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Geraldine and Douglas Moodie
Geraldine and Douglas Moodie

Geraldine and Douglas Moodie fonds

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Series 1 Scanned Document J. Douglas Moodie - Personal papers. -- 1850-1915
Series 2 Scanned Document Geraldine Moodie - Personal papers. -- 1895-1939
Series 3 Scanned Document Geraldine and Douglas Moodie - Photographs. -- 1891-[1920s]
Series 4 Scanned Document James FitzGibbon family papers. -- 1813-1865
Series 5 Scanned Document Strickland family papers. -- 1830-1924
Series 6 Scanned Document Perceval (Earl of Egmont) family papers. -- 1880-1967
Series 7 Miscellaneous. -- 1698, 1858-[ca. 1940s]
Series 8 Extended family photographs. -- [1880s-1930s]


Series 1 J. Douglas Moodie - Personal papers. -- 1850-1915. -- 32 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of his commissions and certificates; newspaper clippings and offical report of his overland trip to the Yukon goldfields (1898-1899); diaries of his expeditions to Hudson Bay (1903-1905); registers of photographs taken; Churchil RNWMP diaries (1907-1909); reports and newspaper articles re the Governor-General's trip to Churchill (1910); and Dawson City RNWMP diaries (1913-1915).
M-9718-1 Baptism certificate. -- 1850
M-9718-90 J. Douglas Moodie's Bible. -- January 1, 1856. -- Presented to him "from his very affec. Sister M. Melville Moodie" when he was seven years old.
M-9718-2 Commissions. -- 1886-1904. -- Consists of commissions and appointments as Inspector in the North-West Mounted Police (1886); Captain in the Land Forces (1902); Commissioner of Police for all territories ouside the Provinces (1903); Fishery Officer (1904); and Officer in charge of Dominion Government Ship "Arctic" (1904). Includes a copy of the Fisheries Act (1904), and Moodie's request for confirmation of his service in the Canadian Mounted Rifles (1901).
M-9718-3 Handwritten account of "tightest place" during 1897-1898 overland expedition to the Yukon.

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Glenbow Library 364.971 M817p Pam Patrol, Edmonton to Yukon District, 1897 by Inspector J.D. Moodie, -- Ottawa : North-West Mounted Police, 1898. -- Consists of Douglas Moodie's official report of the overland expedition to the Yukon.

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M-9718-4 "Men of the day", handwritten copy of an article about J.D. Moodie which was published in the Toronto Globe. -- [ca. 1900]. -- Re the overland expedition to the Yukon.
M-9718-5 Newspaper clippings re overland route to Yukon (also known as the "Edmonton Trail"). -- 1898-1899 and nd. -- Many mention Inspector Moodie.

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M-9718-7 Newspaper clippings re the South African War. -- 1900
M-9718-91 Presentation book, Operations of General Hutton's Force, South African Campaign, 1900. -- November 7, 1901. -- Inscribed to "Lieutn J.D. Moodie N.W. Mounted Police, late 2/Canadian Mtd. Rifles (mentioned in General Hutton's despatch July 2, 1900). A Souvenir of the Campaign from Edw. T.H. Hutton [Edward Thomas Henry Hutton].
M-9718-8 J.D. Moodie's journal of Hudson Bay expeditions. -- 1903-1905. -- 1 volume. -- Includes his diary of the S.S. "Neptune" expedition (August 22, 1903-August 2 , 1904); and his diary of the S.S. "Arctic" expedition (September 17, 1904-January 19, 1905). The back of the volume has lists of photographs he took; a record of daily temperatures (maximum and minimum) from September 1, 1903 through July 30, 1904; data re the whale fishery in the Hudson Bay from 1889 to 1903; and miscellaneous notes.

Scanned Document View Neptune expedition diary, August 22-November 1, 1903.
Scanned Document View Neptune expedition diary, November 2, 1903-March 2, 1904.
Scanned Document View Neptune expedition diary, March 3-August 2, 1904.
Scanned Document View Neptune expedition transcript, Aug.22, 1903-August 2,1904
Scanned Document View Arctic expedition diary, September 17, 1904-January 19, 1905.
Scanned Document View record of temperatures.
Scanned Document View lists of photographs taken.
Scanned Document View whaling data.
Scanned Document View various notes at end of journal.

