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Golden Valley Irrigation Farm, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Golden Valley Irrigation Farm, Medicine Hat, Alberta

Irrigation Research Project (W.L. Jacobson) collection

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Series 1 Small irrigation projects. -- 1895-1959
Series 2 Company irrigation projects. -- 1895-1960
Series 3 Irrigation District projects. -- 1902-1964
Series 4 Government-developed irrigation projects. -- 1915-1964
Series 5 General irrigation development. -- 1878-1964
Series 6 Sound recording Irrigation pioneers and personalities. -- 1888-1964
Series 7 Photographs. -- 1896-1960


Series 1

Small irrigation projects. -- 1895-1959. -- The series consists of these sub-series:

General - Engineering, legal and administrative
Individual irrigation projects - Alberta and Saskatchewan

General - Engineering, legal and administrative
M-3761-1 Engineering - General. -- n.d. -- Consists of information on culverts and gates; causes and remedies of erosion control and types of dams; small irrigation projects; slough bed irrigation; run-off data for small drainage basins; installation of sheet piling weirs; concrete cut-off walls; small dam spillways and possible erosion; and preparation of plans for small water developments.
M-3761-2 Engineering - General. -- 1911-1915. -- Consists of maps, plans and blueprints of various small irrigation projects.
M-3761-3 Engineering - General. -- 1913-1917. -- Consists of general maps and plans of small projects.
M-3761-4 Engineering - General. -- 1912-1917. -- Consists of rough maps, plans and blueprints of small irrigation projects.
M-3761-5 Engineering - Surveys - Maps. -- 1912-1917. -- Consists of plans of reservoirs and irrigation schemes in Alberta.
M-3761-6 Engineering - Construction of small water projects. -- n.d. -- Consists of diagrams re stock watering detail' and copy of article on small water conservation projects under the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA).
M-3761-7 Engineering - Construction. -- n.d. -- Consists of information on dugouts and stock watering dams. Includes photographs and diagrams illustrating excavation of dugouts.
M-3761-8 Engineering - Construction. -- 1912-1917. -- Consists of maps and sketches of domestic schemes.
M-3761-9 Hydrometric. -- 1917 and 1918. -- Consists of plans showing channels of rivers.
M-3761-10 Agriculture water control. -- 1939-1952. -- Consists of information re dugouts for range or pasture use and photograph of irrigation in the Qu'Appelle Valley.
M-3761-11 Legal and administrative - General. -- 1938-1940. -- Consists of memorandum on water rights for domestic projects and circular re phases of water administration, particularly re small water developments b W.L. Jacobson.
M-3761-12 Legal and administrative - Provincial. -- 1939. -- Consists of interviews with Alberta and Saskatchewan farmers re criticisms on individual water development projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
M-3761-13 Articles. -- 1935-1941. -- Consists of papers on conservationof water on the prairies; advantages of small irrigation schemes; water development on the farm; water conservation by means of small projects.
M-3761-14 PFRA small water development surveys and summary sheets. -- 1943-1944
Individual irrigation projects - Alberta and Saskatchewan
M-3761-15 Individual projects. -- 1895-1920. -- Consists of map showing irrigation schemes in Alberta and Saskatchewan (1913); condensation of Water Resources Branch file re pioneer irrigation developments in the Bow River Basin (1895-1920); Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company statistics (1922-1948); list of dams and reservoirs for which applications not made (1892).
M-3761-16 Plans for individual irrigation schemes. -- 1913-1919
M-3761-17 Plans forindividual irrigation schemes. -- 1910-1918. Note: John Glenn built the first individual scheme and neighbour scheme at Midnapore in 1879. See M-3761-167 for more details.
M-3761-18 Forster Ranch at Berry Creek . -- 1959. -- Consists of information re irrigation scheme and interview with Hugh H. Forster.
M-3761-19 William H. McIntyre project, Magrath, Alberta. -- 1947. -- Consists of pamphlet on ranch.
M-3761-20 Irvine and Willan. -- 1945. -- Consists of sketch plan of their schemes and drainage areas.
M-3761-21 Golden Valley Irrigation Farm. -- 1958. -- Owned by Robert Black and Harry Monio. Includes photograph and notes on interview with Mr. Black.
M-3761-22 Hooper and Huckvale. -- 1904-1916. -- Consists of application to divert water from Manyberries Creek and a memorial re section 13 of the irrigation map. Includes plan of scheme at ranch at Medicine Hat.
M-3761-23 Ross Ranch. -- n.d. -- Consists of information re land levelling estimate for ranch at Milk River.
M-3761-24 Archibald J. McLean of Lethbridge. -- 1905-1924. -- Consists of correspondence with the Department of the Interior re diversion of water from Todd Creek.
M-3761-25 Pioneer Irrigation Project, C.O. Card, J.A. Hammer, et al of Cardston. -- 1895-1906. -- Consists of correspondence re diversion of water from Lee Creek. Includes diagram of project.
M-3761-26 Bow River Basin irrigation schemes. -- 1895-1923. -- Consists of lists of people registered.
M-3761-26a Schedule of canals and ditches constructed and in operation in Southern Alberta and Assiniboia. -- 1896
M-3761-27 Bow River and tributaries. -- 1895-1959. -- Consists of list of people who developed irrigation schemes.
M-3761-28 Hull Brothers, Inspector of Irrigation letter. -- 1898
M-3761-29 Bow River Basin. -- 1897-1968. -- Consists of files on various people who developed irrigation schemes.

Series 2

Company irrigation projects. -- 1895-1960. -- The series consists of records pertaining to the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company; Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) Irrigation Block, Western Section; CPR Irrigation Block, Eastern Section; Canada land and Irrigation Company, and projects near Calgary and Springbank.

Company irrigation projects - General
M-3761-30 Historical. -- 1912-1960. -- Consists of notes and extracts from the Calgary Herald on irrigation in southern Alberta.
Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company
M-3761-31 Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company. -- 1900-1931. -- Consists of index for ARIC scrapbook; data sheets on Lethbridge section (1921, 1922, 1926-1928); statistics for Coaldale district (1922); agreement between Canadian North-West Irrigation Company (CNWIC) and M.D. Hammond of Cardston; memo, newspaper clippings and articles on irrigation in southern Alberta' and CNWI pamphlet (1900).
CPR Irrigation Block, Western Section
M-3761-32 CPR, Western Section. -- 1895-1923. -- Consists of pamphlets for water consumers (1911, 1912, 1919); Bow River Irrigation Canal information; Western Section report (1923); interview with Dr. O.S. Longman; and historical sketch.
M-3761-33 CPR, Western Section. -- 1910 and 1919. -- Consists of blueprints of Magrath canal; and map of Western Section.
M-3761-34 CPR, Western Section. -- 1910-1932. -- Consists of ditch rider's weekly reports; Superintendent Stockton's corrsepondence re Gleichen and Strathmore areas.
M-3761-35 CPR, Western Section. -- 1920-1922. -- Consists of R.S. Stockton's correspondence re history and development of DNR excavators.
M-3761-36 CPR, Western Section. -- 1922. -- Consists of lists of equipment and costs.
M-3761-37 CPR, Western Section. -- 1913-1929. -- Consists of Robert Stockton's correspondence re government re-classification of Western Section lands and cancellation of water rights, early stages.
M-3761-38 CPR, Western Section. -- 1910-1933. -- Consists of Stockton's correspondence re construction of irrigation projects.
M-3761-39 CPR, Western Section. -- 1911-1934. -- Consists of Stockton's corresondence re operation and maintenance.
M-3761-40 CPR, Western Section. -- 1911-1932. -- Consists of correspondence re Western Section land policy and blueprints of canals.
M-3761-41 CPR, Western Section. -- 1914. -- Consists of correspondence re Babcock vs CPR; letters and reports.
M-3761-42 CPR, Western Section. -- 1911-1933. -- Consists of samples of land contracts, water agreements, field reports, etc. Includes instruction so to field staff.
M-3761-43 CPR, Western Section maps. -- n.d. -- Consists of Section C, including Irricana, Rockyford, South Keoma, North Keoma, North Crossfield, North Carlton and Craigdhu aresa.
M-3761-44 CPR, Western Section maps. -- n.d. -- Consists of Section B, including North Inverlake, West Glenrose, Crowfoot, North Dalroy, and South Craigantler.
M-3761-45 CPR, Western Section. -- 1913-1926. -- Consists of Stockton's correspondence, including general reports and construction costs.
M-3761-46 CPR, Western Section maps. -- n.d. -- Consists of Section A, including Langdon, South Cluny, North Gleichen, Mewasin, Namaka, Strathmore, West Elwood, East Elwood, Strangmuir, Carseland, Cairnhill, Strathmead and Chestermere Lake.
M-3761-47 CPR, Western Section. -- 1930-1935. -- Consists of Stockton's correspondence re re-classification and cancellation of water rights; irrigation on Western Horse Ranch; and Globe Land Company drainage.
M-3761-48 CPR, Western Section. -- 1912-1914. -- Consists of annual reports on work done.
M-3761-49 CPR, Western Section. -- 1905, 1921-1927. -- Consists of information re North Saskatchewan or William Pearce Irrigation Project (1921); map of Sheep Ranch and Calgary Weir and headgates report (1927); and map of Cluny (1905).
M-3761-50 CPR, Western Section from 1894-1943. -- Consists of resesarch paper by Lawrence Burns. See also M-3761-54 below.
M-3761-51 CPR, Western Section.-- 1931. -- Consists of a revised version of the Longman Report re conditions affecting CPR's contract holders east of Calgary.
M-3761-52 CPR, Western Section. -- 1916. -- Consists of final reports of Superintendent of Irrigation.
M-3761-53 CPR, Western Section. -- 1913-1924. -- Consists of contour maps; farm census statistics for 1916; and newspaper clippings re amortization plan favoured by land contract holders.
CPR Irrigation Block, Eastern Section
M-3761-54 CPR, Eastern Section from 1894-1943. -- Consists of research paper by Lawrence Burns. See also M-3761-50 above.
M-3761-55 CPR, Eastern Section. -- 1917. -- Consists of brief history from inceptin to 1917.
M-3761-56 CPR, Eastern Section. -- 1920-1930. -- Consists of information on Brooks Aqueduct; instructions to foremen (1920); maps of Antelope Creek Siphon (1920); and reports (1923, 1929 and 1920).
Canada Land and Irrigation Company (CLIC)
M-3761-57 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1908-1930. -- Consists of House of Commons debates re Robbins Irrigaton Company.
M-3761-58 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1906-1933. -- Consists of part 1 of research paper on CLIC by W. Goodrich and Lawrence Burns. See also M-3761-80 below.
M-3761-59 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1906-1956. -- Consists of reports on CLIC; extracts from Who's Who; and information re farmers who lived and farmed on the CLIC project (1921-1925).
M-3761-60 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1913-1959. -- Consists of memo re development from 1926-1940; extracts from the London Times re CLIC and the Southern Alberta Land Company; N.M. Sutherland's supplement on Irrigation Project Operations (1924-1926; map of Medicine Hat area and various projects; and progress report by D.W. Hays, general manager (1949).
M-3761-61 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1956-1957. -- Consists of newspaper clippings re Suffield's 50th anniversary; Vauxhall Farm Management Studies (1956-1957); and general map of Medicine Hat project.
M-3761-62 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1938-1959. -- Consists of correspondence re irrigation projects around Medicine Hat.
M-3761-63 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1945-1960. -- Consists of correspondence re early Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Projects (PFRA) irrigation projects; and part 1 of the Bow River Irrigation Project by S.W. Kirk (1955).
M-3761-64 Canada Land and Irrigation Company. -- 1912-1960. -- Consists of Canadian Cattlemen article re Bow River project; Lethbridge Daily Herald extracts re 1912 visit of Duke and Princess Patricia; maps of Medicine Hat and Bow River irrigaton projects; and W.D. Gray's paper on the Bow River Irrigation Project (1957).
Springbank and Calgary projects
M-3761-65 Springbank Irrigation Project and Calgary Irrigation Project. -- 1893-1958. - Consists of rough notes and historical sketches. Includes information about the Calgary Gas and Water Works Company and the Calgary Hydraulic Company.

