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Big Four and Guy Weadick display, Horseman's Hall of Fame
Big Four and Guy Weadick display, Horseman's Hall of Fame

Horseman's Hall of Fame fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 J.B. Cross' administrative papers. - 1950-1965
Series 2 Displays and daily activities. - 1960-1974
Series 3 Records of collections. - 1962-1974
Series 4 Curator's reports and acquisitions correspondence. - 1973-1974
Series 5 Various historical documents. -1624, 1837, 1881-1970
Series 6 Photographs. - 1874-1973


Series 1 J.B. Cross' adminstrative papers. - 1950-1965
M-2111-34 Correspondence. - 1950. - Regarding the fish hatchery at the Calgary Brewery, fish tags, buffalo, museum artifacts, taxidermy, and outfitters.
M-2111-35 Correspondence. - 1951. - Regarding Pete Knight, cattle, museum development and artifacts, books, American Indians, Charles Russell prints, buffalo hides, and the Canadian Museums Association.
M-2111-36 Correspondence. - 1952. - Regarding museum artifacts, books, Charles Russell art, architects, and the Canadian Museums Association.
M-2111-37 Correspondence. - 1953. - Regarding museum artifacts, books, Calgary Brewing and Malting Company calendars, equipment, and the Canadian Museums Association.
M-2111-38 Correspondence. - 1954. - Regarding museum artifacts and photographs, and Harry Pollard photographs.
M-2111-39 Correspondence. - 1955. - Regarding museum artifacts and photographs, Alberta's Golden Jubilee, loan of artifacts, books, and pictographs.
M-2111-40 Correspondence. - 1956. - Regarding museum artifacts and books.
M-2111-41 Correspondence. - 1958. - Regarding museum artifacts, books, architects' sketches, museum tour, and Charles Russell art.
M-2111-42 Correspondence. - 1959-1960. - Regarding Charles Russell art, museum artifacts, taxidermy, buffalo hides, books, aid to other museums, conferences, firearms permit, and staff.
M-2111-43 Correspondence. - 1963. - Regarding museum artifacts, staff work, books, relatives of the Big Four, photographs, building construction, Canadian Museum's Association, customs and revenue problems, and historical booklets.
M-2111-44 Correspondence. - 1964. - Regarding books, brands, Henri Julien sketches, museum artifacts, loan of artifacts, displays, ceremonies, staff activities, taxidermy, and books.
M-2111-45 Correspondence. - 1965. - Regarding staff activities, museum artifacts and equipment, Canada's Centennial, and financial affairs.
Series 2 Displays and daily activities. - 1952-1974
M-2111-46 Exhibition cleaning and maintenance forms. -- 1965-1966
M-2111-47 Historical notes regarding a map and the Big Four. - 1960 and n.d.
M-2111-48 Buffalo jumps notes. - n.d.
M-2111-49 Notes about the Brand Ceiling. - n.d.
M-2111-50 Brands correspondence. - 1968
M-2111-51 Brand extract of horse brand owned by J.B. Gunsolley of Crossfield. - 1904
M-2111-52 Schedule for program featuring Pete Knight and Wilf Carter. - 1966
M-2111-53 Measurements of Dick Cosgrave. - n.d.
M-2111-54 Casting of ceramics notes. - n.d.
M-2111-55 Wilf Carter notes. - 1967
M-2111-56 Notes about Crowfoot extracted from Fifty Mighty Men. - n.d.
M-2111-57 Expense record. - 1965-1966
M-2111-58 Notes about covering boats with fibreglass. - n.d.
M-2111-59 Guns and gun exhibit notes. - n.d.
M-2111-60 Report about guides in the Horseman's Hall of Fame and Aquarium. - 1966
M-2111-61 Guns and gun displays correspondence and notes. - 1963-1969 and n.d.
M-2111-62 Historical map notes. - n.d.
M-2111-63 Briefing about the Calgary Brewery's Horseman's Hall of Fame.
M-2111-64 Arrival of the horse, extracts from American Heritage Book of Indians. - n.d.
M-2111-65 History of the horse notes. - n.d.
M-2111-66 Notes about ceremonies, and excerpts from books by Canon Middleton. - n.d.
M-2111-67 Irish jaunting car notes. - n.d.
M-2111-68 Pete Knight correspondence and notes. - 1966 and n.d.