Scanned Document View transcript of diary, August 22, 1903-August 2, 1904.
M-9718-8a J.D. Moodie's journal of the S.S. "Arctic" expedition to Hudson Bay. -- 1905. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of his diary of the activities of the Fullerton Harbour detachment of the Royal North-West Mounted Police from January through June 1905, and of the return voyage from Hudson Bay, which included stops at Port Burwell and Prefontaine Harbour before arriving at St. John's, Newfoundland on November 8, 1905.The first three weeks of entries overlap with volume M-9718-8 above, but are somewhat different in contentfrom. -- Note: The original diary is still held by a Moodie family descendant and has been included here with the kind permission of the owner. Glenbow does not own the original..

Scanned Document View diary, January 1-March 13, 1905.
Scanned Document View diary, March 14-June 1, 1905.
Scanned Document View diary, June 2-August 20, 1905.
Scanned Document View diary, August 21-November 8, 1905.

Scanned Document View transcript of diary, January 1-November 8, 1905.
M-9718-9 Brief biography of Captain Joseph Elzear Bernier. -- [1904-1905]. -- Typed on same paper and typewriter at the weekly newspaper on board the S.S. "Arctic". Page 2 of a longer document. Also mentions creation of a sports committee.
M-9718-10 Hudson Bay region distances. -- [1904-1905]. -- Consists of handwritten notes.
M-9718-11 Roald Amundsen letters. -- 1904-1905. -- Norwegian explorer Amundsen was the first to traverse the Northwest Passage, this voyage taking place 1903-1906. -- Consists of a letter received by J.D. Moodie at Fullerton on March 18, 1905, in which Amundsen asks to have mail forwarded to the Norwegian Consul, and to purchase sled dogs. Also consists of a thank you note from Amundsen to the Moodies featuring a photo of his ship the Gjoa.

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M-9718-92 Presentation book, The North West Passage by Roald Amundsen. -- Inscribed inside front cover: "R.N.W.M.P. Sent to Major J.D. Moodie commanding the Can. Gov. Str. 'Arctic' by the publisher on instruction of the author - for services rendered. 1905". Inscribed on title page: "J.D. Moodie, Churchill, Hudson's Bay, 1909."
M-9718-12 "Negative Register J.D.M.". -- 1903-1905, 1909, 1910. -- Consists of a volume in which he records photographs taken on the Neptune and Arctic expeditions, and at the Churchill RNWMP detachment.
M-9718-13 "Description of Panorama Photos from Hudson Bay". -- 1903-1904. -- 1 page
M-9718-14 List of Hudson Bay and Fullerton photos. -- 1903-1904. -- 4 pages. -- Consists of a list of photographs with brief comments, possibly put together for the purposes of a lantern slide presentation.
M-9718-15 Newspaper clippngs re the Neptune and Arctic expeditions. -- 1903-1905.
M-9718-16 J.D. Moodie's vital statistics. -- [compiled ca. 1904-1906]. -- Consists of handwritten notes with dates of his positions and travels from 1879 to 1906; and his brief Who's Who entry.
M-9718-17 "Through Arctic Seas" from The Wide World Magazine. -- 1906. -- Consists of an article featuring J.D. Moodie's photographs and panoramas.
M-9718-18 The Royal North-West Mounted Police, A Corps History by Captain Ernest J. Chambers. -- 1906. -- 1 volume. -- J.D. Moodie is featured on pages 125 and 144.
M-9718-19 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Churchill. -- April 1-December 31, 1907

Scanned Document View April 1-May 30, 1907.
Scanned Document View May 31-August 8, 1907.
Scanned Document View August 9-October 17, 1907.
Scanned Document View October 18-December 31, 1907
M-9718-20 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Churchill. -- 1908. -- Includes lists of dogs and dog teams at the back of the volume, as well as a loose page of food stores borrowed by Revillon Brothers from the Police.
M-9718-21 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Churchill. -- January 1-November 27, 1909
M-9718-22 "1910 Diary of Gov Genrl's Trip to H.B." -- August 3-7, 1910. -- Consists of two small, handwritten journal pages.

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M-9718-23 Newspaper clippings re Governor-General's trip to Hudson Bay. -- 1910. -- Consists of articles about J.D. Moodie escorting Governor-General Earl Grey on a canoe trip from Winnipeg to Churchill, via the Hayes and Nelson Rivers, and then on to Newfoundland.