Series 3

Irrigation Districts - Southern Alberta. -- 1902-1964

M-3761-66 Map of irrigation districts formed or proposed under Irrigation Districts Act.
M-3761-67 Taber Irrigation District (TID). -- 1909-1964. - Consists of correspondence; pamphlet on "Profitable Farming" issued by Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District's colonization department; 41st annual report of TID (1959); article on Chin Coulee project; financial history of TID; and notice of meeting of water users (1926).
M-3761-68 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID). -- 1922-1927. -- Consists of annual report and financial statement (1927); report on conditionsof LNID; G.R. Marnoch's recollections; report on seepage and alkali conditions in the Monarch and Macleod Units; and report of Land Settlement Department of the Irrigation Council (1922-1923).
M-3761-69 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1920-1961. -- Consists of history of LNID; maps; newspaper clippings; and report and financial statements.
M-3761-70 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1922-1925. -- Consists of P.M. Sauder's papers re LNID; and report on conference with Dr. Widstone (1925).
M-3761-71 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1931-1932. -- Consists of historical sketch of Park Lake; and minutes of the Advisory Committee.
M-3761-72 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1929-1944. 1954. -- Consists of auditor's reports of LNID colonization manager.
M-3761-73 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1926-1933. -- Consists of reports of LNID colonization manager re audit and accounting, amounts due by settlers, accounts of Lethbridge Northern Poultry Cooperative; and Unemployment Relief expenditures.
M-3761-74 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1935-1940, 1942. -- Consists of annual reports of LNID colonization manager.
M-3761-75 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1914. -- Consists of Books 1, 2 and 4 of notes made during study, desing and estimation of project.
M-3761-76 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1902-1964. -- Consists of newspaper clippings; maps; annual report and financial statement (1964); report on construction of LNID and flood damage after.
M-3761-77 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1935. -- Consists of reports on seepage and alkali.
M-3761-78 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1936. -- Consistsof report of the Alberta Legislature's Irrigation Committee re LNID.
M-3761-79 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1916-1926. -- Consists of reports on test pits at dam site; Oldman River Diversion Project; and canal capacities statistics.
M-3761-80 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1961. -- Consists of parts 1 and 3 of a research paper by L.P. Burns and W.E. Goodrich on the LNID. See also M-3761-58 above.
M-3761-81 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1919-1947. -- Consists of maps; brief facts and figures; newspaper clippings re irrigated lands; report of Commission appointed to report on LNID and other irrigation districts.
M-3761-82 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- n.d. -- Consists of sample forms used by LNID.
M-3761-83 Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1927-1960. -- Consistsof annual reports and financial statements.
M-3761-84 New West Irrigation District. -- 1959. -- Consists of notes from the Taber Times.
M-3761-85 Magrath Irrigation District. -- 1922-1960. -- Consists of newspaper clippings about the beginning of the project; history; map; and excerpts of Prairie Farm Rehabilitiation Administration (PFRA) Advisory Committee on Water Development.
M-3761-86 Raymond Irrigation District. -- 1935. -- Consists of financial statement.
M-3761-87 United Irrigation District. -- 1919-1952. -- Consists of financial report; notes by N.M. Sutherland; maps and sketches.
M-3761-88 Mountain View Irrigation District. -- n.d. -- Consists of history of district.
M-3761-89 Eastern Irrigation District EID). -- 1935-1964. -- Consists of annual reports; auditor's reports (1935-1944); agreement between Juda Lifszyc and A.W. McLelan and EID Cooperative Association; maps; report re Campaign for Industries; and history of district.
M-3761-90 Western Irrigation District (WID). -- 1949-1960. -- Conists of Bill 71 (1954); annual reports and financial statements.
M-3761-91 Little Bow Irrigation District. -- n.d. -- Consists of information on diversion from Highwood River into the Little Bow River; and newspaper clippings.
M-3761-92 Enchant Irrigation District. -- n.d. -- Consists of extracts of information re district.

Series 4

Government-developed irrigation projects. -- 1915-1964

M-3761-93 Agriculture crop yields. -- 1953. -- Consists of summary of crops and Improvement Report of the Vauxhall Unit of the Prairie Farm Rehablitation Administration (PFRA).
M-3761-94 Sample form of lease option. -- n.d.
M-3761-95 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development (SMRD). -- 1922-1960. -- Consists of report on St. Mary River water supply and proposed irrigation developments to use Canada's allotment; apportionment of costs of Milk and St. Mary rivers; report re methods of financing and distribution of construction costs; engineering progress report for Lethbridge Southeast project (1941); auditor's report (1954); colonization manager's report (1954); newspaper clippings; report re irrigation canal linings by the Alberta Research Council; and maps.
M-3761-96 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development. -- 1915-1952. -- Consists of maps and general plans of project and data sheet re water supply.
M-3761-97 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development. -- 1923-1964. -- Consists of clippings re development; and map.
M-3761-98 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development. -- n.d. -- Consists of copies of debates re SMRD.
M-3761-99 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development. -- 1915-1964. -- Consists of brief re draft legislation to increase water rentals; newspaper clippings; facts re water supply available from St. Mary River; SMRD progress report with photographs (1949); historical sketch of project; and maps.
M-3761-100 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development. -- 1944-1960. -- Consists of clippings re dam for Waterton River; P.M. Sauder's correspondence re project; and minutes of advisory committee.
M-3761-101 Bow River Irrigation Development (BRID). -- 1950-1962. -- Consists of clippings re extravagance of project; part 1 of history of BRID by D.W. Kirk; and maps.
M-3761-102 Leavitt Irrigation District. -- 1942. -- Consists of brief history.
M-3761-103 Aetna Irrigation District. -- 1947. -- Consists of R. W. Risinger's correspondence re district; and resume of facts re district.
M-3761-104 South Macleod Irrigation District. -- 1946. -- Consists of correspondence to Roi Risinger, secretary of the South Alberta Water Conservation Council.
M-3761-105 Various projects. -- n.d. -- Consists of excerpts from committee meetings re Red Deer River Gas Well, Eastend Irrigation District, and Souris River-Estevan Project.
M-3761-106 Various projects. -- n.d. -- Consists of excerpts re Wild Horse Project.

