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Henry George Glyde
H.G. Glyde, outdoor art class, [ca. 1940s]

H.G. Glyde fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents or photographs.

Series 1Diaries. - 1928-1996
Series 2Lectures and teaching. - 1940-1966
Series 3 Scanned Document Professional activities. - 1926-1997
Series 4Art galleries. - 1946-1995
Series 5Programs, catalogues and articles (re Glyde's work). - 1935-1997
Series 6 Scanned Document Friends and colleagues. - [ca. 1930]-1998
Series 7 Scanned Document Family. - 1929-1997
Series 8 Photographs. - 1935-1995


Series 1

Diaries. - 1928-1996. - 42 cm of textual records. - The series consists diaries recording his art-related and other activities, primarily kept after his retirement from the University of Alberta in 1966. Earlier diaries include a diary / sketchbook kept while still an art student in London in the late 1920s, and a detailed diary of his sabbatical in Europe while on a Canada Council Senior Fellowship in the late 1950s. The last two diaries in the series (1995-1996) were kept by caregivers and relate to his health.

M-8900-1Diary / sketchbook. - 1928-1929. - Consists of a notebook kept while at the Royal College of Art in London. Includes both sketches and a few diary entries, dating from January and February 1929. The inside front cover is annotated: "Hy. G. Glyde R.C.A. Dec. 1928".
M-8900-2Diary / notebook. - [ca. 1949]. - Consists of diary entries for May [1949?] while en route to Europe. Includes a brief lecture timetable at the front of the book, and some accounts at the back.
M-8900-3Diary. - 1958-1959. - Consists of a detailed diary kept while in Europe on a Canada Council Senior Fellowship. For more details about the Fellowship and his year in Europe see the Canada Council file in Series 3 (M-8900-74) and the Trip to Europe file in Series 3 (M-8900-124).
M-8900-4Diary. - 1964. - Consists of very brief entries for January and February only.
M-8900-5Diary / daytimer. - 1967. - Consists of very brief entries (one line per day).
M-8900-6Diaries. - 1968, 1969. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-7Diaries. - 1970, 1971. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-8Diaries. - 1972-1973. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-9Diaries. - 1974, 1975. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-10Diaries. - 1976, 1977. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc. Includes a second, small diary for 1977, with very brief entries.
M-8900-11Diaries. - 1978, 1979. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-12Diaries and notebook. - 1980-1981. - Consists of diaries with entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc. Also includes a notebook with very brief entries regarding appointments, errands, accounts, etc.
M-8900-13Diaries. - 1982, 1983. - Consists of entries related to his art activities, workshops, travels, friends, etc.
M-8900-14Diaries and notebooks. - 1984-1985. - Consists of diaries with sporadic entries primarily related to his art activities. Also includes two notebooks with sketches, and brief entries regarding appointments, errands, accounts, etc.
M-8900-15Diaries. - 1987, 1988. - Consists of very brief and sporadic entries regarding activities.
M-8900-16Diaries. - 1990, 1991. - Consists of a 1990 diary with very brief and sporadic entries regarding activities; and a 1991 diary with sporadic but more detailed entries.
M-8900-17Caregivers' daily notes. - 1995-1996. - Consists of notebooks kept by H.G. Glyde's caregivers, recording his health and activities.
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Series 2

Lectures and teaching. - 1940-1966. - 24 cm of textual records. - The series consists primarily of notes and sketches for lectures given to students over the course of his teaching career at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, the Banff School of Fine Arts, and the University of Alberta. This material was found in H.G. Glyde's studio, and the original order has been maintained as far as possible. The series also includes class lists (1940-1946), reference material used at the Vegreville community art course (1947), and scripts for radio and television broadcasts, special lectures and speeches.

M-8900-18Class lists. - 1940-1946. - Consists of class lists for students at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (pages 1-80). The volume also includes a visitors' book, 1940-1941 (pages 131-200); and accounts for mural project (pages 87-119).
M-8900-os1Community art courses. - 1947. - Consists of loose scrapbook pages featuring a photo of Vegreville Community Art School students (taught by Glyde), and photos of paintings by Vegreville artists including Laura Evans Reid. See also the Laura Evans Reid file in Series 6 (M-8900-257).

