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Centennial Ravine Park Society members,
viewing the site, 1965.

Centennial Ravine Park Society fonds

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M-1681-1Minutes, financial statements, etc. - 1965-1968. - General and executive meetings.
M-1681-2Minutes, financial statements, etc. - 1967-1970. - General and executive meetings.
M-1681-3Minutes, etc. - 1965-1968. - General meetings, concerning bylaws, projects, etc.
M-1681-4Minutes, circulars, etc. - 1965-1969. - Annual meetings.
M-1681-5Correspondence. - 1963-1966. - Concerning park projects, natural areas, meetings, Citizens' Day, use of funds, promotion of park, Centennial displays, progress reports, membership, city beautification, CBC program, municipal manual, architect's assistance, name contest.
M-1681-6Correspondence. - 1966-1971. - Concerning plans, municipal manual, disposition of records, projects, meetings, damage to the park, park development, financial statements, membership, flags of the provinces, Centennial celebrations.
M-1681-7Correspondence. - 1964-1971. - Concerning bylaws, taxes, accounts, dissolution of the Society.
M-1681-8Correspondence, newsletters, etc. - 1964-1968. - Concerning Centennial celebrations in Calgary and in Alberta.
M-1681-9Correspondence. - 1965-1967. - Requests to Calgary groups and businesses concerning participation in Confederation Park projects, and negative replies.
M-1681-10Correspondence. - 1965-1968. - Concerning memberships, and firm commitments to aid in Centennial projects.
M-1681-11Correspondence, newsletters, etc, - 1966-1970. - Concerning projects, special events, Society meetings.
M-1681-12Correspondence index. - [ca. 1968].
M-1681-13Correspondence concerning projects : A. - 1966-1967. - With American Women's Club, Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Associated Canadian Travellers (North Branch), Professional Agrologists Association, Alliance Fran‡aise de Calgary, Alpha Milk Co., C. Anger, Calgary Academy of Chefs, V. Allan.
M-1681-14Correspondence concerning projects : B. - 1966-1967. - With Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Boy Scouts of Canada, North Calgary Business Association, Calgary Area Brownies, M. L. Burke, North Calgary Business and Professional Women's Club, Calgary Business and Professional Women's Club, Brentwood Community Association, Banff Trail Community Association.
M-1681-15Correspondence concerning projects : C. - 1966-1967. - With CKXL, Calgary Motel Association, Calgary Real Estate Cooperative Ltd., Calgary Rose Society, Cosmopolitan International Club of Calgary, J. Cowan, Calgary Garden Club, Capitol Hill Home and School Association, Canadian Red Cross Society, Catholic Women's League, Calgary Medical Society, Calgary Centennial Planetarium, Calgary City Police Wives Club, Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Crosswinds Aero Club, Cambrian Heights Community Association, Calgary Stock Exchange, Calgary Co-op Store, Savings and Credit Union, R. G. S. Currie. Includes correspondence concerning bridges sponsored by North Hill churches.
M-1681-16Correspondence concerning projects : E. - 1967. - With Estonian Society of Calgary.
M-1681-17Correspondence concerning projects : F. - 1967-1968. - With Z. Foursha, L. Frostad, P. Felker, Federation of Russian Canadians.
M-1681-18Correspondence concerning projects : G. - 1966-1967. - With Girl Guides of Canada, Gyro Club, C. Grad, Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
M-1681-19Correspondence concerning projects: H. - 1966-1967. - With R. W. Hallett, J. Hall, Calgary Herald, Hillhurst Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
M-1681-20Correspondence concerning projects : I. - 1967. - With Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (Fort Calgary and Dr. George W. Kerby chapters)
M-1681-21Corespondence concerning projects : J. - 1966-1967. - With North Calgary Jaycees, Junior League of Calgary.
M-1681-22Correspondence concerning projects : K. - 1966-1967. - With Kiwanis Club of North Calgary, North Hill Knights of Columbus, Kinsmen Club of Calgary, H. Kent, Downtown Kiwanis Club, Knox United Church Women, A. Krivy.
M-1681-23Correspondence concerning projects : L. - 1966-1967. - With Calgary North Federal Liberal Association, Calgary Lions Club, Ladies Morning Out Club.
M-1681-24Correspondence concerning projects : M. - 1966-1967. - With McClelland Supply, A. D. Morgan, Dr. Melvie, Mawson Drugs Ltd.
M-1681-25Correspondence concerning projects : N. - 1966-1967. - With North Star Chapter No. 34, Nodwell Bros., North Hill Lions Club.
M-1681-26Correspondence concerning projects : P. - 1966-1967. - With Polish Combatants, Pleasant Heights United Church, C. J. Parsons, Pleasant Heights Canadian Girls In Training, G. M. Pettinger.
M-1681-27Correspondence concerning projects : R. - 1966-1967. - With Royal Canadian Legion North Hill Branch, North Calgary Rotary Club, S. P. Richards, R. Ranson, Order of the Royal Purple.