Series 5

General irrigation development. -- 1878-1964. -- The series consists of these sub-series:

Engineering and hydrometrics
Legal and administrative
Colonization and historical
Irrigation commissions and committees
Public and professional organizations
Government services
Company organizatons
Canada - General
United States of America and foreign countries
Proposed projects
Sugar beet industry
Power development
British Columbia irrigation
Saskatchewan irrigation
Scrapbooks and miscellany

Engineering and hydrometrics. -- 1894-1961
M-3761-107 Engineering - General. -- 1915-1951. -- Consists of correspondence of the Engineering Institute of Canada re "Western Water Problems"; brief descriptions of southern Alberta projects; statistics of Flathead Project in Montana; and reports on maintenance, engineering features, and estimated costs of water development.
M-3761-108 Engineering - Surveys. -- 1902-1906. -- Consists of rough copy of irrigation surveys since inception.
M-3761-109 Engineering - Historical sketch of J.S. Dennis. -- 1961
M-3761-110 Engineering - Biographical sketch of William Pearce. -- 1959
M-3761-111 Engineering - Surveys. -- 1941. -- Consists of map showing existing and proposed irrigaton projects in southern Alberta.
M-3761-112 Engineering - Construction. -- 1943. -- Consists of booklet of procedures for construction of earth dams and rubble masonry spillways; report on earth dam design and construction; report on operation and maintenance.
M-3761-113 Engineering - Construction. -- 1915-1931. -- Consists of report of DNR Engineering Branch re cement concrete; diagrams of two-way gates and other constructs, etc.
M-3761-114 Hydrometrics - General. -- 1939-1956. -- Consistsof circular letter re shallow dugouts drying out; article by P.C. Perry on prairie run-off and soil drifting control; newspaper clippings about floods; and a report on the Hillhurst flood.
M-3761-115 Hydrometrics - Rivers. -- 1960. -- Consists of map of Lodge Creek Drainage Basin; and newspaper clipping re prairie water.
M-3761-116 Hydrometrics - Water supply. -- 1894-1960. -- Consists of scheduleof streams showing discharge and friction factors; schedule of appropriations against rivers, streams and lakes; report on stream measurements and their value in irrigation development; and report on water resources of the St. Mary, Milk, Belly and Waterton Rivers.
M-3761-117 Hydrometrics - Water supply. -- 1927-1955. -- Consists of tables of water supply distribution; graphs re reservoirs; report on Bow River watershed (1955); preliminary report on available data for Alberta and Saskatchewan (1927)
M-3761-118 Hydrometrics - Water supply. -- n.d. -- Consists of schedulesof applications and licences for water from the South Saskatchewan River and Oldman River drainage basins.
Agriculture. -- 1884-1963
M-3761-119 Agriculture - General -- 1917-1962. -- Consists of newspaper clippings re crops in irrigated lands; report re trip to western USA; abstract re irrigation farming programs on Canadian prairies; report re soil, moistrue and plant relations; report of National Committee on Soil Conservation (1947); Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Committee (PRFA) outline of basic problems.
M-3761-120 Agriculture - Climate and weather. -- 1884-1960. -- Consists of brief on climate (1950); newspaper clippings re climate and irrigation; rainfall graphs and charts (1994-1914); precipitation and temperature charts (1884); map showing "dry bowl" of Canadian prairies; report on soil temperature before and after irrigation, Strathmore (1915); annual meteorological summary and long term records for 1902-1954.
M-3761-121 Agriculture - Soils and fertilizers. -- 1920-1963. -- Consists of article re great plains soils; report re land classification of Bow River Project (1960).
M-3761-122 Agriculture - Soils and fertilizers. -- 1912-1961. -- Consists of booklet re fertility of irrigated soils (1947); soil zones map of Alberta; report of land classification of Bow River Project; and report on status of soil conservation in Canada (1953).
M-3761-123 Agriculture - Crops. -- 1931-1961. -- Consists of newspaper clippings re sugar beets (1941); report on irrigated grasslands; review of Alberta's sugare beet industry; and report re hard seed in alfalfa.
M-3761-124 Agriculture - Productivity. -- 1908-1957. -- Consists of comparison of crops grown on dry land and irrigated land from 1908-1931; report on acreages under irrigation in Alberta and Saskatchewan; summaries of farm business by University of Alberta Economics division (1948-1949), etc.
M-3761-125 Agriculture - Livestock. -- 1924-1959. -- Consists of report on mechanical grazing; circular on feeder freight policy (1937); and memo on results of farming in Bow Slope area of the Eastern Irrigation District (1941).
M-3761-126 Agriculture - Drainage. -- 1936-1961. -- Consists of reports about irrigation and drainage in Alberta and Saskatechewan (1949); drainage committee reports (1952); Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PRFA) drainage division reports 91955-1956); soil salinity maps; report on farm drainage practices in Ontario, etc.
M-3761-127 Agriculture - Equipment and irrigation methods. -- 1917-1962. -- Consists of reports on dugouts, pumping plants, sprinkler systems, preparing land for irrigation, and on the planning and design of irrigation distribution systems.
M-3761-128 Agriculture - Water requirements. -- 1921-1961. -- Consists of reports on comsumption of water; graphs of water requirements for wheat and alfalfa; booklet on water requirements for Alberta crops (1930); consumptive use of water for agriculture (1940); and progress report of the irrigation substation at Vauxhall for 1949-1957.
M-3761-129 Agriculture - Land preparation. -- 1959. -- Consists of report on land development policies for proposed irrigated land in Saskatchewan.
Legal and administrative. -- 1905-1958
M-3761-130 Legal and administrative - General. -- 1905-1932. -- Consists of rough copy of report on relationship of water user to the irrigation district.
M-3761-131 Legal and administrative - Federal. -- 1910-1944. -- Consists of regulations re lands for irrigation.
M-3761-132 Legal and administrative - Provincial. -- 1907-1958. -- Consists of article re provincial legislation for setting up irrigation districts; bill re orders-in-council.
M-3761-133 Legal and administrative - International. -- n.d. -- Consists of report re international reatures of irrigation; and description so St. Mary River and Milk River.
Economics. -- 1922-1958
M-3761-134 Economics - General. -- 1924-1958. -- Consists of report on economic value of irrigation in southern Alberta; comments on draft report of St. Mary and Milk Rivers Water Development Committee (1941); report on irrigated lands returns in Alberta and Saskatchewan (1941); radio broadcasts scripts re the story of irrigation in Alberta; etc.
M-3761-135 Economics - General. -- 1935-1951. -- Consists on reports on the economics of irrigation development in Alberta; report on the relationship of irrigation and community development; and summaries of farm businesses by types of farming from 1948 to 1949.
M-3761-136 Economics - Capital costs. -- n.d. -- Consists of information re distribution of costs and table of projects and their cost of construction.
M-3761-137 Economics - Effect of fertilizers on crops. -- 1928-1956. -- Consists of report on use of fertilizers; report on effect of consumptive ue of water on protein and phosphorus content of cereals and forage crops.
M-3761-138 Economics - Production and returns. -- 1922-1957. -- Consists of statistics re cost of production of various crops in Taber and Lethbridge (1950); table of crop distribution and yields; table of irrigation practices and yield data on Bow River Project.
Colonization and historical. -- 1910-1944
M-3761-139 Colonization - General. -- 1910-1944. -- Consists of interim report of Advisory Board on Land Utilization (1944); report on relation of irrigation to community development (1935); map of land sold up to 1910; and reports on colonization.
M-3761-140 History of Irrigation - General. -- 1913-1954. -- Consists of report on irrigation in Alberta; lecture notes of W.L. Jacobson on irrigation history; brief history of Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (1925).
Irrigation commissions and committees. -- 1930-1960
M-3761-277 Ewing Commission. -- 1936-1937 and 1958. -- Consists on commission report (1936) re irrigation development in Alberta; report of Public Enquiries Acti 91936); notes found in D.W. Hays' papers; and newspaper clippings re the commission.
M-3761-278 Irrigation Committee. -- 1958. -- Consists of report of the Irrigation Study Committee to the government 91958); briefs presented at the hearings; and brief by Farmers' Union of Alberta (FUA) of Enchant, Alberta.
M-3761-279 Wilson Commission. -- 1930. -- Consists of report of the hearings held by LNID Commission; and newspaper clippings on text of Wilson Commission report.
M-3761-280 Meek Committee. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of reports on St. Mary and Milk Rivers Water Development.
M-3761-281 Meek Committee. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of briefs, outline of report, etc.
M-3761-282 Meek Committee. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of summary of discussions, project record, etc.
M-3761-283 Meek Commission. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of correspondence and statistics re livestock and crops.
M-3761-284 Drainage Committee - Reports. -- 1952-1953
M-3761-285 The Survey Board for Southern Alberta - Report and newspaper clippings. -- 1922
M-3761-286 Gordon Commission - Submission by Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce. -- n.d.
M-3761-287 Widstoe Commission - Dr. Widstoe's report from Lethbridge Herald. -- 1925
M-3761-288 Irrigation Planning Board - Newspaper clipping. -- 1959
M-3761-289 St. Mary and Milk Rivers Development Committee - Minutes. -- 1951
M-3761-290 Saskatchewan River Basin Water Research Group - Newspaper clipping. -- January 7, 1960
Public and professional organizations. -- 1907-1961
M-3761-291 Western Canada Irrigation Association (WCIA). -- 1923-1927. -- Consists of correspondence re obtaining grants from federal and provincial governments; and re the end of WCIA.
M-3761-292 Western Canada Irrigation Association - Finances. -- 1913-1927
M-3761-293 Western Canada Irrigation Association - Bank books. -- 1915-1924
M-3761-294 Western Canada Irrigation Association. -- 1920-1924. - Consists of correspondence re advertising in Irrigation Review and about irrigation practices.
M-3761-295 Western Canada Irrigation Association. -- 1924. -- Consists of articles for Irrigation Review.
M-3761-296 Western Canada Irrigation Association. -- 1924-1925. -- Consists of correspondence asking for articles for Irrigation Review.
M-3761-297 Western Canada Irrigation Association. -- 1924. -- Consists of correspondence re delegates to the 1924 convention.
M-3761-298 Western Canada Irrigation Association. -- 1907-1927. -- Consists of convention speeches, resolutions, minutes and reports.
M-3761-299 Western Canada Irrigation Association - Penticton Regatta program. -- 1914
M-3761-300 Western Canada Irrigation Association - Printed matter and miscellany. -- 1911-1936. -- Consists of identification tags for delegate to 1914 and 1917 conventions; postcards; constitution and bylaws; convention programs; and copies of Irrigation Review.
M-3761-301 Western Canada Reclamation Association (WCRA). -- 1947-1959. -- Consists of material re the founding of the organization. Includes financial statements.
M-3761-302 Western Canada Reclamation Association - Membership correspondence. -- 1947-1948
M-3761-303 Western Canada Reclamation Association - Convention agendas. -- 1947-1959
M-3761-304 Western Canada Reclamation Association - Convention reports and speeches. -- 1947-1959
M-3761-305 Western Canada Reclamation Association - Minutes. -- 1947-1960
M-3761-306 Western Canada Reclamation Association. -- 1946. -- Consists of WCRA publications; and resolutions of the National Reclamation Association.
M-3761-307 Western Canada Reclamation Association. -- 1958-1959. -- Consists of miscellany, including annual meeting ribbons.
M-3761-308 Western Canada Reclamation Association - Newspaper clippings. -- 1949, 1959-1960
M-3761-309 South Saskatchewan River Development - General correspondence. -- 1944-1960
M-3761-310 South Saskatchewan River Development. -- 1944-1959. -- Consists of miscellaneous correspondence; report on irrigation on the Canadian prairies; map of maximum irrigable land in the Elrose-Saskatoon Irrigation Project; and statistics on wheat yields.
M-3761-311 South Saskatchewan River Development - Minutes and speeches. -- 1947-1959
M-3761-312 East Central Irrigation Association. -- 1958. -- Consists of pamphlets and briefs re proposed Red Deer River Diversion.
M-3761-313 South Alberta Water Conservation Council (SAWCC). -- 1920-1947. -- Consists of lists of members and prominent people associated with irrigaton in western Canada. Includes SAWCC file index.
M-3761-314 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of resolutions re development of reservoirs on St. Mary River and elsewhere.
M-3761-315 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1941. -- Consists of establishment of SAWCC; appointment of permanent secretary; and submission about the St. Mary River Project reservoir.
M-3761-316 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1941. -- Consists of Roi Risinger's personal correspondence with the SAWCC and with W.A. Buchanan.
M-3761-317 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1936-1940. -- Consists of statistical information on Retlaw-Lomond Irrigation Project; brief about irrigation situation; and tables of crops and agricultural relief.
M-3761-318 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1940. -- Consists of correspondence and circulars to Members of Parliament and government officials re irrigation in Alberta.
M-3761-319 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of correspondence with D.B. McMullen, Minister of Water Resources about finances; visiting Lethbridge and services of C.O. Asplund.
M-3761-320 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of correspondence with Carmangay Irrigation District.
M-3761-321 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of correspondence with Senator Buchanan re contributions to the Water Conservation Council.
M-3761-322 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of promotional documents and correspondence re financial assistance.
M-3761-323 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1940. -- Consists of correspondence of Secretary-Treasurer J.I. McDermott.
M-3761-324 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1940. -- Consists of resolutions, recommendations, etc.
M-3761-325 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1940. -- Consists of correspondence with provincial government ministers re irrigation.
M-3761-326 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1945. -- Consists of correspondence with federal government ministers and Members of Parliament re St. Mary River dam development. Includes replies from F.W. Gershaw, J.R. MacNicol, and others.
M-3761-327 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1939-1947. -- Consists of historical records, minutes, and comments on meetings.
M-3761-328 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1946-1947. -- Consists of correspondence re origin of SAWCC, including interviews with Lethbridge Board of Trade, H.W. Pope; replies from prominent men connected with irrigation, as well as federal and provincial ministers. See file M-3761-313 above for index of names.
M-3761-329 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1946. -- Consists of correspondence of Roi Risinger to prominent men connected with irrigation. See file M-3761-313 above for index of names.
M-3761-330 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1940 and 1946. -- Consists of correspondence, minutes, submissions, petition, etc.
M-3761-331 South Alberta Water Conservation Council. -- 1946-1947. -- Consists of correspondence with, and submisions to, government officials and irrigation district officials.
M-3761-332 South Alberta Water Conservation Council - Official opening of St. Mary Dam. -- 1948-1951
M-3761-333 Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce - Newspaper clippings. -- 1922, 1940
M-3761-334 Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce. -- 1936-1939, 1950, 1955. -- Consists of list of members of irrigation scheme committee; blueprints of various project structures; and newspaper clippings/
M-3761-335 Saskatchewan-Alberta Irrigation Association. -- 1937. -- Re William Pearce stock watering proposal.
M-3761-336 Engineering Institute of Canada. -- 1940-1960. -- Consistsof report on western water problems (1940); conference papers on silt deposition and erosion in tidal rivers of the Bay of Fundy (1959); planning and design of irrigation distribution systems.
M-3761-337 Publicorganizations and professional bodies. -- 1919-1961. -- Consists of brochures, programs and rewspaper clippings re Ducks Unlimited, Alberta Irrigation Project Association, Western Canadian Society fo Agronomy, Canadian Forestry Association, Cypress Hills Water Users Association, and the Irrigation Development Association.