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M-9718-24 Report of Governor-General's trip to Hudson Bay. -- September 16, 1910. -- The entourage included Governor-General Earl Grey, Leo Amery (London Times reporter), Dr. John McCrae (medical officer), Reginald W. Brock (head of Geological Survey of Canada), Major Gerald F. Trotter (Aide-de-Camp to Governor-General), George Grey (cousin of Governor-General) and Professor John MacNaughton (McGill University). -- Consists of two typewritten versions of the report, written by J.D. Moodie for the RNWMP Commissioner.

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M-9718-25 J.D. Moodie's appointments a Coroner (1908, 1916 and 1922) and as Police Magistrate (1916).
M-9718-26 Land transactions. -- 1911-1913. -- Consists of documents re Moodie's purchase of Grand Trunk Pacific lots in Mirror, Alberta.
M-9718-27 Christmas cards featuring photos of Geraldine and Douglas. -- 1913. -- The cards were sent by the Moodies while stationed in Dawson City, Yukon.
M-9718-28 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Dawson City. -- 1913

Scanned Document View January 1-June 29, 1913.
Scanned Document View June 30-December 31, 1913.
M-9718-29 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Dawson City. -- 1914
M-9718-30 J.D. Moodie's RNWMP diary, Dawson City. -- January 20-August 16, 1915.
M-9718-31 Newspaper clippings re the Moodies' three years in the Yukon. -- 1915-1916. -- Includes "Law and Order in the Wilds of the British Northwest", Boston Sunday Globe, August 27, 1916.
Series 2 Geraldine Moodie - Personal papers. -- 1895-1939. -- 6 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of her account of an 1895 Cree sun dance; photograph copyright correspondence; diary of Hudson Bay trip (1904-1905); copies of "The Arctic Weekly" (1904-1905); brief diary of trip to Churchill and activities at the detachment (1906); and lists of photographs taken and printed (1904-1908).
M-9718-32 "Meeting of Indians of all tribes at their annual Sun dance". -- [after 1895]. -- 15 pages. -- Consists of a handwritten description by Geraldine Moodie of the Cree sun dance she photographed near Battleford in June 1895. The description was transcribed by her biographer, Donny White.

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Scanned Document View transcript.
M-9718-33 G. Moodie's photograph copyright correspondence and certificates. -- 1895-1899

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M-9718-34 G. Moodie's diary of the S.S. "Arctic" expedition. -- October 18, 1904-July 7, 1905. -- 35 pages. -- Consists of Geraldine's journal, written in the format of a letter to her mother, in which she describes her life, photography, the Inuit, and various happenings while wintering at Fullerton Harbour, Hudson Bay.

Scanned Document View original, October 18, 1904-April 2, 1905.
Scanned Document View original, April 9, 1905-July 9, 1905.
Scanned Document View transcript.
M-9718-35 "The Arctic Weekly". -- 1904-1905. -- Consists of four issues of a newspaper published on board the "Arctic" while wintering at Fullerton Harbour.

Scanned Document View November 18, 1904 issue.
Scanned Document View November 25, 1904 issue.
Scanned Document View April 1, 1905 issue.
Scanned Document View April 15, 1905 issue.
M-9718-36 "The Arctic Weekly". -- December 1904-January 1905. -- Consists of a special Christmas / New Year's issue of the newspaper, featuring several photographs by J.D.Moodie; W.S. Flood's article entitled "Whaling in the Hudson Bay"; description of a walrus hunt; poetry; and Frank Mackean's article "An Eskimo Christmas Tale".

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M-9718-37 "Inuit Names to Attach to Photographs". -- 1904-1905. -- Consists of a list of names of Inuit at Fullerton, along with annotations of who they were and what they were called by the "White Men".

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M-9718-38 G. Moodie's photograph copyright correspondence and certificates. -- 1905-1908

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M-9718-39 G. Moodie's diary / notebook. -- 1906-1908. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of her diary of a trip on the ship "Adventure" to Churchill, and activities at the RNWMP detachment there (August 3-December 14, 1906). The back of the volume includes lists of photographs printed (1906-1908); lists of lantern slides made from negatives (1904-1905, 1906-1908); lists of 5" x 7" negatives; and lists of 3.25" x 3.25" flower and plant negatives. The botanical lists include detailed descriptions of the plants.

