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McCutcheon and McGill Drugstore, Calgary, [ca. 1912]
McCutcheon and McGill Drugstore, Calgary, [ca. 1912]

Ken Penley's Pharmacy collection

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents or photographs.

Series 1 Biographical files. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
Series 2 Recorded interviews (sound recordings). -- 1982-2002
Series 3 Geographical files. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
Series 4 Drug companies, societies, etc. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
Series 5 Prescription and formula books. -- 1894-[1960s]
Series 6 Photographs. -- [ca. 1912]-1987
Series 7 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1980s-2000s]


Series 1

Biographical files. -- [ca. 1982-1992]. -- The files are arranged in alphabetical order.

M-8601-1William Arthur Acton, Castor, High River and Blackie
M-8059-1Andrew Charles Anderson, Lethbridge
M-8059-2Robert W. Baillie, Calgary
M-8601-2J.H. Balkwill and J.G. Balkwill, Calgary (T.Eaton Company) and Trochu
M-8059-3Charles (Cecil) Beaton, Calgary
M-8601-3Jean Beecroft, Calgary
Mp8601-4Elmer Orville Bergh, Bow Island and Calgary
M-8059-61William Clifford Black, Calgary
M-8601-5Lawrence Calvin Blain and Myrtle Magnuson Blain, Calgary
M-8059-4Walter L. Boddy, Thorsby and Calgary. Includes Alberta Pharmaceutical Association information.
M-8059-5Owen H. Bott, Calgary
M-8059-6Dorothy Whiteman Boyce, Calgary and Banff
M-8601-6Frank Boylan, Medicine Hat
M-8601-7T. Fred Boyle, Calgary
M-8059-77Perley Staples Brown, East Coulee
M-8059-7William L. Buckley, Calgary, Banff and Canmore
M-8601-9Wallace Edward Butterwick, Calgary
M-8059-8Charlie Cameron, Trochu, Edmonton and Grande Prairie.
M-8059-9Donald M. Cameron, Bowden, Camrose and Daysland. Includes Alberta Pharmceutical Association information.
M-8059-10Alexander A. Carmichael, Calgary
M-8601-10Robert William Charman, Calgary. Includes Prisoner of War experiences during the Second World War.
M-8059-11James Tunstall Clarke, Calgary
M-8059-12Ralph Cooper, Sedgewick
M-8601-11Jack E. Corbett and Eleanor Corbett, Calgary
M-8601-12Len Corkery. Veterinary pharmacy, Lacombe
M-8059-13Tom Cornett, Red Deer. Includes H.H. Gaetz.
M-8601-13Arnold Cowan, Edmonton (commercial traveler)
M-8601-79Jean Cowell (married name Jean Sinclair), Saskatoon and Calgary
M-8601-14Peter Coyle, Calgary
M-8601-15Frank L. Crawford, Calgary and Vancouver
M-8601-16Al Crooks, Calgary
M-8059-14George Crooks, Sedgewick
M-8601-17Charles F. Cummer, Edmonton
M-8601-18Stan Dabisza and Glenda Dabisza, Calgary
M-8059-15William G. Dean, Calgary
M-8601-19William Eldon Dickey, Calgary
M-8601-20Ross Douglass, Calgary
M-8059-16Oswald F. Dunford and J.O.J. (Jack) Dunford, Calgary
M-8601-21Alberta H. (Bert or Shorty) Erswell, Rockyford
M-8059-17William Thomas Esdale, Calgary
M-8601-22Nellie Estabrook, Thorhild and Calgary, Thorhild and Calgary
M-8059-18Noel Adair Farrow, Calgary
M-8059-19Herschell Earle Fawcett, Calgary and Blackie
M-8059-48F.R. (Rick) Fellows, Calgary
M-8059-20Harry Austin (Duke) Ferguson, Claresholm
M-8601-23John Field, Calgary
M-8059-21James Findlay, Calgary
M-8059-22Ira Camille Fletcher and Nyal Alston Fletcher, Magrath and Lethbridge
M-8059-23Tom Fohan, Eckville
M-8601-24F. Bert Follett, Calgary (Alberta National Drug Company)
