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Constable Roger Pocock, NWMP, [ca. 1886]
Constable Roger Pocock, NWMP, [ca. 1886]
M 6703/96

Henry Roger Pocock fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Pocock's writings and related papers. -- 1888-1945
Series 2 North-West Mounted Police photographs. -- 1885-1897


Series 1 Pocock's writings and related papers. -- 1888-1945
M-981-1 Obituary of Roger Pocock from RCMP Quarterly. -- January 1942
M-981-2 Correspondence re publishing books. -- 1913. -- Includes material related to the Earl of Lonsdale

Newspaper articles re experiences in Canada. -- 1888-1903. -- Consists of these articles:

British Columbia Indians [First Nations], 1899

Hudson's Bay Company "Beaver"

Rocky Mountain Club, 1890

The road to the Kootenay, 1889

Muir Glacier

Tales of the Skeena, 1889

Skeena murder trials, 1888

Alaska and its riches, 1888

Behring Sea [Bering Strait] fur seal

Series of articles published in LLoyd's Weekly, "Into the Great Dominion", n.d.

Magazine stories re Kootenay gold mines, 1897

White man's job

The war on the Skeena, 1903

M-981-4 Manuscript: "Searchlights". -- n.d.
M-981-5 Manuscript: "Van Ymuiden Millions". -- n.d. -- [also spelt Van Ijmuiden]
M-981-6 Manuscript: "The Salvation Pirate". -- n.d.
M-981-7 Manuscripts: "Yokohama Pirates"; "A Tonic in the North"; and poem "The Broken Men". -- n.d.
M-981-8 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and magazine articles. -- 1901-1912
M-982 Letters from Pocock to Reverend A.R. Rhys Pryce about business matters. -- 1934-1936. -- Mainly written from Frontiersmen's camps.
M-983 Short stories, articles, etc. -- 1890-1936, 1945. -- Consists of a scrapbook of articles about the Kootenay district of British Columbia; a trip across Canada; tales of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP); routes to the Klondike; and reprints of Pocock's adventures in the northwest. Includes an issue of The Canadian Frontiersman which has a memorial to Pocock.
Microfilm-Pocock-2 Article, "The Lone Wolf Pioneer" by Roger Pocock, published in News of the World". -- 1935. -- 1 microfilm reel. -- [Obtained by Glenbow from the National Library of Scotland in 1964.]
Microfilm- Pocock-1 Diary of ex-Constable H. Roger Pocock re his visits to North-West Mounted Police posts in western Canada. -- 1897. -- 1 microfilm reel. -- [Obtained by Glenbow from the RCMP Depot, Regina in 1964.]
M-8779 Compilation of information on the history of the Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth, an organization founded by Pocock. -- 2000.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1885-1897. -- 47 photographs
NA-943 Roger Pocock's visit to North-West Mounted Police posts, and various NWMP views. -- 1885-1897. -- 47 photographs link to photos View now.

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