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Rams rugby team, 1959
Rams rugby team, 1959

Alberta Rugby Union fonds

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Series 1 Alberta Rugby Union. -- 1960-1994
Series 2 Calgary Rugby Union. -- 1954-1994
Series 3 Canadian Rugby Union. -- 1966-1993
Series 4 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1971-2002]


Series 1 Alberta Rugby Union. -- 1960-1994. -- The series consists of minutese, correspondence, annual reports, financial statements, and a brief history of rugby in Alberta. Includes some material related to the Calgary and Canadian Rugby Unions.
M-6930-1 Correspondence, meeting minutes. -- etc. -- 1960-1970. -- Re both Alberta and Canadian unions and Rigby Tours Commiittee of Canada. Includes application for incorporation of the Canadian Rugby Union (1968).
M-6930-1a Operation "Great Stride" - Correspondence with Recreation and Cultural Development Branch. -- 1963
M-6930-1b Correspondence with Department of Youth (Recreation). -- 1967-1969
M-6930-2 Correspondence re tours, finals (trials), financial matters; meeting minutes; financial statements. -- 1961-1969
M-6930-3 Meeting minutes (incomplete) for the Calgary Rugby Union. -- 1964-1981
M-6930-4 Correspondence re tours, financial matters, Canadian team selection, etc. Includes president's reports, meeting minutes and financial statements. -- 1970-1971
M-6930-5 Correspondence re tours, referee seminars, championships, etc.; and meeting minutes. -- 1970-1971
M-6930-6 Correspondence, minutes, financial statements and bulletins. -- 1972. -- Includes Manitoba Rugby Union annual report; completed questionnaires sent to Alberta rugby clubs; and a list of Canadian Rugby Union officials.
M-6930-7 Correspondence (index of letters in file); newsletters; and financial statements. -- 1972
M-6930-8 Minutes, reports, financial statements and related correspondence. -- 1973-1974. -- Includes Alberta Rugby Union's report for 1974.
M-6930-9 Correspondence with Alberta Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation. -- 1973-1974. -- Includes completed questionnaire, "Provincial Sports Study". -- 1973
M-6930-10 Correspondence re financial matters, tour arrangements, ordering crests, badges, blazers etc.; financial statements. -- 1973-1975
M-6930-11 Correspondence with Alberta Department of Recreation, Parks and Wildlife. -- 1974-1976. -- Includes "Provincial Recreation Association Profile and Grant Application" (1978).
M-6930-12 Annual General Meeting - Minutes and reports. -- January 26, 1975
M-6930-13 Miscellaneous. -- 1976-1977. -- Includes minutes, club newsletters, newspaper clippings, reports and annual report.
M-6930-14 Financial miscellaneous. -- 1977-1981. -- Includes financial statements, Calgary Rugby Union's financial statement (1977-1978), and Alberta Rugby Union's "Three Year Development Plan and Budget".
M-6930-16 Newsletters, Alberta Rugby Union, Canucks Rugby Club, Saints Rugby Club, Canada Rugby Leaflet. -- 1978-1983. -- Also includes some correspondence.
M-6930-17 Correspondence re financial matters, championship tours, Junior Development, etc.; minutes; reports; and financial statements. -- 1978-1979. -- Includes minutes of Sport Alberta meeting (May 3, 1978).
M-6930-18 Financial reports and related correspondence. -- 1978. -- Includes annual report of the Edmonton Rugby Union.
M-6930-19 Canadian Rugby Team's tour of England. -- 1979. -- Consists of programs and newspaper clippings.
M-6930-20 Annual reports. -- 1979, 1982
M-6930-21 Minutes and budget (Edmonton Rugby Union) re 1980 Canadian Junior Rugby Championship.
M-6930-22 Report, "Alberta Junior Rugby 1981"; and letter of appreciation to Frank Wright re Canada Summer Games. -- 1981
M-6930-23 Sport Alberta minutes and related correspondence. -- 1981. -- Re provincial coaching, and project plan for Junior Development.
