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Operating room, Calgary General Hospital, 1908
Operating room, Calgary General Hospital, 1908

Calgary Hospitals Board fonds

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M-2455-oversizeCalgary General Hospital Board Minutes. -- 1905-1912.
M-2455-vol.1Calgary Hospitals Board Minutes. -- 1913-1919.
M-2455-vol. 2Calgary Hospitals Board Minutes. -- 1914-1919. -- Of Finance, Special and Auditing Committees.
M-2455-vol. 3Calgary Hospitals Board Minutes. -- 1914-1919. -- Of Building and Grounds Committee and Medical Board.
M-2455-vol. 4Calgary Hospitals Board Minutes. -- 1914-1920. -- Of House Committee.
M-2455-1Woman's Hospital Aid Society Minutes. -- 1917-1918, 1922. Includes material related to the Calgary Local Council of Women, Calgary Women’s Press Club, and Girls’ Hospital Aid Society.
M-2455-2Woman's Hospital Aid Society. -- 1918-1924. -- Re dissolution of society and disposition of funds. Includes material related to the Girls’ Hospital Aid Society, Dr. Lewis Erskine Wentworth Irving, and Mary E. Waagen.
M-2455-3Calgary General Hospital. -- 1910. -- Profit and loss account.
M-2455-4Calgary General Hospital. -- 1910. -- Financial statements.
M-2455-5Calgary Hospitals Board. -- 1912-1919. -- Accounts and auditor's statements.
M-2455-6Calgary Hospitals Board. -- 1918. -- Bank agreement to allow board to overdraw account. Includes material related to Dr. James Delamere Lafferty, and Molsons Bank of Canada.
M-2455-7Contract. -- 1916. -- For wiring of Isolation hospital, 12th Avenue and 6th Street S. E. Includes material related to Pattison Electric Company.
M-2455-8Contract. -- 1917. -- For plumbing and heating in Nurses Home. Includes material related to Frederick Hamilton Lepper.
M-2355-9Contract for construction of Nurses Home. -- 1917. -- Includes material about Bennett and White Company, and Lawson and Fordyce, architects.
M-2455-10Tenders for work on Nurses Home. -- 1917. -- Includes material related to Lawson and Fordyce (architects), Frederick Hamilton Lepper, and James Hossack Woods.
M-2455-11Insurance. -- 1908, 1917-1920.
M-2455-12Insurance register. -- 1917-1921.
M-2455-13Calgary General Hospital. -- 1911-1913. -- Record of operations performed.
M-2455-14Inventory. -- n.d. -- Of General, Isolation and Maternity Hospitals and Nurses Home.
M-2455-15Work agreements. -- 1916-1917. -- For various hospital positions.
M-2455-16Report. -- 1936. -- "A survey of the Calgary General Hospital and the Calgary Isolation Hospital made by Harvey Agnew, M.D."
M-2455-17General correspondence. -- 1948-1959. -- Re donation of funds, demolition of isolation hospital, historical notes on the hospital.
M-2455-18Scrapbook. -- 1921-1925. -- Re hospital and medical affairs in Calgary. Includes material related to James Barnes, the Calgary Health Department, Calgary Fire Department, Colonel Belcher Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, Dr. Lewis Erskine Wentworth Irving, Mountview Hospital, physicians, nurses, and nursing schools.
M-2455-19Bill 119. -- 1969. -- Re defeat of Bill 119, "An act respecting the Alberta Council on Nursing" by the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses. Includes material related to Mrs. Roseanne Erickson, and Miss Eileen Jameson
M-2455-20Bill 80. -- 1970. -- Re defeat of Bill 80, "An act respecting the Alberta Coordinating Council on Nursing" by Alberta Association of Registered Nurses. Includes material related to Alberta Certified Nursing Aid Association, Alberta Hospital Association, Alberta Medical Association, Mrs. Roseanne Ericksen, Honorable James Douglas Henderson, Miss Eileen Jameson, and Medicine Hat General Hospital
M-2454Calgary General Hospital. -- 1908. -- Papers from cornerstone.
M-2457Calgary General Hospital. -- 1905-1956. -- Annual reports, correspondence and historical sketch.
RAD-58Sound recordings of opening of new General Hospital. -- 1953

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