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Railway picnic group at summit of Rogers Pass, 1895
Railway picnic group at summit of Rogers Pass, 1895

T.K. Kilpatrick fonds

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Series 1 T.K. Kilpatrick's diaries and work journals. -- 1887, 1891-1936
Series 2 T.K. Kilpatrick's personal papers. -- 1888-1939
Series 3 Donald Kilpatrick's railway-related reference material. -- 1972-1986
Series 4 Scanned Document Photographs. -- 1885-1929


Series 1 T.K. Kilpatrick's diaries and work journals. -- 1887, 1891-1936. -- 37.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of small notebooks and diaries in which Kilpatrick recorded his work activities, expenses, travels, and notes to himself. The bold headings below indicate the official position he held during different periods of time. The detailed list, describing the contents of each journal, was compiled in 2007 by Glenbow volunteer and railway enthusiast, Eric Wicherts. His personal comments are indicated in individual entries by square brackets: [].
  Bridgeman for Canadian Pacific Railway
M-7919-1 Work journal. -- 1887. -- Consists of notebook entitled "Rates of Wages, Division no. 1, January 1887 & 88".  Includes descriptions of the Lawrie and Illecillewaet Stations as well as an alphabetical list of wages.
M-7919-2 Work journal. -- 1891-1892. -- Consists of descriptions of the Slocan bridge, another bridge (name unreadable), a numbered bridge, Kootenay bridge, and Taghum bridge. Includes lists of materials used.
M-7919-3 Canadian Pacific Railway: Annotated Time Table. -- 1892. -- Consists of a modern reprint of the 1892 CPR timetable.
  Bridge Inspector for Canadian Pacific Railway
M-7919-4 Work journal. -- 1893. -- Consists of lists of materials used for bridges, bridge inspections, Glacier East at mile 1188, lists of timber stored at locations such as mile 1361 (later numbered 857). [Note: In the early years of the CPR mileages in the mountains were numbered all the way from Vancouver.]
M-7919-5 Bridges work journal. -- October 1893. -- Consists of a notebook entitled "List of Bridges CPR 1893", re bridge inspections on the S&O railway. [Shuswap and Okanagan railway is the branch line of the CPR from Sicamous to Vernon]. The following mileages on this branch apply Sicamous=0, Enderby=32, Armstrong=55, Larkin=73, Vernon=83. Comment about the Illecillewaet crossing of the R&A Ry. [The CPR branch from Revelstoke to the head of the Arrow Lake, now abandoned]. Includes comments about the Revelstoke Bridge, Eagle River crossings between miles 993 and 1005, drawings of wood trusses.
M-7919-6 Work journal. -- 1893. -- Consists of parts of the original CPR timetables, mainly Revelstoke to Kamloops and the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan] branch, list of bridges number 857 to 1361 [Numbered from Vancouver; there were at least 13 crossings of the Illecillewaet and these were NOT numbered according to the mileage from Vancouver]
M-7919-7 Work journal. -- December 18, 1893-April 24, 1894. -- Consists of mainly materials ordered and   loaded.
M-7919-8 Work journal. -- 1895. -- Consists of material required for bridges and snowsheds and costs of this material.
M-7919-9 Work journal. -- 1895. -- Consists of bridge materials between miles 864 and 1360 and bridges to be filled in, detailed costs for Arrow Lake from 1894, gives the cost of the CPR train going to the Chicago World's Fair (5 cars including the sleeper "Saturna"), data on snowfall 1886-1894.
M-7919-10 Diary. -- 1895. -- Consists of descriptions of Kirkpatrick's moves between various locations.
M-7919-11 Work journal. -- 1895. -- Consists of work requirements on bridges and snowsheds between miles 857 and 1361. Contains original CPR forms for materials and a solicitation letter of a carpenter to work on a bridge gang.
M-7919-12 Work journal. -- 1896. -- Consists of construction and materials for the Revelstoke bridge and bridges at miles 1013 and 986.
M-7919-13 Work journal. -- 1896. -- Consists of bridge inspections from mile 1008 to mile 1361 and loaded and stored materials.
M-7919-14 Work journal. -- 1896. -- Consists of inspection reports of bridges between miles 800 and 1200.
M-7919-15 Diary. -- 1896. -- Consist of travel and pay to personnel [Someone has ripped out old postage stamps].
M-7919-16 Work journal. -- 1896. -- Consists of a detailed construction of a bridge with up to 7 piers [Possibly the bridge over the Columbia at Revelstoke], materials for bridges mile 977-1172 and snowsheds at Rogers Pass.
M-7919-17 Diary. -- 1897. -- Consists of travel and payments to several people.
M-7919-18 Work journal. -- 1897. -- Consists of the layout for the yard at Okanagan Landing, materials for Rogers Pass, Donald, a timber bridge at Shuswap, a watertank at Salmon Arm, tunnel 29 at mile 1053 [only partly legible], the foundation of a dam bridge at mile 1090, inspection of bridges and snowsheds between miles 800 and 1300.
M-7919-19 Work journal. -- July 1897. -- Consists of sketch of bridge 1169, Arrowhead slip, and building details of bridges.
