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William Irvine, [ca. 1930-1939.
William Irvine, [ca. 1930s]

William Irvine fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Biographical and family history. -- 1885-2008
Series 2 Religious education and ordination. -- [ca. 1907]-1925
Series 3 Political career. -- 1922-1962
Series 4 Speeches. -- [ca. 1916-1950s]
Series 5 Writings - Books, pamphlets, poems. -- [ca. 1948-1962]
Series 6 James Shaver Woodsworth. -- 1929-1944, 1990s
Series 7 Newspaper clippings. -- 1913-2000s
Series 8 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1921-1961
Series 9 Photographs. -- 1896-1971


Series 1

Biographical and family history. -- 1885-2008. -- 3 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of William Irvine's birth, marriage and graduation certificates, his funeral program, and articles written about his life and activities.

M-9554-1 William Irvine's birth, marriage and graduation certificates. -- 1885-1914
M-9554-2 "Irvine the Invincible and the CCF" by P.H.R. Morrison. -- 1935
M-9554-3 Letters from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) about Harry Irvine. -- 1945. -- Harry Irvine was William Irvine's brother, who served with the RCAF during the Second World War. -- Consists of a letter reporting that Harry was missing, and another confirming his death.
M-9554-4 William Irvine's funeral program, eulogies, and newspaper obituaries. -- December 1962.
M-9554-5 Biographical sketches of Irvine. -- 1964 and n.d. -- Most unattributed.
M-9554-6 Journal articles re Irvine and Irvine House. -- 1975-1976. -- Consists of article "William Irvine, Heretic in Politics" by Tony Mardiros in the Newest Review (October 1975); and "Prov. office officially declared Irvine House" in The Alberta Democrat (December 1976).
M-9554-7 "William Irvine and the Emergence of Political Radicalism in Calgary, 1916-1921" by Howard Palmer in the Fort Calgary Quarterly (spring 1987).
M-9554-8 "William (Bill) Irvine and the Social Gospel", a lecture by Francel Deverell. -- 1990s
M-9554-9 "The Irvine Family from Shetland to Canada" by Eric, Wayne and Maria Irvine. -- 2008. -- Consists of a family history including Irvine and Little family trees, stories about and by family members, and photos (copies only) of family members.
M-9554-10 Miscellaneous family papers. -- [ca. 1930s]-2003. -- Consists of correspondence, newspaper announcement of James Irvine's marriage (1940), and Adelia's life membership in the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association.

Series 2

Religious education and ordination. -- [ca. 1907]-1925. -- 9.5 cm of textual records. -- William Irvine studied at Manitoba College in Winnipeg to become a Minister-Evangelist, graduating in April 1914. -- The series consists primarily of his student notebooks and essays.

M-9554-11 Theology school notebook. -- [ca. 1907-1913]. -- Consists on notes about Dr. Salem Bland's lectures on St. Paul in the front of the book, and notes about sociological and philosophical theory in the back.
M-9554-12 Student essays. -- [ca. 1907-1913]. -- Consists of Irvine's essays entitled "The Country Sunday School", and "The Fundamental Principles of the Reformation".
M-9554-13 Notes re the History of the Church. -- [ca. 1907-1913]. -- Taught by Dr. Salem.
M-9554-14 Student exercise book. -- [1911?]. -- Primarily re composition and effective expression.
M-9554-15 Social Study niotebook. -- [ca. 1912]. -- Also includes his drafts of an article or sermon called "The God of a Democrat".
M-9554-16 History of Swan River United Church, listing Irvine as their minister in 1913.
M-9554-17 Installation of Reverend Irvine, Unitarian Church, Calgary. -- January 9, 1916. -- Consists of a report on the event by Horace Westwood.
M-9554-18 Hymn and Tune Book with Services. -- 1918. -- Annotated inside front cover: "Church of Our Father, Unitarian, Ottawa, Canada, Aug. 29th, 1918. -- It is unclear who owned this hymnal.
M-9554-19 William Irvine's certificate authorizing him to perform marriages in the Unitarian Church. -- 1925.

