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UFA Borad, 1932. I.V. Macklin 2nd from left in front row.
UFA Board, 1932
I.V. Macklin 2nd from left in front row.

I.V. Macklin fonds

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Table of Contents


Series 1 I.V. Macklin's radio broadcasts. -- 1942-1958 and n.d.
Series 2 I.V. Macklin's writings. -- 1935-1973
Series 3 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]
Series 4 Personal papers. -- 1941-1961


Series 1 I.V. Macklin's radio broadcasts. -- 19428-1958 and n.d. -- The series consists of handwritten manuscripts of Macklin' regular radio talks about religion, politics (much of it anti-Social Credit), philosophy and moral issues, which were broadcast over Grande Prairie's CFGP radio station in the 1940s and 1950s.
M-757-4 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1942
M-757-5 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1943
M-757-6 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1944
M-757-7 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1945
M-757-8 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1946
M-757-9 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1947
M-757-10 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-March 1948
M-757-11 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- April-June 1948
M-757-12 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- August-December 1948
M-757-13 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-April 1950
M-757-14 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- May-December 1950
M-757-15 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-May 1951
M-757-16 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-May 1952
M-757-17 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- December 1953-April 1954
M-757-18 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- 1956
M-757-19 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-May 1957
M-757-20 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- June-December 1957
M-757-24 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- January-February 1958
M-757-25 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- March-April 1958
M-757-26 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- May-June 1958
M-757-27 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- July-August 1958
M-757-1 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- n.d.
M-757-2 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- n.d.
M-757-3 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts. -- n.d.
M-757-21 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts, Parts A-B. -- n.d.
M-757-22 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts, Part C. -- n.d.
M-757-23 Manuscripts of radio broadcasts, Part D. -- n.d.
Series 2 I.V. Macklin's writings. -- 1935-1973. -- The series consists of booklets, newspaper columns (Macklin wrote a column called "News and Views" in the Grande Prairie Herald Tribune newspaper during the 1960s), letters to the editor, reminiscences, and a history of Alberta politics, all of which were written by Macklin to share his political and philosophical views.
M-757-28 Booklets written by I.V. Macklin. -- 1935-1970 and n.d.. -- Consists of "Politics and Economics from the Farmers' Standpoint in 1935"; "The CCF"; "Broadcasts by I.V. Macklin on Religion, Economics and Politics" (1943); "They've Turned Their Back to the Bible" (includes some correspondence about its publication, 1947); "Life is More than Meat" (ca. 1960s); "How Christian is Social Credit?" and "Canadian Sell-out to the United States" (1970) .
M-757-29 "News and Views" columns. -- 1960-1961, 1967-1969 and n.d. -- Consists of opinion columns written by I.V. Macklin for the Herald Tribune. The newspaper printed this disclaimer at the bottom of each column: "This space is purchased by Mr. Macklin for the expression of his views. The views expressed are his own." Many of the articles are anti-Social Credit.
M-757-30 Letters to the editor, written by I.V. Macklin. -- 1960-1970 and n.d.
M-757-31 Manuscripts of articles written by I.V. Macklin. -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]. -- Consists of "Handicapping Cooperatives" and "Raw or Pasteurized Milk". It is not clear if these were ever published.
M-757-32 "Political History of Alberta". -- 1969-1970. -- Consists of an extensive handwritten manuscript of an unpublished book written by I.V. Macklin.
M-757-33 I.V. Macklin's reminiscences. -- 1969-1973. -- Consists of handwritten letters and memoirs sent to Hugh Dempsey of the Glenbow Archives.
Series 3 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]. -- The series consists of a small amount of material related to the CCF, including political campaign material from the 1945 provincial election, in which Macklin was a candidate (Macklin ran unsuccessfully for the CCF in 1940, 1945 and 1949).
M-757-34 Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) resolutions. -- [ca. 1940s-1950s]. -- Regarding socialism vs communism and other matters.
M-757-35 Campaign material, provincial election. -- May 1945. -- Consists of testimonials of Peace River constituents, in favour of the CCF and Macklin's candidacy.
M-757-36 CCF miscellany. -- 1948 and n.d. -- Consists of leaflet by William Irvine entitled "The CCF Policy: Social Engineering"; "Instructions to Organizer of Meetings" (how to run a CCF meeting); and "The Carpenter", a special radio program sponsored by the cooperative movement of Alberta (1948).
Series 4 Personal papers. -- 1941-1961. -- The series consists of a pre-nuptial agreement for his second marriage, and newspaper clippings.
M-757-37 Pre-nuptial agreement between I.V. Macklin and his second wife, Matilda Jantz. -- June 3, 1941
M-757-38 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. -- 1960-1961 and n.d.

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