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Pat McCloy, September 4, 1962

Pat McCloy Genealogical Collection

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Genealogical research files. - [ca. 1970s-1996]
Series 2Alphabetical files. - n.d.
Series 3Miscellaneous genealogical files. - n.d.
Series 4Thomas Rennie "Pat" McCloy personal papers. - [1900-1970s]
Series 5McKay genealogical index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]
Series 6Genealogical index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]
Series 7Research notes index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]
Series 8 Scanned Document Photographs. - [ca. 1870s]-1941


Series 1

Genealogical research files. Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]. 2.74 m of textual records. Consists of genealogical material compiled by Pat McCloy, including biographies, pedigree charts, newsclippings, photographs, obituaries, correspondence, etc. The Traill family files contain some original letters, dating back to the 1860s. Many of the files have "A" designations which relate to the numbering system created by Mr. McCloy for the descendants of John McKay (1763?-1810) and Mary Favell (1776?-1810). A list of "A" numbers and corresponding family names is found in M-8486-4.

M-8486-1 Fur-trade Biographies / by T.R. McCloy. - British Columbia Historical Quarterly, 1951. - Consists of an index to biographical sketches contained in various Hudson's Bay Company and Champlain Society publications.
M-8486-2List of National Archives Indian Affairs Records on microfilm. - October 31, l983.
M-8486-3Addresses of correspondents. - nd.
M-8486-4Key to "A" designations, A 1-A 261.
M-8486-5"Table A", a genealogical table to the first three generations of the descendants of John McKay (l763?-l8l0) and Mary Favell (l776?- l8l0).
M-8486-6Explanation of "Table A".
M-8486-7Hudson's Bay Company, employee service sheets for "A" individuals.
M-8486-8John McKay and Mary England (A l- A 9).
M-8486-9Margaret McKay and John Hourie (A 2).
M-8486-10 John McKay and Elizabeth McKay (A 3).
M-8486-11William Henry McKay and Sophia Dennett (A 4).
M-8486-12Edward R. McKay and Caroline Voller (A 5).
M-8486-13 Alex D. McKay (A 7).
M-8486-14 William McKay (1818-1883).
M-8486-15 W.E. Traill (A 11)
M-8486-16 Thomas McKay (A l2).
M-8486-17 Clarke Family (A l3).
M-8486-18 William McKay and Maria Rowland (A l4).
M-8486-19 Archdeacon George McKay (A l5).
M-8486-20Henry McKay (A l6).
M-8486-21 Angus McKay (A l7).
M-8486-22Gilbert McKay (A l8).
M-8486-23James McKay (A l9).
M-8486-24Bremner (A 21).
M-8486-25Wills (A 21-A 30).
M-8486-26Alexander McKay (A 31).
M-8486-27Edward McKay (A 3l-A 40).
M-8486-28John Wells III (A 24).
M-8486-29Rosia Wills and George Hammond (A 25).
M-8486-30Sidonia Wills (A 26).
M-8486-31 Harriet Wills and Thomas Beads (A 22).
M-8486-32Eliza Wills and Daniel Ledo (A 23).
M-8486-33Anderson (A 34).
M-8486-34Colin McKay (A 32).
M-8486-35Samuel McKay (A 33).
M-8486-36Bray (A 35).
M-8486-37Miscellaneous family group record, USA.
M-8486-38W.E. Traill family tree (A 11).
M-8486-39Quesnelle (A 36).
M-8486-40O'Hare (A 37).
M-8486-41 W.E. McKay (A 38).
M-8486-42Alexander Campbell (A 4l).
M-8486-43Alexander McKay (A 4l-A 50).
M-8486-44William McDonald (A 42).
M-8486-45John Turner (A 42).
M-8486-46Andrew James McKay (A 44).
M-8486-47Alexander Hourie (A 45).
M-8486-48Corrigal (A 46).
M-8486-49J.M.B. (Jerry) McKay family (A 5l-A 60).
M-8486-50Kennedy (A 5l).
M-8486-51 G.B. McKay (A 52).
M-8486-52Archibald McKay (A 53).
M-8486-53Fred J.R. McKay (A 55).
M-8486-54Thomas McKay (A 56).
M-8486-55W.C. McKay (A 57).
M-8486-56Anderson (A 6l-A 70).
M-8486-57William James Anderson (A 6l).
M-8486-58Ducharme (A 62).
M-8486-59Murdock Campbell (A 63).
M-8486-60J.P. Demerais (A 64).
M-8486-61 Peter Anderson Jr. (A 65).
M-8486-62C.T. Anderson (A 66).
M-8486-63A. E. Anderson (A 69).
M-8486-64Linklater (A 71-A 80).
M-8486-65Joseph A. McDermott (A 71).
M-8486-66E.A.W.R. McKenzie (A 72).
M-8486-67Henry Victor Starling (A 73).
M-8486-68John Richard Linklater (A 74).
M-8486-69John Granville Thynne (A 75).
M-8486-70George A. Linklater (A 76).
M-8486-71Ernest William Clark and Letitia Margaret Linklater (A 77).
M-8486-72Lydia Linklater (A 78).
M-8486-73Charles McKay and Margaret Campbell (A 81- 90).
M-8486-74Joseph McKay (A 9l).
M-8486-75William McKay and Susan Verseilles (A l03).
M-8486-76James Morrison and Jane Corston (A l35).
M-8486-77Corston family (A l3l).
M-8486-78William McKay and Mary Bunn (A l3l-A 200).
M-8486-79Roderick McKay (A 84).
M-8486-80James William MacKay (A l4l).
M-8486-81 Richards (A l5l).
M-8486-82Richards, miscellaneous (A l52).
M-8486-83William Taylor (A l6l).
M-8486-84Rev. James Taylor (A l62).
M-8486-85Jane (Taylor) Harriott (A l63).
M-8486-86Mary (Taylor) Armit (A l64).
M-8486-87Robert Taylor (A l65).
M-8486-88Elizabeth MacKay, Thomas Moar (A l7l. See also A l-A l0).
M-8486-89John Alexander McKay (A l8l).
M-8486-90Maria (MacKay) McDonald (A l9l).
M-8486-91 Charles McKay (l808 - l873) (A 221).
M-8486-92Charles McKay (A 22l- A 300).