Series 3

Political career. -- 1922-1962. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of records related to Irvine's political actvities, first as a Member of Parliament for the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA), and then as a Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) founder and MP. includes election campaign material, his speeches in the House of Commons, and political correspondence. -- The series has been artificially arranged in chronological order by the earliest date in each folder. See also Series 4 below for more political speeches.

Related William Irvine's election campaign material from 1921 is in the Jack Ford fonds at Glenbow (M-7366-(163-167).

Scanned Document View Ford inventory.

M-9554-20 "Notes on Speeches of [Ginger] Group, House of Commons, Ottawa" by H.W Dueker. -- 1922-1935. -- Consists of summaries of speeches by George Coote, Agnes McPhail, J.S. Woodsworth, William Irvine, Robert Gardiner, Speakman, Henry E. Spencer, Michael Luchkovich, Edward J. Garland, and others. Includes a subject index.
M-9554-21 Letter to Irvine from G.E. Duncan, a constituent. -- 1923. -- Re a sketch he made of Irvine. Includes Irvine's response about how other people see us.
M-9554-22 Letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons re unreasonable dress code in the House. -- 1923
M-9554-23 "Efficiency and Permanence of Economic Organization" by William Irvine, MP. -- December 18, 1924. -- Consists of a published version of a speech delivered to the delegates of the United Farmers of Ontario annual convention in Toronto.
M-9554-24 United Farmers of Alberta convention speeches. -- January 17, 1924. -- Consists of statements by Henry Wise Wood and George Bevington on the provincial bank debate.
M-9554-25 Program of UFA banquet in Westlock. -- August 21, 1925. -- Irvine gave a toast to "Our Dominion". On the back are his handwritten notes about upcoming elections.
M-9554-26 Excerpt from Ottawa Citizen editorials. -- February 11 & 15, 1928. -- Includes comments about Irvine's speech re booms and slumps in the economy.
M-9554-27 William Irvine's "Weekly Letter" to his constituents as UFA MP for Westaskiwin. -- 1931. -- The letter was sent to several local newspapers for publication.
M-9554-28 William Irvine's "Weekly Letter" to constitutents. -- 1932
M-9554-29 "Sundry Important Papers Collected During Session". -- 1932. -- Consists of summaries of issues discussed in the House of Commons, including taxes, Prime Minister's promises, economic situation, debts, etc.
M-9554-30 Irvine's draft of letter to the editor of Maclean's magazine. -- 1932. -- Re the need for financial reforms in Canada.
M-9554-31 Letters to Irvine. -- 1934-1935. -- Primarily from Glen W. Allen ree disappointing election results in Oxbow, Saskatchewan.
M-9554-32 Parliament. -- 1935. -- Consists of Irvine's speech in the House of Commons (April 2, 1935); and Report of the Committee on unemployment of ex-service men.
M-9554-33 Minutes of a meeting of representatives of western agricultural associations in Calgary. -- July 29-30, 1935
M-9554-34 Irvine's provincial election speeches. -- 1935. -- Re the UFA and CCF and the need for fundamental change in the economic system.
M-9554-35 Social Credit radio broadcasts. -- May-August 1935. -- Consists of broadcasts by William Aberhart and Cyril Hutchinson, including one during the provincial election campaign.
M-9554-36 Irvine's radio broadcasts over CFCN. -- September-October 1935. -- During his campaign as a CCF candidate during the Federal election.
M-9554-37 CCF radio broadcasts during Federal election. -- October 1935 and n.d. -- Consists of a broadcast by Miss Crawford, and two by William Irvine.
M-9554-38 "The Voice of the People" speech by Prime Minister Mackenzie King. -- October 14, 1935. -- "On the Night of the General Elections".
M-9554-39 Assiniboine, Saskatchewan by-election papers. -- 1935-1936. -- William Irvine ran, unsuccessfully against James Gardiner, in an attempt to save the Wheat Board.
M-9554-40 Irvine's political correspondence, part 1. -- 1935-1936
M-9554-41 Irvine's political correspondence, part 2. -- 1935-1936
M-9554-42 Irvine's political correspondence, part 3. -- 1936
M-9554-43 Published political pamphlets and booklets, written by William Irvine. -- 1933-1959. -- Primarily related to the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). Consists of the following:

