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Morrison family, Cochrane, Alberta, [ca. 1906]
Morrison family, Cochrane, Alberta, [ca. 1906]
Mary Morrison on the right.

Mary Morrison fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1915-1973
Series 2 Financial records. -- 1927-1974
Series 3 Employment. -- 1941-1960
Series 4 Clubs and associations. -- 1929-1974
Series 5 Miscellany. -- 1912-1978
Series 6 Newspaper clippings -- 1900-1974
Series 7 Donald C. Morrison. -- 1900-1927
Series 8 Photographs. -- [ca. 1894]-1963


Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1915-1973
M5854-8Correspondence. -- 1915-1925. -- Personal correspondence re family matters. Includes letter on Calgary Hospital's Board letterhead from nurse at the flu hospital set up at Stanley Jones School (1919) and correspondence from 'Joseph' at Biggar, Saskatchewan which includes marriage proposal.
M-5854-9Correspondence. -- 1947-1973. -- Includes letters re Brentwood Nursing Home, Historical Society of Alberta, Calgary Fish and Game Association, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, appointment as commissioner of oaths and appointment as representative of Calgary Women's Liberal Association on Century Calgary Project.
Series 2 Financial records. -- 1927-1974
M-5854-10Financial records. -- 1927-1974.
M-5854-11Taxes. -- 1941-1972.
M-5854-12Unemployment insurance books. -- 1955-1963.
Series 3 Employment. -- 1941-1960
M-5854-13Application forms. -- ca. 1941. -- Re Civil Service of Canada, Calgary Housing Authority.
M-5854-14Curriculum vitae. -- 1949-1951. -- Also letters of recommendation from Eneas McCormick of Riley and McCormick, Rose Wilkinson, Manley J. Edwards, Wartime prices and Trade Board and Credit Bureau of Calgary.
M-5854-15Calgary Ration Board. -- 1942-1947. -- Includes notes, lists of names, board members correspondence from Wartime Prices and Trade Board, summary of work accomplished, 1943-1947.
M-5854-16Good Will collections. -- 1942-1948. -- Licences, copies of government regulations re collection agencies, etc.
M-5854-17Select Oils Limited. -- 1950. -- Correspondence and registration as salesperson.
M-5854-18Real estate. -- 1954-1960. -- Licenses, certificates from Calgary Real Estate Board Co-operative Ltd. and Alberta Real Estate Association.
Series 4 Clubs and associations. -- 1929-1974
M-5854-19Southern Alberta Pioneers and Oldtimers Association. -- 1929-1969.
M-5854-20Club Journal. -- 1930-1941. -- Membership and financial record book, possibly related to IODE.
M-5854-21Liberal Party. -- 1940-1972. -- Includes campaign material re Nick Taylor, Liberal Association of Alberta membership forms, letter of recommendation for Senate position re Thomas J. Walsh, letter from Hope Pickard re problems in Liberal party, forms re position as substitute returning officer.
M-4752-4Liberal Party Conventions. -- 1967-1974. -- Convention packages containing material relating to Federal Liberal party, Liberal Party of Alberta, Calgary Women's Liberal Association.
M-4752-5Election material. -- 1968. -- Includes list of polling divisions and stations, map, notes re drivers for election day, etc.
M-4752-6Liberal Party. -- 1969-1972. -- Miscellany including reports, notices, etc. re Calgary Women's Liberal Association, Calgary Centre Federal Liberal Constituency Association, Liberal Party of Alberta, etc. Also curriculum vitae for Thomas J. Walsh and election poster for Pat Mahoney.
M-5854-22St. John Ambulance Association. -- 1944-1947. -- Certificates, booklets, list of members of Senator Patrick Burns Nursing Division no. 136.
M-5854-23Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. -- 1950-1968. -- Constitution and bylaws, booklets, souvenir publication, membership list of Colonel Russell Boyle Chapter.
M-4752-1Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. -- 1964-1965. -- Membership list of Colonel Russell Boyle chapter.
M-4752-2Women's Canadian Club. -- 1969-1970. -- Program outlines.
M-4752-3Hospital Auxiliaries. -- 1969-1971. -- Report, notices, financial statement re Holy Cross Hospital Auxiliary.
M-5854-24Hospital Auxiliaries. -- 1971-1973. -- Correspondence, notice, constitution and financial statement re Holy Cross and Colonel Belcher Hospital Auxiliaries.
Series 5 Miscellany. -- 1912-1978
M-5854-25Recipes. -- n.d.
M-5854-26Notes, etc. -- 1912-1917. -- Notes, poems, prayers, etc. Includes "Psalm of the Liberal Party" typed on Northern Life Assurance Company letterhead, poem "A Woman Speaks" by Edna Jaques, handwritten poem "Around McDonald's Ranch", poem "Retrospect" possibly written by Calgary old timer.