M-1681-28Correspondence concerning projects : S. - 1966-1967. - With St. Andrew Caledonian Society, Calgary schools, Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is, T. W. Saunders, Slovak Associations of Calgary.
M-1681-29Correspondence concerning projects : T. - 1966-1967. - With Triwood Community Association and Carma Developers, E. Tate.
M-1681-30Correspondence concerning projects : W. - 1966-1967. - With R. E. Warren, Dr, R. C. Westbury, Women of the Moose, T. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wang, Workers Benevolent Association of Canada, Dr. D. N. Walker. Includes correspondence regarding second wading pool.
M-1681-31Correspondence concerning projects : Z. - 1967. - With Zonta Club of Calgary.
M-1681-32Correspondence. - 1966-1967. - Concerning projects and memberships for schools, churches, youth groups, community associations, home and school associations, and individuals.
M-1681-33Correspondence : A-I. - 1964-1967. - Concerning projects and memberships for business organizations, service clubs, and political organizations.
M-1681-34Correspondence : J-Z. - 1966-1969. - Concerning projects and memberships for business organizations, service clubs, and political organizations.
M-1681-35Correspondence, name lists. - 1966- 1967. - Concerning tree planting projects.
M-1681-36Correspondence. - 1967. - Concerning Bylaw 7086 to dedicate and establish certain areas as a park in Northwest Calgary.
M-1681-37Correspondence, etc. - 1967-1968. - Concerning park focal point,. work done by Parks Department, financial contributions to the Society, projects, park furnishings, publicity, tree planting, and project installations.
M-1681-38Correspondence, programs, etc. - 1967. - Concerning Dedication Day ceremonies, August 7, 1967.
M-1681-39Correspondence. - 1968-1969. - Concerning park projects, tree planting.
M-1681-40Correspondence, notes, etc. - [ca. 1967-1969]. - Concerning park projects, meetings.
M-1681-41Notes, name lists, etc. - [ca. 1967- 1969]. - Concerning tree planting.
M-1681-42Correspondence. - 1967-1970. - Concerning park furnishings, trees, flowers, etc.
M-1681-43Correspondence, financial statements, etc. - 1968-1971. - With City Parks Department, concerning participation, dissolution of Society, park projects.
M-1681-44Correspondence, minutes, etc. - 1968- 1971. - Concerning dissolution of the Society, annual meeting, projects.
M-1681-45Financial records, etc. - 1965-1967. - Donations by groups and individuals and disbursements on projects.
M-1681-46Financial records. - 1965- 1969.
M-1681-46aFinancial records. - 1967-1971. - Includes audited financial statements, income tax returns, correspondence.
M-1681-47Forms, correspondence, etc. - 1965. - For "Name the Park" contest.
M-1681-48Memoranda, notes, etc. - 1968-1970. - Concerning meetings, projects, dissolution of the Society.
M-1681-49Membership list. - [ca. 1967].
M-1681-50List of officers, notices, etc. - 1969- 1970.
M-1681-51Chronological record. - 1967. - Major events during park development.
M-1681-52Booklet. - [ca. 1967]. - Concerning Centennial Square in Victoria, B.C.
M-1681-53Addresses of groups and associations in Confederation Park area. - [ca. 1967].
M-1681-54Record of contributors to Park development. - [ca. 1967].
M-1681-55Notes on creative playgrounds. - 1966.
M-1681-56Circulars, pamphlets, etc. - [ca. 1967]. - Advertising Confederation Park, Canada's Centennial, Society meetings.
M-1681-57Circulars sent to members. - 1965- 1967.
M-1681-58Centennial report of the City of Calgary. - 1968.
M-1681-59Newsclippings. - 1966-1972. - Concerning Park development.
M-1681-60Newsclippings. - 1966-1967. - Concerning Park development.
M-1681-61Newspapers. - 1967. - Concerning Canada's Centennial and Confederation Park events.
M-1681-62Sketches, maps, etc. - [ca. 1967]. - Showing locations and design of projects in Park.
M-1681-63Eric Musgreave's scrapbook. - 1963- 1967. - Newsclippings, correspondence outward, press releases, speeches, etc., promoting Centennial Park.
M-1681-64Published materials. - [ca. 1964]- 1967. - Centennial Ravine Park Society brochures, Province of Alberta Centennial Bulletin and list of Centennial events, sheet music for patriotic songs, Tri-Wood Community Association newsletter, North Hill News, newsclippings.
M-1681-o.s.Drawings of outdoor theatre and bandshell for City of Calgary / G. R. Beatson, architect. - 1958.
M-1681-o.s.Map of northern portion of Calgary. - [ca. 1967].
M-1681-o.s.Diagram of fountain in Confederation Park. - 1968.
M-1681-o.s.Diagram of Confederation Park between 10th & 14th Streets N.W. - [ca. 1967].
M-1681-o.s.Record of contributors to Confederation Park. - [ca. 1967].
PA-1793Photographs. - 1966-1967. - 20 group portraits of the Centennial Ravine Park Society Executive and views of Confederation Park.
PA-2855Photographs. - 1965-1967. - 15 photographs of a three-dimensional model of the park and various ceremonies.

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