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Ted Hills
Ted Hills at Fish Creek, Alberta, 1885

Ted Hills fonds

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Series 1

Letters written onboard the S.S. Sarmation and while in Ontario. -- April 12, 1883- April 28, 1884. -- 26 letters (78 pages). -- The letters have been digitized.

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  Letters written on board the S.S. Sarmation
M-7988-1 Letter to mother. -- April 12, 1883. -- Regarding life on the ship and steerage passengers berths. (pages 1-4)
M-7988-2 Letter to mother. -- April 22, 1883. -- Regarding icebergs and whales near Halifax, hotel in Montreal, and looking for work with the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). (pages 5-8)
  Letters written from Lindsay, Ontario
M-7988-3 Letter to parents. -- May 16, 1883. -- Regarding farm work, Canadian sunsets, and servant's attitudes. (pages 9-10)
M-7988-4 Letter to sister Elf. -- May 20, 1883. -- Regarding lawn tennis, dances and shooting birds. (pages 11-12)
M-7988-5 Letter to parents. -- May 30, 1883. -- Regarding breaking new land, fence building, and problems with servants. (pages 13-14)
M-7988-6 Letter to mother. -- June 13, 1883. -- Regarding a barn raising, mosquitoes, and Guelph Agricultural College. (pages 15-16)
M-7988-7 Letter to sister Elf. -- June 18, 1883. -- Regarding Canadian manners, and tending horses. (pages 17-18)
M-7988-8 Letter to mother. -- June 27, 1883. -- Regarding visit to Fenelon Falls and the weather. (pages 19-22)
M-7988-9 Letter to mother. -- July 1883 (Sunday). -- Regarding two barn raisings and mowing. (pages 23-26)
M-7988-10 Letter to mother. -- July 18, 1883. -- Regarding visit to Penetanquishene. (pages 27-30)
  Letters written from Toronto, Ontario
M-7988-11 Letter to mother. -- August 24, 1883. -- Regarding broken mirror, visit to Newmarket, and harvesting. (pages 31-35)
M-7988-12 Letter to parents. -- August 30, 1883. -- Regarding search for job in law office, and craze for swimming the Niagara whirlpool rapids. (pages 36-37)
M-7988-13 Letter to parents. -- September 14, 1883. -- Regarding job as insurance agent for London Guarantee and Accident Company, Canadian manners, and the editor of the Toronto Advertiser. (pages 38-41)
M-7988-14 Letter to parents. -- September 28, 1883. -- Regarding selling insurance, and accident of Mr. Gavey, a Canadian Pacific Railway employee. (pages 42-43)
M-7988-15 Letter to parents. -- October 5, 1883. -- Regarding continuing to look for office work, an Englishman returning home because the farm work was too hard, and Gavey's "cocktail" cure. (pages 44-49)
M-7988-16 Letter to parents. -- October 27, 1883. -- Regarding Crown Lands Department offer to send him west with a surveyor in the spring, his attempts to join the North-West Mounted Police, and the "Indian summer". (pages 50-53)
  Letters written from Ilfracombe, Ontario (Muskoka)
M-7988-17 Letter to parents. -- November 12, 1883. -- Regarding muddy trip from Bracebridge to Ilfracombe, Bell's shanty, and a deer-hunting expedition. (pages 54-56)
M-7988-18 Letter to parents. -- November 19, 1883. -- Regarding trapping beavers, first encounter with the "Noble Savage" [Indians], inside a wigwam, sheep farming, and canoeing. (pages 57-62)
M-7988-19 Letter to mother. -- January 7, 1884. -- Regarding minus thirty-eight degree weather, showshoes and a haircut. (ages 63-69)
M-7988-20 Letter to mother. -- January 14, 1884. -- Regarding sleigh ride and church service. (pages 65-66)
M-7988-21 Letter to mother. -- February 4, 1884. -- Regarding ride in a "four-in-hand" to a social, vulgar songs, and need for thick stockings and serge suit. (pages 67-69)
  Letters written from Parry Sound, Ontario
M-7988-22 Part of letter. -- [ca. March 1884]. -- Regarding American cockfighting (written just prior to trip to Parry Sound). (page 70)
M-7988-23 Letter to mother. -- March 30, 1884. -- Regarding trip to Parry Sound. (pages 71-72)
  Letters written from Ilfracombe, Ontario
M-7988-24 Letter to mother. -- April 13, 1884. -- Regarding sore ankle and falling through ice into Buck Lake. (pages 73-74)
M-7988-25 Letter to mother. -- April 21, 1884. -- Regarding ice on lake melting, lizard's whistling, recipe for "Old Maid's Cake", and bird hunting. (pages 75-76)
M-7988-26 Letter to sister Elf. -- April 28, 1884. -- Criss-cross letter regarding horseback riding, a dog attacking a porcupine, and Indian quillworking. (pages 77-78)
Series 2

Letters written on the journey to, and while in, the North-West Territories and Calgary. -- May 12, 1883-November 13, 1885. -- 24 letters (61 pages). -- The letters have been digitized.

