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Campaign literature, 1972 federal election
Campaign literature, 1972 federal election

Mary Guichon fonds

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Series 1Diary. -- 1939-1944
Series 2Correspondence. -- 1947-2005
Series 3 Financial. -- 1955-[ca.1999]
Series 4Mary Guichon's community interests and activities. -- 1969-2001
Series 5Miscellaneous. -- 1932-[ca.2009]
Series 6Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. -- 1944-1993
Series 7 Photographs. -- [ca. teens]-2006


Series 1 Diary. -- 1939-1944. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of a daily diary kept by teenager Mary McCormick.
M-6491-1 Daily diary kept by teenager Mary McCormick. -- 1939-1944. -- Entries are sporadic and refer mainly to events and activities at home and school and with groups such as Girl Guides, a Young People's church group, etc.
Series 2 Correspondence. -- 1947-2005. -- 3 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of the personal correspondence of Mary and Urban Guichon.
M-6491-2 Mary Guichon's personal correspondence. -- 1947-2005. -- Includes letters from the Liberal party in Alberta, the Liberal Party of Canada, Governor General Jeanne Sauve, and Calgary mayor Ross Alger.
M-6491-3 Urban Guichon's personal correspondence. -- 1955-1993. -- Includes letters from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Red Cross Society, Calgary mayor Ralph Klein, and relating to the annual Old Time Range Men's Dinner.
M-6491-4 Correspondence relating to Urban Guichon's art collection. -- 1972-1983
Series 3 Financial. -- 1955-[ca.1999]. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of financial material relating to various properties, etc.
M-6491-5 Lease of land at Little Shuswap, B.C. -- 1973-1974
M-6491-6 Correspondence, etc. re house at 2133-17th Ave. S.W., Calgary. -- 1973-1979. -- A note on the original file indicated that this house was purchased in 1956 by Urban and Mary Guichon for the use of Mary's stepmother, Mary Veronica (Vern) Curley McCormick after she moved out of the family home at 228 Scarboro Ave. S.W. so Mary's brother Edward J. McCormick and family could move in.
M-6491-7 Miscellaneous financial. -- 1955-[ca.1999]
Series 4 Mary Guichon's community interests and activities. -- 1969-2001. -- 10.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of files relating to Mary Guichon's involvement with the provincial and federal Liberal parties, the University of Calgary Senate and the Consumer Advisory Committee. Also includes material relating to her 1972 federal election campaign and miscellaneous speeches, writings and stories.
M-6491-8 Liberal Party miscellaneous. -- 1969-1973
M-6491-9 Liberal Party of Canada Policy Convention, Ottawa. -- 1970
M-6491-10 Liberal Party in Alberta Convention, Calgary. -- 1971
M-6491-11 Mary Guichon's federal election campaign. -- 1972. -- Mary stood unsuccessfully as the Liberal candidate for the Calgary riding of Palliser.
M-6491-12 Liberal Party in Alberta Convention, Calgary. -- 1973
M-6491-13 Liberal Party of Canada Convention, Ottawa. -- 1973
M-6491-14 Speeches by Mary Guichon. -- 1971-2001. -- Consists of excerpts from a speech given to "A Seminar for Women in the World of Business" (1971), a tribute to Nellie McClung given to the Famous 5 Foundation (1998), and rough drafts and speech re "The History of Riley and McCormick" prepared for the company's 100th anniversary celebration (2001).
M-6491-15 University of Calgary Senate. -- 1972-1973
M-6491-16 Consumer Advisory Committee. -- 1972-1975
M-6491-17 Writings and stories by Mary Guichon. -- 1983-[ca.1999]. -- Includes a history of Riley and McCormick written in 1983.
Series 5 Miscellaneous. -- 1932-[ca.2009]. -- 20.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of yearbooks, greeting cards, programs, invitations, certificates and other miscellaneous items collected by Mary and Urban Guichon.
M-6491-18 Urban Guichon's yearbook from Campion College, Regina, SK. -- 1932
M-6491-19 Mary Guichon's yearbook and other memorabilia from Brescia College, University of Western Ontario, London, ON. -- 1944-1947
M-6491-20 Greeting cards. -- [ca. 1940s-ca.2009]. -- Includes Christmas cards from Governor General Jeanne Sauve and Liberal Party leaders Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Michael Ignatieff.
