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Pumphouse Theatre in the 1970s
Pumphouse Theatre in the 1970s

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Series 1 Bylaws, minutes and financial statements. - 1972-1987
Series 2 Office files. - 1972-1989
Series 3 Office files. - 1994-2000
Series 4 Contracts, programs and reviews. - [ca. 1972-1987]
Series 5 Architectural plans. -1914-1984
Series 6 Photographs. - [1970s-1980s]
Series 7 Film and videos. - [ca. 1970s], 1997-1999
Series 8 Posters. - 1974-1997


Series 1 Bylaws, minutes and financial statements. - 1972-1987. - The series consists of the Certificate of Incorporation and bylaws of the Calgary Youth Drama Society; a complete set of Board Minutes from the inception of CYDS in 1972 to 1987, and yearly financial statements from 1973 to 1986. The series also includes a brief history of Pumphouse Theatre.
M-8035-1 Certificate of Incorporation, bylaws and mission statement of the Calgary Youth Drama Soceity
M-8035-2 Pumphouse Theatre history
M-8035-3 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1972-1973
M-8035-4 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1974
M-8035-5 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1975
M-8035-6 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1976
M-8035-7 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1977
M-8035-8 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1978
M-8035-9 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1979
M-8035-10 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1980
M-8035-11 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1981
M-8035-12 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1982
M-8035-13 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1983
M-8035-14 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1984
M-8035-15 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1985
M-8035-16 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1986
M-8035-17 Calgary Youth Drama Society minutes. - 1987
M-8035-18 Financial statements. - 1973-1986
Series 2 Office files. - 1972-1989. - The series consists of files documenting the day to day activities of the Theatre. Included are fundraising activities -- applications for funds to renovate the Pumphouse building, applications for student summer activities, bingo and casino applications, and CYDS memberships -- which took place at local, provincial and federal levels. After years of renovating the Theatre (M-8035-20 & 62), the efforts of the Society were recognized in 1984 with a Heritage Award for Architecture (M-8035-48). Some information on the public use of the Theatre is included here in attendance statistics (M-8035-21), booking information (M-8035-23-30) and Pumphouse activities (M-8035-59)
M-8035-19 Alberta Culture. - 1973-1982
M-8035-20 "Alberta 75" funding. - 1980. - See also M-8035-10
M-8035-21 Attendance statistics. - 1977-1985
M-8035-21A Bass Ticket Services
M-8035-22 Bingo - Applications and financial statements. - 1986-1988
M-8035-23 Booking information - Rates and priorities. - 1986-1987
M-8035-24 Booking information - Rental occupancy. - 1972-1975, 1980-1981
M-8035-25 Booking information - Requests. - 1978-1979, 1982-1983
M-8035-26 Booking information - Requess. - 1983-1984
M-8035-27 Booking information - Requests. - 1984-1985
M-8035-28 Booking information - Requests. - 1985-1986
M-8035-29 Booking information - Requests. - 1986-1988
M-8035-30 Booking information - Requests. - 1988-1989
M-8035-31 Brochures, invitations, etc.
M-8035-32 Calgary Region Adult One Act Play Festival. - 1986
M-8035-33 Calgary Region Adult One Act Play Festival. - 1987
M-8035-34 Calgary Region Adult One Act Play Festival. - 1988
M-8035-35 Calgary Region Adult One Act Play Festival. - 1989
M-8035-36 Calgary Youth Drama Society membership applications - Samples. - 1976, 1984
M-8035-37 Casinos - Applications and financial statements. - 1981-1987
M-8035-38 Ceremonies - Canada Water Landmark ceremony. - 1980
M-8035-39 Ceremonies - 10th anniversary and reopening of Pumphouse Theatre. - 1982
M-8035-40 Ceremonies - Dedication and opening of the Joyce Doolittle and the Victor Mitchell Theatres at Pumphouse. - 1984
M-8035-41 Ceremonies - 75th anniversary of the Pumphouse building. - 1988
M-8035-42 Correspondence - incoming. - 1972-1986
M-8035-43 Correspondence - outgoing. - 1973-1985
M-8035-44 Correspondence - City of Calgary. - 1971-1977
M-8035-44A Correspondence - Official leters. - 1973-1079. - Consists of correspndence with municipal and provinical officials.
