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Robert Henry Hougham, Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan, [ca. 1950]
Robert Henry Hougham, Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan, [ca. 1950]

Robert H. Hougham fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Fort Pitt related records. -- 1894-1960, predominant 1945-1960
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s-1960]


Series 1 Fort Pitt related records. -- 1894-1960, predominant 1945-1960
M-539-1Old Fort Pitt Ranch. -- 1960. -- Report to Glenbow Foundation and terms of agreement of purchase; includes biographical information on Robert Hougham, folders of photographs of ranch and cairn to Fort Pitt.
M-539-2Personal correspondence. -- 1945-1949.
M-539-3North-West Mounted Police memorial and Indian museums, Battleford. -- 1947-1948.
M-539-4Maps of R. H. Hougham properties and vicinity. � n.d.
M-539-5Miscellaneous. -- 1932-1960. -- Includes life membership in Saskatchewan Historical Society (1946); Christmas message to friends (1951); oil and gas conservation legislation in Alberta (n.d.); broadcast copy of dispersal sale of Herefords (1960); and issue of periodical The Khaki Call (1932).
M-539-6History of Fort Pitt. -- 1945-1955. -- Correspondence and articles. Includes letters from old timers and reminiscences, and information about the original Hudson's Bay Company fort, the Riel Rebellion, and W.J. McLean.
M-539-7History of Fort Pitt. -- 1946-1948. -- Information, diagrams of fort. Includes excerpts from various reports mentioning Fort Pitt, copy of the diary of Francis Dickens, information on the Riel Rebellion, etc.
M-539-8Fort Pitt reserve - Plans. -- 1846-1921
M-539-9Fort Pitt cairn. -- 1949. -- Correspondence re dedication; also includes five postage stamps commemorating 300 years of Halifax, 1749-1949.
M-539-10Fort Pitt cairn. -- 1949. -- Invitations and programs of dedication.
M-539-11Fort Pitt visitors book. -- 1949-1959. -- Guests at dedication and later visitors.
M-539-12Fort Pitt cairn. -- 1949. -- Newspaper clippings re dedication, pioneers, Riel Rebellion and Saskatchewan history.
M-539-13Alexander N. Mouat. -- 1947-1950. - Correspondence re various men who took part in Riel Rebellion of 1885. Mouat was chief inspecting officer in Hudson's Bay Company during rebellion, later comptroller of Edmonton and then British Columbia.
M-539-14Alexander N. Mouat. -- 1894-1948. -- Personal records, correspondence, etc. Includes marriage licence.
M-539-15Angus McKay. -- 1947-1949. -- Correspondence.
M-539-16Angus McKay. -- n.d. -- Articles re fur trade. Include information about Fort a La Corne.
M-539-17Angus and Archdeacon George McKay. -- n.d. -- Newspaper clippings.
M-539-18Angus McKay. -- n.d. -- Genealogy and biographical material.
M-539-19F. H. French family. -- 1949. -- Correspondence and biographical information. Includes article on escape from Fort Pitt during 19885 Riel Rebellion; copy of report of Royal North West Mounted Police Bathurst Inlet patrol, 1917-1918; outline of careers of Major-General Sir George Arthur French, Inspector Jack French, Corporal J. P. French, and Inspector F. H. French; and information on Arctic travel.
M-539-20George Gwynne Mann family. -- 1885. -- Account of family's escape from Onion Lake to Fort Pitt.
M-539-21Sketch. -- n.d.. -- Of Loon Lake and Batoche showing positions during rebellion.
M-539-22The Riel Rebellion. -- n.d. -- book published by Witness printing house, Montreal.
M-539-23Dr. William Sibbald. -- 1912. -- Cashbook.
M-539-24 Royal Canadian Mounted police history. � n.d. -- Brief article by Kenneth K. Hougham.
M-539-25 Royal North West Mounted Police. -- 1910. -- Souvenir booklet.
M-539-26 Hudson's Bay Company sterling notes. -- 1840-1870. -- Payable at Fort Garry and York Factory.
M-539-27 Nor-West Farmer. -- 1889-1894. -- Periodical.
M-539-28 Canadian North West Historical society publications. -- The Alberta Field Force of 1885, the Dominion Telegraph, Diary of Francis Dickens, 1 page from Saskatchewan History; 1 page article by R. H. Hougham "God's Half Acre".
M-539-29 Manuscript, "North West Rebellion, 1885". -- n.d.. -- Correspondence.
M-539-30 North-West Rebellion. -- 1885. -- Clippings collected to produce manuscript.
M-539-31 Manuscript, "North West Rebellion, 1885" by Alexander N. Mouat. . � n.d.. -- Rough copy.
M-539-32 Manuscript "North West Rebellion, 1885" by Alexander N. Mouat. � n.d. -- Copies 1 & 2.
M-539-33 Manuscript "North West Rebellion, 1885" by Alexander N. Mouat. -- n.d. -- Copy 3 and appendix.
M-1511 -1 Hougham estate. -- 1857-1870. -- Consists of sterling notes issued by Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Garry and York Factory, collected by R. H. Hougham.
M-539-oversize Rolled maps of Hougham properties and cairn location.
M-539-oversize Invitation to inauguration of President Eisenhower of the USA.
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s-1960]

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-938Views of Fort Pitt, North West Mounted Police, etc. � n.d.. -- 153 photographs.
PB-266Views of Fort Pitt, North West Mounted Police, etc. � n.d. -- 3 photographs.
PC-120Aerial view of Fort Pitt. -- [ca. 1960]. -- 1 photograph
NA-1036Views of Fort Pitt building moved to Onion Lake; Onion Lake agency and Frog Lake massacre, etc. � [ca. 1880s-1890s]. -- 12 photographs.

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