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Nose Creek, Alberta, [ca. 1910s]
Nose Creek, Alberta, [ca. 1910s]

Edith Woolliams' Nose Creek Oral History Project

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Interviews with names beginning A to C. -- 1977-1981
Series 2 Interviews with names beginning D to H. -- 1977-1981
Series 3 Interviews with names beginning J to N. -- 1977-1981
Series 4 Interviews with names beginning O to Y. -- 1977-1981


  Interviews with names beginning A to C
RCT-500-9 June Aldred
RCT-500-78 "Aunt Ag"
RCT-500-44 Mabel Barker (Mrs. W.L. Barker)
RCT-500-53 Dorothy Bennett and Cliff Bennett
RCT-500-(14-15) ? Blair
RCT-500-48 ? Blair
RCT-500-51 Doris Bonner and Dorothy Bonner
RCT-500-56 Archie Boyce
RCT-500-43 Pearl Buckler and Stan Buckler
RCT-500-78 Wilbert Builder and Ruby Builder
RCT-500-66 Don Burwash
RCT-500-22 Bushfield cousins
RCT-500-31 Mary Bushfield
RCT-500-1 Katherine (Maillooh) Campbell
RCT-500-16 Paul Carey nd Mary (Rickar) Cary
RCT-500-10 Casa Loma Ladies Club
RCT-500-29 George Chapman
RCT-500-(72-73) W. W. Chitwood
RCT-500-40 Inez Clayton
RCT-500-33 Harry Copithorne and Agnes Copithorne
RCT-500-36 ? Cowan
RCT-500-37 Jack Cowan and Joey Cowan
RCT-500-69 Arnold Cummins and Irene Cummins
  Interviews with names beginning D to H
RCT-500-26 Donald Davy
RCT-500-34 Kelly Davy
RCT-500-80 Don and Jean ?
RCT-500-12 Jim Dunn, Lorne Dunn and Ruby Dunn
RCT-500-65 Bab Echlin (Bob Echlin?)
RCT-500-82 Jean Edwards
RCT-500-52 Busty Elliott
RCT-500-32 William Evans, Jack Evans and Doris Evans
RCT-500-3 ? Fairweather
RCT-500-17 Gordon Farr and Audrey Farr
RCT-500-30 Ilse (Elliott) Flewelling
RCT-500-7 Carl Frieze and Lois Frieze
RCT-500-61 Dave Gerlitz and Anna Gerlitz
RCT-500-40 Walter Goebil and Eileen Goebil
RCT-500-55 Sally and Gene Hanson
RCT-500-6 Dick Hardy
RCT-500-24 Grandma Hawkwood
RCT-500-4 P. Maurice Head
RCT-500-42 Wilf Hunt and Ruth Hunt
  Interviews with names beginning J to N
RCT-500-59 Anna Jobson
RCT-500-68 Lillian Jones
RCT-500-54 Kenneberg ladies
RCT-500-79 Phoebe Kestiven
RCT-500-74 John Kirby and Jean Kirby
RCT-500-63 Hattie Lane
RCT-500-25 ? Larsen
RCT-500-38 Joanne Law and Gerald Law
RCT-500-3 N. Lewis
RCT-500-42 Henry Loose and Alma Loose
RCT-500-27 Marion Lund and Andy Lund
RCT-500-49 ? Martinson-Bowhay
RCT-500-81 Don Matthews
RCT-500-77 Eddie Mayhord (Eddie Maynard?)
RCT-500-71 Gordon Morris and Annie Morris
RCT-500-76 Caroline Mortenson and Enoch Mortenson
RCT-500-20 Alice Nixdorf
RCT-500-13 Charles Northcott
RCT-500-62 George Northcott and Bertie (Lewis) Northcott
  Interviews with names beginning O to Y
RCT-500-75 Henry Oel
RCT-500-52 Annie Oldfield
RCT-500-58 Jack Osborne and Helen Osborne
RCT-500-60 Rita Pallesen and Leonard Pallesen
RCT-500-50 R. Perry and D. Perry
RCT-500-11 Harold Phillips
RCT-500-2 Frank Pole
RCT-500-36 ? Roberts
RCT-500-21 Marg Rush and Cliff Rush
RCT-500-46 Vi Shapka and Larry Shapka
RCT-500-80 Sharon ?
RCT-500-19 Alice Short
RCT-500-41 Grant Shuttleworth and Ethel Shuttleworth
RCT-500-5 Ted Shuttleworth
RCT-500-6 Isabel Simpson
RCT-500-64 Stan Sisley and Mary Sisley
RCT-500-8 ? Smart
RCT-500-23 Helen Snyder and Glenn Snyder
RCT-500-57 Jack Sutcliffe
RCT-500-18 Roy Tiditmeyer and Mary Tiditmeyer
RCT-500-45 M.A. "Buck" Valli
RCT-500-70 Vern Vestrum
RCT-500-39 Bill Walker and Florence Walker
RCT-500-47 Gene Wallace and John Wallace
RCT-500-67 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Watt
RCT-500-28 Jack Young and Shirley Young

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