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O.S. Longman, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, [ca. 1942-1955]
O.S. Longman, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, [ca. 1942-1955]

O.S. Longman fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents or photographs.

Series 1 Personal and family papers. -- 1885, 1963-1966
Series 2 Agricultural and irrigation-related reference material. -- 1867-1964
Series 3 Agricultural films. -- [ca. 1920-1955]
Series 4 Photographs. -- 1884-1959
Series 5 Unprocessed records



Series 1

Personal and family papers. -- 1885, 1963-1966

M-4049 Autobiography: "Pioneer and Pioneering in Western Canada". -- 1963. -- 1 volume (213 pages). -- The manuscript includes descriptions of the military life of his father Charles Longman; homesteading experiences in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; his agricultural career with Canadian Wheatlands Company; his experiences teaching at agricultural colleges in Alberta; and his work with the Alberta Department of Agriculture. Also included in the folder are an autobiographica article by Reverend John McDougall (n.d.) and a transcript of the 1882-1884 diary of Gavin Middleton of Carnduff, Saskatchewan.
M-689 Biographical letters. -- 1966. -- 21 pages. -- Consists of letters written by Longman about his like. The folder also includes descriptions of Sid Phemie's homesteading experiences in Saskatchewan.
M-4003 Biographical notes about O.S. Longman, written by J. McK. Hughes. -- 1963. -- 6 pages
M-688 Charles Longman's Riel Rebellion diary. -- June 3-July 14, 1885. -- Consists of a copy of a diary kept while travelling from Fort Pitt to Winnipeg on the steamboat "Marquis".

Series 2

Agricultural and irrigation-related reference material. -- 1867-1964

M-455 Notes re Herbert Greenfield's visit to Denmark on behalf of the United Farmers of Alberta. -- 1928. -- 46 pages. -- The trip took place September 18-October 3, 1928.
M-494 Letter written by H.M. Hatfield, Waterton Ranch, Yaroow, Alberta to the Provincial Librarian in Edmonton. -- 1908. -- 5 pages
M-1862 Reports of the Provincial Auditor for the United Farmers of Alberta government about telephones, health, agricultural and assets. -- 1926-1928. -- 4 volumes.
M-2410 Reports about the economic conditions in southeastern Alberta. -- 1925-1938. -- 130 pages. -- Consists of the following:

John A. Widtsoe's report on the Lethbridge Northern Irrigarion District, 1925

A report pertaining to the Berry Creek area by O.S. Longman, regarding the reorganizaton of the Hanna District. Includes tables of crop yields, disposition of lands (owners listed), tax lists, etc., 1932

First annual report of the Special Areas Board by O.S. Longman, K.H. Walker and Thomas Kilduff, 1938
M-2411 Letters andnotes about the introduction of Creeping Red Fescue grass into Alberta. -- 1938-1963. -- 1 cm of textual records.
M-2412 Magrath Ranch - Livestock list for auction sale. -- October 14, 1941. -- 1 item
M-2417 Report by T.H. Tinney to the Medicine Hat Board of Trade about the International Irrigation Convention held in Calgary. -- [ca. 1908]. -- 19 pages
M-2448 Notices used by the Department of Agriculture to direct the public to the office where threshers licences could be obtained. -- [pre 1944]. -- 2 items
M-2707 Notes about Vegreville history. -- 1964. -- 4 pages
M-3662 Transportation notes. -- 1959. -- 9 pages. -- Consists of descriptions of water routes used prior to 1867 from Lake Superior to Winnipeg; details of the Dawson Road in 1871; and the route from the mouth of the Red River to Fort Edmonton from 1867 to 1882.

Canada Gazette notices. -- 1870-1982. -- 1 volumes. -- Consists of typewritten copies of notices relating to land, colonizaton and commerce. Includes notices about these ranches and companies:

Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company
Alberta Ranch Company
Browne Ranch
Cochrane Ranche
Glengarry Ranch
High River Horse Ranch
New Walrond Ranch
Northwest Cattle Company
Okotoks and High River Lumbering and Development Company
Temperance Colonization Society


Agricultural papers relating to Alberta creameries and seed growers. -- [ca. 1897-1941]. -- 12. 5 cm of textual records. -- Includes correspondence with, biographies and notes regarding the following:

Edward D. Barrow
Duncan Marshall
George Hoadley
Herman Trelle
Horace A. Craig
James H. Ross
Oscar Carlson
C.P. Marker
Alberta Cooperative Seed Growers' Association
Peace River Cooperative Seed Growers' Association
Grimm Alfalfa Seed Growers' Association
Alberta Seed Growers' Association

The folder also includes a 1925 agreement between Alberta and the Federal Government about natural resources.