Government services. -- 1885-1964. -- Consists of the following sub-series:

Department of the Interior - Federal Irrigation Branch
Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PRFA)
International Joint Commission
Other related material

Government services - Department of the Interior - Federal Irrigation Branch
M-3761-338 Government services. -- 1898 and 1961. -- Consists of letter to Mr. Sifton containing copies of correspondence with the Surveyor General re irrigation surveys.
M-3761-339 Department of the Interior - Federal Irrigation Branch (FIB). -- 1900, 1959-1960. -- Consists of blueprint of Blow Building (occupied by the Irrigation Branch from 1911-1920s); letter to Mr. Sifton re taxes fro grazing livestock on vacant Crown lands (1900); W.L. Jacobson's correspondence re collection.
M-3761-340 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1885-1917. -- Consists of W.L. Jacobson's rough notes re FIB files.
M-3761-341 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1895-1920. -- Consists of L. Burns research papers about pioneer irrigation developments in the Bow River Basin.
M-3761-342 Federal Water Resources Branch. -- 1891-1921. -- Consists of L. Burns and W.L. Jacobson's research papers - extracts from federal files.
M-3761-343 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1914-1927. -- Consists of correspondence to Mr. Peters, Commissioner of Irrigation re duty of water investigations (1914-1916); crop reports; and demonstration plot reports.
M-3761-344 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1917-1930. -- Consists of estimated expenditures in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
M-3761-345 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1896-1924. -- Consists of accounts of early irrigation survey crews, including reports, pay lists, and statements of disposal of outfits.
M-3761-346 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1919 -1920. -- Consists of annual reports of southern Alberta irrigation projects.
M-3761-347 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1919. -- Consists of correspondence re re-classification schedules issued byt he Civil Service Commission.
M-3761-348 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1925-1927. -- Consists of reclamation section of annual report of Dominiom Water Power and Reclamation Service.
M-3761-349 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1919-1929. -- Consists of correspondence of Commissioner of Irrigation re re-classification of civil service.
M-3761-350 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1920-1921. -- Consists of reports on irrigation and Canadian irrigation surveys by Commissioner of Irrigation and Chief Engineer.
M-3761-351 Federal Irrigation Branch. -- 1895. -- Consists of plan showing structures for St. Mary irrigation canal.
Government services - Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA)
M-3761-352 PFRA - Radio broadcast scripts. -- 1937-1940
M-3761-353 PFRA - Paper submitted to Dominion-Provincial seminars. -- 1935, 1939-1940 and 1946
M-3761-354 PFRA - -Reports of activities. -- 1935-1946
M-3761-355 PFRA - Reports of activities. -- 1947-1954
M-3761-356 PFRA - Reports of activities. -- 1953-1960
M-3761-357 PFRA - Committee minutes. -- 1935-1946
M-3761-358 PFRA - Organization charts. -- 1941-1942 and 1959
M-3761-359 PFRA - Correspondence. -- 1937-18=941. -- Includes letter from W.F. Russell, Secretary of Alberta Cooperative Sugar Beet Growers re water storage and irrigation; and correspondence of John Vallance, Senior Rehabilitation Officer, re settlement of land.
M-3761-360 PFRA - Miscellany. -- 1931-1964. -- Consists of miscellaneous charts re individual water developements; maps showing distributions of projects; summary of progress and staff requirements (1936-1937); and PFRA Employees' Association newsletter (1964).
M-3761-361 PFRA - Pamphlets and newspaper clippings. -- 1935 and 1946
M-3761-362 PFRA - Water Development Committee minutes. -- 1935
M-3761-363 PFRA - Water Development Committee minutes. -- 1935-1937
M-3761-364 PFRA - Water Development Committee minutes. -- 1937-1938
M-3761-365 PFRA - Water Development Committee resolutions. -- n.d.
M-3761-366 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1936-1937. -- Consists of memo re lag between engineering and completion of projects (1936); meeting agendas; and speech by Hon. James G. Gardiner, Minister of Agriculture at 1937 conference.
M-3761-367 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1937-1938. -- Consists of report, minutes and resolutions of conference; correspondence between Alberta Minister of Agriculture D.B. Mullen and federal Minister of Agriculture J.G. Gardiner re community pastures; PRFA progress reports; and notes re major project expendirures.
M-3761-368 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1938-1939. -- Consists of Water Development Branch annual report (1939); monthly and fiscal reports of small water developments; and PFRA distribution maps.
M-3761-369 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1939. -- Consists of minutes and report of conference; speech by J.G. Gardiner at conference; and notes on PFRA staff conference.
M-3761-370 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1940-1941. -- Consists of agendas, reports of meetings and speeches.
M-3761-371 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of minutes, reports of meetings, agendas, speeches.
M-3761-372 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1943. -- Consists of minutes; report on land utilization; and attendance record of 1943 conference.
M-3761-373 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1942-1943. -- Consists of correspondence re conferences.
M-3761-374 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1943-1944. -- Consists of minutes and interim reports.
M-3761-375 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1944-1945. -- Consists of reports and speeches given at conferences; and reports of meetings.
M-3761-376 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1946. -- Consists of recommendation on land utililization; and proceedings of a meeting.
M-3761-377 PFRA - Advisory Committee. -- 1947-1950. -- Consists of proceedings of meetings.
M-3761-396 PFRA - Data sheets of payments. -- n.d.
Government services - International Joint Commission
M-3761-380 International Joint Commission (IJC). -- 1921. -- Consists of Mr. Marnoch's statement at Lethbridge hearing re St. Mary and Milk Rivers matter.
M-3761-381 International Joint Commission. -- 1921-1934. -- Consists of correspondence between Canadian and American members of the St. Mary-Milk River project.
M-3761-382 International Joint Commission. -- 1946-1959. -- Consists of correspondence re developmentof IJC, including intermin report re Sage Creek (1946).
M-3761-383 International Joint Commission. -- 1950. -- Consists of briefs re Waterton-Belly Rivers; and reports to the IJC.
M-3761-384 International Joint Commission. -- 1950-1952. -- Consists of drafts of treaty; and statements presented at IJC hearings.
M-3761-385 International Joint Commission. -- 1950-1952. -- Consists of argumentand draft re Waterton-Belly Rivers.
M-3761-386 International Joint Commission - Minutes. -- 1953
M-3761-387 International Joint Commission - General McNaughton's speeches. -- 1953-1954
M-3761-388 International Joint Commission. -- 1953-1954. -- Consists of excerpts of conference minutes, Washington (1954); final minutes of Ottawa proceedings (October 5, 1953).
M-3761-389 International Joint Commission. -- 1955. -- Consists of correspondence re Montana proposal.
Government services - Other related records
M-3761-378 Alberta Water Resources. -- 1946-1961. -- Consists of W.L. Jacobson's correspondence re collection of material.
M-3761-379 Prairie Provinces Water Board - Records of meetings. -- 1947
M-3761-390 Alberta Special Areas. -- n.d. -- Consists of maps of Tilley East showing areas reserved for community pasture.
M-3761-391 Experimental Farms Service. -- 1915, 1952-1960. -- Consists of minutes of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture Liaison Committee (1952-1953); letter to Superintendent of Irrigation re selection of farmers and crop system for experimenation (1915); research highlights and resume of work done at Lethbridge Experimenatl Station (1956-1957); and newspaper clippings.
M-3761-392 Irrigation sub-station, Vauxhall and Taber. -- 1948-1958. -- Consists of memo re irrigation investigations for 1948-1949; report on consumptive use of water determined by surface irrigation (1951); summary and progress reports of investigations at Taber and Vauxhall (1949-1957); seminar papers re irrigation and drainage (1956-1957); statistics sheets for Taber crop rotation (1949); and visitors books of sub-stations (1953-1958).
M-3761-393 Dominion Range Experimentatl Stations in Alberta and Saskatchewan - Weekly letters. -- 1937-1955
M-3761-394 National committees and boards affecting Western Agriculture. -- 1948. -- Consists of resumes of committee and lists of members.
M-3761-395 Post-War Reconstruction. -- 1943-1945. -- Consists of reports on reconstruction projects; revised recommendations from Dominion-Provincial conference.
M-3761-397 National committees on irrigation and drainage. -- 1907, 1958-1961. -- Consists of proceedings of the Irrigation Forum (1959); papers on irrigation and drainage in the tropics; and program of irrigation convention.
M-3761-398 Irrigation and Drainage Council. -- 1922-1926. -- Consists of annual report (1926); questionnaire sent to farmers in Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID) (1922).
M-3761-399 Duty of Water - Brookes, Ronalane, Strathmore and Coaldale. -- 1913-1930. -- Consists of reporst on duty of water investigations; outline of experiments at Brooks Irrigation Experimental Station (1930); newspaper clippings re experiments at Strathmore; and contour maps of Ronalane Plot Area.
M-3761-400 Irrigation Extension Demonstrations. -- 1923-1924. -- Consists of letters from farmers to W.H. Snelson re work done on their farms.
Company organizations. -- 1906-1961
M-3761-401 Canadian Pacific Railway, Department of Natural Resources. -- 1906-1960. -- Consists of information about the Eastern Irrigation section; letters to W.L. Jacobson re CPR land; newspaper clippings; map showing land for sale in Alberta (1935); and albums of life in the west.
M-3761-402 Royal Bank of Canada - Monthly newsletters. -- 1951, 1961
M-3761-403 Calgary and Edmonton Railways - Map of lands in Alberta. -- 1891
Canada - General. -- 1878-1953
M-3761-404 Sundry reports. -- 1878-1963. -- Consits of various speeches including a historical survey on the development of irrigation in Alberta; reports of proceedings of irrigation conferences; list of library publications of PFRA, Vauxhall; data sheets and memos re irrigation development on the Canadian prairies; and newspaper clippings re irrigation.
M-3761-405 Land classification data graphs for Youngstown area. -- 1957