Scanned Document View Churchill diary.
Scanned Document View photograph lists.
Scanned Document View transcript of diary.
M-9718-40 Hanbury's passage re "Uttungerlah" [Atangala]. -- Consists of a handwritten copy of a passage from David Theophilus Hanbury's 1909 book, Sport and Travel in the Northland of Canada, which mentions an Inuit photographed by G. Moodie in 1904-1905.
M-9718-41 "A Canadian Hero" by Geraldine Moodie in Echoes. -- March 1914. -- Consists of an article about Inspector F.J. Fitzgerald, after whom the Dawson City chapter of the IODE was named. Also consists of her speech given to the chapter entitled "Sketch of the life of Inpector F.J. Fitzgerald RNWMP".
M-9718-42 G.Moodie's election to the National Geographic Society. -- January 1931
M-9718-43 "Report of the Western Convention of British Israel World Federation, held in Calgary 12, 13 & 14 May, 1931". -- G. Moodie attended as the delegate from Maple Creek.
M-9718-44 Newspaper clippings looking back at the lives of Geraldine and Douglas Moodie, 1934, 1935 and n.d.
M-9718-45 G. Moodie's miscellaneous correspondence to and from family. -- 1936-1939.
Series 3 Geraldine and Douglas Moodie's photographs. -- 1891-[1920s]. -- 938 photographs (475 negatives, 405 prints, 58 lantern slides). -- 6 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of extensive photographs taken by both of the Moodies. Subjects include a Cree sun dance, Maple Creek personalities, Mounted Police, ranching, expeditions to Hudson Bay, Inuit (Kinepetoo and Ivalik), arctic flowers, Churchill RNWMP detachment, and the Governor-General's trip to Churchill. Includes lists of photos written on the lids of boxes in which they were at one time stored. Many have been digitized.