M-8486-93Mary McKay (1810 -?) (A 30l).
M-8486-94Donald "Mad" McKay (B).
M-8486-95William McKay (B).
M-8486-96Donald McKay Jr. (B 1).
M-8486-97Donald McKay , Nova Scotia.
M-8486-98Gentleman Joe McKay (B 21).
M-8486-99W.C. McKay and Mary McLaughlin (B 22).
M-8486-100 Gentleman Joe McKay's family (B 21).
M-8486-101 Genealogy sources. - Consists of information about various archives.
M-8486-102 McKay family tree.
M-8486-103Unused genealogical forms / pedigree charts.
M-8486-104McKay family.
M-8486-105McKay family obituaries.
M-8486-106McKay genealogy, by C. Kipling.
M-8486-107McKay scrip.
M-8486-108McKay family biographical notes.
M-8486-109John McKay, notes from journals.
M-8486-110 John McKay's children.
M-8486-111 John R. McKay.
M-8486-112 McKay and related photos.
M-8486-113 John McKay (?-1810)
M-8486-114 McKay miscellaneous. Not identified.
M-8486-115 Catharine Parr Traill. - Includes some original 1880s letters.
M-8486-116 W.E.Traill letters. - 1870s-1904 (A 11).
M-8486-117 W.E. Traill (A 11).
M-8486-118 Walter J.S. Traill.
M-8486-119 Traill genealogy.
M-8486-120Traill miscellaneous.
M-8486-121 Atwood family.
M-8486-122Bigg famly.
M-8486-123Drever family.
M-8486-124Morrow family.
M-8486-125John McCloy.
M-8486-126McCloy family.
M-8486-127T.R. McCloy.
M-8486-128Elsie McKay's newspaper columns, "Selkirk Sidelights".
M-8486-129Miscellaneous notes.
M-8486-130Moodie famly.
M-8486-131 Red River, miscellaneous letters.
M-8486-132Roy P. Johnson, Fargo Forum articles about Frog Point and Caledonia.
M-8486-133Roy P. Johnson, Fargo Forum writer, letters to T.R. McCloy.
M-8486-134George Simpson letters.
M-8486-135Georgetown Lands, North Dakota.
M-8486-136Pruden family.
M-8486-137Pat Thomas, early letters.
M-8486-138Newspaper articles re: gold on the Saskatchewan River.
M-8486-141 Hudson's Bay Company Archives, correspondence with archivists.
M-8486-142John C. Jackson, Portland, Oregon.
M-8486-143Kinistino, Saskatchewan (Carrot River Settlement).
M-8486-144Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-145C.D. Denney.
M-8486-146Church records.
M-8486-147Brandon, Manitoba.
M-8486-148Edmonton, Alberta.
M-8486-149Medicine Hat, Alberta.
M-8486-150Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-151 Regina, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-152Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-153Winnipeg, Manitoba.
M-8486-154Church records, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
M-8486-155Church records, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-156Church records, Regina, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-157Church records, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
M-8486-158Halcro marriage records.
M-8486-159McCloy family.
M-8486-160McCloy genealogy.
M-8486-161 Cemeteries, miscellaneous.
M-8486-162Kinosota Cemetery, Manitoba.
M-8486-163Census records, miscellaneous.
M-8486-164Homestead records.
M-8486-165Church records, Manitoba, miscellaneous.
M-8486-166Church records, Calgary, Alberta.
M-8486-167Church records, Edmonton, Archives.
M-8486-168Church records, Moosonee, Ontario.
M-8486-169Booklet: "What Irishmen say of Canada". - Ottawa : Minister of the Interior, l9ll.
M-8486-170Booklet: "Winnipeg as it is in 1874 and as it was in 1860" / by George Elliott. - Ottawa, Free Press, 1875.
M-8486-171 Booklet: "The Sailor Brother : The History of Thomas Saville" / by S. Strickland. - London : Dean and Munday, nd.
M-8486-172Sir R.G. Reid.
M-8486-173Miscellaneous inquiries from other genealogists.
M-8486-174Alberta Genealogical Society.
M-8486-175Miscellaneous correspondence with other genealogists.
M-8486-176Cattle for Red River.
M-8486-177William McKay (A l03).
M-8486-178John and Donald McKay families.
M-8486-179W.E. Traill, Fort St. James, British Columbia (A 11).
M-8486-180Treaty 4, Qu'Appelle and Fort Ellice, l874.
M-8486-181 Scrapbook of news clippings (photocopies) regarding the 1885 Riel Rebellion.
M-8486-182The McKays of Saskatchewan by Ruth Buck.
M-8486-183William Kennedy (A 5l).
M-8486-184William Charles McKay (A 57) and Tom McKay (A 56).
M-8486-185Wills family (A 22-A 24-A 28).
M-8486-186Richardson Greenshields of Canada. - Consists of records of Pat McCloy's investments.
M-8486-187Transcripts of W.E. Traill correspondence, Jan. 5, l89l - Sept. l4, l893 (A 11).
M-8486-188Letters to T.R. McCloy from Eleanor Anderson, Valley River, Manitoba.
M-8486-189Adams Family.
M-8486-190Fort George Historic Site, Buckingham House.
M-8486-191 Mrs. William Cyprian Pinkham (Jean Anne Drever).
M-8486-192Fur-trade Biographies / by T.R. McCloy. - British Columbia Historical Quarterly, 1951. - Consists of an index to biographical sketches contained in various Hudson's Bay Company and Champlain Society publications. See M-8486-1 for other copies.
M-8486-193"Sitting Bull's Wedding Gift : The McKays' Relations with the Dakota" / by Margaret L. Clarke. - Paper presented at the Northern Great Plains History Conference, Brandon, Manitoba, 1995.
M-8486-194Transcripts of W.E. "Willie" Traill's letters to his family, l864-1868 (A 11).