M-2111-69 Sam Livingston and Harris binder correspondence. - 1960-1966 and n.d.
M-2111-70 Correspondence about displays. - 1964-1965 and n.d. - Regarding Sam Livingston, Herman Linder, Dick Cosgrave, harvesting equipment, and opening of exhibit. Includes copies of correspondence from Samuel Livingston to family in Ireland (1849-1850)
M-2111-71 J.B. Cross and the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company notes and speech. - 1960-1970 and n.d.
M-2111-72 Program for unveiling of ceramic portrait of Grant MacEwan. - 1969
M-2111-73 "Men of our Day" project. - 1964-1972 and n.d.
M-2111-74 William Henry exhibit correspondence. - 1966-1968 and n.d.
M-2111-75 Wilf Carter exhibit correspondence. - 1964-1967
M-2111-76 Correspondence about reproduction of Billy Henry portrait. - 1966
M-2111-77 "Romance of Horses" notes. - n.d.
M-2111-78 Poem about Pete Knight by John D. McCulloch. - 1957
M-2111-79 John Ware news release. - 1965
M-2111-80 Pictograph notes. - n.d.
M-2111-81 List of Calgary and district press personalities. - n.d.
M-2111-82 Polo sketches. - n.d.
M-2111-83 Notes about Calgary Brewing and Malting Company calendars. - n.d.
M-2111-84 Article: "Picture Writing by the Blackfeet Indians in Glacier Park Hotels". - n.d.
M-2111-85 Indian photographs and Charles Russell art correspondence and catalogues. - 1961-1964
M-2111-86 Saddles notes. - n.d.
M-2111-87 Bryce J. Saunders correspondence. - 1964. - Includes prize list from 1912 Stampede.
M-2111-88 Early years of North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) notes. - n.d.
M-2111-89 Tom Three Persons correspondence. - 1971
M-2111-90 John Ware notes and newspaper clippings. - 1963-1965
M-2111-91 Walking Buffalo newspaper clippings. - 1961-1970
M-2111-92 5th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles stationery. - n.d.
M-2111-93 Twelve Foot Davis correspondence. - 1962
M-2111-94 Chief Many White Horses notes. - n.d.
M-2111-95 Indians of the Plains notes; excerpts from books by Lowie and Jenness. - n.d.
M-2111-96 Indians who signed Treaty 7 notes. - n.d.
M-2111-97 American buffalo notes. - n.d.
M-2111-98 Clem Gardner notes. - 1963 and n.d.
M-2111-99 Agricultural machinery correspondence and notes. - 1964 and n.d.
M-2111-100 Guy Weadick article. - n.d.
M-2111-101 Blackfoot history by Paul Wolf Collar notes. - n.d.
M-2111-102 Signing of Treaty 7 notes. - n.d.
M-2111-103 Regimental rolls. - 1902. - For the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Regiments, Canadian Mounted Rifles, and draft for 2nd Regiment CMR.
M-2111-104 Royal North-West Mounted Police roll. - 1925. - For ex-members of the RNWMP who attended the Jubilee celebrations in Calgary, July 6-11, 1925.
M-2111-105 Battle of Cintla, Mexico correspondence and notes. - n.d.
M-2111-106 American Indians; excerpts from books by Clark Wissler. - n.d.
M-2111-107 Railways and irrigation in Alberta (1885-1925) correspondence. - 1961-1962
M-2111-108 North American buffalo notes. - n.d.
M-2111-109 John Ware notes. - n.d.
M-2111-110 Publicity - occasions when the Horseman's Hall of Fame was noted in the media. - 1964-1965
M-2111-111 Falstaff Museum of Brewing notes. - n.d.
M-2111-112 Battle of Cintla, Mexico correspondence. - 1962, 1964
M-2111-113 Place mat of points of interest in southern Alberta. - n.d.
M-2111-114 Calendar celebrating the Centennial of Confederation. - 1967
M-2111-115 Cards featuring Charles Russell paintings. - n.d.
M-2111-116 Cards sent by Norman Luxton. - n.d.