M-8601-25Robert John Fowler Jr., Acme and Drumheller
M-8059-13H.H. Gaetz, Red Deer
M-8059-24Allen N. Gale, Calgary. Includes information on the influenza epidemic (flu).
M-8601-26Oswald F. Geehan, Calgary, Claresholm and Armed Services
M-8059-25James Irvin Gibson, Alliance
M-8601-27Russell S. Gideon, Calgary and Seattle
M-8601-28Bob Graham, Cochrane
M-8601-29G.H. Graydon, Edmonton
M-8601-30Robert William Grieve, Red Deer
M-8059-44A.W. Haldiman, Calgary
M-8059-26Fred Halliday, Calgary
M-8601-37Doris Hanna (married name Doris Johnson), Westaskiwin and Edmonton
M-8059-27Vince Harrigan, Calgary
M-8059-28George Harris Sr. and George Harris Jr., Calgary
M-8059-29R. Stewart Harrison, Lamont and Edmonton
M-8059-30Hedley Abner Hart, Gadsby, Cochrane and Stettler. Includes information on the influenza epidemic (flu).
M-8059-31Reginald Harvey, Calgary
M-8601-31Ross Garfield Haslam, Calgary
M-8059-32John B. Hedderick, Calgary, Lethbridge, Pincher Creek and Banff
M-8059-33Dr. Andrew Henderson, Calgary
M-8601-32G.A. Cecil Henderson, Ontario and Calgary
M-8601-33Gordon Henker, Calgary
M-8059-34Harold H. Henker, Calgary
M-8601-34Evert (Hermie) Hermanson, Calgary
M-8059-35John David Higinbotham, Lethbridge
M-8059-36Nelson J. Hoad, Calgary
M-8059-37Ronald Holmes, Red Deer
M-8601-35Clifford Thomas Robert Irwin, Calgary
M-8601-36Malcolm E. Irwin and Barbara Jean Irwin, Calgary
M-8059-38Clarence Edward Jamieson, Tofield, Killam and Calgary. Includes information on the influenza epidemic (flu).
M-8059-39Percy Royal Jeffrey, Calgary
M-8601-37Doris Johnson (nee Doris Hanna), Westaskiwin and Edmonton
M-8059-40Muriel McNab Johnson, Bowden and Oyen
M-8059-41Arthur A. Keir, Trochu and Banff
M-8601-38Harold Killick, Rocky Mountain House
M-8601-39Don King, Calgary (funeral program only)
M-8059-42Fred King and Gweyn King, Calgary
M-8059-43Joe Korczynski, Turner Valley
M-8601-40Ross Philip Landon Lane, Delia and Peace River
M-8059-44John Drought Lauder and A.W. Haldiman, Calgary
M-8059-45Evelyne Laughlin, Hanna, Drumheller and Calgary
M-8059-46George Arnold Law, Calgary and Didsbury
M-8059-47Charles Laycraft and Betty Cook Laycraft, High River and Calgary
M-8059-48Edward Peter (Teddy) Leacock, Rosamund (Dot) Leacock, and F.R. (Rick) Fellows, Calgary
M-8601-41Stan Lissack, Calgary and Daysland
M-8601-42Samuel Alexander Logan, Edmonton
M-8601-43James R. Lukes, Calgary and Redwater
M-8059-49William R. McCalla, Barrhead
M-8601-44Gordon V. Macaulay, Calgary
M-8059-51J. Sennott MacDonald, Drumheller
M-8059-52A.E. (Andy) MacKay, Calgary and Fort Macleod
M-8601-45Ronald Byron MacLean, Calgary
M-8059-55Wendell MacLean, Calgary
M-8601-46John D. MacMillan, Calgary
M-8059-58Joseph E. Mahood, Calgary
M-8601-47Morris H. Makowichuk, Edmonton, Calgary and Claresholm
M-8601-48E.L. (Ted) Marles, Calgary
M-8601-49William Clark Masters, Brooks and Stettler
M-8601-50Claude F. Matthews, Calgary
M-8059-59Horace Mawson, Calgary
M-8059-60Matt Maybank, Ralph Maybank and Gerry Maybank, Olds
M-8059-50Neil I. McDermid and Kenneth B. McDermid, Lacombe, Calgary and High River
M-8601-51Wayne McDougall, Calgary
M-8601-52W.F. (Billy) McGill, Calgary
M-8601-53Ronald Gerald McIntyre, Coleman, Cardston and Nanton
M-8601-54Alex R. McIvor, Cowley and Calgary
M-8059-53Donald Foster McKeague, Olds, Sylvan Lake and Calgary
M-8059-54Hiram McKechnie, Red McKechnie and Archie McKechnie, Camrose, Calgary and Sundre. Includes Alberta Pharmaceutical Association information.