Lectures and teaching - Alphabetical lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]

M-8900-19Aegean art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-20Baroque art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-21Dutch art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-22Egyptian art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-23English art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-24Etruscan and Roman art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-25Flemish art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-26French art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-27German art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-28Gothic art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-29Modern art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-30Prehistoric art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]
M-8900-31Spanish art lecture notes. - [ca. 1940s]

Lectures and teaching - Notes related to specific courses. - [ca. 1946-1966]

M-8900-32Fundamentals of Drawing - Beginnings through Design. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-33Art 40 - Fundamentals of Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-34Art 40 - Fundamentals of Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-35Art 40 - Fundamentals of Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-36Art 40 - Fundamentals of Painting / Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-37Art 61 - Italian Baroque Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-38Art 240 and unidentified notes. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-39Art 240 - Human Form. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-40Art 330 - Composition. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-41Drawing. - [ca. 1946-1966]
M-8900-42Action / Drapery. - [ca. 1946-1966]

Television productions, special lectures, speeches. - 1951-1966

NoteSee also the CKUA broadcasting file in Series 3 (M-8900-82).
M-8900-43CBC Television - Movement / Mass / Landscape Sketching / Memory Drawing. - 1963
M-8900-44Television scripts. - February-March 1966
M-8900-45CFRN Production - Movement in Drawing. - [ca. 1960s]
M-8900-46Special lectures. - [1951-1952. - On sculpture and painting; Greek, Roman and Italian art and architecture.
M-8900-47Speeches / special lectures. - [ca. 1950s-1960s]. - Includes untitled speech on art from an artist's perspective; "Why Stop Learning"; "Six East Coast Painters"; and "Painting on the Western Prairies".
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Series 3

Professional activities. - 1926-1997. - 84 cm of textual records. - The series consists of alphabetically-arranged subject files related to H.G. Glyde's professional life as an artist, including his employment at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, the Banff School of Fine Arts, and the University of Alberta; activities in a variety of professional organizations; awards; sales of paintings; art rental programs; donations of art; and special projects in which he was involved, such as documenting the Alaska Highway, painting murals, and illustrating the Alberta Golden Jubilee Anthology . - The arrangement is based on the organization of Glyde's papers by his daughter, Helen Collinson, and granddaughter, Karen Collinson. Files related to commercial art galleries and friends were removed from this Series and added to Series 5 and 6.

M-8900-48Alaska Highway. - 1943-1944. - Glyde and A.Y. Jackson were commissioned by the National Gallery of Canada to visually document the Alaska Highway.