Scanned Document View digitized photographs.
ND-44-(1-55) 8" x 10" glass plate negatives. -- 1895-1908. -- 55 negatives. -- Consists primarily of views taken by Geraldine Moodie in Battleford, Maple Creek and Hudson Bay. Includes three signed by Douglas Moodie.
NC-81-(1-124) 5" x 7" glass plate negatives. -- 1895-1909, [1920s?]. -- 126 negatives. -- Consists primarily of views taken by Geraldine Moodie, including a Cree sun dance near Battleford; portraits taken in her Maple Creek studio; Inuit and scenery during S.S. Arctic expedition to Fullerton, Hudson Bay; and Churchill including RNWMP detachment, Fort Prince of Wales and an Inuit summer camp. Also consists of views taken by Douglas Moodie during the S.S. Arctic expedition to Hudson Bay and at the Mounted Police detachment at Churchill. Includes wedding photos possibly from the 1920s.
NB-60-Neptune 5" x 7" nitrate negatives. -- 1903-1904. -- 55 negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Douglas Moodie's during the S.S. Neptune expedition to the Hudson Bay.
NB-60-Arctic 5" x 7" nitrate negatives. -- 1904-1905. -- 18 negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Douglas Moodie during the S.S. Arctic expedition to Hudson Bay.
NB-60-GG 4.5" x 6.75" nitrate negatives. -- August-September 1910. -- 25 negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Douglas Moodie while escorting Governor-General Earl Grey on a canoe trip from Winnipeg to Churchill. Matching prints for many of these negatives are in Album PD-423-4.
NB-60-GM 5" x 7" nitrate negatives. -- 1905-[1920s?]. -- 27 negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Geraldine Moodie during the S.S. Arctic expedition to Hudson Bay; the RNWMP detachment at Churchill; and miscellaneous views of mounted police, Yukon and Banff.
NB-60-Churchill 5" x 7" nitrate negatives. -- [1906-1909]. -- 11 negatives. -- Consists of views of Royal North-West Mounted Police activities in the Churchill area, including barracks, sled dogs, graves and ice formations..
NA-5733-(1-21) 4" x 5" glass plate negatives. -- 1895-1900. -- 22 negatives. -- Consists of views taken by Geraldine Moodie of a Cree sun dance near Battleford; one photo of Prime Minister Bowell's 1895 visit; and studio portraits of family and other people.
NE-11 3.25" x 11.5" panorama negatives [with some variation in size]. -- 1900-1911 and n.d.. -- 112 negatives. -- Consists of views taken primarily by Douglas Moodie during the South African War (1900-1902); S.S. "Neptune" and S.S."Arctic" expeditions to Hudson Bay (1903-1905); and activities and patrols of the RNWMP detachment at Churchill (1906-1910). Includes a few panoramas taken by Geraldine Moodie of Churchill; the Coronation Contingent in Regina (1911); and a trip to Banff (n.d.).
NA-5733-Florals 3.25" x 3.25" glass plate negatives. -- 1904. -- 12 negatives. -- Consists of views by Geraldine Moodie of arctic flowers in the Hudson Bay region. She used small glass plates meant for lantern slides because she had run out of larger glass plates to use. Two are slightly larger than the others and measure 3.25" x 4". Includes the small box in which they were stored, which is labelled "Arctic Flowers Husdons Bay 1904".
NC-81-Florals 5" x 7" glass plate negatives. -- [ca. 1906]. -- 12 negatives. -- Consists of Geraldine Moodie's photographs of the plates in Studies of Plant Life in Canada by her aunt Catharine Parr Traill. The book was originally published in 1885, and re-published in 1906. Three are broken.
  Lantern slides
S-251 3.25" x 3.25" glass lantern slides. -- 1895-1907. -- 58 lantern slides. -- Consists of positive slides, made from the Moodies' negatives, which they used in magic lantern shows. -- Note: Only unique mages, not found in the negatives above. have been digitzed.
  Photograph albums
PD-423-1 Photograph album 1. -- 1895-1899 and [1911?]. -- 23 photographs. -- Consists of views taken by Geraldine Moodie. -- Note: Only unique images, not found in the negatives above, have been digitized.
PD-423-2 Photograph album 2. -- 1904-1915. -- 52 photographs. -- Consists of mix of images taken by Geraldine and Douglas Moodie, Captain George Comer, and the Moodie's daugther Melville Simpkin. -- Note: Only unique images, not found in the negatives above, have been digitized.
PD-423-3 Photograph album 3. -- 1905-1909. -- 47 photographs. -- Consists primarily of photos taken by Douglas Moodie at the Churchill RNWMP detachment. Includes three taken by Geraldine Moodie in the north. -- Note: Only unique images, not found in the negatives above, have been digitized.
PD-423-4 Photograph album of the Governor-General's trip. -- August 1910. -- 61 photographs : 34 panoramas (3.25" x 11.5"); 27 prints (4" x 6.25"). -- Consists of views taken by Douglas Moodie while escorting Governor General Earl Grey from Winnipeg to Churchill. -- Note: Only original images, not found in the negatives above, have been digitized.