M-8035-45A Fundraising - Local Initiatives Program (federal). - 1972-1974
M-8035-45B Fundraising - Oppotrunities for Youth (federal). - 1973-1974
M-8035-45C Fundraising - Project Cooperation (provincial). - 1974-1977
M-8035-45D Fundraising - Special Project of Cultural Initiatives (federal). - 1981-1982
M-8035-45E Fundraising - Young Canada Works (federal). - 1977-1978
M-8035-46 "Heliport". - 1988
M-8035-47 Heritiage site information. - 1974-1977
M-8035-48 Heritage Award - Architecture. - 1984
M-8035-49 Jaycees - Pumphouse Park. - 1975-1977
M-8035-50 Junior League. - 1972
M-8035-51 Lease and related correspondence. - 1969-1978
M-8035-52 Mailing lists
M-8035-53 Helen Mitchell Memorial Fund
M-8035-54 Newspaper clippings
M-8035-55 Newsletters, incomplete series. - 1973-1988
M-8035-56 Patron 100,000
M-8035-57 Personnel
M-8035-58 Publicity and promotions, part 1. - 1985
M-8035-59 Publicity and promotions, part 2. - 1985
M-8035-60 Pumphouse Park plan. - 1982-1987
M-8035-61 "Rampage Racing". - 1984
M-8035-62 Renovations and extensions. - 1975-1983. - See also M-8035-20 and Board minutes)
M-8035-63 Sports complex - Max Bell Memorial Arena. - 1975
M-8035-64 Sports complex - Max Bell Memorial Arena petition
M-8035-64A Sunalta Cottage School - Redevelopment proposal. - 1982
Series 3 Office files. - 1994-2000. - Consists of miscellaneous files of administrative and promotional material, including records related to finances, fundraising, and special programs and events.
M-8750-1 Administration. - 1999-2000. - Consists of lists of directors ansd staff, financial statement and information on renting Pumphouse facilties.
M-8750-2 Board of Directors recruitment package. - 1994
M-8750-3 Drama Day Camp brochures and programs. - 1999-2000. - See also videos of the children's performances in Series 7 below.
M-8750-4 Fundraising package. - 2000
M-8750-5 History of the Pumphouse. - [ca. 1999]. - Consists of a brief history, timeline form 1913 to 1999, brief biography of Victor Mitchell, and Joyce Doolittles memoirs.
M-8750-6 Newsletters and press releases. - 1995-2000
M-8750-7 One Act Play Festival programs. - 1998-2000
M-8750-8 Special events. - 1997-1999. - Consists of prgrams for Sponsor Appreciation Night, 25th Anniversary performance and fundraiser, and Oedipus The King (performed both indoor and outside).
Series 4 Contracts, programs and reviews. - [ca. 1972-1987]. - The series consists of alphabetically-arranged files including contracts between Pumphouse Theatre and individuals and organizations which rented Theatre facilties. Some files include prgrams and reviews of productions presented at Pumphouse. This series, in conjunction with the files in Series 2, give a good indication of the type and extent of activities which tool place at the Theatre.
M-8035-65 Access TV
M-8035-66 Alberta Conference for Theatre
M-8035-67 Alberta Culture
M-8035-68 Alberta Theatre Projects
M-8035-69 Alberta Youth Theatre Association
M-8035-70 Alice Productions
M-8035-71 Alternative Theatre
M-8035-72 Amodeo
M-8035-73 Any Space Theatre
M-8035-74 Ariel Productions
M-8035-75 Artemis Productions
M-8035-76 Attic Players
M-8035-77 Baha'i of Calgary
M-8035-78 Ballet Canada
M-8035-79 Mark Berezowski
M-8035-80 Bloody Richard
M-8035-81 Blue Sky Productions
M-8035-82 Sharon Blyth
M-8035-83 Boxer Productions
M-8035-84 Paul Bradley
M-8035-85 Boradway Brats
M-8035-86 Ronnie Burkett
M-8035-87 Calaway Park
M-8035-88 Calgary Early Music Society
M-8035-89 The Calgary Opera
M-8035-90 Calgary Rebirthing Community
M-8035-91 Canadian Broadasting Corporation (CBC)
M-8035-92 Casino Productions
M-8035-93 Central Memorial High School
M-8035-95 The Children's Circle
M-8035-96 City of Calgary
M-8035-97 Clive Titmus
M-8035-98 Co Motion
M-8035-99 Crafts Fair
M-8035-100 Ted Crouch
M-8035-101 Harold Curties, Stealing Second and Aviation Boulevard (concert)
M-8035-102 Culloden Productions
M-8035-103 Cutz
M-8035-104 Dance Incorporated
M-8035-105 Dance Studio West
M-8035-106 Dandelion Magazine Society
M-8035-107 David Ferguson
M-8035-108 Joyce Doolittle
M-8035-109 Dave Duncan
M-8035-110 The Edible Players
