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Glenbow Foundation display at Hull House, Calgary, 1961
Glenbow Foundation display at Hull House, Calgary, 1961

Glenbow Memorabilia

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Programs, reports, promotional material, etc. -- 1957-1983
Series 2 Guest books and visitor registers. -- 1959-1976
Series 3 Posters. -- [ca. 1970]-2007
Series 4 Glenbow buildings. -- [ca. 1963]-1976
Series 5 Photographs. - 1959-1976
Series 6 Films and sound recordings. -- 1964, 1976


Series 1 Programs, reports, promotional material, etc. -- 1957-1983
M-2076 Horse exhibit at Hull House. -- 1964-1966. -- 8 cm of textual records. -- Consists of correspondence, brochures and newspaper clippings.
M-2085 Programs and papers from the first Glenbow Foundation staff conference, Banff, Alberta. -- 1958. -- 18 pages. -- Includes speech by L.H. Thomas of Regina College entitled "Records and record making in the Canadian prairie region".
M-2090 Telephone and address lists. -- 1957-1966. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- For Eric Harvie's various companies and foundations: Managers Ltd., Glenbow Foundation, Western Minerals Ltd., Luxton Museum, Western Chemicals, and Glenbow Ranches.
M-2095-oversize Glenbow Foundation's membership certificate in the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. -- 1960. -- 1 item
M-2099-1 Invitations to Glenbow exhibits openings and functions. -- 1969-1980
M-2099-2 Promotional material for Glenbow exhibits and events. -- 1973-1982. -- Includes opening of new building (at 130 - 9th Avenue SE) in 1976.
M-2099-3Lists of Glenbow exhibitions. -- 1967-2009. -- Derived from Glenbow's exhibition files and annual reports.
M-2099-4 "The Glenbow Foundation and its Library" by T.R. McCloy, published in RCMP Quarterly, vol. 34, no.4, (April 1967), pages 8-13.
M-2107-1 Booklets entitled "Glenbow Foundation (A charitable foundation). -- 1959-1965. -- 6 items. -- Consists of small booklets which include a list of directors and descriptions of the Foundation's departments (Archaeology, Archives, Art, Historical Research, Library, Museums and Photography).
M-2107-2 Glenbow-Alberta Institute - General information brochures. -- 1965. -- These include a floor plan for the Museum.
M-2107-3 Promotional brochures for Glenbow as a whole. -- 1969-1977
M-2107-4 Catalogues for exhibits from the Glenbow collection which were shown elsewhere: British Bird Art (in Regina, 1959), and The Buffalo in Western American Art (in Montana in 1961).
M-2107-5 Glenbow-Alberta Institute circulating exhibitions - Information leaflets. -- [ca. 1967-1969] and 1983
M-2107-6 Glenbow Extension Program - Lecture series. -- 1967-1979
M-2107-7 Items related to members, friends and volunteers. -- [ca. 1970s]
M-2107-8 School programs brochures. -- [ca. 1966-1969]
M-2107-9a Glenbow Foundation - Press releases. -- 1964-1965. -- Includes material re opening of the "Glenbow Foundation - Alberta Government Museum" in December 1964.
M-2107-9b Glenbow Publications - Price lists and press releases. -- [1970s]
M-2114 Moncrieff Williamson address, "What is Glenbow Foundation". -- 1964. -- 9 pages. -- Consists of speech by former Director of Glenbow Foundation Art Department, delivered to the Women's Canadian Club in Victoria, BC.
M-2326 Confederation Museum and Art Gallery, Charlottetown, PEI. -- 1970. -- Consists of transcript of sound recording of the opening of a Glenbow exhibit of Western Canadian Indian art and artifacts. Includes comments by Moncrieff Williamson and Dr. George Macdonald.
M-3012 Certificate of Appreciation to the Glenbow Foundation for assistance given towards the Canadian Government Pavilion at Expo 67, Montreal. -- 1967. -- 1 item
M-6664 Great CPR Exposition. -- 1983. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of program and other promotional material for this Glenbow exhibit, curated by Bill McKee and Georgeen Klassen.
Series 2 Guest books and visitor registers. -- 1959-1976
M-2087 Register of visitors at Glenbow Foundation exhibit at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. -- 1960-1963. -- 1 volume and 1 package
M-2088 Guest register from Glenbow Foundation art exhibit at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary. -- 1959. -- 1 volume
M-2089 Guest register for visitors to the Glenbow Foundation at Hull House. -- 1958-June 1966. -- 1 volume
M-2091 Register of visitors to the Glenbow Library and Archives. -- 1964-1976. -- 14 volumes
M-2106 Guest register for ground-breaking reception for Glenbow Centre. -- September 5, 1972. -- 1 volume
Series 3 Posters. -- [ca. 1970]-2007. -- 149 items
M-2097-1-oversize Posters for exhibitions at Glenbow Art Gallery and other departments. -- [ca. 1970]-1975. -- 29 items. -- These posters were produced mainly by John Palchinski and Eugene Ouchi for showings at Glenbow Art Gallery at 902 - 11th Avenue SW. Consists of the following:

Yugoslav Naïve Paintings and Sculpture (on loan from Smithsonian), January 25-February 22, 1970

Frank Kiyooka, ceramic, sculpture, January 27-February 15, 1970

Vincent Massey Bequest (from the National Gallery of Canada), January 18-February 8, 1970

Bruce Pearson, paintings and sculpture, February 17-March 8, 1970

Traditional Landscape Painting in Canada (on loan from National Gallery), March 6-29, 1970

The Disasters of War, Goya, March 15-April 15

Free Film, “The Art of Hyogushe”, “Goya”, “Mystic Circle”, March 15-27

ESP, JK Esler and C Pachter, April 17-May 10

Sylvia Pachinski, fabric and vinyl constructions, April 21-May 10

Glenbow Collection of Prints, May 9-June 21

Carol Mullinger, printed fabric hangings, June 2-June 21

Harold Feist, paintings and prints, June 23-July 12

NFB Films, in conjunction with the exhibition “Canadian Painting in the Thirties”, July 18-August 3

Marion Nicoll Retrospective, July 22-August 17

Illingworth Kerr, paintings, August 4-14

Open Studio – Graphics, Toronto Workshop, August 20-September 21

Young Artists, August 25-September 13

Ranjan Sen, paintings, and Tommie Gallie, sculpture, August 20-September 21

British Contemporary Prints, September 8-October 11

Calgary Ceramists, November 14-December 15 (badly printed)

Indian Portraits, (includes films), December 4-February 2

Jeff and Suzanne Funnell, drawings and paintings, December 1-30, 1973

The Men in Scarlet, An exhibition to celebrate the arrival of the N.W.M.P. in Alberta, 1974

Art of Aboriginal Australia, September 22-October 20, 1974

Tilt! Pinball Machines, 1931-1958 (organized by Dunlop Art Gallery and Regina Public Library, December 3, 1974-January 5, 1975

High Victorian Design (organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London), February 15-March 16, 1975

Simpkins Views Calgary [Bill Simpkins], May 28-June 22, 1975

Drawings & Prints, Marvin Jones and John Will, June 25-July 20, 1975

Glenbow Christmas Party, December 6, 1975
M-2097-2-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1976. -- 4 items. -- Includes posters for the new Glenbow building at 130 - 9th Avenue SE, which was officially opened on September 22, 1976. Consists of the following:

Come Celebrate! Glenbow Opens, September 22, 1976

Glenbow Library and Archives, 1976

Aspects of Realism, presented by Rothmans, October 28-November 28, 1976

51st Annual Open Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, December 2, 1976-January 9, 1977
M-2097-3-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1977. -- 12 items. -- Consists of the following:

Birds of Prey, An exhibition of wild life art, from the 18th century to present, January 13-February 27, 1977 [two versions with different raptors]