M-2111-117 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, and Lethbridge Stampede programs and rule books. - 1934-1939
M-2111-118 Soft drink bottle correspondence. - 1966
M-2111-119 Calgary Exhibition and Stampede pamphlet. - 1964
M-2111-120 Wilf Carter corresondence. - 1967
M-2111-121 Canada's Centennial and the Confederation Train. - 1964-1967
M-2111-122 Ceramic supplies correspondence. - 1966
M-2111-123 Canadian Museums Association booklets and newsletters. - 1963-1967
M-2111-124 Statement of values and catalogue numbers for general collections. - 1966 and n.d.
M-2111-125 Mounted Police uniforms, swords, etc. correspondence and notes. - 1963 and n.d.
M-2111-126 Massey-Ferguson Industries correspondence about agricultural machinery and displays. - 1965-1966
M-2111-127 Horseman's Hall of Fame and Calgary Brewing and Malting Company newsletters. - 1965-1966
M-2111-128 Descriptions of items in the collections and notes about conservation. - n.d.
M-2111-129 Filing system and collections notes. - n.d.
M-2111-130 Collections notes. - n.d.
M-2111-131 Art Newsletter. - 1966-1970. - Consists of a periodical compiled by the Art Department of the Calgary School Board.
M-2111-132 Alberta Arms and Cartridge Collectors Assocation newsletters. - 1963-1966
M-2111-133 Construction of museum correspondence. - 1963
M-2111-134 Correspondence with Mrs. Charles Beil regarding paintings. - 1966
M-2111-135 Brewing notes. - n.d.
M-2111-136 Construction of museum correspondence. - 1962
M-2111-137 Charles Russell art correspondence. - 1963-1965 and n.d.
M-2111-138 Expense statements. - 1965
M-2111-139 Calgary Stampede pamphlet and maps. - 1912 and n.d.
M-2111-140 Correspondence about artist Douglas Stephens. - 1780-1974
M-2111-141 Ceramic supplies correspondence. - 1964-1966
M-2111-142 Exhibitions correspondence. - 1964
M-2111-143 Billy Henry display newspaper clippings. - 1964
M-2111-144 Collections notes. - 1961-1962
M-2111-145 Cowboys Protective Association membership list. - 1964
M-2111-146 Customs charges correspondence. - 1963
M-2111-147 "Did you know?" contest correspondence. - 1967
M-2111-148 Swords and uniforms correspondence. - 1962-1964
M-2111-149 Sam Livington exhibit correspondence. - 1964
M-2111-150 Displays in barn six correspondence. - 1964
M-2111-151 Senator Patrick Burns photographs correspondence. - 1963
M-2111-152 Donations correspondence. - 1961-1971
M-2111-153 Radio station CJDV, Drumheller correspondence. - 1967
M-2111-154 Loan of artifacts to Eaton's store. - 1966-1969
M-2111-155 Correspondence about a film of the Calgary area. - 1966
M-2111-156 Eye glasses correspondence. - 1961-1963
M-2111-157 Ceramic molding fee correspondence. - 1966
M-2111-158 Forms for materials borrowed from Glenbow and others. - 1962-1964
M-2111-159 Provincial Government correspondence. - 1962-1966
M-2111-160 Indian artifacts notes. - 1962
M-2111-161 Lists of Indian photographic prints. - 1961
M-2111-162 Insurance on collections correspondence. - 1966
M-2111-163 International Harvester Company correspondence about agricultural machinery. - 1964
M-2111-164 Lists of books in Horseman's Hall of Fame libary. - n.d.
M-2111-165 Historical Society of Alberta newsletters. - 1964-1969
M-2111-166 Hudson's Bay Company point blanket correspondence. - 1961
M-2111-167 Junior League of Calgary correspondence about training program. - 1965-1966
M-2111-168 Invoices from Jess Praestegaard for carpentry work. - 1965
M-2111-169 Pete Knight correspondence. - 1967
M-2111-170 Visitors book. - June 16, 1966
M-2111-171 Linder family correspondence about displays at Horseman's Hall of Fame. - 1964-1966
M-2111-172 Charles Russell art correspondence. - 1963
M-2111-173 Notes about Calgary in the spring of 1912. - n.d.
M-2111-174 Swords invoice. - 1964
M-2111-175 Correspondence regarding Horseman's Hall of Fame as a tourist attraction. - 1970
M-2111-176 Calgary Stampede parade program. - 1960
M-2111-177 Saddles from Calgary Stampede correspondence. - 1965-1967
M-2111-178 Sample forms. - n.d.