M-8035-111 Festival Calgary
M-8035-112 Film Industry Workshops
M-8035-113 Five Star Theatre
M-8035-114 Kathy Flaherty
M-8035-115 Folk Festival
M-8035-116 Foothills Assocation of the Performing Arts (FAPA)
M-8035-117 Foothills Opera
M-8035-118 Forty-Ninth Street Theatre
M-8035-119 Friends Roadshow
M-8035-120 Mary Jo Fulmer
M-8035-121 Glencoe Dinner Theatre
M-8035-122 Golden Rock Productions
M-8035-123 Grassfire
M-8035-124 Michael Harmer
M-8035-125 John Heintz and Carol Sheehan
M-8035-126 Ikarus
M-8035-127 Image Theatre
M-8035-128 Independent Productions
M-8035-129 Inter-Act Theatre
M-8035-130 Interlude Mime
M-8035-131 International Brotherhood of Magicians
M-8035-132 Jazz Calgary
M-8035-133 Joint Ventures
M-8035-134 Terry King
M-8035-135 Lazy Bonz Enterprises
M-8035-136 Lazy Bonz Little Theatre
M-8035-137 Little Theatre for the Deaf
M-8035-138 Frank Lockwood
M-8035-139 Loose Moose
M-8035-140 Little Mitchell Productions
M-8035-141 George Lyon
M-8035-142 Murray McLeod (transformer)
M-8035-143 Marg McVicar
M-8035-144 National Theatre School
M-8035-145 New Ventures Theatre Society
M-8035-146 Northern Lights Theatre
M-8035-147 Walt Ohama
M-8035-148 One Yellow Rabbit
M-8035-149 OSD Productions
M-8035-150 Out of the Way Players
M-8035-151 Outreach Players
M-8035-152 Michael Pasukonis
M-8035-153 Peacock Players
M-8035-154 Performing Rights Organizationof Canada
M-8035-155 Pleiades Theatre
M-8035-156 Prairie Front
M-8035-157 Pumphouse Christmas Crafts Fair
M-8035-158 Pumphouse Players
M-8035-159 Rainbow Arts and Crafts
M-8035-160 Rebirth Productions
M-8035-161 Miriam Reder
M-8035-162 Regina Modern Dance Works
M-8035-163 Reid Sinclair - OXIS Productions
M-8035-164 Garry Rivest
M-8035-165 Riverside Arts and Crafts
M-8035-166 Riverside Theatre
M-8035-167 Roger Duncan Band
M-8035-168 The Round Earth Company
M-8035-169 Rubbo Films Inc.
M-8035-170 The Saturday School Communicare
M-8035-171 Savage God
M-8035-172 Shady Daze
M-8035-173 The 169th Street Frenchmen
M-8035-174 Social Work Society MRC
M-8035-175 Jim Spence
M-8035-176 Summer Theater Productions
M-8035-177 Swedish Society of Calgary
M-8035-178 T&T BMW
M-8035-179 Terminal City Dance
M-8035-180 Theatre Calgary
M-8035-181 Theatre Eighty
M-8035-182 Theatre Network
M-8035-183 Theatre 328
M-8035-184 The Theatre of Silence
M-8035-185 Theatre Passe Muraille
M-8035-186 Theatre Workshop
M-8035-187 Think About It Theatre
M-8035-188 Ellis Tims
M-8035-189 Trickster Productions
M-8035-190 University of Alberta
M-8035-191 University of Calgary
M-8035-192 Vasku Productions
M-8035-193 Veena Sood
M-8035-194 Warren Rowley (Department of Music, University of Calgary)
M-8035-195 West End Theatre
M-8035-196 Western Canada Summer Games
M-8035-196A Workshop Theatre Society
M-8035-197 Vineyard Theatre
M-8035-198 Louise Young
M-8035-199 Young Life in Calgary
Series 5 Architectural plans. - 1914-1984. - The series consists of nine folders (108 items) of blueprints for the original pumphouse and for subsequent renovations made to Pumphouse Theatre and the surrounding area.
M-8035-200os City of Calgary plans for pumphouse no. 2. - 1914-1915
M-8035-201os City of Calgary renovations to pumphouse.- 1945, 1954
M-8035-202os Stevenson Raines; Sturgess Donnell - Renovations. - 1975-1979
M-8035-203os Donnelly-Whiting - Renovations. - 1981-1982
M-8035-204os Fire-Pro Sprinklers - Installations. - 1982
M-8035-205os Henderson Engineering; G.F. Stebnicki and Associates - Power, lighting, heating installations, etc. - 1982
M-8035-206os Ayres Dechert Architects Planners - Phase II (addition to Pumphouse Theatre). - 1983-1984
M-8035-207os Plans for sound system and light grid. - 1987 and n.d.
M-8035-208os Bob Kirby's original drawings of Pumphouse Theatre, interior and exterior. - n.d.
Series 6 Photographs and slides. - [1970s-1980s]
M-8035-(209-211) Slides showing Pumphouse Theatre, exterior and interior, renovations and events. - 1974-1984
M-8035-(212-216) Photographs, b&w and colour, showing Pumphouse Theatre, exterior and interior, renovations and events. - [ca. 1970s-1980s]. - Includes some negatives and contact sheets.