M-8486-195McKay / Robertson / Lillie pedigree charts.
M-8486-196Traill family letters, 1870s-1890s (transcripts, photocopies and some originals).
M-8486-197Case regarding Catherine Clarke, widow of Lawrence Clarke, Supreme Court of the North West Territories (Prince Albert).
M-8486-198Information on Charles and Letitia (Bird) McKay family.
M-8486-199Booklet: "Tracing your Family Tree". - Genealogical Research Library, 1994.
M-8486-200Peterborough Historical Society (Ontario) booklets.
M-8486-201 Copy of Treaty 6, l876.
M-8486-202Charles Bremner (l835-l9l9) (A 2l).
M-8486-203Alexander McKay (l846-l902) (A 3l).
M-8486-204John Turner (l85l-l926) (A 43).
M-8486-205Wilfred Roderick and Andrew McKay (A 44).
M-8486-206Mary McKay (l852-l928) (A 41).
M-8486-207Henry McKay (l856-l936) (A l6).
M-8486-208William McKay (l852-l932) (A l4).
M-8486-209William Jeremiah McDonald (l844-l929) (A 42).
M-8486-210Gilbert McKay (l860-l906) (A l8).
M-8486-210 Sidonia and Rebecca Wills sisters (A 26 and A 29).
M-8486-212 Family of John McKay (?-1810), fur trader.
M-8486-213Joseph Alex Turner and Jane Whitford.
M-8486-214"McCloy Family History" / by T.R. McCloy.
M-8486-215 Heather Halletts, letter and charts.
M-8486-216 Traill family papers and charts (A 11).
M-8486-217A McKay lineage, part 1.
M-8486-217BMcKay lineage, part 2.
M-8486-218 William Sinclair (1766-1818), Chief Factor, descendancy chart.
M-8486-219 Angus McKay (l857-l952) (A l7).
M-8486-220Gilbert McKay (l866-l906) (A l8).
M-8486-221 Sidonia Wills, daughter of John and Mary McKay (A 26).
M-8486-222Rebecca Wills, daughter of John Wills and Mary McKay (A 29).
M-8486-223Rosia (Roselie) Wills, daughter of John Wills and Mary McKay (A 25).
M-8486-224Alexander McKay (l847-l902) (A 3l).
M-8486-225Alexander Hourie (l859-l930) (A 45).
M-8486-226William Thomas "Bill" Corrigal (l863-l949) (A 46).
M-8486-227Archibald McDonald McKay (l863-l937) (A 53).
M-8486-228Fredrick John Richard McKay (l870-l93l) (A 55).
M-8486-229William Henry McKay (l844-l9l3) (A 4).
M-8486-230William Edward "Bill" Traill (l844-l9l7) (A ll).
M-8486-231 Thomas McKay (l849-l924) (A l2)
M-8486-232Laurence Clarke (l832-1890) (A l3).
M-8486-233William McKay (l852-l932) (A l4).
M-8486-234Angus McKay (l857-l952) (A l7).
M-8486-235Gilbert McKay (l866-l9l6) (A l8).
M-8486-236Harriet Wills (l848-l88l) (A 22).
M-8486-237Eliza Mary "Lizzie" Wills (l856-?) (A 23).
M-8486-238John Wills (becomes Wells) (l847-?) (A 24).
M-8486-239George Henry Parker (l862-?) (A 29).
M-8486-240William McKay (l826-l907) (B l).
M-8486-241 Mary McKay (1852-l928) (A 4l).
M-8486-242William Jeremiah "Bill" McDonald (l844-l929) (A 42).
M-8486-243John Turner (l85l-l926) (A 43).
M-8486-244Wilfred Rodrick McKay (A 44).
M-8486-245Andrew James McKay (l862-l944) (A 44).
M-8486-246Alexander Hourie (l859-l930) (A 45).
M-8486-247William Thomas "Bill" Corrigal (l863-l949) (A 46).
M-8486-248William Kennedy (l852-l936) (A 5l).
M-8486-249George Bruce McKay (l86l-l938) (A 52).
M-8486-250Frederick John Richard McKay (l870-l93l) (A 54).
M-8486-251 Thomas McKay (l872-l9l3) (A 56).
M-8486-252William Charles McKay (l875-l944) (A 57).
M-8486-253Francois Ducharme (l850-l905) (A 62).
M-8486-254Murdock Campbell (l85l-l9l2) (A 63).
M-8486-255John Peter Demerais (l850-l933) (A 64).
M-8486-256Peter Anderson (l86l-?) (A l5).
M-8486-257Harriet Jane Linklater (l86l-l955) (A 72).
M-8486-258William McKay (l823-l889) (A l03).
M-8486-259[Number not used].
M-8486-260Angus Faries (l840-l899) (A l3l- A l37).
M-8486-261 Joseph William MacKay (l829-l9l0) (A l4l).
M-8486-262Rev. Edward Richards (l858-l922) (A l52).
M-8486-263Jane Taylor (l852-l943) (A l63).
M-8486-264John Alexander McKay (l838-l923) (A l8l).
M-8486-265Maria McKay (l840-l9l2) (A l9l).
M-8486-266Joseph Everette (l823-l887), Berens River (B)
M-8486-267James McKay (l797-l887).
M-8486-268 Joseph "Gentleman Joe" McKay (l856-l938) (B 21).
M-8486-269William Charles McKay (l858-l932)(B 22).
M-8486-270News clipping about the Chieftains (Irish musicians).
M-8486-271 Catharine Parr Traill letters (includes originals). - 1893-1898
M-8486-272Article: "Pioneer Naturalist, Catharine Parr Traill" / E. Mallory. - Canadian Audubon, vol. 27, no. 2 (March-April .965)
M-8486-273Notes and transcripts of Hudson's Bay Company records. --1859-1864 .
M-8486-274Photocopies of Susanna Moodie letters. - l858- l877.
M-8486-275Photocopies of W.E. Traill letters. - l886- l909.
M-8486-276Photocopies of Thomas Traill letters. - l859- l896.
M-8486-277Photocopies of Traill family letters. - 1859- 1888.
M-8486-278Walter J. S. Traill letters (includes originals). - 1865- 1870s
M-8486-279George Traill letters (includes originals). - 1859- 1882
M-8486-280Atwood family.
M-8486-281Photocopy of Traill diary. - l857-l867.
M-8486-282Traill family.
M-8486-283W.E. Traill writings (originals). - 1912-1916 (A 11).
M-8486-284Descendants of John McKay and Mary Favell.
M-8486-285Traill and Strickland.
M-8486-286Letters to Bishop Young from W.C. Traill.
M-8486-287Sessional Paper (photocopy): "Detailed Report Upon All Claims to Land and Right to Participate in the North-West Half-Breed Grant". - Ottawa, 1886.