M-6930-24 Miscellaneous. -- 1982. -- Includes personal correspondence to Frank Wright; some newsletters; and minutes for Calgary Rugby Union's annual meeting.
M-6930-25 Minutes. -- 1982. -- Also includes "Planning Seminar Report" of the Alberta Rugby Union.
M-6930-26 Annual General Meeting and Board minutes. -- 1983. -- Includes proposal for a women's sub-union; and report by John Shaw entitled "Representative Versus Club Rugby".
M-7916-26 Minutes. -- 1987
M-7916-28 Minutes of Edmonton Rugby Union . -- 1987
M-7916-29 Superclinic '88; Level III Clinic. -- 1988. -- Includes papers re coaching and refereeing covered at clinics.
M-7916-30 Programs. -- 1985-1988. -- For tournaments, tours and awards ceremonies. Also includes Alberta Rugby Union Directory (1985).
M-7916-31 Newsletters. -- 1988 and n.d.
M-7916-32 "Rugby in Alberta" by Frank E. Wright. -- 1983. -- Consists of an article written for Rugby Post.
M-7916-33 Notes on rugby in Alberta. -- 1954-1988. -- Includes scores, executives, development of clubs, team members, etc.
M-7916-38 Early records (compiled by Frank Wright). -- 1966-1984. -- Includes reports, newsletters, team rosters, etc.
M-7916-39 Alberta Rugby Union Manual of Policies and Procedures. -- [ca. 1990]
M-7916-40 Alberta Rugby Union handbooks. -- 1992-1994
M-7916-41 Annual report, minutes, finances, newsletter, etc. -- 1992-1993
Series 2 Calgary Rugby Union. -- 1954-1994. -- The series consists of fixture books (schedule of games to be played), newspaper clippings programs some minutes, and two photographs of early Calgary rugby teams. Includes proceedings of the 7th Asian Pacific Rugby Congress, held in Calgary.
M-7760-1 Newspaper clippings. -- 1954
M-7916-47 Calgary Saints rugby team. -- 1958. -- 1 photograph Rams rugby team, Calgary 1959 View now.
NA-5249-1 Rams rugby team, Calgary. -- October 1959. -- 1 photograph Rams rugby team, Calgary 1959 View now.
M-7760-2 Newspaper clippings. -- 1960
M-7760-3 Newspaper clippings and fixture book. -- 1961
M-7760-4 Newspaper clippings and fixture books. -- 1962-1963
M-7760-5 Newspaper clippings, programs, letter from Sam Timmins to B.D. Bateman, and financial statement of Calgary Rams Rugby Club. -- 1964
M-7760-6 Newspaper clippings. -- 1965
M-7760-7 Newspaper clippings and fixture book. -- 1966
M-7760-8 Newspaper clippings, fixture book, programs and invitations. -- 1967
M-7760-9 Newspaper clippings and fixture book. -- 1968
M-7760-10 Fixture book and newsletter. -- 1969
M-7760-11 Newspaper clippings and fixture book. -- 1970
M-7760-12 List of executive members and committee representatives, and fixture book. -- 1971
M-7760-13 Fixture book. Alberta Rugby Union newsletter, programs, etc. -- 1972
M-7760-14 Fixture books, programs, etc. -- 1973-1976
M-7760-15 Fixture book and programs. -- 1977
M-7760-16 Programs and newspaper clippings. -- 1978
M-7760-17 Programs and newspaper clippings. -- 1979. -- Also includes Alberta Rugby Union annual report.
M-7760-18 Programs and newspaper clippings. -- 1980. -- Also includes Alberta Rugby Union annual report.
M-7760-19 Programs and newspaper clippings. -- 1981. -- Also includes Alberta Rugby Union annual report.