Scanned Document View land classification data graphs.

M-3761-406 Map Saskatchewan River Power, Navigation and Irrigation Rehabilitation Scheme; film criticism - W.L. Jacobson's comments re the film Land in Trust. -- 1943, 1949

Scanned Document View map Saskatchewan River Power, Navigation and Irrigation Rehabilitation Scheme.
Scanned Document View comments re film Land in Trust.

M-3761-407 Irrigation maps and sketches of projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan. -- n.d.
M-3761-408 Speeches re wildlife and water development projects. -- 1946
M-3761-409 References and list of books on water development and conservation.
United States of America and foreign countries. -- 1897-1950
M-3761-410 Foreign and American reports. -- 1897-1950. -- Consists of speeches and reports of meetings; reports of trip to western USA (1950); and newspaper clippings re irrigation.
M-3761-411 United States Reclamation Service. -- 1932-1946. -- Consists of circular letter re Fort Peck Dam; and speeches to National Reclamation Association.
Proposed projects. -- 1920-1962
M-3761-412 ARDA project - Newspaper clippings. -- 1962

Scanned Document View newspaper clippings.

M-3761-413 William Pearce-Red Deer River project. -- 1921-1960. -- Consists of estimate of land suitable for irrigation; maps of project; William Pearce Stock Watering proposal (1937); memoand tables re water supply on North Saskatchewan project.
M-3761-414 Redcliff-Ronalane. -- 1920-1940. -- Consists of correspondence re project including letters to Hon. J.G. Gardiner (1937-1940); newspaper clippings; and speeches.
M-3761-415 Redcliff-Ronalane. -- 1937-1948. -- Consists of correspondence of Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce with John L. Robinson; and newspaper clippings.
M-3761-416 Milk River diversoin. -- n.d. -- Consists of extracts of minutes re project.
M-3761-417 New Dayton Irrigation District. -- 1919-1922. -- Consists of letter re irrigation in New Dayton area of southern Alberta.
M-3761-418 New Dayton Irrigation District. -- 1920-1947. -- Consists of correspondence, petitions and maps. Includes list of lands and owners served by the New Dayton South Canal.
M-3761-419 Medicine Hat Eastern Irrigation District - Ross Creek. -- 1920-1925 and 1948. -- Consists of correspondence; report on district; letters from D.M. Hays re district; and map.
Sugar beet industry. -- 1924-1963
M-3761-420 Beet sugar industry - General. -- 1924-1963. -- Consists of report on sugar beet industry in Alberta with graphs and photographs; letter to Prime Minister Mackenzie King re sugar beet situation (1940); and newspaper clippings and programs.
Power development. -- 1934-1962
M-3761-421 Power development. -- 1944-1950. -- Consists of correspondence of Power Commission, including minutes of meeting of Canadian Utilities Ltd. and Alberta Power Commission; aritcle re power controversy; Professor Stewart's report about re-financing of Calgary Power Company.
M-3761-422 Power development. -- 1934-1962. -- Consists of reports of electrification and proposed water development associated with irrigation expansion; and newspaper clippings.
British Columbia irrigation. -- 1945-1964
M-3761-423 British Columbia irrigation. -- 1945-1947. -- Consists of circular letter from Department of Agriculture re practical irrigation; reports, including that of Dyking, Drainage and Irrigation Commission (1946); orchard survey (1945); and summaries of investigations.
M-3761-424 British Columbia irrigation. -- 1945, 1947 and 1962. -- Consists of papers by J.C. Wilcox re irrigation research.
M-3761-425 British Columbia irrigation. -- 1946-1947 and 1952-1953. -- Consists of proceedings of the Reclamation Committee and recommendations of the Okanagan Agricultural Club Committee.
M-3761-426 British Columbia irrigation - Newspaper clippings. -- 1947 and 1952-1964
Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1933-1964
M-3761-427 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1933, 1954 and 1960. -- Consists of W.L. Jacobson's correspondence re gathering material for this collection.
M-3761-428 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1937 and 1946. -- Consists of reports about water development and agriculture.
M-3761-429 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1935-1938. -- Consists of information re Eastend and Val Marie; and resolution of Eastend Irrigation Project.
M-3761-430 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1937-1942. -- Consists of correspondence and reports re Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA); correspondence of John Vallance Sr., Rehabilitation Officer for agricultural production; expenditures statement on large water projects (1938); memo re pasture development and land settlement (1942); reports on small community projects; and the Saskatchewan Land Utilization Act.
M-3761-431 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1946. -- Consists of Qu'Appelle Valley soil survey and list of irrigable lands by L.D. McMillan.
M-3761-432 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1947-1959. -- Consists of correspondence and reports on the South Saskatchewan Project; speech of Ben Russell; submission to Hogg Commission (1951); recreation report re South Saskatchewan Project; report of Western Technical Conference (1959); and reconnaiassance soil survey (1947).
M-3761-433 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- n.d. -- Consists of application of various Saskatchewan municipalities to the province for irrigation projects. Includes applications from Willows, Wood River, Waskana, Middle Creek and Swift Current.
M-3761-434 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1937-1948. -- Consists of reports on re-classification of land based on suitability for wheat production (1937); economic classification of land and its relation to farm income (1939-1940; Elrose Saskatoon Irrigation Project (1944); soil survey report (1937); and Maple Creek and Eastend Irrigation Projects (1948).
M-3761-435 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1945-1946. -- Consists of record of Dominion-Provincial Conference on reconstruction.
M-3761-436 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1935-1939. -- Consists of miscellany, including cross-section of I.T. Wilson dam at Maple Creek; map of Spruce Woods Forest Reserve; paper on forms of relief in Saskatchewan; pamphlet on development of irrigation in the province (1939); land utilization studies; and report of sub-committee of Water Resources and Conservation.
M-3761-437 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1941-1960. -- Consists of minutes of Committee of the Privy Council (1941); minutes and reports of annual meeting of Saskatchewan Industrial Development Board (1944); and report on 11th annual irrigaton tour to Alberta.
M-3761-438 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1959-1961. -- Consists of correspondence and minutes of Saskatchewan Rivers Development Association.
M-3761-439 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1937. -- Consists of broadside re war on drought, topic of Moose Jaw meeting held January 29, 1937.
M-3761-440 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1947-1964. -- Consists of newspaper clippings re South Saskatchewan Project and irrigation in the province.
M-3761-441 Saskatchewan irrigation. -- 1920-1936. -- Consists of acts and amendments re irrigation, passed by Saskatchewan Legislature.
Scrapbooks and miscellany. -- 1894-1948
M-3761-vol.1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re irrigation. -- 1915-1921
M-3761-vol.2 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re irrigation. -- 1939-1945
M-3761-vol.3 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings re irrigation. -- 1946-1947
M-3761-442 Miscellaneous. -- 1887-1948. -- Consists of correspondence from various ranchers and settlers to the Irrigation Commissioner, inquiring about irrigation.
M-3761-443 Miscellaneous. -- 1900-1916. -- Consists of report re subsidies paid to St. Mary's River Railway (1900-1905) and to the Alberta Central Railway Company (1913-1916); subsidies paid by the Dominion Government to various railways.
M-3761-444 Miscellaneous. -- 1892-1898, [ca. 1940]. -- Consists of extracts form the North-West Territories Journals of Assembly; statement re Canadian income; and post-war reconstruction committee survey.
M-3761-445 Miscellaneous printed matter. -- 1894-1938. -- Consists of regulations of the Municipal Water and Light Company, Pincher Creek; pamphlet re farm situation in Manitoba; order-in-council (1894) re survey and transfer of various old travelled roads or trails to the Territories; part 1 of booklet re Alberta's problems and Dominion-Provincial relations (1938).
M-3761-446 Miscellaneous maps. -- 1889-1941. -- Consists of maps of Alberta showing hail rates (1941); portion of 1889 map of southern Alberta; plan of subdivisions on lands reserved for Chief Papachase; town plan of Canmore; and sheep grazing tracts in Alberta and Saskatchewan (1907).
M-3761-447 Miscellaneous. -- March 1910. -- Consists of clipping re affidavit of Colin MacLeod at Fort Macleod.
M-3761-448 Miscellaneous posters and handbills. -- 1895-1900. -- Consists of handbills ofr UFA picnic and Experimental Farm Field Day near Brooks; poster of crests of CPR departments; handbill re visit of W.H. Fairfield to the Canadian Irrigated Lands office in Lethbridge; poster re North-West Irrigation Act (1895); poster announcing organization of local irrigation committee in Lethbridge with Premier Charles Stewart, Hon. Dunan Marshall, and Hon. A. McLean as speakers; and poster for auction sale at Pacific Stables in Calgary (June 2, 1900).
M-3761-449 Miscellaneous. -- Consists of outline of W.L. Jacobson's project. Includes alphabetical index cards to personalities and a letter from Mr. Jacobson to Glenbow Archivist Hugh Dempsey re how and what he was to collect.