M-7919-20 Work journal. -- 1897. -- Consists of details of wooden railway bridges between miles 1114 and 1169, coal trains on Rogers Pass [These are not the massive coal trains of today for the export trade but instead coal trains for CPR's own use for their locomotives], movement of building materials for bridges between miles 982 and 1361, work requirements for 1898, wheel loadings on several engine types, weights of passenger cars. [poor legibility].
M-7919-21 Work journal. -- 1897-1899. -- Consists of a notebook with the name "A. McGregor" on the inside cover, re car loadings in this period.
M-7919-22 Work journal. -- 1898. -- Consists of cross section of the freight shed of Grand Trunk Railway's Courtland station, layout and cross section of the slip at Port Dover, comments on the Columbia bridge at Donald [which appeared to be a swing bridge], car numbers of work trains and weight of rotary plows, drawing of the Sicamous section house, variety of notes on bridges between miles 868 and 1361.
M-7919-23 Diary. -- 1898. -- Consists of travel, pay to people, costs of materials.
M-7919-24 Work journal. -- July 1898. -- Consist of inspections of snowsheds 1 to 53, drawing of a cross section of shed 32, construction details of several sheds.
M-7919-25 Work journal. -- 1898. -- Consists of a notebook entitled "Appropriations Year 1898" with budget appropriations for road work, lecture notes on airbrake systems, engine power requirements for different trains, detailed charges for special trains, sheds at Clanwilliams, wheel loadings of different types of locomotives, report on a boiler explosion November 12, 1898, lecture notes on air signals [From the conductor on passenger trains to the engineer; the system used compressed air from the brake line which when pulled by the conductor gave a whistling signal in the engine cab], a comparative statement on the performance of steam rotary snowplows between 1892 and 1897, cost estimates for a shop in Golden, clearance requirements for large cylindered compound locomotives [Before the days of superheated steam railways they sometimes used compound locomotives where the exhaust steam was used twice resulting also in having one larger size low pressure cylinder], list of equipment for rotary plows, dimensions of the hotel at Glacier.
M-7919-26 Work journal. -- October 1898-May 1899. -- Consists of mileage of the Columbia bridge at 1053, a journal of "things–to-do", the Ice House at Arrowhead Lake [Ice was cut out of the lakes for refrigeration of railway cars and storage], the bridge over the Bow River with 7 crossing spans, a map of a washout at bridge 257, details of the wharf at Kelowna, notes about materials left too long on the Penticton wharf, number of water barrels on bridges [to squelch fires from locomotives sparks], copies of timetables (December 12, 1898) for: R&A Branch, Shuswap Main Line, S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan] branch, Mountain Main line, Laggan to Revelstoke, and Kamloops to Revelstoke.
M-7919-27 Work journal. -- 1899. -- Consists of notebook entitled "Sheds and Tunnels" re precise mileages and heights of bridges between miles 983 and 1361, location and length of snowsheds 1 to 53, location and length of tunnels 29 to 39, location and heights of bridges on the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan] and the R&A, mileages of named stations [Note: mileages have since changed substantially due to track relocations and re-umberings of mileposts]. [Hard to read due to wear].
M-7919-28 Revelstoke Council notebook. -- 1899. -- Consists of notes about houses in Revelstoke, Cross section of snowshed 19a, signal locations, drawing of a beamhoist, bowling alley at Glacier House, dimensions of class 700 locomotives, note about Revelstoke City Council Board of Works.
M-7919-29 Work journal. -- November-December 1899. -- Consists of bridge inspections from mile 837-932, mileages of Hector, Field, Golden, Beaver, Salmon Arm. [Mileage numbers have since changed due to track relocations and re-numbering for modern subdivisions].
M-7919-30 Diary. -- 1899-August 1900. -- Consists of a daily record of travels along the line. August 1899 mentions a trip by "motorcar". [This is most likely a journey by a steam driven rail vehicle].
M-7919-31 Work journal. -- October 1899-February 1900. -- Consists of a cross section of snowshed 1, map of bridges at 6th,7th,8th crossings [Illecillewaet?], cross section of shed 19, cross section of Rogers Pass coal lift, water supply for locomotives at Golden, detailed drawing of the Revelstoke Fire Hall, cross section of the Revelstoke and Field fire engine stalls, prices of materials and labour, costs of rebuilding snowsheds in 1900, costs and revenues for Revelstoke budget estimates in 1900. [He sat on the Revelstoke City Council at this time].
M-7919-32 Work journal. -- June 1900. -- Consists of construction of snowsheds 6 to 32, inspection of all sheds, remarks about the Sicamous boat[?] house.
M-7919-33 Work journal. -- 1900. -- Consists of precise costs of materials for snowsheds and bridge inspections [Mostly written in ink and copied from field notes].
M-7919-34 Work journal. -- November 12-December 12, 1900. -- Consists of bridge inspection miles 388, 900, 1170, ice jam in the Kicking Horse River on November 25 1900, precise drawing of a swinging jetty, estimation for a hospital.[Where?]