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  Letter written from Lake Superior, on first stage of trip west
M-7988-27 Letter to mother. -- May 12-13, 1884. -- Regarding first stage of trip to the North West, trip on the S.S. Athabaska, the locks at Sault Ste. Marie, and Mr. Foster, the surveyor. (pages 1-3)
  Letters written from Moose Jaw and the North-West Territories
M-7988-28 Letter to parents. -- Queen's birthday [May 24, 1884]. -- Regarding salary as surveyor's assistant, Winnipeg being crowded with young men looking for work, his opinion of French Canadians and Indians, buffalo skulls, and the price of beer and haircuts. (pages 4-6)
M-7988-29 Letter to parents, from Fisher's Crossing, Saskatchewan River. -- June 8, 1884. -- Regarding sloughs, the trip from Moose Jaw, crossing the Saskatchewan River, the townships to be surveyed at Duck lake, and duck hunting. (pages 7-10)
M-7988-30 Letter to parents, from 42-7-W3, Valley of the Saskatchewan. -- June 28, 1884. -- Regarding surveying, the food, building a raft and crossing the river, snow, heating the tent and berries. (pages 11-14)
M-7988-31 Letter to parents from near Carlton, Saskatchewan. -- July 24, 1884. -- Regarding surveying, township mounds, hunting, a Cree chief who talked about being unfairly treated by the Canadian government, battles with the Blackfoot, and disappearance of the buffalo. (pages 15-18)
M-7988-32 Letter to mother from 42-6-W3, near Carlton, Saskatchewan. -- September 11, 1884. -- Regarding horse thieves, Hudson's Bay Company post at Carlton, and attempts to get credit to buy pork. (pages 19-20)
M-7988-33 Letter to mother from 43-6-W3, near Carlton, Saskatchewan. -- September 21, 1884. -- Regarding surveying a township, a lost horse, Mr. Harman (Inspector of Surveys), and a deserted campsite. (pages 21-22)
  Letters written from Calgary, Alberta and district
M-7988-34 Letter to mother. -- November 2, 1884. -- Regarding trip back to Moose Jaw, problems with the Canadian Pacific Railway baggageman, description of Calgary, the stagecoach to Fort Macleod, and the price of a haircut. (pages 23-26)
M-7988-35 Letter to mother from near Calgary, Alberta. -- November 22, 1884. -- Regarding Government Farm, Chinooks, threshing at John Lineham's, Mr. E.J. Winterbottom, and Mr. Ogilvie (a surveyor). (pages 27-28)
M-7988-36 Letter to mother. -- December 12, 1884. -- Regarding Mr. E.J. Winterbottom, Mr. Owen, schemes to teach Englishmen to farm, and John Lineham's method of looking for missing horses. (pages 29-30)
M-7988-37 Letter to mother. -- December 25, 1884. -- Regarding arrival of Winterbottom's son and daughter, Christmas plans, and opinion of hired hand. (pages 31-32)
M-7988-38 Letter to mother. -- January 1, 1885. -- Regarding plans to build his own log shanty, Christmas day, Mr. Winterbottom freezing his cheeks, Harold Winterbottom, and the extremely cold weather. (pages 33-34)
M-7988-39 Letter to mother from Midnapore, Fish Creek (near Calgary). -- February 19, 1885. -- Regarding move from Winterbottom's shack to house, roof catching fire, and arrangements to have clothing washed. (pages 35-36)
M-7988-40 Letter to mother from High River, Alberta. -- March 16, 1885. -- Regarding Mount Head Ranche (Levine's), F.W. Godsal, and plan to join Skrine and Douglas for a cattle drive. (pages 37-38)
M-7988-41 Letter to mother from Fish Creek. -- April 29, 1885. -- Regarding searching for strayed horses, snow blindness, pulling range cattle out of a slough, and the economic advantages of the Riel Rebellion. (pages 39-42)
M-7988-42 Letter to mother from Fish Creek. -- May 6, 1885. -- Regarding spring blizzard, Sheep Creek Ranch (Quorn Ranch), John Ware (black rancher), John J. Barter, F.S. Stimson, North West Cattle Company, preparations for a major cattle round-up, French Canadian patois, problems with the washer woman, and the Riel Rebellion. (pages 43-48)
M-7988-43 Letter to mother from Fort Macleod. -- May 25, 1885. -- Regarding cattle round-up and John Ware. (page 49)
M-7988-44 Letter to mother from Willow Creek (38 miles northwest of Fort Macleod). -- June 8, 1885. -- Regarding cattle round-up, a cowboy falling off his horse, and a rattlesnake encounter. (pages 50-51)
M-7988-45 Letter to father from Tongue Creek. -- July 1, 1885. -- Regarding Dominion Day, a hail storm, George Lane, and the Little Bow Cattle Company. (pages 52-53)
M-7988-46 Letter to mother from Fish Creek. -- September 1, 1885. -- Regarding cattle round-up, George Lane, Oswald A. Critchley, and the Riel Rebellion. (pages 54-55)
M-7988-47 Letter to mother from Fish Creek. -- October 6, 1885. -- Regarding cattle round-up at Stimson's ranch, driving horses from Skrine's, ankle injury caused by horse stepping into badger's hole, John Ware, and the purchase of cows. (pages 56-59)
M-7988-48 Letter from E.J. Winterbottom to Ted Hills from St. George's Ranch, Fish Creek. -- November 13, 1885. -- Regarding raising funds for the Fish Creek church, house renovations, badger hole accidents, the herd of cows, and Arthur Winterbottom's colt. (pages 60-61)

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