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Survey party camp on Bow River, 1907
Survey party camp on Bow River, 1907.
(A.P. Patrick is on extreme right.)

Patrick/McPherson Family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 McPherson family papers
Series 2 Patrick family papers
Series 3 Hudson's Bay Company papers
Series 4 General and oversize papers
Series 5 Photographs


Series 1

McPherson family papers

M-941-1Correspondence. - 1845-1895. - Consists of:
  • Betsy Sutherland to her mother, Mrs. Jean McPherson (June 21, 1845).
  • Alexander Hunter Murray to Chief Factor Murdoch McPherson (May 16, 1847). [Includes typescript]
  • Jane McPherson to John Thomson (November 22, 1849).
  • From James Primrose, re March 22, 1849 death of Edward Smith.
  • Nell Smith (Bella Hardisty, later Mrs. O.A. Smith) to her sister, Mary McPherson (April 6, 1856).
  • Joseph Edward McPherson (August 30, 1856).
  • William Lucas Hardisty to Richard Hardisty Jr. (November 1, 1857). [Crisscross letter]
  • Murdoch McPherson and Joseph McPherson (March 2, 1859). [Incomplete]
  • Richard Hardisty Sr. to Joseph McPherson (May 24, 1862).
  • Richard Hardisty Sr. to Mrs. Mary McPherson (May 27, 1863).
  • Joseph McPherson to Murdoch McPherson (August 10, 1863).
  • William L. Hardisty to Joseph McPherson (November 21, 1864).
  • Donald Smith to Joseph E. McPherson (May 23, 1870).
  • Joseph McPherson to Mary McPherson (June 27, 1870).
  • Joseph McPherson to Mary McPherson (June 28, 1870).
  • Joseph McPherson(?) to Donald Smith (June 21, 1872).
  • A.E. Martin(?) to Mrs. (Mary?) McPherson (November 22, 1895.
M-941-2 Diary of Murdoch McPherson, Lachine to Portage La Loche. - 1834. - Consists of a photocopy of the original diary (very faint in places), as well as a transcription.

Scanned Document View transcription.
Scanned Document View original diary.

M-941-3Miscellaneous McPherson family papers. - 1825-1850. - Includes biographical sketch; fur trade packet; newsclipping re Norway House; record of births, marriages, and deaths in the McPherson family (1825-1846); and Royal Gazettes (1850).
M-941-9 McPherson family history. - 1971. - Biographical notes on Murdoch McPherson, Edward Smith, and Joseph Edward McPherson.
M-941-10 Murdoch McPherson personal correspondence. - nd. - Incomplete letter from son, Alexander McPherson, re career in Montreal (nd.). Note on settlement of the estate of Edward Smith (nd.).
M-941-11 Murdoch McPherson personal and family correspondence. - 1846-1885. - Consists of:
  • I. Macallum, Red River, re death of daughter (December 7, 1846).
  • I. Macallum, Red River, re death of daughter, dysentery in colony, failure of crops and prospect of starvation (May 26, 1847).
  • A.O. Medley, London re financial affairs (February 8, 1850).
  • A.O. Medley, London re financial affairs (March 8, 1850).
  • A.O. Medley, London re financial affairs (April 26, 1850).
  • A.O. Medley, London re financial affairs (December 20, 1850).
  • McPherson, Pictou, Nova Scotia to son Joseph re family news and advice not to leave service of Hudson's Bay Company (June 1854).
  • J. Duffus, Halifax, note due from bank (June 20, 1856).
  • Murdoch McPherson, McGill College, note to father re arrival and trip to Montreal (September 1861).
  • D. Smith, Montreal to Joseph McPherson, telegram re bank draft (June 18, 1869).
  • R.E. McPherson, letter to father [child's] (March 23, 1863).
  • Smith McKay, St. John's from Joseph E. McPherson, telegram to purchase Norway House (March 10, 1870).
  • Catherine Swanston, Prince Albert to Mrs. MacPherson re family news (December 7, 1884).
  • Catherine Swanston, Prince Albert, to mother re family news (November 4, 1885).
M-941-12 Edward Smith, will and agreements. - 1847-1852. - Details of will (1847), and agreements on will by Murdoch McPherson (1851 and 1852).
M-941-13 Book copyright, Pictou, Nova Scotia. - 1858. - Transferral from author James Dawson and Son to Murdoch McPherson of copyright for The Harmonicon, a collection of sacred music, 1850.
M-941-14 Life insurance, Joseph E. McPherson, Cochrane. - 1889.
M-941-15 Marriage registration. - 1893. - Between Murdoch McPherson, son of Joseph and Mary McPherson, to Catherine McLachlan.