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M-8900-os2Alaska Highway News. - 1959. - Consists of a commemorative newspaper about the building of the Alaska Highway.
M-8900-49Alberta Achievement Award. - 1974. - Glyde was a recipient.
M-8900-50Alberta Art Foundation. - 1973-1991. - Primarily about the art rental program.
M-8900-51Alberta College of Art. - 1977-1978, 1986-1990. - ACA was the successor to the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art.
M-8900-52Alberta Foundation for the Arts. - 1992, 1997
M-8900-53Alberta Golden Jubilee Anthology. - 1954-1955. - Glyde illustrated the stories and poems in this commemorative volume.
M-8900-54Alberta 75th Anniversary. - 1980. - Glyde's works were included in a traveling exhibit.
M-8900-55Alberta Society of Artists. - 1968, 1976, 1981
M-8900-56Alberta Visual Arts Board. - 1948-1952. - Glyde served on the Board.
M-8900-57Archives of the Canadian Rockies, Banff. - 1974-1975. - Consists of correspondence regarding Bill Neish's horse and an exhibition.
M-8900-58Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1944-1964
M-8900-59Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1965. - Re summer short course in painting.
M-8900-60Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1966
M-8900-61Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1967
M-8900-62Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1967. - Re landscape class. Includes course outline, and thank you card and scrapbook from the students.
M-8900-63Banff School of Fine Arts. - 1968-1970
M-8900-64Banff Centre. - 1971-1974
M-8900-65Banff Centre. - 1975-1976
M-8900-66Banff Centre. - 1983
M-8900-67Batts, John S. - 1989- 1997. - Consists of correspondence with Glyde and Helen Collinson about the English art critic, Eric Newton.
M-8900-68Beth Shalom Sisterhood. - 1968-1970. - Re art auctions.
M-8900-69Biographical notes. - 1975-1989. - Consists of curriculum vitae, and various who's who entries.
M-8900-70The British Council. - 1949-1950. - Re tour of England.
M-8900-71Calgary Allied Arts Council [Coste House]. - 1946-1957. - Consists of circulars and correspondence with Archie Key. See also the Archie Key file in Series 6 (M-8900-228).
M-8900-72Calgary Allied Arts Council / Continuing Arts Association. - 1972-1976. - Re art rental and sales program.
M-8900-73Canadian Art [magazine]. - 1943, 1947, 1955. - Consists of correspondence, and an article by Glyde entitled "Community Art in Alberta".
M-8900-74Canada Council. - 1945-1967. - Consists primarily of correspondence regarding his Senior Fellowship award (1958-1959). The award allowed Glyde spend a year in Europe. For more details of his Fellowship, see his diary in Series 1 (M-8900-3) and the 'Trip to Europe' file in Series 3 (M-8900-124).
M-8900-75Canadian Art Council. - 1945, 1951, 1956. - Consists of an information booklet (1945), report by Glyde on Alberta art activities (1951), and a brief to the Royal Commission on Broadcasting (1956).
M-8900-76Canadian Association for Adult Education. - 1948. - Consists of Glyde's comments on the awards program.
M-8900-77Canadian Design '67. - 1965-1966. - Re provincial briefing session in Ottawa regarding Centennial designs.
M-8900-78Canadian National Railways. - 1953. - Re mural for the Macdonald Hotel extension.
M-8900-79Canadian Society of Graphic Design. - 1942, 1961, 1972-1975. - Includes notices of acceptance of Glyde's works for exhibit. [The Society was renamed the Print and Drawing Council of Canada in 1976.]
M-8900-80Cariboo College. - 1981-1982. - Re "A Sense of Place" project (Barry Weaver).
M-8900-81Centennial stamp. - 1966-1981, 1987. - Glyde's painting, "Imperial Wildcat No. 3, Excelsior Field near Edmonton" was featured on a postage stamp. - Includes correspondence and promotional material regarding the stamp issue. Also includes extensive correspondence with stamp collector, Dr. Moshe Goodman, of Israel.
M-8900-82CKUA broadcasting. - 1946-1966. - Consists of scripts, interviews re murals and art, payslips, etc. Includes some CBC and CFRN material. See also the television material in Series 2 (M-8900-43-45).
M-8900-83City of Edmonton - Awards. - 1971, 1989, 1994. - Re Performing and Creative Arts Award (1971), Edmonton Cultural Hall of Fame (1989), Edmonton Hall of Fame brochure (1994).
M-8900-84Edmonton Art Gallery - Glyde retrospective. - 1974. - Consists of loan forms, lists of paintings, and correspondence. Includes some correspondence with Helen Collinson.
M-8900-85Edmonton Art Gallery - Art rental program. - 1957-1983. - The program was run by the Junior League of Edmonton until 1961, then taken over by the Edmonton Art Gallery.
M-8900-86Edmonton Art Gallery - General correspondence. - 1974-1976, 1988-1989
M-8900-87Federation of Canadian Artists. - 1941-1947, 1968-1969, 1984. - Consists of newspaper clippings, conference proceedings, exhibition programs, and correspondence about the history of the Federation.
M-8900-88Film Societies - Edmonton and Canadian. - 1962-1966
M-8900-89Finances. - 1967-1978. - Consists of accounts of revenues from sales of paintings, and of expenses incurred for teaching workshops, travel, freelance work, and studio maintenance. Includes a list of paintings sold from 1944-1966. For more information on the sales of paintings see the Price lists file (M-8900-112) and the Private purchasers file (M-8900-114), both in this series.
M-8900-90Glenbow Museum - General correspondence. - 1976-1988
M-8900-91Glenbow Museum - Glyde exhibit. - 1986-1987
M-8900-92Glenbow Museum - Conservation reports for Glyde's works. - 1987
M-8900-93Glenbow Museum - Art Lotto, etc. - 1987-1993
M-8900-94I.L. Peretz School, Calgary. - 1973-1979. - Re annual art exhibit and sale.
M-8900-95Medicine Hat. - 1956-1981. - Related to the Glyde's mural in the Library, Glyde's Stations of the Cross in St. Patrick's church, art exhibits, Hat Art Club, and National Exhibition Centre. See also Helen Beny Gibson file in Series 6 (M-8900-205).
M-8900-os3Medicine Hat. - 1978. - Consists of poster for Glyde exhibit at the National Exhibition Centre.
M-8900-96Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery. - 1988, 1990
M-8900-97Miscellaneous papers. - 1926-1950s
M-8900-98Miscellaneous papers. - 1960s-1970s
M-8900-99Miscellaneous papers. - 1980s-1990s
M-8900-100Miscellaneous papers. - nd
M-8900-101Murals. - 1951-1957, 1966-1967. - Consists of Glyde's speech for dedication of Rutherford Library mural (1951); correspondence and expenses re mural for City Hall (1957), and correspondence re photographing the murals (1966-1967). See also the volume in Series 2 (M-8900-18) for more mural accounts, and the Medicine Hat file in this series (M-8900-95) for information about the Medicine Hat mural.
M-8900-102Murals. - 1980. - Consists of program, photographs and newspaper clippings for the re-dedication of the University of Alberta mural, "When all the World was Burned."
M-8900-103National Council of Jewish Women. - 1958-1963. - Re art exhibitions and sales. Includes catalogues listing Glyde's works.
M-8900-104National Gallery of Canada. - 1936-1957, 1963-1965, 1979-1980

Correspondence from 1943-1944 re the Alaska Highway project has been digitized.