Series 7 Films and videos. - [1970s], 1997-1999
F-154-1 Pumphouse Theatre productions / home movies. - [ca. 1970s]. - 1 film reel : 8 mm
V-70-1 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances. - July 31, 1997. - 1 video cassette
V-70-2 Television advertisement for Pumphouse Theatre's One-Act Play Festival. - January 29, 1998. - 1 video cassette. - Broadcast on A-Channel.
V-70-3 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances, session 1. - 1998. - 1 video cassette
V-70-4 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances, session 2. - 1998. - 1 video cassette
V-70-5 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances, session 3. - 1998. - 1 video cassette
V-70-6 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances, session 4. - 1998. - 1 video cassette
V-70-7 Drama Day Camp - Children's performances. - April 9, 1999. - 1 video cassette
Series 8 Posters. - 1974-1997. - The series consists of posters of the arts productions, fairs and other events held at Pumphouse Theatre. Most of the poster were shrink-wrapped and displayed on the walls of Pumphouse. They have not been arranged in date order as the posters frequently state only the month and days of the performances and not the year in which the production took place. No attempt has been made to determine the exact year.
M-8035-217Independenat Productions presents Key Exchange by Kevin Wade. - October 4-8 : 11-16
M-8035-218Come to the the Bow River Pleasure Faire. - July 10-13
M-8035-219A Musical Adaptation of Godspell. - December 27-30
M-8035-220Sex! We give the facts to teens about sex and other important stuff!. - July 21
M-8035-221Flip Side of Life concert featuring Ted Crouch. - January 27
M-8035-222Toothe of Crime by Sam Shephard. - June 12-18
M-8035-223The International Tropical Fish Show. - August 30-September 1
M-8035-224Combinations - Susan Adams (harpsichord) and Clive Titmus (lutes), music by Bach, Scarlatti, Gaultier. - September 10, 1976
M-8035-225Image Theatre presents Robinson Crusoe by Keith Johnstone; and The Indian Wants the Bronx by Israel Horovitz. - December 27-31, January 2-4
M-8035-226The Defeat of Giant Big-Nose - Loose Moose. - December 22-24, 26-31
M-8035-227Thom and Jerri by Carol de Santa. - September 27-October 13
M-8035-228Theatre 80 presents Ten Lost Years. - June 6-11
M-8035-229Bow River Pleasure Faire - 4 days of music, trade and celebration. - July 10-13
M-8035-230Storybook Theatre presents The Old Woman and the Pedlar by Betty Jane Wylie. - September 30, October 1,7,8,14,15; and Of Magic Kings, and Questing Beasts (a story of King Arthru) by George Markiw. - November 4,5,11,12,18,19
M-8035-231One Night Stand, a comdey review. - March 17
M-8035-232Who is Selma Lagerlof? a dramatic presentation by Anita Bjork and Viveca Serllahius. - November 16, 1983
M-8035-233New Years Eve Dance presented by O'Bessa. - December 31
M-8035-234Summer Harvest '77 - children's summer workshop. - July 4-20, July 25-August 10
M-8035-235Cheshire Art Theatre presents Easter by August Strindberg. - February 19-23, 36-29 and March 1
M-8035-2361978 Pumphouse Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair. - December 14-17, 1978
M-8035-237Odessa presents Grand Union (semi-formal). - Decemeber 16
M-8035-238One Night Stand, a comedy review. - June 23
M-8035-239Vasku Productions presnets There is a Rose Garden by Michael Davidson. - October 22-27, 1984
M-8035-240Calgary Aquarium Society presents Tropical Fish Show. - August 31- September 2
M-8035-241Theatre 80 presents The Lion in Winter by James Goldman. - January 26-29, January 31-Feburary 4
M-8035-242Storybook Theatre presents Buckskin and Chapperos by Paddy Campbell. - October 1,2,8,9,15, 16, 1977
M-8035-243Nuts by Tom Topor. - October 20-23, 25-29
M-8035-244The Wonderful World of Mr. Fingers by Irv Weiner. - November 19
M-8035-245Foothills Opera presente Riders to the Sea by R. Vaughan Williams; and The Lowland Sea by Alec Wilder. - March 4-7
M-8035-246Lazy Bonz Open Frisbee Golf. - August 17
M-8035-247The Bow River Christmas Craft Faire. - December 12-17, 19-23
M-8035-248Electronic Music from the Electronic Music Lab at the University of Calgary. - March 26
M-8035-249The Fiddler's Beau pesents Left to My Own Devices - George Lyon in Concert.- April 9, 1978
M-8035-250Zero Hour - Cruxes and Deadly Sin. - July 12