M-8486-288Article: "The Moodie Traill" in The Cavan Register, 1993.
M-8486-289Native Network News. Vol.6 # ll, May l994.
M-8486-290Errata Kinistino, book I.
M-8486-291Photocopy of Donald MacKay diary. - Transcribed 1897 (originally created 1785).
M-8486-292Pedigree chart of Harriet Ann Sinclair.
M-8486-293l88l and l89l Census, Manitoba and Northwest Territories.
M-8486-294Reel Cll875 Metis Scrip indexes.
M-8486-295Information on Victoria and Vancouver, BC.
M-8486-296Letters from Mae Atwood.
M-8486-297Letters to and from Miss Julia Osborne (Canada Council).
M-8486-298Photos of T.R. McCloy in a library; Katie Atwood; HBC Hotel in Grand Forks, North Dakota; and paintings by Mrs. Moodie.
M-8486-299Transcripts of letters from Walter J.S. Traill to his mother and sisters. - 1866-1876.
M-8486-300Robertson family.
M-8486-301 Letters to T.R. McCloy from his parents. - 1954- 1955.
M-8486-302John McKay of Columbia District, genealogy by Gail Morin.
M-8486-303Maps of British Columbia.
M-8486-304Kin Coulee Cemetery listing, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
M-8486-305William Jeremiah "Bill" McDonald (A 42).
M-8486-306Alexander McKay and Virginie Larocque (A 3l).
M-8486-307Charles Bremner ( l835-May l6, l9l9) (A 2l).
M-8486-308Colin McKay (baptized l85l-March l884( (A 32).
M-8486-309Adam Ballendine and Angelique Lemire.
M-8486-310 Fiddler family.
M-8486-311 Thomas McKay (l849-l924) (A l2).
M-8486-312Laurence Clarke (l832-l890)(A l3).
M-8486-313 Photocopy of John McKay's will. - March 6, l8l3. Wife Mary Favell.
M-8486-314William Thomas "Bill" Corrigal (March 20, l863-?) (A 46).
M-8486-315 Alexander Hourie (l859-l930) (A 45).
M-8486-316 John Turner (l85l-l926) (A 43).
M-8486-317 Angus McKay (l857-l952) (A l7).
M-8486-318Harriet Wills (l848-l88l) (A 22).
M-8486-319 Andrew James McKay (l862-l944) (A 44).
M-8486-320William Jeremiah "Bill" McDonald (l844-l929) (A 42).
M-8486-321 Mary McKay (l852-l928) (A 4l).
M-8486-322John Wills (l847-?) (A 24).
M-8486-323Gilbert McKay (l868-l9l6) (A l8).
M-8486-324George B. Hammond (l842-l904) (A 25).
M-8486-325Sidonia Wills, daughter of John Wills and Mary McKay (A 26).
M-8486-326Moses Wills, son of JohnWills and Mary McKay (A 28).
M-8486-327Alexander McKay (l847-l902) (A 3l).
M-8486-328McBeath family.
M-8486-329Index to Cowley's 1842-1843 journal.
M-8486-330McKay family record sheets.
M-8486-331 Sayese family.
M-8486-332Sinclair family.
M-8486-333Edward Spencer (l852-l93l).
M-8486-334News clippings about Nisbet School Home, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. - l9l9-1921.
M-8486-335Paradis family pedigree chart.
M-8486-336Pruden family.
M-8486-337Reid family.
M-8486-338Robertson family.
M-8486-339Ben Cook and Olive May Ward family.
M-8486-340Narcisse Chastelain family.
M-8486-341 Calder family. Scanned Document View now.
M-8486-342Budd family.
M-8486-343Demerais family.
M-8486-344Erasmus family.
M-8486-345Fidler / Fiddler family.
M-8486-346Genealogy book: The Histories of Jemima (McKay) Bray, John Henry Gresham Bray, and their Descendants / Donna Thane, March 1993.
M-8486-347Genealogy book: The Andersons, A Hudson's Bay Company Family / Teresa ?, nd.
M-8486-348AGenealogy book: The Genealogy of the Harpers and McLeods / compiled by Kenneth D. Harper, nd.
M-8486-348BGenealogy book: The descendants of George Adams and Ann Heywood./ Verna Redhead, June Kelly, and Jackie Hobbs, nd.
M-8486-349Notes and transcripts of Hudson's Bay Company records, and other archival documents, possibly written by a McKay family member.
M-8486-350Article: "The Amazing Strickland Girls" / by Audrey Y. Morris. - Chatelaine, October 1966.
M-8486-351 Photocopies of Cummins Maps, Northern Saskatchewan.
M-8486-352Newsclipping from The Daily Herald about the history and residents of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. - 1923-1924.
M-8486-353Genealogy book: The Hallett Family : A History of the Henry Hallett Family in Western Canada from 1793-1993 / by Heather Hallett, nd. Pages l-99.
M-8486-354Genealogy book: The Hallett Family : A History of the Henry Hallett Family in Western Canada from 1793-1993 / by Heather Hallett, nd. Pages l00-l99.
M-8486-355Genealogy book: The Hallett Family : A History of the Henry Hallett Family in Western Canada from 1793-1993 / by Heather Hallett, nd. Pages 200-299.
M-8486-356Genealogy book: The Hallett Family : A History of the Henry Hallett Family in Western Canada from 1793-1993 / by Heather Hallett, nd. Pages 300-399.
M-8486-357Genealogy book: The Hallett Family : A History of the Henry Hallett Family in Western Canada from 1793-1993 / by Heather Hallett, nd. Pages 400-index.
M-8486-358Centennial edition of The Nor-Wester, Winnipeg, July l5, l970.
M-8486-359Letter from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives regarding history of North-West Company and Hudson's Bay Company flags.. - 1965.
M-8486-360[Number not used].
M-8486-361 Notes about 1866-1870 Fort Saint John Journal entries.
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Series 2

