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Alonzo Lamb family, Woolford, ca. 1908

Mormon Pioneers Genealogical Project collection

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Ackroyd, Walter - Biography
NoteAlder, Susan - see Hudson, George Mills
NoteAldridge, Ethaline - see Vaughn, William Russel
M-4274-1 Aldridge, Rachel Anderson - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-1Allen, Heber Simeon & Amy Louise Leonard - Biography
M-3865-2Allred, Ernest R. & Henrietta Stewart - Biography
M-3865-3Allred, Isaac Willard & Helena Anderson - Biography
M-3865-4Alston, Joseph & Louisa Grant - Biography
NoteAnderson, Helena - see Allred, Isaac Willard
M-4274-1 Anderson, Mary Ann Ross - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-5Anderson, Johannes, Cecilia Nielson, Karna & Hannah - Biography
M-3865-6Anderson, John F., Sr. & Mary Ann - Biography
M-3865-7Archibald, Thomas H. & Rachel Gregson - Biography
Atkins, Frederick Walter - Biography
NoteBarton, Melinda J. - see Taylor, Joseph James
Bates, Jane E. Woolf - Manuscript, "The Founding of Cardston, Alberta and Vicinity"
NoteBates, Sarah Hymas - see Daines, Sarah Hymas Bates
NoteBeirdnean, Capitolia Mary - see Harrison, Heber Chase
M-3865-8Bennett, David A. & Elna Augusta Erickson - Biography
NoteBennion, Alice Jane - see Harker, Ephraim
M-4274-1 Betridge, Grace Orton
M-3865-9Bevans, Frank Ellsworth & Juliett Burton Kearl - Biography
NoteBigelow, Emma Fern - see Wood, Benjamin Joseph
M-3865-10Bishop, John & Elizabeth Eyre Shepherd - Biography
Blackmore, Mrs. William - Biography
M-3865-11Brandley, Theodore & Marie Naegeli - Biography
M-3865-12Bridge, John & Betsy - Biography
NoteBrown, Elizabeth - see Holland, Alonzo Henry
M-4274-1 Brown, Ian Elnora Wight - LDS family record sheet and brief biography
RCT 4-1Brown, Zina Card - Recorded interview
NoteBurns, Sarah Hannah - see Stacey, James
M-3865-13Caldwell, David Henry & Fanny Catherine - Biography
M-3865-14Card, Charles Ora - Biography
RCT 4-1Card, Mrs. Joseph Y. - Recorded interview
RCT 4-1Card, Orson Rega - Recorded interview
RCT 8-2Card, Sarah A. - Recorded interview
NoteChappell, Sarah Jane - see Wright, James Brigham
NoteChritchfield, Eleanor - see Spencer, John Taylor
M-3865-15Clifton, George & Alice Marinda Neat - Biography
Coombs, Issac Mark - Biography
M-3865-16Coombs, Mark A. & Henrieta McCune - Biography
M-3865-17Cooper, Hyrum Smith & Ruby Frances French - Biography
M-3865-18 Crookston, Daniel & Henrietta Rice - Biography
M-3865-19Daines, Sarah Hymas Bates - Biography
NoteDavenport, Antoinette - see Leavitt, Thomas Rowell
NoteDowdle, Harriet Martha - see Leavitt, Thomas Rowell
M-4274-1 Duce, Margaret Folson - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-20Duce, Thomas & Mary Ann Hymas - Biography
NoteEames, Elizabeth - see King, Louis Debenham
NoteErickson, Elna Augusta - see Bennett, David A.
NoteFisher, Jane - see Huscroft, William Robert
M-3865-21Fletcher, Willard Thomas & Mary P. Wooley - Biography
M-3865-22Forsyth, Neil Snow & Chloe R. Hatch - Biography
NoteFrench, Ruby Frances - see Cooper, Hyrum Smith
NoteGarner, Alice A. - see Lieshman, Alexander D.
M-3865-23Gibb, John Lye, Sarah Silcox & Hannah Simmons - Biography
NoteGoddard, Alice - see Woolley, Orson A.
NoteGrant, Louisa - see Alston, Joseph
NoteGregson, Rachel - see Archibald, Thomas H.