Exposure, Canadian contemporary photographers (organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario), January 14-February 20, 1977

Bo’jou, neejee! Profiles of Canadian Indian Art (A National Museum of Man travelling exhibition), January 29-March 15, 1977

Janet Mitchell, Retrospective exhibition, March 2-April 3, 1977

American Masters in the West, Selections from the Anschutz collection, March 15-May1, 1977

Jim Nicoll, Paintings and poetry, March 18-April 10, 1977

James Marshall: Grassroots, March 18-April 10, 1977

Bill Laing – Dennis Evans, Recent drawings, April 14-June 5, 1977

Posters in Wartime, [unknown start date] -May 1, 1977

Carl Rungius, 1869-1959, A selection from Glenbow’s permanent collection, May 25-June 19, 1977

Selections, Alberta Art Foundation, June 24-September 4, 1977
M-2097-4-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1978. -- 9 items. -- Consists of the following:

Artists’ Stamps and Stamp Images (organized by the Simon Fraser Gallery, Simon Fraser University), January 3-February 10, 1978

Jack Wise, A decade of work (organized by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria), February 15-March 15, 1978

Adolph Gottlieb: Pictographs (organized by The Edmonton Art Gallery), February 24-April 3, 1978

Explorations, A high school art exhibit, March 3-April 2, 1978 [poster features stitchery by Janis Westland]

The Other 19th Century, Paintings and sculptures in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M Tanenbaum (circulated by National Gallery of Canada), April 15-May 15, 1978

The Image of Man in Canadian Painting, 1878-1978 (circulated by the University of Western Ontario), May 1-June 15, 1978

Los Mayas, The Manuel Barbachano Ponce Mayan art collection (presented by Rothmans), August 27-September 24, 1978

Picasso (organized by the Mira Goddard Gallery), October 22-December 3, 1978 (two versions, on featuring “Femme au chapeau tenant une tete de mouton”, and the other a woman seated in a chair)
M-2097-5-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1979. -- 16 items. -- Consists of the following:

Glenbow Art Lectures (by Marcia Tucker, Robert Rosenblum, David Bershad, Monique Westra, Alan Gowans and Leo Steinberg), February-April 1979

The Hutterite Diamond Jubilee, An exhibition of photograph by Spiteri and artifacts from the collections of the Glenbow Museum, April 1979

Shamans and Spirits, Myths and medical symbolism in Eskimo art (sponsored by Canadian Arctic Producers and the National Museum of Man), April 1-July 22, 1979

A Terrible Beauty, The art of Canada at War (organized by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa), May 16-June 23, 1979

Land of the Maple Leaf – Home of the Beaver (produced by the National Museum of Man), [no start date]-August 13, 1979

The Work of Art: Six Artists (Harris, Colville, Donoghue, Gould, MacGregor and Urquhart), (organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario), August 14-September 16, 1979

The Last Best West (produced by the National Museum of Man), September 15-November 19, 1979

Presentations in the Arts, A program of performances and lectures by distinguished artists, critics and art historians, (Dennis Reid, Marcia Tucker, Yvonne Rainer, Rosamond Bernier, Laurie Anderson, David Hockney, David Buchan, Maurice Tuchman, William Wegman, Philip Glass, Linda Nochlin, Robert Pincus-Witten and Christopher Pratt), September 21, 1979-April 10, 1980

Archives Week – Open house at Glenbow Archives, November 1, 1979

Max Ernst, November 3, 1979-April 27, 1980

Twentieth-Century European Painting and Sculpture (from the Envoy and Latner family collection), November 3, 1979-April 27, 1980

The Banff Purchase, An exhibition of photography in Canada (by Tom Gibson, Lynn Cohen, Nina Raginsky, Charles Gagnon, David McMillan, Robert Bourdeau and Orest Semchishen), November 17-December 31, 1979