CCF Aims - Planning / Political, 1933?
The CCF Platform, Federal and Provincial, abbreviated by William Irvine
"The Fallacy of Liberalism" in Saskatchewan CCF Research, 1934
Can a Christian Vote for Capitalism?, 1935
CCF Provincial Policy, What the CCF will do for Alberta
Scarcity or Abundance, the People Must Choose, 1944
HIghlights of CCF Convention, 1959
"Free Enterprise Exposed" in Vital Reading
M-9554-44 CCF Federal campaign literature. -- [ca. 1938-1945]
M-9554-45 Published CCF booklets. -- [ca. 1939]-1949
M-9554-46 Draft contitution of the Edmonton CCF Alberta Farmer-Labour Party. -- 1940s
M-9554-47 The Canadian War Service Voting Regulations. -- 1944
M-9554-48 Harry C. Ivine's CCF campaign material. -- 1944. -- Harry was William Irvine's son. He was nominated as a candidate for Jasper-Edson for the forthcoming Federal election, while serving overseas with the RCAF during the Second World War. He was reported missing in action before the vote and later and was later confirmed to be dead. -- Consists of an announcement of his candidacy in The People's Weekly; and his open letter to Canada entitled "What are We Fighting For?". -- See M-9554-3 above re his death.
M-9554-49 Wilbert Stevens' CCF campaign material, Wetaskiwin. -- 1945. -- Wilbert was Irvine's son-in-law, married to his daughter Vera.
M-9554-50 Irvine's CCF campaign material, Cariboo, British Columbia. -- 1945. -- Irvine won the seat in the Federal election.
M-9554-51 Hansard - Irvine's speeches in the House of Commons as MP for Cariboo. -- 1945-1946
M-9554-52 Irvine's radio speeches as MP for Cariboo. -- 1945-1947. -- Part of the Parliament Hill series of radio broadcasts.
M-9554-53 Parliament. -- 1946-1947. -- Consists of seating plan of MPs (1946); and seating plan for the visit of the American President Harry S. Truman (1947).
M-9554-54 Program for Alberta CCF Provincial Convention, Edmonton. -- November 20-22, 1947
M-9554-55 Irvine's radio speeches as MP for Cariboo. -- 1948. - Part of the Parliamnet Hill series of radio broadcasts.
M-9554-56 Free Time Political Broadcast by Irvine. -- May 31, 1948
M-9554-57 Hansard - Speeches of interest to Irvine. -- June 24, 1947; June 29, 1948; and June 9, 1954.
M-9554-58 Letter of regret on Irvine's defeat as Cariboo MP, written by Caroline M. Rile to Mrs. Irvine. -- July 23, 1949
M-9554-59 Irvine's campaign material for theBattle River-Camrose by-election. -- June 1955. -- Irvine came in third.
M-9554-60 Irvine's President's reports to Alberta CCF conventions. -- 1956 and 1959
M-9554-61 CCF publications - 25th anniversary. -- 1957
M-9554-62 Irvine's speech notes for an election campaign. -- [ca. 1957]
M-9554-63 Brief letter from Leslie Morris to Irvine re the Popular Socialist Party congress in Cuba. -- September 1960
M-9554-64 Final meeting of the Alberta CCF board. -- November 14, 1962. -- Includes a tribute to William Irvine, who died in October of that year.

Series 4

Speeches. -- [ca. 1916-1950s]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of handwritten notes and drafts, as well as typed copies, of William Irvine's many sermons, speeches, political talks, etc. -- The series has been artificially arranged in chronological order by the earliest date in each folder.

