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Members of the Calgary Highlanders at Heather CAmp 498. Colonel J. Fred Scott on right.
Members of the Calgary Highlanders at Heather Camp 498
Colonel J. Fred Scott on right

Canada. Department of National Defence
Calgary Highlanders fonds

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indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Textual records. -- 1908-1966
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1912-1978


Series 1 Textual records. -- 1908-1966. -- The series consists of a wide variety of records about the Calgary Highlanders and related regiments, including scrapbooks, general orders, war diaries, paysheets and casualty lists. Includes nominal rolls for a wide variety of Battalions.
M-7837 103rd Regiment, Calgary Rifles. -- 1908-1920. -- Consists of photocopies of minute book and correspondence of the regiment. The originals are held by Mr. S.E. Blakely.
M-1961-1 Notes on the regiment. -- n.d. -- Consists of information about the history, uniform, training, and annual events of the regiment.
M-1961-2 Scrapbook, 1st Battalion. -- 1921-1941. -- Consists of newspaper clippings and photographs of the activities of the regiment.
M-1961-3 Scrapbook, 1st Battlion. -- 1942-1952. -- Consists of newspaper clippings and photographs of the activities of the regiment.
M-1961-4 "History of the 2nd Battalion". -- 1957. -- Includes photographs, newspaper clippings and notes.
M-1961-5 "Regimental Journal, 2nd Battalion". -- 1944-1945. -- Includes newspaper clippings, photographs and notes.
M-1961-6 Officers' service records book, 1st Battalion. -- [ca. 1932]
M-1961-7 Officers' service records book, 2nd Battalion. -- [ca. 1939-1945]

General orders. -- 1940-1945. -- Consists of the following:

Movement orders: Calgary to Shilo, Manitoba
Shilo to Toronto to England (South Saskatchewan Regiment), 1940
Route march, inspection report, 1941
Orders re return from Germany and demobilization, 1945
Chronological list of Calgary Highlanders in action, July 7, 1944-September 30, 1945

M-1961-9 Invasion exercise. -- February 1941. -- Consists of instructions and maps re Highlanders defensive role in Brighton area of England.
M-1961-10 War diary, 1st Battalion. -- April 25-November 12, 1945
M-1961-11 Officers' lists. -- 1943-1945. -- Consists of promotion lists, graduation list, home addresses, etc.
M-1961-12 Casualty tally. -- July-December 1944. -- Consists of number of casualties, by cause, from arrival in France
M-1961-13 Casualty lists. -- 1944-1945. -- 3 volumes. -- Consists of casualites by company and cause.
M-1961-14 Casualty lists. -- 1944-1945. -- Consists of casualites other than deaths, arranged by last name.
M-1961-15 Casualty lists. -- 1944-1945. -- Consists of lists of those killed, arranged by last name. Also lists those missing in action, and death by wounds. Includes home addresses.
M-1961-16 Battalion strength reports. -- December 30, 1944 and September 1945
M-1961-17 Autopsy report on Private C. Rasmussen. -- August 14, 1945
M-1961-18 Court of inquiry. -- November 1944-September 1945
M-1961-19 Correspondence re decoration. -- 1942-1945
M-1961-20 Correspondence re service medals. -- May 1944-September 1945. -- Includes soldiers eligible for the 1939-1943 star; personnel invited to the investiture (July 31, 1945), etc.
M-1961-21 Recommendations for awards. -- 1944-1945
M-1961-22 Individual movement orders. -- September 1945
M-1961-23 Cadets - Applications for enrollment. -- 1944-1945
M-1961-24 German ration coupons, pamphlets, etc. -- 1940-1945
M-1961-25 Paysheets and acquittance rolls, 2nd Battalion local training. -- July 1-December 31, 1940
M-1961-26 Paysheets and acquittance rolls, 2nd Battalion local training. -- 1941-1942
M-1961-27 Paysheets and acquittance rolls, 2nd Battalion camp. -- 1941
M-1961-28 Paysheets and acquittance rolls, 2nd Battalion camp. -- 1942
M-1961-29 Paysheets, acquittance rolls, and attendance records. -- 1946-1947
M-1961-30 Paysheets and acquittance rolls. -- 1947-1948
M-1961-31 Paysheets and acquittance rolls. -- 1948-1949

Financial records. -- 1943-1956. -- Consists of the following:

Regimental funds overseas, 1945
Voluntary assistance record book, 1945
Receipt and cheque book, 1956