Series 6

Irrigation pioneers and personalities. -- 1888-1964. -- The series consists of biographical material, personal papers and recorded interviews with people involved in irrigation. -- Arranged in alphabetical order by name.

M-3761-142 "Some Personalities Associated with the Development of Irrigation on the Canadian Prairies" by W.L. Jacobson. -- [ca. 1959-1960]. -- 32 pages. -- Includes his notes and reference materials.
A - Personalities
M-3761-214 Heber S. Allen. -- 1899-1904 and 1960. -- Consists of general correspondence (1899-1904) and biographical sketch (1960).
RCT-90-11 Carl J. Anderson - Recorded interview. -- May 21, 1959. -- Please note that W.L. Jacobson often recorded more than one interview on the same audio cassette. The interview with Anderson starts 17 minutes into part 1.

Audio Guide Listen to part 1.
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Audio Guide Listen to part 3.

Scanned Document View transcript of interview.

M-3761-243 Carl J. Anderson. -- 1935, 1953-1964. -- Consists of newspaper clippings; correspondence; biographical sketch; transcript of interview (RCT-90-11); brief history of 1934-1935 negotiations leading to formation of the Eastern Irrigation District; discussion of irrigation reservoirs.

Scanned Document View biographical sketch.
Scanned Document View transcript of interview.
Scanned Document View brief history of 1934-1935 negotiations.
Scanned Document View discussion of irrigation reservoirs.
Scanned Document View newspaper clippings.
Scanned Document View correspondence, etc.

M-3761-250 John W. Anderson. -- 1917, 1954 and 1959. -- Consists of interview notes; biographical notes; Taber Irrigation District 1954 Annual Report; Taber Irrigation District debenture.

Scanned Document View interview notes and biographical notes.
Scanned Document View Taber Irrigation District 1954 Annual Report.
Scanned Document View Taber Irrigation District debenture.

M-3761-195 George Gray Anderson - Biographical sketch. -- 1959
B - Personalities
M-3761-258 Don H. Bark - Biographical sketch. -- 1960
M-3761-219 Theodore Brandley. -- 1961 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical sketch and photograph.
RCT-90-12 George Brown - Recorded interview. -- September 10, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-225 William A. Buchanan. -- 1954. -- Consists of biographical sketch and newspaper clippings.
M-3761-257 Ralph J. Burley - Biographical notes. -- 1905 and n.d.
C - Personalities
M-3761-234 Charles Ora Card. -- 1960. -- Consists of biographical sketch; correspondence re C.O. Card and J.A. Hammer of Cardston; and plans of various structures. Includes newspaper clippings re Vernon S. Shaw, E. Cahoon and Arthur Critchfield, Cardston and Magrath pioneers.
M-3761-215 Harry C. Cavan. -- n.d. -- Consists of biographical notes; speech on determining potential agricultural value of water development projects.
M-3761-232 Adelbert Cazier (1860-1933). -- 1933 and 1960. -- Consists of biographical sketch and newspaper clipping re his death.
RCT-90-32 Charles Chalmers - Recorded interview. -- July 16, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-253 L.C. Charlesworth. -- 1903-1905, 1938, 1947 and 1956. -- Consists of general correspondence and biographical sketch.
M-3761-271 Chester Clendening - Rough notes on interview. -- 1959
M-3761-266 James Colley. -- 1931 and 1960. -- Consists of correspondence between Colley and W.L. Jacobson.
M-3761-233 A.B. Cook. -- 1906, 1920, 1958 and 1964. -- Consists of Cook's report for field operations of Party No. 12 for 1920; newspaper clipping re his death (1964), etc.
RCT-90-16 Carl C. Cook - Recorded interview. -- October 7, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-265 Trueman William Crofts. -- 1945 and 1961. -- Consists of an extract from the Lethbridge Herald re "Tom" Crofts.
M-3761-172 Frederick G. Cross. -- 1939, 1959-1961. -- Includes biographical sketch; and list of painting by Cross.
D - Personalities
M-3761-247 Orvey J. Davidson. -- 1944 and n.d. -- Includes brief description of Mountain View's beginning.
M-3761-191 Alexander Scott Dawson - Biographical sketch. -- 1959
M-3761-192 John Stoughton Dennis. -- 1898, 1914, 1938, 1960-1961. -- Consists of biograhical sketch; notes by R.H. Peters re irrigation conditions in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan (1910); and newspaper clippings re J.S. Dennis.
RCT-90-32 Colin Dewhurst - Recorded interview. -- July 15, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-255 Edward Fisher Drake - Biographical sketch with photograph. -- 1960
M-3761-221 Samuel S. Dunham - Biograhical sketch. -- n.d.
E - Personalities
M-3761-198 E.E. Eisenhauer. -- 1927, 1938, 1960. -- Consists of biographical sketch and newspaper clippings.
F - Personalities
RCT-90-1 Dr. W.H. Fairfield - Recorded interview. -- 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-143 W.H. Fairfield. -- 1874-1961. -- Consists of biographical notes; family traced to United Empire Loyalists; and history of original Fairfield home near Collins, Ontario (with photographs).
M-3761-144 W.H. Fairfield. -- 1895-1960. -- Consists of letters from friends overseas during war times; and letters re Fairfield's retirement.
M-3761-145 W.H. Fairfield. -- 1901-1961. -- Consists of correspondence re South Alberta Water Conservation Council; minutes of fertilizer conference (1928); minutes of Alberta Farmers' Association irrigation committee (1907); memo of agreement between Fairfield and Canadian North-West Irrigation Company (1901).
M-3761-146 W.H. Fairfield. -- 1911-1936. -- Consists of correspondence re farm and bills for farm maintenance.
M-3761-147 W.H. Fairfield - Experimental Station, Lethbridge. -- 1915-1956. -- Consists of biographical background of Fairfield's involvement; photograph of superintendent; history of Coaldale; and special waterworks opening issue of the Coaldale Flyer.
M-3761-148 W.H. Fairfield - Lethbridge town planning. -- 1946-1961. -- Includes zoning bylaw (1956) and Burgess Town Planning Report (1946).
M-3761-149 W.H. Fairfield - Reports. -- 1930 and 1946. -- Consists of pictorial booklet of Community Progress Competitions (1930); and report about irrigation and drainage progress and problems in Alberta and Saskatchewan (1946).
M-3761-150 W.H. Fairfield - Speeches and interviews. -- 1920-1961. -- Includes "The History and Progress of Irrigation around Lethbridge".
M-3761-151 W.H. Fairfield - Cards, invitations and certificates. -- 1911-1937
M-3761-152 W.H. Fairfield - Biographical newspaper clippings. -- 1911-1961
M-3761-152 W.H. Fairfield - Fairfield House in Ontario. -- 1899-1961
M-3761-153 W.H. Fairfield - Irrigation newspaper clippings. -- 1903-1960
M-3761-oversize William H. Fairfield. -- Consists of certificate of Bachelor of Science; diploma recognizing literary attainment from State Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colorado (1894); and picture of the College's ground and buildings.
RCT-90-3 John D. "Jack" Fairless - Recorded interview. -- October 24, 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-241 John Davidson Fairless. -- 1958. -- Consists of biographical notes, and interview notes.
RCT-90-9 F.P. Fisher - Recorded interview. -- August 4, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-246 Franklin Pierce Fisher - Personal notes. -- 1959
RCT-90-3 Hugh H. Forster - Recorded interview. -- October 24, 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-197 Wallace L. Foss. -- 1952, 1959 and n.d. -- Consists of biograhical notes; Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) newsletter; and report with engineer's viewpoint on irrigation in Western Canada.
M-3761-272 Merritt Henry French. -- 1914-1915, 1921, 1959. -- Consists of list of active schemes to be attended by French; report by French; biograhical sketch; and plans of various schemes.
G - Personalities
RCT-90-2 Reuben P. Gilchrist - Recorded interview. -- October 9, 1958

Audio Guide Listen now.