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M-8900-105Newspaper clippings about Glyde. - 1920s-1930s
M-8900-106Newspaper clippings about Glyde. - 1940s-1950s
M-8900-107Newspaper clippings about Glyde. - 1960s
M-8900-108Newspaper clippings about Glyde. - 1966. - Regarding Glyde's retirement from the University of Alberta, and his National Award in Art. Includes a poem by P.S. James.
M-8900-109Newspaper clippings about Glyde. - 1970s-1990s
M-8900-110Newspaper clippings. - nd
M-8900-111Permissions. - 1983-1995. - Consists of correspondence with people wishing to use Glyde's art in books, films, on greeting cards, etc.
M-8900-112Price lists for public sales of Glyde's art. - [ca. 1930s]-1970
M-8900-113Print and Drawing Council of Canada. - 1976-1978. - Consists of newsletters and circulars. [Formerly called the Canadian Society of Graphic Arts.]
M-8900-114Private purchasers. - 1963-1987. - Consists of correspondence, arranged alphabetically, with private purchasers of Glyde's art. Includes a list of "Disposition of some of H.G. Glyde's work".
M-8900-115Programs for concerts, theatre productions, lectures, etc. - 1940-1965. - Primarily of events held at the University of Alberta and the Banff School of Fine Arts. Includes Studio Theatre programs featuring Glyde's art. Also includes a program for "Countess Maritza", in which Glyde played a role.
M-8900-116Provincial Institute of Technology and Art. - 1935-1946. - Consists of correspondence regarding Glyde's appointment as instructor, move to Canada, and his resignation.
M-8900-117Reference letters. - 1928-1935. - Consists of letters from the Royal College of Art, Wycombe Technical Institute, Croydon School of Art, etc.
M-8900-118Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. - 1941-1969. - Consists of charter, bylaws, circulars, and notices of acceptance of paintings for exhibit. Includes Glyde's letters of election to the Academy in 1942 and 1949.
M-8900-119Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. - 1970-1978. - Consists of minutes, circulars and membership lists.
M-8900-120Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. - 1980-1992. - Consists of minutes and circulars.
M-8900-121Royal Society of Arts, London, England. - 1953. - Re possible membership nomination.
M-8900-122Shell Canada - Art Acquisition Committee. - 1977
M-8900-123Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. - 1973. - Re loan of painting for exhibit. The loan was largely arranged by Helen Collinson.
M-8900-124Trip to Europe. - 1958-1959. - Consists of passenger list, hotel bills, exhibition programs, map, and memorabilia. [This was the study trip made by Glyde under his Canada Council Senior Fellowship. For more information see the Canada Council file in Series 3 (M-8900-74) and his extensive trip diary in Series 1 (M-8900-3).
M-8900-125University of Alberta. - 1936-1945. - Consists of correspondence and programs primarily related to short courses in art taught by Glyde in a variety of Alberta communities, including Lethbridge, Vegreville and Grande Prairie. The courses were organized by the Department of Extension.
M-8900-126University of Alberta - General correspondence. - 1946-1949
M-8900-127University of Alberta - General correspondence. - 1950-1959. - Includes a program designed by Glyde for the Alumni Homecoming Ball in 1955.
M-8900-128University of Alberta - General correspondence. - 1960-1969
M-8900-129University of Alberta - General correspondence. - 1970-1992
M-8900-130University of Alberta - Friends of the University. - 1968. -- Re presentations to the Library as memorials to retired professors, including Glyde.
M-8900-131University of Alberta - Ring House Gallery. - 1976-1987. - Consists of circulars, exhibition programs, etc.
M-8900-132University of Alberta - Ring House Gallery. - 1974-1987. - Consists of correspondence, largely between H.G. Glyde and his daughter, Helen Collinson (Director of the Gallery), regarding donations of painting, information about Glyde's art on the campus, exhibits of his works, etc. See also the Helen Collinson files in Series 7 (M-8900-293 and 294).
M-8900-133University of Alberta - Honorary Doctorate. - 1982. - Consists of program, invitation, letters of congratulations, and Glyde's speech when he was awarded the degree.
M-8900-134University of Manitoba. - 1950-1951. - Consists of correspondence regarding the Director of the School of Art position, in which Glyde was interested.
M-8900-135Vernon, British Columbia. - 1973-1976. - Consists of correspondence with the Vernon Art Association; and a registration form for a short course on painting taught by Glyde for Okanagan College.
M-8900-136Women's Musical Club of Edmonton. - 1953-1961. - Consists of programs featuring Glyde's artwork on the front.
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Series 4

Art galleries. - 1946-1995. - 16 cm of textual records. - The series consists of records related primarily to art galleries which exhibited and sold H.G. Glyde's paintings. The files contain correspondence, exhibition programs, and records of paintings sold. See also the files for Edmonton Art Galley, Glenbow Museum, and University of Alberta - Ring House Gallery in Series 3. - The series is arranged in alphabetical order.