M-8035-251Mary-JO Fulmer & Friends in performance. - June 17
M-8035-252The Five Star Theatre of Alberta presents The Clown who Laughed and Laughed and Laughed. - June 4, 11
M-8035-253Storybook Theatre Reunion. - June 22, 1985
M-8035-254Storybook Theatre presents The Revenge of the Space Pandas. - October 17-26
M-8035-255Aurora Stage Productions presents Special Occasions by Bernard Slade. - February 22-26, 28-March 3
M-8035-256Storybook Theatre presents Stick with Molasses. - January 30-February 8, 1987
M-8035-257Quattro (flutes, cello, harpsichord, lute, trumpet and horn. - May 28
M-8035-258Workshop Theatre for Youth presents Rebel Without a Cause. - January 13-16, 20-23
M-8035-259Reedy Walker and Akasha in Concert, guest performance by Wilf Kozub. - November 17
M-8035-260Storybook Theatre presents The Fisherman and his Wife; The Little Peasant; Is he Fat; Henny Penny; The Master Thief; Venus and the Cat; Two Crows; and The Golden Goose (by Grimm Brothers and Aesop).- March 28-April 6
M-8035-261Workshop Theatre presents Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn. - February 27-28, March 7, 11-14
M-8035-262Workshop Theate for Youth presents Lysistrata by Aristophanes; and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. - November 25-28
M-8035-263Theatre 80 presents A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. - Feburary 10-13, 15-19
M-8035-264Storybook Theatre presents The Ant and the Grasshopper. - March 19-29, 1987
M-8035-265Aurora Stage Productions presents Mixed Doubles, an entertainment on marriage. - November 2-6, 8-12
M-8035-266Storybook Theatre presents Sinbad and the Mermaid. - December 12-21, 1986
M-8035-267Summer Productions presents La Duchesse du Langeais by Michel Tremblay; and Happy Birthday Daddy by Richard Hall. - July 16-19
M-8035-268Through the Looking Glass. - May 12-21
M-8035-269Storybook's Birthday Party. - May 12, 1985
M-8035-270Storybook Theatre Society invites you to: A Year End Thank You Bash. - June 14, 1986
M-8035-271Terminal City Dance. - June 7-8
M-8035-272O.S.D. Productions presents Cabaret, a revue. - August 28, 1977
M-8035-273Wedding of Amy Irene Doolittle to Michael Francis Berton [a real wedding]. - August 25, 1984
M-8035-274Lazy Bones Little Theatre presents The Tangled Smarl. - October 29-31, November 1, 1987
M-8035-275Theatre Workshops presents Summer Series '83. - 1983
M-8035-276The Punch and Judy Players. - August 11
M-8035-277Women's Media Festival - August 12-14, 1974
M-8035-278Stealing Second in concert. - March 28
M-8035-279West End Productions presents The Glass Menagerie. - September 17-20
M-8035-280Tropical Fish Show. - Labour Day weekend
M-8035-281Little Mitchell Productions presents Juno and the Paycock. - September 2-11
M-8035-282Workshop Theatre Society presents House Guest by Francis Durbridge. - January 16-18, 22-25
M-8035-283Independent Productions presents Say Goodnight, Gracie by Ralph Pape. - May 18-20, 25-28
M-8035-284The Calgary Early Music Society presents Hortulani Musicae (from Vancouver). - January 20
M-8035-285Storybook Theatre presents Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang. - March 2-4, 10-11, 17-18; and Androcles and the Lion. - April 7-8, 14, 21-22
M-8035-286Home by David Storey - March 8-11, 15-18
M-8035-287The Bow River Christmas Craft Faire. - December 12-17, 19-23
M-8035-288Workshop Theatre Society presents My Friend Miss Flint by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham. - March 6-8, 14-15, 19-22
M-8035-289Auditions for a Youth Theatre performance. - May 10
M-8035-290Workshop Theatre Society presents The Happy Apple by Jack Pulman. - November 15-17, 20-24, 27-30
M-8035-291Return of the Clive Titmuss Monster Lute Concert. - June 24-25
M-8035-292First Annual Calgary Invitational Theatresports Tournament, featuring Dr. Gonzo, The Blockheads, The Moose, The Moosettes, The Test Tubes, and Pause. - February 20-24
M-8035-293The Peacock Players presents Philadelphia Here I Come! by Brian Friel. - May 19-22, 25-28
M-8035-294Combinations by Susan Adams (harpsichord) and Clive Titmuss (lute). - NOvember 17
M-8035-295Tyme Players presents After Magritte, and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard. - May 22-26
M-8035-296New Ventures Theatre Society presents The Worlds of William Korth by Wayne Kidder. - April 14-18