Glenbow Christmas Party, November 24, 1979

Miniature Flight, [no start date]-November 25, 1979

From My Grandmother’s Hands, Moccasins of the Plains Indians, 1979

Charles Livingston Bull, An exhibition organized in 1979 from the Glenbow Museum collection of American Illustrator Art, 1979
M-2097-6-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1980. -- 19 items. -- Consists of the following:

The Prairie West: A Visual Perspective, An exhibition of photographs marking the 75th anniversary of the inauguration of Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1980

The Rainbow Warrior, A Tribute to the Efforts of Greenpeace, annotated “To the Glenbow Museum, Judy Chicago, 1980 [Not an exhibition at Glenbow, but a gift from an artist whose work was exhibited]

Hungarian Folk Art (arranged by the Art Gallery of Cobourg), January 18-February 24, 1980

Alberta Composers Festival (held in the Glenbow Theatre), February 22-24, 1980

Music at Glenbow presents Paul Horn and Group, concerts and workshop, March 14-15, 1980

Contemporary Canadian Indian Art (National Museum of Man travelling exhibit), April 5-May 25, 1980

James Ensor, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde (organized by the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery), May 3-June 15, 1980

Alberta Selection (photographs by Orest Semchishen, Richard Bennett, Hubert Hohn, Trig Singer, Robert Moore, Randy Bradley, Robert Brunelle, Arthur Nishimura, Lorraine Gilbert, Terry Munro, Kent Howie, Mark Arneson, Barbara Spohr and Douglas Curran), June 7-August 3, 1980. Annotated: “…the whole project has been cancelled, due to protests and lawsuits”.

Sringar, A pageant of Indian Costumes (Air-India collection), [no start date]-June 8, 1980

Rodeo, A Pictorial Essay, Photographs by Ronnie Tessler, June 28-October 12, 1980

Basketry as Fibre Sculpture, June 28-November 15, 1980

Donald Blumberg (organized by Glenbow in collaboration with others), August 9-October 19, 1980

Turkish Treasures from the collection of Edwin Birney, 3rd, August 11-September 7, 1980

To Found a National Gallery, The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, 1880-1913, September 15-October 15, 1980

David Thauberger (paintings, watercolours and prints), October 3-November 2, 1980

150 Years of Watercolour Painting in Alberta, October 21, 1980-January 4, 1981

Enjoying Calgary (poster of arts and music events in Calgary for October 1980). Includes an ad for Glenbow’s 150 Years of Watercolour Painting in Alberta, listed above.

A Question of Culture, A program of anthropology lectures by distinguished speakers (Robert Davidson, Frederick Dockstader, Kenelm Burridge, Robert McGhee and Richard Preston), Fall 1980

A Sampling of Samplers, November 3, 1980-March 6, 1981
M-2097-7-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1981. -- 11 items. -- Consists of the following:

Images of Reality: Indians of the Canadian Plains / Bilder der Realität: Indianer der kanadischen Prärien, 1981. Two versions, one in English and the other in German.

Beads: A Northern Plains Tradition, 1981

Treasures of Ancient Nigeria: Legacy of 2000 Years (organized by The Detroit Institute of Arts and Nigerian National Museums), March 16-May 10, 1981. Two versions.

David Bolduc, Painting, 1975-1980, April 18-June 28, 1981

Western Alienation in Perspective, An exhibition of historical, political cartoons, May 2-July 30, 1981

Fast, Frequent and Safe, the Calgary municipal railway, 1909-1950, May 23-September 27, 1981

Argillite, Pipes that won’t Smoke, Coal that won’t Burn, September 9 1981-September 9, 1982

Writing with Light: Western Impressions of Herbert Wendell Gleason (photographs), October 3, 1981-January 10, 1982

Four Modern Masters: De Chirico, Ernst, Magritte, and Miro, November 23, 1981-January 10, 1982.