M-8601-55John Terrance McLaughlin, Edmonton and Canmore
M-8059-56Archie E. McLeod, Calgary
M-8059-57Peter William McNab, Brooks
M-8601-56William James McNeil, Calgary
M-8601-57Duncan Scott McPherson, Calgary (commercial traveler)
M-8601-58David J. McRitchie, Calgary
M-8601-59Albert W. (Bert) Mercer, Edmonton
M-8059-61William M. Mitchell and William Clifford Black, Calgary
M-8059-62Jean Moore (nee Jean Beecroft and later Jean Maxie), Vermilion and Calgary
M-8601-60Kenneth Mortimer, Calgary
M-8601-61Jim Muir, Wainwright
M-8601-62Patrick Brendan Murphy, Ireland and Canada
M-8601-63Gerry Nep, Calgary
M-8601-64Jean Nettleton, Calgary
M-8059-63A.C. Newson, Calgary
M-8601-65Stanley Ira Niddrie, Edmonton, Calmar and Wetaskiwin
M-8059-64A.P. Noble, Calgary
M-8601-66Kenneth W. Oliver, Calgary
M-8601-67Lorne Gould Oliver, Calgary
M-8059-65Clarence Watson Pickup, Cardston, Barons and Calgary. Includes Alberta Pharmaceutical Association information.
M-8059-66Bruce Powell, Charles R. Will Company. Includes information about travelling salesmen.
M-8601-68Ed Powell, Calgary
M-8601-69Howard Pringle and Keith Pringle, Consort
M-8059-67Floyd Pritchard, Calgary
M-8059-68Clarence Purvis and Howard Purvis, Sedgewick
M-8601-70William Rathbone, England and Canada
M-8059-69Charles C. Reid, Banff
M-8059-70Otto Lupton Reinecke, Claresholm
M-8601-71Gerald Bryce Richards, Calgary
M-8601-72Clayton Harvey Richardson, Three Hills, Hinton and Calgary
M-8601-73Bob Rogers, Northwest Drug Company
M-8059-71William Franklin Rook and William Gordon Rook, Wetaskiwin and Calgary
M-8601-74Kendal Roulson, Calgary
M-8601-75A. Grant Sanders, Bentley
M-8601-76Andy Scollon, High River, Canmore and Calgary
M-8601-77William Sereda, Stephen Sereda, and Joseph Sereda, Edmonton
M-8059-72Gerald C. Shapter, Calgary and Granum. Includes information about Charles E. Frosst and Company, the influenza epidemic (flu), and travelling salesmen.
M-8601-78Robert J. Shaw, Carbon and Edmonton
M-8059-73John Athol Shillabeer, Wetaskiwin and Edmonton
M-8059-74Annie Simpson, Innisfail, Bassano and Jasper. Includes Alberta Pharaceutical Association information.
M-8601-79Jean Sinclair (nee Jean Cowell), Saskatoon and Calgary
M-8601-80Norman B. Smith, Edmonton
M-8059-75Gordon Alexander Sproule and Norman Gordon Sproule, Calgary
M-8059-76Joel Herbert Stiles and William Joel Stiles, Bassano
M-8601-81James Gilmour Templeton, Calgary
M-8601-82D. Bryce Thompson, Calgary
M-8059-77David B. Thomson, East Coulee and Milk River. Includes information about Perley Staples Brown.
M-8601-83A. Harper Thornton, Calgary
M-8601-84Fred Thurston, Strathmore
M-8601-85Fred Tilston, travelling salesman
M-8601-86Ernie Tregale, Provost
M-8059-78Samuel W. Trott, Calgary
M-8601-87Joseph M. Tucker, Calgary
M-8059-79Frank Oliver Vickerson, Lacombe and Castor
M-8059-80Harold E. Waterbury, Lethbridge, Calgary, Three Hills and Duchess
M-8059-81John W. Wainfield, Calgary
M-8601-88Marcie Weiss, Edmonton, Alberta-National Drug Company
M-8059-82Charles Augustus Weston, Red Deer, Sylvan Lake and Calgary
M-8059-83Robert Allan Westrop, Calgary
M-8059-84Frederick Roy White, Calgary
M-8601-89Betty Palmer Whitton, Port Arthur, Moose Jaw and Calgary
M-8601-90Lew Wing, Vancouver and Calgary
M-8601-91Robert Winters, Calgary
M-8059-85Charles Wylie and James Wylie, Hanna