Alphabetical files. - 18 cm of textual records. - Consists largely of newsclippings (obituaries, marriage announcements, etc.). The files are arranged in alphabetical order, although T-Z files appear to be missing.

M-8486-362Archives Regulations of Hudson's Bay Company, l923-l946.
M-8486-363Asham (Isham) family.
M-8486-364Bair family.
M-8486-365Dr. R.C. Bain obituary. - 1940.
M-8486-366Robert John Burns family, James Smith Band, Fort- a-la-Corne reserve.
M-8486-367James Edward Bear and Carl Albin Bjork obituaries. - 1991
M-8486-368Horace Belanger, Chief Factor, Hudson's Bay Company.
M-8486-369Roy Bannerman obituary. - 1980
M-8486-370Cromarty family.
M-8486-371Cusitar family.
M-8486-372Mrs. Mary Davidson obituary. - 1947.
M-8486-373Dubois family.
M-8486-374Chief Joseph Dreaver and family (also spelled Drever).
M-8486-375Dubray obituaries. - 1982, 1991.
M-8486-376Deschambeault family.
M-8486-377John Dover obituary. - 1950.
M-8486-378Enault family, 1870 census.
M-8486-379Jim Franks obituary. - 1991.
M-8486-380 Robert Foulds and Albert Edward Foulds obituaries. - 1946. Scanned Document View now.
M-8486-381Folsten family.
M-8486-382Albertine Parenteau Gariepy and Joseph Gariepy obituaries. - 1979, 1981.
M-8486-383Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Goodfellow, 40th wedding anniversary. - 1921.
M-8486-384Alec Gauldhawke, Prince Albert pioneer.
M-8486-385Terrance "Buddy" Greyeyes obituary, Muskeg Lake reserve, Saskatchewan. - 1981.
M-8486-386Hodgson family.
M-8486-387Charles Iserhoff obituary. - 1931.
M-8486-388Pierre and Marie Jourdain.
M-8486-389George Ram Kipling.
M-8486-390Andrew Knox obituary. - 1946
M-8486-391Forrest Graham Kelly obituary. - 1981
M-8486-392Alexander Ralph Lillie, Hudson's Bay Company service record.
M-8486-393Lyons family reunion at Okotoks, Alberta. - 1967.
M-8486-394Mrs. C. Lovell obituary. - 1949.
M-8486-395Lizotte family. - 1969.
M-8486-396Josephine Lavalee (nee Vandale) obituary. - 1979.
M-8486-397Andrew Miller obituary. - 1943.
M-8486-398Mrs. Jane MacDonald obituary. - 1950.
M-8486-399Angus McLeod and John McLeod families.
M-8486-400Mackie family.
M-8486-401Massey family.
M-8486-402Mowat obituary. - 1980.
M-8486-403Monkman family.
M-8486-404Sarah Ouellette obituary. - 1980.
M-8486-405Orvis family.
M-8486-406Olsen family.
M-8486-407Pritchard golden wedding anniversary. - 1954.
M-8486-408William Pozer obituary. - 1935.
M-8486-409Pocha family obituaries. - 1980-1989.
M-8486-410Settee family.
M-8486-411Albert Sayer obituary. - 1992.
M-8486-412Setter family.
M-8486-413Sanderson family.
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Series 3

