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Samuel B. Lucas

Samuel Lucas Family fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. -- 1884-1964
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s]-1936


Series 1

Textual records. -- 1884-1964

M-698-1 S.B. Lucas, correspondence and invoices re Massey-Harris agency. -- 1912
M-698-2 Isabel Maud Lucas, certificates and papers about nursing overseas during the First World War. -- 1918-1920
M-698-3 Isabel Maud Lucas, nursing certificates. -- 1927, 1934
M-698-4 Isabel Maud Lucas, bank book (1918) and Christmas card from a member of the First Canadian Contingent (1915).
M-698-5 Isabel Maud Lucas, biographical sketch. -- [ca. 1964]
M-698-6Wetaskiwin Agricultural Society annual fair prize list. -- 1898
M-698-7Sketches and articles about Wetaskiwin by H.M. Goodhand. -- [ca. 1963]
M-698-8Reminiscences of the Westaskiwin area by J.A. Wingblade. -- [ca. 1963]
M-698-9Biographical sketches of the Montgomery and West families, Westaskiwin. -- [ca. 1963]
M-698-10Biographical sketch of Carl Winter, Westaskiwin, by Daisy Lucas. -- [ca. 1963]
M-698-11Biographical sketch of Dick Humbke, Rosenroll, by Daisy Lucas. -- [ca. 1963]
M-698-12Reminiscences of Crooked Lake and Wang district pioneers by E. Taje. -- [ca. 1964]
M-698-13Articles by Daisy Lucas about the history of Wetaskiwin. -- [ca. 1963]
M-699-1 Homesteading and farm papers. -- 1885-1897. -- Consists of:
  • Receipt for homestead (December 21, 1885).
  • W.S. Robertson to S.B. Lucas, asking permission to run fence across land (February 7, 1888).
  • S.B. Lucas to W.S. Robertson, giving permission to run fence across land (February 10, 1888).
  • S.B. Lucas to A.M. Burgess, asking for land transfer from his son, T.W. Lucas, to himself (September 29, 1897).
M-699-2 Correspondence re appointment of S.B. Lucas as Indian Agent. -- 1884-1897. -- Consists of:
  • John Aylen to Alonzo Wright, Member of Parliament, regarding payment for Mrs. Lucas as housekeeper at Hobbema (December 29, 1884).
  • Richard Hardisty and Edmund Carey, Edmonton, agreement to become sureties for Lucas' appointment as agent, and to post $7000 guarantee (July 8, 1886).
  • Agreement, Richard Hardisty, to post $3500 surety (1886).
  • Agreement, Edmund Carey, Edmonton, to post $3500 surety (1886).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas, refusing leave of absence (January 24, 1891).
  • A.E. Forget to S.B. Lucas, enclosing 3 months salary upon retirement (November 16, 1897).
M-699-3 Riel Rebellion letters. -- 1885. -- Consists of:
  • S.B. Lucas to Lt. Governor E. Dewdney re outbreak of rebellion and flight to Fort Edmonton (April 15, 1885).
  • S.B. Lucas to Lt. Governor E. Dewdney re restoration of order at Hobbema agency (April 30, 1885).
  • Edgar Dewdney to Sir John A. Macdonald, enclosing report from agent S.B. Lucas (June 3, 1885).
  • S.B. Lucas to E. Dewdney, report outlining general conditions at Hobbema (May 15, 1885).
M-699-4 Hobbema agency correspondence. -- 1886-1891. -- Consists of:
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas regarding charges made by Methodist missionary John Nelson (December 18, 1888).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas re Indians being permitted to sell barley; also religious matters (December 28, 1888).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas re demands by Rev. Nelson for investigation into Lucas' criminal neglect of Stonies, drunkenness, obscene language, and obstructing missionary work (January 8, 1889).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas regarding permission to dismiss farmer Robertson; also Indian hay used by missionaries (August 7, 1889).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas, request by Reverend Nelson for medicine for The Stonies (August 9, 1889).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas re charges of irregularities in 1886 lumber purchase, haying and loaning of government horses to white persons (November 18, 1889).
  • Copy of letter, Hayter Reed [to S.B. Lucas?] clearing S.B. Lucas of accusations by Reverend Nelson but warning him against the use of liquor (December 11, 1889).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas re carrying out government policy (December 23, 1889).
  • Hayter Reed to S.B. Lucas, informing Lucas of transfer to Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Agency (May 2, 1890).
