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Letter to George Lancaster about
his re-election as alderman, 1946

George C. Lancaster fonds

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Series 1

Alphabetical subject files. - 1911- 1982

M-8502-1A. - 1941-1965. - Consists of a Memorandum of Agreement with F. J. Caron and related correspondence; various documents pertaining to the purchase of shares in Anjo Wines Ltd.; a copy of a letter sent to the Under Secretary of State indicating personal knowledge of Karl Almquist; and items of a humourous nature.
M-8502-2B. - 1936-1961. - Consists of a patent granted to J. H. Ball for his invention of ice/roller skates; a Bill of Sale for property sold to Calgary Power Ltd. and related correspondence; an invoice and letter from Memorials of Bronze; a letter to the creditors of Belyea Construction Ltd.; a copy of an article entitled "Building with Rammed Earth"; and two travel itineraries.
M-8502-3C - Cheques, Promissory Notes, Receipts. - 1918-1963. - Consists of cancelled cheques, including those which were payable to Fisk Tire Service and cheques that were written by G. C. Lancaster and returned; also promissory notes written by Lancaster, and miscellaneous receipts.
M-8502-4D. - 1940-1964. - Consists of financial statements, correspondence, and miscellaneous documents from M. S. Devonshire, chartered accountant; two personal letters, one of which was written by former Calgary mayor Andrew Davison.
M-8502-5F - Fisk Tire Service Co. Ltd. - 1918-1957. - General file which includes appraisals of the replacement cost of the Fisk Tire Service building and building addition, and a valuation of its total market value. Also includes various financial documents and related correspondence, minutes of company Board of Directors meetings, and photographs of the building.
M-8502-6G. - 1939-1964. - Consists of legal documents and related correspondence from the law firm of German, Lutz and Coady pertaining to the liquidation of Commodore Properties Ltd.; correspondence related the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company; documents regarding the importation of rickshaws from Hong Kong; and a letter from a former employee responding to allegations of wrongdoing.
M-8502-7G - George C. Lancaster Investments Ltd. - 1956-1970. - General file which includes the sale agreement of the Fisk Tire Service property; various insurance documents and related correspondence; and financial documents pertaining to G. C. Lancaster's two downtown properties.
M-8502-8I - Income Tax. - 1950-1966. - Consists of Individual and Corporation Income Tax Returns, Notices of Assessment, receipts, and related correspondence with the Taxation Division of the Department of National Revenue.
M-8502-9I - Invoices. - 1945-1958. - Consists of invoices listing cost of materials and labour involved in the renovation and improvement of George Lancaster's downtown properties (mainly the Fisk Tire building) and related correspondence.
M-8502-10J. - 1956-1963. - Consists of a letter from the Bank of Montreal concerning the Johnsons, and a Customer's Invoice from Jenner Motors Ltd.
M-8502-11K. - 1961-1963. - Consists of notices informing tenants that rents shall be payable to Knowlton Realty and related correspondence; a notice for overdue rent; and three Land Titles Office Search Letters.
M-8502-12L - Lawsuit. - 1952. - Consists of newspaper articles which chronicle the case and court decision, and a copy of the Judge's decision in the case.
M-8502-13L - Legal Documents, Land Titles. - 1911- 1971. - Consists of land sale agreements, Certificates of Title, Mortgages, Caveats, etc., and forms granting Power of Attorney.
M-8502-14M - Mining Interests. - 1930-1982. - Consists of Free Miner's Certificates, receipts for share purchases, Memorandum of Agreement to sell shares, and related and miscellaneous correspondence.
M-8502-15M - Miscellany. - 1942-1959. - Includes a copy of a physician's certificate attesting to the details of Mrs. (Alma) Lancaster's death; a copy of the Lancaster family Bible [?] Births page, which lists the names and dates of birth of George and his siblings; various items belonging to Mildred Hickey Lancaster, including a St. John Ambulance First Aid Certificate, and Private Receiving Station Licences issued to L. D. Hickey, her first husband.
M-8502-16P. - 1955-1962. - Consists of Statements of Assets and Liabilities for the Photocrafts firm, including other financial information.
M-8502-17R. - 1936-1937. - Consists of newspaper clippings concerning the unseating of Alderman-elect A.C. Rowe, and the subsequent civic by-election to fill the seat.
M-8502-18R - Red Cross. - 1957-1963. - Consists of correspondence pertaining to the Canadian Red Cross Society, and architectural drawings of a proposed Red Cross clinic in Medicine Hat, Alta.
M-8502-19S. - 1943-1973. - Consists of offers to purchase land in Calgary and related correspondence; correspondence pertaining to the business affairs of Gerald Savage; correspondence with the law firm of J. Fred Scott; and the texts of two speeches, apparently delivered by George Lancaster.
M-8502-20S - Stock Certificates. - 1951-1972. - Consists of stock certificates from four mining and petroleum companies.
M-8502-21T - Tax Notices. - 1933-1956. - Consists of City of Calgary property tax Notices of Assessment and tax bills for the Fisk Tire Service property at 7th Avenue and 3rd Street S.W.
M-8502-22W. - 1964. - Consists of an Interim Report from Western Warner Oils Ltd., and a letter from the Executive Director of the Winnipeg Foundation.
M-8502-23Y - YMCA construction and renovation. - 1945-1964. - Consists of a Building Bureau Report, Specifications for a gymnasium and natatorium, a construction deficiency list for the Calgary North Branch YMCA, and various correspondence and invoices pertaining to building alterations and additions.
M-8502-24Y - YMCA general. - 1956-1963. - Includes studies of the Calgary YMCA, constitution and bylaws, minutes of committee meetings, employ ment policies and practices, organization and program report, list of directors, and correspon dence.
M-8502-25Y - YMCA insurance. - 1958-1959. - Consists of policies, valuations of property, and related correspondence pertaining to Calgary Young Men's Christian Association.