Miscellaneous genealogical files. - 12.5 cm of textual records. - Consists of genealogical material, including copies of wills, biographical data, etc. which was not originally included in Series 1 or 2.
M-8486-414Hugo Jung Sr.
M-8486-415Newsclipping about W. Freeman. - 1894.
M-8486-416La Corne Mission centennial. - 1953.
M-8486-417Khaki University of Canada in the United Kingdom calendar. - 1946.
M-8486-418Abstracts and lists relating to Western Canada Grain Trade. - 1880-1911.
M-8486-419Extracts from the New Statistical Account of Scotland. - 1842.
M-8486-420J.O. Moodie genealogical notes about the Moodie and Roderick McKenzie families in western Canada.
M-8486-421John McKay (?-1810), biographical data on his descendants.
M-8486-422Autograph of Douglas MacKay, editor of the Beaver magazine. - 1933-1938.
M-8486-423Photocopy and transcript of John Favell will. - 1785.
M-8486-424Biographical article regarding John McKay. - 1978.
M-8486-425Typescript of John Richards McKay will. - 1842.
M-8486-426Typescript of Charles Thomas Anderson will. - 1909.
M-8486-427Thomas McCloy, Colleston, Saskatchewan family information.
M-8486-428James Farquharson Macleod and Cyprian Pinkham families. - photocopies of marriage and baptism certificates. - 1876-1879.
M-8486-429Dinner in honour of Richard Secord, Edmonton, Alberta. - 1981.
M-8486-430Booklet: "Officers of 'The Oaks'", R.H. Traill, president. - nd
M-8486-431Traill / Strickland family marriage, birth and records (possibly from family Bible). - 1856-1867.
M-8486-432Francis William Gray Traill.
M-8486-433Miscellaneous newsclippings, predominantly obituaries.
M-486-oversize Irish newspapers related to the McCloy family.
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Series 4