Series 2

Patrick family papers

M-941-4Patrick Family Correspondence. - 1878-1946. - Consists of:
  • Emilie Davies(?) to A.P. Patrick, April 2, (?)
  • Lt. Col. J. McPherson to A.P. Patrick requesting photograph of himself as winner of the Earl of Dufferin's medal in 1876 (August 6, 1878).
  • Sandford Fleming to A.P. Patrick re appointment as C.P.R. Asst. Leveller (May 30, 1871).
  • Copy of reply to above letter.
  • John A. Macdonald to A.P. Patrick re failure to secure him payment of a year's salary (May 31, 1872).
  • Surveyor Gen., Victoria, British Columbia to A.P. Patrick re permission to practice in British Columbia (July 16, 1890).
  • A.P. Patrick to his father re employment as temporary clerk in the Land Titles office (February 23, 1891).
  • J.S. Williams, Grand Black Chapter of British American, Royal Black Knights of Ireland to A. P. Patrick (August 17, 1900).
  • J. Hardisty to Mrs. Patrick (February 9, 1904).
  • Mrs. Patrick to J. Hardisty, reply to above (February 19, 1904).
  • J. Hardisty to Mrs. Patrick (February 27, 1904).
  • Sir Hugh Macdonald to A.P. Patrick (November 8, 1927).
  • Assn. Of Dominion Land Surveyors to A.P. Patrick (February 6, 1933).
  • Topographical Survey of Canada to A.P. Patrick (February 6, 1933).
  • H.V. Greene to A.P. Patrick (March 16, 1946).
M-941-5Mining papers. - 1882-1905. - Consists of:
  • Letter from J.A. Grant to A.P. Patrick re discovery of silver (December 15, 1882).
  • Department of Interior letter to A.P. Patrick re application for mining location (November 14, 1883).
  • Department of Interior to A.P. Patrick re application for mining location (December 6, 1883).
  • Application for grant for placer-mining and note (June 29, 1889).
  • Geological report re coal properties on Sheep Creek (1891-1897).
  • Copy of letter from Dep. Commissioner of L. and W. to A.P. Patrick re forfeiting right to purchase certain bonds (May 13, 1905).
M-941-6Miscellaneous papers. - 1881-1940. - Includes: North West Territories liquor permit (July 8, 1881); luncheon menu for Canadian Pacific Association (May 20, 1940); invitation to Fireman's Ball (January 23, 1902); and prospectus of Patrick Oils Ltd. (1930).
M-941-7Miscellaneous Patrick papers. - 1626-1898. - Consists of:
  • genealogical chart of Hardisty and McPherson families;
  • biography of Allan Poyntz Patrick;
  • copy of memorial to Amelia Louisa Dixon (formerly Patrick) and her infant son (1889);
  • record of brand allotted to A.P. Patrick (June 30, 1898);
  • biography and picture of Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely (1626-1707);
  • Civil Service Board certificate (August 26, 1867);
  • Provincial Land Surveyor's certificates (April 16, 1873);
  • invitation to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Patrick on A.P. Patrick's first birthday (July 18, 1850); and
  • part of marriage certificate of A.P. Patrick and Margaret C. McPherson (October 26, 1887).
M-941-8Newsclippings. - 1891-1944. - Re A.P. Patrick.

