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Jacket design for the book, Long Lance, 1928

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. -- 1911-1932
M-690-1Correspondence. -- 1927-1930, nd. -- Includes letters from Fannie Hurst, U.S. author.
M-690-2Notes and drafts of articles by Long Lance. -- nd. -- Consists of First Nations stories, some included in autobiography.
M-690-3Manuscripts of First Nations stories by Long Lance. -- nd
M-690-4Manuscript fragments. -- nd
M-690-5Partial typescript of article Effects of White Civilization on Indian Life. -- nd
M-690-6Notes-Shuswap Indians. -- nd
M-690-7Poem "Death Song of Long Lance". -- nd
M-690-8Poem "Canoe Song". -- nd. -- In "Indian" and English.
M-690-9Passes and invitations. -- 1920-1928, nd. -- Consists of Canadian Pacific Rail passes (1923, 1924, 1926) and a membership card for the New York Explorers Club.
M-690-10Pamphlet "When the Crees Moved West". -- 1923. -- Reprinted from The Archeological Report. Three copies.
M-690-11Canadian Pacific Rail menu. -- nd. -- Contains print of Chief Running Rabbit, with biography by Long Lance. Two copies.
M-690-12Press releases. -- 1929, nd. -- Regarding Long Lance.
M-690-13Mock-up of jacket design and title page, Long Lance. -- 1928
M-690-14Periodical articled by Long Lance. -- 1923- 1926. -- From Maclean's Magazine (1923, 1926), Hearst's International Cosmopolitan (1926), and The Mentor (1924).
M-690-15Clippings and articles by Long Lance. -- 1924- 1926. -- Includes article on Almighty Voice, interviews with Duke of Alba and Harold Lloyd, and report of Carpenter-Gibbons fight.
M-690-16 Clippings and articles. -- 1927-1932. -- Regarding Long Lance, his appearance in the silent movie "The Silent Enemy", and suicide. Scanned Document View now.
M-690-16a "Rain-Flower", sheet music from "The Silent Enemy", starring Long Lance. His photo appears on the front cover. Scanned Document View now.

"The Silent Enemy" film. -- 2009 (originally created in 1929-1930). -- 1 video cassette. -- Consists of a modern commercial reproduction of the historic movie.

Note: Glenbow has no rights to reproduce this film for the public; it is being kept for reference purposes only.

M-690-17 Bylaws- Explorers Club. -- nd. -- Also includes billfold, cardholder, and page from Indian Teepee.
M-690-18Article by J. W. French, Kamloops, BC. -- nd. -- Regarding Grizzly hunting in Columbia Valley.
M-690-19Articles by Emma Newashe. -- 1927. -- Includes "The Flaming Jewel" and "The War Angels", stories adapted from First Nations legends.
M-690-20Sheet music by Anita Baldwin. -- 1927-1929. -- Includes music from play "His Blossom Bride" by Richard Walton Tully. Hopi romantic drama.
M-690-21 Articles by Canon S. H. Middleton. -- 1932-1933. -- Consists of articles after death of Long Lance and for preface to memorial book edited by Roberta Forsberg. Scanned Document View now.
M-690-22Scrapbook and clippings. -- 1911-1927. -- Consists of articles by and about Long Lance.

Scrapbook. -- 1915-1932. -- Includes articles by and about Long Lance, membership cards, photographs and some letters.

Scanned Document View part 1.
Scanned Document View part 2.

M-690-osX-ray negatives-spinal column. -- April 12, 1928. -- Includes seven views of Long Lance.
M-6426 Clear Sky and Spotted Calf interview. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Consists of the notebook in which Long Lance took notes during the interview.
M-6348 Walter Long's address book. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- Walter Long was the brother of Long Lance.
Series 2

Photographs and slides. -- [1920s-1930s]

Many of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.
PA-1086 Portraits of Long Lance and First Nations views. -- 41 photographs
PB-310 Portraits of Long Lance and First Nations views. -- 17 photographs
PE-38-1 Grand Lodge of Alberta anniversary celebration group. -- 1930. -- 1 photograph
PA-3985 Stills from the film "Silent Enemy". -- [ca. 1929]. -- 32 photographs
NA-1811-(1-22) Views of Long Lance and the "Silent Enemy" movie set. -- [ca. 1929]. -- 22 photographs
NA-3264-1 Cartoon from the Toronto Star Weekly, depicting Long Lance throwing a bomb into Calgary city hall. -- 1925. -- 1 photograph
NA-3771-(1-3) Joe and Sallie Long, parents of Long Lance; Abraham Long, brother of Long Lance; Jim Thorpe, First Nations athlete. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 3 photographs
NB-25-(1-2) Long Lance at the Calgary Stampede, and a sketch of Long Lance in a feather headdress. -- 1925 and 1927. -- 2 photographs
S-28 First Nations views. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 50 slides

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