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John Haddin, civil engineer, 1929
John Haddin, civil engineer, 1929

John Haddin fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1910-1952
Series 2 Haddin, Davis and Brown Ltd. -- 1949-1959
Series 3 Engineering associations. -- 1910-1961
Series 4 Coal business. -- 1912-1925, 1951
Series 5 Oil business. -- 1918-1922, 1952
Series 6 Miscellaneous. -- 1912-1957 and n.d.
Series 7 Photographs. -- [1920s]


Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1910-1952
M-461-1Correspondence. -- 1910. -- Between John Galt, John Haddin and E. L. Miles re business: deals mainly with loss of job at Dauphin, Manitoba. Reference made to work at Red Deer, Olds, Wetaskiwin, and Cranbrook.
M-461-2Correspondence. -- 1915-1920. -- Deals with Miles work in Medicine Hat, negotiations re obtaining town work in Drumheller, etc. Miles' letters mainly on 'Summerland Oil and Gas Company' letterhead. Includes references to Haddin's farming experience, also economic 'hard times'.
M-461-3C. LeB. Miles. -- 1920. -- Letters of sympathy to John Haddon over death of Miles.
M-461-4R. E. Chamberlain. -- 1918-1919. -- Correspondence re purchase of oil drilling equipment from C. H. and D. Drilling Company Limited.
M-461-5E. L. Miles. -- 1917. -- Correspondence re negotiations to obtain work at Leader. Reference made to Canadian Society of Civil Engineers policy and elections. Also general engineering prospects and outlook for 1917.
M-461-6E. L. Miles. -- 1918. -- Consists of a report of E. L. Miles to the Department of the Interior on special inspections in the Province of Saskatchewan. Also letters and blueprint of the Alberta Government drainage scheme; letters to Calgary branch of Canadian Society of Civil Engineering; and also negotiations concerning irrigation surveys.
M-461-7E. L. Miles. -- 1919. -- Correspondence re various projects at Maple Creek, Drumheller and Medicine Hat.
M-461-8E. L. Miles. -- 1920. -- Correspondence re job prospects at Gleichen, Drumheller, Vulcan. Includes references to G. A. Sisson Company stock. Miles appointment as Superintendent of Roads, Victoria County, Lindsay, Ontario.
M-461-9E. L. Miles. -- 1921. -- Correspondence re news about E. L. Miles job as Superintendent. Reference made to High River irrigation project, Macleod South Irrigation Scheme and United Lone Rock Irrigation scheme.
M-461-10E. L. Miles. -- 1922. -- Correspondence re various projects such as Bowness Golf Club water supply, negotiations for the Hanna Electric plant, Coleman waterworks, Calgary Water Power Dam, Little Bow Irrigation scheme, Drumheller waterworks. Also biographical note on E. L. Miles.
M-461-11E. L. Miles. -- 1923. -- Correspondence re Drumheller sewer works, farming business and general economic news.
M-461-12E. L. Miles. -- 1924. -- Correspondence re engineering business, the Coleman project. Also news re oil strike at Wainwright.
M-461-13Strutt's farm. -- 1916-1917. -- Correspondence re oil at Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan.
M-461-14George Coutts. -- 1919. -- Coutts was seeking engineering employment after discharge from the army; also letters to Coutts telling of Haddin's farming venture at Irma, Alberta.
M-461-15George Pocaterra. -- 1920-1925. -- Correspondence re proposed sale of Buffalo Head Ranch; description of the ranch and selling instructions.
M-461-16George Pocaterra. -- 1920-1924. -- Correspondence re proposal of coal property sale; reference to Kananaskis coal claims.
M-461-17George Pocaterra. -- 1934-1935. -- Correspondence re engagement to Norma Piper; letter expressing views about situation in Italy.
M-461-18General correspondence. -- 1911-1952. -- Consists of clippings from Olds; comments on the oil and gas situation at Turner Valley; includes engineering agreement between Haddin and the town of Fort Macleod, a paper on the Devon townsite sewage disposal plant; also a biographical note on John Galt's life and work in Canada.
Series 2 Haddin, Davis and Brown Ltd. -- 1949-1959. -- The partners in the company were John Haddin, Edgar Davis and J. Edwin Brown.
M-461-19Brochure. -- 1953. -- Includes a history of the personnel and projects undertaken by the company.