M-3761-216 Reuben Parker Gilchrist. -- 1958-1961. -- Consists of biographical sketch and Canadian Cattlemen clipping.
M-3761-167 John Glenn. -- 1932, 1958-1962. -- Consists of biographical sketch; plan of Fish Creek; sketch of irrigation ditch; and newspaper clipping.
M-3761-262 Arthur M. Grace - Biographical sketch. -- 1914-1960
RCT-90-14 E. Leslie Gray - Recorded interview. -- September 24, 1959. -- 1959
M-3761-173 Augustus Griffin. -- 1935-1960. -- Includes biographical sketch; and paper about relation of irrigation to community development.
M-3761-223 Colin G. Groff. -- 1959 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical sketch and newspaper clipping re death.
H - Personalities
RCT-90-21 Alvin Hamilton - Recorded speech to Western Canada Reclamation Association, Medicine Hat. -- October 29, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
RCT-90-13 James F. Hamilton - Recorded interview. -- January 7, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-242 James Frederick Hamilton. -- 1905-1915 and 1959. -- Consists of biographical sketch and summary of interview.
RCT-90-18 Bert Hargrave - Recorded interview. -- October 22, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-270 Herbert Hargrave. -- 1919, 1932 and 1958-1960. -- Consists of history of the Hargrave Ranch; Hargrave's brief to Irrigation Commission (1958); ranch organization and study; photographs of various districts; and plan of irrigation structure.
M-3761-228 Levi Harker - Biographical notes. -- n.d.
M-3761-212 Stanley H. Hawkins. -- 1938, 1959-1960. -- Consists of biographical sketch; and radio broadcast scripts re water development construction.
M-3761-170 David W. Hayes. -- 1922-1960 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical sketch; report on irrigation development (1939); plans of sluice gate of Val Marie Community Project; and history of irrigation.
RCT-90-2 L. E. Helmer - Recorded interview. -- October 23, 1958

Audio Guide Listen to part 1.
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RCT-90-2 Mack Higdon - Recorded interview. -- October 10, 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
RCT-90-9 A.H. Hildenbrand - Recorded interview. -- June 26, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-248 A.H. Hildenbrand. -- 1957-1960. -- Consists of correspondence between Hildenbrand and W.L. Jacobson.
M-3761-235 A.B. Hogg - Rough biographical notes. -- n.d.
M-3761-171 Gavin Nelson Houston. -- 1922-1960 and n.d. -- Includes biographical sketch.
M-3761-217 Walter Huckvale. -- 1959 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical notes and photograph.
RCT-90-17 Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Hunt - Recorded interview. -- October 10, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-222 George H. Hutton - Biographical sketch. -- n.d.
J - Personalities
M-3761-174 W.L. Jacobson - Personal papers. -- 1905-1958. -- Includes personal correspondence; newspaper clippings re retirement; information about his father; and rough biographical notes.
M-3761-175 W.L. Jacobson. -- 1919-1956 and n.d. -- Consists of reports re sprinkler research in Canada; development of small irrigation projects on the prairies (1938); Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) map; correspondence re PFRA; and copies of his radio broadcasts.
M-3761-176 W.L. Jacobson. -- 1919-1930. -- Consists of technical irrigation material re marketing, conventions, bulletins and reports.
M-3761-177 W.L. Jacobson. -- 1918-1967 and n.d. -- Consists of speeches, reports, charts of crop yields from irrigated lands; and report re use of commercial fertilizers under irrigation.
M-3761-178 W.L. Jacobson. -- 1929-1931. -- Consists of correspondence and reports re fertilizers.
M-3761-179 W.L. Jacobson. -- 1948-1950. -- Consists of correspondence re International Joint Commission. Includes correspondence of George Spence.
M-3761-180 W.L. Jacobson - Crops and irrigation newspaper clippings. -- 1917-1931
M-3760 W.L. Jacobson - Speech on history of irrigation. -- 1959
M-3761-194 Percy John Jennings and M.H. Marchall. -- 1931-1939 and 1960-1961. -- Consists of biographical sketches and personal correspondence.
M-3761-224 Christian Jensen. -- 1919, 1950 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical sketch; speech on why we want irrigation as adjunct to dryland farming; and newspaper clippings about a family reunion at Waterton Park.
K - Personalities
M-3761-269 Ernest King - Rough biographical notes. -- 1959
M-3761-196 Jesse Knight - Biographical sketch. -- 1958. -- Includes information about Will Knight.
RCT-90-30 A.B. Koole - Recorded interview. -- July 24, 1962. -- 1 audio cassette
L - Personalities
RCT-90-13 Morris F.R. Lloyd - Recorded interview. -- 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-164 M.F. Ronald Lloyd - Interview notes. -- 1958
RCT-90-22 Harold G. Long - Recorded interview. -- December 2, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-213 Harold George Long - 1947 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical sketch; and brief prepared by H.G. Long (1941).
RCT-90-4 O.S. Longman - Recorded interview. -- [ca. 1958 or 1959]. -- 1 audio cassette
RCT-90-11 Joseph S. Low - Recorded interview. -- August 22, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-249 Joseph S. Low - Interview notes. -- 1959
M - Personalities
M-3761-259 Charles A. Magrath. -- 1888, 1925, 1949-1950. -- Consists of biographical sketch and newspaper clippings.
RCT-90-19 Nelson Malm - Recorded interview. -- October 16, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-200 Mark Mann. -- 1938, 1959-1962. -- Consists of biographical sketch; newspaper clippings about his retirement; and a radio broadcast script.
M-3761-194 M.H. Marchall and Percy John Jennings. -- 1931-1939 and 1960-1961. -- Consists of biographical sketches and personal correspondence.
M-3761-260 George Marnoch. -- 1917-1921 and 1967. -- Consists of speech on practical cooperation; and recollections of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID).
M-3761-231 Charles McCarthy - Biographical notes. -- n.d.
RCT-90-27 J.I McDermott - Recorded interview. -- January 6, 1961. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-261 James D. McGregor - Biographical notes. -- n.d.

Scanned Document View now.