Series 2

Recorded interviews (sound recordings). -- 1982-2002. -- The recordings have been arranged in alphabetical order.

RCT-969-1Elmer O. Bergh, Calgary and Bow Island; Telstar Drug. -- April 14, 1992
RCT-969-2Myrtle Magnuson Blain and Lawrence Calvin Blain, Calgary. -- 1989
RCT-853-1Dorothy Whiteman Boyce. Includes discussions of the Calgary General Hospital and prohibition. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-3T. Fred Boyle, Calgary. -- September 17, 1992
RCT-853-2William L. Buckley. -- April 4, 1990
RCT-969-4Wallace E. Butterwick, Federal Narcotic Inspector. -- April 4, 1990
RCT-969-5Robert W. Charman, Prisoner of war and RCAF, Gull Lake, Saskatchewan and Red Deer. -- February 6, 1994
RCT-853-3Jack E. Corbett, Lacombe and Calgary. -- October 1988
RCT-969-6Jack Corbett and Cliff Irwin Drug, Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-7William E. Dickey, Bowness and Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-8Nellie Estabrook, Thorhild and Calgary. -- January 24, 1991
RCT-853-4Herschell Earle Fawcett. Includes discussions of travelling salesmen. -- October 19, 1989
RCT-853-5Joan Fellows, re Edward Peter (Teddy) Leacock. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-7Tom Forhan, Eckville. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-9Robert John (Bob) Fowler, Acme. -- June 21, 1990
RCT-969-10Oswald F. Geehan, Calgary and Claresholm, and military pharmacist. -- January 11, 1991
RCT-853-14Fred Halliday, Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-6Vince Harrigan, Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-7R. Stewart Harrison, Lamont and Edmonton; Tom Forhan, Eckville; Ken Penley and Prudence Penley, Calgary. -- n.d.
RCT-853-8Phyllis Hart, re Hedley Hart, Cochrane and Stettler (includes the famous Cochrane ice cream cone). -- n.d.
RCT-853-9John B. Hedderick. -- December 4, 1983
RCT-969-11Gordon A. Henker, Calgary and Cochrane. -- April 1997 and March 1998
RCT-853-10Cliff Irwin. Includes discussions about prisoners of war. -- September 1989
RCT-969-12Malcolm Irwin and Barbara Jean Irwin, Calgary. -- October 6, 1989
RCT-853-17Muriel McNab Johnson, Bowden and Oyen. -- November 1988
RCT-969-13Doris Johnston (nee Doris Hanna), Edmonton, Mundare and Calgary. -- April 13, 1993
RCT-969-14Don King, Medicine Hat, Calgary and Stevens Hospital Supplies. -- [ca. 1984-1993]
RCT-853-11Joe Korczynski, Turner Valley. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-12Evelyne Laughlin, Hanna, Drumheller and Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-13George Arnold Law, Calgary and Didsbury. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-14Betty Laycraft, Charlie Laycraft, Fred Halliday and Joseph E. Mahood. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-15Charles Laycraft and Betty Laycraft, Calgary and High River. "On their 50th year in pharmacy". -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-16"Cam" "Tommy" Logan, Alberta National Drug Wholesale, Calgary. -- 1988
RCT-969-17James R. Lukes, Redwater and Calgary. -- Feburary 26, 1996
RCT-969-18Gordon V. Macaulay, Calgary. -- March 23, 1990
RCT-969-19Ronald Byron MacLean and Darlene Graham MacLean, Calgary. -- October 13, 1991
RCT-969-20Morris Makowichuk, Edmonton, Claresholm and Calgary. -- February 26, 1992
RCT-969-21E.L. (Ted) Marles, Calgary, Mundare and Edmonton. -- February 6, 1992
RCT-853-18Horace Mawson, Calgary. Includes Chinese herbalist. -- December 13, 1989
RCT-853-15Hiram McKechnie, Red McKechnie and Archie McKechnie, Calgary, Camrose and Sundre. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-16A.E. (Archie) McLeod. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-17Peter William McNab, Brooks, Retlaw, Duchess and Bowden; and Murie McNab Johnson, Bowden and Oyen. -- November 1988
RCT-969-22David McRitchie, Calgary (medical-dental pharmacy). -- September 20, 1989
RCT-853-19Virginia Mitchell. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-853-20William A. Mitchell, Calgary. -- April 1983
RCT-853-21Jean Moore (nee Jean Beecroft and later Jean Maxie), Vermilion and Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-23Kenneth M. Mortimer, Calgary. -- June 27, 1995
RCT-969-24Brendan Murphy, Ireland and Calgary. -- November 21, 1995
RCT-969-25Jean Nettleton, Calgary. -- April 13, 1990
RCT-969-26Kenneth W. Oliver, Calgary. Includes Masonic career. -- August 1, 1996
RCT-969-27Ed Powell, Calgary. -- August 9, 1990
RCT-969-28William Rathbone, UK, RAF, and Calgary. -- September 1991
RCT-969-29Gerald B. Richards, Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993].
RCT-853-22William Rook, Calgary. Includes Calgary Ski Club, William Aberhart and Hillhurst. -- June 1984
RCT-969-30Kendall Roulson, Calgary. -- September 11, 2002
RCT-969-31B. Harper Thornton, Rockyview Hospital and Calgary. -- [ca.1988-1993]
RCT-853-23Norman G. Sproule, Calgary. -- April 22, 1983
RCT-969-32Joseph M. Tucker, Calgary. -- December 24, 1993
RCT-969-33Marcie Weiss, sales representative to Drug Business in Alberta. -- October 22, 1990
RCT-853-24Robert Allan Westrop, Calgary. -- September 9, 1982
RCT-969-34David White, McGill Drug Company, Calgary. -- [ca. 1982-1993]
RCT-969-35Betty Whitton, Calgary, Wainwright, Peace River, Cold Lake, Moose Jaw and Winnipeg. -- [ca. 1982-1993]