Related William Irvine's notebook of sermons (1916-1921), and other records re his ministerial duties are in the Unitarian Church of Calgary fonds at Glenbow (M-9499-25 etc.).

Scanned Document View Unitarian inventory.

M-9554-65 Speeches and sermons. -- [ca. 1916-1919, 1953]
M-9554-66 Notes for speeches and sermons. -- [1920s]
M-9554-67 Notes for speeches and sermons. -- [1920s]
M-9554-68 Speech notes. -- [1920s-1940s]
M-9554-69 Speeches and fragments. -- [ca. 1930-1950]
M-9554-70 Program and notes for "Making Civilizaton Christian". -- Feburary 13, 1934. -- Presented by Irvine at the Men's Brotherhood banquet at Parkview United Church.
M-9554-71 Speech notes. -- 1934-1935. -- Includes Irvine's notes, as well as scripts for radio broadcasts by Arthur Meighen and W. Norman Smith.
M-9554-72 Economics for Student Workers - Scripts. -- [1940s/?]
M-9554-73 Speeches. -- [1940s]
M-9554-74 Speeches and fragments. -- [ca. 1940s]
M-9554-75 Speeches and newspaper columns. -- [1940s]. -- Includes columns written for Ginger and The World publications.
M-9554-76 Notes for speech on cooperatives. -- [ca. 1944-1948]
M-9554-77 Speeches. -- [ca. 1944-1949]
M-9554-78 Speeches and radio addresses. -- [ca. 1945-1955]
M-9554-79 Speech - Toast to Robbie Burns. -- [1946]
M-9554-80 "Purpose and spirit of socialism" draft. -- [1950s?]

Series 5

Writings - Books, pamphlets, poems. -- [ca. 1948-1962]. -- 15 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of notebooks, handwritten drafts, and typescripts of writings which Irvine hoped to publish.

M-9554-81 Articles, columns and book chapters (drafts). -- [ca. 1948-1962]
M-9554-82 First draft of book. -- [ca. 1950]. -- The subject is capitalism and socialism.
M-9554-83 Chapters for books (handwritten drafts). -- [1950s?]
M-9554-84 Drafts for a book. -- [1950s]. -- Possibly called "For the Sake of Argument".
M-9554-85 Draft of pamphlet, "Canada's New Society". -- [ca. 1950s]
M-9554-86 Draft of pamphlet, "Canada is Not a Democracy". -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Consists of four notebooks.
M-9554-87 Draft of novel, "A Millionaire Revolutionist". -- [ca. 1950s]
M-9554-88 Published booklet, Live or Die with Russia. -- 1957
M-9554-89 Poems. -- n.d. -- Includes poems written by and collected by Irvine.
M-9554-90 Typescript of book, "Democracy - Fact or Fiction?". -- [ca. 1960]

Series 6

James Shaver Woodsworth. -- 1929-1944, 1990s. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- J.S. Woodsworth, 1864-1942, a proponent of the Social Gospel, was a good friend and political colleague of William Irvine. -- The series consists of Woodsworth's speeches, Irvine's eulogy to Woodsworth on his death in 1942, and a brief history of the Woodsworth Irvine Socialist Fellowship.

M-9554-91 Labor's Case in Parliament. -- 1929. -- Consists of a small book of J.S. Woodsworth's speeches in the House of Commones, published by the Candian Brotherhood of Railroad Employees. Autographed inside the front cover: "Wm Irvine, Recalling the days of the setting up of the group, Compliments, J.S. Woodsworth."
M-9554-92 Tribute to J.S. Woodsworth by William Irvine at a memorial service. -- March 29, 1942
M-9554-93 James Shaver Woodworth, Untypical Canadian by Frank Underhill. -- 1944. -- Consists of a booklet based on Underhill's address to anOntario Woodsworth Memorial Foundation dinner in Toronto.
M-9554-94 J.S. Woodsworth's "Grace Before Meat". -- n.d.
M-9554-95 Brief history of the Woodsworth Irvine Socialist Fellowship. -- [1990s]

Series 7

Newspaper clippings. -- 1913-2000s. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of newspaper articles primarily related to Irvine's public speeches and activities.