RCT-90-33 J.W.M. McLane - Recorded interview. -- November 20, 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-240 John White McLane - Interview notes. -- 1958-1959
RCT-90-16 B.R. McMullen - Recorded interview. -- October 8, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-230 Victor Meek - Biographical sketch. -- 1960
RCT-90-20 C.M. Moore - Recorded interview. -- October 23, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-245 Charles M. Moore - Biographical notes. -- 1928 and 1959
M-3761-263 H.b. Muckleson. -- 1936 and n.d. -- Consists of speech on irrigation enterprises of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in Alberta; and biographical notes.
N-O - Personalities
M-3761-226 Peter L. Naismith - Biographical notes. -- n.d.
RCT-90-15 Charles E. Oliver - Recorded interview. -- September 26-27, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
P - Personalities
RCT-90-(30-31) Asael E. Palmer - Speech re dry land farming, and recorded interview. -- 1961. -- 2 audio cassettes
M-3761-169 Asael E. Palmer. -- 1936-1960. -- Consists of interview with Palmer; and his articles and reports about irrigation and soil drifting in Alberta.
M-3761-264 Gilbert H. Patrick - Biographical sketch with photographs. -- 1940
M-3761-185 William Pearce. -- 1891-1963. -- Includes biographical sketch; reoprts; extracts from speeches; and sketches of projects.
M-3761-218 Frederick W. Pearson. -- 1952. -- Consists of notes on article by Pearson printed in the Coaldale Flyer.
M-3761-254 Frederick H. Peters. -- 1912 and 1960-1963. -- Consists of notes on trip through Western Irrigation States; and narrative and notes by Peters.
RCT-90-24 Richard W. Pilling - Recorded interview. -- July 11, 1960. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-220 Richard W. Pilling Sr. -- 1960. -- Consists of biographical sketch; interview re his grandfather; and photograph.
M-3761-181 S.G. Porter. -- 1941, 1945 and 1958. -- Includes biographical sketch of Sam Graham Porter.
M-3761-182 S.G. Porter. -- 1898-1943. -- Consists of papers and speeches by Porter.
M-3761-183 S.G. Porter. -- 1904-1945. -- Consists of scrapbook of the Department of the Interior.
R - Personalities
M-3761-227 J.J. Ririe and Elmer Ririe. -- 1959-1960 and n.d. -- Consists of biographical notes; and interview with James Orson Briggs.
RCT-90-26 I.B. Roberts - Recorded interview. -- 1960. -- 1 audio cassette
RCT-90-(4&6) Ben Russell - Recorded interview. -- April 1959. -- 2 audio cassettes
M-3761-236 Benjamin Russell. -- 1959. -- Consists of biographical sketch and interview notes.
M-3761-237 Benjamin Russell. -- 1935, 1943-1959. -- Consists of data on North Saskatchewan Project (1943); summary of Dominion-Provincial negotiations on irrigation development in Alberta; and progress report on St. Mary-Milk River Project (1949).
M-3761-238 Benjamin Russell. -- 1911-1953. -- Consists of notes re irrigation development; photographs with descriptions; and correspondence about the Foss Report.
M-3761-239 Benjamin Russell. -- 1946-1954. -- Consists of map showing Ronalane-Redcliffe Extension; notes on Bow River Project; notes on St. Mary-Milk River Development; and newspaper clippings.
RCT-90-(1&3) William F. Russell - Recorded interview. -- December 5, 1958. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-165 William F. Russell. -- 1958, 1962 and n.d. -- Includes biography.
S - Personalities
RCT-90-(24, 27-29) Penrose M. Sauder - Recorded interview. -- March 30, April 26 and August 2, 1961. -- 4 audio cassettes
M-3761-156 P.M. Sauder - Biographical. -- 1960 and n.d.
M-3761-157 P.M. Sauder - General correspondence. -- 1904-1961. -- Consists of engineers report; report on what irrigation means to Alberta; information about Sauder's activities inthe Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta.
M-3761-158 P.M. Sauder - Correspondence re Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District. -- 1907-1941. -- Sauder was project manager for the LNID.
M-3761-159 P.M. Sauder - Correspondence re Southern Alberta Sheep Breeders. -- 1925-1937. -- Includes bills, woolgrading statements, etc.
M-3761-160 P.M. Sauder - Rotary Club of Lethbridge. -- 1936-1940. -- Consists of programs, weekly letters, etc.
M-3761-161 P.M. Sauder - Biographical newspaper clippings. -- 1955-1963
M-3761-162 P.M. Sauder - Agriculture newspaper clippings. -- 1922-1941
M-3761-163 P.M. Sauder - Natural resources newspaper clippings. -- 1934 and n.d.
M-3761-229 B.J. Saunders - Biographical notes. -- 1904 and n.d.
M-3761-166 Hugh Kinard Shaw and Maltman William Shaw. -- 1958. -- Includes interview notes.
RCT-90-18 James Small - Recorded interview. -- [ca. October 14, 1954]. -- 1 audio cassette
RCT-90-12 Dewey Smith - Recorded interview. -- [ca. 1958 or 1959]. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-251 Dewey Smith - Interview notes. -- 1959
RCT-90-14 George Spence - Recorded interview. -- Septebmer 22, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-154 George Spence. -- 1929-1961. -- Includes radio broadcast speech re rehabilitation (1937); and speech about post-war reconstruction (1942).
M-3761-268 J. Arthur Spencer. -- 1959-1960. -- Consists of correspondence and memos re Spencer.
M-3761-256 John Stewart. -- 1906-1907. -- Consists of Stewart's report as Commissioner and Chief Engineer of Irrigation.
RCT-90-(7-8) Robert S. Stockton - Recorded interview. -- June 23-25, 1959. -- 2 audio cassettes
M-3761-186 Robert S. Stockton - Biographical sketch and interview. -- 1959
M-3761-187 Robert S. Stockton - Personal correspondence. -- 1909-1960
M-3761-188 Robert S. Stockton's reports and articles about irrigation. -- 1911-1939 and n.d.
M-3761-189 Robert Stockton - Hydrography correspondence and maps. -- 1916-1927. -- Includes data re Eastern Section, and information on canal linings and seepage.
M-3761-190 Robert Stockton - Various. -- 1913-1935. -- Consists of correspondence re crops and farming; information re agricultural policy; and program for Grand Amateur Concert in Strathmore Opera House (1921).
M-3761-168 George L. Stringham. -- 1958-1960. -- Consistsof biographical sketch of George Lewis Stringham, 1876-1958; and highlights of the lives of Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Stringham.
M-3761-184 Ted Sundal. -- 1921, 1945-1947. -- Includes reports re St. mary and Milk Rivers irrigation development (1946); plans re Burdett Irrigation District (1946)/
RCT-90-6 Norman M. Sutherland - Recorded interview. -- April 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
M-3761-244 Norman M. Sutherland. -- 1924-1926, 1941 and 1959. -- Consists of supplement re Canada Land and Irrigation Company - Irrigation Operations (1924-1926); interview notes; and biographical notes.
T - Personalities
M-3761-201 Dr. Leonard Baden Thomson (1900-1956). -- 1948 and 1960. -- Consists of a biograhical sketch; history of the Riverside Ranching Company; list of articles, radio and press statements (1948-1956); and an article about Mr. Thomson as Director of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PRFA).
M-3761-202 Leonard Thomson - Personal correspondence. -- 1917-1958. -- Includes a record of his university grades, and letters of recommendation.
M-3761-203 Leonard Thomson - Political correspondence. -- 1954-1956. -- Regarding Dr. Thomson as leader of the Saskatchean Liberal Party.
M-3761-204 Leonard Thomson - Speeches. -- 1948-1956
M-3761-205 Leonard Thomson - Articles, press statements and radio broadcasts. -- 1935, 1938, and 1948-1956
M-3761-206 Leonard Thomson. -- n.d. -- Consists of manuscript report of Central Saskatchewan Water and Land Use Development by Coordinating Committee on Investigations.
M-3761-207 Leonard Thomson - Report on New Zealand and Australia visit. -- 1947
M-3761-208 Leonard Thomson - Certificates and invitations. -- 1913-1956
M-3761-209 Leonard Thomson - Biographical newspaper clippings. -- 1940-1956 and n.d.
M-3761-210 Leonard Thomson - Political newspaper clippings. -- 1954 and n.d.
M-3761-211 Leonard Thomson - Irrigation newspaper clippings. -- 1938-1954
M-3761-oversize Leonard B. Thomson certificate, etc. -- Consists of certificate of appointment to Order of the British Empire; membership in the National War Finance Committee (1945); and certificate of doctorate.
RCD-3 and RET-20 L.B. Thompson - Sound recording of CBC radio broadcast, "Summer Fallow" re life of Leonard Baden Thompson". -- April 14, 1947. -- 2 transcription discs and 1 audio tape reel. RET-20 is a copy of the discs in RCD-3.
V-W - Personalities
M-3761-199 John Vallance. -- 1938, 1943 and 1959-1961. -- Consists of biographical sketch, and speech by Vallance about water development.
M-3761-267 Sir William Van Horne - Biographical sketch. -- 1912
M-3761-252 George A. Walker - Newspaper clippings re death. -- n.d.
RCT-90-32 Major W. Tait White - Recorded interview. -- July 16, 1959. -- 1 audio cassette
Various Personalities

Personalities - Biograhical sketches and personal correspondence. Consists of the following:

George Boese
Albert Helmer
Lawrence E. Helmer
Charles Raley


Personalities - Biographical sketches and personal correspondence. Consists of the following:

Mrs. W. Acheson
William George Bock
P.T. Bone
George S. Brown
Phil A. Fetterly
O. Stanley Longman
Charles W. Peterson
William Hoyt Snelson
J. Sutton (memo re sugar beet industry's importance)
William Toole
Isaac Zacharias


Personalities - Biograhical sketches and personal correspondence. Consists of the following:

Hon. Thomas Mayne Daly
T.M. Evans
Elliot Torrence Galt
T.M. Montague
James Small
John S. Tempest
Thomas Wotherspoon


Personalities - Biographical sketches and personal correspondence. Consists of the following:

Dr. E.S. Archibald
Alec J. Branch
Hobart Rodney Carscallen
Sir James Currie
Edward William Perceval Foster
E. Leslie Gray
Sir Charles Edward Henry Hobhouse
Sir Ronald B. Lane
Lord William Plender
Isaac Bliss Roberts
James Snape
John Stocks
John W. Taylor

Also includes sketches of various projects.


Personalities - Biographical sketches and personal correspondence. Consists of the following:

John George "Kootenai" Brown
Frank R. Burfield (1921 report and plan of irrigation works)
H.L. Chittenden
Carl C. Cook
Col. Edward Spence Doughty
Stanley H. Frame
Edwin N. Francis
J.G. Gardiner
Charles H. Griffin
F.W. Hanna
Mark Higdon
J.D. Higinbotham
W.B. Hutcheson
Mr. Larsen
R.W. MacIntyre (1903 report)
Gordon L. Mackenzie
C.J. McGavin
J.G. McIntosh (1904 expenditures statement)
M. St. John Miller
J.C. Milligan
Leslie Monroe
Hugh Edward Pearson
Dr. Charles E. Saunders
S.G. Sidenius
Frank R. Taylor
G.D. Walter
Arthur O. Wheeler
Major Tait White
Dr. John A. Widstoe


Personalities - Newspaper clippings. -- 1924-1964. Consists of the following:

Walter Ackroyd
Phil Baker
George Bathgate
A.B. Crichfield
William Edwards
R.S. "Bob" Lawrence
Tom Lynch
Duncan Marshall
Bryant Ross McMullin
T.W. Morden
Charles E. Oliver
Frank Oliver
Daniel Riley
Carl Rungius
Wilford C. Shields
John Tait Watson

Series 7

Photographs. -- 1896-1960. -- 2412 photographs

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1102 Irrigation scenes, personalities and general Alberta views. -- 1896-1960. -- 1060 photographs
PB-315 Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) and other group views. -- 1918, 1935 and n.d. -- 8 photographs
PD-99 Ten albums of irrigation, farming and general Alberta views. -- 1909-1939. -- 1342 photographs
PE-40 Panoramas of St. Mary's Dam. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs
NA-2108 Views of construction of irrigation works, southern Alberta and the Milk River area. -- 1896-[ca. 1955]. -- 14 photographs. -- These are all copies of prints on PA-1102 and PD-99 above.

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