M-7919-35 Work journal. -- 1900. -- Consists of the cost of a work train and the cost of "Millers' outfit", work items, Revelstoke / Sicamous, houses along the track [Owned by CPR ?], detailed drawing of arch bridge at mile 1188, repairs to Glacier House, the Sicamous Hotel / Station building.
M-7919-36 Work journal. -- 1900-1901, 1905. -- Consists of notes regarding different classes of CPR locomotives such as wheel sizes, weights, types including compounds, data on rotary plows, costs of telegraph wire., cost of the CPR's train to the World's Fair in Chicago, how to lay out a curve, comments on bridges between miles 837 and 979.
M-7919-37 Work journal. -- September 1900-October 1901. -- Consists of wages paid to workers, measurements of gaps on section 43-76, road numbers of engines used on different sections, Royal Train from Kamloops to Hector.
  Superintendent of Mountain and Shuswap Sub-divisions of Canadian Pacific Railway
M-7919-38 Work journal. -- 1901. -- Consists of a notebook entitled "Memos re Appropriation Work, Season 1901", re work on the Shuswap section, S&O Branch, Arrow Lake Branch, and Mountain Branch.
M-7919-39 Work journal. -- April-June 1901. -- Consists of work layouts on several sections in the mountains and British Columbia.
M-7919-40 Work journal. -- 1901. -- Consists of comments on bridges between miles 400 and 500. [Journal is mainly empty]
M-7919-41 Work journal. -- 1901, 1902, 1903. -- Consists of a report on rail relay operations, a list comparing CPR rolling stock of 1886 and 1902 by road numbers, stopping distances of trains.
M-7919-42 Work journal. -- July 26-August 28, 1902. -- Consists of the construction of pilings at the Penticton dock, the boathouse at the Emerald Lake chalet, sketch of the track layout at mile 1343 and shed repairs, sketches of a major derailment and the car numbers involved.
M-7919-43 Work journal. -- September 1-December 7, 1902. -- Consists of the log of a work train on September 7, 1902 going west to Rogers Pass and back to Golden, times and speed of that train, story about a train collision at Field on October 4, 1902 and the damage report [This was a complex 3-way crash], work at Vernon, discussion about a trail to be made at Rogers Pass to the summit to build a [tourist?] cabin there, operating rules for the Hill [Field ?], the operating hazards on the Hill before the Spiral Tunnels were constructed, Mr. Crump [Later president of the CPR].
M-7919-44 Construction materials ledger. -- 1902-1903, 1906. -- Consists of a field book kept by W.W. Foster of Revelstoke re new steel to be laid, steel shipped and received, bozano joints, ties required, etc. There is an index at the beginning of the notebook.
M-7919-45 Work journal. -- 1903. -- Consists of general notes about crews and work in the mountains, sketch of a freight car gone through a bridge in March 1903, notes about cattle running loose in the Salmon Arm yard, note about a hay shipment, hotel charge in Revelstoke for $50 per month, pay scale for the hospital in Vernon.
M-7919-46 Work journal. -- August 1903-April 1904. -- Consists of notes about work and loaded timber cars and the cost of ties, timing of train 2 from Revelstoke to Golden to Field, water supply to Glacier House, Mr. Beatty [Later president of the CPR] as a passenger on the R&A (October 18, 1903), the Enderby yard, houses in British Columbia, the Revelstoke hospital.
M-7919-47 Work journal. -- April-September 29, 1904. -- Consists of notes about the price of land. Mr Crump stuck in caboose in a snow slide, timing of trains 2, 96, 97, land grants at Sicamous and Kamloops, car loadings and building repairs, flowers for Emerald Lake [Chalet ?], an accident of a "rig and horses", section labour hours, coal consumption at Rogers Pass (60 tons/day), the steamer "Aberdeen" with cars of fruit to Vernon, operating notes on the Field Hill.
M-7919-48 Work journal. -- 1905. -- Consists of costs of passenger cars, track conditions , prices of track materials, timing of trains 2, 97 and 20, complaint about a porter, number of wooden bridges from Laggan to Kamloops.
M-7919-49 Work journal. -- 1905-1906. -- Consists of notes about travel times [7 hours between Revelstoke and Sicamous!], rough handling of businees car 28, Reverend A.D. Warnock, costs of power plants in Ontario, sketch of the profile of the Grand Trunk Railway between Toronto and Hamilton, visit to Quebec, timber used in Manitoba and NWT, sleeping car fares from Montreal to Fort William to Winnipeg to Kootenay Siding, cost of repair to a wreck on January 1, 1906, timetables for Extra West train, fuel saving of compound locomotives, economic train speeds, freight rates of Great Northern and New Haven, sawmill capacity, track work on Rogers Pass, gasoline dock at OK Landing, snowfall at Glacier in February 1906, timetables of train 12 from Revelstoke to Kamloops and 118 from Kamloops to Revelstoke, note to "all concerned" about clean up before the "Royal Train arrives", notes about track / bridges / houses, drawing of the cross section of a snow shed.
M-7919-50 Work journal. -- 1906. -- Consists of notebook entitled "Appropriations" re budgets for stations in the mountains and Shuswap areas.