M-4843-(41-50) Calgary Highlanders military orders, etc. -- 1939-1942. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Consists of military orders, Part I; Lieutenant-Colonel J. Fred Scott's correspondence; newspaper clippings abuot the Calgary Highlanders; and miscellaneous programs and invitations for military events.
M-1961-33 Part I Orders. -- March 29, 1950-April 1, 1951 and August 1, 1958
M-1961-34 Part II Orders. -- April 12, 1950-March 14, 1951
M-1961-35 Trainig schedules, exercise and operations orders. -- May 1950-July 1957 and n.d.
M-1961-36 Regimental diary. -- January-November 1952
M-1961-37 Schedule of activities. -- January-June 1953
M-1961-38 Incoming messages re mourning death of Queen Mary. -- 1953
M-1961-39 Enrollment lists. -- 1940, 1950-1954
M-1961-40 Officers' Mess - Correspondence, minutes, etc. -- 1943-1956
M-1961-41 Inviataions, programs, and menus. -- 1920-1962. -- For dinners, parades, services, etc.
M-1961-42 Newspaper clippings re balls and parades, etc. -- 1950-1956
M-1961-43 Championships. -- 1957 and 1961. -- Consists of a program for the Alberta Area, Canadian Army Boxing Championship (January 30, 1957); and award for Alberta Service Pistol Team Championship (1961).
M-1961-44 Correspondence and notes re uniforms. -- 1931-1958
M-1961-45 "The Glen" (regimental newsletter) - Sample pages, copy correspondence, etc. -- 1942-1958
M-1961-46 Music books for bagpipes. -- 1930 and 1944. -- Originally owned by Alexander W. Durham, Cayley, Alberta.
M-1961-47 Calgary Highlander drinking song, poem by unknown Canadian soldier in Italy. -- n.d. and 1944
M-1961-48 Christmas cards received by the Regiment. -- n.d.
M-1961-49 News items re perpetuation of 10th Battalion CEF in Winnipeg.
M-1961-50 Newspaper clippings. -- 1942-1954 and n.d.
M-1961-51 22nd Militia Group, Calgary - Young Soldiers Program. -- 1958
M-1961-52 "The Lancer" - King's Own Calgary Regiment newsletter. -- May 5, 1958
M-1961-83 Paylist, 73rd Battalion, Camp Sussex, New Brunswick. -- June 9, 1982. -- Photocopy only.
M-1961-84 Personnel roll, organization record - "A" Squadron, Canadian Mounted Rifles. -- 1906-1908
M-1961-86 Nominal roll - Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. -- April 1915

Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). -- 1914-1918. -- Consists of the following:

Officers lists, October 14, 1914
Administration instructions, 91st Infantry Brigade, July 23, 1917
6th Corps Horse Show instructions, August 1917
General orders, etc., 1918 and n.d.


First World War maps. -- 1914-1918. -- Consists of the following:

Battle fronts, France
German map, Arras-Peronne sector, possibly owned by Baron Mannfried von Richthofen, June-December 1916
Bethune-Arras-Cambrai sector, showing railway lines, n.d.
Trench map, Arras sector, corrected to April 3, 1917
Trench map, Lens sector, corrected to October 2, 1917

M-1961-89 First World War notebooks. -- 1914-1918. -- Consists of MFR Lloyd, artillery fire direction notes; and member of 19th Overseas Mounted Rifles notes on rifle maintenance etc.
M-1961-90 Canadian Militia Officer's Training study program. -- [ca. 1958]
M-1961-91 Militia Officer's qualifying exams. -- 1951-1960
M-1961-92 Instruction manual on operation of military institutes - Messes, canteens, etc. -- n.d.
M-1961-93 Instructions for ceremonial guard change. -- n.d.