M-8035-297Free Theatre presents Fando and Lis by Arrabal. - August 15
M-8035-298The Liffey Players present Aristrcrats by Brian Friel. - November 9-11, 15-18
M-8035-299Workshop Theatre Society presents The Impossible Years by Bob Fisher and Arthur Marx. - November 20-22, 27-29
M-8035-300Workshop Theatre Society presents Two & Two Make Sex by Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon. - December10-12, 14-18
M-8035-301Heritage Festival. - August 13-14
M-8035-302The Attic Players present The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria by Jack Stokes. - November 26-27 and December 3-4
M-8035-303Aurora Stage Productions presents Aurora Borealis late night theatre - The Puny Little Life Show by Roger McGough; and Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool Dry Place by Megan Terry. - January 26-28 and February 2-4
M-8035-304Lazy Bonz OPen Frisbee Golf. - July 28
M-8035-305New Dance by Co-Motion. - April 30
M-8035-306The Fiddler's Beau presents Old Time Country Blues Concert with George Lyon. - August 3, 1977
M-8035-307Theatre Workshops presents March series acting classes for Children. - March
M-8035-308Godspell - A Review. - August 1
M-8035-309Theatre 80 presents Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams. - June 14-17, 19-23
M-8035-310Alice Productions presents Alice in Wonderland. - May
M-8035-311Pumphouse Cultural Festival. - August 9-11
M-8035-312OFY Pumphouse Cultural Festival. - August 11-13
M-8035-313Ikarus presents Arrabal's Impossible Loves; Terence McNally's Botticelli; Arrabal's Picnic onthe Battlefield; and Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape. - May 29-31
M-8035-314First Annual Art Sale. - December 10-11
M-8035-315Calaway Park auditions for summer emplyment. - January 26 and Feburary 2
M-8035-316Tent Meeting, a new musical. - August 5-12, 14-19
M-8035-317AADAC and Ariel Productions present RE-Entry. - November 13-December 1
M-8035-318Workshop Theatre Society presents Snap. - April 11-14
M-8035-319The Liffey Players present Give by John B. Keane. - November 15-17, 21-24
M-8035-3201982 Pumphouse Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair. - December 20-23
M-8035-321Do Your Ears Hang Low? by Zina Barnieh. - April 24-May 3
M-8035-322Workshop Theatre Society presents Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn. - May 9-11, 15-18
M-8035-323Storybook Theatre presents Three Tales from Japan by Robin Hall. - January 29-February 14
M-8035-324Christmas Rainbow Art & Craft Fair. - December 5-7
M-8035-325Storybook Theatre presents A Three-Ring Puppet Show, performed by University of Calgary drama students. - January 31-February 9
M-8035-326Script development workshop - Two Sams, One Bill, and The 9th Street Frenchmen. - November 22-26, 1983
M-8035-327Independent Productions presents Waiting for the Parade by John Murrell. - January 26-30, February 1-6
M-8035-328Let's Do Lunch by Bonnie-Lee Friesen and Linda Connors. - February 19-20 & 24-27
M-8035-329Live Under a Bright Blue Sky and United Players' Association of Alberta presents Godspell. - august 26-28, 1987
M-8035-330Bach's Birthday Concert with Clive Titmuss (lute) and Susan Adams (harpsichord). - March 20
M-8035-331Quattro concert (flutes, cello, gamba, harpsichord, lute). - November 23
M-8035-332Storybook Theatre presents The Other Side of the Pole by Marnie Heatley, Steven Heatley and Edward Connell. - December 6-15
M-8035-333Storybook Theatre presents Sleeping Beauty. - May 23-June 1
M-8035-334Storybook Theatre presents The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry. - October 25-27, November 1-3
M-8035-335Christmas Craft Faire. - December 8-12, 15-19
M-8035-336Storybook presents Mrs. Marvellous. - April 1-3, 9-10, 16-17
M-8035-337Loose Moose Theatre Company Theatre Sports. - Sundays
M-8035-338West End Theatre presents Cop-Out. - November 11-13, 17-20
M-8035-339One Moment (No More) with David Chantler (mime). - Juen 12-15, 26-29
M-8035-340Last of the Red Hot Lovers by Neil Simon. - May 20-22
M-8035-341Independent Productions presents The Empire Builders (or the Schmurtz) by Boris Vian. - May 3-6, 9-13
M-8035-342Workshop Theatre presents Say Who You Are by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. - October 1-4, 8-11
M-8035-343Theatre 328 presents Magic Afternoon by Wolfgang Bauer. - May 20-23
M-8035-344Loose Mooe Theatresports. - n.d.