M-7919-51 Work journal. -- 1906. -- Consists of work notes, timetable for train 1 from Revelstoke to Kamloops [5 hours less 10 minutes!], work to be done, drawings of the span at 1st Illecillewaet crossing, interview of crews following a head on collision at the Y near Hector.
M-7919-52 Diary. -- 1907. -- Consists of a CPR issued diary for its personnel. Kilpatrick was mainly in Revelstoke.
M-7919-53 Work journal. -- March 28-July 11, 1907. -- Consists of general work notes, running times of trains 1, 2, 96 and 97 between Laggan and Kamloops, report on a wreck on about May 17 two miles west of Ross Peak, a May 30 derailment, a "Redgrave" collision, the Big Hill [Field] average or 20 trains per day, detailed drawings of a bunk house at Beaver.
M-7919-54 Work journal. -- 1907-1908. -- Consists of a rough sketch of the Spiral Tunnels to be built, timber limits [concessions] at Bella Coola, a pass issued to Mrs Douglas from Laggan to Revelstoke at Christmas 1907, land parcel at the southeast arm of upper Arrow Lakes, driving piles at Col [?] river bridge, amount of peaches and year of cultivation [Presumably to plan for future fruit shipments], timber near Paralette [?], purchase of a 208 acre ranch for $4000, notes about snowfall at Glacier 1904 to 1908, service on the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan], bothersome noise around the hotels at Glacier and Field, an irrigation convention in Vernon.
M-7919-55 Work journal. -- 1907. -- Consists of notice of wages for Crump, observations about track / operations / bunkhouses / buildings / platforms / issues of the day, clean up along the track, train delays on account of poor dispatching, standard roadbed partially completed between Laggan and Hector and Field to Emerald [Preparations for the Spiral Tunnels?], cause of a derailment on September 10, 1907 (broken flange), move of equipment consisting of a regular passenger train plus one deadhead coach and four boxcars with 75 passengers, discussion of the "staff" system vs the "block" system [The staff system refers to a system in wide use in Britain in which the engineer was issued a "staff" which gave him authority to occupy a track section; the staff has to be relinquished on the completion of the run.], observation that passenger trains should still adhere to the time tables, guage for the water reservoir at Sicamous, the Arrowhead yard, dead man found ½ mile west of Blackberry (man's watch stopped at 2.35), junk at the Donald yard and small items left along the line to Kamloops, section from Salmon Arm to Tappen, three red lights should not be on a passenger train, timing of train from Revelstoke to Laggan, derailed car 75706 carrying cans of salmon, agreement with Miss Morgan, sleeping crew, track improvements on the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan], tin bathtub for the agent at Golden, timber dealings, map of the Okanagan Landing wharf, specifications for ties used on the Grand Trunk Railway, estimates of Provincial timber limits.
M-7919-56 Statistics notebook. -- 1908. -- Consists of typed entries re appropriations and budget for track building for 1908, a comparison of budget vs actual expensive, a list of demerit points for personnel, derivation of station names on the CPR from Laggan to Kamloops, list of engines in use in the area by the month, performance and coal used per section / train. [Average was only 3 to 4 trains per day], storage of ice for cooling [Refrigerator cars], operating expensives for 1907-1908, time lost or gained on different trains and numbers of passengers carried, snowfall at Cut Bank and Glacier from 1888 to 1907.
M-7919-57 Diary. -- 1908. -- Consists of a CPR issued diary for its personnel. Kilpatrick was mainly in Revelstoke.
M-7919-58 Work journal. -- July 28, 1908-March 20, 1909. -- Consists of notes about the amounts of weeds / bushes / grass along the tracks, a passenger's claim to have been robbed on the train, Rogers Pass track "diversion" [This refers to the opening of the Connaught Tunnel], preparation for the move to the new track, extension to the Field yard, lifting of track at several sidings at Illecillewaet crossings, number 2 train's [east bound] emergency stop five minutes early at Craigellachie to transfer mails at Three Valley Gap, sketch of a wreck at Three Valley Gap on January 14, 1909 [Probably due to a snow slide], wreck at Hector on February 12, 1909, snowfall for February, sketch of the Spiral tunnels track.
M-7919-59 Work journal. -- 1909. -- Consists of the layout of stations on the Canadian Northern Railway including Bruderheim, Lamont, Trodare, and Vegreville, estimates of available timber in the area.
M-7919-60 Diary. -- 1909. -- Consists of a travelogue of his trip to Vancouver and Victoria, including his ride on the CPR ferry "Princess Charlotte" on February 7, 1910. Includes a note on the weight of different engines and the cost of relaying steel [$715 per mile!].
M-7919-61 Work journal. -- April 19-July 14, 1909 – Consists of filling in of several bridges, a report of a major bushfire on the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan] 15 to 25 miles from Sicamous which did enormous damage to farms and houses, the track, telephone poles and stored ties. It lists the personal losses of at least 25 people.
M-7919-62 Work journal. -- July 17-August 6, 1909. -- Consists of a track inspection of roughly 100 miles in a handcart "speeder", mention of Mr. Crump [Future president of the CPR], description of a tonnage test for locomotive 1644, train speeds for freights (15 miles per hour, average, maximum 25.5 miles per hour).