Programs, invitations, etc. -- 1912-1975. -- Consists of the following:

Invitations re Delmar Studios of Dancing Balls
Grand Theatre
Calgary Public Library
Iinstallation of Francis J. Klein (Bishop of Calgary)
Ghost River Pony Club Gymkhana and Horse Show
Allan Sapp exhibition at Gainsborough Galleries
Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club show
Lacombe Home
Doug Stephens exhibition
St. Mary's Church (Cochrane)
St. Mary's Cathedral (Calgary)
Alberta Provincial Liberal Convention (1947)
St. John Ambulance Brigade dinner
Catholic Women's League play
Calgary Stampeders victory dinner (1948)
Autographed Canadian Pacific Railway menu re Calgary "Stampeder" rugby team special train (1949)
Banff Indian Days program
Pprograms re memorials to Colonel James Walker and Chief Crowfoot
Western Canada College dance program
Bbridge score cards
Vancouver golden jubilee souvenir note paper produced by Henry Birks and Sons
IODE calendar
Bblotter advertising John D. McAra printing company
Calling cards including business cars from John A. Morrison Real Estate
Membership cards re Catholic Women's League and Alumnae Association of Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus
Donation re Crippled Children's Hospital.

M-5854-28First World War. -- 1914-1918. -- Registration cards, ration books, postcards.
M-5854-29Greeting cards. -- 1916-1973. -- Mainly Christmas cards including several cartoon greetings from Ken Leach and family, one embroidered card from World War I, cards from Lacombe Home, Western Canada College, First Canadian Montreal Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Pamphlets. -- 1919-1974. -- Includes the following:

Constitution of the Young Ladies Institute
Canadian Red Cross Society knitting instructions for armed forces
Address by Eleanor Luxton to Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association
American Red Cross map (1919)
Souvenir of Mount Saint Francis retreat, Cochrane
Alberta Liquor Control Board price list (1968)
Reproduction of 1903 telephone directory of Calgary
Sunday Mass times in Alberta (1971) published by Knights of Columbus
Calgary tourist guide published by Tea Kettle Inn
Election pamphlet re Rose Wilkinson
Rules and score card for Calgary St. Andrews golf course.

M-5854-31British Columbia Legislative Assembly. -- 1922. - List of members, notepaper, note re meeting of special committee on mother's pensions.
M-5854-32Wedding announcements. -- 1925-1972. -- Invitations, announcements, etc re local weddings.
M-5854-33California property. -- 1927-1978. -- Correspondence, agreement for sale etc re property jointly owned by Mary Morrison and Mary E. Towned of Cochrane, Alberta.
M-5854-34Address books. -- 1931-1933. -- Notebooks, address books, etc. includes students expense book from Garbutt-Success Business College (Calgary) and notebook compliments of Kumming Cream (made in Calgary).
M-5854-35Ordination announcements. -- 1939-1962. -- Invitations and announcements re ordination of local priests.
M-5854-36Victory Loan certificates. -- 1943-1945. -- Re purchase of bonds of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth victory loans.
M-5854-37Insurance policies. -- 1948-1969.
M-5854-38Song sheets. -- 1949-1952 and n.d. -- Includes "Songs for Everyone" by Harry Hutchcroft, "Junior League Theme Song", Christmas carols and songs, songs re Calgary Stampeders football team (1949), parodies of popular songs with a western flavor, etc.
M-5854-39Stock transactions. -- 1951-1960. -- Ledger, correspondence, receipts, clipping re stocks and shares.
M-5854-40Memorial records. -- 1960-1973. -- Containing biographical information on deceased friends and relatives.
M-5854-41Ghost River property. -- 1974 and n.d. -- Maps, notes, etc re property owned by John A. Morrison on Waiperous Creek � Ghost River dam settlement.
Series 6 Newspaper clippings. -- 1900-1974
M-5854-42Newspaper clippings. -- 1900-1973. -- Re Cochrane history.
M-5854-43Newspaper clippings. -- 1921-1970. -- Re personalities including Donald Morrison, Rose Wilkinson, Don Edge, Angus Morrison, Katherine MacKay, James "Peace River Jim" Cornwall, Norm Edge, Francis Philip Byrne, Lachlin McKinnon, Roland Gissing, Arthur J. Morris, Thomas J. Walsh, Clarence Copithorne, Mary Costello, John Morrison, Clement James Edge, John Glenn, Sam Livingston, etc. also Sacred Heart Convent.
M-5854-44Newspaper clippings. -- 1941-1974. -- Re Mary Morrison and activities re Calgary Ration Board, Catholic Women's League, Twentieth Century Club, Calgary Women's Liberal Association, IODE, Beta Sigma Phi, etc.
Series 7 Donald C. Morrison. -- 1900-1927
M-5854-45Correspondence. -- 1900, 1917. -- Letters of condolence re death of Mrs. Morrison. One letter is from Cochrane Creamery Association and is on Association letterhead.
M-5854-oversizeBirth certificate. -- 1927. -- For Mary Morrison.
M-5854-oversizeAlberta Petroleum Consolidated. -- 1914. -- Share certificate.

Series 8


Photographs. -- [ca. 1894-1963]. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of views of the Edge family, Cochrane, Alberta.

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