M-8035-345Second Stage presents Calgary Performers for the World. - June 29-July 5
M-8035-346Loose Moose Theatre Company improvisation demonstrations. - Sundays at 8 pm
M-8035-347Cheshire Art Theatre presents The Vortex by Noel Coward. - October 3-6, 9-13, 16-19
M-8035-348The Little Theatre of the Deaf. - April 21, 1980
M-8035-349Sing Along with Sandra Beech, Juno award winner. - May 4
M-8035-350Loose Moose presents Keith Johnstones plays Moby Dick and Robinson Crusoe; and Theatresports. - July 10-15, 17-22
M-8035-351Loose Moose Theatresports. - Sundays at 8 pm
M-8035-352Loose Moose Theatresports. - Sundays at 8 pm
M-8035-353Young and Foolish, a dance performance with Marc Berezowski and Linda Reynolds. - June 10-11
M-8035-354Workshop Theatre for Youth presents Curtain Going Up by Gregory Johnston. - January 14-17, 22-24
M-8035-355Loose Moose presents The Last Bird. - Feburary 14-17, 21-24
M-8035-356Loose Moose Theatre Company presents Fortune and Mens Eyes by John Herbert. - March 18-29
M-8035-357Cheshire Art Theatre present Cymbeline by William Shakespeare. - March 28-31 and April 3-7
M-8035-358Mon Amie - A Celebration, an original rock musical by Chuck Yon, music by Julie Yon. - February 5-8, March 2-6, March 10-13
M-8035-359Workshop Theatre Society presents The Day After the Fair by Frank Harvey, based on a novel by Thomas Hardy. - March 7-9, 13-16
M-8035-360The Cheshire Art Theatre presents Seascape by Edward Albee, and Stones by Eric Pettifor. - July 13-15, 18-22, 25-29
M-8035-361Elizabeth I by Paul Foster. - March 21-24
M-8035-362Reflections, an electronic sense arousal. - July 4-13
M-8035-363Co-Motion presents Works 3 performance collaborations. - June 23
M-8035-364Workshop Theatre Society presents The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde. - May 8-10, 14-17
M-8035-365Ikarus presents Titus Androctopus or Scrotums Revenge. - July 20, 24-27, 30
M-8035-366Ikarus presents Creeps by David Freeman. - Mary 9-12, 16-19
M-8035-367Ikarus presents Nightclub or bubis hideaway. - January 9-12, 15-19
M-8035-368The Attic Players present Story Theatre by Paul Sills. - November 7, 1976
M-8035-369Loose Moose Galloping Fun - review by Louis B. Hobson, enlarged. - n.d.
M-8035-370Workshop Theatre Society presents When Did You Last See Your Trousers by Ray Galton and John Antrobus. - November 30-December 8
M-8035-371Aurora Stage Productions presents The Passion of Dracula by Bob Hall and David Richmond. - October 12-29
M-8035-372Storybook Theatre presents The Cat Princess. - January 25-February 11, 1990
M-8035-373New Century Stage presents Everyman, a medieval play. - February 27-March 14, 1992
M-8035-374Maenad presents Gertrude and Ophelia by Margaret Clarke. - January 30-February 15
M-8035-375Workshop Theatre presents The Pajama Game by George Abbot and Richard Bissell. - April 10-11, 14-18
M-8035-376Maenad presents Firebird. - June 7-23, 1990
M-8035-377Workshop Theatre presents Tribute by Bernard Slade. - February 15-17, 20-24, 1990
M-8035-378Jack and the Beanstalk by Marge Adelberg. - March 8-25, 1990
M-8035-379Alberta Conference for Theatre celebrates World Theatre Day. - March 27, 1992
M-8035-380Calgary First Night Festival, a New Year's Eve celebration of the arts. - 1992
M-8035-381The Vagabond Playrs presents Fools by Neil Simon. - January 9-19
M-8035-382Aurora Stage Producations Ltd. presents Crystal Clear by Phil Young. - December 7-23
M-8035-383Uncle Gordon Productions presents The Waitresses, a new musical by Nancy Cullen. - July 20-23
M-8035-384Wry and Puck Productions presents P.S. Your Cat is Dead by James Kirkwood. - June 5-6, 10-13, 1992
M-8035-385New Century Stage presents Hamlet. - May 14-30, 1992
M-8035-386Blackbird Productions presents MOD '91 (a new show every week). - July 7, 13, 20, 27, 1991
M-8035-387New Century Stage presents Not About Heroes by Stephen Macdonald. - May 22-26, May 29-June 2, June 5-9
M-8035-388Maenad presents Aphra. - October 31-November 16
M-8035-389New Century Stage presents Fits and Starts by Grace McKeaney; and Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise by Harrry Kondoleon. - January 9-13, 16-20
M-8035-390Storybook Theatre presents The Three Bears by Marge Adelberg. - January 19-February 5, 1989
M-8035-391Storybook Theatre presents The Adventures of Robin Hood by Clive Endersby. - April 28-May 14, 1989
M-8035-392Storybook Theatre presents Ivan: A Salty Tale by Jean and Peter Walker. - March 3-19, 1989
M-8035-393Gone Tomorrow by Nancy Cullen and Rose Scollard. - October 4-20
M-8035-394Workshop Theatre presents The Desperate Hours by Joseph Hayes. - October 12-14, 16-20
M-8035-395Storybook Theatre presents Livin' de Life. - September 13-30, 1990
M-8035-396Whim Ditties presents Pentacular Apologues (five short stories). - March 23-25
M-8035-397Storybook Theatre presents Annabelle Broom, the Unhappy Witch by Eleanor and Ray Harder. - Octoer 14-30, 1988
M-8035-398Storybook Theatre presents Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp by James Norris. - December 9-27, 1988
M-8035-399Maenad presents Aphra. - Feburary 21-March 9
M-8035-400Screaming Fish presents Theatre of Chud. - June 4-8, 13-15
M-8035-401Live Arts Theatre Alberta presents Laughing Wild by Christopher Durang. - April 26-May 13
M-8035-402Maenad presents Bete Blanche Tango Noir. - May 2-18
M-8035-403The 4:15 Comedy Express. - June 11-15
M-8035-404Decidedly Jazz Danceworks presents The Big Speak-Easy. - Jun 1, 1991
M-8035-405Storybook Theatre presents Jardy, a musical fairy tale by Robert C. Hayes. - n.d.