Thomas Rennie "Pat" McCloy personal papers. - 1900-1970s. - 6 cm of textual records. - Consists of records related to his service during the Second World War, and his association with the Khaki University. Includes some documents related to his father, John McCloy during the South African War. - Also includes Pat's genealogical notebooks.

M-8486-434Sgt. McCloy's Second World War greeting cards. - 1942-1944.
M-8486-435Maps of London, England, and London theatre programmes. - 1940-1943.
M-8486-436Tickets, passes, membership cards, etc. - 1940- 1946.
M-8486-437Circulars regarding disembarkation, war bonds, and Repatriation Depot. - 1945-1946.
M-8486-438Thomas Rennie McCloy's Canadian Army Service Book, and Soldier's Pay Books. - 1940-1946.
M-8486-439Khaki University of Canada address list, mess card, and four photographs of a visit to Khaki University by King George and Queen Elizabeth. - [ca. 1945-1946]. - See also M-8486-417 for Khaki University calendar.
M-8486-440Genealogical notebooks, and miscellaneous reference material. - [ca. 1970s-1996].
M-8486-441Employee's card for Glenbow Foundation, and membership card for the Calgary Brewery Aquarium and Horsemen's Hall of fame. - [ca. 1960s- 1970s].
M-8486-442Lord Strathcona's Horse stamp and letterhead. - 1900. - Pat McCloy's father, John McCloy, fought in the South African War.
M-8486-443Envelope from Strathcona's Field Horse, South Africa. - 1900.
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Series 5

McKay genealogical index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]. - 12.5 cm of textual records. - Consists of index cards for members of the McKay family, arranged alphabetically by first names, with information such as birth and death dates, parents' names, spouse's name, "A" number, and source of information.