Series 2

Maps and plans. - 1949, nd

M-8502-os1Map of Hussar, AB. - Map shows area, oil and gas wells, drilling sites, and oil field boundaries.
M-8502-os2Plan of mine workings- Sovereign Coal Co., Wayne, AB. - May 26, 1949. - 2 copies.
M-8502-os3Map of Sovereign Coal Co. mine site at Wayne, AB
M-8502-os4Site plan of Calgary [south] YMCA Family Building
M-8502-os5Plans for Calgary North YMCA building. - 14 sheets.
M-8502-os6Plans for New Red Cross House, Medicine Hat, AB. - 8 sheets.
M-8502-os7Electrical and evaporative cooling plans for New Red Cross House, Medicine Hat, AB
M-8502-os8Setting-Out Plan and drawing index for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre- Additions [Calgary]
M-8502-os9Elevations and sections plan for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre- Additions [Calgary]
M-8502-os10Main Floor Plan for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre- Addition [Calgary]
M-8502-os11Site Plan for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre, Calgary
M-8502-os12Lower Floor and Site Plans for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre, Calgary
M-8502-os13 Upper Floor and Building Sections plans for Red Cross Blood Transfusion Centre, Calgary

Series 3

Photographs. - [ca.1942], [ca.1946], nd

PA-3396-(1-10) Consists of photos of a coal delivery truck belonging to the Monarch Coal Mining Co., East Coulee, AB in front of Fisk Tire Service, Calgary. - [ca.1946]. - Also includes photos of large trucks of the James Storage and Cartage Co. hauling oil and gas or mine equipment [?] over rough terrain, possibly near Turner Valley, AB ( [ca.1942] ).
PA-3396-(11-21) Eleven miscellaneous photographs. - Including a group photo of unnamed men apparently bound for service in the Boer War- entitled "Edmonton Volunteers for South Africa - left Edmonton Jan. 3rd 1900". Other photos include one of a harvesting crew, and two group photos of uniformed men on horseback, possibly the Calgary Mounted Constabulary. One of these photos identifies most of the subjects, including George Lancaster.

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