Series 3

Hudson's Bay Company papers

M-941-16Memo, Dr. John Richardson. - 1825. - Sending Murdoch McPherson a cure for swelling of glands and asking for animal specimens from Rocky Mountains.
M-941-17Letter, John Franklin, Fort Simpson. - 1827. - Asking for animal and geological specimens to be sent to Fort Simpson in time to meet Captain Back.
M-941-18General business correspondence. - 1849-1860. - Consists of:
  • Alexander H. Murray, Yukon re Hudson's Bay Company trading news, Indians trading with Russians, scarcity of game in district, and general news (February 23, 1849).
  • James Anderson re trading and business news from Saguenay (July 29, 1854).
  • Resolution of Directors that those in the employ of the Hudson's Bay Company shall not trade with servants or settlers at Red River (July 27, 1860).
M-941-19Chief traders and factors. - 1821-1841. - List compiled giving names of Hudson's Bay Company men.
M-941-20Hudson's Bay Company and Russian American Company agreement. - 1839. - Copy of agreement giving details signed at Hamburg, Germany by Baron Ferdinand Wrangell and Sir George Simpson.
M-941-21Hudson's Bay Company council minutes. - 1839. - Held at Red River to investigate previous year's trade and resolutions for trade of 1840.
M-941-22Dividend note, Puget Sound Agricultural Company. - 1851. - Farming operation whose stock was held by Hudson's Bay Company members and officers.

Series 4

General and oversize papers

M-941-23Edmonton Bulletin, Vol. III, No. 12. - July 22, 1882.
M-941-24Photo of a boat, not identified.
M-941-OS 1Appointment of Murdoch McPherson as Justice of the Peace for the County of Pictou. - September 30, 1850.
M-941-OS 2Appointment of Joseph Edward McPherson as Chief Trader in Rupert's Land for the Hudson's Bay Company. - May 9, 1865.
M-941-OS 3Certificate from Militia School Gunnery, Toronto, Ontario. - December 15, 1868.
M-941-OS 4First Lieutenant's commission. - May 9, 1871.
M-941-OS 5Ontario Provincial Land Surveyor's certificate. - April 16, 1873.
M-941-OS 6Major's commission. - May 29, 1877.
M-941-OS 7Membership in Canadian Institute of Surveying. - August 1946.
M-943 Alfred Patrick. - 1833. - Consists of diary entries about trip from York, Upper Canada to England.
M-4109 Lillian Morrison. - ca. 1974-1975. - Consists of Mrs. Morrison's submission suggesting Allan P. Patrick as Calgary's Citizen of the Century.
M-4123 Allan Poyntz Patrick. - nd. - Consists of biographical sketch of Allan Poyntz Patrick.

Series 5


Many of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-122 Family photographs including group at golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Patrick; Marquess of Lorne. - 1937 and n.d.
PA-1602 Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Patrick; portrait of A.P. Patrick. - 2 photographs
PA-1610 Patrick family reunion. - 2 photographs
PB-44 Portraits of the A.P. Patrick family. - 1932 and n.d. - 4 photographs
PC-92 Norway House, home of Murdoch McPherson, HBC trader, Picton, Nova Scotial. - 1 photograph
NA-88-1 A.P. Patrick in the foothills. - n.d. - 1 photograph
NA-176-1 Portrait of A.P. Patrick. - [ca. 1940]. - 1 photograph
NA-570-1 Alfred Patrick, father of A.P. Patrick, as clerk of the House of Commons. - n.d. - 1 photograph
NA-900-(1-3) Portraits of the Marquess of Lorne and Princess Louise Alberta; Land titles office in Calgary. - [ca. 1879] and 1909. - 3 photographs
NA-987-(1-3) Letter to A.P. Patrick from Sir John A. Macdonald. - 1882. - 3 pages
NA-2678-(1-2) Portrait of Mrs. A.P. (Margaret) Patrick; A.P. Patrick with R.B. Bennett. - [ca. 1887] and 1945. - 2 photographs
NA-2758-1 Mary Thomas, mother of the future Lady Lougheed. - [ca. 1880]. - 1 photograph
NA-2807-(1-2) Lobby of High River hotel; A.P. Patrick's house in Calgary. - 1914 and 1911. - 2 photographs

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