M-8900-137Agassiz Galleries, Winnipeg (Larry Bruder). - 1978-1982
M-8900-138Agghazy Gallery, Calgary. - 1995
M-8900-139The Art Emporium, Vancouver (Torben V. Kristiansen). - 1973-1983
M-8900-140Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. - 1979-1990. - The Gallery not only sold paintings, but also had an art rental program.
M-8900-141Atelier Gallery, Vancouver. - 1977-1984
M-8900-142The Backroom Gallery, Victoria. - 1976-1980
M-8900-143Brock Galleries, Penticton. - 1977
M-8900-144Burnaby Art Gallery. - 1973-1986
M-8900-145Calgary Galleries (Marmie Hess). - 1975-1979
M-8900-146Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary / Jack and Grace Turner. - 1946-1975. - The Turners owned the Galleries until 1965, but Jack continued as Glyde's agent even after the date. See also the Turner file in Series 6 (M-8900-273).
M-8900-147Centre Club, Edmonton. - 1981-1982
M-8900-148Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton. - 1977-1978
M-8900-149Hollander York Gallery, Toronto. - 1980-1995
M-8900-150Jacox Galleries, Edmonton. - 1967
M-8900-151Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton. - 1993
M-8900-152Kensington Fine Art Gallery, Calgary. - 1971-1976
M-8900-153Lefebvre Galleries, Edmonton (John Arends). - 1970-1988
M-8900-154Legum Management, Red Deer. - 1973-1974. - Re both sales and art rental.
M-8900-155Masters Gallery, Calgary (Peter Ohler). - 1976-1997. - See also the Peter Ohler file in Series 6 (M-8900-155).
M-8900-156Miscellaneous galleries. - 1953-1995. - Arranged alphabetically by the name of the gallery.
M-8900-157Vanderleelie Gallery, Victoria. - 1985-1986
M-8900-158Wallack Galleries, Ottawa. - 1970-1982
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Series 5

Programs, catalogues and articles (re Glyde's work). - 1935-1997. - 25 cm of textual records. - The series consists of programs and catalogues for exhibitions and sales of Glyde's art; articles in journals and books about Glyde as an artist; and various programs, books, brochures, etc. which were illustrated by Glyde. -- The series has been arranged in chronological order, and relevant pages have been marked.

M-8900-159Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1935, 1943-1949
M-8900-318 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about exhibit at the Hudson's Bay Company Green Room. - March 1937
M-8900-160Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1950-1954
M-8900-161Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1955-1958
M-8900-162Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1960s
M-8900-163Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1970s
M-8900-164Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1980-1981
M-8900-165Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1982
M-8900-166Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1984-1985
M-8900-167Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1986-1987
M-8900-168Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1988-1989
M-8900-169Programs, catalogues and articles. - 1993-1997
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Series 6

Friends and colleagues. - [ca. 1930]-1998. - 71.5 cm of textual records. - The series consists primarily of letters and greeting cards from the Glydes' friends and colleagues. The greeting cards (which are frequently undated) often feature original art by the senders. The series also includes the Glydes' Christmas card list, obituaries of friends, and a guest book from the memorial service for H.G. Glyde in April 1998.