Series 3

Geographical files. -- [ca. 1982-1993]. -- The files have been arranged in alphabetical order.

M-8601-95Calgary (Princess Drug Company)
M-8601-96Calgary (Temple Duff Drug Company)
M-8059-86Cardston drugstore
M-8059-87Castor drugstores
M-8059-88Edmonton's first drugstore
M-8601-99Edmonton (Liggett Drug Store)
M-8059-89Fort Macleod drugstores
M-8601-102Grande Prairie and district
M-8601-105High River
M-8059-90Medicine Hat drugstores
M-8601-107Red Deer
M-8059-91Redcliff drugstore
M-8601-109Silver City (Teetzel and Duncan)
M-8059-93Southern Alberta drugstores
M-8059-92Vulcan drugstores

Series 4

Drug companies, societies, etc. -- [ca. 1982-1993]

M-8059-94Alberta National Drug Company
M-8601-115Alberta Pharmaceutical Society
M-8601-116Anecdotes and trivia
M-8059-97Animal health products in pharmacy
M-8059-98Calgary Pharmaceutical Society
M-8601-117Committee on the Status of the Pharmacist in the Armed Forces
M-8601-118Commercial travellers organizations within the drug trade
M-8059-95T. Eaton Drug Department, Calgary
M-8059-96Liggett Drug Stores, Calgary and Medicine Hat
M-8601-119Pharmacy education
M-8601-120Quo Vadis - Questionnaire. -- 1991
M-8601-121Register of Alberta Pharmacists. -- 1911-1941 [photocopy]
M-8601-122Wholesale drug companies in Alberta
M-8601-123Women in Pharmacy

Series 5

Prescription and formula books. -- 1894-[1960s]

M-8601-124W. Maclean's prescription book. -- April-June 1894
M-8601-125McIvor Drug Store prescriptions. -- 1913-1915
M-8601-126Princess Drug Store prescriptions. -- April 1915-April 1916. -- The prescriptions were primarily written by Dr.O.F. Eastman, Dr. H.G. Taylor, Dr. F.D. Wilson and Dr. C. Boucks.
M-8601-127McIvor Drug Store prescriptions. -- 1920-1921
M-8601-128Temple-Duff Drug Company, Store #2 prescriptions. -- September 1931-January 1932
M-8059-vol.1T.Eaton prescription book. - 1935-1944
M-8059-vol.2T. Eaton prescription book. � 1944-1947
M-8601-129Reg Royston and Sid Tout's formula book, Royston Pharmacy, Langley Prairie, BC. -- [ca. 1940s]
M-8601-130Bobby Winters' formula book, Temple-Duff Drug Company, Store #2. -- [1940s-1950s]. -- Includes lists of magazines reserved by customers.
M-8601-131Joe Korczynski's formula book, Turner Valley. -- [1960s]

Series 6

Photographs. -- [ca. 1912]-1987

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2185-(1-15)Pharmacists. -- 1935-1982. -- 15 photographs. -- Includes Ken Penley, William Mitchell, Kay Mitchell, Marj Pattison, Norman Sproule, Archie McLeod, and Dorothy Boyce.
PA-3843-(1-33)Pharmacy views. -- 1931-1987. -- 33 photographs. -- Consists of views of pharmacists, Alberta Pharmaceutical Associations events, etc.
NA-4030-(2, 4-9, 25)Pharmacy views. -- [ca. 1912]-1943. -- 8 photographs. -- Consists of views of University pharmacy students graduating classes, pharmacies, etc.

Series 7

Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1980s-2000s]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-9433 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1980s-2000s]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records and other material. -- Consists of biographical and historical files on pharmacists and pharmacy. [accession 2010.049]

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