  Loose photographic prints
PB-1012-(1-7) Large mounted photographic prints. -- [ca. 1896-1900]. -- 7 photographs. -- Consists of a set of images of cattle round-ups on Maple Creek area ranches, including views of cattle, cowboys and branding. Taken by Geraldine Moodie. The cardboard mounts have been stamped "G. Moodie" on the bottom left and "Maple Creek" on the bottom right.
PB-1012-(8-9) Large mounted photographic prints. -- 1898 and n.d.. -- 2 photographs. -- Consists of a view of the Moodie children, Melville and Charles, on Bear Creek near Maple Creek (1898) (original negative is ND-44-6B); and another of two children, probably Moodies, on a ramshackle bridge over a creek (n.d.). Taken by Geraldine Moodie.
PA-4033-(1-59) Panorama photographic prints. -- [ca, 1895-1910]. -- 59 photographs. -- Consists of panoramas taken by Douglas Moodie, including views of Mounted Police, "Neptune" and "Arctic" expeditions, Churchill RNWMP detachment, and the 1910 Governor-General's trip.
PA-4033-(60-167) Loose photographic prints. -- 1893-1911. -- 109 photographs. -- Consists of views of Battleford, Mounted Police, Hudson Bay area, Fullerton Harbour, Churchill, 1910 Governor General's trip, and 1911 Jubilee Contingent. About half were taken by Geraldine and half by Douglas. Includes a portrait of Geraldine taken by Topley Studio.
PA-4003 Loose photographic prints. -- 1895-1916. -- 35 photographs. -- Consists of views of Cree, Mounted Police and the north. -- Taken by both Geraldine and Douglas Moodie. These prints are in very poor condition.
PA-1270 Copy negatives and prints. -- [1890s]-1939. -- 10 photographs. -- Consists of copy negatives and prints created by Glenbow from Moodie images loaned by the family.
M-9718-94 8" x 10" box lids with lists of negatives written on them. Note: None of the negatives in this fonds arrived in these boxes.
M-9718-95 5" x 7" box lids with lists of negatives written on them. Note: None of the negatives in this fonds arrived in these boxes.
M-9718-96 4" x 5" box lids with lists of negatives written on them. Note: None of the negatives in this fonds arrived in boxes.
M-9718-97 Envelope from 8" x 10" printing plates and two 5" x 7" negative envelopes. -- 1905-1906. -- The negative envelopes have descriptions handwritten on them which identify the contents and date of the negatives originally stored in them. It is likely that all the Moodie negatives were once stored in this fashion, but, unfortunately, none of the negatives arrived at Glenbow in such envelopes.
Series 4 James Fitzgibbon - Personal and family papers. -- 1813-1865. -- 15 cm of textual records. -- Geraldine Moodie's grandfather, James FitzGibbon (1780-1863), was a hero of the War of 1812. He fought under Isaac Brock and was the person who received Laura Secord's warning of a surprise attack by Americans. He also led the forces defending Toronto during the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. For further information see his entry in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography ( -- 16 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of accounts (some firsthand) and testimonials re FitzGibbon's military career; and records related to Isaac Brock and his family.
M-9718-46 "An Extract from the Minutes of Lodge No. 40", Quebec. -- August 12, 1813. -- Re Lieutenant FitzGibbon of the 49th.
M-9718-47 Broadsheet, "Progress of the War in Canada". -- July 2, 1814
M-9718-48 Record of marriage of James FitzGibbon to Mary Haley. -- August 4, 1814
M-9718-49 "Colonel James FitzGibbon". -- [ca. 1816]. -- Consists of a brief account of James FitzGibbon's military career from 1796 to 1816. Writer unknown.
M-9718-50 Letter to Daniel de Lisle Brock from J.I. Brock. -- October 24, 1817. -- Re Canadian land grant. Daniel de Lisle Brock was Isaac Brock's older brother and the bailiff of Guernsey. J.I Brock was Isaac Brock's cousin James.
M-9718-51 "The Soldier's Companion or Martial Recorder", volume 1, pages 31-34. -- 1824. -- Consists of an article about Jame FitzGibbon.
M-9718-52 Lucy Brock's letters to Colonel FitzGibbon. -- 1833-1838. -- Lucy was the wife of Isaac Brock's cousin James Brock.
M-9718-53 "Memoranda of operations carried on by the late Major Gen'l Brock, Lieut Governor of Upper Canada ...". -- n.d. -- Unknown writer.
M-9718-54 "Letter to L'd Glenelg (Colonial Secretary) from Col. Fitz-Gibbon". -- August 10, 1838. -- Consists of his personal account of the 1837 Rebellion.
M-9718-55 Power of Attorney - Charles Plenderleath to James FitzGibbon. -- July 6, 1839
M-9718-56 "Rebellion in Upper Canada, and Invasionof the Americans" in Colonial Magazine. -- August 1840. -- Consists of an article mentioning James FitzGibbon.
M-9718-57 Manuscript beginning "In June 1812 ...". -- [after 1840]. -- Consists of a firsthand account by James FitzGibbon.