M-2111-179 Correspondence about set up staff for displays. - 1972
M-2111-180 Jasper Park Lodge envelopes. - n.d.
M-2111-181 Certificate of authenticity of Charles Russell art. - 1958
M-2111-182 Malvina Hoffman (artist) biographical sketch. - n.d.
M-2111-183 Correspondence with Sculpture House in New York about supplies. - 1964-1966
M-2111-184 Sitting Bull exhibit on Confederation Train correspondence. - 1967
M-2111-185 Indian artifacts receipts and notes. - 1962-1965
M-2111-186 Charles Russell art notes. - 1965-1967 and n.d.
M-2111-187 Bassano and Lethbridge stampede and rodeo programs. - 1964
M-2111-188 Old Time Range Men's Dinner programs. - 1929, 1946-1951, 1953
M-2111-189 Newspaper clippings about Calgary Brewing and Malting Company and Horseman's Hall of Fame. - 1952-1969
M-2111-190 Western Development Museum correspondence about equipment. - 1964
M-2111-191 Norman K. Luxton (Banff) taxidermy sale price catalogue. - n.d.
M-2111-192 Notes about points on a historical map. - n.d.
M-2111-193 Guy Weadick and the Big Four notes. - n.d.
M-2111-194 Notes about Dick Cosgrave, Clem Gardner, Herman Linder, the Brand Ceiling, and Barbara Kerr. - n.d.
M-2111-195 Christmas cards from Mr. and Mrs. Norman Luxton. - n.d.
M-2111-196 Photographs of Calgary Stampede performers correspondence. - 1958-1959
M-2111-197 J.B. Cross' speech regarding opening of the Aquarium. - [ca. 1960]
M-2111-198 Specifications for new museum building correspondence. - 1962
M-2111-199 Training material and minutes regarding guides and docents at the museum. - 1964
M-2111-200 Training material and minutes regarding guides and docents at the museum. - n.d.
M-2111-201 Johnny Longden correspondence. - 1960-1969
M-2111-202 Screenplay: "The Ghost Pipe" by Bill Marsden, based on the story by Frances Fraser. - n.d.
M-2111-203 Buffalo chairs from Murthly Castle notes. - 1952
M-2111-204 Correspondence, prints, sketches, etc. by Charles Russell and Charlie Beil. - n.d.
M-2111-205 Calgary Brewing and Malting Company labels. - n.d.
M-2073Invitation and program to opening of Sam Livingston display. - 1966
RCT-915Two sound recordings: Lecture by Dr. Burwell Charles (1967); and CHQR public service broadcast about the Horseman's Hall of Fame (1970s).
Series 3 Records of collections. - 1962-1974
M-2111-206 Accession register. - 1972-1974. - Consists of a record of material purchased by or donated to the Horseman's Hall of Fame.
M-2111-207 Lists of collections, A-M. - n.d. - Includes the Bagley, Calgary Brewery, and J.R. Timms collections.
M-2111-208 Lists of collections, Mi-Z. - n.d. - Includes the Middleton, Mrs. Smith, and Shaw/Swinarton collections.
M-2111-209 Notes about Blackfoot relics from Mrs. T.Y. Burkitt, list of old brewery tools, estimated value for insurance purposes (1962), inventory (1962), materials on care of collections, and borrowed photographs. - 1962 and n.d.
M-2111-210 Statement of values. - 1969
M-2111-211 Loan forms and correspondence related to materials used at Horseman's Hall of Fame. - 1966-1973
M-2111-212 List of collection. - n.d. - Consists of rough drafts and sketches of items.
M-2111-213 Cards listing items in collections. - n.d.
M-2111-214 Inventory of the Middleton Indian collection. - n.d.
Series 4 Curator's reports and acquisitions correspondence. - 1973-1974
M-2111-215 Curator's reports. - 1973
M-2111-216 Acquisitions correspondence. - 1973-1974
M-2111-217 Acquisitions correspondence. - 1974
M-2111-218 Donations, gifts and loans correspondence (outgoing). - 1973
M-2111-219 Donations, gifts and loans correspondence (outgoing). - 1974
M-2111-220 Donations, gifts and loans correspondence (incoming). - 1974
Series 5 Various historical documents. -1624, 1837, 1881-1970
M-2111-20 William R. Wright's discharge from the North-West Mounted Police. - 1881
M-2111-21 Program of first Blackfoot Fair on the Blackfoot reserve [Siksika]. - 1898. - Facsimile.