M-8900-170Adaskin, Gordon and Eleanor. - nd
M-8900-171Attenberg, Carl and Erna. - 1952-1997
M-8900-172de los Angeles, Maria. - 1973-1976
M-8900-173Asquin, Barbara and Marcel. - nd
M-8900-174Barry, Doug and Joan (Byrne). - 1959 and nd
M-8900-175Bawden, Edward. - 1949-1950
M-8900-176Bennett, Lindley, Dorothy and Olive. - 1939-1947 and nd
M-8900-177Bieler, Andre and Jeannette. - 1945-1990
M-8900-178Bleser, Paul and Wanda. - 1956-1987
M-8900-179Block, Doris and Bob. - 1995 and nd
M-8900-180Boese, Pat. - 1940 and nd
M-8900-181Cameron, Donald. - 1943-1989
M-8900-182Cantine, David. - 1965-1982
M-8900-183Carlile, Betty. - 1958-1995
M-8900-183aCarr, Harry and Marguerite. - 1969-1975
M-8900-184Carr, Sally. - 1995-1996
M-8900-185Charles, Henry and Xannie. - 1955-1957
M-8900-186Collins, Philip J. - 1951-1966
M-8900-187Comfort, Charles F. and Louise. - 1948-1960
M-8900-188Cravens, Cecilia. - 1948-1960
M-8900-189Crerar, Dorothy and Louis. - 1942 and nd
M-8900-190Cruikshank, E.M. - 1950 and nd
M-8900-191Ditchmont, Jessie and James "Jim". - 1940-1960 and nd
M-8900-192Duggan, Elise. - 1989-1995
M-8900-193Dyde, Bobbie and Sandy. - 1958 and nd
M-8900-194Dicken, Lila. - 1964 and nd
NoteDuclos, Bella. See Long, Winifred and Morden
M-8900-195Edwards, Gwillym and Margret. - 1958-1974
M-8900-196Ellis, Miriam Green. - 1942-1963
M-8900-197Ensor, John. - 1942-1976
M-8900-198Evans, Lindsay A. - 1967-1969. - Re A.Y. Jackson
M-8900-199Faulkner, Betty and Paul. - 1992-1997
M-8900-200ffrench family. - 1948-1956
M-8900-201Fleming, Gertrude and Jack. - 1958 and nd
M-8900-202Forbes, Allison and Shirley. - 1959-1995
M-8900-203Fox. A.B. - nd
M-8900-204Frederking, Elva (Pearson) and Ren. - 1979 and nd
M-8900-205Gibson, Helen Beny. - 1952-1981. - Includes newspaper clippings related to the mural painted by Glyde for the Medicine Hat Library.
M-8900-206Gishler, Dorothy and Paul. - 1961-1992
M-8900-207Gourlay, Marion and Betty. - 1970-1998
M-8900-208Gowan, Elsie (Park) and Ted. - 1953-1995
M-8900-209Grayson-Smith, Marjorie and Hugh. - 1955-1982
M-8900-210Harker, Betty and Douglas. - 1979-1997
M-8900-211Harris, Lawren and Bess. - 1984 and nd
M-8900-212Harris, Orinda. - 1943 and nd
M-8900-213Hedley, Robert Wesley. - 1953 and nd
M-8900-214Henson, Percy and Jeannine. - nd
M-8900-215Hilton, R.J. "Bob" and Jane. - 1956-1988
M-8900-216Hilton, Dorothy and Dave. - 1995-1997
M-8900-217Hodge, Francis and Beulah. - 1967-1997
M-8900-218Hornyansky, Nicholas. - 1948-1949
M-8900-219House, Hewey B. - 1946-1948
M-8900-220Humpheryes, Janet. - 1987-1997
M-8900-221Hunter, Jean and Jim. - nd
M-8900-222Irwin, Wes. - 1951-1969
M-8900-223Jackson, A.Y. - 1944-1993

Correspondence from 1944 has been digitized. Scanned Document View now.