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M-9718-58 "Fitz-Gibbon's Narrative of some Early Events". -- [received in London May 3, 1841]

Scanned Document View original.
Scanned Document View transcript.
M-9718-59 Crown lands sale to James FitzGibbon. -- September 4, 1841
M-9718-60 "The Memorial of James FitzGibbon". -- [ca. 1842-1843]. -- Consists of a document sent to Governor General Sir Charles Bagot, which includes testimonials about FitzGibbon dating from 1813 to 1840.
M-9718-61 James FitzGibbon's miscellaneous correspondence. -- 1842-1863. -- Correspondents include Mr. Kerr, Chief Justice John Beverley Robinson, Elizabeth Strickland, Sidney North and Charles Plenderleath.
M-9718-62 Ferdinand Brock Tupper papers. -- 1845-1846. -- Consists of a note writen by J. FitzGibbon to F.B. Tupper of Guensey re inaccuracies in a manuscript; letters between the two; and a record of sales of F.B. Tupper's book, The Life and Correspondence of Sir Isaac Brock, KB.
M-9718-63 49th Regiment - Extracts of digest re service of J. FtizGibbon, -- Copied 1847, originally created 1813.
M-9718-64 Augustus d'Este. -- nd. -- Consists of brief handwritten account of d'Este's disputed marriage; and letter to F. Brand of Home Office re d'Este's papers and J. FitzGibbon's claims.
M-9718-65 Field Marshal Sir John Colborne, 1st Baron Seaton. -- May 12, 1860. -- Consists of a brief testimonial of James FitzGibbon.
M-9718-66 "Colonel James FitzGibbon, Military Knight of Windsor". -- [ca. 1863-1864]. -- Possibly an obituary. Begins: "This heroic soldier and highly esteemed Christian man died at Windsor Castle on the 12th Dec., 1863, aged 83."
M-9718-67 "Points concerning Brock". --- [ca. 1896-1897]. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of a notebook re investigations into portraits of Isaac Brock, especially one by Hudson. Includes questions to be answered by someone visiting Guernsey. Likely kept by Mary Agnes FitzGibbon (Geraldine Moodie's sister), who worked with Sara Mickle to prove the Hudson portrait was genuine. See also Archivaria, vol.20 (1985), p. 22.
M-9718-68 Manuscript re Sir Isaac Brock portraits by Sara Mickle in collaboration with others. -- [ca. 1896-1897]
M-9718-69 Newspaper reviews of Mary Agnes FitzGibbon's book, A Veteran of 1812. -- 1900
M-9718-70 "The Heroes of 1812" in Womens' Saturday Night, Toronto. -- October 12, 1912. -- Consists of an article about James FitzGibbon, written on the 100th anniversary of the War of 1812.
M-9718-71 Newspaper clippings re J. FitzGibbon. -- 1931-1935
M-9718-72 Newspaper clippings re Mary FitzGibbon. -- [ca. 1934]. -- Re granddaughter of James FitzGibbon who was a pianist. Includes an obituary.
M-9718-73 List of FitzGibbon documents from 1813-1853. -- Note: virtually none of these are at Glenbow.
M-9718-74 Charles FitzGibbon - Commission as Surrogate Clerk. -- 1858. -- Charles FitzGibbon (died 1865) was the son of James FitzGibbon and the father of Geraldine Moodie.
M-9718-75 Charles Thomas FitzGibbon - Will and letters probate. -- 1865
Series 5 Strickland family papers. -- 1830-1924. -- 34 cm of textual records. -- Susanna Moodie (1803-1885) was Geraldine Moodie's grandmother, and the author of Roughing it in the Bush. Agnes Strickland (1796-1874) was Geraldine Moodie's maternal aunt and the author of biographies of the kings and queens of England. Agnes Dunbar Moodie (1833-1913) was Susanna Moodie's daughter and Geraldine Moodie's mother. She first married Charles Fitzgibbon and after his death she married Brown Chamberlin. -- The series consists of poems by, correspondence of, and newspaper articles about the Strickland women. Includes Agnes Chamberlin's sketchbook.
M-9718-76 "The Death of Empress Messalina, An Historical Sketch By Miss Susannah Strickland". -- [before 1831 when she married and became Susanna Moodie]. -- Consists of a handwritten poem. Note: It may be an unpublished Susanna Moodie poem.

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M-9718-77 Agnes Strickland's writings. -- 1830 and [ca. 1840s]. -- Consists of poem "On the Fall of the Leaf", cut out of "The Lady's Magazine", October 31, 1830, p. 198; and "An Appeal in Behalf of The Infant Poor, written expressly for The Benefit of the Rochdale Charity Bazaar" [ca. 1840s].