M-2111-22 Program of Old Timers' Buffalo Dance, Marshall's Hall, Gleichen. - 1902
M-2111-23 Joseph C. MacDonald's correspondence re conditions in Calgary. - 1905
M-2111-24 Souvenir photograph folder of Calgary Stampede views by photographer Marcell. - 1912
M-2111-25 Catalogue of Charles Russell paintings exhibited at the first Calgary Stampede. - 1912
M-2111-26 Telegram to Tom Three Persons, congratulating him on his Calgary Stampede victory. - 1912
M-2111-27 Calgary Stampede programs, prize lists, etc. - 1925-1926
M-2111-28 Calgary Electric Railway tickets (regular fare). - n.d.
M-2111-29 A.E. Cross' life membership in the Western Canada Brewers' Association. - 1929
M-2111-30 Newspaper clippings re the death of A.E. Cross. - 1932
M-2111-31 E.W. Thistlewaite - Sketches of western scenes and correspondence. - 1944
M-2111-32 Alcoholism Foundation of Alberta handbook. - 1954
M-2111-33 Program for Citizen's Day in Fort Macleod. - 1970
M-2111-221 Petition from rodeo contestants about the Boston Show. - 1936
M-2111-222 Christmas card from Father R.J. McGuiness. - 1939
M-2111-223 Illuminated scroll presented to Guy Weadick and Florence Weadick by the citizens of High River in recognition of his friendship and service. - n.d.
M-2111-224 Broadside advertising Guy Weadick’s talk to the Rotary Club of New York. - 1916
M-2111-225 Advertisement for Calgary Ginger Ale, produced by the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. - [ca. 1930-1940s]. - Consists of a view of men by a mountain lake.
M-2111-226 Certificate presented to S.J. Hopkins by the Calgary Fish and Game Association for his contribution to the introduction of Chukar partridges to Alberta. - [ca. 1940s]
M-2111-227 Prints of A.B. Stapleton painting for use in a calendar. - 1942. - Consists of reproductions of paintings of the Turner Valley oil fields, harvesting wheat, branding calves, a bush plan delivering supplies to the north, buffalo, and building the railway.  Each features a short poem by Elaine Catley at the bottom.
M-2111-228 Illuminated book presented to J.B. Cross by the Alberta Fish and Game Association to honour his services to the organization. - 1943
M-2111-229 Illuminated certificate presented to J.B. Cross by the Government of Canada for his services with the Alberta Division of the National War Finance Committee during the Second World War. - December 15, 1945. - Painted on a thin piece of plywood.
M-2111-230 Illuminated certificate presented to Guy Weadick in honour of having founded the Calgary Stampede. - 1950. - Signed by “his countless Canadian friend and admirers”.
M-2111-231 Advertisement (mock-up) for the Horsemen’s Hall of Fame. - [ca. 1960s]. - Consists of sketch of carriage and the words “Hear the Silence … of the Past”.
M-2111-232 Brand book reproduction. - [created ca. 1960s]. - Consists of a large book, displayed in conjunction with the “Brand Ceiling” in the Horseman’s Hall of Fame.  The book illustrates brands taken out by various ranchers in southern Alberta from the 1890s to the1960s.
M-2111-233 Colonel John French diary reproduction. - [created ca. 1960s]. - Consists of a large volume containing a transcript of the diary of a North-West Mounted Police officer during the March West in 1874.  The volume was displayed in the Horseman’s Hall of Fame.
M-2111-234 Reproduction of Charles Russell’s “The Winter Packet”. - [ca. 1960s], originally created 1903.
M-2111-235 Scrapbook regarding the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. - 1967-1969 Scrapbook regarding the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. - 1967-1969
M-2111-236 Page of text regarding museum items presented to the City of Calgary by William Pearce. - n.d.
M-2111-237 Deed of property of William Rodes, England. - 1624. - Consists of a document written on vellum.