M-7760-20 Programs and newspaper clippings. -- 1982
M-7760-21 Programs an newspaper clippings. -- 1983
M-7760-22 Minutes, newspaper clippings and programs. -- 1984
M-7760-23 Newsletters and programs. -- 1985
M-7760-24 Minutes, programs, fixture book and newspaper clippings. -- 1985
M-7760-25 Newspaper clippings, fixture book, and minutes of Alberta Rugby Union. -- 1986
M-7916-27 Minutes of executive meetings and annual general meeting. -- 1987
M-7916-42 Bylaws, minutes, President's report, finances, etc. -- 1992-1993
M-7916-43 Programs for matches, season schedules, and tour itineraries. -- 1992-1994
M-6930-15 Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club - Newsletters [incomplete]. -- 1978-1983.
M-7916-44 Calgary Canadian Irish Athletic Club. -- 1991-1993. -- Includes newsletters, circulars, and annual general meeting records.
M-7916-45 Newspaper clippings re rugby. -- 1992-1994
M-7916-47 Proceedings of the 7th Asian Pacific Rugby Congress, held in Calgary. -- October 7-10, 1993. -- Consists of the records of an international coaching and refereeing conference.
Series 3 Canadian Rugby Union. -- 1966-1993. -- The series consists of minutes of annual meetings, reports, newsletters, and miscellaneous correspondence.
M-6930-27 Bulletins, newsletters and correspondence. -- 1966-1969. -- Includes some correspondence of the Alberta union.
M-6930-28 Minutes of executive and annual general meetings. -- 1968-1969
M-6930-29 Correspondence, minutes and reports. -- 1970. -- Correspondence relates to R.B. Spray, J.H. Rutherford, Bruce Bateman, P.K. Horn and others.
M-6930-30 Annual general meeting reports and correspondence. -- 1972
M-6930-31 Miscellaneous. -- 1973-1974. -- Consists of minutes, reports and correspondence of the Alberta union re Canadian union business.
M-6930-32 Reports and related correspondence. -- 1974. -- Includes British Columbia Rugby Union annual report.
M-6930-33 Miscellanous. -- 1975. -- Includes minutes and report of annual general meeting; memoranda; and provincial union mailing list.
M-6930-34 Outlines of planning workshops. -- 1975
M-6930-35 Miscellaneous. -- 1975. -- includes minutes of Tours Committtee meeting; report to annual general meeting; proposed Rules, Regulations and Operating Guidelines (July 25, 1975)
M-6930-36 Financial statements. -- 1977-1980
M-6930-37 Annual reports and minutes. -- 1978
M-6930-38 Correspondence re "Rugby Canada Club". -- 1979. -- Includes membership statistics.
M-6930-39 Miscellaneous. -- 1979. -- Includes minutes of various meetings, reports, correspondence and information re Canadian team, Rugby Canada Club, and Patrons Project.
M-6930-40 Provincial union reports to annual general meeting. -- 1979
M-6930-41 Annual report and minutes. -- 1979-1980. -- Includes related reports and list of delegates to 1979 CRU planning conference.
M-6930-42 Miscellaneous. -- 1979-1980. -- Includes memo re Canadian tour abroad; notification letter for selection to Canadian team; memo re possibly televising rugby games, and a fundraising report entitled "Ways and Means".
M-6930-43 Newsletters of the British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec rugby unions [incomplete]. -- 1978-1982
M-7916-34 Newsletters. -- 1987-1988
M-7916-35 Programs. -- 1987-1988. -- For tournaments and coaching programs.
M-7916-36 British Columbia Rugby Union newsletters. -- 1987
M-7916-37 Newspaper clippings. -- 1987-1988
M-7916-46 National Rugby Post [bi-monthly newspaper]. -- 1992-1994
Series 4 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1971-2002]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.
M-8632 Unprocessed records. --1995-1998. -- 1 m of textual records. -- Consists of annual reports, handbooks, newsletters, newspaper clippings, programs and other records. [accession 1998.059]
M-8811 Unprocessed records. -- 1991-2001. -- 12.5 cm of textual records and other material. -- Consists of newsletters, programs, minutes (1998-2001) and photographs (1991-1995). [accession 2001.060]
M-8863 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1995-2001]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of minutes, newsletters and other records. [accession 2002.036]
M-8966 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1971-2002]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of minutes, newsletters and other records. [accession 2003.086]

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