M-3742 Immigration and land settlement in Alberta. -- 1871-1930. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of excerpts from the Sessional Papers, and reports of land surveyors, land agents and the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) with respect to agriculture and settlement.
M-3743 Irrigation in Alberta. -- 1886-1948. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of excerpts from House of Commons debates and Sessional Papers. Includes items from the Lethbridge Herald and other published sources.
M-3753 Bow River Irrigation. -- 1951. -- 1 m of textual records (11 volumes). -- Consists of a comprehensive history of the existing structures of the Bow River development project, compiled from old engineering reports and correspondence of W.A. Gray, project engineer, Vauxhall. Includes plans and general specification for the constructon of the Southern Alberta Land Company canal line. Includes material re Lake McGregor.
M-3762 Irrigation in western Canada. -- 1867-1958. -- 50 cm of textual records (5 volumes). -- Consists of excerpts from the Alberta Gazette, Canada Gazette, Sessional Papers, House of Commons debates and irrigation statutes.
M-3763 Irrigation in western Canada. -- 1890-1950. -- 25 cm of textual records. -- Consists of extracts form Hansard about irrigation.
M-3811 Foreign companies. -- 1901-1905. -- 53 pages. -- Consists of companies listed under Foreign Companies Ordinance, North-West Territores, extracted from the Provincial Secretary's reports. Include flour milsl, feed companies, lumber companies, ranching companies and others.
M-3819 Grist and flour mills in Alberta and British Columbia. -- 1963. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of information about mills in Bittern Lake, Bon Accord, Camrose, Cardston, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort Vermilion, Frog Lake, Okanagan Mission, Pakan, Pincher Creek, St. Albert, Stettler and Wetaskiwin.
M-3963 "Claude Gallinger and his Killearn Shorthorns" (mannuscript), researched by Rudy Wiebe under the guidance of O.S. Longman. -- 1956. -- 103 pages.
M-3999 E.A. Howes reminiscences: "The Boys I knew" by the former University of Alberta dean. -- 1958. -- 7 pages
M-4027 Letters and biographical data about Leroy Victor Kelly, author of The Range Men. -- 1927-1957. -- 1 cm of textual records.
M-4157 Lawrence M. Rye's reminiscences of homesteading life near the Parry Sound Colony near Namao from 1892 to 1952, as told to O.S. Longman. -- 1958. -- 12 pages
M-4188 Biographical notes about Peter A. Stalberg, Sexsmith blacksmith. -- 1961. -- 3 pages
M-4549-oversize "The Province of Alberta, The Land of Promise, Describing what Alberta offers, what Alberta wants and what Alberta has", Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 1908. -- 1 item. -- Consists of newspaper article about agricultural progress in Alberta.
M-4604 R.H. Knight's report on the agricultural propsects of the Whitecourt / Sangudo district. -- 1923. -- 1 volumes. -- Compiled as a guide for intending settlers. Includes photographs and maps.

Series 3

Agricultural films. -- [ca. 1920-1955]. -- 45 films (60 reels). -- Consists of films produced or acquired by the Alberta Department of Agriculture for educational purposes. Some films were produced locally (as indicated below), but many were acquired from the USA Department of Agriculture.

NOTE: due to the obsolete and sometimes unstable formats of these films, some may not be able to be viewed or copied. Please consult with an archivist for details.

F-1-1 Sugar beets in Southern Alberta. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produce in Alberta.
F-1-2 Green Pastures. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-3 Sugar from Beets. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-4 Creamery Butter Making. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 2 film reels. -- Produced by the Alberta Department of Agriculture.
F-1-5 Milk Products: Making Ice Cream. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 film reels. -- Produced in Calgary.
F-1-6 How to Grow Hogs. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-7 Control of Worms in Hogs. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-(8 & 9) The Realm of the Honey Bee. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 8 film reels. -- Consists of two slightly different versions of the film, each 4 reels long.
F-1-10 Wintering Bees. -- [ca. 1945].-- 1 film reel. -- Produced by the Alberta Publicity Bureau for the Government of Alberta.
F-1-11 Weeds Take a Beating. -- [ca. 1945]. -- 3 film reels . -- Produced by National Grain Company.
F-1-12 Quality Milk. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-13 Prepare to Irrigate. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-14 The College Club: Farm and Home. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-15 Forest Fires or Games. -- [ca 1930]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-16 How to Handle Foxes. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-17 Cooperative Marketing of Livestock. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 2 film reels
F-1-18 Cooperative Marketing of Eggs and Poultry. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 3 film reels
F-1-19 Cattlemen in the Making. -- [ca. 1939]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produced by the Alberta Department of Agriculture.
F-1-20 School Fairs. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produced by either the University of Alberta or Government of Alberta.
F-1-21 Brooks. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produced by the Government of Alberta.
F-1-22 Achievement Day 1939, Olds - Vermilion [Schools of Agriculture]. -- 1939. -- 1 film reel
F-1-23 How Seed Germinate. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-24 Wheat or Weeds?. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-25 Stook Sweep. -- [ca. 1945]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-26 Brooding and Rearing Chicks. -- [ca. 1940]. -- 2 film reels
F-1-(27-29) Ministick Lake Bird Sanctuary / Lac Ste. Anne - Titles for bird films. -- n.d. -- 3 film reel. -- Titles and short descriptions of birds. No actual film.
F-1-(30-31) In the Country of Laos / A Visit to Pompeii / Castles, the Coast of Brittany. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 film reels. -- Travelogue. Perhaps part of a package of films at a local movie house. Incomplete.
F-1-32 George Washington. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Consists of flags from different areas of USA.
F-1-33 Alberta's North. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-34 The Warble Fly and Its Control. -- [ca. 1940s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Possibly produced by the National Film Board of Canada.
F-1-35 Missing from collection since 1994. Content unknown.
F-1-36 Agricultural / Edmonton footage. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 2 film reels. -- Miscellaneous footage taken in Alberta, possibly by the Publicity Bureau of the Alberta Department of Agriculture for a film called "The New Empire of the West".
F-1-37 The Academician in his Studio. -- [ca. 1920]. -- 1 film reel. -- Unknown content.
F-1-38 Birth of the Soil. -- [ca. 1955]. -- 1 film reel.
F-1-39 The Science of Milk Production. -- [ca. 1955]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-(40 & 43) Petroleum, Alberta's Newest Industry. -- [ca. 1925]. -- 3 film reels. -- Produced by the Canadian Department of Immigration and Colonization and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. -- DVD copy of the original nitrate film done by Bit Works 2011.
F-1-41 The Black Diamonds of Alberta. -- [ca. 1925]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produced by the Government of Alberta. DVD copy of the original nitrate film done by Bit Works 2011.
F-1-42 Gas Burning at Turner Valley. -- [ca. 1925]. -- 1 film reel
F-1-44 EP Ranch. -- [ca. 1930]. -- 1 film reel. -- Produced by Publicity Department, Government of Alberta.
F-1-45 On a thousand Hills. -- [ca. 1930s]. -- 1 film reel. -- Re sheep management.