M-8486-444McKay, Absolom-Aurora
M-8486-445McKay, Barbara-Bryanna
M-8486-446McKay, Cairine-Cuthbert
M-8486-447McKay, Daisy-Dwain
M-8486-448McKay, Earl-Evelyn
M-8486-449McKay, Fanny-Frederick
M-8486-450McKay, Gail-Gregory
M-8486-451McKay, Harley-Isobel
M-8486-452McKay, Jack-June
M-8486-453McKay, Karen-Kyle
M-8486-454McKay, Lalonie-Lynda
M-8486-455McKay, Mabel-Myrtle
M-8486-456McKay, Nancy-Phyllis
M-8486-457McKay, Rachel-Ryan
M-8486-458McKay, Samuel-Sydney
M-8486-459McKay, Talby-Vivian
M-8486-460McKay, Wade-Winnifred
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Series 6

Genealogical index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]. - 69 cm of textual records. - Consists of index cards for various families, arranged alphabetically by last names, with information such as birth and death dates, parents' names, spouse's name, "A" number, and source of information.

M-8486-462Anderson, Albert-Julie
M-8486-463Anderson, Karen-William
M-8486-466ABird, Adele-Zaccheus
M-8486-485Hourie- Huggins
M-8486-491La Certe-Lilyford
M-8486-498McLaren-McTaggart, Madell-Martel
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Series 7

Research notes index cards. - Compiled [ca. 1970s-1996]. - 8 cm of textual records. - Consists of index cards on which T.R. McCloy recorded information, related to his genealogical research, from Hudson's Bay Company archival sources, newspapers, and published histories and directories.

M-8486-525Notes from sources dated 1813-1949.
M-8486-526Notes from sources dated 1850-1859.
M-8486-527Notes from sources dated 1860.
M-8486-528Notes from sources dated 1861.
M-8486-529Notes from sources dated 1862.
M-8486-530Notes from sources dated 1863.
M-8486-531Notes from sources dated 1864-1866.
M-8486-532Notes from sources dated 1867-1871, 1873.
M-8486-533Notes from sources dated 1876-1901.

Series 8

Photographs. - [ca. 1870s]-1941

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-701-1 Group of Inuit. - n.d. - 1 photograph
PA-498-8 Canadian Military Headquarters (CMHQ) staff, Canada House, London, England. Back row, 4th from the right is Gunner T.R. "Pat" McCloy. Centre row, 4th from right is Sergeant Frank Stokes. - 1941. - 1 photograph
PA-498-37 Canadian Military Headquarters (CMHQ) staff, London, England. T.R. "Pat" McCloy is in the back row, 2nd from left. - [ca. 1941]. - 1 photograph
NA-581-(1-2) Thomas McKay. - n.d. - 2 photographs. - Consists of views of Thomas McKay, Member of Parliament for Prince Albert; and Thomas McKay at unveiling of cairn at Prince Albert for James Nesbitt.
NA-773-1 Three cowboys in Calgary. - n.d. - 1 photograph
NA-1028-1 Rail fence and wharf at Fort St. James on Stuart's Lake, British Columbia. - n.d. - 1 photograph
NA-2121-1 Factor's house, Fort Ellice, Saskatchewan. - [ca. 1870s]. - 1 photograph. - This was the home of the William McKay family until 1871-1872.
NA-2329-(1-2) Anglican van and CMHQ views. - [early 1920s] and 1941. - 2 photographs. - Consists of a view of an Anglican church Sunday school mission van, northeastern Saskatchewan (early 1920s) with Miss Getty Bragg standing; and Canadian Military Headquarters staff, Canada House, London, England (1941).
NA-2644-1 Group at Green Lake, Saskatchewan. - [ca. 1900]. - 1 photograph
NA-5305-1 John McCloy during the Boer War. - [ca. 1900]. - 1 photograph. - Joined Lord Strathcona's Horse in Prince Albert on February 8, 1900. Served in South Africa with the regiment as a trooper and dispatch rider for Sam Steele. Discharged at Thorncliffe on January 29, 1901.

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