  • Edgar Dewdney to Canon William Newton, Edmonton, suggesting it would be unwise to agitate for the retaining of Lucas at Hobbema (May 31, 1890).
M-699-5 Statements and papers re charges. -- 1891-1892. -- Consists of:
  • Statement by J.J.E. Aylwin (January 20, 1892) re delivery of seed barley in 1897; evidence "C" for investigation.
  • Statement by Francis A. Lucas (January 1892) regarding private use of a government threshing machine in 1886.
  • Statement, draft, by Donald Whitford (January 1892) re non-payment for services in 1886-1887.
  • Part of draft letter by S.B. Lucas answering charges against him. -- nd.
  • Letter, S.B. Lucas to Alonzo Wright, Member of Parliament, giving details of his removal.
M-699-6 Charges against S.B. Lucas at Sarcee (Tsuut'ina) Agency. -- 1893-1896. -- Consists of:
  • A.E. Forget to S.B. Lucas, enclosing report on investigation (June 30, 1896).
  • A.E. Forget to Deputy Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, giving details of charges during 1893-1894.
  • Copy of letter, S.B. Lucas to A.E. Forget, replying in detail to charges made against him (July 11, 1896).
M-699-7 Federal Election Papers. -- 1887. -- Consists of:
  • Receipt for election returns (March 1887).
  • Election return for Battle River, showing 15 eligible voters and for whom they voted.
  • Copy of letter, J.G. Fitzgerald, returning officer, Edmonton, outlining expenses (March 1887).
  • J.G. Fitzgerald to S.B. Lucas, asking for list of expenses (May 25, 1887).
M-699-8 Samuel B. Lucas, daily journals while agent at Hobbema and Sarcee (Tsuut'ina). -- 1890-1894. -- See M-5986-2 for transcripts of diaries from 1886, 1890, 1895 and 1897/1898.
M-699-9 Samuel B. Lucas, diary while agent at Sarcee (Tsuut'ina), (1896-1897) and farm journal (1898-1902). -- See M-5986-2 for transcripts of diaries from 1886, 1890, 1895 and 1897/1898.
M-699-10 Notebook at agencies and farm. -- nd. -- One notebook contains list of men who were disloyal from Ermineskin, Bobtail, and Samson's bands in 1885.
M-700 Amelia Lucas diary. -- 1903-1904. Consists of diary describing daily activities on the Wetaskiwin homestead.
M-1418 Samuel B. Lucas, receipts. -- 1891. -- Consists of mail order receipts for books, belting, dairy thermometer and fingering.
M-4051 Samuel B. Lucas, reminiscences. -- [ca. 1958]. -- Consists of reminiscences of life in the Wetaskiwin area (1879-1958).
M-4052 Isabel Maud Lucas, autobiography and nursing certificates. -- [ca. 1936-1940s]. -- Consists of autobiography about her family and activities as a nurse on western Canadian Indian reserves; also includes nursing certificates.
M-4686 Marianne Miquelon Molyneaux and Ruby A Farris articles. -- [ca. 1962]. -- Consists of articles, collected by Daisy Lucas, about the history of Wetaskiwin, the Robert C. Talbot family, and the establishment of a Catholic mission for Crees at Hobbema.
M-5986-1 Genealogical notes by Joan Ferguson Koch (1981); and photocopies of miscellaneous letters and writings of Samuel B. Lucas (1885-1956).
M-5986-2 Transcripts of Samuel B. Lucas' diaries. -- 1886, 1890, 1895 and 1897/1898. -- Not available on microfilm. -- See M-699-(8-9) for other diaries and journals.
M-5986-3 Photocopy of Francis A. Lucas' account book. -- [ca. 1889-1927]
M-5986-4 Photocopies of newsclippings about the Lucas family and Wetaskiwin. -- 1897, 1907, 1918, 1937, 1963, and 1979
Microfilm-Lucas Thomas William Lucas' diary. -- 1904. -- Microfilm includes diary by Thomas William Lucas, farmer, who was the son of Samuel B. Lucas.

Series 2

Photographs. -- [ca. 1880s]-1936

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-761-(1-3) Views of Maude Lucas and the nurses' graduating class at the Holy Cross Hospital. -- [ca. 1912, 1917] and n.d. -- 3 photographs
PA-897-1 Maud Lucas, nursing sister in France during the First World War. -- [1914-1918]. -- 1 photograph
PA-1511-(1-2) Sioux River and St. Boniface Hospital, Manitoba. -- 1909-1910. -- 2 photographs
NA-559-(1-28) Wetaskiwin and area views, buildings, people and activities. -- 1895-{ca. 1940s]. -- 28 photographs
NA-579-(1-13) Wetaskiwin and area views, buildings, people and activities. -- [ca. 1880s]-1927. -- 13 photographs
NA-1366-(1-8) Westaskiwin and area views. -- [ca. 1894-1912]. -- 8 photographs
NA-2259-1 Road grading near Millet. -- 1936. -- 1 photograph
NA-4206-(1-3) Sawmill near the Indian Agency; portraits of Samuel Lucas and Amelia Lucas. -- [ca. 1907-1908] and n.d.

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