M-3865-24Gurney, George Albert & Nora Howes - Biography
Hacking, Mrs. & Mrs. George - Biography
M-4274-2 Hammer, Josiah Austin - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-25 Harker, Ephraim & Alice Jane Bennion - Biography
M-4274-2 Harris, Amy Irene Hammer - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-26Harris, Carlos Vivian & Minerva - Biography
M-4274-2 Harris, Leo Lot - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-27Harrison, Heber Chase & Capitolia Mary Beirdnean - Biography
NoteHatch, Chloe R. - see Forsyth, Neil Snow
M-4274-2 Hayberg, Maria Louisa Martinson - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-28Head, Jasper J. & Mary Thomas - Biography
M-3865-29Henderson, Albert G. & Edith Maud Parker - Biography
M-4274-2 Hendry, Jane Elizabeth Stewart - LDS family record sheet
M-4274-2 Hendry, Mary Elerslie Bankhead - LDS family record sheet
M-4274-2 Heppler, Mary Almina Rodeback - LDS family record sheet
NoteHess, Harriett - see Hinman, Morgan Lewis
M-3865-30Hillier, Henry Thomas & H. Elizabeth Perkins - Biography
NoteHinman, Dora - see Jacobs, Zebulon William
Hinman, Henry - Biography
M-3865-31Hinman, Morgan Lewis, Harriett Hess & Rhoda Chase Stoddard - Biography
NoteHinman, Nellie - see Pitcher, Walter Edward
M-3865-32Holland, Alonzo Henry & Elizabeth Brown - Biography
NoteHolman, Harriat N. - see Johnson, Benjamin Franklin
NoteHowes, Nora - see Gurney, George Albert
M-3865-33Hudson, George Mills & Susan Alder - Biography
NoteHudson, Lanora Ann - see Sheffield, William Wilmer
Hull, Roy Wilmott - Biography
M-3865-33aHuscroft, William Robert - Biography
NoteHymas, Mary Ann - see Duce, Thomas
NoteInsley, Isabella - see Naylor, George
M-3865-34Jacobs, James S. & Eva Malmberg - Biography
Jacobs, Lyman - Scrapbook of history of Raymond, fourth ward (1947-1955)
Jacobs, Lyman - Scrapbook of history of Taylor stake, Raymond (1903-1953)
Jacobs, Zebulon William & Dora Hinman - Biography
NoteJenkins, Ann Eliza - see Leavitt, Thomas Rowell
M-4274-2 Jessen, Julia Hammer - LDS family record sheet
Johansen, John A. - Biography
NoteJohnson, Amanda Matilda - see Nilsson, Christopher
M-3865-35Johnson, Benjamin Franklin & Harriat N. Holman - Biography
M-3865-36Judd, Thomas Frederick & Emma - Biography
M-4274-2 Kearl, Ann Elizabeth Gibbons - LDS family record sheet
NoteKearl, Juliett Burton - see Bevans, Frank Ellsworth
M-3865-37King, Louis Debenham & Elizabeth Eames - Biography
King, Louis Debenham & Elizabeth Eames - Family scrapbook (1933)
King, Elizabeth Eames - Scrapbook on Raymond history (1961)
M-4274-3 Lamb, Lola Stoddard - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-38Law, Ernest Albert & Madeline Tolhurst - Biography
M-4274-3 Layne, Isabell Wolsey - LDS family record sheet
Layne, John Edward, Layne, Jonothan Ellis - Biography
RCT-3Layne, John Edward - Recorded Interview
RCT 8-1Layton, Mary - Recorded interview
M-4274-3 Leadbetter, Mary Rosalie Doran - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-39Leavitt, Edwin Jenkins & Julia Rebecca Pitcher - Biography
Leavitt, Edwin Jenkins - Biography
M-3865-40Leavitt, Thomas Rowell, Ann Eliza Jenkins, Antoinette Davenport, Harriet Martha Dowdle - Biography
M-4274-3 Lenz, Martha Schellenberger - LDS family record sheet
NoteLeonard, Amy Louise - see Allen, Heber Simeon
M-3865-41Lieshman, Alexander D. & Alice A. Garner - Biography
Micro-Lott Lott, Eileen Ross - Autobioggraphy
Micro-Lott Lott, Eileen Ross - Family scrapbooks
M-3865-42Low, Sylvester & Annie - Biography
M-3865-43Mackenzie, Roderick & Christina - Biography
NoteMalmberg, Eva - see Jacobs, James S.
Matkin, Samuel - Diaries (1889-1903)
M-4274-3 Matkin, Sena Georgena Anderson - LDS family record sheet and brief biography
M-3865-44May, James & Mary Angeline - Biography
NoteMcConnell, Mary Jane - see Watson, Andrew Allen
NoteMcCune, Henrieta - see Coombs, Mark A.
M-3865-45Mercer, Ammon - Biography
M-3865-46Miller, Martin & Christina Peterson - Biography
NoteNaegeli, Marie - see Brandley, Theodore
M-3865-47Naylor, George & Isabella Insley - Biography
NoteNeat, Alice Marinda - see Clifton, George
NoteNielson, Cecilia - see Anderson, Johannes
M-3865-48Nielson, Gustave & Caroline Ellen Anderson - Biography
M-3865-49Nilsson, Christopher & Amanda Matilda Johnson - Biography
NoteParker, Edith Maud - see Henderson, Albert G.