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M-9718-78 Letter of congratulations to Agnes Strickland on behalf of Sir Charles Wolseley. -- 1842. -- Re her book on the queens of England.
M-9718-79 Agnes Strickland - Autographed lithograph portrait. -- [after 1846]
M-9718-80 Obituary of Jane Strickland. -- 1888. -- Jane was the sister of Agnes and Susanna, and the author of Rome, Regal and Republican.
M-9718-94 Presentation book, Pearls and Pebbles or Notes of an Old Naturalist by Catharine Parr Traill. -- 1894. -- Inscribed: "From aged Aunt Traill with words of loving greeting and good wishes for my dear well-beloved niece Agnes D. Chamberlin, Decr 24th 1894".
M-9718-81 Agnes Chamberlin correspondence. - 1886-1907 and n.d. -- Consists of letters and Christmas cards from Lady Harriot Dufferin. Includes a letter to "Mrs.Fitzgibbon" (presumably Agnes Chamberlin) from Lord Dufferin.
M-9718-82 "Women of Canada: Agnes Dunbar Moodie, Artist and Botanist" by Emily Weaver, in Canadian Home Journal. -- May 1924. -- Re Agnes Chamberlin.
M-9718-98 Agnes Chamberlin's sketchbook. -- [ca. 1874-1883]. -- 1 volume. -- Consists of 100 botanical pencil sketches done in a "dummy" copy of the 1869-1870 edition of her book, Canadian Wild Flowers. Includes several dried plants.
Series 6 Perceval (Earl of Egmont) family papers. -- 1880-1967. -- 8.5 cm of textual records. -- Douglas Gerald Moodie (1880-1954) was the oldest son of Geraldine and Douglas Moodie. His daughter, Anne Geraldine Augusta Moodie (called Geraldine), married Frederick George Moore Perceval in 1932 and became the Countess of Egmont. For further information see "Fred Perceval : Earl of Egmont" in Brian Brennan's Scoundrels and Scallywags. -- Calgary : Fifth House, 2002, pp.170-174. -- The series consists of baptism and marriage certificates of the D.G. Moodie and Perceval families, and newspaper clippings re the Percevals. Includes four prints of Perceval ancestors from the 17th century.
M-9718-83 D.G. Moodie and family. -- 1880-1967. -- Douglas Gerald Moodie (known as Gerald) married Elizabeth "Bessie" Dowling and they had four children, Geraldine, Ellen, Tom and Patricia. -- Consists primarily of baptism records. Includes the probate of Bessie's will.
M-9718-84 D.G. Moodie's Bible. -- June 14, 1897. -- Presented to him by his mother, Geraldine Moodie, on his 17th birthday.
M-9718-6 D.G. Moodie's discharge from South African War service. -- 1902
M-9718-85 Presentation book, Roughing it in the Bush, by Susanna Moodie. -- 1925. -- Consists of a 1923 reprint of the 1852 original. Inscribed: "With love to Geraldine Moodie. Xmas 1925. This is an account of the pioneer life of your Great-Great-Grandmother Susanna Moodie". [presented to A. Geraldine Moodie]
M-9718-86 Fred and Geraldine Perceval. -- 1914-1938. -- Consists of Fred's baptism certificate (1914) and the couple's marriage certificate (1932).
M-9718-87 Newspaper clippings re the Earl and Countess of Egmont (the Percevals). -- 1932-1938 and n.d. -- Consists of articles about the Earl of Egmont, his return to Canada, marriage to A. Geraldine Moodie, and their descendants.

Scanned Document View now.
M-9718-99 Four mezzo-tinto prints of early Percevals. -- 1743-1744. -- Produced by I. Faber Fecit, the prints depict Richard Perceval (1550-1620), John Perceval (1629-1665), George Perceval (1635-1675), and Philip Perceval (1686-?).
Series 7 Miscellaneous. -- 1698, 1858-[ca. 1940s]. -- 0.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of miscellaneous letters, newspaper clippings, sketches and greeting cards.
M-9718-88 Letter from J. Mudie [John Moodie} to his uncle. -- 1698
M-9718-89 Miscellany. -- 1858-[ca, 1940s]. Consists of an empty envelope addressed to "Miss Strickland" (1858); tiny landscape sketches by Miss Charlotte Jenkinson of Ilfracombe (1876); Charles Dowling's funeral card (1889); autograph of John George Bourinot, journalist and historian (before his 1902 death); newspaper articles on preserving botanical specimens (n.d.); newspaper wedding announcement of marriage of Geraldine and Douglas Moodie's granddaughter Kathleen Mary Moodie to Loell East of Maple Creek (n.d.); Melville and Ben Simpkins Christmas cards featuring views of Duncan, B.C. (ca, 1940s); and a watercolour of a lake with rocks and trees (n.d.).
Series 8 Extended family photographs. -- [1880s-1930s]. -- 102 photographs. -- 3 envelopes of negatives. -- The series consists of views of Geraldine and Douglas Moodie; the Gerald Moodie/Bessie Dowling family; the Melville Moodie/Ben Simpkin family; the Fred Percival/A. Geraldine Moodie family (the Earl and Countess of Egmont); and various ancestors. Approximately half of the photos and virtually all of the negatives are unidentified. Includes a daguerrotype, tintype, and Egyptian Crystal image.
PA-4033-(168-231) Family photos. -- [1880s-1930s]. -- ca. 100 photographs. -- 3 envelopes of negatives
PB-1012-(10-11) Wedding photos of the Earl and Countess of Egmont. -- 1932. -- 2 photos

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