M-7919-63 Work journal. -- August 13, 1909-January 15, 1910. -- Consists of a sketch of the construction of a snow shed. scrap metal left at Rogers Pass, statistics about traffic from 1908 to1909, a bulletin re the closing of vestibules on passenger cars [Note: Kirkpatrick wrote most of his notes on moving trains so substantial parts of the notes are nearly or completely illegible], numbered codes for different work activities, advice to Mr. Crump about a rotary plow, riding on top of freight cars was left "optional" [Before the installation of the Westinghouse continuous brake system brakes had to be set by hand. The hand wheels were located on top of the boxcars so that the brakemen could walk over the top of the cars and set one brake after another. This practice was suicidal to say the least. But by this time the trains were all equipped with airbrakes so it is mysterious why he would allow people to ride on the top], yard limit board at Rogers Pass, lost baggage, vandalism at the "Last Spike Monument", overgrown yards and rubbish problems, detailed list of activities on train 2 on August 9, 1909, seven stops between Kamloops and Revelstoke (5 hours and 7 minutes), on September 17 the "Presidents Special" did Notch Hill to Shuswap in 24 minutes, regular trains 1 and 2 took 50 minutes for the same distance, requirements for shipments from Armstrong, notes about forestry claims near Kaledon and OK Falls, crop estimations and land deals in the OK Valley, cattle cars for sheep ordered at Vernon, sketch of the Albert Canyon Tunnel, number of passengers carried on the S&O (2687), details about stations and houses and crossings, report of a meeting in Vernon about the construction of a tramline, supply of power to Shuswap Falls with the Sugar Lake as reservoir, line to run from Cherry Cook[?] via White Valley to Armstrong to Enderby and also to Kelown at an estimated cost $2,000,000, conversion of coal to steam (4-7 lbs of coal to turn 1 gallon of water into steam), complete inventory of a six-room house [Possibly the Harvey's house], notes about track and materials along the line from Kamloops to Revelstoke.
M-7919-64 Diary. -- 1910. -- Consists of a CPR issued diary for its personnel. Kilpatrick was primarily in Revelstoke, but also travelled to Vancouver. At the beginning and end of the diary are notes re the cut in the new line [Spiral Tunnels] from Hector to Field on August 25 1909, use of dining cars through the mountains on trains 96 and 97, cost of operating Mallet / Climax type engines, cost of laying steel, cost of track tools, general supplies, rates of shipping wheat from Calgary to Liverpool.
M-7919-65 Work journal. -- 1910. -- Consists of a description of timber stands in sections 3 through 24 of 22-27-W5 [This is in the Fish Creek area within the Calgary city limits (2007).]
M-7919-66 Work journal. -- April 7-August 13, 1910. -- Consists of note of a road crossing, coal in chute at Rogers that does not run, conversions of freight cars to crew diners and sleepers, Burns Company want a large truck[a railcar?] to ship four carcasses of meat per day, carloads required for the shipping peaches and tomatoes, Penticton and Kettle Valley Railway still use clocks [Timing at passing sidings?], equipment required to build a road from Sicamous to Tappen to Ducks, details of engines / tracks / sidings / platforms / tank values / old buildings, Canoe River timber estimates for ties.
M-7919-67 Work journal. -- August 25, 1910-January 29, 1911. -- Consists of notes about the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan], track materials along the main line, track conditions and roadmaster's job, Glacier / Rogers Pass, use of coal in buildings, concern about water in standpipes [Essential for locomotives], coal consumption at Field( daily 131 tons), trackage at Summerland to handle fruit shipments, George Sulker (a Dutchman in Mr Healy's office who speaks four languages), Twin Butte bridge at mile 118.4 which needs major repairs, coal at Revelstoke (22000 tons which is a 6 months supply), timber license at Jarvis Inlet (dam a lake to get at the trees), car unloaded by conductor and brake man who broke the seals, collision at Craigellachie, moving track at Field, Mrs Palmer's farm at Clanwilliam, changing of buildings at Clanwilliam [Track relocation ?], timing of the "President's Special" from Sicamous to Medicine Hat, Albert Canyon school is 4 to 5 students short, Nicola Coal, operational observations about conductors and brakeman, presence of tramps on the tender of locomotive 1857, quote for a new sawmill.
M-7919-68 Diary. -- 1911. -- Consists of Kilpatrick's personal travels (presumably for the CPR) to Victoria, Calgary, Miquelon Lake, Nelson, Spokane, and Seattle . Includes notes re costs of switch [turnout] materials, tractive effort of steam locomotives, weights of different engines, , costs of different rail and boat tickets, seats in Parliament with regard to the census of 1911.