The Fabric of Their Lives, Hooked and poked mats of Newfoundland and Labrador (organized by Memorial University), December 1981
M-2097-8-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1982. -- 8 items. -- Consists of the following:

Inglis Sheldon-Williams, A retrospective exhibition, February 25-April 25, 1982

Esprits de la Terre et des Eaux, La Culture ancienne esquimaude dorsétienne à Terre-Veuve et au Labrador (organized by the National Museum of Canada), March 28-May 31, 1982

Equal Measure for Kings and Commoners, Goldweights of the Akan, June 14-November 28, 1982

Alberta Rhythm: The later work of A.Y. Jackson, July 16-September 5, 1982

Sybil Andrews, September 14-October 22, 1982

Quillwork of the Plains, October 9-December 12, 1982

Nicholas de Grandmaison, History in Their Blood, October 15, 1982-January 30, 1983

Judy Chicago, The Dinner Party, December 3, 1982-February 27, 1983
M-2097-9-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1981-1983. -- 6 items. -- Consists of cardbord stand-up advertisements for the following:

Four Modern Masters: De Chirico, Ernst, Magritte, and Miro, November 23, 1981-January 10, 1982.

The Berenice Abbot Portfolios, February 25-April 8, 1982

Haida, A history of ideas in the visual arts (lecture series), February-April 1982

Alberta Rhythm: The later work of A.Y. Jackson, July 16-September 5, 1982

Nicholas de Grandmaison, History in Their Blood, October 15, 1982-January 30, 1983

Scouting Around Then and Now, June 4-November 13, 1983
M-2097-10-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1983-1984. -- 5 items. -- Consists of the following:

Hokkaido Art (organized by the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art), February 28-March 27, 1983

From the Heart, Folk Art in Canada (produced by the National Museum of Man), March 8-May 23, 1984

Henri Cartier-Bresson (organized by the International Center of Photography), April 27-June 5, 1983

The Great CPR Exposition, The impact of the railway on western Canada, 1883-1930, August 11, 1983-May 13, 1984

Museums by Artists, An Art Metropole Exhibition, November 18, 1983-January 7, 1984
M-2097-11-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1985-1989. -- 10 items. -- Consists of the following:

Legacy in Ice, An exhibition of photographs, the work of Mary M. Vaux, George Vaux, Jr., William S. Vaux, Jr. (prepared by the Whyte Foundation, Banff), March 30-May 26, 1985

Private Realms of Light, Canadian amateur photography, 1839-1940 (National Photography Collection), September 14-November 3, 1985

Glenbow Museum Acquisitions Society – Artlotto, 1985

Podoby zemĕ, Kanadská grafika, 1919-1945, 1986

Glenbow Museum Acquisition Society – Polo Classic, July 5, 1987 [two different sizes]

Architecture and Landscape, Perspectives on architecture lecture series (Bernard Tschumi, Sue Donaldson, Antoine Predock, Donald McKay, Melvin Charney, Carlos Ott, Cornelia Oberlander, Stephanie White, Barbara Littenberg, Phyllis Lambert and Oriol Bohigas), Fall 1986-Spring 1987

The Spirit Sings, Artistic Traditions of Canada’s First Peoples, January 15-May1, 1988 [two versions, one yellow and the other white]

Art in the Religions and Myths of Mankind, Bumper Gallery, opened October 1, 1988

Place-Talk, Objects of meaning to Papua New Guinea peoples, June 17-September 4, 1989
M-2097-12-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1980s [no exact year]. -- 5 items. -- Consists of the following:

Advertiques, An exhibition featuring a selection of over 75 “advertiques” or advertising giveaways…, [ca. 1980s]

Wanna become a Glenbow Museo Maniac?, Glenbow Museum scavenger hunt events, [ca. 1980s]

Music at Glenbow, Classical, Choral, Jazz, Folk, 2 pm every Sunday, [ca. 1980s]

Nexus, A Music at Glenbow presentation, [ca. 1980s]

Enjoy free access to Glenbow Museum’s Library & Archives, [ca. 1980s]
M-2097-13-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 1990s-2000s. -- 14 items. -- Consists of the following:

Carl Rungius, June 1993

Toy Magic!, [ca. 1995-1996]

