M-6694-57 Notebooks of writings. -- 1935-1966. -- 5 volumes. -- On a wide variety of topics. Includes "How to Forgive", inquest on Ira C. Slamaker, "The Greatest Person in the World Today", minutes of meeting of the Christian Commonweatlh Youth Movement, "Prayer", "The Atonement", "Why Does God Allow Evil", "Drinking", and many other writings.
M-6694-58 Notebooks of writings. -- 1951-1974. -- 6 volumes. -- On a wide variety of topics. Includes "The Importance of Thoughts, "Belief, Faith and Grace", "The Pacifist", "The Ideal of Socialism", "A Boy Grows Up", "Abortions" and many other writings.
Series 8 Strathmore swimming pool. -- 1938-1940. -- 1 cm of graphic material. -- Dr. Giffen Jr. was active in the Strathmore Lion's Club. -- The series consists of blueprints for a proposed swimming pool to be built by the Lions.
M-6694-59 Swimming pool blueprints. -- 1938-1940

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