M-6491-29 Birthday card for Urban Guichon. -- 1975
M-6491-21 Programs, invitations, etc. -- 1942-2003. -- Includes Calgary Stampede, Hays Breakfast, Calgary General Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, Ceilidh to honour Senator Donald Cameron, opening ceremony of the Calgary Red Cross Building, events hosted by or in honour of Governor General Jeanne Sauve, etc.
M-6491-30 Program for Calgary Chamber of Commerce Centennial luncheon. -- 1991. -- Includes souvenir copy of certificate of association for the Calgary Board of Trade, 1890-1891.
M-6491-22 Mary McCormick and Urban Guichon's wedding guest list. -- 1950
M-6491-23 Old Time Range Men's Dinner programs. -- 1953-1993
M-6491-24 Canadian Association of Social Workers policies and publications. -- 1965-1972
M-6491-25 University of Toronto Alumni directories. -- 1966-1974
M-6491-26 Western clothing sewing patterns and catalogue from Authentic Patterns, Inc. -- [ca.1970s]
M-6491-31 Mary Guichon's certificates. -- 1947-1977. -- Includes certificates from University of Calgary Senate, Calgary Local Council of Women, Calgary General Hospital Board, etc.
M-6491-27 Mary Guichon's certificates. -- 1975-2000. -- Includes certificates from Alberta Institute of Agrologists, Rotary Club of Calgary, Rotary International (Paul Harris Fellow), etc.
M-6491-28 Urban Guichon's certificates. -- 1956-1995. -- Includes her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, Bacherlor of Social Work from the University of Toronto, etc.
M-6491-32 Urban Guichon's certificate. -- 1983. -- Consists of his Badge of Service Award from the Canadian Red Cross Society.
Series 6 Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. -- 1944-1993. -- 50 cm of textual records. -- The series consists mainly of material collected by Mary McCormick Guichon as a university student and when she won the Liberal party nomination for Palliser Constituency. Also includes obituary clippings re Urban Guichon. For clippings relating to Mary's parents and siblings, see M-6640-(4-6) (McCormick Family Fonds). For clippings relating to the Guichons' involvement with and ownership of the family business, Riley and McCormick Ltd., see M-9630-(65-69) (Riley and McCormick Fonds).
M-6491-33 Scrapbook kept by Mary McCormick during her years at Brescia College, University of Western Ontario. -- 1944-1947
M-6491-34 Scrapbook pages. -- 1956. -- Includes school writing assignment by Mary and Urban's son Gregory Guichon, age 7.
M-6491-35 Scrapbook page re Mary Guichon's nomination as Liberal candidate for Palliser Constituency in the 1972 federal election. -- 1972
M-6491-36 Newspaper clippings re the death of Urban Guichon. -- 1993
Series 7 Photographs. -- [ca. teens]-2006. -- 204 photographs. -- The series consists of views of Mary McCormick Guichon, Urban Guichon, miscellaneous family and friends, and business, social and political events and activities. For views of Mary's parents, Eneas and Mary Louise McGannon McCormick, and her siblings, family home, etc., see NA-3724, NA-3734 and PA-1974 (McCormick Family Fonds). For views of the Riley and McCormick family business co-founded by Eneas McCormick and later led by Urban and Mary Guichon and family, see PA-4026 and PB-1006 (Riley and McCormick Fonds).

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-3996-(1-202) Views of Mary McCormick and Urban Guichon and family, friends, miscellaneous events and activities. -- [ca. teens]-2006. -- 202 photographs. -- Includes views of Mary's Brescia College years at the University of Western Ontario, Mary at the Banff School of Fine Arts, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Mary Guichon and other candidates in Calgary during the 1972 federal election campaign, Mary at various Local Council of Women and Famous 5 Foundation events, Edward J. McCormick, Eneas McCormick at the World's Poultry Congress (1927), Mary's stepmother Mary Veronica (Vern) Curley McCormick, Calgary Saddlery Co. Ltd., Calgary Stampede, Calgary Stampede parade views, Lacombe Home, etc.
PB-996-(1-2) Portrait of R.B. Bennett and view of the Calgary Branch of the University of Toronto Alumni. -- 1935-1950. -- 2 photographs. -- Bennett's portrait is autographed with the inscription "For my old friend Eneas."

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