Glenbow Museum, Old and New Masterpieces, Native American Art from the C.M. Russell Museum and Glenbow’s collections, June 8-July 14, 1996

It’ll Blow You Away!, Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, November 2, 1996-March 2, 1997

The Canadian Cowboy, June 21-October 26, 1997

Hidden Treasures of Glenbow ’98, Saturday, February 14, 1998

In | Here | Out | There, Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, 1998

Plain Truth, A major exhibition of prairie photographers and filmmakers, 1858-1950, May 30-August 16, 1998

The 1960s, beginning April 10, 1999

Face Forward: Six Canadians Confront the Millenium (Bret Hart, Pamela Wallin, Peter Lougheed, David Suzuki, Tom Jackson and Carol Shields), January 29-May 22, 2000

Calgary 2000, Making Memories (composite poster including 28 Glenbow Archives photos and one Art Department painting), 2000

The Group of Seven in Western Canada, June 13-October 26, 2002

This Other Eden, Canadian folk art outdoors, March 31-June 10, 2001

Viva Mexico, Diego Rivera, West Mexican tomb figures, Graciela Iturbide, November2, 2002-February 17, 2003
M-2097-rolled-oversize Posters for exhibits at Glenbow. -- 2002, 2007. -- 2 items. -- Consists of the following:

Pop Revolution from New York to Calgary, February 16-May 26, 2002

Mavericks, An Incorrigible History of Alberta (They dreamed and dared to build Alberta), permanent gallery, opened February 2007
Series 4 Glenbow buildings. -- [ca. 1963]-1976
M-2098-oversize Floor plan for new Glenbow-Alberta Institute building. -- [ca. 1963]. -- 1 item
M-3013-oversize Blueprints for alterations to Old Court House and Ford Motor Company buildings for Glenbow Foundation. -- 1964. -- 4 items
M-2110 Opening ceremonies, Glenbow Centre (130 - 9th Avenue SE). -- September 22, 1976. -- 19 pages. -- Consists of a typescript of speeches by Lieutenant-Governor.Ralph Steinhauer, Minister of Economic Development Hugh Faulkner, Mayor Rod Sykes, Glenbow Vice-President J. Allan Hammond and Premier Peter Loughheed.
Note: For photographs and sound recordings about the opening of the Glenbow Centre, see Series 5 and 6 below.
Series 5 Photographs. -- 1959-1976. -- 157 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-3906-(1-55) Views of Glenbow Foundation staff, including Mrs. L. Burtwell, George Wood, Jim Little, Vera Burns, Mrs. Ediger, Mr. G. Montcrieff Williamson, George Gooderham, Richard Forbis, Hugh Dempsey and T.R. McCloy. -- 1959-1963. -- 55 photographs.
S-15 Hull House and the Old Court House (buildings which housed Glenbow). -- [early 1960s]. -- 7 slides
PA-1810 Mrs. E.L. Harvie cutting cake on occasion of pouring of last bucket of cement for Glenbow Centre. -- 1974. -- 1 photograph
PA-1900 Views of opening ceremonies, Glenbow-Alberta Institute, Calgary. -- September 22, 1976. -- 39 photographs
PA-1904 Models and cosntruction of Glenbow Centre, and details of exhibits. -- [ca. 1974]. -- 53 photographs
PB-456 Glenbow museum docents and art gallery docents. -- 1976. -- 2 photographs
Series 6 Films and sound recordings. -- 1964, 1976. -- 1 film reel. -- 2 audio reels
F-112 World Around Us. -- [ca. 1976]. -- 1 film reel. -- Consists of a film about the Glenbow-Alberta Institute, the Provincial Museum and the Provincial Archives of Alberta.
RET-2 Glenbow Museum opening ceremonies. -- December 16, 1964. -- 1 audio reel
RET-19 Glenbow Museum opening ceremonies (Glenbow Centre at 130 - 9th Avenue SE). -- September 22, 1976. -- 1 audio reel

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