Military journals [publications]. -- 1917-1966. -- Consists of the folloiwng:

The Snapper, East Yorkshire Regiment, September 1917
The Thin Red Line, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, January 1952
Proceedings of Annual Meeting, Canadian Infantry Association, 1956 and 1957
The Thistle, Byron Scottish Regiment, January and April 1958
The Canadian Military Journal, December 1959 and January 1960
Griesbach Bugle, Griesbach Association, Christmas 1964 and January 1966

M-1961-95 Christian Science Monitor, Coronation section. -- April 22, 1937
M-1961-96 Aisan newspapers and pamphlets. -- 1918, 1951 and n.d. -- Includes The Bagdad Times (1918); and Panduan Raayat (1951)

Booklets and pamphlets. -- 1931-1955 and n.d. -- Consists of the following:

"Highlander Gathering, Banff", August 1931
"The MacCrimmon Family" by G.C.B. Poulter and C.P. Fisher, 1936
Farewell message to Allied forces from General Dwight Eisenhower
"British Military Censorship Regulations", July 1945
Program for 2nd Canadian Division Track and Field Championships, July 1945
"Calvados vs Vino" sports contest, August 1945
"C'mon and Sing", YMCA song book for Second World War, ca. 1939-1945
"A Church was Built", 1955
Pamphlet, Imperial War Museum, London, England, n.d.
Admission requirements, Canadian Services Colleges, n.d.
George VI New Testament and notebook

M-1961-(98-99) Miscellaneous notes, correspondence, etc. re the Calgary Highlanders. -- [ca. 1925-1940]. -- From Eric Harvie's personal papers.
M-1961-vol.8, part 1

Casualty lists. -- 1915. -- Consists of the following:

Offical list of casualties compiled to June 30, 1915
Second official list of casualties reported between July 1 and September 30, 1915

M-1961-vol.8, part 2

Nominal rolls and casualty lists. -- 1914-1946. -- Consists of the following:

Third official listof casualties reported between October 1 and December 3, 1915
3rd Canadian Mounted Regiment nominal roll [virtually all Alberta, mostly Medicine Hat]
2nd Battalion nominal roll [all Valcartier, Quebec]
3rd Battalion nominal roll [all Valcartier, Quebec]
Royal Canadian Regiment nominal roll [Eastern Canada and Bermuda]
C Squadron, 7th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles nominal roll [Toronto]
9th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles nominal roll [Saskatchewan]
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) nominal roll [across Canada]
2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th University Companies, PPCLI nominal roll [McGill University]
PPCLI reinforcements nominal roll [across Canada]

M-1961-vol.8, part 3

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

4th Battalion [Valcartier, Quebec]
2nd Infantry Brigade HQ and 5th Battalion [Valcartier]
6th Battlion [Valcartier]
2nd Infantry Brigade HQ and 7th Battalion [Valcartier]
4th Infantry Brigade HQ staff and 9th Battalion [Valcartier]
10th Battalion [Valcartier]
11th Battalion [Valcartier]
12th Battalion [Valcartier]
3rd Infantry Brigade HQ and 13th Battalion [Valcartier]
14th Battalion [Valcartier]
15th Battalion [Valcartier]
16th Battalion [Valcartier]
18th Battalion [London, Windsor, Sarnia and various Ontario]
21st Battalion [Kingston, Ontario]
22nd Battalion [Montreal, Quebec]

M-1961-vol.8, part 4

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

23rd Battalion [Montreal, Quebec City and others]
24th Battalion [Montreal]
25th Battalion [Halifax]
26th Battalion [St. John's, Prince Edward Island and others]
27th Battalion [Winnipeg, Brandon and others]
28th Battalion [mostly western Canada]
29th Battalion [Vancouver]
30th Battalion [Victoria]
33rd Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafts [various Ontario]
34th Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafts [various Ontario]
35th Battalion [mostly Toronto]
35th Battalion 2nd Reinforcing Draft [Toronto]
35th Battalion 1st Reinforcing Draft [Toronto]
36th Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafst [Hamilton]
38th Battalion [various Ontario]
39th Battalion [various Ontario]

M-1961-vol.8, part 5

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

40th Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafts [Atlantic Canada]
42nd Battalion [Montreal]
43rd Battalion [Winnipeg]
44th Battalion [various Manitoba]
46th Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafts [various southern Saskatchewan]
3rd Pioneer Battalion (formerly 48th Battalion) [Victoria]
49th Battalion [Edmonton]
50th Battalion and Reinforcing Drafts [Calgary and southern Alberta]
51st Battlion and Reinforcing Drafts [Edmonton]
54th Battalion and 1st and 2nd Reinforcing Drafts [Vernon Camp]
55th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [eastern Canada]
58th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Niagara and various Canada]
59th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [various Ontario]
60th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Montreal]
62nd Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Vernon and Vancouver]