M-9554-96 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. -- 1913-1917 and n.d.. -- Consists of articles about Irvine's lectures and speeches, his religious and political activities, and his proposed post-war social reconstruction agenda. Includes an article about the death of his brother, James John Irvine, during the First World War..
M-9554-97 Loose newspaper clippings. -- 1920s
M-9554-98 Loose newspaper clippings. -- 1930s
M-9554-99 Loose newspaper clippings. -- 1940s-1950s
M-9554-100 Loose newspaper clippings. -- 1960s-2000s
M-9554-101 CCF newspaper broadsheet. -- 1962. -- "We are Leading North America, First Socialized Health Plan on Contienet Taking Shape in Saskatchewan."

Series 8

Miscellaneous papers. -- 1921-1961. -- 7 cm of textual records

M-9554-102 William Irvine's name tag as an MP. -- [ca. 1921-1932]
M-9554-103 Collected pamphlets. -- 1929-1960. -- Re monetary policies, the Douglas system of Social Credit, causes of war, the Nuremberg trial, activities of the Saskatchewan government, 100th anniversary of the arrival in Alberta of Reverend Henry Bird Steinhauer, the Hungarian revolt, and a socialist manifesto.
M-9554-104 "Michael", a play adapted for the stage by Miles Malleson from Leo Tolstoy's "What Men Live By". -- [ca. 1930s-1940s]
M-9554-105 Irvine's notebook labelled "Thoughts original and stolen". -- [ca. 1944-1948]
M-9554-106 Poster for "Zoya". -- 1945. -- Advertising a Russian movie sponsored by the Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship and shown at the Eaton Auditorium in Toronto.
M-9554-107 Cartels. -- 1947. -- Consists of mimeographed notes re price controls.
M-9554-108 Thank you letter from Stanley Knowles to Wilbert Stevens. -- February 14, 1951. -- Re his recent health problems.
M-9554-109 Irvine's diary of a trip to Russian. -- July 1956
M-9554-110 Resolutions of World Council of Peace meeting in New Delhi. -- 1961

Series 9

Photographs. -- 1896-1971. -- 100 photographs. -- The series consists of portraits and snapshots of William Irvine, Adelia Irvine, their famiy and friends, the Irvine family home in Shetland, Scotland, and the Little family home in Elm River, Manitoba.

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-3918-(1-3) Adelia Mabel Little (later Irvine). -- [ca. 1896-1915]. -- 3 photographs. -- Note: The original photos were reported missing in 2014. Digitized versions are available in the Archives Photographs database on Glenbow's website.
PA-3918-(4-22) Shetland, Scotland. -- [ca. 1917]-1959. -- 19 photographs. -- Consists of 14 photos and 8 picture postcards of William Irvine's birthplace, many of which were taken during his 1959 visit. Includes several views of peat cutting. Some of the postcards have messages written on the backs.
PA-3918-(23-27) Unidentified Irvine family members, Shetland, Scotland. -- n.d. -- 5 photographs.
PA-3918-(28-31) Frank Irvine and James Irvine (William's brothers). -- [ca. 1917-1918]. -- 4 photographs. -- Includes a newspaper clipping about James' death during the First World War.
PA-3918-(32-40) Portraits of William Irvine. -- 1908-1950s. -- 9 photographs
PA-3918-(41-61) Snapshots of William Irvine, primarily in groups. -- 1928-1959 and nd. -- 21 photographs
PA-3918-(62-78) Snapshots of Adelia Little Irvine. -- [ca. 198]-1977. -- 16 photographs
& View of Vera Stevens with her father's ordination certificate. -- 2011. -- 1 photograph
PA-3918-(79-89) The Little's family home at Elm River, Manitoba. -- 1971. -- 11 photographs
PA-3918-(90-100) Churches, CCF groups, and unidentified people. -- n.d. -- 11 photographs

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