M-8035-406Workshop Theatre presents Grease by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. - Feburary 16-19, 21-25, 1989
M-8035-407Live Arts Theatre Alberta presents Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard. - May 5-21
M-8035-408Storybook Theatre presents Winnie the Pooh. - May 6-22
M-8035-409Blackbird Productions presents Modville '92 (a new show every week). - July 4, 11, 18, 25, 1992
M-8035-410Workshop Theatre Society presents Rumors by Neil Simon. - October 9-10, 13-17
M-8035-411Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and Heavens Fitness present The Big Speak-Easy. - June 2, 1990
M-8035-412The Liffey Players present The Communications Cord by Brian Friel. - April 12-14, 18-21
M-8035-413The Underground Glee Club presents The Death of Theatre Part One. - September 27-30
M-8035-414Maenads presents Nancy Cullen's Forever There. - October 18-November 4
M-8035-415Workshop Theatre presents Tribute by Bernard Slade. - Feburary 15-17, 20-24, 1990
M-8035-416Workshop Theatre presents A Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn. - March 30-31, April 3-7, 1990
M-8035-417Workshop Theatre presents Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams. - September 29-30, October 12, 4-8, 1988
M-8035-418Workshop Theatre presents My Daughter's Rated X by Bob Fischer and Arthur Marx. - November 17-20, 22-26, 1988
M-8035-419Syntax Arts Society presents Under a Cloud. - November 30-December 3, 1988
M-8035-420Storybook Theare presents Rapunzel and the Witch. - October 19-November 5, 1989
M-8035-421The Liffey Players Drama Society presents The Plough & The Stars by Sean O'Casey. - November 3-5, 9-12
M-8035-422Memoirs of Darkness and Light with Mia Blackwell and Megan Kinney. - September 30-October 1
M-8035-423Maenad Productions and Live Arts Theatre Alberta present Tango Noir by Rose Scollard. - September 20-21
M-8035-424Workshp Theatre presents The Hasty Heart by John Patrick. - May 25-June 3, 1989
M-8035-425Maenad Collective presents The Thirteenth God. - June 14-18, 20-24, July 1
M-8035-426The Liffey Players present The Patrick Pearse Motel by Hugh Leonard. - April 13-15, 19-22
M-8035-427Mid-Summer Music with Barry & Lyn Luft. - June 30, 1988
M-8035-428Workshop Theatre presents Fallen Angels by Noel Coward. - May 26-28, June 1-4
M-8035-429Workshop Theatre presents The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash. - March 31-April 2, 6-9, 13-16
M-8035-430Storybook Theatre presents Young King Arthur by Clive Endersby. - April 25-May 12, 1991
M-8035-431One Yellow Rabbit presents Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp. - March 30-April 4, 1992
M-8035-432The Underground Glee Club presents Stripped. - November 7-10, 14-17
M-8035-433Workshop Theatre presents The Pajama Game by George Abbott and Jerry Ross. - April 10-11, 14-18
M-8035-434Live Arts Theatre Alberta presents The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine, a physical comedy. - September 6-28
M-8035-435 New Century Stage present Everyman, a medieval play. - February 27-March 14, 1992
M-8035-436 Home by David Storey. - March 8-11, 15-18
M-8035-437 The Man who came to Dinner by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. - June 18-21, 1997. - 25th Anniversary special performance and fundraiser.

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