M-461-20General. -- 1949-1955. -- Consists of transfe of company shares; change of name from Haddin and Miles Ltd. to Haddin Davis and Brown Ltd; proposed extensios of utilities in Red Deer; an articleon municipal engineerin in Alberta; refers to Walter McFarland joining the firm in 1952; invitation to opening of Mewata Bridge; contains minutes of management committee meetings and a Winnipeg office report.
M-461-21General. -- 1956-1959. -- Deals with management meetings; reports from the Winnipeg office; letters to shareholders; also a copy of the plan of the Battle River Steam power station (reservoir capacity and surface area); includes insurance policies of J. Haddin.
M-461-22Auditor's report. -- 1956-1958.
M-461-23Director's Meetings. -- 1953-1959. -- Notes re general operations; also shareholder's meetings and notes.
Series 3 Engineering associations. -- 1910-1961
M-461-24Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. -- 1910-1913. -- Contains Haddin's application from admission and application for transfer; also biographical material on Haddin.
M-461-25Canadian Military appeal to engineers for the war effort. -- 1918.
M-461-26Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. -- 1913-1926. -- Recommendations, transfers, and correspondence; includes biographical material on E. W. Bowness, George Coutts, G. D. Mackie, Marshall A. Maxwell, E. L. Miles, William Newman, Owen William Smith, James Robert Wood.
M-461-27Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta. -- 1930-1952. -- Consists of reports of the Council on Tariff of fees; election of Haddin as Civic Councillor in 1934; reports of annual meetings and nominations; also applications for engineering licenses and membership of: George Francis Crowe, John Clapham Dale, William Samuel Fetherstonhaugh, Norman Macleod Hall, Robert McDonald Hardy, Andrew Wellington Percy Lowrie, Dudley Blair Menzies, George Humphrey Nelson Monkman.
M-461-28Voluntary Service registration and questionnaire. -- 1938-1941.
M-461-29Engineering Institute of Canada, Calgary Branch. -- 1935-1961. -- Booklet of bylaws, 1936; clipping on John Haddin elected head; annual report for 1958-1959 and 1959-1960; nominations; lists of officers and committees for 1958-1959.
Series 4 Coal business. -- 1912-1925, 1951
M-461-30Reports on coal leases. -- 1912-1920. -- Deals with Kananaskis coal claims and leases; analysis of coal samples; copy of an article on the Ings coal property; report on investigation of lease 775.
M-461-31Blueprint. -- n.d.. -- Location of coal in Kananaskis.
M-461-32Clippings. -- 1920-1925. -- Coal situation in Canada.
M-461-33Cloudburst Coal Company. -- 1951. -- Report on the property, claim 5740.
Series 5 Oil business. -- 1918-1922, 1952
M-461-34Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan. -- 1918-1922. -- Drilling for oil � consists of quotations for oilwell machinery costs; requests for tenders for sinking wells; bill for completed standard rig bought from C. H. and D. Drilling Company Ltd.
M-461-35Treyn Oil Pool. -- 1952. -- Final financial statement and closure of the pool.
Series 6 Miscellaneous. -- 1912-1957 and n.d.
M-461-36Melville, Manitoba. -- n.d.. -- Townsite plans.
M-461-37Biggar and Kindersley, Saskatchewan. -- n.d.. -- Townsite plans.
M-461-38Calgary subdivision plans and blueprints. -- n.d. -- Mayfair and public sale of land at Springbank.
M-461-39City of Calgary bylaws. -- 1916-1937. -- General and financing.
M-461-40Earl Grey Golf Club. -- 1924-1927. -- Club business; also includes constitution and bylaws.
M-461-41Who's Who. -- 1915-1939. -- Biographical material on Haddin.
M-461-42North-West Commercial Travellers Association. -- 19101-1953. -- Brochures, applications, cards.
M-461-43Buffalo Head Ranch. -- n.d.. -- Plan and brochure.
M-461-44Anna Tamminga fraud. -- 1957. -- Chain letter and clippings accusing the government of swindling her.
M-461-45Clippings and brochures. -- 1912-1950. -- Leaflets giving statistics re Edmonton, 1912; clippings re John Haddin; town of Olds; engineering projects, etc.
M-1272Edmund L. Miles: "The Boys". -- 1915. -- Typewritten booklet of humourous poems, drawings and photographs of members of a government topographical survey crew in the Milk River basin.
Series 7 Photographs. -- [1920s]. -- 41 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-486Photographs. -- 1920s. -- 4 photographs. - Portrait of John Haddin and Stampede views; Kootenay boat.
PA-756Photographs. -- 1920s. -- 37 photographs. -- Views of mining claims in Kananaskis Valley and Buffalo Head Ranch.

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