M-3865-50Parkinson, James & Sarah E. Pyrah - Biography
Payne, Mr. & Mrs. William W. - Biography
NotePenrod, Amanda - see Pilling, Richard Adams
NotePerkins, H. Elizabeth - see Hillier, Henry Thomas
NotePeterson, Christina - see Miller, Martin
NotePeterson, Elsie Mae - see Pitcher, David Allen
M-4274-3 Peterson, Jennie Christiansen - LDS family record sheet
Phipps, Henry Clement - Biography, diary (1916)
M-3865-51Pilling, Richard Adams & Amanda Penrod - Biography
M-3865-52Pitcher, David Allen & Elsie Mae Peterson - Biography
NotePitcher, Julia Rebecca - see Leavitt, Edwin Jenkins
M-3865-53Pitcher, Walter Edward & Nellie Hinman - Biography
NoteProbert, Hussler Ann - see William Riley Stevens
NotePyrah, Sarah E. - see Parkinson, James
M-3865-54Rasmussen, Lyman Merrill & Annie B. Woolf - Biography
M-3865-55Rasmussen, Rasmus & Hannah Zolbell - Biography
M-3865-56Reid, John H. (Jack) - Biography
Reid, Jack H. - Personal records (1917-1949)
NoteRice, Henrietta - see Crookston, Daniel
Romeril, Frederick W. - Biography
Note Ross, Eileen - see Lott, Eileen Ross
Ross, Thomas William - Biography
M-4274-4 Shaw, Betsey - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-57Sheffield, William Wilmer & Lanora Ann Hudson - Biography
NoteShepherd, Elizabeth Eyre - see Bishop, John
NoteSilcox, Sarah - see Gibb, John Lye
NoteSimmons, Hannah - see Gibb, John Lye
NoteSloan, Clara - see Smith, William Charles, Jr.
M-3865-58Smith, Jesse Lucius & Sarah Helen Walker - Biography
M-3865-59Smith, William Charles & Mary Ellenor - Biography
M-3865-60Smith, William Charles, Jr. & Clara Sloan - Biography
Snow, Orrin H. - Biography
NoteSolomon, Mary Ann - see Wood, Edward James
M-3865-61Spencer, John Taylor & Eleanor Chritchfield - Biography
M-3865-62Stacey, James & Sarah Hannah Burns - Biography
NoteStettner, Dora - see Walburger, John
M-3865-62aStevens, William Riley - Biography
NoteStewart, Henrietta - see Allred, Ernest R.
M-3865-63Stewart, Vincent Isaiah & Annie Mary Webb - Biography
NoteStoddard, Rhoda Chase - see Hinman, Morgan Lewis
M-4274-4 Stott, Agnes Jane Rodgers - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-64Taylor, Joseph James & Melinda J. Barton - Biography
NoteThomas, Mary - see Head, Jasper J.
M-4274-4 Thompson, Alta May Hammer - LDS family record sheet
M-4274-4 Thompson, Una Desmond - LDS family record sheet
NoteTolhurst, Madeline - see Law, Ernest Albert
M-3865-65Vaughn, William Russel & Ethaline Aldridge - Biography
M-3865-66Walburger, John & Dora Stettner - Biography
NoteWalker, Sarah Helen - see Smith, Jesse Lucius
M-3865-67Watson, Andrew Allen & Mary Jane McConnell - Biography
NoteWebb, Annie Mary - see Stewart, Vincent Isaiah
M-4274-4 Wight, Alice McClung - LDS family record sheet
M-4274-4 Wight, Cynthia Elnora Nielsen - LDS family record sheet
M-4274-4 Wight, Joseph Moroni - LDS family record sheet
M-3865-68Williams, Horace E. - Biography
RCT 4-1Williams, Sterling - Recorded interview
M-3865-68aWood, Edward James - Biography and miscellany
M-3865-69Wood, Benjamin Joseph & Emma Fern Bigelow - Biography
Wood, William - Biography
Woodruff, Jeremiah - Biography
NoteWooley, Mary P. - see Fletcher, Willard Thomas
NoteWoolf, Annie B. - see Rasmussen, Lyman Merrill
RCT 4-1Woolf, Milton H., Woolf, Simpson H., Woolf, Wilford - Recorded interviews
M-3865-70Woolley, Orson A. & Alice Goddard - Biography
M-3865-71Wright, James Brigham & Sarah Jane Chappell - Biography
M-4274-4 Yancey, Marie Hyde - LDS family record sheet
NoteZolbell, Hannah - see Rasmussen, Rasmus

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