M-7919-69 Work journal. -- April 22-August 19, 1912. -- Consists of comments on track condition, operations, repairs to buildings, stations, the dock at Arrow Lakes and OK landing, repairs to track and housing on the S&O [Shuswap and Okanagan], extra charges for switching cars with horses, a conductor and crew who did not stay six feet from the car when coupling, freight ran a mile in 1 minute 32 seconds [Which works out to 47 km/h], extending the platform at Glacier, Rogers Pass station, description of "Hart" cars [A type of ballast car], collision at Emerald and another involving the derailment of observation car in 1897, some personnel did not get their cheques on time, Locomotive 1857 passed Emerald with a tramp in the tender and others on top of the coal, new track layout at Field for oil tracks [CPR was already then converting to oil fuelling], list of engines converted to oil fuel, annoyance about engines dumping ash on new gravel ballast, orders to agents re specifying loads, Foreman Lawrence got a black mark, Constable Upper should keep drunken men without tickets off the trains, extensive estimates with regards to the Okanagan fruit business, requirements of Karamatha, Summerland, Peachland the OK Fruit Company several other companies, stock (cattle) cars are required at Kelowna for which track extension is proposed, timing of switching movements, comments about track condition, number of cars are on the "High Line", two men with tickets to Bear Creek were "over" carried by train 4 to Ottertail, Kamloops restaurant will not serve our men when the passenger train is in, cleanup required at Glacier House. [The hotel was still operational].
M-7919-70 Diary. -- 1912. -- Consists of travelogue to Los Angeles, New Orleans, Key West, Havana [Van Horne later build the railways on Cuba], Chicago, St Paul, Revelstoke, Vancouver, and Winnipeg [he travels in the private railcars of Mr Osborne, Stephen (on the # 4 train), Mr Peters, the "Presidents Special" and the "Government Special"]. Includes notes re tractive effort formula for steam locomotives, working expenses for 1909 and 1910, wages and earnings of CPR, fruit and vegetable shipments from the Okanagan Valley in 1911, note on oil fuel capacity on tenders.
  Private business / Mayor of Revelstoke
M-7919-71 Diary. -- 1913. -- Consists of notes about woodlots, town lots, Revelstoke City Council, lights for the hospital, plans for houses, automobiles not carrying lights and running into a "horse and rig", CPR brings five cars of ballast for the hospital, CPR contract for fencing, CPR timetable for trains arriving at and departing from Revelstoke, makes several trips by train / motor car / horse and stage.
M-7919-72 Personal journal. -- 1913. -- Consists log measurements relating to the size of ties, precise information about train operations including in particular electric locomotives [The CPR considered electrification of the mountain sections at the time similarly to what the Great Northern Railway in the USA was doing].
M-7919-73 Diary. -- 1914. -- Consists of daily records of travels and activities. Includes detailed statistics comparing Revelstoke vs Vernon and Kamloops at the beginning.
M-7919-74 Personal journal. -- 1914-1915. -- Consists of notes about the hospital in Revelstoke, payrates for hospital fees [by patients], on September 7, 1914 a Mr Johnson says that the English and French armies will have the Germans in three weeks, notes about the Sheep creek gold mine, becomes head of the Sanitation and Beautification Committee, list of taxation waterfront lands at Vancouver and Long Beach, land dealings at Yahk and for his villa, recipe for potato pancakes, expense account trip to Vancouver.
M-7919-75 Personal journal. -- 1915. -- Consists of a comparison between Revelstoke, Vernon and Kamloops, salaries for school personnel, Revelstoke hospital finances, trips to Nelson, Cranbrook, Vancouver, Trail, Rossland, Midway, and Yahk, planted vegetables.
  Assistant District Engineer for Kootenay
M-7919-76 Work journal. -- 1915-1916. -- Consists of the formula CPR uses for tonnage, revenue list for Brown Houses, costs of a mining operation at W.B.P., engineering data on water pressure, cable strength, costs of timber and shingles, proposals for the sale of large amounts of timber, business card of T.M. Lewis, combination of a safe in the Dominion Securities office [journal is in very poor shape].
M-7919-77 Work journal. -- 1916. -- Consists of travels from Revelstoke to Sicamous and Nelson [Presumably with regards to timber leases], goes to mile 71 on CPR "track motor car", expense accounts for travels in British Columbia, more travel by automobile and horse and buggy in Salmon Arm, flood in Fernie, petition by the engineers to prevent J.K. (?) from being fired.
M-7919-78 Work journal. -- 1916. -- Consists of circulars for road work in British Columbia, "alien prisoners" as workers, notes about a silver / lead property [2 missing pages], mineral claims at Seymour Arm, timber interests at NW-12-22-27-W5, financial information of Central Lumber Company, mining properties at Sheep Creek, sketch of property near Sicamous, road building estimates.
  British Columbia Provincial Bridge Superintendent
M-7919-79 Work journal. -- 1917. -- Consists mainly of expense accounts and travelogue through southern British Columbia inspecting bridges, travel to Prince Rupert on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and by boat to Bella Coola and Ocean Falls then to Vancouver and Revelstoke, Includes names and addresses and a 1917 newspaper clipping salaries for road engineers.
M-7919-80 Personal journal. -- 1918. -- Consists of names and addresses, members of the Roads Committee, expense accounts, inspecting bridges south of Revelstoke.
M-7919-81 Work journal. -- 1919. -- Consists of names and addresses, expense accounts.
M-7919-82 Work journal. -- 1920. -- Consists of names and addresses, attends Engineers convention in Victoria, expense accounts.
M-7919-83 Work journal. -- 1921. -- Consists of names and addresses, personal accounts, quit CPR on December 31.