Series 4

Photographs. -- 1884-1959. -- 197 photographs

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-74 Ernest Brown photos, primarily dealing with agriculture. -- n.d. -- 64 photographs. -- Note: The Provincial Archives of Alberta holds the original negatives for these.
PA-82 "Pion-era" at Saskatoon and farm machinery for sale in Alberta. -- 1957 and n.d. -- 44 photographs
PA-96 Agricultural views and Legislative Building. -- n.d. -- 8 photographs
PA-128 Isabelle Little Bear. -- April 1958. -- 1 photograph. -- Consists of a portrait which appeared in the Bonnyville Tribune, accompanying the article, "One of the Last Remaining Links with the Riel Rebellion. See also PA-292-1/
PA-292-1 Same as above.
PA-541 Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Middleton. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph. -- See M-4049 above for a transcript of Mr. Middleton's diary.
PA-615 Canadian Seed Growers' Association convention in Victoria, BC. -- 1939. -- 1 photograph
PA-625 Vermilion School of Agriculture (1914-1915); and group at the Western Canadian Society of Agronomy convention (1923). -- 2 photographs
PA-2071 Header-barge, demonstrated by the Deaprtment of Agriculture. -- 1929. -- 11 photographs
PB-20 Alberta Ministers of Agriculture. -- 1905-1956. -- 12 photographs. -- Consists of portraits of James H. Ross, G.H.V. Bulyea, William Elliott, William T. Finlay, Duncan Marshall, George Hoadley, Frank Grisdale, William Neelands Chant, D.B. Mullen, D.B. MacMillan, D.A. Ure, and L.C. Halmrast.
PB-34 Bituminous sands [oil sands, tar sands] (1926); Alberta agricultural exhibit at Toronto (1916), Members of the Alberta Legislaure (1921). -- 11 photographs
PB-81 Group at Alberta Rural Development Association convention, Olds, Alberta. -- February 12, 1915. -- 1 photograph
PB-170 Group at West Canadian Society of Agronomy convention, Edmonton, Alberta. -- 1921. -- 1 photograph
PE-4 Alberta Legislative Assembly in session. -- [1959?]. -- 1 colour lithograph
PE-18 Western Farm Managers Association. -- n.d. -- 1 panoramic photograph
NA-39 Flour mill project at Frog Lake. -- [ca. 1913]. -- 4 photographs. -- Includes weir, dam and turbine wheel.
NA-42 Irrigation and agricultural views. -- 1905-1917. -- 8 photographs. -- Includes Captain Cardwell's irrigation projecton Todd Creek (1917), Alberta Dairymen's Association convention in Innisfail (1905), and Agricultural special at High Prairie (1916).
NA-45 H.A. Craig, Deputy Minister of Agriculture with bull. -- [ca. 1936]. -- 1 photograph
NA-76 Ebenezer Healy, first Alberta creamery operator at Big Hill Springs. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
NA-111 Portraits of Senator Duncan Marshall. -- [ca. 1920-1925]. -- 2 photographs
NA-195 D.M. Ratcliffe creamer at Big Hill Spring Ranch. -- [ca. 1890]. -- 1 photograph
NA-378 Canadian Wheatland Company, agricultural colleges, and general agricultural views. -- 1884-1923. -- 11 photographs
NA-690 Whitecourt / Sangudo district. -- 1922. -- 8 photographs
NA-2109 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) irrigation excavator, Magrath, Alberta. -- May-June 1957. -- 4 photographs

Series 5

Unprocessed records. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

Unprocessed records. -- 12.5 cm of textual records and other material. -- Includes documents and photographs relating to agriculture. [accession 2008.072]

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