M-2111-os-1 Sketch of head of Billy Henry. - [ca. 1960s]
M-2111-os-2 Program of the state procession at Queen Victoria’s Coronation. - June 28, 1837
M-2111-os-3&4 Proposed designs for a revolving sign for the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company. - [ca. 1960s]
M-2111-os-5 Tender by Neon Sales and Service to provide signage to the Horseman’s Hall of Fame, in the form of a watercolour painting of the museum. - [ca. 1960s]
M-2111-os-6 Sketch related to the Treaty 7 display at the Horseman’s Hall of Fame. - [ca. 1960s]. - Consists of a sketch of participants at the signing.

Floor plan of Calgary Brewing Company in Edmonton. - [ca. 1960s]


Floor plan of the Calgary Aquarium. - [ca. 1960s]

M-2111-os-9 Printed explanation of the production of binder twine. - n.d. - Includes photo of the Hamilton Twine Mills in Ontario.
M-2111-os-10 (framed) Sketch of the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company, both bird's eye view and details of interior. - [ca. 1950s-1960s]. - Consists of a colour lithograph, perhaps created for a Brewery anniversary.
Series 6

Photographs. - 1874-1973. - 1275 photographs

Over 500 of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1264 Johnny Longden, jockey. - 1965 and n.d. - 2 photographs. - Consists of views of Longden, racing at Exhibition Park (1965) and a view of him holding a trophy (n.d.)
PA-1313 First Nations parade in Calgary. - [ca. early 1900s]. - 1 photographic postcard
PA-1757 Horseman's Hall of Fame. - [ca. 1920s-1960s]. - 322 photographs. - Consists of portraits of First Nations peoples; views of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company; Horseman's Hall of Fame exhibits; and miscellaneous other views of Calgary.
PB-435 Horseman's Hall of Fame. - 1885-1950s. - 94 photographs. - Consists of views of sports groups; Calgary Brewing and Malting Company premises, beer garden, display booths at fairs, employees, and floats in parades; cattle round-up, branding and cowboys; and the Turner Valley oil field.
PE-73 Horseman's Hall of Fame photograph collection. - 1911-1930. - 13 panoramic photographs. - Consists of views of Calgary, competitors at the Calgary Stampede, cowboys at the Toronto Stampede, Calgary police force, Calgary Brewery buildings and staff picnic, and a church jubilee in Ontario.
NA-2297 Johnny Longden, jockey. - 1942-1966. - 5 photographs. - Consists of views of Longden, at races in California, New York and Vancouver.
NA-3165 Horseman's Hall of Fame and Calgary Brewery Aquarium - 1956-1973 and n.d. - 156 photographs. - Consists of views of the Horseman's Hall of Fame and the Aquarium buildings, displays, artifacts, staff, and special events.
NA-3173 NWMP and Calgary. - 1875-1911. - 25 photographs. - Consists of views of North-West Mounted Police officers, barracks, and activities. Also consists of seven parts of a circuit photograph taken of Calgary in 1911.
NB-28 NWMP, Calgary Brewery, etc. - 1874-1926. - 38 photographs. - Consists of copies of Henri Julien sketches of the North-West Mounted Police March West in 1874; portraits of artist Charles Russell; brewery views by photographer Harry Pollard (copies of original negatives held by the Provincial Archives of Alberta); and various Calgary Brewing and Malting Company views including buildings, transportation, machinery and staff.
ND-22 Calgary Brewery, fish hatchery, Calgary Stampede champions, etc. - 1894-1961. - 94 photographs. - Consists of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company views including buildings, the grounds, loading bins, cooperage, bottles being filled and capped, grain storage, and equipment; views of the experimental fish hatchery at the Brewery; and 1927 Stampede champions, including Tom Lauder, Pete Bruised Head, Pete Knight, Jack Hill and Richard Merchant.
NE-5 Calgary Stampede, Calgary Brewery and Calgary. - 1923-1950. - 10 panoramic photographs. - Consists of views of contestants at the Calgary Stampede, views of Calgary, and views of Calgary Brewing and Malting Company buldings and trucks.

Horseman's Hall of Fame - W.J. Oliver photograph collection. - 1912, 1919-1937 and n.d.. - 515 photographs. - Consists of views taken by photographer William J. Oliver. Includes views of rodeo events at the Calgary Stampede (with both rider and horse identified); Guy Weadick, chuckwagon races, Stampede Parade, First Nations in the parade, Indian Village on the Stampede grounds, Prince of Wales at the EP Ranch, Currie Barracks opening, and cattle round-ups.

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