M-7919-84 Work journal. -- 1922. -- Consists of names and addresses, travels from Revelstoke to Calgary in February, on return trip the train is held up at Glacier for 16 hours due to a snowslide, pays the Lands Department $260 for timber limits, in September travels by special train to Quesnel, Williams Lake, Clinton and Ashcroft.
  Pacific Great Eastern Railway General Manager
Note There is no 1923 journal.
M-7919-85 Work / personal journal. -- 1924. -- Consists of names and addresses, tax paid, travels on the Pacific and Great Eastern Railway by gas car [These are the forerunners of the Budd cars which from the 1940s to 1980s served many branch lines], personal notes about money given to family members, rent on new house, estimates about timber leases and mineral claims.
M-7919-86 Work / personal journal. -- 1925. -- Consists of notes regarding traffic and tariffs on the Pacific and Great Eastern vs. Canadian Northern and Canadian Pacific, weights of Pacific and Great Eastern passenger cars, lists of all moneys given to family members.
M-7919-87 Work / personal journal. -- 1926. -- Consists of names and addresses, weights of passenger cars on the Pacific and Great Eastern, numbers of freight equipment on the railway, travels on the Pacific and Great Eastern, money given to family members.
  Provincial Bridge Inspector
M-7919-88 Work journal. -- 1927. -- Consists of all his pass numbers on the railways and steamships, names and addresses, inspections of bridges including 2nd Narrows, received terminal money from Pacific and Great Eastern, total length of provincial bridges (63 miles, 4900 bridges).
M-7919-89 Personal journal. -- 1928. -- Consists of names and addresses, court case Georgia Company vs Pacific and Great Eastern, expense accounts.
M-7919-90 Personal journal. -- 1929. -- Consists of names and addresses, expense accounts, noted that on January 23-24 it snowed in Vancouver, list of capitalization of shares owned, list of shareholders of Reno Mines, is original shareholder and seems to have lost money. [No mention of the stockmarket crash], combination of his safe "Sesame".
M-7919-91 Personal journal. -- 1930. -- Consists of names and addresses, sells Reno shares, inspection of bridges and expense accounts, estimate for the Capilano Bridge was $ 150,000.
M-7919-92 Personal journal. -- 1931. -- Consists of names and addresses, paid for clothing, list of directors Reno Mines, notes on earning of the Pacific and Great Eastern Railway and the Lilloet bridge.
Note There is no 1932 journal.
M-7919-93 Work / personal journal. -- 1933. -- Consists of names and addresses, expense accounts, inspection of the Coal Railway near Nanaimo, material required for the Gorge bridge, bought an alarm clock from the Hudson's Bay Company, loaned money to different people, salary went down by 7% from $285 to $233 a month.
M-7919-94 Personal journal. -- 1934. -- Consists of names and addresses, his car license, notes that on February 11 the flowers are in full bloom, bank account, pension cheque, data on family members, paid off house, cost estimates bridge trusses Plan 82-A, mining project in Dean Channel. [journal is mainly blank].
M-7919-95 Personal journal. -- 1935. -- Consists of names and addresses, inspects a steel [contract?]. [Mainly blank].
M-7919-96 Personal journal. -- 1936. -- Consists of notes on gold mines, mining shares, speculation and money lost on mines.
Series 2 T.K. Kilpatrick's personal papers. -- 1888-1939. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of miscellaneous papers gathered together by Donald Kilpatrick about his father's appointments and career. Includes a work journal kept by E.J. Duschesnay on the Stikine survey; James Hector memorabilia; and details of several railway accidents in the mountain section of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-6628-1 "List of Tunnels, Pacific Division, Superintendent's Office, Donald" [photocopy]. -- December 10, 1888.
M-6628-2 Kilpatrick's appointments [photocopy]. -- 1893 and 1901. -- As Bridge Inspector for the CPR (1893) and as Superintendent of the Shuswap and Mountain sections (1901).
M-6628-3 Revelstoke City Directory [photocopy]. -- [ca. 1893-1901]. -- Lists Kilpatrick as Bridge Inspector for the CPR.
M-6628-4 E.J. Duchesnay's work journal of the survey trip to Telegraph Creek, Stikine River. -- September 1897. -- Kilpatrick took over Duchesnay's position as Superintendent after he was killed in a railway accident in 1901, and probably inherited this journal. Includes a transcript and published report.
M-6628-5 Revelstoke Herald newspaper. -- September 7, 1898. -- Includes the front page article: "A Serious Railway Accident".
M-6628-6 Program for banquet in honour of E.J. Duchesnay. -- April 15, 1901. -- Kilpatrick was chair of the planning committee for the event, which was held at the Hotel Revelstoke.
M-6628-7 James Hector and the Hector Memorial Fund. -- 1903, 1909. -- Consists of a letter of introduction to Sir James Hector, discoverer of the Kicking Horse Pass, during his 1903 visit to British Columbia; letters to Kilpatrick from Hector; list of contributors to the Hector Memorial Fund; and a a letter to Mary Schaffer about the fund.
M-6628-8 The Kootenay Mail newspaper. -- December 26, 1903. -- Includes articles about railway personalities, including Kilpatrick who appears on page 5.
