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Mary Macleod and James F. Macleod
NA-742-2, NA-23-2

James Farquharson Macleod Family fonds

A brief history of the family and summary of contents can be found in the Archives Main Catalogue record.

Table of Contents

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Series 1 Scanned Document The Macleod letters. -- 1858, 1874-1894
Series 2 Scanned Document Other Macleod family papers. -- 1838-1949
Series 3 Photographs. - 1870-1955


Series 1

The Macleod letters. -- 1858, 1874-1894


The Macleod letters. -- 1874-1894. -- Consists of 250 letters written by James F. Macleod to his wife Mary over the course of 20 years, in his capacity as Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police, Judge, Member of the North-West Assembly, and devoted husband and father. The letters have been digitized.

Introduction to the Macleod letters

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M-776-14b Two letters from J.F. Macleod to his father. -- 1858

Series 2

Other Macleod family papers. -- 1838-1949

M-776-1J.F. Macleod's commissions. -- 1856-1887
M-776-2Official government circulars and correspondence. -- 1878-1894
M-776-3Department of Justice correspondence. -- 1882-1894
M-776-4Blood treaty documents. -- 1883-1886
M-776-5CPR liquor problem. -- 1885 (photocopy). -- NB: The originals are in M-782
M-776-6Naturalization papers. -- 1883-1886
M-776-7Petitions. -- 1885-1889
M-776-8Appeals. -- 1888-1892
M-776-9Metis claims. -- 1888-1892
M-776-10Letters to Mary Macleod. -- 1887-1919
M-776-11Letters to Mary Macleod from S.B. Steele. -- 1910-1915
M-776-12Miscellaneous. -- 1829-1905
M-776-13Maps, etc. -- 1887-1891
M-339-11 book (80 pages). -- [ca. 1900s]. -- Macleod family history, beginning in the 16th century, by unknown author
M-780-1J.F. Macleod - letter and draft of bill regarding Anglican Synod, Diocese of Calgary. -- 1889
M-780-2Draft of memo regarding Norman T. Macleod addressed to "Sir John". -- 1883
M-780-3Telegrams to J.F. Macleod from George W. Burbidge. -- 1885
M-780-4Letter to J.F. Macleod from Lieutenant-Governor's office regarding rent of court room in Medicine Hat. -- 1892
M-780-5Telegrams of sympathy to Mrs. Macleod on J.F. Macleod's death. -- 1894
M-780-6Resolutions passed by the Council of the North-West Territories regarding "Halfbreeds in the Territories". -- 1878 and 1884
M-780-7 Certificates of Naturalization for William Columbus Fixley, Martin Van Buren Holway, Charles Gallagher, Henri Bourgoin, Osker Swidberg, Charles Louis Smith, Thomas Curry, and Joseph Van Horn Parviance, signed by Macleod and Haultain. -- 1887
M-780-8Oliver Ingram's chattel mortgage documents. -- 1904
M-780-9Bill heads, Calgary firms. -- 1894 and 1896
M-780-10Letters to Norman T. Macleod - sympathy letter on mother's death. -- nd, and letter regarding Mary Isabella's land near Kinistino. -- 1919
M-780-11J.F. Macleod calling card. -- nd
M-780-12Joseph Alexander Banfield's commercial travellers certificates. -- 1897-1900
M-782 Correspondence re liquor question on the CPR line in BC, etc. -- 1885. -- NB: M-776 file 5 is a photocopy of this
M-783 Winnipeg land document. -- 1932; and speech by RCMP Commissioner, Charles Edward Rivett-Carnac, at the unveiling of a commemorative RCMP plaque, Fort Macleod. -- August 8, 1959
M-785 Personal correspondence of Norman T. Macleod, first Indian Agent for southern Alberta, predominantly to his daughter Bessie, commenting on state of native peoples, countryside, government, 1885 Riel Rebellion, etc. -- 1880-1885. -- The handwritten letters have been transcribed.

Scanned Document View transcripts.

M-1257 Poem by F.H. Turnoch, published in the Calgary Tribune a few days after the death of J.F. Macleod. -- September 1894; and notes on establishment and history of Ft. Dunvegan. -- nd.
M-3625 Norman T. Macleod's reminiscences of the Macleod family in Fort Macleod and Pincher Creek. -- nd
M-3939 Mary Dover's biographical sketch of J.F. Macleod. -- nd
M-4135 Short biography of Jerry Potts, donated by Norman T. Macleod. -- nd
M-4851 Notes re the Macleod family, Macleod hotel regulations, Christmas card, etc., collected by Mary Dover. -- 1936-1950

Series 3

Photographs. -- 1870-1955. -- 323 photographs. -- Consists of photographs of the Macleod family, their friends, activities and homes.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

(Call numbers for the original photographs: PA-29, PA-413, PA-1241, PA-1298, PA-1426, PA-1472, PB-373, PC-107, PC-121, PD-248, NA-23, NA-82, NA-113, NA-280, NA-391, NA-684, NA-742, NA-917, NA-1698, NA-2050, NA-2206, NA-2227, NA-2258, NA-2536, NA-2787, NA-3331, NA 3690, NA-5710, NF-11)

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