M-1961-vol.8, part 6

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

64th Battalion [Halifax, various New Brunswick]
65th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Saskatoon and various Saskatchewan]
66th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Regina and various Saskatchewan]
70th Battalion [various Ontario]
71st Battalion and Reinforcing Draft
72nd Battalion [Vancouver]
73rd Battalion [Montreal]
74th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Toronto]
78th Battalion and Reinforcing Draft [Winnipeg]
81st Battalion [Toronto and various Ontario]
86th Battalion [Hamilton and various Ontario]
88th Battalion [Victoria and others]
90th Battalion [Winnipeg]
91st Battalion [St. Thomas, Ontario]

M-1961-vol.8, part 7

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

104th Battalion [Sussex, New Brunswick, Maritimes]
No. 1 Heavy Battery [Valcartier, Quebec]
Royal Canadian Horse Artiliery [Valcarier]
2nd Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [Valcartier]
4th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [Toronto]
6th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [Kingston]
7th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [eastern Canada]
8th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [eastern Canada]
9th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [eastern Canada]
10th Canadian Field Artillery Brigade [Winnipeg]
Railway Construction Corps [various Canada]
Signalling Section, Canadian Engineers [various Canada]
Divisional Engineers [Valcartier]
1st Divisional Engineers [Valcartier]
2nd Divisional Engineers [various Quebec]
3rd Divisional Engineers, 9th, 10th and 11th Field Companies [eastern Canada]
Eaton's Machine Gun Battery [Toronto]
Borden's Armoured Battery [Montreal]
No. 1 Auto-Machine Gun Brigade [Toronto, various Ontario]

M-1961-vol.8, part 8

Nominal rolls. -- 1914-1916. -- Consists of the following:

Nursing Sisters [Quebec]
Nursing Sisters Reinforcing Drafts [various Canada]
No. 2 Casualty Clearing Station [Toronto]
2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisional Sanitary Sections, CAMC [Toronto]
No. 3 Casualty Clearing Station [Winnipeg]
No. 3 General Hospital [Montreal]
Ontario Military Hospital CAMC [Toronto]
Divisional Ammunition Park [Valcartier]
2nd Divisional Ammunition Park [Toronto]
2nd Divisional Ammunition Column [various Canada]
3rd Divisional Ammunition Column [various Canada]
4th Divisional Ammunition Column [various Canada]
Railway Supply Detail CASC [Toronto]
Field Bakery and Butchery CASC [Toronto]
No. 1 Divisional Train [Valcartier]
2nd Divisional Train CASC [various Canada]
4th Divisional Train CASC [various Canada]
Divisional Supply Column MT [Valcartier]
2nd Divisional Supply Column CASC [Toronton]
3rd Divisional Supply Column CASC [Toronto and various Ontario]

M-1961-oversize Battle of Toulouse map. -- April 10, 1914
Series 2

Photographs. -- 1912-1978. -- 1176 photographs. -- The series consists of views of Calgary Highlander members, activities, bands, etc.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-1091 Military personalities and views. -- 1903-1960s. -- 365 photographs
PA-1739 Chief Warrant Officer A. Sanofsky receiving award. -- 1975. -- 1 photograph
PA-1740 Parade of Calgary Highlanders for Lord Willingdon. -- 1928. -- 1 photograph
PA-3339 Calgary Highllanders and salute to Commonwealth Games views. -- [late 1940s]-1978. -- 22 photographs
PB-311 Military personalities and views. -- [ca. 1910]-1960. -- 24 photographs
PD-96 Albums of miliitary personalities and views. -- 1903-1967. -- 5 volumes (642 photographs)
PD-132-vol.56, 57, 58 Albums of Calgary Highlander views. -- 1949, 1970 and n.d. -- 3 volumes (106 photographs. -- Consists of reception for Major General G.R. Peakes by Calgary Highlanders (1949); visit to NORAD, Colorado Springs (1970); and miscellaneous Calgary Highlanders views.
PD-146 Calgary Highlanders views. -- 1940-1946. -- 1 volume (64 photographs)
NA-2362 Views of Calgary Highlanders personalities and activities. -- 1912-[ca. 1955] and n.d. -- 91 photographs. -- Many are copied from original prints in PA-1091.
NA-2363 Group shots of Calgary Highlanders and their predecessors. -- 1912, 1916, 1919. -- 3 photographs
NA-3134 Coronation Day parade and Calgary Highlanders at Heather Camp. -- 1937 and 1941. -- 2 photographs
NA-5306 Calgary Highlanders pipers, bagpipes, bands and parades. -- [ca. 1945-1966] and 1977. -- 18 photographs

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