M-6628-9 Inquest into the railway-related deaths of John Ladner and Andrew Smolie of Field, British Columbia [photocopy]. -- 1904.
M-6628-10 Inquest into the deaths of Thomas Downie and Kenneth Dodd, Albert Canyon, British Columbia, when an avalanche swept the railway cars from the track [photocopy]. -- 1904. -- Includes evidence of Kilpatrick. See NA-4432-7 for a photograph of the accident.
M-6628-11 The Kootenay Mail newspaper. -- April 8, 1905. -- Includes the front page article: "Fatal Accident", about a train which ran into a rock slide.
M-6628-12 Letter from Tom to Kinnie re arrest of accused murderers [photocopy]. -- [ca. 1905]. -- Consists of a letter from Kilpatrick to his wife.
M-6628-13 Inquest into railway-related death of James Moffat, Revelstoke, British Columbia [photocopy]. -- 1910. -- Includes excerpts from Kilpatrick's diary.
M-6628-14 Kilpatrick's correspondence [photocopies]. -- 1912. -- Consists of letters regarding the banquet held in his honour when he retired from the CPR.
M-6628-15 Kilpatrick's correspondence [photocopies]. -- 1913-1938. -- Consists of letters, primarily about personal matters, from Mary Schaffer, Grant Hall, George Bury, B. Van Horne, Cam Brady, C.A. Cotterell, E.A. Wheatley (re life membership in the Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia), and D.J. MacDonald.
M-6628-16 Program for First Winter Sports Carnival, Revelstoke, British Columbia [photocopy]. -- 1915
M-6628-17 Reminiscences and curriculum vitae. -- 1917, 1935. -- Consists of "Complete Record of Engineering Work", compiled by Kilpatrick for his application for admission to the Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia (1917); and "Some Reminiscences of Railroading on the Canadian Pacific in the Mountains of British Columbia and of Some Important Improvements on the Line that Could Have Been Made" (1935).
M-6628-18 "Trans Continental Auto Road via Revelstoke, Stephen to Revelstoke about 140 miles". -- n.d. -- Consists of notes regarding the ease or difficulty of construction on various sections of the proposed road. The notes were probably written by Kilpatrick.
M-6628-19 Newspaper clippings. -- 1910-1939 and n.d. -- Consists of articles about Kilpatrick, the Rogers Pass, the 1910 avalanche, and railway personnel and activities.
Series 3 Donald Kilpatrick's railway-related reference material. -- 1972-1986. -- 5.5 cm of textual records. -- 2 audio cassettes. -- The series consists of research materials compiled by Donald Kilpatrick (son of T.K. Kilpatrick), which relate to surveys, railways, railway personalities, and early Revelstoke.
M-6628-20 James Hector reference material. -- 1983-1986 and n.d.
M-6628-21 Mary Schaffer reference material. -- 1981. -- Includes copies of 1909 and 1913 letters.
M-6628-22 E.J. Duchesnay reference material. -- 1980-1987
M-6628-23 John Fred Hume reference material. -- 1980-1982. -- J. Fred Hume was an early CPR employee in Revelstoke who later lived in Nelson, British Columbia. During the construction of the railway he arranged supplies and food for the engineers. Includes copy of 1891 letter written by Hume.
M-6628-24 Kettle Valley Railway reference material. -- 1972-1986
M-6628-25 The Canadian Pacific: The New Highway to the Orient. -- n.d. -- Consists of a reproduction of a 1901 CPR promotional booklet.
M-6628-26 "The Big Hill and The Mountain Section!" by Thomas Huntley Crump. -- Originally written in 1940, but published in Canadian Rail in December 1974.
M-6628-27 Letter from Albert L. Andersen to Donald Kilpatrick [photocopy]. -- 1978. -- Re railway personalities and mutual friends.
M-6628-28 Newspaper clippings. -- 1972-1983 and n.d. -- Re railway topics.
RCT-413 Recorded interview with Donald Kilpatrick, conducted by Tom Kirkham, Vancouver, British Columbia. -- March 26, 1982. -- 2 audio cassettes. -- Topics of discussion include his early life in Revelstoke, his hobby as a historian, James Hector, skiing, his father's journals and diaries, the Billy Miner hold up, boats on Okanagan Lake, and railways.
Series 4 Photographs. -- 1885-1929. -- 20 photographs. -- The series consists of railway and Revelstoke views.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
NA-4313-(1-2) Stereoscopic view of Fort Calgary from the east bank of the Elbow River, looking northwest. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs
NA-4432-(1-12) Canadian Pacific Railway. -- 1885-1929. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of views of Cornelius Van Horne, the Stoney Creek Bridge, a group at the summit of Rogers Pass, and railway accidents including a rail car swept from the track by a snow slide, the silk train wreck, and the Surprise Creek bridge accident.
PB-754-(1-6) Early Revelstoke. -- 1900-1909. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of views of CPR Tug-of-War teams (1900 and 1909); Revelstoke Lacrosse Club (1902 or 1903); banquet for Grant Hall (1902); and a group shot of railway personalities (n.d.)

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