M-8900-224Johns, Walter A. - 1968-1985
M-8900-225Johnson, Allan and Lila. - 1987-1992
M-8900-226Keenlyside, Karen. - 1977-1979
M-8900-227Keeping, Eleanor "Silver" and Frank. - 1976-1992
M-8900-228Key, Archie. - 1946-1986. - See also the Calgary Allied Arts Council file in Series 3 (M-8900-71).
M-8900-229Leighton, A.C. - [ca. 1930]-1965
M-8900-230Lindoe, Luke. - 1953-1989
M-8900-231Lofstrom, Edward V. and Jane. - 1945-1997
M-8900-232Long, Winifred and Morden. - 1956-1986. - Includes cards from their daughter, Bella Duclos.
NoteLoring, Frances. See Wyle, Florence.
M-8900-233Macdonald, J.W.G. "Jock" and Barbara. - 1949-1956
M-8900-234MacDonald, Murray and Belle. - [ca. 1950s]-1989
M-8900-235Mackenzie, Hugh. - nd
M-8900-236Madsen, Ken. - 1995-1996 and nd
M-8900-237Middleton, Bernard and Elsie. - 1943 and nd
M-8900-238Middleton, Holly and Niccela. - 1973-1998
M-8900-239Middleton, Janet. - 1949-1950
M-8900-240Millam, Reverend P.J. - nd
M-8900-241Mitchell, Janet. - [ca. 1956]-1986
M-8900-242Motter, Doug and Jeanette. - nd
M-8900-243Mulcaster, Nonie. - nd
M-8900-244Newton, Emma Read and Roberta. - 1944-1985
M-8900-245Nicoll, Marion and Jim. - 1941-1978
M-8900-246Ohler, Peter. - 1983-1995. - See also the Masters Gallery file in Series 4 (M-8900-155).
M-8900-247Orchard, Bob and Jean. - nd
M-8900-248Owen, Joan. - 1992-1997
M-8900-249Palmer, Alison. - nd
M-8900-250Peacock, Gordon and Georgine. - 19959-1999
M-8900-251Peers, Frank. - nd
M-8900-252Pepper, Kathleen "Kay" (Daly) and George. - 1942-1987
M-8900-253Perrott, Stanford. - nd
M-8900-254Phillips, Joey and Barrie. - nd
M-8900-255Philips, W.J. - 1960-1995
M-8900-255aPirani, Max. - 1946
M-8900-256Preddy, A.W.S. - 1973-1986
M-8900-257Reid, Laura Evans. - [ca. 1940s]-1983
M-8900-258Riley, Louise. - 1954
M-8900-259Rock, Joan and Geoff. - 1973-1995
M-8900-260Roubakine, Boris. - 1974 and nd
M-8900-261Rowan, William and Reta. - 1946-1986
M-8900-262Scarlett, Earle and Jean. - 1951-1980
M-8900-263Scobie, Lee. - 1996-1997
M-8900-264Sherbeck, Carmen and Adair. - nd
M-8900-265Stadelbauer, Helen and Isabel. - 1943-1947 and nd
M-8900-266Stegeman, Charles and Francoise. - 1969 and nd
M-8900-267Stevens, Daphne and Jerry. - 1975-1988
M-8900-268Stewart, Andrew and Jessie (and family). - 1951-1996
M-8900-269Taylor, Jack and Audrey. - 1952-1973
M-8900-270Townsend, Will and Mary. - 1959-1973
M-8900-271Travis, Jean. - nd
M-8900-272Turner, Connie and Eddie. - 1969-1978
M-8900-273Turner, Jack Davenall and Grace. - 1947-1993. - See also the Canadian Art Galleries file in Series 4 (M-8900-146).
M-8900-274Vachin, Marie Rose and Charles. - 1975-1976 and nd
M-8900-275Walker, O.J. and Ella. - 1967-1974 and nd
M-8900-276Weber, George and Doris. - 1950-1957
M-8900-277Whyte, Catharine and Peter. - 1957-1964
M-8900-278Williams, Dorothy and Jack. - 2976-1980
M-8900-279Winspear, Bessie and Francis. - 1955-1993
M-8900-280Wohlfarth, Harry. - 1966-1996
M-8900-281Wyle, Florence / Loring, Frances. - 1946-1987
M-8900-282Yates, Norman and Nona. - 1976-1997
M-8900-283Greeting cards from various people, part 1. - [ca. 1940s-1990s]. - Most feature original art by the sender.
M-8900-284Greeting cards from various people, part 2. - [ca. 1940s-1990s]. - Most feature original art by the sender.
M-8900-285Thank you cards and poems to H.G. Glyde from art classes and other groups. - 1952-1988
M-8900-os4Oversize card from art students. - [ca. 1960s]
M-8900-286Christmas card featuring Glyde print. - nd
M-8900-287The Glydes' Christmas card list. - 1990s
M-8900-288Obituaries of friends. - 1956-1996
M-8900-289Memorial gathering for H.G. Glyde. - April 1998. - Consists of a copy of the guest book for a memorial gathering in Oak Bay after H.G. Glyde's death. The original has been retained by the family.
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Series 7

Family. - 1929-1997. - 12.5 cm of textual records. - On January 10, 1931 Henry George Glyde, 1906-1998, married Hilda Mabel Allwood, ?-1995. They had three children, Helen, 1934-1998, Henry Russell., 1938- , and Gerald Patrick, 1940- . Helen married Don Collinson in 1957 and they had two children, S. Karen, 1958- , and L. Christine, 1960- . Helen and Don divorced in the late 1970s. Henry and his wife Jan had two children, Mark, 1968- , and Stephen, 1971- . Gerald and his wife Karen had three children, Drian, 1969- , Heather, 1972- , and Colleen, 1974- . - The series consists of a family tree; letters from George to Hilda; Hilda's writings and memorabilia; Helen's memorabilia; and letters and greeting cards to George and Hilda from their children and grandchildren.

M-8900-290Glyde family tree. - nd
M-8900-291 Letters from George to Hilda. - 1930-1960. - Includes letters written during the Alaska Highway project. See also the Alaska Highway file in Series 3 (M-8900-48).

Scanned Document View Alaska Highway letters.

