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Threshing near Ponoka, 1919
Threshing near Ponoka, 1919

Madgen family fonds

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M-801-1Family birthdates. -- 1830-1910. -- Includes list of birthdates of Robson Madgen and Ester Annie Angus, inspection card of Esther Angus.
M-801-2Land records. -- 1897-1937. -- Homestead of Robson Madgen, Joseph Madgen; lands for Calgary Power; lease Vernus Frank Rubottom to Leonard Madgen.
M-801-3Tax receipts. -- 1902-1939. -- For lands owned by Robson Madgen, Joseph Madgen; income tax of Leonard Madgen, fuel oil tax.
M-801-4P. Burns and Company. -- 1906. -- Agreement re cattle.
M-801-5Livestock records. -- 1918-1938. -- For pigs and cattle of Robson and Leonard Madgen.
M-801-6United Farmers of Alberta. -- 1919. -- Constitution and bylaws.
M-801-7Financial records. -- 1898-1939. -- Includes demand note of Robson Madgen; correspondence re note, Alberta gold bonds, Alberta savings certificates; bank book of Leonard Madgen, 1936-1938.
M-801-8Grain deliveries. -- 1928-1940. -- Correspondence and receipts.
M-801-9Estates. -- 1930-1938. -- Correspondence re William Madgen, Phillis Madgen, includes legal accounts.
M-801-10Miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1910-1940,. -- Re cemetery plot, death of R. Madgen, payment for crops.
M-801-11Tree planting. -- 1935. -- Correspondence, etc.
M-801-12Traders Finance Corporation. -- 1939-1940. -- Correspondence.
M-801-13Religious tracts. -- n.d. -- Most from Christian Alliance Publishing Company.
M-801-14Insurance. -- 1913-1939. -- Correspondence, etc.
M-801-15Radio instructions. -- n.d. -- Macleods Ltd. radio set.
M-801-16Catalogues. -- 1898-1899 and n.d. -- For Canada Carriage Company sleighs, Fairchild company, agents; for Ford cars, Skinner and Wilkinson Ltd. agents.
M-801-17Farm articles. -- 1912-1939. -- Receipts, invoices, etc.
M-801-18Forms. – 1928-1931. -- Canada census, Canada Cement Company.
M-801-19Fiction articles. -- 1933-1937. -- From Young People's Delight and Canadian Boy.
M-801-20Newspaper clippings. -- 1921-1926. -- Re seed potatoes, farm power, Reverend William Madgen, saws, selling machinery, Alston, England.
M-801-21Farm account book. -- 1937.
M-801-22Crop record. -- 1928-1939.
M-801-23Notebooks, bibles, etc. -- 1884-1938.
M-801-24Greeting cards. -- n.d. -- Sent to Madgen family.
PA-2972Magden family portraits and scenes, England and Morningside. -- n.d. -- 63 photographs.
PD-241Magden family albums, Morningside. -- n.d. -- 200 photographs.

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