M-8900-292Hilda Glyde. - 1929-1995. - Consists of her writings, diary, postcards, and memorabilia.
M-8900-293Helen Collinson. - 1970-1997. - Consists of letters, postcards, and greeting cards to her parents. See also the University of Alberta - Ring House Gallery file in Series 3 (M-8900-132).
M-8900-294Helen Collinson. - 1957-1997. - Consists of newspaper clippings, articles, programs, and memorabilia.
M-8900-295The Collinsons. - 1964-1997. - Consists of greeting cards to George and Hilda from Helen, Don, Karen and Christine Collinson. Includes a few cards from Don and his second wife Mary.
M-8900-296Henry R. Glyde. - 1952-1988. - Consists of newspaper clippings regarding his Rhodes Scholarship; and letters, postcards and greeting cards to his parents.
M-8900-297Mark and Stephen Glyde. - 1975 and nd. - Consists of letters to their grandparents.
M-8900-298Gerald P. Glyde. - 1951-996. - Consists of a newsclipping; economics paper; and letters, postcards and greeting cards to his parents.
M-8900-299Drian, Heather and Colleen Glyde. - 1977-1996. - Consists of letters and greeting cards to their grandparents.
M-8900-300Peter and Gill Glyde. - [ca. 1980s]-1995. - Consists of letters and greeting cards to H.G. Glyde from his nephew in Sussex, England.
M-8900-301Other relatives. - [ca. 1940s-1970s]. - Consists of greeting cards from various relatives.
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Series 8

Photographs. - 1935-1995. - 12.5 cm of photographs. - 239 slides. - The series consists of photographs of H.G. Glyde, the Glyde family, painting, art classes, students, colleagues, etc. Also consists of a sample of the slides used by Glyde for lectures and for reference purposes, including nature views, and European architecture and landscape.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

M-8900-302H.G. Glyde. - 1936-1995. - 28 photographs. - Consist of portraits and candid shots of H.G. Glyde.
NA-5660-(1-37)Glyde family. - 1928-1982. - 37 photonegatives. - Consists of views of the Glyde family, and H.G. Glyde involved in art activities. [Copy negatives available at Glenbow. The original photographs have been returned to the Glyde family.]
M-8900-303Passport photos. - [ca. 1970s or 1980s]. - 2 photographs. - Consists of passport photos of H.G. and Hilda Glyde.
M-8900-304Honorary doctorate. - June 1982. - 4 photographs. - Consists of photos of H.G. Glyde and his family, taken by Richard Gishler at the time of Glyde's convocation from the University of Alberta. Includes views of Hilda Glyde, Helen Collinson, Henry Glyde, and Gerald Glyde.
M-8900-305Studio views. - [ca. 1980s]. - 18 photographs. - Consists of "Vie's" photographs of H.G. Glyde painting in his studio.
M-8900-306H.G. and Hilda with the Wests. - 1988-1989. - 9 photographs. - Consists of candid shots of the Glydes while visiting Cliff and Nora West.
M-8900-307Students and colleagues. - 1935-1947 and nd. - 30 photographs. - Consists of views of students painting; outdoor art classes; staff at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, and Banff School of Fine Arts; the Coste House (Calgary Allied Arts Council), etc. H.G. Glyde is in many of the photos.
M-8900-308Murals. - 1950 and nd. - 2 photographs. - Consists of views of the Rutherford Library mural, and another mural.
M-8900-309Reference photos for mural. - [originally taken 1890s]. - 16 photographs. - Consists of photographs of First Nations, pioneers, and missionaries, taken by C.W. Mathers.
M-8900-310Reference photos for paintings. - nd. - 2 photographs. - Consists of views of an oilwell, and the Brooks railway station.
M-8900-311Miscellaneous photos. - [ca. 1940s]-1976. - 10 photographs. - Consists of views of unidentified art exhibits, photos of mountain scenery and H.G. Glyde from "Madeline", the Glydes with unidentified friends, and a theatre company / band posing on a lawn.
M-8900-312Lecture slides. - [ca. 1940s-1960s]. - 37 slides. - Consists of slides which were used to illustrate a lecture. Includes paintings by European master, interspersed with nature shots.
M-8900-313Reference slides - nature. - 1960-1978. - 116 slides. - Consists of views of pebbles, leaves, trees, water, rocks, etc.
M-8900-314Reference slides - Edmonton. - [ca, 1950s-1960s]. - 16 slides
M-8900-315Reference slides - England. - 1959-1975. - 40 slides
M-8900-316Reference slides - European architecture and landscapes. - 1959 and nd. - 30 slides
M-8900-317 Family slides. - 1973-1997. - 8 slides. - Consists of colour slides made from colour prints in photograph albums returned to the family.

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